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Volume 15, issue 4, 1981

Louis Junker pp. v-v Downloads
The Editors
Introductory Note pp. 851-851 Downloads
Warren Samuels
John Fagg Foster pp. 852-856 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Economics pp. 857-869 Downloads
The Editors
John Dewey and Economic Value pp. 871-897 Downloads
The Editors
The Relation between the Theory of Value and Economic Analysis pp. 899-905 Downloads
The Editors
The Effect of Technology on Institutions pp. 907-913 Downloads
The Editors
The Institutionalist Theory of Government Ownership pp. 915-922 Downloads
The Editors
The Theory of Institutional Adjustment pp. 923-928 Downloads
The Editors
Syllabus for Problems of Modern Society: The Theory of Institutional Adjustment pp. 929-935 Downloads
The Editors
The Fundamental Principles of Economics pp. 937-942 Downloads
The Editors
Current Structure and Future Prospects of Institutional Economics pp. 943-947 Downloads
The Editors
Understandings and Misunderstandings of Keynesian Economics pp. 949-957 Downloads
The Editors
Policy Implications of Increasing Growth Rates in the More Developed Economies pp. 959-962 Downloads
The Editors
The Reality of the Present and the Challenge of the Future pp. 963-968 Downloads
The Editors
Freedom and License in Higher Education pp. 969-973 Downloads
The Editors
The United States, Russia, and Democracy pp. 975-980 Downloads
The Editors
The American Economy pp. 981-984 Downloads
The Editors
The Approach to Land Use Planning in a Changing Technology pp. 985-1007 Downloads
The Editors
Environment Control pp. 1009-1012 Downloads
The Editors
Economics 545. Institutional Economics, Spring 1981 pp. 1013-1016 Downloads
William Dugger
Economics 211. Social and Institutional Economics pp. 1016-1018 Downloads
Gary Francis
Economics 492. Development of Economic Institutions, Winter 1981 pp. 1018-1019 Downloads
Daniel Fusfeld
Economics 475/875. Theory and Analysis of Institutional Economics pp. 1019-1021 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
Economics W3257x. The War Economy, Fall 1980 pp. 1021-1026 Downloads
Seymour Melman
AEC-RD-EC 810. Economics of Public Choice, Winter, 1981 pp. 1026-1029 Downloads
A. Allan Schmid
ABC 809. Institutions, Behavior, and Performance pp. 1029-1031 Downloads
James D. Shaffer
Economics 102. Institutional Economics, Spring 1981 pp. 1032-1033 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Economics 515. Theory and Method in Political Economy, Fall 1980 pp. 1033-1037 Downloads
Charles K. Wilber
Economics 624. Political Economy of the Public Sector, Spring 1981 pp. 1038-1038 Downloads
Charles K. Wilber
Economics 305. Economics from an Institutionalist Standpoint, Winter 1937 pp. 1039-1042 Downloads
Frank H. Knight
Institutional Economics pp. 1043-1051 Downloads
Robert T. Averitt, Marc R. Tool and Baldwin Ranson
Welfare, Justice, and Freedom pp. 1053-1069 Downloads
John C. Winfrey, Baldwin Ranson, Royall Brandis, Karl De Schweinitz, Mark Evans and J. R. Stanfield
Origins of Economic Thought and Justice pp. 1071-1074 Downloads
Stephen T. Worland
Entropy: A New World View pp. 1075-1077 Downloads
Andrew Larkin
Sociological Economics pp. 1077-1079 Downloads
George F. Rohrlich
Marx’s Capital: Philosophy and Political Economy pp. 1080-1083 Downloads
John E. Elliott
The Economist in Parliament: 1780–1868 pp. 1083-1086 Downloads
John P. Henderson
Monetarists and Keynesians: Their Contribution to Monetary Theory pp. 1086-1089 Downloads
Dudley Dillard
Galbraith and Market Capitalism pp. 1089-1091 Downloads
Melville J. Ulmer
Valuing Life: Public Policy Dilemmas pp. 1091-1096 Downloads
James A. Swaney
Racial Inequality, a Political-Economic Analysis pp. 1096-1097 Downloads
Howard J. Sherman
Dualism and Discontinuity in Industrial Societies pp. 1097-1099 Downloads
Rick Tilman
An Ownership Theory of the Trade Union pp. 1099-1102 Downloads
Mark Perlman
Democracy, Authority, and Alienation pp. 1102-1104 Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
The Political Economy of Co-Operation and Participation pp. 1104-1106 Downloads
Warren S. Gramm
Financing Government in a Federal System pp. 1106-1108 Downloads
Bernard P. Herber
Five Thousand American Families: Patterns of Economic Progress pp. 1108-1110 Downloads
Harold G. Vatter
Sociopolitical Effects of Energy Use and Policy pp. 1110-1112 Downloads
Michael F. Sheehan
Across the High Technology Threshold: The Case of Synthetic Rubber pp. 1112-1117 Downloads
Joel B. Dirlam
Consumer Protection Legislation and the U.S. Food Industry pp. 1117-1119 Downloads
R. Larry Reynolds
Volume XV – 1981 pp. 1121-1127 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 15, issue 3, 1981

The Compulsive Shift to Institutional Analysis pp. 569-592 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Is There a Mathematical Neoinstitutional Economics? pp. 593-613 Downloads
Philip Mirowski
Externality and Community pp. 615-627 Downloads
James A. Swaney
A Synthesis of Contour and Flexible Wage Hypotheses pp. 629-640 Downloads
Peter Gottschalk
Foundations of an Institutional Theory of Regulation pp. 641-656 Downloads
Larry Reynolds
Clarence Ayres and the Instrumental Theory of Value pp. 657-673 Downloads
Malcolm Rutherford
What Is Economic Imperialism? pp. 675-701 Downloads
Karl de Schweinitz
The Necessary Normative Context of Positive Economics pp. 703-719 Downloads
Richard B. McKenzie
A Necessary Normative Context of Positive Economics? pp. 721-727 Downloads
Warren Samuels
What Is so Natural about the Natural Rate of Unemployment? pp. 729-743 Downloads
Robert Cherry
Stagflation as an Institutional Problem pp. 745-768 Downloads
Mark A. Lutz
Investment Tax Credits, Capital Gains Taxation, and Reindustrialization of the U.S. Economy pp. 769-773 Downloads
Peter Fisher
Marx, Means-Ends, and Instrumentalism: A Critique of Tool pp. 775-779 Downloads
Steven Shuklian
Response to Shuklian pp. 779-783 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
A Comment on Donald A. Walker’s Article pp. 783-785 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
A Note on Institutionalism, Straw Men, and Equality pp. 785-791 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Institutional Economics: Contributions to the Development of Holistic Economics pp. 793-796 Downloads
David Hamilton
Reasoning and Method in Economics: An Introduction to Economic Methodology pp. 796-799 Downloads
Timothy Brennan
The Zero-Sum Society pp. 799-801 Downloads
Edmund J. Sheehey
Economic Thought and Social Change pp. 802-806 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Stalemate in Technology: Innovations Overcome the Depression pp. 806-808 Downloads
Roger M. Troub
World Economic Development 1979 and Beyond pp. 809-812 Downloads
R. D. Peterson
Population Malthus: His Life and Times pp. 812-816 Downloads
John P. Henderson
The Co-Determination Movement in the West: Labor Participation in the Management of Business Firms pp. 816-819 Downloads
Jurgen Backhaus
Encyclopedia of American Economic History pp. 819-821 Downloads
Warren Samuels
A New Economic View of American History pp. 821-825 Downloads
Robert J. Cottrol
Measurement and Interpretation of Productivity pp. 825-827 Downloads
Richard Chase
The National Planning Idea in U.S. Public Policy: Five Alternative Approaches pp. 827-830 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
Energy and Economic Growth in the United States pp. 830-832 Downloads
Ralph C. d’Arge
Corporations and Information pp. 833-835 Downloads
Gene Wunderlich
Books Received pp. 837-850 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 15, issue 2, 1981

Theories of the Labor Movement in an Institutional Setting pp. 299-309 Downloads
Jack Barbash
Organized Labor and Institutional Economics pp. 311-324 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
Industrial Democracy: Toward an Analytical Framework pp. 325-338 Downloads
Russell D. Lansbury and Geoffrey J. Prideaux
Institutional Economics: How Prevalent in the Labor Literature? pp. 339-350 Downloads
Yngve Ramstad
Worker Motivation: A Neglected Element in Micro-Micro Theory pp. 351-362 Downloads
John Tomer
Property Rights in Work: Capitalism, Industrialism, and Democracy pp. 363-375 Downloads
Warren S. Gramm
Property Rights and Employee Decision Making in West Germany pp. 377-386 Downloads
Roy Vogt
A Neglected Institutional Feature of the Labor Sector of the U.S. Economy pp. 387-395 Downloads
M. Ray Perryman
The Administered Labor Market: An Institutional Analysis pp. 397-407 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Teamwork, Markets, and Regulation: Distortions Arising from Legal Parochialism pp. 409-422 Downloads
William A. Lovett
Demand, Supply, and Labor Market Analysis pp. 423-434 Downloads
Carolyn Shaw Bell
The Efficiency Price of Labor in Developed and Developing Nations pp. 435-447 Downloads
David C. Campbell and Carlos Tobal
Value Issues in Program Evaluation pp. 449-461 Downloads
Robert L. Darcy
Management and Ownership in the New England Cotton Textile Industry pp. 463-475 Downloads
Solomon Barkin
Earlier Retirement and the Older Worker pp. 477-487 Downloads
Harold Wolozin
The Peripheral Worker: CET a Training as Imperfect Job Socialization pp. 489-500 Downloads
David H. Ciscel and Barbara H. Tuckman
Black Teenage Unemployment pp. 501-512 Downloads
Robert Hinckley
Ayresian Technology, Technological Reasoning, and Doomsday pp. 513-520 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
AFEE or AFIT: Which Represents Institutional Economics? pp. 521-529 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Post Keynesian Economics: An Institutional Compatibility? pp. 531-542 Downloads
W. Robert Brazelton
The Integration of Economics and Society pp. 543-555 Downloads
Bruce A. McDaniel
Public Interest Movements and Private Interest Systems: A Healthy Schizophrenia pp. 557-568 Downloads
Samuel M. Loescher

Volume 15, issue 1, 1981

Vertical Integration and Productivity: Canadian Telecommunications pp. 1-31 Downloads
Robert E. Babe
A Survey of the Economic Systems of Wild Chimpanzees and Baboons pp. 33-59 Downloads
Frederic L. Pryor
Marx and Determinism pp. 61-71 Downloads
Howard Sherman
Structure and Stability in Gasoline Markets pp. 73-94 Downloads
Bruce T. Allen
Provable Theorems and Refutable Hypotheses: The Case of Competitive Theory pp. 95-112 Downloads
Ken Dennis
Unemployment and Inflation: Institutionalist and Structuralist Views, A Review Article pp. 113-127 Downloads
John Cornwall
Research in Economic Anthropology, Volume One: A Review Article pp. 129-135 Downloads
William Darity
Ecodynamics. A New Theory of Societal Evolution pp. 137-151 Downloads
Marc R. Tool, W. Paul Strassmann and Manuel Siguenza
The Last Half-Century, Societal Change and Politics in America pp. 153-159 Downloads
A. W. Coats and Karl de Schweinitz
Redistribution through the Financial System: The Grants Economics of Money and Credit pp. 161-171 Downloads
Werner Sichel, Robert Rasche, Ronald C. Faas and Josef M. Broder
Regional Building Codes Formulated and Enforced by the Federal Bureau of Standards pp. 173-175 Downloads
Robert Solo
A Further Comment on “Would Tax Shifting Undermine the Tax-Based Incomes Policy?” pp. 177-181 Downloads
Bob Chirinko
Response to Professor Gurley pp. 181-183 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
Methods in Economic Science: Comment pp. 183-188 Downloads
Salim Rashid
Methods in Economic Science: A Rejoinder pp. 188-193 Downloads
Roegen Nicholas-Georgescu
A Comment on “The Method Is the Ideology” pp. 193-196 Downloads
Charles C. Fischer
Reply to Professor Fischer pp. 196-197 Downloads
Walter Weisskopf
Observations on the Fischer Comment pp. 197-199 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
A Comment on “The Dilemmas of Technology” pp. 199-204 Downloads
Edward M. Graham
The Dilemmas of Technology: A Reply pp. 204-211 Downloads
Robert Solo
The Microeconomic Efficiency Argument for Socialism Revisited pp. 211-219 Downloads
Peter Murrell
The Microeconomic Efficiency of Market Socialism: Reply pp. 220-227 Downloads
James A. Yunker
The Livelihood of Man pp. 229-231 Downloads
W. Paul Strassmann
Whigs and Hunters pp. 231-234 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Family Policy: Government and Families in Fourteen Countries pp. 234-236 Downloads
J. Ron Stanfield
The Lean Years: World Resources and the Politics of Scarcity pp. 236-239 Downloads
Daniel W. Bromley
The Efficient Use of Energy Resources pp. 239-242 Downloads
Ronnie Phillips
A Theory of Capitalist Regulation: The U.S. Experience pp. 242-243 Downloads
Michael Perelman
Accounting for Slower Economic Growth pp. 244-246 Downloads
David Colander
Technological Innovation for a Dynamic Economy pp. 246-249 Downloads
Lewis E. Hill
Manpower Research and Labor Economics pp. 249-252 Downloads
Solomon Barkin
The Development of American Agriculture: A Historical Analysis pp. 252-255 Downloads
David Freshwater
The Macro-Economic Mix to Stop Stagflation pp. 255-257 Downloads
R. D. Peterson
What Should Be Taxed: Income or Expenditure? pp. 257-259 Downloads
Bernard P. Herber
Property Tax Relief pp. 259-262 Downloads
Ronald C. Fisher
Making Foreign Economic Policy pp. 262-264 Downloads
Andrew Gray
Toward a New Strategy of Development; Aspects of Development and Underdevelopment pp. 264-267 Downloads
Kenneth Jameson
Directions in Economic Development pp. 268-271 Downloads
William P. Glade
Protein, Calories and Development: Nutritional Variables in the Economics of Developing Countries pp. 271-273 Downloads
Victor E. Smith
Growth with Equity: Strategies for Meeting Human Needs pp. 273-277 Downloads
Ernest R. Diedrich
The Rational Peasant: The Pocitical Economy of Rural Society in Vietnam pp. 277-280 Downloads
Caroline Swartz
China’s Economic Revolution pp. 280-283 Downloads
Anthony Y. C. Koo
Books Received pp. 285-297 Downloads
The Editors
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