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2018, volume 18, articles 2

An Analysis of the Structure of Romanian Monetary Mass pp. 5-12 Downloads
Oana Dobre-Baron
An Analysis of the Evolution of the Activities of Credit Institutions from the Romanian Banking System pp. 13-20 Downloads
Oana Dobre-Baron
Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Policy in the Banking Sector pp. 21-28 Downloads
Imola Drigă
Diversity Management in Multicultural Business Environments pp. 29-36 Downloads
Gabriela Dumbravă
Cultural Boundaries in Business Communication pp. 37-44 Downloads
Gabriela Dumbravă
The Role of Innovation in Increasing Business Quality and the Added Value for the Customer pp. 45-52 Downloads
Mihaela Ghicajanu and Gabriel Dolea
Modern Management Versus Traditional Management pp. 53-60 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guţă
Comparative Analysis of Performances in Banking Sector pp. 61-68 Downloads
Mirela Monea
Performance and Effectiveness in Insurance Companies pp. 69-76 Downloads
Mirela Monea
Promoting Urban Tourism Through City Branding pp. 77-90 Downloads
Dorina Niță
The Current Context of Professional Training at the Level of Higher Education Institutions in Romania pp. 91-104 Downloads
Dorina Niță
The Use of Statistical Parametric Tests in Order to Analyze Economic Data pp. 105-118 Downloads
Ana Petrina Păun and Codruţa Dura
Psychology and Consumer Behavior pp. 119-126 Downloads
Roxana Pleşa
The Competencies of the Higher Education Graduates - Between the Academic Offer of the University of Petroșani and the Requirements of Employers in the Jiu Valley pp. 127-136 Downloads
Roxana Pleşa
A Study Case on Planning Activities During the Audit Engagement pp. 137-144 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaş
General Aspects Regarding the Internal Control of Assets in the Mining Sector pp. 145-152 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaş
Study on the Procedures Used in the Internal Audit Activity of the Assets in the Mining Sector pp. 153-160 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaş
The Legal Regime of Fiscal Paradises - Products of Globalization pp. 161-168 Downloads
Oana Răvaș
Study on the Effects of Applying the Principle of Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities pp. 169-176 Downloads
Oana Răvaș
Theoretical and Practical Aspects Regarding Arears of the Romanian Administrative-Territorial Units pp. 177-184 Downloads
Melinda Cenuşe
Corruption and Transparency in Public Administration pp. 185-192 Downloads
Gabriela Corina Slusariuc

2018, volume 18, articles 1

The Planning of Business Processes in Undefined Condition of Oligopolistic Market pp. 5-14 Downloads
Alexakhin A.V., Zaytsev I.M. and Sala D.P.
Managerial Concerns for Exiting the Economic Crisis of 1929-1933 in Jiu Valley Coal Mining pp. 15-24 Downloads
Mircea Baron and Oana Dobre-Baron
Fiscal Policies Regarding Local Taxes and Fees pp. 25-34 Downloads
Iuliana Cenar
Considerations on the Need to Implement International Accounting Standards for the Public Sector in Romania pp. 35-44 Downloads
Maria Ciurea
Analysis of Companies' Behaviour in Smoothing Conflicts of Interest pp. 45-56 Downloads
Tatiana Dănescu and Maria Alexandra Botoş
Analysis of the Romanian Private Pensions Evolution and Investments pp. 57-66 Downloads
Adina Elena Dănuleţiu and Dan Dănuleţiu
Completely Randomized Design of a Marketing Experiment pp. 67-76 Downloads
Codruţa Dura
Techniques to Continually Improve Business Quality and Performance (II) pp. 77-84 Downloads
Mihaela Ghicajanu
The Importance of Value Analysis in Establishment of Market Performances of a Product pp. 85-94 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guţă
Management System in Performance Sport pp. 95-102 Downloads
Cristian Ilioni
The Online Consumers’ Recommendations pp. 103-112 Downloads
Elżbieta Karaś
Clusters – Value Added Creators for SMEs pp. 113-120 Downloads
Mădălina Dumitrița Maticiuc
Tax Incentives and Foreign Direct Investment Flows in Nigeria pp. 121-132 Downloads
Jamani Ndubuisi and Ruth Osaretin Urhoghide
Peculiaritiesof the Romanian Agricultural Sector in the Current Period pp. 133-142 Downloads
Alina Nițescu and Oana Dobre-Baron
Work Related Stress and Employees’ Commitment: A Case Study of a Private University pp. 143-158 Downloads
Sandra Ajayi Osama and Evelyn Umemezia
The Dynamics and Perspectives of Corporate Social Responsibility at National Level pp. 159-170 Downloads
Ana Petrina Păun, Dorina Niță and Codruța Dura
Corporate Social Responsibility – A Strategic Approach for Sustainable Business pp. 171-178 Downloads
Ana Petrina Păun and Claudia Isac
Dimensions and Indicators of Quality Management Assessment in the Context of Sustainable Development pp. 179-186 Downloads
Monica Aureliana Petcu, Iulia Maria David-Sobolevschi and Irina Daniela Cișmașu
Successful Horizontal Acquisition Process pp. 187-194 Downloads
Michal Pohludka and Hana Štverková
Analysis of Managers Behaviour in Industrial Companies in the North West Region pp. 195-204 Downloads
Alina Natalia Pop and Gabriel Rus
Aspects of Organisational Culture and Change Management pp. 205-212 Downloads
Elena-Izabela Popa
The Substantiation of Cash Flows Within a Business Plan pp. 213-222 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean and Ileana-Sorina Rakos
General Aspects on How to Approach the Internal Audit Mission pp. 223-230 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaş
The Quality of Lending the Economy pp. 231-238 Downloads
Gabriela Corina Slusariuc
Quality Supplier Response to Industrial Procurement Behaviour on the South East European Metal Distribution Market pp. 239-248 Downloads
Szilárd Székely, Adriana Benedek and Lucian-Ionel Cioca
Economic Recession: The Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) Experience in Nigeria pp. 249-260 Downloads
Ehiabhi Andrew Tafamel
Negotiation as a Tool for the Survival of Business Organization pp. 261-274 Downloads
Ehiabhi Andrew Tafamel and Omoyebagbe Rosaline Dania
The Planning and Management of the Owner’s Earning with Using Simulation Modelling pp. 275-280 Downloads
Zaytsev I.M. and Alexakhin A.V.

2017, volume 17, articles 2

The Participation of the Romanian National Bank, of Industrial and Bank Capital in the Creation of Romanian Mining Companies in the Jiu Valley in the Beginning of the Inter War Period pp. 5-24 Downloads
Mircea Baron and Oana Dobre-Baron
Opinions Regarding Online Investing on the US Stock Market pp. 25-30 Downloads
Alexandru Cristian Dobre
Analysis of the Structure of the Investment Portfolio of Private Pension Funds in Romania pp. 31-42 Downloads
Oana Dobre-Baron
Financial Intermediation after the Financial Crisis pp. 43-50 Downloads
Imola Drigă
The Impact of the Romanians’ Cultural Profile on Their Capacity to Adapt to an Intercultural Business Environment pp. 51-60 Downloads
Gabriela Dumbravă
Cultural Stereotypes Outlining the Romanians’ Image Abroad pp. 61-68 Downloads
Gabriela Dumbravă
The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal - A Case Study on Unethical Business Practices pp. 69-78 Downloads
Codruţa Dura
Application of Chi Square Test in Marketing Research pp. 79-90 Downloads
Codruţa Dura and Imola Drigă
The Salary Negotiation Strategy pp. 91-96 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guţă
The Salary Negotiation Strategy (The Characteristics of Managerial Styles in the Educational Sphere) pp. 97-106 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guţă and Marta-Mihaela Chiş
Webinar - Modern Management Method pp. 107-114 Downloads
Claudia Isac
Student Enterprises - A Necessity for the Romanian Higher Education pp. 115-122 Downloads
Claudia Isac
Business Incubators and Accelerators - Instruments in the Development of the Business Environment pp. 123-130 Downloads
Claudia Isac
Systemic Components of Family Businesses pp. 131-138 Downloads
Claudia Isac
Key Performance Indicators to Measure Efficiency in the Public Sector pp. 139-146 Downloads
Mirela Monea
Assessment and Insurance of the Risk for Road Transport pp. 147-154 Downloads
Mirela Monea
Assessment of the Touristic Attractiveness of Petrosani-Parang Mountain Resort pp. 155-164 Downloads
Dorina Niță
Precarious Jobs pp. 165-174 Downloads
Dorina Niță
Aspects Regarding the Minimum Wage pp. 175-184 Downloads
Alina Nițescu
The Labor Market Between Supply and Demand: A Comparative Analysis Between Graduates of Higher Education Needs and Expectations of Employers in the Jiu Valley pp. 185-192 Downloads
Roxana Pleşa
A Prefigured Crisis of Small Towns – Part I (Introduction) pp. 193-200 Downloads
Melinda Cenuşe
Financial Analysis for Transaction with Financial Tools at OMV Petrom City Romania pp. 201-214 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean and Ileana-Sorina Rakos
Financial Tools and Risks Related to Their Use by Economic Entities in Romania pp. 215-226 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean and Ileana-Sorina Rakos
Study on Planning the Internal Public Audit Missions at the Level of the Municipalities of Romania pp. 227-236 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaş
Impact of European Youth Programs on Students at the University of Petroşani pp. 237-244 Downloads
Oana Răvaș
Mechanisms to Protect Women's Rights at European and International Level pp. 245-254 Downloads
Oana Răvaș
A Prefigured Crisis of Small Towns – Part II (Small Towns vs. Villages) pp. 255-264 Downloads
Melinda Cenuşe
An Analysis of Underground Economy in Romania pp. 265-272 Downloads
Gabriela Corina Slusariuc

2017, volume 17, articles 1

Corruption and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Cointegration (FM-OLS) Approach pp. 5-18 Downloads
Raymond Adegboyega
Optimal Tools for The Development of Sustainable Road Infrastructure Within the European Union pp. 19-26 Downloads
Grațiela Brânză
The Use of Countertrade: Advantages and Disadvantages for Companies pp. 27-34 Downloads
Claudia Lucreţia Burtescu, Mihaela Dumitru and Maria-Daniela Bondoc
Considerations Regarding the Remuneration of Management Teaching Staff in State Universities in Romania pp. 35-44 Downloads
Iuliana Cenar
The Accounting Professional and Environmental Management Assumptions, Stakes and Challenges pp. 45-54 Downloads
Iuliana Cenar
Aspects Regarding Romanian Mutual Funds Market in 2007-2016 pp. 55-66 Downloads
Dan Dănuleţiu and Adina-Elena Dănuleţiu
Considerations on Investing in Index Funds pp. 67-74 Downloads
Alexandru Cristian Dobre, Tatiana Ioana Stanese, Cătălin Florin Zeti and Mihai Aristotel Ungureanu
Promoting Research on Consumer Behaviour with Reference to the Influence of Advertising on Food Purchasing pp. 75-90 Downloads
Monica Delia Domnica
Intergenerational Gap in the Technological Age pp. 91-100 Downloads
Sadhana Ghanyim
Socio-Economic Determinants of Crime: Further Evidence from Nigeria pp. 101-114 Downloads
Sunday Osahon Igbinedion and Ikponwosa Ebomoyi
Human Resources Management Particularities in Sporting Performance Games pp. 115-122 Downloads
Cristian Ilioni
Visible Learning - Instrument of Entrepreneurial Training pp. 123-130 Downloads
Claudia Isac and Irina Botici
Financing Indicators of Projects Financed from European Funds - Particularization SOPHRD Indicators pp. 131-138 Downloads
Ioana Jeler (Popa)
Integrating the Exigencies of Lean Manufacturing in the Accounting System of Lean Thinking Organisations pp. 139-154 Downloads
Mariana Man and Bogdan Răvaş
Implications of Lean Manufacturing on Management Accounting in Romanian Organisations pp. 155-168 Downloads
Mariana Man and Bogdan Răvaş
Modelling Share Price Behaviour in Nigeria pp. 169-186 Downloads
Darlington Osaremwinda Ogbeide and Osazee Frank Ogieva
Measuring the Efficiency and Performance of Quoted Insurance Companies in Nigeria: Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Approach pp. 187-208 Downloads
Osazee Frank Ogieva and Omorodion Omoregbe
Production Facilities Maintenance Practices and Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Paint Manufacturing Industry, Benin City, Nigeria pp. 209-222 Downloads
Omorodion Omoregbe and Eniola Yemi Taiwo
Initial Trust of Customers and Adoption of Mobile Banking: An Empirical Study from Indonesia pp. 223-234 Downloads
Sigit Pamungkas and Hadri Kusuma
Development of the Labour Market in The Republic of Moldova: Problems and Opportunities for Employment pp. 235-242 Downloads
Larisa Pantea
Welfare - Conceptualization and Distribution pp. 243-250 Downloads
Roxana Pleșa
The Manager - Key Element in The Process of Change pp. 251-262 Downloads
Elena-Izabela Popa
Study Regarding the Internal Management Control at the Level of the Cities in Romania pp. 263-270 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaş and Cristian Ilioni
Defining Public-Private Partnership in Romania pp. 271-282 Downloads
Ioana Tatiana Stănese and Mihai Aristotel Ungureanu
Eligibility in Local Public Administration Offices pp. 283-294 Downloads
Adelin Ungureanu
Social Management Control - Decisive Factor for the Organizational Performance pp. 295-306 Downloads
Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru
The Share and Evolution of Indirect Taxes in the State’s Revenues - Case of Romania pp. 307-314 Downloads
Loredana Andreea Cristea
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