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Volume 22, issue 4, 1988

A Research Agenda for Institutional Economics pp. 983-1002 Downloads
William M. Dugger
The Post-Keynesian and Institutionalist Theory of Money and Credit pp. 1003-1021 Downloads
Philip Arestis and Alfred S. Eichner
Economic Policy Imperatives of the American Bishops’ pp. 1023-1033 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
The Dichotomy: Views of a Fifth Generation Institutionalist pp. 1035-1044 Downloads
John R. Munkirs
Is There a Case for Minsky’s Financial Fragility Hypothesis in the 1920s? pp. 1045-1069 Downloads
D. L. Isenberg
Private and Common Property Rights in the Economics of the Environment pp. 1071-1087 Downloads
John Quiggin
Regulatory Concepts, Propositions, and Doctrines: Casualties and Survivors pp. 1089-1108 Downloads
Douglas N. Jones
The Kantian Person/Thing Principle in Political Economy pp. 1109-1122 Downloads
David P. Ellerman
Denmark’s Agricultural Institutions: An Instrumental Evaluation pp. 1123-1141 Downloads
Andrew Larkin
Creating Legitimacy, Reciprocity, and Transfer Programs pp. 1143-1151 Downloads
William Waller
Policy Impacts of Sporhase v. Nebraska pp. 1153-1167 Downloads
Arthur H. Chan
Institutionalists Before Regulatory Commissions: The Value of Doing in Thinking, Teaching, and Writing pp. 1169-1178 Downloads
Michael F. Sheehan
Mini-Mills: A New Growth Path for the U.S. Steel Industry? pp. 1179-1200 Downloads
Christoph Scherrer
Trucking Deregulation: Evolution of a New Power Structure pp. 1201-1211 Downloads
Robert W. Kling
John Dewey’s Conception of Moral Good pp. 1213-1223 Downloads
Marvin E. Kanne
Suggestions for an Agenda for Institutional International Economics: A Review Article pp. 1225-1237 Downloads
Andrew Cornford
In Memoriam: Alfred S. Eichner 1937-1988 pp. 1239-1242 Downloads
James H. Street, Philip Arestis and Marc R. Tool
The Institutionalist Theory of Economic Development, Technological Progress and Social Change: A Comment on James H. Street pp. 1243-1247 Downloads
Ian Inkster
A Comment on Stabile’s Interpretation of Veblen and the Engineers pp. 1247-1249 Downloads
Rick Tilman
Editor’s Report on European-North American Workshop on Institutional Economics the Mansion House at Grim’s Dyke (London), 26-29 June 1988 pp. 1249-1252 Downloads
The Editors
The Reconstruction of Economic Theory pp. 1253-1256 Downloads
Ken Dennis
Managing Industrial Change in Western Europe pp. 1256-1259 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
Mainstreams in Industrial Organization, Books I & II pp. 1260-1264 Downloads
Douglas F. Greer
Political Economy: A Synthesis of Kaleckian and Post Keynesian Economics pp. 1264-1266 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
A Prologue to National Development Planning pp. 1266-1268 Downloads
Dilmus D. James
Technology, the Economy, and Society: The American Experience pp. 1268-1269 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
Psychological Economics: Development, Tensions, Prospects pp. 1269-1273 Downloads
Raphael Sassower
Volumes I – XXII 1967–1988 pp. 1275-1327 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 22, issue 3, 1988

James H. Street pp. v-v Downloads
The Editors
Institutional Dynamics: An Extension of the Institutionalist Approach to Socioeconomic Analysis pp. 633-665 Downloads
Michael J. Radzicki
Radical Institutionalism: Methodological Aspects of the Radical Tradition pp. 667-674 Downloads
William Waller
Classical Mechanics With An Ethical Dimension: Professor Tinhergen’s Economics pp. 675-706 Downloads
Kurt Dopfer
The “Disappearance” of Involuntary Unemployment pp. 707-727 Downloads
Lars Osberg
Corporate Control and the Decapitalization of Subsidiary Corporations: The Looting of the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad pp. 729-745 Downloads
Michael F. Sheehan
Education For Modernization: Meritocratic Myths in China, Mexico, The United States, and Japan pp. 747-762 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
LEP: An Alternative Criterion For Socio-Economic Valuation pp. 763-780 Downloads
Benjamin Ward
Patriarchy, Family Structure and the Exploitation of Women’s Labor pp. 781-794 Downloads
Julia A. Heath and David H. Ciscel
Changing Perspectives on the Factors of Production pp. 795-809 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Energy and Energetics in Economic Theory: A Review Essay pp. 811-830 Downloads
Philip Mirowski
The Economic Theory of Political Decisionmaking: The Annual Conference of the Dutch Study Circle of Post-Keynesian Economics pp. 831-835 Downloads
John Groenewegen, Kees van Paridon and Wicher Schreuders
An Institutionalist Evaluation of the Recent Apparently, But Only Apparently Fatal Attack on Institutionalism pp. 837-851 Downloads
H. H. Liebhafsky
Professor Tinbergen’s Economics: A Comment on Dopfer pp. 851-854 Downloads
Jan Tinbergen
Reply to Jan Tinbergen pp. 854-856 Downloads
Kurt Dopfer
Intrafirm (In) Efficiencies: Neoclassical and X-Efficiency Perspectives pp. 856-863 Downloads
Roger Frantz and Harinder Singh
Of Lookout Cows and the Methodology of Economics pp. 864-867 Downloads
Warren Samuels
The Economic Process: A Structured Approach pp. 869-874 Downloads
Alan W. Dyer and Steven R. Hickerson
Corporations and Society: Power and Responsibility pp. 875-880 Downloads
Joel B. Dirlam
Manufacturing Matters: The Myth of the Postindustrial Economy pp. 880-882 Downloads
Robert A. Solo
The Economics of the Welfare State pp. 882-885 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Closed Borders: the Contemporary Assault on Freedom of Movement pp. 885-887 Downloads
John Adams
Gender in the Workplace pp. 887-889 Downloads
Daphne T. Greenwood
Market, Plan, and State: the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Two World Economic Systems pp. 889-892 Downloads
Doug Brown
The Keynesian Revolution and its Critics pp. 892-895 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Keynes and Economic Development pp. 895-898 Downloads
Robert W. Brazelton
Public Regulation: New Perspectives on Institutions and Policies pp. 899-902 Downloads
Eugene P. Coyle
Medical Care, Medical Costs: the Search for a Health Insurance Policy pp. 902-905 Downloads
Jerome Joffe
The Political Morality of the International Monetary Fund pp. 906-908 Downloads
Ronnie Phillips
The American Political Economy: Macroeconomics and Electoral Politics in the United States pp. 908-911 Downloads
William S. Brown
The Skeptical Economist pp. 911-914 Downloads
Solomon Barkin
Beliefs about Inequality pp. 914-917 Downloads
Walter C. (Mike) Wagner
Books Received pp. 919-930 Downloads
The Editors
Section I: Biographies of Members of the Association for Evolutionary Economics pp. 931-958 Downloads
The Editors
Section II: Classification of Members of the Association for Evolutionary Economics by Fields of Specialization pp. 959-962 Downloads
The Editors
Section III: Mailing Addresses Members of the Association for Evolutionary Economics pp. 963-979 Downloads
The Editors
Section IV: Classification of Members of the Association for Evolutionary Economics by Occupation pp. 981-982 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 22, issue 2, 1988

The Veblen-Commons Award: James H. Street pp. 323-326 Downloads
James L. Dietz and Dilmus D. James
The Making of an Applied Institutionalist pp. 327-337 Downloads
James H. Street
Accumulation and Utilization of Internal Technological Capabilities in the Third World pp. 338-353 Downloads
Dilmus D. James
The Financial Linkages between the Development and Acquisition of Technology pp. 355-362 Downloads
S. Craig Justice
Basic Needs Approach, Appropriate Technolgy, and Institutionalism pp. 363-370 Downloads
Mohammad Omar Farooq
Technology as Merchandise and as Gift: Lessons From Private American Aid to the Contras pp. 371-379 Downloads
Alan W. Dyer
The Brazilian Motor Vehicle Industry: A Holistic Approach to Project Evaluation pp. 381-388 Downloads
Mark Stephens and William E. Cole
Economic Development and Employment: Agroindustrialization in Mexico’s El Bajío pp. 389-396 Downloads
Linda Wilcox Young
Contemporary Philosophy of Science and Neoinstitutional Thought pp. 397-405 Downloads
Ann Mari May and John R. Sellers
The Role of Values in Economic Theory and Policy: A Comparison of Frank Knight and John R. Commons pp. 407-414 Downloads
David B. Schweikhardt and John R. Sellers
Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes in a Sociotechnical Setting pp. 415-426 Downloads
Gregory F. Hayden
The Human Predicament: Society, Institutions, and Individuals pp. 427-434 Downloads
Don Kanel
Of Paradigms and Politics pp. 435-441 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Combining New Job Creation with Advanced Technology Adoptions: British Innovative Local Economic Efforts pp. 443-449 Downloads
Peter B. Meyer
Worker Participation in Employee-Owned Firms pp. 451-458 Downloads
Patrick Michael Rooney
Solving the U.S. Trade Deficit and Competitiveness Problem pp. 459-467 Downloads
William A. Lovett
Technological Change: Disaggregation and Overseas Production pp. 469-475 Downloads
John R. Munkirs
Recent Theories of Direct Foreign Investment: An Institutionalist Perspective pp. 477-484 Downloads
Brent McClintock
The Impact of Technology Transfer on the Structure of the Saudi Arabian Labor Force pp. 485-492 Downloads
Robert E. Looney
New Technology and Culture Change in Traditional Societies pp. 493-498 Downloads
William C. Schaniel
The Contribution of Simon S. Kuznets to Institutionalist Development Theory pp. 499-509 Downloads
James H. Street
Some New Approaches to Evolutionary Economics pp. 511-531 Downloads
Norman Clark
The Minsky-Simons Connection: A Neglected Thread in the History of Economic Thought pp. 533-544 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Financial Instability and Income Distribution pp. 545-553 Downloads
Marc Jarsulic
Transmission Technology and Electric Utility Regulation pp. 555-562 Downloads
Kenneth Nowotny
Natural Resource Management in Agriculture: An Institutional Analysis of the 1985 Farm Bill pp. 563-570 Downloads
Jane E. Luzar
Economics of Organ Procurement and Allocation pp. 571-579 Downloads
R. Larry Reynolds and L. Dwayne Barney
The Increasing Importance of Financial Capital in the U.S. Economy pp. 581-588 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Institutional Structure and Deindustrialization pp. 589-597 Downloads
William S. Brown
Institutional Origins of the Military-Industrial Complex pp. 599-606 Downloads
Bruce G. Brunton
Housing Theory and Policy pp. 607-609 Downloads
W. Paul Strassmann
Does AID Work? pp. 609-610 Downloads
Robert L. Curry
Military Expenditures in Third World Countries the Economic Effects pp. 611-613 Downloads
Greg Bischak
Veblen: Social Theorist and Social Critic: A Guide to Original and Secondary Sources pp. 613-615 Downloads
Rick Tilman
The Money Mandarins pp. 615-619 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
The Transformation of American Industrial Relations pp. 619-622 Downloads
Lonnie Golden
Unheard Voices: Labor and Economic Policy in a Competitive World pp. 622-626 Downloads
Marvin E. Rozen
Technology and Employment: Concepts and Clarifications pp. 626-630 Downloads
Yngve Ramstad
Wage Determination and Incomes Policy in Open Economies pp. 630-631 Downloads
Wolfgang Blaas

Volume 22, issue 1, 1988

Erratum pp. vii-vii Downloads
The Editors
The Macroeconomic Legacy of Reaganomics pp. 1-16 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
Petroleum Producing and Consuming Countries: A Coalescence of Interests pp. 17-31 Downloads
John R. Munkirs and Janet T. Knoedler
Trading Water: Market Extension, Social Improvement, or What? pp. 33-47 Downloads
James A. Swaney
Systemic Viability and Credit Crunches: An Examination of Recent Canadian Cyclical Fluctuations pp. 49-77 Downloads
Mario Seccareccia
An Institutional Analysis of Corporate Power pp. 79-111 Downloads
William M. Dugger
The Concept of Habit in Economic Analysis pp. 113-126 Downloads
William Waller
Appraisals and Rational Reconstructions of General Competitive Equilibrium Theory pp. 127-155 Downloads
Mayo C. Toruño
Economic Theory as an Art Form pp. 157-166 Downloads
Alan W. Dyer
Ideology Masked as Science: Shielding Economics from Criticism pp. 167-179 Downloads
Raphael Sassower
C. B. Macpherson’s Contributions to Democratic Theory pp. 181-196 Downloads
Michael Clarke and Rick Tilman
Building an Institutionalist Theory of Regulation pp. 197-209 Downloads
Robert W. Kling
Veblen’s Analysis of Social Movements: Bellamyites, Workers, and Engineers pp. 211-226 Downloads
Donald Stabile
In Memoriam: Gunnar Myrdal’s Contribution to Institutional Economics pp. 227-231 Downloads
Kurt Dopfer
Reply to Martin and Mayhew on “Early American Leaders” pp. 232-233 Downloads
Martin Bronfenbrenner
Three Different Ways to Tie Your Shoelaces: Comment on Hodgson pp. 233-244 Downloads
Neil M. Kay
On Informational Reductionism: A Reply to Kay pp. 244-249 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
A Comment on pp. 249-251 Downloads
Daphne T. Greenwood
The Economic Thought of Karl Polanyi: Lives and Livelihood pp. 253-268 Downloads
Walter C. Neale, Allen M. Sievers and Daniel R. Fusfeld
The Bigness Complex pp. 269-275 Downloads
William M. Dugger and Douglas F. Greer
Wage Rigidity and Unemployment pp. 277-279 Downloads
Nick Adnett
Economics as Culture: Models and Metaphors of Livelihood pp. 279-281 Downloads
J. R. Stanfield
The Humanization of the Social Sciences pp. 281-285 Downloads
Harold Wolozin
Benefit, Cost and Beyond. the Political Economy of Benefit-Cost Analysis pp. 285-287 Downloads
Peter Söderbaum
The Economics of Michal Kalecki pp. 287-291 Downloads
William S. Brown
Managing Macroeconomic Policy: The Johnson Presidency pp. 291-293 Downloads
Ann Mari May
Development, Democracy, and the Art of Trespassing: Essays in Honor of Albert O. Hirschman pp. 294-296 Downloads
James L. Dietz
Plant Closings: Power, Politics, and Workers pp. 296-300 Downloads
Michael F. Sheehan
Up from the Ashes: The Rise of the Steel Minimill in the United States pp. 300-303 Downloads
Hans Mueller
The Swedish Economy pp. 303-307 Downloads
Philip Arestis
For a Humane Economic Democracy pp. 307-311 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
Books Received pp. 313-321 Downloads
The Editors
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