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Volume 41, issue 12, 2009

Fundamental Economic Shocks and the Macroeconomy pp. 1515-1555
Charles Evans and David Marshall
Trend Inflation, Taylor Principle, and Indeterminacy pp. 1557-1584
Guido Ascari and Tiziano Ropele
Monetary Policy, Determinacy, and Learnability in a Two-Block World Economy pp. 1585-1612
James Bullard and Eric Schaling
Non-Atomistic Wage Setters and Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Framework pp. 1613-1630
Stefano Gnocchi
Using Survey Data to Correct the Bias in Policy Expectations Extracted from Fed Funds Futures pp. 1631-1647
Hibiki Ichiue and Tomonori Yuyama
On the Riskiness of Universal Banking: Evidence from Banks in the Investment Banking Business Pre- and Post-GLBA pp. 1649-1669
Victoria Geyfman and Timothy J. Yeager
Monetary Policy and Inflation Expectations in Latin America: Long-Run Effects and Volatility Spillovers pp. 1671-1690
Luiz de Mello and Diego Moccero
In Defense of Usury Laws pp. 1691-1703
Giuseppe Coco and David de Meza
The Taylor Principle and Monetary Policy Approaching a Zero Bound on Nominal Rates: Quantile Regression Results for the United States and Japan pp. 1705-1723
Thanaset Chevapatrakul, Tae-Hwan Kim and Paul Mizen

Volume 41, issue 10, 2009

The Effects of Monetary Policy on Unemployment Dynamics under Model Uncertainty: Evidence from the United States and the Euro Area pp. 1265-1300
Carlo Altavilla and Matteo Ciccarelli
Monetary Policy under Alternative Asset Market Structures: The Case of a Small Open Economy pp. 1301-1330
Bianca De Paoli
Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words? Household Expectations of Inflation Based on Micro Consumption Data pp. 1331-1363
Atsushi Inoue, Lutz Kilian and Fatma Burcu Kiraz
The Impact of Central Bank Independence on Political Monetary Cycles in Advanced and Developing Nations pp. 1365-1389
Sami Alpanda and Adam Honig
Repo Auctions and the Market for Liquidity pp. 1391-1421
Ulrich Bindseil, Kjell Nyborg and Ilya Strebulaev
The Elastic Provision of Liquidity by Private Agents pp. 1423-1451
Drew Saunders
Model Misspecification, the Equilibrium Natural Interest Rate, and the Equity Premium pp. 1453-1479
Oreste Tristani
Identification of New Keynesian Phillips Curves from a Global Perspective pp. 1481-1502
Stephane Dees, M Pesaran, L. Vanessa Smith and Ron P. Smith
Mergers and Long-Term Corporate Performance: Evidence from Cross-Border Bank Acquisitions pp. 1503-1513
Donald R. Fraser and Hao Zhang

Volume 41, issue 09, 2009

Changing Monetary Policy Rules, Learning, and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics pp. 1047-1070
Nelson Mark
Measures of per Capita Hours and Their Implications for the Technology-Hours Debate pp. 1071-1097
Neville Francis and Valerie Ramey
Outsiders at the Bank of England's MPC pp. 1099-1115
Petra Gerlach-Kristen
What Makes the Output-Inflation Trade-Off Change? The Absence of Accelerating Deflation in Japan pp. 1117-1140
Emmanuel De Veirman
Inflation Differentials between Spain and the EMU: A DSGE Perspective pp. 1141-1166
Pau Rabanal
Acquisition Targets and Motives in the Banking Industry pp. 1167-1187
Timothy Hannan and Steven J. Pilloff
Can Miracles Lead to Crises? The Role of Optimism in Emerging Markets Crises pp. 1189-1215
Emine Boz
Has the Economy Become More Predictable? Changes in Greenbook Forecast Accuracy pp. 1217-1231
Peter Tulip
The Composition of Government Spending and the Real Exchange Rate pp. 1233-1249
Vahagn Galstyan and Philip Lane
Currency Competition: A Hayekian Perspective on International Monetary Integration pp. 1251-1263
Anthony M. Endres

Volume 41, issue 08, 2009

Wealth Distribution, Inflation Tax, and Societal Benefits of Illiquid Bonds pp. 809-830
Young Sik Kim and Manjong Lee
Voting Transparency in a Monetary Union pp. 831-853
Hans Gersbach and Volker Hahn
Payments Settlement: Tiering in Private and Public Systems pp. 855-884
Charles Kahn and William Roberds
Optimal Monetary Policy with an Uncertain Cost Channel pp. 885-906
Peter Tillmann
Price and Investment Dynamics: Theory and Plant-Level Data pp. 907-934
Magnus Lundin, Nils Gottfries, Charlotte Bucht and Tomas Lindstr÷m
Role of Collateral and Personal Guarantees in Relationship Lending: Evidence from Japan's SME Loan Market pp. 935-960
Arito Ono and Iichiro Uesugi
Religion and Female Educational Attainment pp. 961-986
Seth Norton and Annette Tomal
The Response of Hours to a Technology Shock: A Two-Step Structural VAR Approach pp. 987-1013
Patrick Fève and Alain Guay
Consumption Habits in a New Keynesian Business Cycle Model pp. 1015-1030
Richard Dennis
Corrigendum to "Regime Changes in International Real Interest Rates: Are They a Monetary Phenomenon?" pp. 1031-1032
Gawon Yoon
The Global Side of the Investment-Saving Puzzle pp. 1033-1040
Joseph Byrne, Giorgio Fazio and Norbert Fiess
Unbiased Estimation of the Half-Life to Price Index Convergence among U.S. Cities pp. 1041-1046
Hiranya Nath and Jayanta Sarkar

Volume 41, issue 06, 2009

Daily Changes in Fed Funds Futures Prices pp. 567-582
James Hamilton
Uncovering the Hit List for Small Inflation Targeters: A Bayesian Structural Analysis pp. 583-618
Timothy Kam, Kirdan Lees and Philip Liu
Monetary Policy in a Forward-Looking Input-Output Economy pp. 619-650
Brad E. Strum
Which Microfinance Institutions Are Becoming More Cost Effective with Time? Evidence from a Mixture Model pp. 651-672
Steven B Caudill, Daniel Gropper and Valentina Hartarska
Do Mergers Improve Information? Evidence from the Loan Market pp. 673-709
Fabio Panetta, Fabiano Schivardi and Matthew Shum
Are Competitive Banking Systems More Stable? pp. 711-734
Klaus Schaeck, Martin Cihak and Simon Wolfe
Determinants of Bank-Market Structure: Efficiency and Political Economy Variables pp. 735-754
Francisgo Gonz¡lez
Can Affine Term Structure Models Help Us Predict Exchange Rates? pp. 755-766
Antonio Diez de los Rios
Inflation Persistence, Monetary Policy, and the Great Moderation pp. 767-786
Charles Carlstrom, Timothy Fuerst and Matthias Paustian
Moderate Inflation and the Deflation-Depression Link pp. 787-798
Jess Benhabib and Mark Spiegel
Regulation and the Neo-Wicksellian Approach to Monetary Policy pp. 799-807
John Duca and Tao Wu

Volume 41, issue 03, 2009

Precautionary Saving and Consumption Smoothing across Time and Possibilities pp. 245-284
Miles Kimball and Philippe Weil
Do Solicitations Matter in Bank Credit Ratings? Results from a Study of 72 Countries pp. 285-314
Winnie P. H. Poon, Junsoo Lee and Benton E. Gup
Whither Loose Change? The Diminishing Demand for Small-Denomination Currency pp. 315-335
Gene Amromin and Sujit Chakravorti
Noneconomic Engagement and International Exchange: The Case of Environmental Treaties pp. 337-363
Andrew Rose and Mark Spiegel
Disagreement and Biases in Inflation Expectations pp. 365-396
Carlos Capistr¡n and Allan Timmermann
Reconciling Bagehot and the Fed's Response to September 11 pp. 397-415
Antoine Martin
Real Wage Rigidities and the Cost of Disinflations pp. 417-435
Guido Ascari and Christian Merkl
The Feeble Link between Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Can We Blame the Discount Factor? pp. 437-442
Lucio Sarno and Elvira Sojli
Nonseparable Preferences, Fiscal Policy Puzzles, and Inferior Goods pp. 443-450
Florin Bilbiie
Bailey's Measure of the Welfare Costs of Inflation as a General-Equilibrium Measure pp. 451-459
Rubens Cysne
A Short History of Price Level Convergence in Europe pp. 461-477
Riemer P. Faber and Ad Stokman
Does Global Liquidity Help to Forecast U.S. Inflation? pp. 479-489
Antonello D'Agostino and Paolo Surico
Does Interbank Borrowing Reduce Bank Risk? pp. 491-506
Valeriya Dinger and Juergen von Hagen
Flexible Majority Rules for Central Banks pp. 507-516
Hans Gersbach and Bernhard Pachl
Purdah-On the Rationale for Central Bank Silence around Policy Meetings pp. 517-528
Michael Ehrmann and Marcel Fratzscher
The Relationships between Permanent and Transitory Movements in U.S. Output and the Unemployment Rate pp. 529-542
Tara Sinclair
The Spirit of Capitalism, Precautionary Savings, and Consumption pp. 543-554
Yulei Luo, William T. Smith and Heng-Fu Zou
Individual's Religiosity Enhances Trust: Latin American Evidence for the Puzzle pp. 555-566
Pablo Brañas-Garza, Maximo Rossi and Dayna Zaclicever

Volume 41, issue 02, 2009

Equilibrium Unemployment, Job Flows, and Inflation Dynamics pp. 1-33
Antonella Trigari
International Pricing in a Generalized Model of Ideal Variety pp. 3-33
David Hummels and Volodymyr Lugovskyy
Measuring the Information Content of the Beige Book: A Mixed Data Sampling Approach pp. 35-55
Michelle T. Armesto, Rub…n Hern¡ndez-Murillo, Michael Owyang and Jeremy Piger
Pass-Through of Exchange Rates and Competition between Floaters and Fixers pp. 35-70
Paul Bergin and Robert Feenstra
Government Spending and the Taylor Principle pp. 57-77
Gisle Natvik
The Transmission of International Shocks: A Factor-Augmented VAR Approach pp. 71-100
Haroon Mumtaz and Paolo Surico
Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous and Misspecified Expectations pp. 79-100
Michele Berardi
The Euro Changeover and Its Effects on Price Transparency and Inflation pp. 101-129
Wioletta Dziuda and Giovanni Mastrobuoni
The International Dimension of Inflation: Evidence from Disaggregated Consumer Price Data pp. 101-120
Tommaso Monacelli and Luca Sala
Price Stability with Imperfect Financial Integration pp. 121-149
Pierpaolo Benigno
Political Influence and Declarations of Bank Insolvency in Japan pp. 131-158
Masami Imai
Exchange Rate Pass-Through in a Competitive Model of Pricing-to-Market pp. 151-175
Raphael Auer and Thomas Chaney
Distortionary Taxation, Debt, and the Price Level pp. 159-188
Andreas Schabert and Leopold von Thadden
Pass-Through, Exchange Rates, and Monetary Policy pp. 177-185
Charles Engel
Globalization, Macroeconomic Performance, and Monetary Policy pp. 187-196
Frederic Mishkin
Multiple BGPs in a Growth Model with Habit Persistence: A Comment pp. 189-195
Patrick Toche
Institutions and Economic Performance: Endogeneity and Parameter Heterogeneity pp. 197-219
Theo Eicher and Andreas Leukert
The Long-Run Fisher Effect: Can It Be Tested? pp. 221-231
Mark Jensen
Inflation Targeting Matters: Evidence from OECD Economies' Sacrifice Ratios pp. 233-243
Carlos Eduardo S. Gon«alves and Alexandre Carvalho
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