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Volume 42, issue 12, 2010

Investment Adjustment Costs: An Empirical Assessment pp. 1469-1494
Charlotta Groth and Hashmat Khan
Macroeconomic Implications of “Deep Habits” in Banking pp. 1495-1521
ALIAGA-DÍAZ Roger and Maria Olivero
On the International Dimension of Fiscal Policy pp. 1523-1542
Gianluca Benigno and Bianca De Paoli
A Tale of Two Rigidities: Sticky Prices in a Sticky-Information Environment pp. 1543-1564
Edward Knotek
Free Bank Failures: Risky Bonds versus Undiversified Portfolios pp. 1565-1587
Matthew Jaremski
Do Markets Care about Central Bank Governor Changes? Evidence from Emerging Markets pp. 1589-1612
Christoph Moser and Axel Dreher
An Unobserved Components Model of the Yield Curve pp. 1613-1640
Richard Startz and Kwok Ping Tsang
Combining Judgment and Models pp. 1641-1662
Francesca Monti
Sectoral Money Demand and the Great Disinflation in the United States pp. 1663-1678
Alessandro Calza and Andrea Zaghini
Inflation Targeting Does Not Matter: Another Look at OECD Sacrifice Ratios pp. 1679-1688
Ricardo Brito
Daytime Is Money pp. 1689-1702
Sébastien Kraenzlin and Thomas Nellen
The Cost Channel Reconsidered: A Comment Using an Identification-Robust Approach pp. 1703-1712
Vasco Gabriel and Luis Martins

Volume 42, issue 10, 2010

Restaurant Prices and the Minimum Wage pp. 1199-1234
Denis Fougere, Erwan Gautier and Hervé Le Bihan
Monetary Shocks in a Model with Skill Loss pp. 1235-1265
Julen Esteban-Pretel and Elisa Faraglia
Moody's and S&P Ratings: Are They Equivalent? Conservative Ratings and Split Rated Bond Yields pp. 1267-1293
Miles Livingston, Jie (diana) Wei and Lei Zhou
Risk Shifting through Nonfinancial Contracts: Effects on Loan Spreads and Capital Structure of Project Finance Deals pp. 1295-1320
Francesco Corielli, Stefano Gatti and Alessandro Steffanoni
Bank Branch Presence and Access to Credit in Low- to Moderate-Income Neighborhoods pp. 1321-1349
Ozgur Ergungor
The Community Reinvestment Act and Targeted Mortgage Lending pp. 1351-1372
Drew Dahl, Douglas Evanoff and Michael F. Spivey
The Debt-Payment-to-Income Ratio as an Indicator of Borrowing Constraints: Evidence from Two Household Surveys pp. 1373-1390
Kathleen W. Johnson and Geng Li
The High-Frequency Response of the EUR-USD Exchange Rate to ECB Communication pp. 1391-1417
Christian Conrad and Michael Lamla
Time Variation in the Inflation Passthrough of Energy Prices pp. 1419-1433
Todd Clark and Stephen Terry
The Role of Real Wage Rigidity and Labor Market Frictions for Inflation Persistence pp. 1435-1446
Kai Christoffel and Tobias Linzert
Three-Regime Asymmetric STAR Modeling and Exchange Rate Reversion pp. 1447-1467
Mario Cerrato, Hyunsok Kim and Ronald MacDonald

Volume 42, issue 09, 2010

Credit Spreads and Monetary Policy pp. 3-35
Vasco Cúrdia and Michael Woodford
Optimal Monetary Policy in a Model with Agency Costs pp. 37-70
Charles Carlstrom, Timothy Fuerst and Matthias Paustian
Leverage Constraints and the International Transmission of Shocks pp. 71-105
Michael Devereux and James Yetman
Credit and Banking in a DSGE Model of the Euro Area pp. 107-141
Andrea Gerali, Stefano Neri, Luca Sessa and Federico Signoretti
Inflation Expectations and Risk Premiums in an Arbitrage-Free Model of Nominal and Real Bond Yields pp. 143-178
Jens Christensen, Jose Lopez and Glenn Rudebusch
International Transmission of U.S. Monetary Policy Shocks: Evidence from Stock Prices pp. 179-198
John Ammer, Clara Vega and Jon Wongswan
Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy pp. 199-215
Olivier Blanchard, Giovanni Dell'ariccia and Paolo Mauro
Macroeconomics in the Wake of the Financial Crisis pp. 217-219
Mark Gertler
The Impact of Liquidity, Securitization, and Banks on the Real Economy pp. 221-228
Eric Rosengren
Monetary Policy and Financial Markets at the Effective Lower Bound pp. 229-242
Lars Svensson
Closing Panel Presentation pp. 243-248
Janet Yellen
Infrastructure Finance and Industrial Takeoff in England pp. 985-1010
Alex Trew
The Demise of the Mutual Organizational Form: An Investigation of the Life Insurance Industry pp. 1011-1036
Otgontsetseg Erhemjamts and J. Tyler Leverty
The Structure of Multiple Credit Relationships: Evidence from U.S. Firms pp. 1037-1071
Luigi Guiso and Raoul Minetti
Capital Market Regimes and Bank Structure in Europe pp. 1073-1092
Ronald Shrieves, Drew Dahl and Michael F. Spivey
Optimal Continuation versus the Timeless Perspective in Monetary Policy pp. 1093-1107
Christian Jensen and Bennett McCallum
Exchange Rate Crises and Fiscal Solvency pp. 1109-1135
Betty Daniel
Oil Price Uncertainty pp. 1137-1159
John Elder and Apostolos Serletis
Inflation Dynamics: The Role of Expectations pp. 1161-1172
Ricardo Nunes
Money Supply and Capital Accumulation on the Transition Path Revisited pp. 1173-1184
Rubens Cysne and David Turchick
Are Financial Constraints Priced? Evidence from Firm Fundamentals and Stock Returns pp. 1185-1198
Murillo Campello and Long Chen

Volume 42, issue 08, 2010

Reconsidering the Relationship between Inflation and Relative Price Variability pp. 769-798
Chi-Young Choi
Imperfectly Credible Disinflation under Endogenous Time-Dependent Pricing pp. 799-831
Marco Bonomo and Carlos Carvalho
Monetary Policy and the Lost Decade: Lessons from Japan pp. 833-857
Daniel Leigh
The Output Effect of a Transition to Price Stability When Velocity Is Time Varying pp. 859-878
Lynne Evans and Anamaria Nicolae
Capital Constraints, Asymmetric Information, and Internal Capital Markets in Banking: New Evidence pp. 879-906
Dmytro Holod and Joe Peek
Financial Contracting and the Choice between Private Placement and Publicly Offered Bonds pp. 907-929
Simon Kwan and Willard T. Carleton
The Taylor Rule and "Opportunistic" Monetary Policy pp. 931-949
Helle Bunzel and Walter Enders
A New Data Set on Monetary Policy: The Economic Forecasts of Individual Members of the FOMC pp. 951-957
David Romer
Measuring a Dynamic Price Index Using Consumption Data pp. 959-964
Shuhei Aoki and Minoru Kitahara
Institutions and Bank Behavior: Legal Environment, Legal Perception, and the Composition of Bank Lending pp. 965-984
Rainer Haselmann and Paul Wachtel

Volume 42, issue 06, 2010

Oil Currency and the Dollar Standard: A Simple Analytical Model of an International Trade Currency pp. 521-550
Michael Devereux, Kang Shi and Juanyi Xu
The Federal Home Loan Bank System: The Lender of Next-to-Last Resort? pp. 551-583
Adam Ashcraft, Morten Bech and W Frame
Depositor Behavior under Macroeconomic Risk: Evidence from Bank Runs in Emerging Economies pp. 585-614
Eduardo Levy-Yeyati, Marõa Soledad Martõnez Perõa and Sergio Schmukler
Cross-Border Bank M&As and Risk: Evidence from the Bond Market pp. 615-645
Sungho Choi, Bill B. Francis and Iftekhar Hasan
A Political Agency Theory of Central Bank Independence pp. 647-677
Gauti Eggertsson and Eric Le Borgne
The Empirics of International Monetary Transmission: Identification and the Impossible Trinity pp. 679-713
John Bluedorn and Christopher Bowdler
Portfolio Inertia and Stock Market Fluctuations pp. 715-742
Yannis Bilias, Dimitris Georgarakos and Michael Haliassos
The Importance of Adverse Selection in the Credit Card Market: Evidence from Randomized Trials of Credit Card Solicitations pp. 743-754
Sumit Agarwal, Souphala Chomsisengphet and Chunlin Liu
Bank Debt versus Bond Debt: Evidence from Secondary Market Prices pp. 755-767
Edward I. Altman, Amar Gande and Anthony Saunders

Volume 42, issue 03, 2010

Capitalizing on Partisan Politics? The Political Economy of Sector-Specific Redistribution in Germany pp. 203-235
Michael M. Bechtel and Roland F‹ss
From Drafts to Checks: The Evolution of Correspondent Banking Networks and the Formation of the Modern U.S. Payments System, 1850-1914 pp. 237-265
John James and David F. Weiman
Openness and Inflation pp. 267-287
Dudley Cooke
Disinflation Shocks in the Eurozone: A DSGE Perspective pp. 289-323
Patrick F»ve, Julien Matheron and Jean-Guillaume Sahuc
Inflation and Stock Prices: No Illusion pp. 325-345
Chao Wei
Do Markets Care Who Chairs the Central Bank? pp. 347-371
Kenneth Kuttner and Adam Posen
Central Bank Communication and the Liquidity Trap pp. 373-397
Stefano Eusepi
The Determinants of Future U.S. Monetary Policy: High-Frequency Evidence pp. 399-420
Nick Taylor
Alternatives for Distressed Banks during the Great Depression pp. 421-441
Mark Carlson
Debt Maturity Choice of Nonpublic Italian Firms pp. 443-463
Silvia Magri
Identification-Robust Minimum Distance Estimation of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve pp. 465-481
Leandro Magnusson and Sophocles Mavroeidis
Monetary Misperceptions, Output, and Inflation Dynamics pp. 483-502
Fabrice Collard and Harris Dellas
Seigniorage-Maximizing Inflation under Sticky Prices pp. 503-519
Tatiana Damjanovic and Charles Nolan

Volume 42, issue 02, 2010

Monetary Policy Trade-Offs with a Dominant Oil Producer pp. 1-32
Anton Nakov and Andrea Pescatori
New Keynesian Macroeconomics and the Term Structure pp. 33-62
Geert Bekaert, Seonghoon Cho and Antonio Moreno
Simple Monetary Rules under Fiscal Dominance pp. 63-92
Michael Kumhof, Ricardo Nunes and Irina Yakadina
Time Patience and Specialization Patterns in the Presence of Asset Trade pp. 93-112
Yoshiyasu Ono and Akihisa Shibata
Does Inflation Targeting Affect the Dispersion of Inflation Expectations? pp. 113-134
Carlos Capistr¡n and Manuel Ramos-Francia
Inflation Dynamics in the U.S.: Global but Not Local Mean Reversion pp. 135-150
Bob Nobay, Ivan Paya and David Peel
Can We Explain Inflation Persistence in a Way that Is Consistent with the Microevidence on Nominal Rigidity? pp. 151-170
Huw Dixon and Engin Kara
Macroeconomic Shocks and Banks' Foreign Assets pp. 171-188
Claudia Buch, Kai Carstensen and Andrea Schertler
Does Wealth Imply Secularization and Longevity? pp. 189-202
Zsolt Becsi
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