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Volume 40, issue 4, 2006

Behind Malaysia’s “Miracle”: A Veblenian Perspective on Mahathir’s Era of Economic Modernization pp. 861-874 Downloads
Choy Yee Keong
Institutions, Recessions and Recovery in the Transitional Economies pp. 875-894 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
The Two Transitions in Central and Eastern Europe as Processes of Institutional Transplantation pp. 895-918 Downloads
Joachim Zweynert and Nils Goldschmidt
The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Institutional Transfers Seen through the Lens of Reforms in Russia pp. 919-940 Downloads
Anton Oleinik
Ex-Urban Sprawl as a Factor in Traffic Fatalities and EMS Response Times in the Southeastern United States pp. 941-953 Downloads
Thomas Lambert and Peter B. Meyer
State Lotteries: Using State Power to Fleece the Poor pp. 955-966 Downloads
Jon Wisman
Evolution of Macao’s Casino Industry from Monopoly to Oligopoly: Social and Economic Reconsideration pp. 967-990 Downloads
Ricardo C.S. Siu
Economic Consequences of Conflict: The Rise of Iraq’s Informal Economy pp. 991-1007 Downloads
Robert Looney
Cultural Lag: In the Tradition of Veblenian Economics pp. 1009-1028 Downloads
Richard L. Brinkman and June E. Brinkman
Budget Constraints and Business Enterprise: A Veblenian Analysis pp. 1029-1044 Downloads
Matthew C. Wilson
John R. Commons’ Successful Plan for Constitutional, Effective Labor Legislation pp. 1045-1067 Downloads
Richard A. Gonce
Why Is Economics Not a Complex Systems Science? pp. 1069-1091 Downloads
John Foster
Motives and Social Capital Consequence pp. 1093-1112 Downloads
Jeffrey Jordan and Abdul B. A. Munasib
Activist Management: Henry S. Dennison’s Institutional Economics pp. 1113-1136 Downloads
Kyle Bruce
Relating the Institutional Approach in Management Accounting to Institutional Economics: An Essay on Dual-mode Rationality pp. 1137-1151 Downloads
Bernard H.J. Verstegen
Comment on Geoffrey M. Hodgson’s “What Are Institutions?” pp. 1153-1157 Downloads
Matthew Wilson
Neo-Liberal Economic Policy: Critical Essays pp. 1159-1161 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
The Consumer Trap: Big Business Marketing in American Life pp. 1162-1164 Downloads
Robert Prasch
The Evolving Pension System: Trends, Effects, and Proposals for Reform pp. 1164-1166 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Joan Robinson’s Economics: A Centennial Celebration pp. 1167-1168 Downloads
James Ronald Stanfield
Policymaking for a Good Society: The Social Fabric Matrix Approach to Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation pp. 1168-1169 Downloads
Jim Peach
The Evolution of Institutional Economics: Agency, Structure and Darwinism in American Institutionalism pp. 1169-1174 Downloads
John Gowdy
Does Foreign Direct Investment Promote Development? pp. 1174-1176 Downloads
W.H. Griffith
Technology, Institutions, and Economic Growth pp. 1177-1181 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
Institutions, Industrial Upgrading, and Economic Performance in Japan: The ‘Flying Geese’ Paradigm of Catch-up Growth pp. 1181-1183 Downloads
Jonathan E. Leightner
Capital and Collusion: The Political Logic of Global Economic Development pp. 1183-1185 Downloads
Andrew J. Prelog
How Society Makes Itself pp. 1185-1187 Downloads
Richard L. Brinkman
The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee pp. 1188-1190 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Index Volume XL – 2006 pp. 1191-1197 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 40, issue 3, 2006

Editor’s Note pp. vii-vii Downloads
Glen Atkinson
Cultural Species and Institutional Change in China pp. 539-574 Downloads
Carsten Herrmann-Pillath
Self-Organization and Design in Capitalist Economies pp. 575-601 Downloads
Igor Matutinović
The “Job-Loss” Recovery: Not New, Just Worse pp. 603-628 Downloads
L. Josh Bivens and Christian E. Weller
Asset Price Instability and Policy Responses: The Legacy of Liberalization pp. 629-649 Downloads
Stephen Bell and John Quiggin
Veblen’s Radical Theory of Social Evolution pp. 651-672 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Varieties of Scientific System: From Veblen to the Postmoderns pp. 673-691 Downloads
Robin Neill
An Intellectual History of Abundance Putting Abundance in Context pp. 693-706 Downloads
Jim Peach and William M. Dugger
Technology Stability and Change: An Integrated Evolutionary Approach pp. 707-742 Downloads
Javier Carrillo-Hermosilla and Gregory C. Unruh
An Institutional Critique of Recent Attempts to Measure Technological Capabilities across Countries pp. 743-766 Downloads
Jeffrey James
Erring on the Side of Caution? The Heterogeneity of Public Perceptions of Biotechnology Applications in the European Union pp. 767-777 Downloads
Joan Costa-Font, Elias Mossialos and Montserrat Costa-Font
Human Capital Attainment and Female Labor Force Participation—The Kerala Puzzle pp. 779-798 Downloads
Aparna Mitra and Pooja Singh
Economic Forecasting Evaluation: Re-examination of the Track Record of Macroeconomic Forecasting pp. 799-807 Downloads
Arshad A. Taseen
Can the Wall Street Journal’s Economic Forecasters Predict Turning Points? pp. 808-812 Downloads
Mark R. Greer
Public Subsidies of Low-Wage Employment: The Case of Uncompensated Health Care pp. 813-824 Downloads
C. Jeffrey Waddoups
Feeding the World: An Economic History of Agriculture, 1800–2000 pp. 825-827 Downloads
Thomas R. De Gregori
The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-first Century pp. 827-830 Downloads
Douglas Brown
The Ecological Economics of Consumption pp. 830-832 Downloads
Bill Barnes
The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One: How Corporate Executives and Politicians Looted the S&L Industry pp. 832-834 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Evolution and Economic Complexity pp. 834-836 Downloads
Oleg V. Pavlov
Review of Theories of Financial Disturbance: An Examination of Critical Theories of Finance from Adam Smith to the Present Day pp. 836-838 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective on Markets, Law, Ethics, and Culture pp. 839-841 Downloads
John F. Henry
A Guide to What’s Wrong with Economics pp. 841-843 Downloads
Charles G. Leathers
Restoring Trust in American Business pp. 843-845 Downloads
Daniel T. Ostas
Understanding Lewis Mumford: A Guide for the Perplexed pp. 845-846 Downloads
Stewart Long
Der Geist des Kapitalismus und der Aufbau Ost (The Spirit of Capitalism and the Building up of the East) pp. 847-848 Downloads
Helge Peukert
Democratizing Innovation pp. 848-850 Downloads
Terrel Gallaway
Political Crises, Social Conflict and Economic Development: The Political Economy of the Andean Region pp. 850-853 Downloads
Kenneth Jameson
Leviathans: Multinational Corporations and the New Global History pp. 853-855 Downloads
John Groenewegen
Books Received pp. 857-859 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 40, issue 2, 2006

The 2006 Veblen-Commons Award Recipient: James Ronald Stanfield pp. 247-248 Downloads
Phil O’Hara
From DIE and NIE toward EE pp. 249-259 Downloads
James Ronald Stanfield
Christian Morals and the Competitive System Revisited pp. 261-275 Downloads
Charles M. A. Clark
The Evolution of National Innovation Systems pp. 277-285 Downloads
John Groenewegen and Marianne van der Steen
Balancing Inertia, Innovation, and Imitation in Complex Environments pp. 287-295 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson and Thorbjørn Knudsen
Collective Action, Institutionalism, and the Internet pp. 297-305 Downloads
Robin Mansell
Infrastructure Deregulation and Privatization in Industrialized and Emerging Economies pp. 307-315 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing and Sarah P. Voll
“Free Entry and Exit” from the Market: Simplifying or Substantive Assumption? pp. 317-323 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Ex Post and Ex Ante Coordination: Principles of Coherence in Organizations and Markets pp. 325-332 Downloads
David Carla
Innovation, the Missing Link in Latin American Countries pp. 343-357 Downloads
Graciela Moguillansky
Analyzing and Arresting Uneven Development: Friedrich List and Gunnar Myrdal Compared pp. 359-367 Downloads
P. Sai-wing Ho
Has Institutionalism Won the Development Debate? pp. 369-375 Downloads
Kenneth Jameson
Managing Portfolio Flows pp. 377-385 Downloads
Christian E. Weller and Radha Chaurushiya
Which Side Are You On? How Institutional Positions Affect Financial Analysts’ Incentives pp. 387-394 Downloads
Sébastien Galanti
Modeling Interest Rate Parity: A System Dynamics Approach pp. 395-403 Downloads
John T. Harvey
Evolutionary Keynesianism: A Synthesis of Institutionalist and Post Keynesian Macroeconomics pp. 405-412 Downloads
Chris Niggle
An Institutionalist Perspective on the Future of the Capitalist World-Economy pp. 413-420 Downloads
Emre Özçelik and Eyüp Özveren
Institutional Evolution of Environmental Management under Global Economic Growth pp. 421-429 Downloads
Barkley Rosser and Marina V. Rosser
Instinct, Culture, and Cognitive Science pp. 431-438 Downloads
William H. Redmond
Toward a Grand Union: The Banyan Tree of Knowledge pp. 439-448 Downloads
Richard Brinkman and June Brinkman
How Do Embedded Agents Engage in Institutional Change? pp. 449-456 Downloads
John Burns and Klaus Nielsen
Competition, Knowledge, and Institutions pp. 457-463 Downloads
Wolfgang Kerber
What Happened to Boulding’s Evolutionary Economics? pp. 465-472 Downloads
Robert Waters
Institutions and Norms in Institutional Economics and Sociology pp. 473-481 Downloads
David Dequech
Agency and Mental Models in Heterodox Economics pp. 483-491 Downloads
Mary V. Wrenn
Expanding the Dialogue between Institutional Economics and Contemporary Evolutionary Economics: Veblen’s Methodology as a Framework pp. 493-500 Downloads
Olivier Brette
Kahneman, Tversky, and Institutional Economics pp. 501-506 Downloads
Steven Pressman
The Economic Surplus, Disembedded Economy, and Nurturance Gap—The Contribution of James Ronald Stanfield to Political Economy pp. 507-516 Downloads
Phillip Anthony O’Hara
The Circular and Cumulative Structure of Administered Pricing pp. 517-526 Downloads
Mark Nichols, Oleg Pavlov and Michael J. Radzicki
The Inadequacy of Forrester System Dynamics Computer Programs for Institutional Principles of Hierarchy, Feedback, and Openness pp. 527-535 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
In Memory pp. 537-538 Downloads
William G. Shepherd

Volume 40, issue 1, 2006

What Are Institutions? pp. 1-25 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Difficulties in Adopting Formal Water Trading Rules within Users’ Associations pp. 27-44 Downloads
Javier Calatrava and Alberto Garrido
Of Transactions and Transaction Costs: Uncertainty, Policy, and the Process of law in the Thought of Commons and Williamson pp. 45-58 Downloads
Thomas Kemp
The Political Economy of Laissez-Faire pp. 59-74 Downloads
William Waller
An Economic Psychological Approach to Herd Behavior pp. 75-95 Downloads
Laurens Rook
Colin Campbell on Thorstein Veblen on Conspicuous Consumption pp. 97-112 Downloads
Rick Tilman
Vital Standard and Life Economy: The Economic Thought of Lewis Mumford pp. 113-133 Downloads
Kenneth R. Stunkel
The Media, the News, and Democracy: Revisiting the Dewey-Lippman Debate pp. 135-152 Downloads
Dell P. Champlin and Janet T. Knoedler
Psychological and Institutional Forces and the Determination of Exchange Rates pp. 153-170 Downloads
John T. Harvey
Are Labor Unions Consistent with the Assumptions of Perfect Competition? pp. 171-181 Downloads
Jack Reardon
Property Economics versus New Institutional Economics: Alternative Foundations of How to Trigger Economic Development pp. 183-208 Downloads
Otto Steiger
Descent with Modification—Continuity and Change in Evolutionary Economics pp. 209-215 Downloads
William H. Redmond
The Invisible Hand of U.S. Commercial Banking Reform: Private Action and Public Guarantees pp. 217-219 Downloads
Sherry Davis Kasper
In Praise of Nepotism: A History of Family Enterprise from King David to George W. Bush pp. 219-221 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Central Banking in the Modern World pp. 221-223 Downloads
Eric Tymoigne
Social Science Knowledge and Economic Development: An Institutional Design Perspective pp. 224-226 Downloads
Tade Okediji
The Distribution of Wealth pp. 226-228 Downloads
Christopher Brown
Innovation–The Missing Dimension pp. 228-231 Downloads
Fulvio Castellacci
When All Else Fails: Government as the Ultimate Risk Manager pp. 231-233 Downloads
Thomas Kemp
Contemporary Post Keynesian Analysis pp. 233-235 Downloads
Richard P. F. Holt
The New Ruthless Economy: Work and Power in the Digital Age pp. 235-237 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Economic Nationalism in a Globalizing World pp. 237-239 Downloads
Cecilia Ann Winters
Books Received pp. 241-246 Downloads
The Editors
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