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Volume 2, issue Nov., 1970

The Optimum Quantity of Money pp. 397-419 Downloads
Jerome Stein
Credit Standards and Tight Money pp. 420-34 Downloads
Dudley G Luckett
A Credit Scoring Model for Commercial Loans pp. 435-45 Downloads
Yair E Orgler
Effects of Tight Money on 1966 Business Investment: The True Findings of the Commerce Department-Wharton Survey pp. 446-60 Downloads
William H White
Fiscal Policy in IS-LM Analysis: A Correction pp. 461-72 Downloads
William L Silber
Empirical Evidence on the Short-Run Real Balance Effect in Canada pp. 473-85 Downloads
J Ernest Tanner
Political Economy and National Priorities: A Review Essay of the Economic Report of the President and the Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers pp. 486-92 Downloads
James Buchanan
Monetary Theory and Policy in the Payments System of the Future pp. 493-503 Downloads
Lawrence S Ritter and Thomas R Atkinson
Quantity Theories Old and New pp. 504-12 Downloads
Joan Robinson
Short-Changing the Small Saver: Federal Government Discrimination against the Small Saver During the Vietnam War pp. 513-22 Downloads
Edward Kane

Volume 2, issue Aug., 1970

The Determination of the Stock of Reserves and the Balance of Payments in a Neo-Keynesian Model pp. 269-90 Downloads
Neil Wallace
Optimal Stochastic Control of Linear Economic Systems pp. 291-302 Downloads
Gregory Chow
Risk Structures and the Distribution of Benefits within the FHA Home Mortgage Insurance Program pp. 303-22 Downloads
George von Furstenberg
Bank Merger Policy and Problems: A Linkage Theory of Oligopoly pp. 323-36 Downloads
Elinor Harris Solomon
The Euro-Dollar System and International Liquidity pp. 337-47 Downloads
Klaus Friedrich
Purchasing Power Parity as an Explanation of Long-Term Changes in Exchange Rates pp. 348-57 Downloads
Henry J Gailliot
Determinants of Correspondent Banking Relationships pp. 358-69 Downloads
Robert J Lawrence and Duane Lougee
The United States Balance of Payments in 1968: A Comment pp. 370-82 Downloads
H Robert Heller
A Note on the Theory of Transactions Demand for Cash pp. 383-84 Downloads
Harry G Johnson
The Optimum Monetary Instrument Variable: A Comment pp. 385-90 Downloads
John H Kareken

Volume 2, issue May, 1970

The Federal Reserve Discount Mechanism as an Instrument for Dealing with Banking Market Imperfections pp. 138-46 Downloads
Robert C Holland
The Discount Proposal from the Standpoint of Commercial Banks pp. 147-50 Downloads
Thomas R Atkinson
Reflections on the Discount Window pp. 151-57 Downloads
Donald D Hester
Changes in the Discount Mechanism: The Joint Economic Committee Hearings and Report pp. 158-65 Downloads
Deane Carson
Central Bank Policy, the Money Supply, and the Short-Term Rate of Interest pp. 166-218 Downloads
Franco Modigliani, Robert Rasche and J Philip Cooper
Programming a Credit Network Under Uncertainty pp. 219-46 Downloads
Sten Thore
The Covered-Arbitrage Schedule: A Critical Survey of Recent Developments pp. 247-57 Downloads
Lawrence Officer and Thomas D Willett
Portfolio Choice and Monetary Theory: A Review Essay pp. 258-67 Downloads
Thomas R Saving

Volume 2, issue Feb., 1970

Deposit Interest Ceilings as a Monetary Control pp. 4-14 Downloads
James Tobin
Controls on Interest Rates Paid by Banks pp. 15-32 Downloads
Milton Friedman
Reflections on Recent Federal Reserve Policy pp. 33-44 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
Public Policies as Causes of Fluctuations pp. 45-55 Downloads
Allan Meltzer
Money-Market Rates, the Discount Rate, and Borrowing from the Federal Reserve pp. 56-82 Downloads
Peter A Frost and Thomas Sargent
Outside Money, Inside Money, and the Real Balance Effect pp. 83-100 Downloads
Thomas R Saving
Bank Employment: A Cross-Section Analysis of the World's Largest Banks: A Comment pp. 101-11 Downloads
George G Kaufman
Regulation F and the Yield Structure of the U. S. Government Securities Market: A Comment pp. 112-22 Downloads
Charles R Wolf
A Long-Run Demand Function for Money in the Soviet Union: A Comment pp. 123-31 Downloads
Joyce E Pickersgill

Volume 1, issue Nov., 1969

A Model of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Effects on the Money Stock, Price Level, and Real Output pp. 683-705 Downloads
Carl Christ
Money in a Static Theory of Optimal Payment Arrangements pp. 706-26 Downloads
Jurg Niehans
Economic Openness and International Financial Flows pp. 727-49 Downloads
Marina v N Whitman
Statistical Credit Scoring of Municipal Bonds pp. 750-64 Downloads
Willard T Carleton and Eugene M Lerner
The Keynesian Demand-for-Money Function: Another Look and Some Additional Evidence pp. 765-77 Downloads
Panos Konstas and Mohamad W Khouja
State Branching Restrictions and the Availability of Branching Services: A Comment pp. 778-88 Downloads
R F Lanzillotti and Thomas R Saving
The Role of Savings Deposits as Money: A Comment pp. 789-95 Downloads
Prem S Laumas

Volume 1, issue Aug., 1969

Automatists, Hawtreyans, and Keynesians pp. 307-17 Downloads
John Hicks
Facts of Life about the Integration of National Capital Markets pp. 319-27 Downloads
Rene Larre
The Obstacles to a Regional Integration of Capital Markets: A Comment pp. 328-31 Downloads
Walter Damm
The Capital Market Phenomena: A Comment pp. 332-35 Downloads
Sidney E Rolfe
The Problems and Prospects of Integrating European Capital Markets pp. 336-46 Downloads
Kurt Richebacher
Prospects for Integration of European Capital Markets: A Comment pp. 347-49 Downloads
Raymond Bertrand
The Problems and Prospects of Integrating European Capital Markets: A Comment pp. 350-53 Downloads
Scott, Ira O,
Growth and Inflation pp. 355-426 Downloads
Maurice Allais
Allais' Monetary Theory: Interpretation and Comment pp. 427-32 Downloads
Phillip Cagan
Growth and Inflation: A Comment pp. 433-38 Downloads
Jurg Niehans
Growth and Inflation: A Comment pp. 439-40 Downloads
Gary Fromm
Growth and Inflation: A Reply to the Observations of the Discussants pp. 441-62 Downloads
Maurice Allais
Where Stands the New Fiscal Policy? pp. 463-73 Downloads
Herbert Stein
Fiscal Policy and Stabilization in Britain pp. 474-95 Downloads
G D N Worswick
The Policy Discussions by Stein and Worswick: A Comment pp. 496-502 Downloads
Karl Brunner
The New Fiscal Policy: A Comment pp. 503-05 Downloads
Peter Kenen
Worswick's Criticism of the Correlation Criterion: A Comment pp. 506
Milton Friedman
The Definition of Money: Theoretical and Empirical Problems pp. 508-25 Downloads
David Laidler
Laidler's "The Definition of Money": A Comment pp. 526-30 Downloads
Case M Sprenkle
Laidler's "Definition of Money": A Comment pp. 531-34 Downloads
Ronald L Teigen
Pesek and Saving's Theory of Money and Wealth: A Comment pp. 535-37 Downloads
Harry G Johnson
How Does Monetary Policy Affect the Economy? pp. 538-48 Downloads
Maurice Mann
Monetary Policies in the United States and the United Kingdom: A Comment pp. 549-52 Downloads
Christopher McMahon
Comment on Maurice Mann's Views on Monetary Policy pp. 553-55 Downloads
Thomas R Atkinson
Keynesian Monetary Theories, Stabilization Policy, and the Recent Inflation pp. 556-87 Downloads
David I Fand
David Fand's "Keynesian Monetary Theories, Stabilization Policy, and the Recent Inflation": A Comment pp. 588-89 Downloads
Kenneth E Boulding
Keynesian Monetary Theories, Stabilization Policy, and the Recent Inflation: A Comment pp. 590-99
Henry C Wallich
Financial Disintermediation and Policy pp. 600-17 Downloads
Donald D Hester
A Comment on Hester's Paper pp. 618-23 Downloads
Allan Meltzer
Toward a Better International Monetary System pp. 625-48 Downloads
Robert Mundell
The Case for Raising the Price of Gold pp. 649-65 Downloads
Peter M Oppenheimer
Comments on the Papers by Oppenheimer and Mundell pp. 666-67 Downloads
Brian Tew
Managing the World's Money Supply: A Comment pp. 668-74 Downloads
A James Meigs
The Case for Raising the Price of Gold: A Comment pp. 675-78 Downloads
David Laidler
The Views of Mundell and Oppenheimer: A Comment pp. 679-80 Downloads
Maurice Allais

Volume 1, issue May, 1969

Real and Monetary Factors in the Business Cycle pp. 138-52 Downloads
Hugh Rose
"Neoclassical" and "Keynes-Wicksell" Monetary Growth Models pp. 153-71 Downloads
Jerome Stein
On Money and Growth pp. 172-87 Downloads
Frank Hahn
A Monetary Growth Model with Variable Employment pp. 188-206 Downloads
Keizo Nagatani
The Non-Neutrality of Money in the Long Run: A Discussion of the Critical Assumptions and Some Evidence pp. 207-27 Downloads
Phillip Cagan
Efficient Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Balanced Growth pp. 228-51 Downloads
Jurg Niehans
Notes on Money and Economic Growth pp. 252-65 Downloads
Alvin L Marty
A Critical Note on the Optimum Supply of Money pp. 266-80 Downloads
S C Tsiang
Money and Growth: A Country Cross-Section Analysis pp. 281-302 Downloads
Henry C Wallich

Volume 1, issue Feb., 1969

The Definition of Money: Net Wealth and Neutrality as Criteria pp. 1-14 Downloads
Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz
A General Equilibrium Approach to Monetary Theory pp. 15-29 Downloads
James Tobin
Inside Money, Outside Money, Income, Wealth, and Welfare in Monetary Theory pp. 30-45 Downloads
Harry G Johnson
The Chicago Tradition, the Quantity Theory, and Friedman pp. 46-70 Downloads
Don Patinkin
The Term Structure of Interest Rates: Some Additional Evidence pp. 71-83 Downloads
Michael J Hamburger and Cynthia M Latta
A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Cost of Operations of Trust Departments pp. 84-100 Downloads
Neil B Murphy
Inside Money, Outside Money, and the Wealth Effect pp. 101-11 Downloads
Alvin L Marty
The Term Structure of Interest Rates: A Re-examination of the Evidence pp. 112-20 Downloads
Franco Modigliani and Richard Sutch
"Inefficient" European Capital Markets as an Explanation of International Capital Movements pp. 121-23 Downloads
Donald G Heckerman
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