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Volume 19, issue November, 1987

Classical Monetary Theory, New and Old pp. 409-24 Downloads
Jurg Niehans
Secrecy of Monetary Policy and the Variability of Interest Rates pp. 425-36 Downloads
Guido Tabellini
Private Production of Scrip-Money in the Isolated Community pp. 437-47 Downloads
Richard H Timberlake
Accounting for Non-interest-Bearing Currency: A Critique of the Legal Restrictions Theory of Money pp. 448-56 Downloads
Lawrence White
The Joint Production of Confidence: Endogenous Regulation and Nineteenth Century Commercial-Bank Clearinghouses pp. 457-68 Downloads
Gary Gorton and Donald J Mullineaux
On the Consumers' Surplus of Money Holders and the Measuring of Money's Services pp. 469-83 Downloads
Charles Maling
Transactions Costs, Inflation, and the Variety of Intermediation Services pp. 484-98 Downloads
Stephen Williamson
Some Evidence of Speculative Bubbles in the Foreign Exchange Markets pp. 499-514 Downloads
Wing Woo
Transactions Costs and the Term Structure of Interest Rates in the OTC Bond Market in Japan pp. 515-27 Downloads
Shinji Takagi
The Use of Market Information in Pricing Deposit Insurance pp. 528-37 Downloads
James Thomson
Multiple Market Contact between Savings and Loans: A Note pp. 538-49 Downloads
Loretta Mester

Volume 19, issue August, 1987

Monetary Policy Regimes and the Reduced Form for Interest Rates pp. 273-91 Downloads
Joe Peek and James A Wilcox
The Effects of Money Announcements under Alternative Monetary Control Procedures pp. 292-307 Downloads
V Vance Roley
A Partisanship Theory of Fiscal and Monetary Regimes pp. 308-25 Downloads
Thomas M Havrilesky
The Federal Funds Market under Bank Deregulation pp. 326-39 Downloads
Thomas Cosimano
A Reexamination of the Over- (or Under-) Pricing of Deposit Insurance pp. 340-60 Downloads
George Pennacchi
Government Debt, Economic Activity, and Transmission of Economic Disturbances pp. 361-75 Downloads
Faik Koray
Purchasing Power Parity in the Long Run: A Test of the Dollar/Pound Exchange Rate (1890-1978) pp. 376-87 Downloads
Hali Edison
Short-term Inflation Expectations: Evidence from a Monthly Survey: A Note pp. 388-95 Downloads
Douglas Pearce
Functional Form in Finished Goods Inventory Investment: A Note pp. 396-401 Downloads
Michael A S Guth

Volume 19, issue May, 1987

Fiscal Policy, Monetary Targets, and the Price Level in a Centrally Planned Economy: An Application to the Case of China pp. 137-56 Downloads
Andrew Feltenstein and Ziba Farhadian
Optimal Monetary Policy and Wage Indexation under Alternative Disturbances and Information Structures pp. 157-80 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
The Behavior of Money Stock under Interest Rate Control: Some Evidence for Canada pp. 181-97 Downloads
Michael Bordo, Ehsan Choudhri and Anna Schwartz
Reserve Accounting and Variability in the Federal Funds Market pp. 198-209 Downloads
Thomas Cosimano
Meade's General Theory Model: A Geometric Reprise pp. 210-21 Downloads
William Darity and Allin F Cottrell
Some Macro Implications of Risk pp. 222-34 Downloads
Richard J Sweeney
Capital Lessons in Leaning against the Wind pp. 235-45 Downloads
James H Gapinski
Commodity Prices, Money Surprises, and Fed Credibility: A Comment pp. 246-51 Downloads
John Kitchen and Mark Denbaly
Benefits of Contingent Rules for Optimal Taxation of a Monetary Economy: A Note pp. 252-59 Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
Choosing between Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages: A Note pp. 260-67 Downloads
Upinder S Dhillon, James D Shilling and C F Sirmans

Volume 19, issue February, 1987

The Formation of Price Forecasts in Experimental Markets pp. 1-18 Downloads
Arlington Williams
Balance of Payments Crises in a Cash-in-Advance Economy pp. 19-32 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo
Monetary Policy and Investment Dynamics in Interdependent Economies pp. 33-45 Downloads
Jurg Niehans
The International Debt Crisis and Bank Security Returns in 1982 pp. 46-55 Downloads
Robert F Bruner and Simms, John M,
Money Announcements, the Demand for Bank Reserves, and the Behavior of the Federal Funds Rate within the Statement Week pp. 56-67 Downloads
John Campbell
Asymmetric Information and Optimal Bank Reserves pp. 68-77 Downloads
Richard Cothren
Some Evidence on 'Herding' Behavior of U.S. Banks pp. 78-89 Downloads
Arvind K Jain and Satyadev Gupta
Expected Inflation and the Real Rates of Interest on Taxable and Tax-Exempt Bonds pp. 90-103 Downloads
Shalom Hochman and Oded Palmon
A Critique of Variance Bounds Tests for Monetary Exchange Rate Models: A Note pp. 104-11 Downloads
Behzad Diba
Velocity and the Variability of Money Growth: Evidence from Granger-Causality Tests: A Note pp. 112-16 Downloads
Thomas Hall and Nicholas R Noble
The Spillover Effects of Nominal Wage Rigidity in a Multisector Economy: A Note pp. 117-21 Downloads
John Duca

Volume 18, issue November, 1986

On "Real' and "Sticky-Price' Theories of the Business Cycle pp. 397-414 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
Money Demand and the Effects of Fiscal Policies pp. 415-29 Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw and Lawrence Summers
Divisia Aggregation and Substitutability among Monetary Assets pp. 430-46 Downloads
Apostolos Serletis and A. Robb
Unanticipated Money and the Political Business Cycle pp. 447-57 Downloads
Daniel Richards
Tests of the Money Neutrality and Rationality Hypotheses: The Case of Japan 1973-1985 pp. 458-66 Downloads
Maria S Gochoco
The Balance of Payments Offset to Monetary Policy: Monetarist, Portfolio Balance, and Keynesian Estimates for Mexico and Venezuela pp. 467-81 Downloads
Linda Kamas
The Relative Yields on Taxable and Tax-Exempt Debt pp. 482-94 Downloads
Hal Heaton
Pricing Returned Check Charges under Asymmetric Information pp. 495-505 Downloads
Gregory Udell
Financial Innovation and the Demand for Liquid Assets: A Note pp. 506-11 Downloads
Ross Milbourne
Currency Substitution, the Exchange Rate, and the Real Interest Rate (Non)Differential: Shipping the Bad Money In: A Note pp. 512-18 Downloads
David S Saurman
A Reexamination of Economies of Scale in Banking Using a Generalized Functional Form: A Note pp. 519-26 Downloads
Bernard J Kilbride, Bill McDonald and Robert E Miller
A Time Series Analysis of the Relationship between the Capital Stock and Federal Debt: A Comment pp. 527-38 Downloads
James Barth, Frank Russek and George H K Wang
Models of Inflation Expectations Formation: A Comparison of Household and Economist Forecasts: A Comment pp. 539-44 Downloads
Michael F Bryan and William Gavin

Volume 18, issue August, 1986

Unexpected Money and Unemployment, 1920 to 1983 pp. 259-74 Downloads
Mark Rush
Does Monitization of Federal Debt Matter? Evidence from the Financial Markets pp. 275-89 Downloads
Roger D Huang
Monetary Transmission: Through Bank Loans or Bank Liabilities? pp. 290-303 Downloads
Stephen R King
Supply Shocks, Wage Indexation and Monetary Accommodation pp. 304-22 Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Jacob A Frenkel
Federal Reserve Operating Procedure in the Eighties: A Dynamic Analysis pp. 323-35 Downloads
Michael Bradley and Dennis Jansen
Business Price Expectations: 1947-83 pp. 336-54 Downloads
Clifford Thies
More on the Speed of Adjustment in Inventory Models pp. 355-65 Downloads
Alan Blinder
Japanese Bank Regulation and the Activities of U.S. Offices of Japanese Banks: A Note pp. 366-73 Downloads
Annette B Poulsen
Some Regulatory Determinants of Bank Risk Behavior: A Note pp. 374-82 Downloads
Douglas W Mitchell
Flexible Functional Forms and the Utility Approach to the Demand for Money: A Nonparametric Analysis: A Note pp. 383-89 Downloads
James L Swofford and Gerald A Whitney
Entry in Commercial Banking: 1962-78: A Reply pp. 390-91 Downloads
Mark L Ladenson and Kenneth J Bombara

Volume 18, issue May, 1986

Inflation, Employment, and Welfare in the Presence of Transactions Costs pp. 127-40 Downloads
Kent P Kimbrough
Money in the Aggregate Production Function: Reexamination and Further Evidence pp. 141-51 Downloads
Hong V Nguyen
Technical Change, Organizational Form, and the Structure of Bank Production pp. 152-66 Downloads
William C Hunter and Stephen G Timme
Pension Wealth and Individual Saving: Some New Evidence pp. 167-78 Downloads
Robert Hubbard
A Model of Output Fluctuations in a Small, Specialized Economy pp. 179-90 Downloads
Barry V Cozier
Inefficiencies from Financial Liberalization in the Absence of Well-Functioning Equity Markets pp. 191-99 Downloads
Yoon Je Cho
Rediscount Policy and Official Capital Flows: A Study of Monetary Control in Central America in the 1950s pp. 200-210 Downloads
Shinji Takagi
Lender Reactions to Information Restrictions: The Case of Banks and ECOA pp. 211-19 Downloads
W J Boyes, Dennis Hoffman and Stuart Low
Economies of Scale and Economies of Scope in Multiproduct Financial Institutions: Further Evidence from Credit Unions: A Note pp. 220-26 Downloads
H Youn Kim
Inflation and Economic Growth: Some International Evidence on Structuralist and Distortionist Positions: A Note pp. 227-32 Downloads
Woo S Jung and Peyton J Marshall
Welfare-Maximizing Inflation Rates under Fractional Reserve Banking with and without Deposit Rate Ceilings: A Note pp. 233-38 Downloads
McClure, J Harold,
A Reexamination of the Rationality of the Livingston Price Expectations: A Note pp. 239-46 Downloads
John Schroeter and Scott Smith
Entry in Commercial Banking, 1962-78: A Comment pp. 247-49 Downloads
John T Rose

Volume 18, issue February, 1986

New Evidence on Deficits and Interest Rates pp. 1-17 Downloads
Gregory Hoelscher
High and Volatile Real Interest Rates: Where Does the Fed Fit In? pp. 18-27 Downloads
Madelyn Antoncic
Impact of the First and Second Banks of the United States and the Suffolk System on New England Bank Money: 1791-1837 pp. 28-40 Downloads
J Van Fenstermaker and John E Filer
The Effects of Interest Rates on Mortgage Prepayments pp. 41-59 Downloads
Jerry Green and John B Shoven
Nonassignable Pensions and the Price of Risk pp. 60-75 Downloads
Henry M McMillan
The Information Content of Indexed Bonds pp. 76-87 Downloads
John F Boschen
The Federal Reserve and the Electoral Cycle: A Note pp. 88-94 Downloads
Stuart Allen
Crude Oil and the Macroeconomy: Tests of Some Popular Notions: A Note pp. 95-103 Downloads
Micha Gisser and Thomas H Goodwin
Essays on and in the Chicago Tradition: A Review Essay pp. 104-16 Downloads
Michael Parkin
Essay on and in the Chicago Tradition: A Reply pp. 116-21 Downloads
Don Patinkin
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