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Volume 39, issue 4, 2005

Why Is Central Bank Independence So Widely Approved? pp. 843-865 Downloads
James Forder
The Microeconomic Foundations of Business Cycles: From Institutions to Autocatalytic Networks pp. 867-898 Downloads
Igor Matutinović
Generalizing Darwinism to Social Evolution: Some Early Attempts pp. 899-914 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Is There an Institutional Theory of Distribution? pp. 915-931 Downloads
Christopher Brown
Why Is China a High-Lambda Society? pp. 933-950 Downloads
John Marangos
Sustainable Development—An Institutional Enclave (with Special Reference to the Bakun Dam–Induced Development Strategy in Malaysia) pp. 951-971 Downloads
Choy Yee Keong
Can Caribbean Education Attract Knowledge-Based Foreign Direct Investment? pp. 973-993 Downloads
Winston H. Griffith
The Impact of Institutions on Economic Growth: The Case of Transition Economies pp. 995-1027 Downloads
Tjaša Redek and Andrej Sušjan
The Short Supply of Tall People: Competitive Imbalance and the National Basketball Association pp. 1029-1041 Downloads
David Berri, Stacey L. Brook, Bernd Frick, Aju Fenn and Roberto Vicente-Mayoral
Changes in Occupational Earnings along the U.S.-Mexico Border between 1900 and 1920 pp. 1043-1059 Downloads
Marie T. Mora
Cordes on Veblen’s “Instinct of Workmanship” pp. 1061-1064 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
What Orientation for Interpreting Veblen? A Rejoinder to Baldwin Ranson pp. 1065-1069 Downloads
Christian Cordes
John Kenneth Galbraith: His Life, His Politics, His Economics pp. 1071-1073 Downloads
David Hamilton
Corporate Governance in Russia pp. 1073-1075 Downloads
Vincent Barnett
Organizing America: Wealth, Power, and the Origins of Corporate Capitalism pp. 1075-1077 Downloads
Timothy Wunder
Debt for Sale: A History of the Credit Trap; Paying with Plastic: The Digital Revolution in Buying and Borrowing pp. 1077-1080 Downloads
Robert Scott
Birthquake: The Baby Boom and Its Aftershocks pp. 1080-1082 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Pay without Performance: The Unfulfilled Promise of Executive Compensation pp. 1083-1086 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Thorstein Veblen, John Dewey, C. Wright Mills, and the Generic Ends of Life pp. 1086-1088 Downloads
Edythe Miller
The Economic Systems of Foraging, Agricultural, and Industrial Societies pp. 1088-1089 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
Re-examining Monetary and Fiscal Policy for the 21st Century pp. 1090-1092 Downloads
Gilberto Libanio
Volume XXXIX—2005 pp. 1093-1098 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 39, issue 3, 2005

Two Sets of Twins? An Exploration of Domestic Saving-Investment Imbalances pp. 551-577 Downloads
Craig Medlen
The Concept of Uncertainty in Post Keynesian Theory and in Institutional Economics pp. 579-594 Downloads
Fernando Ferrari-Filho and Octavio Augusto Camargo Conceição
Financial Illusion: Accounting for Profits in an Enron World pp. 595-611 Downloads
Eric R. Hake
Behavior and Rationality in Corporate Governance pp. 613-632 Downloads
Oliver Marnet
Dynamic Analysis of an Institutional Conflict: Copyright Owners against Online File Sharing pp. 633-663 Downloads
Oleg V. Pavlov
A Framework for the Analysis of Stability and Change in Formal Institutions pp. 665-681 Downloads
William H. Redmond
Behavioral Economics, Power, Rational Inefficiencies, Fuzzy Sets, and Public Policy pp. 683-706 Downloads
Morris Altman
Life on the Edge: A Look at Ports of Trade and Other Ecotones pp. 707-726 Downloads
Terrel Gallaway
Thorstein Veblen and Human Emotions: An Unfulfilled Prescience pp. 727-740 Downloads
Harold Wolozin
Stylistic Sabotage and Thorstein Veblen’s Scientific Irony pp. 741-764 Downloads
Graham Cassano
Polanyi, Chayanov, and Lessons for the Study of the Informal Sector pp. 765-776 Downloads
Eyüp Özveren
The Future of Retirement Security in the United States: Laying the Groundwork for Public Discussion pp. 777-791 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
What Do Sports Teams Produce? pp. 792-797 Downloads
Stacey Brook
Performance When It Counts? The Myth of the Prime Time Performer in Professional Basketball pp. 798-807 Downloads
David Berri and Erick Eschker
Institutions, Network Relations, and Economic Systems: A Counter to Oleinik’s Reply pp. 808-812 Downloads
Vincent Barnett
“Small” Society and Networks: On the Meaning Lost in Semiotic Translation pp. 813-817 Downloads
Anton Oleinik
Conflict and Cooperation: Institutional and Behavioral Economics pp. 819-820 Downloads
Bob Dick
Organized Crime, Prison, and Post-Soviet Societies pp. 821-822 Downloads
John Marangos
Public Funding of Higher Education: Changing Contexts and New Rationales pp. 822-825 Downloads
Rick Tilman
The Institutionalist Tradition in Labor Economics pp. 825-827 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Media, Technology, and Copyright: Integrating Law and Economics pp. 828-829 Downloads
Terrel Gallaway
Worker Displacement in the US/Mexico Border Region: Issues and Challenges pp. 830-832 Downloads
Roberto Pedace
Books Received pp. 833-841 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 39, issue 2, 2005

The 2005 Veblen-Commons Award Recipient: William M. Dugger pp. 307-308 Downloads
William Waller
Dugger’s Theorem: The Free Market Is Impossible pp. 309-324 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Accidental Veblenian, Intentional Institutionalist, and Inevitable Feminist pp. 326-334 Downloads
William Waller
The Clarence Ayres Memorial Lecture: The Paradoxes of Happiness in an Old Institutionalist Perspective pp. 335-345 Downloads
Helge Peukert
Market and Society: How Do They Relate, and How Do They Contribute to Welfare? pp. 347-356 Downloads
Wilfred Dolfsma, John Finch and Robert McMaster
Combining Equity and the Precautionary Principle: Examples Drawn from Hog Production in Poland pp. 357-364 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
How Efficiency/Equity Tradeoffs Resolve through Horizon Effects pp. 365-373 Downloads
Frederic B. Jennings
Utility Maximization, Morality, and Religion pp. 375-381 Downloads
Jonathan E. Leightner
Economic Security and the Myth of the Efficiency/Equity Tradeoff pp. 383-390 Downloads
David A. Zalewski
Should Australian Aborigines Succumb to Capitalism? pp. 391-400 Downloads
Randy R. Grant, Kandice L. Kleiber and Charles E. McAllister
The Impact of Welfare Reform on Labor Markets in Impoverished Rural Areas pp. 401-407 Downloads
David W. Mushinski and Kathleen Pickering
Agency of Development and Agents of Change: Localization, Resistance, and Empowerment pp. 409-418 Downloads
Tara Natarajan
Mexico’s Changing Distribution of Income? pp. 419-427 Downloads
David J. Molina and James Peach
The Impact of Supply Chain Management on Labor Standards: The Transition to Incessant Work pp. 429-437 Downloads
David H. Ciscel and Barbara Ellen Smith
The Social Cost of Labor pp. 439-445 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Living Large: Evolving Consumer Credit Institutions and Privately Induced Transfer Payments pp. 447-454 Downloads
Richard V. Adkisson and Randy McFerrin
Whither, or Wither, the Good Society? pp. 455-463 Downloads
Dell P. Champlin and Janet T. Knoedler
Cognition and Valuation: Some Similarities and Contrasts between Institutional Economics and the Economics of Conventions pp. 465-473 Downloads
David Dequech
Rereading Becker: Contextualizing the Development of Discrimination Theory pp. 475-483 Downloads
Deborah M. Figart and Ellen Mutari
A Contemporary View of Joseph A. Schumpeter’s Theory of the Entrepreneur pp. 485-489 Downloads
Bruce A. McDaniel
Stability in a Superpower-Dominated Global Economic System pp. 491-500 Downloads
Oleg V. Pavlov, Michael Radzicki and Khalid Saeed
Processes of Gradual Institutional Drift pp. 501-509 Downloads
William H. Redmond
Deweyan Inquiry and Economic Practice pp. 511-517 Downloads
James L. Webb
The Veblenian Critique and Critical Realism: A Comparison of Critical Theories of Mainstream Economics pp. 519-525 Downloads
Matthew C. Wilson
Selected Theories of the Business Cycle in Terms of “Econsochology” pp. 527-533 Downloads
Brazelton W. Robert
The Natural Rate of Interest Is Zero pp. 535-542 Downloads
Mathew Forstater and Warren Mosler
Paying Interest on Reserve Balances: It’s More Significant than You Think pp. 543-550 Downloads
Scott T. Fullwiler

Volume 39, issue 1, 2005

Veblen’s “Instinct of Workmanship,” Its Cognitive Foundations, and Some Implications for Economic Theory pp. 1-20 Downloads
Christian Cordes
Economic Activity and Institutions: Taking Stock pp. 21-52 Downloads
Saeed Parto
A Distrustful Economy: An Inquiry into Foundations of the Russian Market pp. 53-74 Downloads
Anton Oleinik
Preferences, Power, and the Determination of Working Hours pp. 75-90 Downloads
Bruce Philp, Gary Slater and David Harvie
Advances and Challenges in Innovation Studies pp. 91-121 Downloads
Fulvio Castellaci, Stine Grodal, Sandro Mendonca and Mona Wibe
Dam-Induced Development and Environmental and Social Sustainability: The Bakun Industrialization Strategy Revisited pp. 123-150 Downloads
Choy Yee Keong
U.S. Academic Institutions and Perceived Effectiveness of Foreign-Born Faculty pp. 151-176 Downloads
Akbar Marvasti
Thorstein Veblen’s Views on American “Exceptionalism”: An Interpretation pp. 177-204 Downloads
Rick Tilman
Frank W. Taussig’s Institutionalism pp. 205-220 Downloads
Kyle Bruce
Organized Speculation as an Institution: John Franklin Crowell and the U.S. Industrial Commission Report on Distribution of Farm Products pp. 221-233 Downloads
Gerald F. Vaughn
In Defense of Employer of Last Resort: A Response to Malcolm Sawyer pp. 235-244 Downloads
William Mitchell and L. Randall Wray
Reply to Malcolm Sawyer pp. 245-255 Downloads
Mathew Forstater
Employer of Last Resort: A Response to My Critics pp. 256-264 Downloads
Malcolm Sawyer
The Economics of Innocent Fraud: Truth for Our Time pp. 265-267 Downloads
Warren Mosier
Contours of Descent: U.S. Economic Fractures and the Landscape of Global Austerity pp. 267-271 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
U.S. Trade Policy: History, Theory, and the WTO pp. 271-273 Downloads
Caron Richard Waits
Governing Work and Welfare in a New Economy: European and American Experiments pp. 273-275 Downloads
Mary C. King
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History pp. 275-277 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
The State, the Market, and the Euro pp. 278-279 Downloads
Malcolm Sawyer
The Evolutionary Analysis of Economic Policy pp. 280-282 Downloads
Martin Gregor
Economic Governance in the Age of Globalization pp. 282-284 Downloads
Oliver Manet
Employment with a Human Face: Balancing Efficiency, Equity, and Voice pp. 284-286 Downloads
David Fairris
A Perilous Progress pp. 286-288 Downloads
David Colander
Alternative Economic Models of Transition pp. 288-291 Downloads
John Hall
Race, Liberalism, and Economics pp. 291-294 Downloads
John F. Henry
Genetic and Cultural Evolution of Cooperation pp. 294-295 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Is the Market Moral? A Dialogue on Religion, Economics, and Justice pp. 295-297 Downloads
Gerald F. Vaughn
In Memory pp. 299-299 Downloads
Robert Heilbroner
Books Received pp. 301-305 Downloads
The Editors
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