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Volume 18, issue 4, 1984

George W. Zinke pp. iii-iii Downloads
The Editors
Reports of International Correspondents pp. vii-vii Downloads
Wolfgang Blaas and John W. Barchfield
Veblen and Kropotkin on Human Evolution pp. 971-985 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Self-Reference and the Incomplete Structure of Neoclassical Economics pp. 987-1005 Downloads
J. Steven Winrich
Keynes on Post-Scarcity Society pp. 1007-1026 Downloads
Robert Chernomas
On the Nature and Existence of Economic Coercion: The Correspondence of Robert Lee Hale and Thomas Nixon Carver pp. 1027-1048 Downloads
Warren Samuels
The Instrumentalisms of Dewey and Friedman pp. 1049-1070 Downloads
James R. Wible
Judicial Regulation of the Environment under Posner’s Economic Model of the Law pp. 1071-1091 Downloads
Margaret S. Hrezo and William E. Hrezo
The Policy Implications of Post Keynesianism pp. 1093-1105 Downloads
Philip Arestis and Ciaran Driver
The Marginalist Controversy and the Demise of Full Cost Pricing pp. 1107-1132 Downloads
Frederic Lee
Rational Expectations: A Promising Research Program or a Case of Monetarist Fundamentalism? pp. 1133-1154 Downloads
John J. Struthers
Liberation Theology, the New Religious Political Rigbt, and Veblen’s Ambivalent View of Christianity pp. 1155-1175 Downloads
Charles G. Leathers
The Evolution of Colonial Institutions: An Argument Illustrated from the Economic History of British Central Africa pp. 1177-1187 Downloads
Walter C. Neale
Labor-Managed and Participatory Firms: A Note pp. 1189-1195 Downloads
Avner Ben-Ner
Labor-Managed and Participatory Firms: Reply pp. 1195-1198 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
A Paradox of Productivity pp. 1198-1200 Downloads
Kehar S. Sangha
Reforming Federal Regulation pp. 1201-1203 Downloads
R. D. Peterson
Managing Innovation pp. 1203-1207 Downloads
Richard L. Brinkman
Inside the Black Box: Technology and Economics pp. 1207-1209 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
Labor Displacement and Public Policy pp. 1209-1211 Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
Why Charity? The Case For a Third Sector pp. 1211-1213 Downloads
Lewis E. Hill
Controlling Industrial Pollution: The Economics and Politics of Clean Air pp. 1213-1215 Downloads
Andrew Larkin
In the Long Run We Are All Dead pp. 1215-1217 Downloads
Warren Samuels
The Dilemma of Amazonian Development pp. 1218-1220 Downloads
Thomas R. De Gregori
Industrial Renaissance: Producing a Competitive Future for America pp. 1220-1223 Downloads
Roger L. Adkins
An Introduction to Post-Keynesian and Marxian Theories of Value and Price; Profit Theory and Capitalism pp. 1224-1227 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Instrumentalism and American Legal Theory pp. 1227-1230 Downloads
Steven R. Hickerson
From Policy to Practice pp. 1230-1233 Downloads
William Waller
Beyond the Wasteland: A Democratic Alternative to Economic Decline pp. 1233-1238 Downloads
J. R. Stanfield
The Consequences of Cuts: The Effects of the Reagan Domestic Program on State and Local Governments pp. 1238-1240 Downloads
Glen W. Atkinson
Dynamic Economic Systems: A Post-Keynesian Approach pp. 1240-1244 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
The Anatomy of Power pp. 1244-1247 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Medical Costs, Moral Choices: A Philosophy of Health Care Economics in America pp. 1247-1249 Downloads
Mona Hersh-Cochran and Kendall P. Cochran
The Conditions for Economic Recovery pp. 1249-1254 Downloads
William S. Brown
Tackling Discrimination at the Workplace: An Analysis of Sex Discrimination pp. 1254-1256 Downloads
Howard and Barbara Tuckman
World Handbook of Political and Social Indicators, 3d ed pp. 1257-1259 Downloads
Christian Leipert
Can “It” Happen Again? Essays on Instability and Finance pp. 1260-1262 Downloads
Dudley Dillard
Volume XVIII – 1984 pp. 1263-1268 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 3, 1984

Errata pp. vii-vii Downloads
The Editors
The Economic Significance of “Woman’s Place” in Society: A New-Institutionalist View pp. 663-680 Downloads
Daphne Greenwood
Economics and Political Economy: Marx, Keynes, and Schumpeter pp. 681-695 Downloads
Robert L. Heilbroner
Industrial Policy pp. 697-714 Downloads
Robert Solo
A New View on the Economic Theory of the State: A Case Study of France pp. 715-744 Downloads
Robert Delorme
Dewey’s Liberalism versus Veblen’s Radicalism: A Reappraisal of the Unity of Progressive Social Thought pp. 745-769 Downloads
Rick Tilman
The Endogenous Flow of Credit and the Post Keynesian Theory of Money pp. 771-797 Downloads
Marc Lavoie
The Nature of Capital Accumulation and Technological Progress in the Modern Economy pp. 799-823 Downloads
William M. Dugger
The Impotence of Macroeconomic Policy Activism: A Critical Appraisal of the New Classical Macroeconomics pp. 825-859 Downloads
David Felix
Theory of Legal Structure: Worker Cooperatives pp. 861-891 Downloads
David P. Ellerman
Samaritan Advertising pp. 893-894 Downloads
Warren Samuels
A Commentary on Lux, Lutz, and Petr pp. 895-897 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Institutional Elements in Carl Menger’s Theory of Demand: A Comment pp. 897-903 Downloads
A. M. Endres
The Humane and the Human: Assaulting Petr (With a Swipe at Hill and Owen) pp. 903-907 Downloads
Walter C. Neale
Rejoinder to Neale pp. 907-908 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
The Humane and Human: Reioinder pp. 908-909 Downloads
Lewis E. Hill and Donald W. Owen
French Planning in Theory and Practice pp. 911-918 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy and John Groenewegen
Conglomerates and the Evolution of Capitalism pp. 919-921 Downloads
Steven R. Hickerson
The Cost of Human Neglect pp. 921-923 Downloads
David Hamilton
Multinational Managers and Poverty in the Third World pp. 924-927 Downloads
Leon Grunberg
The Economics of Feasible Socialism pp. 927-931 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Money Matters: A Keynesian Approach to Monetary Economics pp. 931-933 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
The Political Economy of Food Aid; EEC and the Third World: A Survey 2, Hunger in the World pp. 934-936 Downloads
Carol D. Petersen
An Evolutionary View of Economic Growth pp. 936-939 Downloads
Karl De Schweinitz
Technology Choice in Developing Countries: The Textile and Pulp and Paper Industries pp. 939-941 Downloads
Thomas R. De Gregori
An Inquiry into the Human Prospect pp. 941-944 Downloads
Richard L. Brinkman
Transnational Conglomerates and the Economics of Dependent Development: A Case Study of the International Electrical Oligopoly and Brazil’s Electrical Industry pp. 944-947 Downloads
Boyd L. Nelson
Economics in the Public Service: Papers in Honor of Walter W. Heller pp. 947-950 Downloads
Charles B. Garrison
The Fight against Shutdowns: Youngstown’s Steel Mill Closings pp. 950-953 Downloads
Michael F. Sheehan
Keynesian Economics: The Search for First Principles pp. 953-958 Downloads
W. Robert Brazelton
The Economics of Work Reorganization pp. 958-962 Downloads
Solomon Barkin
Books Received pp. 963-969 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 2, 1984

Erratum pp. iii-iii Downloads
The Editors
The Veblen-Commons Award pp. 349-351 Downloads
Harry Trebing and Allan G. Gruchy
Public Control of Enterprise: Neoclassical Assault and Neoinstitutional Reform pp. 353-368 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
The Role of Institutional Economics pp. 368-381 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Karl Marx’s Theory of Socio-Institutional Transformation in Late-Stage Capitalism pp. 383-391 Downloads
John E. Elliott
Marx and Resource Scarcity: An Institutionalist Approach pp. 393-400 Downloads
John Gowdy
Social Determinants of Economic Activity: The Economy of Transfer pp. 401-410 Downloads
Marguerite Mendell
Galbraith’s Planning System as a Substitute for Market Theory pp. 411-418 Downloads
David H. Ciscel
Airline Deregulation: Neoclassical Theory as Public Policy pp. 419-427 Downloads
Bill Wilkins
Human Capital Formation and the Decision Makers pp. 429-437 Downloads
Carolyn Shaw Bell
The Evolution of Financial Institutions and the Ineffectiveness of Modern Monetary Policy pp. 439-448 Downloads
Gary R. Evans
The Pick-Sloan Program: A Case of Bureaucratic Economic Power pp. 449-456 Downloads
David C. Campbell
The Institutional Inadequacy of the Market in Determining Comparable Worth: Implications for Value Theory pp. 457-464 Downloads
Daphne Greenwood
Equal Pay for Comparable Worth: A Policy for Eliminating the Undervaluation of Women’s Work pp. 465-472 Downloads
Elaine Sorensen
Can Job Evaluation Systems Help Determine the Comparable Worth of Male and Female Occupations? pp. 473-482 Downloads
Danielle P. Jaussaud
Implications of the Recent OPEC “Crisis” pp. 483-491 Downloads
Faisal A. Nasr
The New International Economic Order and Value Theory pp. 493-506 Downloads
Richard L. Brinkman
Legal Foundations of European Economic Integration pp. 507-515 Downloads
Glen W. Atkinson
Settling for Less: European Monetary System vs. European Monetary Union pp. 517-526 Downloads
W. E. Kuhn
The Future Be Damned: Economists’ Optimism and Nuclear Proliferation pp. 527-536 Downloads
James A. Swaney
Economic Policy and the Obligations of the Economist pp. 537-546 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Neo Institutionalism, Neo-Marxism, and Neo-Keynesianism: An Evaluation pp. 547-556 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
The Habit of Work: A Theoretical Exploration pp. 557-564 Downloads
Alan W. Dyer
Economics: Science or Legend? pp. 565-572 Downloads
David Hamilton
Technology as Social Process: A Commentary on Knowledge and Human Capital pp. 573-580 Downloads
Walter C. Neale
The Instrumental Philosophy of Economic History and the Institutionalist Theory of Normative Value pp. 581-587 Downloads
Lewis E. Hill and Donald W. Owen
An Assault on the Citadel: Is a Constructive Synthesis Feasible? pp. 589-597 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Induction and Instrumentalism in Institutional Thought pp. 599-609 Downloads
James I. Sturgeon
The New Potential of Evolutionary-Institutional Economics pp. 611-618 Downloads
John M. Culbertson
An Institutional Perspective on Corporate Control and the Network of Interlocking Directorates pp. 619-626 Downloads
Julie Caswell
The Regulatory Matrix and Rigidity in the Economic System pp. 627-631 Downloads
Larry Reynolds
Values in Conflict: Developing Countries as Social Laboratories pp. 633-641 Downloads
James H. Street
An Institutionalist Perspective on Economic Development pp. 643-650 Downloads
Meb Bolin
Some Major Trade and Development Programs of the European Economic Community with the LDCs: Toward a Common Development Policy? pp. 651-662 Downloads
A. J. Kondonassis
Institutional Economics in Sweden pp. 663-665 Downloads
Peter Söderbaum and Faisal A. Nasr

Volume 18, issue 1, 1984

W. Nelson Peach pp. iv-iv Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Editor’s Introduction pp. v-x Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Fundamentals of an Institutionalist Perspective on Economic Policy pp. 1-17 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Social Reform and Economic Policy pp. 19-44 Downloads
J. R. Stanfield
Institutionalist Reflections on the Role of the Public Sector pp. 45-68 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Economic Stabilization and Inflation pp. 69-100 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
Domestic Monetary Policy: If Not Monetarism, What? pp. 101-116 Downloads
Steven Fazzari and Hyman Minsky
Selective Employment Programs and Economic Policy pp. 117-142 Downloads
Ray Marshall
The Myth is not the Reality: Income Maintenance and Welfare pp. 143-158 Downloads
David Hamilton
Uncertainty, Indicative Planning, and Industrial Policy pp. 159-180 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
A Geobased National Agricultural Policy for Rural Community Enhancement, Environmental Vitality, and Income Stabilization pp. 181-221 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
Public Utility Regulation: A Case Study in the Debate over Effectiveness of Economic Regulation pp. 223-250 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
Shifting the Burden of Environmental Protection pp. 251-274 Downloads
Larry D. Swanson
Foreign Economic Policy: Challenges of the 1980s pp. 275-294 Downloads
John Adams
The Implementation of Economic Development pp. 295-313 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
: Conference of the Dutch Study Circle on Post-Keynesian Economics on “International Keynesianism,” September 1983 pp. 315-323 Downloads
John Groenewegen and Kees van Paridon
The Continuity of Injustice: Agrarian and Alimentary Policy under Mexico’s New Administration pp. 325-334 Downloads
John W. Barchfield
About the Authors pp. 335-338 Downloads
The Editors
Books Received pp. 339-347 Downloads
The Editors
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