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1984 - 2020

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2020, volume 55, issue 2

Lone wolves in competitive equilibria pp. 215-228 Downloads
Ravi Jagadeesan, Scott Duke Kominers and Ross Rheingans-Yoo
Diversity relations over menus pp. 229-242 Downloads
Jimena Galindo and Levent Ülkü
A note on Murakami’s theorems and incomplete social choice without the Pareto principle pp. 243-253 Downloads
Wesley H. Holliday and Mikayla Kelley
On the optimal allocation of prizes in best-of-three all-pay auctions pp. 255-273 Downloads
Aner Sela and Oz Tsahi
Repeated implementation with overlapping generations of agents pp. 275-299 Downloads
Helmuts Āzacis
Coordinating intergenerational redistribution and the repayment of public debt: an experimental test of Tabellini (1991) pp. 301-323 Downloads
Christoph March and Robert K. Weizsäcker
Efficient and strategy-proof allocation mechanisms in many-agent economies pp. 325-367 Downloads
Takeshi Momi
A theory of strategic voting with non-instrumental motives pp. 369-398 Downloads
Christopher Li and Ricardo Pique

2020, volume 55, issue 1

Kotaro Suzumura (1944–2020) pp. 1-3 Downloads
Walter Bossert
On discrimination in health insurance pp. 5-23 Downloads
Thomas Boyer-Kassem and Sébastien Duchêne
Neutrality and relative acceptability in judgment aggregation pp. 25-49 Downloads
Zoi Terzopoulou and Ulle Endriss
‘Fair’ welfare comparisons with heterogeneous tastes: subjective versus revealed preferences pp. 51-84 Downloads
Alpaslan Akay, Olivier Bargain and H. Xavier Jara
Positionalist voting rules: a general definition and axiomatic characterizations pp. 85-116 Downloads
Walter Bossert and Kotaro Suzumura
Learning, proximity and voting: theory and empirical evidence from nuclear referenda pp. 117-147 Downloads
Giuseppe Pignataro and Giovanni Prarolo
Extreme donors and policy convergence pp. 149-176 Downloads
Daisuke Hirata and Yuichiro Kamada
Metrizable preferences over preferences pp. 177-191 Downloads
Gilbert Laffond, Jean Lainé and Remzi Sanver
Parallel axiomatizations of weighted and multiweighted Shapley values, random order values, and the Harsanyi set pp. 193-212 Downloads
Manfred Besner
Correction to: Parallel axiomatizations of weighted and multiweighted Shapley values, random order values, and the Harsanyi set pp. 213-214 Downloads
Manfred Besner

2020, volume 54, issue 4

Norman James Schofield 1944–2019 pp. 523-525 Downloads
Elizabeth Maggie Penn and Donald Saari
Centralized policymaking and informational lobbying pp. 527-557 Downloads
Cheng Li
Priority and proportionality in bankruptcy pp. 559-579 Downloads
Karol Flores-Szwagrzak, Jaume García-Segarra and Miguel Ginés-Vilar
On strategy-proof social choice between two alternatives pp. 581-607 Downloads
Abhinaba Lahiri and Anup Pramanik
Simple games versus weighted voting games: bounding the critical threshold value pp. 609-621 Downloads
Frits Hof, Walter Kern, Sascha Kurz, Kanstantsin Pashkovich and Daniël Paulusma
Welfare implications of naive and sophisticated saving pp. 623-638 Downloads
Ram Fishman
Majority rule on j-rich ballot spaces pp. 639-655 Downloads
Trevor Leach and Robert C. Powers
Upper set rules with binary ranges pp. 657-666 Downloads
Makoto Hagiwara and Hirofumi Yamamura
Upper-contour strategy-proofness in the probabilistic assignment problem pp. 667-687 Downloads
Youngsub Chun and Kiyong Yun

2020, volume 54, issue 2

Editorial: Special issue in memory of Kenneth J. Arrow pp. 201-202 Downloads
Eric Maskin, Amartya Sen and Kotaro Suzumura
A modified version of Arrow’s IIA condition pp. 203-209 Downloads
E. Maskin
Majority decision and Condorcet winners pp. 211-217 Downloads
Amartya Sen
Reflections on Arrow’s research program of social choice theory pp. 219-235 Downloads
Kotaro Suzumura
Arrow on domain conditions: a fruitful road to travel pp. 237-258 Downloads
Salvador Barberà, Dolors Berga and Bernardo Moreno
Individual preferences and democratic processes: two theorems with implications for electoral politics pp. 259-292 Downloads
Kaushik Basu and Tapan Mitra
Institutions and their ethical evaluation pp. 293-310 Downloads
Prasanta K. Pattanaik and Yongsheng Xu
A typology of social capital and associated network measures pp. 311-336 Downloads
Matthew Jackson
Majority rule and selfishly optimal nonlinear income tax schedules with discrete skill levels pp. 337-362 Downloads
Craig Brett and John Weymark
The theoretical Shapley–Shubik probability of an election inversion in a toy symmetric version of the US presidential electoral system pp. 363-395 Downloads
Olivier Mouzon, Thibault Laurent, Michel Le Breton and Dominique Lepelley
Fundamental utilitarianism and intergenerational equity with extinction discounting pp. 397-427 Downloads
Graciela Chichilnisky, Peter Hammond and Nicholas Stern
Majority judgment vs. majority rule pp. 429-461 Downloads
Michel Balinski and Rida Laraki
Arrow’s decisive coalitions pp. 463-505 Downloads
Wesley H. Holliday and Eric Pacuit
Limits on power and rationality pp. 507-521 Downloads
Leo Katz and Alvaro Sandroni

2020, volume 54, issue 1

The expanding approvals rule: improving proportional representation and monotonicity pp. 1-45 Downloads
Haris Aziz and Barton E. Lee
Identifying changing taste from demand data via golden eggs pp. 47-68 Downloads
Guy Barokas
Single-crossing choice correspondences pp. 69-86 Downloads
Matheus Costa, Paulo Henrique Ramos and Gil Riella
Robust bounds on choosing from large tournaments pp. 87-110 Downloads
Christian Saile and Warut Suksompong
Vote and voice: an experiment on the effects of inclusive governance rules pp. 111-139 Downloads
Shaun Hargreaves Heap, Kei Tsutsui and Daniel Zizzo
Lobbying as a multidimensional tug of war pp. 141-166 Downloads
John Duggan and Jacque Gao
A characterization of the single-peaked single-crossing domain pp. 167-181 Downloads
Edith Elkind, Piotr Faliszewski and Piotr Skowron
Governance efficiency with and without government pp. 183-200 Downloads
Francesco Angelini, Guido Candela and Massimiliano Castellani

2019, volume 53, issue 4

Monotonic core allocation paths for assignment games pp. 557-573 Downloads
Takaaki Abe and Shuige Liu
Implementation without expected utility: ex-post verifiability pp. 575-585 Downloads
Hitoshi Matsushima
The possibility of Paretian anonymous decision-making with an infinite population pp. 587-601 Downloads
Sususmu Cato
The measurement of welfare change pp. 603-619 Downloads
Walter Bossert and Bhaskar Dutta
Relative utilitarianism under uncertainty pp. 621-639 Downloads
Yves Sprumont
Condorcet winners and social acceptability pp. 641-653 Downloads
Muhammad Mahajne and Oscar Volij
Money or morality: fairness ideals in unstructured bargaining pp. 655-675 Downloads
Wolfgang Luhan, Odile Poulsen and Michael W. M. Roos
Measuring poverty in multidimensional contexts pp. 677-708 Downloads
Iñaki Permanyer
Fair cake-cutting among families pp. 709-740 Downloads
Erel Segal-Halevi and Shmuel Nitzan

2019, volume 53, issue 3

Professor Dan S. Felsenthal (1938–2019) pp. 371-373 Downloads
Hannu Nurmi and Maurice Salles
Evidence reading mechanisms pp. 375-397 Downloads
Frederic Koessler and Eduardo Perez
Using the Borda rule for ranking sets of objects pp. 399-414 Downloads
Andreas Darmann and Christian Klamler
Strategyproof judgment aggregation under partial information pp. 415-442 Downloads
Zoi Terzopoulou and Ulle Endriss
Equilibrium competition, social welfare and corruption in procurement auctions pp. 443-465 Downloads
Minbo Xu and Daniel Li
Dominance of contributions monitoring in teams pp. 467-495 Downloads
Parimal K. Bag and Peng Wang
Dilemma with approval and disapproval votes pp. 497-517 Downloads
Stéphane Gonzalez, Annick Laruelle and Philippe Solal
Dissatisfied with life or with being interviewed? Happiness and the motivation to participate in a survey pp. 519-553 Downloads
Adrian Chadi
Correction to: Relationally equal treatment of equals and affine combinations of values for TU games pp. 555-555 Downloads
Koji Yokote, Takumi Kongo and Yukihiko Funaki

2019, volume 53, issue 2

Professor Bezalel Peleg (1936–2019) pp. 175-177 Downloads
Hans Peters and Peter Sudhölter
Power index rankings in bicameral legislatures and the US legislative system pp. 179-196 Downloads
Victoria Powers
Relationally equal treatment of equals and affine combinations of values for TU games pp. 197-212 Downloads
Koji Yokote, Takumi Kongo and Yukihiko Funaki
Random matching under priorities: stability and no envy concepts pp. 213-259 Downloads
Haris Aziz and Bettina Klaus
Conformity and truthful voting under different voting rules pp. 261-282 Downloads
Bernardo Moreno, Maria del Pino Ramos-Sosa and Ismael Rodriguez-Lara
A note on the decomposability of inequality measures pp. 283-298 Downloads
Frédéric Chantreuil, Sébastien Courtin, Kevin Fourrey and Isabelle Lebon
What proportion of sincere voters guarantees efficiency? pp. 299-311 Downloads
Yasunori Okumura
Civic capital and support for the welfare state pp. 313-336 Downloads
Roy Cerqueti, Fabio Sabatini and Marco Ventura
Truth-tracking judgment aggregation over interconnected issues pp. 337-370 Downloads
Irem Bozbay

2019, volume 53, issue 1

Utilitarianism without individual utilities pp. 1-19 Downloads
Thierry Marchant
How should payment services be taxed? pp. 21-47 Downloads
Ben Lockwood and Erez Yerushalmi
Strategy-proof location of public bads in an interval pp. 49-62 Downloads
Abhinaba Lahiri and Ton Storcken
Intensity valence pp. 63-112 Downloads
Fabian Gouret and Stéphane Rossignol
Nash implementation in production economies with unequal skills: a characterization pp. 113-134 Downloads
Naoki Yoshihara and Akira Yamada
Inequality and conflict outbreak pp. 135-173 Downloads
Alberto Vesperoni and Anıl Yıldızparlak
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