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Revista romaneasca pentru educatie multidimensionala - Journal for Multidimensional Education

2009 - 2017

From Editura Lumen, Department of Economics
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Volume 9, issue June, 2017

The Principle of Collectivism in the Totalitarian Educational Systems pp. 9-16 Downloads
Dan Ioan Dascalu
Organizing Project Based Teaching in the Training of Math Teachers in Vietnam pp. 9-35 Downloads
Tran Viet Cuong
Supervision. From Administrative Control to Continuous Education and Training of Specialists in Social Work pp. 17-35 Downloads
Elena Unguru and Antonio Sandu
Revisiting Metadiscourse Markers of the Language Learners in Academic Writing pp. 36-47 Downloads
Feryal Cubukcu
An Emergency Academic Support – Syrian Refugee Students in the Turkish Higher Education pp. 39-49 Downloads
Ahmet Bariscil
Students’ Feedback in the Foreign Language Teaching: a Systems Theory Perspective pp. 48-55 Downloads
Svitlana Muntian
Narrative Mediation Path - An Innovative Tool for Developing the Reflective Function of Non-Traditional Students pp. 51-63 Downloads
Dan Florin Stanescu
The Development of Human Resources in the Probation Services. A Qualitative Analysis pp. 56-92 Downloads
Antonio Sandu
Modern Teaching Assessment and Implications of Learning Motivation pp. 65-75 Downloads
Gabriela Alina Anghel
A Managerial Perspective on the Use of the Balanced Scorecard for Non-Profit Organizations in Educational Field pp. 77-93 Downloads
Gabriel Chelariu, Roxana Dicu, Daniela Mardiros and Leontina Pavaloaia
Family’s Role in Sustaining the Educational Trajectory of Children from Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Communities pp. 93-107 Downloads
Otilia Apostu
School Segregation vs. Desegregation in Romania. Case Study pp. 95-105 Downloads
Gabriela Alina Anghel
Particularities of the Organizational Development in Social Work Services. Supervision of Human Resources pp. 107-118 Downloads
Elena Unguru
Review for the volume: Supervizarea si dezvoltarea profesionala a asistentilor sociali. Iasi, Romania: LUMEN Publishing, 2017, author: Ana Frunza pp. 108-110 Downloads
Elena Unguru
Review for the volume: Stabilitate şi conflict în cuplul contemporan. Iasi, Romania: LUMEN Publishing, 2017, authors: Iulian Apostu, Cristina-Andreea Iacob & Maria-Adriana Iordache pp. 111-115 Downloads
Elena Unguru
Book Review on Romanian Family – Social Evolution and Contemporary Challenges pp. 121-124 Downloads
Loredana Vlad

Volume 8, issue December, 2016

The Individualization of Foreign Language Teaching in the University-level Professional Education (English version) pp. 7-14 Downloads
Svitlana Muntyan and Lilia Valentinova
From Ethics, Integrity and Moral Probity to Responsible Research and Innovation in Current Educational Practices pp. 9-17 Downloads
Laura Monica Gorghiu
Editorialists’ Linguistic Imaginary. Language Creativity [Limaginaire linguistique des éditorialistes. De la créativité dans le langage] (French version) pp. 15-29 Downloads
Cristina Obreja
Ethical Use of Electronic Media in Social Work Practice pp. 21-30 Downloads
Sana Loue
Using the Pyramid of Neurological Levels in the Human Resources Motivation Management pp. 31-44 Downloads
Antonio Sandu
US Interests in the Post – Soviet Space (English version) pp. 31-38 Downloads
Svetlana Cebotari, Irina Cojuhari and Ion Xenofontov
Self-searching, the Anchor in the River of Globalization (English version) pp. 39-48 Downloads
Simona Irina Damian, Roxana Magdalena Necula and Andreea Hefco
Has the Care in Psychiatry Other Characteristics than those it has in the Other Fields of Medicine? pp. 45-56 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Clero
Artistic Moulding of Bessarabia in XIX Century (Typology Church Inventory, Architectural and Sculptural Details) (English version) pp. 49-58 Downloads
Liliana Condraticova
Integrity as Ethical Operational Value in Public Administration pp. 57-67 Downloads
Antonio Sandu
The Effects of Non-traditional Teaching Styles on College Mathematics between Face-to-face and Online Students (English version) pp. 61-83 Downloads
Peter Kiriakidis and Natalie THORNTON Johnson
The Embedment of Responsible Research and Innovation Aspects in European Science Curricula pp. 71-87 Downloads
Kathy Kiki-Papadakis and Foteini Chaimala
The Entrepreneurial Orientation Can Enhance the Teacher Performance in Higher Education (English version) pp. 85-96 Downloads
Naeem Hayat and Muhammad Tayyeb Riaz
Parents Perception Concerning Artistic Practices in Education pp. 89-96 Downloads
Carmen - Gabriela Bostan
Changes in the Romanian Rural Communities. A Socio-Theological Perspective (English version) pp. 97-107 Downloads
Roxana Magdalena Necula and Simona Irina Damian
Means Specific to Basketball in Diversifying the Programs for Lordosis Prophylaxis pp. 97-104 Downloads
Ofelia Popescu, Nicoleta Leonte, Mihaela Netolitzchi and Teodora Wesselly
Book review. Elaborarea lucrarilor de licenta, disertatie si gradul didactic I. Ghid stiintific si metodologic [Ellaboration of the license, dissertation and first teaching degree thesis. A scientific and methodological guide] pp. 107-109 Downloads
Ioana Stancescu
Review for the Volume “Alexei Marco. Destinul unui bijutier din Moldova” / Alexei Marco. The Destiny of a Jeweler from Moldova – Author Liliana Condraticova (English version) pp. 111-113 Downloads
Antonio Sandu
Book review. Social Construction of Reality as Communicative Action, author Antonio Sandu pp. 111-112 Downloads
Dan Ioan Dascalu

Volume 8, issue June, 2016

Infidelity – the Imorality of the Other pp. 7-10 Downloads
Iulian Apostu
Integrality in Multidimensionality- a Reflection on Contemporary Education pp. 13-21 Downloads
Nadia Laura Serdenciuc
The Quest for Requirement Fulfilment: the case of the Fabrication of the Technologized Academic Subject in a Mexican Public State University pp. 23-50 Downloads
Yolanda Angulo Parra, Carmen Álvarez and Aida Reyes Escalante
Overcoming Barriers in Lifelong Learning: Moving Towards ET2020 Goals pp. 51-66 Downloads
Alexandru Clain
Life Experiences of Abused Elderly in Geriatric Care in Iasi, Romania. A Qualitative Study pp. 69-90 Downloads
Aliona Dronic, Ovidiu Gavrilovici, Elena Cazacu, Lacramioara Cojocaru and Magdalena Roxana Necula
Perception of Students of the Faculty of Security -Skopje for Ethics pp. 91-106 Downloads
Nikola Dujovski, Snezana Mojsoska and Ivan Ristov
The Role of the Educator in a Montessori Classroom pp. 107-123 Downloads
Izabela T.C. Barbieru
Assessment of Reading Comprehension pp. 125-147 Downloads
Madani Habib
Assessment of Reading Comprehension pp. 149-170 Downloads
Otilia Clipa, Elvira Mihalache and Nadia Laura Sedenciuc
Exploring Educational Inequalities in Romania pp. 171-180 Downloads
Ana-Maria Zamfir and Cristina Mocanu

Volume 7, issue December, 2015

Rethinking the Social Action through the Perspective of Multidimensional Education pp. 9-16 Downloads
Gabriel Gorghiu
Identity of Street Workers Working with Drug Users and Sexworkers in Slovakia pp. 19-33 Downloads
Katarina Levicka, Martina Zakova and Daniela Stryckova
The Impact of the Financial Income on the Family Communication pp. 35-46 Downloads
Andrea Banovcinova and Katarina Levicka
Mathematics in the Classroom: Conceptual Cartography of Differential Calculus pp. 47-54 Downloads
María de Lourdes RODRÍGUEZ PERALTA, Juan Salvador NAMBO de LOS SANTOS and Paula Flora ANICETO Vargas
Program Evaluation: Integration of Educational Software into the Elementary School Math Curriculum pp. 55-65 Downloads
Peter P. Kiriakidis and Tonya Johnson
“Entrepreneurial Orientation- A Key to Unlock Teacher’s Potential in Higher Education” A Case of Finland & Pakistan pp. 67-77 Downloads
Naeem Hayat and Irfan Amer
Role of Development of Spontaneity in Teambuilding pp. 79-88 Downloads
Andrii Trofimov and Daria Pavlin
Developing a Skills-Based Syllabus for Business English Students pp. 89-96 Downloads
Elena Ciortescu and Ana-Irina Cecal
Performance Measurement in Social Care Services for Older People pp. 97-109 Downloads
Mihaela Ghenţa, Aniela Matei and Luise Mladen
Sports – Means of Social Inclusion for Down’s Syndrome Patients pp. 111-117 Downloads
Valeria Bălan and Gheorghe Marinescu
The Image of Divinity in Children’s Perception. Social, Cultural and Artistic Influences pp. 119-131 Downloads
Adrian Stoleriu
Physical and Health Education for a Resilient Future Workforce pp. 133-140 Downloads
Cristiana Pop

Volume 7, issue August, 2011

A Competence-based Perspective on Foreign Language Teaching at the Master Level: Insights from John Dewey’s Educational Philosophy (English version) pp. 7-15 Downloads
Svetlana Muntyan and Lilia Valentinova
The Role of Gender Studies in Transforming Society (English version) pp. 17-29 Downloads
Catalina-Daniela Raducu
Analysis of the Educational Statistics of the Sudanese Secondary Certificate (English version) pp. 33-142 Downloads
Issam Mohamed
Faculty Engagement in Higher Educational Institution – A proposed model (English version) pp. 143-164 Downloads
Dr. Barman and Roy Saikat
The Perceptions of High School Honor Students on the Academic Skills Needed to Succeed in College Science Classes (English version) pp. 165-184 Downloads
Peter Kiriakidis and Paul Barber
An Explorative Analysis of Children’s Dropouts from Rural Schools of Pakistan (English version) pp. 185-193 Downloads
Muhammad Mehar Akram
Resilient Children and Youths Overcoming Risks and Achieving in Life in Arba Minch town of Ethiopia (English version) pp. 195-225 Downloads
Tekalign Ayalew
Comments to the Study: Savulescu J., Autonomy, the Good Life, and Controversial Choices, in, Rhodes R., Francis L.P., Silvers A. (eds.), 2007, The Blackwell Guide to Medical Ethics, Blackwell Publishing Ltd., pp.: 17 – 37. (English version) pp. 229-234 Downloads
Antonio Sandu
The official language and the rights of the persons belonging to national minorities in the area of education (English version) pp. 235-251 Downloads
Roxana Prisacariu

Volume 7, issue June, 2015

Core Values in Action: Therapeutic Farms for Persons with Severe Mental Illness pp. 11-23 Downloads
Sana Loue, Virgil Stucker and Richard R. Karges
Public Policies of Professional Integration of Young People in the EU and in Romania pp. 25-42 Downloads
Gabriela Neagu
Transition from Education to Labour: Parental Cultural Transmission and Children’s Reproduction of Gender Inequalities pp. 43-55 Downloads
Andra-Bertha Sănduleasa
Families with a Disabled Child, between Stress and Acceptance. A Theoretical Approach pp. 57-73 Downloads
Camelia Soponaru and Magdalena Iorga
The Role of Moral Values in Development Personality Teenagers pp. 75-88 Downloads
Cristina Timpau
Identity of Social Workers Working with Immigrants with an International Protection in Slovakia pp. 91-104 Downloads
Martina Zakova, Katarina Levicka and Dusan Legersky
Methodological Principles of Ethnic Minority Life Conditions Assessment pp. 105-116 Downloads
Konstantin Klokov
The Role of Associative Sector in Intervention of Children with Autism pp. 117-128 Downloads
Mihaela Grasu
Coping Styles and Social Support in Emergency Workers: Family as a Resource pp. 129-140 Downloads
Cinzia Novara, Maria Garro and Giuseppe DI Rienzo
The Role of Agentic and Communal Values in the Individuals' Outcomes of Job Related Affective Well Being and Political Deviance pp. 141-154 Downloads
Secil BAL Tastan
Moral Values – A Comparative Study: Romanian and Turkish Students pp. 155-168 Downloads
Claudia Salceanu, Claudia-Neptina Manea and Edvina Ghionul Geafer
Developing English Communication Skills in a Different Cultural Context: Matches and Mismatches pp. 169-180 Downloads
Nicoleta-Mariana Iftimie
Predictors of Academic Performance among At-Risk Romanian Youth pp. 181-192 Downloads
Ramona Elena Anghel
Perception of Pre-Service Teachers Regarding the Relationship between Didactic Competencies and Learning Motivation pp. 193-202 Downloads
Cristina Tulbure, Elena Mirela Samfira and Ionel Samfira
Intercultural Education in Italy and in the United States: the Results of a Binational Inquiry pp. 203-218 Downloads
Rina Manuela Contini and Mariella Herold
Psychological and Psychophysiological Research of the Attitude System of Students for Technical and Humanitarian Specialities pp. 219-231 Downloads
Natalia Gordienko and Kira Silaeva
The Actuality of Logic. Book review: Elemente de logica si teoria argumentarii, authors Professor PhD Sorin–Tudor MAXIM, Lecturer PhD Marius-Costel EsI. Iasi, Romania: Lumen Publishing House pp. 235-239 Downloads
Antonio Sandu
Regards on the Ethics and Transparency in Public Administration Book Review. Etica profesionala si transparenta in administratia publica, author Antonio Sandu, Editura Didactica si Pedagogica, 2014 pp. 241-244 Downloads
Loredana Terec-Vlad
Few Epistemic Considerations on Pre-School Education. Book review: The Actual Problems of the Theory and Practice of Modern Pre-school Education in Poland, Romania and Ukraine, coord. Otilia CLIPA, Maria OLINEK, Malgorzata STAWIAK-OSOSINSK. London, UK: Lumen Media Publishing pp. 245-252 Downloads
Antonio Sandu
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