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2015, volume 15, issue 2

The business model of the limited function wholesalers pp. 5-16 Downloads
Oana Dobre-Baron
The business model of the largest retail chains pp. 17-28 Downloads
Oana Dobre-Baron
The rise of mobile banking pp. 29-36 Downloads
Imola Driga
Overview on Romania’s small bussines act profile in 2015 pp. 37-44 Downloads
Codruța Dura and Imola Driga
The incomes and expenditures budget – the main tool for forecasting and pursuit the equilibrated financial standing of the company pp. 45-52 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guță
Internet banking services - a business necessity in the third millennium pp. 53-62 Downloads
Claudia Isac and Imola Driga
State benefit - incentive for savings and investments pp. 63-70 Downloads
Claudia Isac and Anca Jarmila Guță
Business angels and investments pp. 71-78 Downloads
Claudia Isac and Dorina Niță
Unemployment in Hunedoara county pp. 79-86 Downloads
Claudia Isac and Alina Nițescu
Turnover analysis pp. 87-94 Downloads
Mirela Monea
Structure and trends of the insurance sector in Romania pp. 95-102 Downloads
Mirela Monea
Feedback regarding the contribution of direct taxation in the formation of public financial resources in Romania pp. 103-112 Downloads
Dorina Niță
Support and counselling for SME's pp. 113-120 Downloads
Alina Nițescu
Financial analysis based on the annual balance pp. 121-132 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean and Ileana-Sorina Rakos
Study on the accounting of adjustments for receivables depreciation in operations with clients pp. 133-142 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean and Ileana-Sorina Rakos
Simulation of internal audit within the department of human resources in an economic entity from the public sector pp. 143-150 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaș
Comparative analysis of tax evasion between Moldova and Romania pp. 151-158 Downloads
Oana-Carmen Răvaș
Perspectives on the need for regionalization in Romania and its economic effects pp. 159-166 Downloads
Oana-Carmen Răvaș
Comparative analysis of estimation methods for CES production function pp. 167-180 Downloads
Nadia Elena Stoicuța and Olimpiu Stoicuța

2015, volume 15, issue 1

The concentration of the capital in the coal mining industry from Jiu Valley in the 30s of the XX century pp. 5-20 Downloads
Mircea Baron and Oana Dobre-Baron
An attempt at historically outlining the towns of the Jiu Valley pp. 21-50 Downloads
Mircea Baron and Oana Dobre-Baron
An approach on links between transfer pricing and tax havens pp. 51-58 Downloads
Andreea Lavinia Cazacu (Neamţu)
A professional accountants and managers’ point of view on elaborating and grounding the accounting policies pp. 59-70 Downloads
Lucian Cernușca and Bogdan Cosmin Gomoi
Trends in the development of indirect taxes in the member states of the European Union pp. 71-80 Downloads
Maria Felicia Chirculescu
Views of the companies in central region regarding the opportunities and limitations of information technologies used for processing and analysis of accounting information pp. 81-90 Downloads
Alina-Teodora Ciuhureanu
Some coordinates concerning taxation in the EU candidate countries pp. 91-100 Downloads
Carmen Comaniciu
Educational objectives in intelligent tutors for communication skills pp. 101-108 Downloads
Ciprian Cucu
Implications of non-reimbursable funds for romanian local budgets pp. 109-120 Downloads
Dan Constantin Dănulețiu and Adina Elena Dănulețiu
The fear of the ‘other’ in the age of globalization. The image of Romanian migration in the British press pp. 121-128 Downloads
Gabriela Dumbravă
The dynamics of enrollment at the University of Petroșani over the past decade in the European, national and local context pp. 129-136 Downloads
Gabriela Dumbravă
Globalization and international financial centers activity pp. 137-146 Downloads
Valentina Fetiniuc and Ivan Luchian
Analysis of the public management administration in Romania based on diagnostics and SWOT analysis pp. 147-154 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guță
The role and the importance of communication in the manager activity pp. 155-162 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guță
Stimulation of the business environment through LLC-Debutant pp. 163-170 Downloads
Claudia Isac and Codruța Dura
Entrepreneurship - between attitude and success conceptual and statistical interpretation pp. 171-178 Downloads
Claudia Isac and Mirela Monea
Government spending and industrial development in Nigeria: a dynamic investigation pp. 179-190 Downloads
Samuel Iweriebor, Monday I. Egharevba and Abidemi Adegboye
The interpretation of economic texts from the perspective of social values pp. 191-200 Downloads
Anda-Laura Lungu
Quality integration of the educational process in the accounting and financing of the Romanian Universities - interests and limits pp. 201-212 Downloads
Mariana Man and Maria Ciurea
Operative management of sports teams pp. 213-222 Downloads
Gabriel Ioan Mangra, Mădălina Giorgiana Mangra and Marieta Stanciu
On some models of linear optimization with applications pp. 223-230 Downloads
Cătălin-Ilie Mitran
Conceptual approaches on value creation in mergers and acquisition pp. 231-236 Downloads
Claudiu Oprescu
Difficulties in business valuation issue in the context of investment strategies pp. 237-244 Downloads
Claudiu Oprescu
Correlation analysis between the public debt and the budget deficit and GDP in Romania compared to Holland pp. 245-252 Downloads
Ana-Petrina Păun
European funds audit in Romania pp. 253-262 Downloads
Anca Simina Popescu
Bank risk management: The non-reimbursement of credits by legal persons pp. 263-278 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean and Ileana-Sorina Rakos
A general assessment of the internal control in mining companies pp. 279-286 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaș and Oana-Carmen Răvaș
Market maker and MAS pp. 287-294 Downloads
Adrian Victor Săndiță and Constantin Durac
Education, labour productivity and income inequality in Nigeria pp. 295-306 Downloads
Sharimakin A., Oseni M.S. and Abidemi Adegboye
Risk analysis and internal control assessment - premises for improving management at the level of Romanian public entities pp. 307-316 Downloads
Cristina Maria Voinea and Violeta State

2014, volume 14, issue 2

Risk Management Companies and Hedge Accounting pp. 5-12 Downloads
Sabin Armăşelu
Some Considerations Regarding The Financial Autonomy of The Romanian Administrative-Territorial Units pp. 13-18 Downloads
Melinda Cenuşe
General Considerations Regarding The Participants To The Insolvency Proceedings of The Romanian Administrative-Territorial Units pp. 19-28 Downloads
Melinda Cenuşe
The Analyse of The Consolidated Budget Expenditures and Medium-Term Outlook pp. 29-36 Downloads
Maria Felicia Chirculescu
Management Techniques for Elementary pp. 37-46 Downloads
Marta Mihaela Chiș and Anca Jarmila Guţă
Accounting Policies Manual Between Compulsoriness and Necessity. Study Within Entities in Centre Region pp. 47-54 Downloads
Alina Ciuhureanu
The Analysis of Social Protection Expenditure of Romania by Functions According To The European Union Methodology pp. 55-84 Downloads
Oana Dobre-Baron
Online Banking in The Romanian Banking System pp. 85-92 Downloads
Imola Driga
Standing In - Between: Elements of Balkan Identity Underlying Romania’s Position in The EU pp. 93-100 Downloads
Gabriela Dumbravă
The Present Collapse of Romanian Higher Education. Causes and Effects pp. 101-110 Downloads
Gabriela Dumbravă
The Impact of The Community Acquis on Financial Control in Romania pp. 111-118 Downloads
Mihaela Iuliana Dumitru
The Role and Importance of The Business Plan in Starting and Running a Business Opportunity pp. 119-126 Downloads
Anca Jarmila Guţă
Features Concerning The Establishment of Authorized Individual and Family Firms pp. 127-132 Downloads
Claudia Isac
Crowdfunding – An Alternative For Financing A Business pp. 133-140 Downloads
Claudia Isac
Operations Necessary For The Diagnosis Analysis of The Organization pp. 141-148 Downloads
Caius Lăzărescu
Considerations On Entity'S Risk Analysis pp. 149-156 Downloads
Mirela Monea
Conceptual Approaches and Role of Diagnostic Analysis in Entity's Valuation pp. 157-162 Downloads
Mirela Monea and Claudia Isac
Influences of The Development of Tourism Upon The Local Economy of The Jiu Valley pp. 163-170 Downloads
Dorina Niță
Stimulating Entrepreneurship in The Romanian Education System pp. 171-178 Downloads
Dorina Niță
The Role of Franchising In Entrepreneurial Activity pp. 179-186 Downloads
Nițescu Alina and Claudia Isac
Tendencies Regarding The Internal and External Governmental Public Debt In Romania pp. 187-194 Downloads
Ana-Petrina Păun and Petre Brezeanu
Aspects Regarding Public Debt Share In GDP at The Level of European Union Countries pp. 195-200 Downloads
Ana-Petrina Păun and Petre Brezeanu
Correlation Analysis Between The Public Debt and The Budget Deficit and GDP In Romania Compared To Sweden pp. 201-208 Downloads
Ana-Petrina Păun and Petre Brezeanu
Quality of Life from The Viewpoint of Two Basic Components: The Economic Standard and Satisfaction pp. 209-216 Downloads
Roxana Pleşa
Non-Performing Loans Development in Romania pp. 217-224 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean and Sorin-Iuliu Mangu
The Legal Status of Professionals in The Context of Changes Brought by The New Civil Code pp. 225-232 Downloads
Oana-Carmen Răvaş
Economic Interest Group, Modern Forms of Commercial Activity Development pp. 233-244 Downloads
Oana-Carmen Răvaş
The Use of Partnership in Purchasing pp. 245-252 Downloads
Elena Sima and George Bălan
Considerations Regarding The Calculation and Evolution of Labor Productivity in Terms of Combining Technical Factor - Capital pp. 253-260 Downloads
Daniel Tobă and Dalia Simion
The Legal Capacity To Trade pp. 261-270 Downloads
Adelin Ungureanu
The Functioning of The Boards of Normativism: Economic and Legal at Local Authority Level pp. 271-280 Downloads
Adelin Ungureanu
Analysis of Inflation Rate in Romania in The Period 2004-2013 pp. 281-288 Downloads
Roxana Cristina Vîlcu

2014, volume 14, issue 1

Could the resizing of management accounting improve the financial performance of national societies? pp. 5-18 Downloads
Veronica Catargiu and Bogdan Răvaş
Identification of the labour market trends from the perspective of the competences and the skills requested as well as the recruitment sources used by the employeers from the ”Centre” Development Region pp. 19-30 Downloads
Alina Ciuhureanu, Mircea Fuciu and Hortensia Gorski
Increasing the efficiency of the training programs for the mine rescue teams pp. 31-40 Downloads
Cristian Costa and Ioan Stelescu
Blended learning using Moodle at the „1 Decembrie University” in Romania pp. 41-48 Downloads
Ciprian Cucu
E-banking services – features, challenges and benefits pp. 49-58 Downloads
Imola Driga and Claudia Isac
Occupational health and safety integration in corporate social responsibility policies within B.R.D. - G.S.G. Romania pp. 59-70 Downloads
Codruţa Dura
The diagnosis of the quality of educational services within the University of Petroşani pp. 71-90 Downloads
Codruţa Dura and Claudia Isac
Banking ethics: main conceptions and problems pp. 91-102 Downloads
Valentina Fetiniuc and Ivan Luchian
The failure of the Jiu Valley, the consequence of some wrong government decisions pp. 103-112 Downloads
Ioan Valentin Fulger and Ion Hirghiduşi
Unfair competition law approximation - a necessity for competitive environment pp. 113-120 Downloads
Lucia Irinescu
E-fulfillment - a new challenge for electronic business pp. 121-128 Downloads
Claudia Isac
Practical aspects regarding the drawing of the procurement program within industrial companies pp. 129-142 Downloads
Claudia Isac and Codruţa Dura
Budget amendment – cause and effect pp. 143-150 Downloads
Roxana Ispas
Productivity as equity, in the market economy logic (a heterodox vision on productivity) pp. 151-160 Downloads
Alexandru Jivan
Economic and social effects of the dynamics of public expenditure at a state university pp. 161-168 Downloads
Maria Măcriş and Mariana Man
Criminal liablilty of moral persons. Comparative law and internal legislation issues pp. 169-180 Downloads
Catalin Marinescu
Premises for a quality tourism in Mehedinti county pp. 181-188 Downloads
Marinescu Roxana – Cristina
The evolution of social policy in Britain and Germany pp. 189-196 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Nicolae Tudose
The welfare state in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe – the case of Romania pp. 197-204 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Nicolae Tudose
Top-down and bottom-up cluster initiatives in Europe pp. 205-212 Downloads
Mădălina Maticiuc
Synergic effect of the action of operational and financial risk pp. 213-222 Downloads
Melania Elena Miculeac, Persida Cechin-Crista and Gabriel Ionel Dobrin
Public policy and taxation pp. 223-230 Downloads
Iosif Moldovan
Approaching the economic costs assessment of occupational injuries and diseases: principles, concepts and structure pp. 231-242 Downloads
Roland Iosif Moraru and Codruţa Dura
What means high performance work practices for human resources in an organization? pp. 243-250 Downloads
Anca-Ioana Munteanu
Aspects of rural development in Romania pp. 251-258 Downloads
Alina Niţescu
Macroeconomic variables and stock price volatility in Nigeria pp. 259-268 Downloads
Osazee Godwin Omorokunwa and Nosakhare Ikponmwosa
Organizational culture and corporate entrepreneurship pp. 269-276 Downloads
Svetislav Paunovic and Ioan Constantin Dima
Influence of client relations on the value of company intellectual capital pp. 277-286 Downloads
Nicoleta Radneantu and Cristian Banacu
Virtual organisations: employee competency and managerial issues pp. 287-290 Downloads
Mirjana Radovic-Markovic
Some aspects regarding balance sheet analysis pp. 291-296 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean and Alin Monea
Some aspects regarding meaning of intermediate management balances pp. 297-304 Downloads
Ilie Răscolean and Alin Monea
Aspects regarding the implementation of internal control in mining companies pp. 305-316 Downloads
Bogdan Răvaş
Country risk evaluation impact on FDI flow. Medium run evidence from Romania pp. 317-328 Downloads
Emilia Ungureanu, Felix-Constantin Burcea and Oana Dragomir
The determinants of profitability in companies listed on the Bucharest stock exchange pp. 329-338 Downloads
Sorana Vătavu
Methods and models for analysis of the organizational economics activity used for development of informatics systems pp. 339-352 Downloads
Vatuiu Teodora and Mioara Udrică
Problems and obstacles in credit risk management in indian public sector banks pp. 353-362 Downloads
Renu Arora and Archana Singh
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