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Volume 43, issue 12, 2011

Taxation and Income Distribution Dynamics in a Neoclassical Growth Model pp. 1543-1577 Downloads
GARCÍA-PEÑALOSA Cecilia and Stephen J Turnovsky
Analyzing U.S. Output and the Great Moderation by Simultaneous Unobserved Components pp. 1579-1597 Downloads
Enzo Weber
Order Flow and the Monetary Model of Exchange Rates: Evidence from a Novel Data Set pp. 1599-1624 Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Michael Moore
Dynamic Prudential Regulation: Is Prompt Corrective Action Optimal? pp. 1625-1661 Downloads
Ilhyock Shim
Does Inflation Adjust Faster to Aggregate Technology Shocks than to Monetary Policy Shocks? pp. 1663-1684 Downloads
Luigi Paciello
Learning about the Term Structure and Optimal Rules for Inflation Targeting pp. 1685-1706 Downloads
Mewael F. Tesfaselassie, Eric Schaling and Sylvester Eijffinger
Monetary Policy Inclinations pp. 1707-1717 Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Volker Hahn
The Welfare Effect of Foreign Monetary Conservatism with Nonatomistic Wage Setters pp. 1719-1734 Downloads
Vincenzo Cuciniello
International Spillover Effects and Monetary Policy Activism pp. 1735-1748 Downloads
Anna LipiŎska, Morten Spange and Misa Tanaka

Volume 43, issue 10, 2011

Liquidity in Frictional Asset Markets pp. 261-282 Downloads
Guillaume Rocheteau and Pierre-Olivier Weill
Trading Frictions and House Price Dynamics pp. 283-303 Downloads
Andrew Caplin and John Leahy
Discussion of “Trading Frictions and House Price Dynamics” pp. 305-309 Downloads
Precautionary Reserves and the Interbank Market pp. 311-348 Downloads
Adam Ashcraft, James McAndrews and David Skeie
Discussion of “Precautionary Reserves and the Interbank Market” pp. 349-353 Downloads
Arvind Krishnamurthy
Information and Liquidity pp. 355-377 Downloads
Benjamin Lester, Andrew Postlewaite and Randall Wright
Discussion of “Information and Liquidity” pp. 379-384 Downloads
Guillaume Rocheteau
From Search to Match: When Loan Contracts Are Too Long pp. 385-411 Downloads
Christophe Chamley and CÉLINE Rochon
Discussion of “From Search to Match: When Loan Contracts Are Too Long” pp. 413-417 Downloads
Adriano Rampini
Money, Bargaining, and Risk Sharing pp. 419-442 Downloads
Nicolas Jacquet and Serene Tan
Discussion of “Money, Bargaining, and Risk Sharing” pp. 443-448 Downloads
Manolis Galenianos
Banking in a Matching Model of Money and Capital pp. 449-476 Downloads
Valerie R. Bencivenga and Gabriele Camera
Discussion of “Banking in a Matching Model of Money and Capital” pp. 477-485 Downloads
Todd Keister
Uncertainty, Inflation, and Welfare pp. 487-512 Downloads
Jonathan Chiu and Miguel Molico
Discussion of “Uncertainty, Inflation, and Welfare” pp. 513-519 Downloads
Scott Dressler
Asset Prices, Liquidity, and Monetary Policy in an Exchange Economy pp. 521-552 Downloads
Ricardo Lagos
Discussion of “Asset Prices, Liquidity, and Monetary Policy in an Exchange Economy” pp. 553-558 Downloads
Tan Wang
Price-Level Targeting and Stabilization Policy pp. 559-580 Downloads
Aleksander Berentsen and Christopher Waller
Discussion of “Price-Level Targeting and Stabilization Policy” pp. 581-588 Downloads
Gauti Eggertsson
Precautionary Demand and Liquidity in Payment Systems pp. 589-619 Downloads
Gara Afonso and Hyun Song Shin
Discussion of “Precautionary Demand and Liquidity in Payment Systems” pp. 621-623 Downloads
Charles Kahn
Counterfeiting as Private Money in Mechanism Design pp. 625-636 Downloads
Ricardo Cavalcanti and Ed Nosal
Discussion of “Counterfeiting as Private Money in Mechanism Design” pp. 637-643 Downloads
Cyril Monnet
Optimal Monetary Policy in an Operational Medium-Sized DSGE Model pp. 1287-1331 Downloads
Malin Adolfson, LASÉEN Stefan, LINDÉ Jesper and Lars Svensson
Differences in Hours Worked in the OECD: Institutions or Fiscal Policies? pp. 1333-1369 Downloads
Tino Berger and Freddy Heylen
Safety-Net Losses from Abandoning Glass-Steagall Restrictions pp. 1371-1398 Downloads
Kenneth A. Carow, Edward Kane and Rajesh P. Narayanan
Bank Finance versus Bond Finance pp. 1399-1421 Downloads
Fiorella De Fiore and Harald Uhlig
Fundamentals, Misvaluation, and Business Investment pp. 1423-1442 Downloads
Bob Chirinko and Huntley Schaller
Evolving Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Small Open Economy: An Estimated Markov Switching DSGE Model for the UK pp. 1443-1474 Downloads
Philip Liu and Haroon Mumtaz
Precautionary Saving and Endogenous Labor Supply with and without Intertemporal Expected Utility pp. 1475-1504 Downloads
Diego Nocetti and William T. Smith
Inflation Targeting as Constrained Discretion pp. 1505-1522 Downloads
Junhan Kim
Convergence of Real Capital Market Interest Rates: Evidence from Inflation Indexed Bonds pp. 1523-1541 Downloads
Helmut Herwartz and Jan Roestel

Volume 43, issue 09, 2011

Subordinated Debt, Market Discipline, and Bank Risk pp. 1043-1072 Downloads
Yehning Chen and Iftekhar Hasan
The Incredible HOLC? Mortgage Relief during the Great Depression pp. 1073-1107 Downloads
Jonathan D. Rose
Monetary Policy and Banking Structure pp. 1109-1129 Downloads
Tarishi Matsuoka
Search Frictions, Real Rigidities, and Inflation Dynamics pp. 1131-1164 Downloads
Carlos Thomas
Why Don’t Oil Shocks Cause Inflation? Evidence from Disaggregate Inflation Data pp. 1165-1183 Downloads
Lance Bachmeier and Inkyung Cha
Replacing a "Disobedient" Central Bank Governor with a "Docile" One: A Novel Measure of Central Bank Independence and Its Effect on Inflation pp. 1185-1215 Downloads
Guillermo Vuletin and Ling Zhu
Credit Rationing and Credit View: Empirical Evidence from an Ethical Bank in Italy pp. 1217-1245 Downloads
Leonardo Becchetti, Maria Melody Garcia and Giovanni Trovato
What Is the Importance of Monetary and Fiscal Shocks in Explaining U.S. Macroeconomic Fluctuations? pp. 1247-1270 Downloads
Barbara Rossi and Sarah Zubairy
Identifying Discretionary Fiscal Policy Reactions with Real-Time Data pp. 1271-1285 Downloads
Ulf von Kalckreuth and Guntram Wolff

Volume 43, issue 08, 2011

Special Issue Editors’ Introduction pp. 1-1
Harris Dellas, Pok-sang Lam and Masao Ogaki
A Dialogue between Micro- and Macroeconomics: Introduction pp. 3-6
Harris Dellas
Individual and Aggregate Labor Supply with Coordinated Working Times pp. 7-37
Richard Rogerson
Returns to Skills and the College Premium pp. 39-86
Flavio Cunha, Fatih Karahan and Ilton Soares
A Survey of New Keynesian Theories of Aggregate Supply and Their Relation to Industrial Organization pp. 87-110
John Leahy
Firm Microstructure and Aggregate Productivity pp. 111-145
Hugo A. Hopenhayn
Optimal Taxation: Merging Micro and Macro Approaches pp. 147-174
Mikhail Golosov, Maxim Troshkin and Aleh Tsyvinski
The Importance of Asymmetric Tax Policy and Dangers of Aggregation pp. 175-205
Kenneth Judd
Social Preferences and Competition pp. 207-231
Klaus Schmidt
Asset Bubbles and the Cost of Economic Fluctuations pp. 233-260
Kyle Chauvin, David Laibson and Johanna Mollerstrom
Inflation and Welfare in Long-Run Equilibrium with Firm Dynamics pp. 795-834
Alexandre Janiak and Paulo Santos Monteiro
The Growth and Welfare Effects of Deficit-Financed Dividend Tax Cuts pp. 835-869
Pietro Peretto
Monetary Policy Estimation in Real Time: Forward-Looking Taylor Rules without Forward-Looking Data pp. 871-897
Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy
Technology and Financial Development pp. 899-921
Anna Ilyina and Roberto Samaniego
The Interbank Market after August 2007: What Has Changed, and Why? pp. 923-958
Paolo Angelini, Andrea Nobili and Cristina Picillo
Investment and Monetary Policy: Learning and Determinacy of Equilibrium pp. 959-992
John Duffy and Wei Xiao
Differential Interpretation in the Survey of Professional Forecasters pp. 993-1017
Sebastiano Manzan
Determinacy under Inflation Targeting Interest Rate Policy in a Sticky Price Model with Investment (and Labor Bargaining) pp. 1019-1033
Takushi Kurozumi and Willem Van Zandweghe
Central Bank Independence, Political Regimes, and the Sacrifice Ratio: A Replication Study of Caporale and Caporale (2008) pp. 1035-1042
Hajime Katayama, Natalia Ponomareva and Malvin Sharma

Volume 43, issue 06, 2011

Does Money Matter in Shaping Domestic Business Cycles? An International Investigation pp. 577-607
Fabio Canova and Tobias Menz
Deconstructing a Mortgage Meltdown: A Methodology for Decomposing Underwriting Quality pp. 609-631
Charles D. Anderson, Dennis Capozza and Robert van Order
The Role of Soft Information in a Dynamic Contract Setting: Evidence from the Home Equity Credit Market pp. 633-655
Sumit Agarwal, Brent Ambrose, Souphala Chomsisengphet and Chunlin Liu
Fixed- and Variable-Rate Mortgages, Business Cycles, and Monetary Policy pp. 657-688
Margarita Rubio
Monetary Policy in the Media pp. 689-709
Helge Berger, Michael Ehrmann and Marcel Fratzscher
The Bank Lending Channel Revisited pp. 711-734
Piti Disyatat
Regulations and Productivity Growth in Banking: Evidence from Transition Economies pp. 735-764
Manthos Delis, Philip Molyneux and Fotios Pasiouras
Central Bank Transparency and the Crowding Out of Private Information in Financial Markets pp. 765-774
Clemens Kool, Menno Middeldorp and Stephanie Rosenkranz
The Roles of Nominal Exchange Rate and Relative Price Adjustments in PPP Reversion pp. 775-785
Deokwoo Nam
The Keynesian Multiplier Effect Reconsidered pp. 787-794
Yoshiyasu Ono

Volume 43, issue 03, 2011

Winners and Losers in Housing Markets pp. 255-296
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Alexander Michaelides and Kalin Nikolov
Did the Financial Crisis in Japan Affect Household Welfare Seriously? pp. 297-324
Yasuyuki Sawada, Kazumitsu Nawata, Masako Ii and Mark Lee
Rule-of-Thumb Consumers Meet Sticky Wages pp. 325-353
Andrea Colciago
The Optimal Rate of Inflation with Trending Relative Prices pp. 355-384
Alexander Wolman
Price Adjustments in a General Model of State-Dependent Pricing pp. 385-406
James Costain and Anton Nakov
Credit and the Natural Rate of Interest pp. 407-440
Fiorella De Fiore and Oreste Tristani
Competitive Lending with Partial Knowledge of Loan Repayment: Some Positive and Normative Analysis pp. 441-459
William Brock and Charles Manski
Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Bank Relationship Strength, and the Use of Venture Capital pp. 461-490
Allen N. Berger and Klaus Schaeck
Household Borrowing after Personal Bankruptcy pp. 491-517
Song Han and Geng Li
Dynamic Limited Dependent Variable Modeling and U.S. Monetary Policy pp. 519-534
George Monokroussos
Taylor Rules and the Euro pp. 535-552
Tanya Molodtsova, Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy and David Papell
The Failure of Woodford's Model of the Channel System in the Cashless Economy pp. 553-563
Colin Rogers
Two Who Called the Great Depression: An Initial Formulation of the Monetary-Origins View pp. 565-574
George Tavlas

Volume 43, issue 02, 2011

Can News Be a Major Source of Aggregate Fluctuations? A Bayesian DSGE Approach pp. 1-29
Ippei Fujiwara, Yasuo Hirose and Mototsugu Shintani
A New Keynesian Perspective on the Great Recession pp. 31-54
Peter Ireland
How Large Are Housing and Financial Wealth Effects? A New Approach pp. 55-79
Christopher Carroll, Misuzu Otsuka and Jiri Slacalek
Minimal Settlement Assets in Economies with Interconnected Financial Obligations pp. 81-108
Julio Rotemberg
The Effects of Formal and Informal Contracting in Credit Availability pp. 109-132
JIM√âNEZ Gabriel, Vicente Salas-Fum√ås and Jesús Saurina
Credit Crunch Caused by Bank Failures and Self-Selection Behavior in Lending Markets pp. 133-161
Naoaki Minamihashi
Nonoptimality of the Friedman Rule with Capital Income Taxation pp. 163-183
Alberto Petrucci
The Credibility of Hong Kong's Link from the Perspective of Modern Financial Theory pp. 185-206
Hans Genberg and Cho-Hoi Hui
An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Rounding on the SPF Probabilities of Decline and Output Growth Histograms pp. 207-220
Michael Clements
Nonseparable Preferences, Frisch Labor Supply, and the Consumption Multiplier of Government Spending: One Solution to a Fiscal Policy Puzzle pp. 221-251
Florin Bilbiie
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