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Volume 26, issue 4, 1992

European Contributions to Institutional Thought: An Introduction pp. 1003-1005 Downloads
Anne Mayhew and Sven-Erik Sjöstrand
On the Rationale behind “Irrational” Institutions pp. 1007-1040 Downloads
Sven-Erik Sjöstrand
Wage Bargaining Institutions, Adaptability, and Structural Change: The Swedish Experience pp. 1041-1061 Downloads
Ramana Ramaswamy
The European Market for Aviation: A Sociological Inquiry into the Political Economy of a Complexly Organized Market pp. 1063-1094 Downloads
Atle Midttun
COllstructing the Economic Spectacle: The Role of Currency Union in the German Unification Process pp. 1095-1115 Downloads
Otto Singer
Private Policies and the Autonomy of Enterprise: Danish Local and National Industrial Policy pp. 1117-1144 Downloads
Ove K. Pedersen, Niels Å. Andersen and Peter Kjaer
Alternative Approaches to Money and Interest Rates pp. 1145-1178 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
The Coase Theorem as a Negative Externality pp. 1179-1189 Downloads
E. Ray Canterbery and Akbar Marvasti
Distribution of Lifetime Income Allowing for Varying Mortality Rates among Women, Men, Blacks, and Whites pp. 1191-1220 Downloads
J. Paul Leigh
Institutional Economics in China: Yenching University, 1917-1941 pp. 1221-1255 Downloads
Paul B. Trescott
Erratum pp. 1257-1258 Downloads
The Editors
Verification in Economics and History: A Sequel to “Scientifization.” pp. 1259-1262 Downloads
Steven Medema
Afrer Marx and Sraffa: Essays in Political Economy pp. 1262-1266 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Antitrust Economics on Trial: A Dialogue on the New Laissez-Faire pp. 1267-1268 Downloads
Michael F. Sheehan
Eisenhower and the Management of Prosperity pp. 1268-1271 Downloads
Ann Mari May
Morality, Rationality, and Efficiency: New Perspectives on Socio-Economics pp. 1271-1275 Downloads
Timothy Brennan
The Market Experience pp. 1275-1277 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
A Modern Guide to Economic Thought pp. 1277-1280 Downloads
Lafayette G. Harter
The End of Economic Man: Principles of any Future Economics pp. 1280-1282 Downloads
Cynthia M. Browning
Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing of the World’s Economy and the Earth’s Ecology pp. 1282-1285 Downloads
Gerald F. Vaughn
Beyond Keynesianism. The Socio-Economics of Production and Full Employment pp. 1285-1287 Downloads
Christopher Brown
The Radical Right and the Welfare State: An International Assessment pp. 1287-1289 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Antitrust, Innovation, and Competitiveness pp. 1290-1293 Downloads
Janet T. Knoedler
Keynes’s General Theory and Accumulation pp. 1294-1298 Downloads
Paul Davidson
The Joan Robinson Legacy pp. 1299-1301 Downloads
W. Robert Brazelton
The Labor Market as a Social Institution pp. 1301-1303 Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
The Role of Banks in the Interwar Economy pp. 1303-1305 Downloads
Jane Knodell
Electronic Money Flows: The Molding of a New Financial Orde pp. 1305-1309 Downloads
George D. Choksy
If You’re so Smart: The Narrative of Economic Expertise pp. 1310-1313 Downloads
Margaret Lewis
Capital Ideas: The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street pp. 1313-1316 Downloads
Robert Frasch
Volume XXVI – 1992 pp. 1317-1325 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 26, issue 3, 1992

Market Institutions, East European Reform, and Economic Theory pp. 673-705 Downloads
Rey Koslowski
Legal Foundations of the Market: Implications for the Formerly Socialist Countries of Eastern Europe and Africa pp. 707-732 Downloads
A. Allan Schmid
Some Considerations on the Causes of Structural Change in Financial Markets pp. 733-747 Downloads
Jan Kregel
The Reconstruction of Economics: Is There Still a Place for Neoclassical Theory? pp. 749-767 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
The Structure of Electric Utility Least Cost Planning pp. 769-789 Downloads
David Berry
Symbolic Interactionism and Institutionalism: Common Roots pp. 791-812 Downloads
John T. Harvey and Michael A. Katovich
F. H. Knight on Capitalism and Freedom pp. 813-844 Downloads
R. A. Gonce
The Political Economy of Latin America: The Colombian Experience during the 1980s pp. 845-864 Downloads
Alberto Supelano
Keynes’s Principle(s) of Effective Demand: Redefining His Revolution pp. 865-890 Downloads
Richard X. Chase
The Implication of “Process” pp. 891-899 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
A Note on Gary Becker’s Use of Metaphor pp. 900-904 Downloads
Neva Seidman Makgetla
John R. Commons and Endogenous Money: A Comment on Niggle pp. 904-907 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Editor’s Notes pp. 909-910 Downloads
The Editors
Institutional Economics in the Nordic Countries pp. 911-914 Downloads
Peter Soderbaum
Environment, Growth, and Sustainability pp. 915-919 Downloads
John Groenewegen, Wicher Schreuders and Kees Van Paridon
Serious and Unstable Condition: Financing America’s Health Care pp. 921-923 Downloads
R. Larry Reynolds
Evolutionary Economics: A Study of Change in Economic Thought pp. 923-925 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Looking Forward: Participatory Economics for the Twenty First Century pp. 925-929 Downloads
Doug Brown
Controversies in Post Keynesian Economics pp. 929-933 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
European Integration, the Role of Technology pp. 933-935 Downloads
John Ghoenewegen
The Economic Consequences of the Vietnam War pp. 935-938 Downloads
Steven Pressman
Why Aren’t Economists as Important as Garbage Men? Essays on the State of Economics pp. 938-941 Downloads
David A. Martin
Assets and the Poor: A New American Welfare Policy pp. 941-945 Downloads
David Hamilton
Providing Food Security for All; Politics and Poverty: A Critique of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations pp. 946-949 Downloads
Thomas R. Degregori
Human Capital and America’s Future: An Economic Strategy for the ’90s; Keeping College Affordable: Government and Educational Opportunity pp. 950-953 Downloads
Janice Peterson
Defense Expenditures, Industrial Conversion and Local Employment pp. 953-955 Downloads
Emil Friberg
Bureaucracy, Economy, and Leadership in China: The Institutional Origins of the Great Leap Forward pp. 956-958 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Political Economy and American Capitalism pp. 958-961 Downloads
Glen Atkinson
Parallel Politics: Economic Policy Making in Japan and the United States pp. 961-963 Downloads
Harold G. Vatter
Reinventing Rationality: The Role of Regulatory Analysis in the Federal Bureaucracy pp. 963-966 Downloads
Timothy Brennan
Value-Free Science? Purity and Power in Modern Knowledge pp. 966-968 Downloads
E. E. Liebhafsky
Cooperation for International Development: The United States and the Third World in the 1990s pp. 968-971 Downloads
Dilmus James
Books Received pp. 973-1001 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 26, issue 2, 1992

Introduction of Award Recipient: Wallace C. Peterson pp. 333-336 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
What Is to Be Done? pp. 337-348 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
Nature, Hammers, and Picasso pp. 350-364 Downloads
James I. Sturgeon
Sharecropping Chicago Style: The Oppressed Landlord and the Inefficient Peasant pp. 365-372 Downloads
James Peach and Kenneth Nowotny
Overcoming Underdevelopment: What Has Been Learned from the East Asian and Latin American Experiences? pp. 373-383 Downloads
James L. Dietz
Rural-Urban Migration and Underemployment among Females in the Brazilian Northeast pp. 385-395 Downloads
Peter J. Eaton
The Corporation versus the Market pp. 397-405 Downloads
John Adams
Can Privatization Be Inefficient?: The Case of the Chesapeake Bay Oyster Fishery pp. 407-419 Downloads
George D. Santopietro and Leonard Shabman
The European Community and Multinational Enterprises: Lessons in the Social Control of Industry pp. 421-432 Downloads
Anthony Scaperlanda
Financial Innovations and Veblen’s Theory of Financial Markets pp. 433-440 Downloads
J. Patrick Raines and Charles G. Leathers
Public Policy and the Economic Status of Women in the United States pp. 441-448 Downloads
Janice Peterson
JOBS for Welfare Recipients: A Promising Program Faces Many Problems pp. 449-456 Downloads
Carol Dawn Petersen
An Institutionalist Critique of Sraman Economics pp. 457-468 Downloads
Charles M. A. Clark
The Individual in a Going Concern pp. 469-476 Downloads
Glen Atkinson and Mike Reed
Rickshaws, Treadmills, Galley Slaves, and Chernobyl pp. 477-483 Downloads
David Hamilton
Institutional Economics of Radhakamal Mukerjee pp. 485-492 Downloads
Dipendra Sinha
The European Answer to the Dilemmas of Competition, Cooperation, and Mergers pp. 493-511 Downloads
J. Groenewegen and P.R. Beije
Institutional Reform in East-Central Europe: Hungarian and Polish Contract Law pp. 513-523 Downloads
Daniel T. Ostas
Probing the Legal-Economic Nexus: Takings, 1978-1988 pp. 525-534 Downloads
Steven Medema
Institutionalists, Radical Economists, and Class pp. 535-544 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Institutionalism and the Postmodern Politics of Social Change pp. 545-552 Downloads
Doug Brown
Caste, Class, and Social Change: An Institutionalist Perspective pp. 553-560 Downloads
Ann Mari May
The Great Retrenchment: Pecuniary Gains and Industrial Losses pp. 561-571 Downloads
William M. Dugger
The Comparative Institutions of Profit Sharing: The U.S. Computer Industry pp. 573-582 Downloads
Michael D. Bradley and Stephen Smith
Contingent Compensation: (How) Does It Affect Company Performance? pp. 583-592 Downloads
Michael A. Conte
ESOPS, Producer Co-ops, and Traditional Firms: Are They Different? pp. 593-603 Downloads
Patrick Michael Rooney
Worker-Managed Firms, Democratic Principles, and the Evolution of Financial Relations pp. 605-613 Downloads
Charles P. Rock and Mark A. Klinedinst
Economic Development in Iraq: Factors Underlying the Relative Deterioration of Human Capital Formation pp. 615-622 Downloads
Robert E. Looney
Market versus Command and Control Environmental Policies pp. 623-633 Downloads
James A. Swaney
Economics and Merger Mania: A Critique of Efficient Markets Theory pp. 635-643 Downloads
Robert Prasch
The Strike as Management Strategy pp. 645-659 Downloads
Ruth A. Bandzak
Efficiency and Privacy in Public Subsidies to Private Businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom pp. 661-669 Downloads
Peter B. Meyer
Editor’s Notes pp. 671-671 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 26, issue 1, 1992

A Personal Note from the Editor Emeritus pp. vi-vi Downloads
The Editors
The Economics of Biodiversity: Lives and Lifestyles pp. 1-25 Downloads
James A. Swaney and Paulette I. Olson
Rethinking Environmental Economics: Missing Links between Economic Theory and Environmental Policy pp. 27-51 Downloads
Frank J. Dietz and Jan van der Straaten
Overlap of Organizations: Corporate Transorganization and Veblen’s Thesis on Higher Education pp. 53-85 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden and Kurt Stephenson
A Network Analysis of Markets pp. 87-114 Downloads
P.R. Beije and J. Groenewegen
The Economics of Progress pp. 115-124 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
Economic Change in Italy in the Fourteenth Century: The Case of Siena pp. 125-134 Downloads
John Adams
Institutional Developments and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy pp. 135-157 Downloads
Philip Arestis and Peter Howells
Monopoly, The Holding Company, and Asset Stripping: The Case of Yellow Pages pp. 159-182 Downloads
Evan D. White and Michael F. Sheehan
Changes in Energy Consumption, 1970–1989, and Energy Policy in the United States pp. 183-196 Downloads
Kenneth Nowotny and James Peach
A Clarification of the Concept of “Instrumental Valuation” in Institutional Economics pp. 197-208 Downloads
Michael F. Sheehan and Rick Tilman
Corporate Appropriation of Treasury Revenues under Safe Harbor Leasing pp. 209-219 Downloads
Barney F. Hope
A Methodology for Pattern Modeling Nonlinear Macroeconomic Dynamics pp. 221-242 Downloads
David Carrier
Can JOBS Help the Underclass Break the Cycle of Poverty? pp. 243-254 Downloads
Carol Dawn Petersen
End of the Debate? pp. 255-256 Downloads
Jan Tinbergen
What Is Saving, and Who Gets the Credit (Blame)? pp. 256-262 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
A Comment on Lanciaux’s Critique of the Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments pp. 262-270 Downloads
Moosa Valinezhad
The Monetary -Approach to the Balance of Payments: A Reply to Valinezhad pp. 270-273 Downloads
Bernadette Lanciaux
The Greatest-Ever Bank Robbery: The Collapse of the Savings and Loan Industry; A State of Risk: Will Government-Sponsored Enterprises Be the Next Financial Crisis? pp. 275-284 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
Transfer Spending, Taxes, and the American Welfare State pp. 284-286 Downloads
William Waller
The Business Cycle, Growth and Crisis under Capitalism pp. 287-292 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Beyond the Marketplace: Rethinking Economy and Society pp. 292-294 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
The Political Economy of Participatory Economics pp. 294-297 Downloads
Doug Brown
The Political Theory of Swedish Social Democracy: Through the Welfare State to Socialism pp. 298-300 Downloads
Peter Söderbaum
Money and Credit in Capitalist Economies: The Endogeneous Money Approach pp. 301-305 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Husbands at Home: The Domestic Economy in a Postindustrial Society pp. 305-307 Downloads
Janice Peterson
Gardiner C. Means: Institutionalist and Post Keynesian pp. 308-312 Downloads
Warren S. Gramm
Labor Market Adjustments to Structural Change and Technological Progress pp. 312-314 Downloads
Markley Roberts
From Industry to Arms. The Political Economy of High Technology pp. 315-318 Downloads
Richard B. Du Boff
The State and Economic Knowledge pp. 318-320 Downloads
Robert T. Averitt
Economics and the Philosophy of Science pp. 320-324 Downloads
Ken Dennis
The Capitalist Economies: Prospects for the 1990s pp. 324-327 Downloads
Steven Pressman
Macroeconomics after Thatcher and Reagan: The Conservative Policy Revolution in Retrospect pp. 327-330 Downloads
Charles B. Garrison
The State of Working America: 1990–91 Edition pp. 330-331 Downloads
Roger L. Adkins
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