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Volume 31, issue 4, 1997

The Social Psychological Underpinnings of Commons’s Institutional Economics: The Significance of Dewey’s pp. 881-916 Downloads
Alexa Albert and Yngve Ramstad
Multipliers and Life Cycles: A Comparison of Methods for Evaluating Tourism and Its Impacts pp. 917-932 Downloads
L. Alex Tooman
John R. Commons and the Special Interest Issue: Not Really out of Date pp. 933-950 Downloads
J. Dennis Chasse
Foreign Finance and the Collapse of the Mexican Peso pp. 951-968 Downloads
Arne Kildegaard
Strategies for Maintaining Market Power in the Face of Rapidly Changing Technologies pp. 969-990 Downloads
Robin Mansell
Institutionalist and Marxist Theories of Evolution pp. 991-1010 Downloads
William M. Dugger and Howard J. Sherman
Veblen and Technical Efficiency pp. 1011-1026 Downloads
Janet T. Knoedler
Toward a Culture-Conception of Technology pp. 1027-1038 Downloads
Richard Brinkman
Efficiency and Service in the Group Home Industry pp. 1039-1050 Downloads
William Van Lear and Lynette Fowler
Can We Save Veblen and Ayres from Their Saviors? pp. 1051-1056 Downloads
David Hamilton
Can We Save Veblen and Ayres from Their Saviors? A Response to Professor Klein pp. 1057-1058 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
A Note on the Performing Arts pp. 1059-1060 Downloads
Paul Diesing
A Note on the Performing Arts: Counterpoint pp. 1060-1062 Downloads
Arthur C. Brooks
John Kenneth Galbraith pp. 1063-1066 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Inequality: Radical Institutionalist Views on Race, Gender, Class and Nation pp. 1066-1071 Downloads
Michael Keaney
Intellectual Odyssey: an Economist’s Ideological Journey pp. 1072-1074 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
The Sources of Economic Growth pp. 1074-1076 Downloads
Thomas R. Degregori
The State of the Nation: Government and the Quest for a Better Society pp. 1076-1078 Downloads
Timothy J. Essenburg
Legacies of Change: Transformations of Postcommunist European Economies; Agricultural Landownership in Transitional Economies; Transitions in Land and Housing: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Poland pp. 1079-1084 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
The Capitalist Revolution in Latin America pp. 1084-1089 Downloads
Richard V. Adkisson
Revolution from Above: The Demise of the Soviet System pp. 1086-1088 Downloads
Howard J. Sherman
Economics and Reality pp. 1089-1092 Downloads
Jonathon E. Mote
Values, Nature, and Culture in the American Corporation pp. 1092-1096 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Contaminated Land pp. 1096-1098 Downloads
Daniel A. Underwood
Design Within Disorder pp. 1099-1104 Downloads
Janet T. Knoedler
Index Volume XXXI -1997 pp. 1105-1111 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 31, issue 3, 1997

Consumed in Theory: Alternative Perspectives on the Economics of Consumption pp. 651-664 Downloads
Frank Ackerman
Theoretical Issues of Gender in the Transition from Socialist Regimes pp. 665-686 Downloads
Ulla Grapard
Markets, Flexibility, and Family: Evaluating the Gendered Discourse against Pay Equity pp. 687-706 Downloads
Ellen Mutari and Deborah M. Figart
The Working Poor and Welfare Recipiency: Participation, Evidence, and Policy Directions pp. 707-728 Downloads
Marlene Kim and Thanos Mergoupis
How Institutions Learn: A Socio-Cognitive Perspective pp. 729-740 Downloads
Johan Stein
Mirowski’s Thesis and the “Integrability Problem” in Neoclassical Economics pp. 741-760 Downloads
Mathieu J. Carlson
The Political Coase Theorem: Identifying Differences between Neoclassical and Critical Institutionalism pp. 761-780 Downloads
Bhaskar Vira
The Nature of Transaction Cost Economics pp. 781-804 Downloads
Stephen Pratten
Perverse Social Capital—Some Evidence from Colombia pp. 805-816 Downloads
Mauricio Rubio
The Intellectual Antecedents of Thorstein Veblen: A Case for John Bates Clark pp. 817-825 Downloads
Donald Stabile
Job Assurance—The Job Guarantee Revisited pp. 826-834 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Crafting Institutions and the Determination of Their Hierarchy in Environmental Policymaking: The Platte River as a Case Study pp. 834-840 Downloads
Youngseok Yang
Editor’s Notes pp. 841-841 Downloads
The Editors
Empirical Studies in Institutional Change pp. 843-846 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Poetic Justice pp. 847-849 Downloads
Kevin Quinn
Women, Culture, and Development: A Study of Human Capabilities pp. 849-851 Downloads
Eiman Zein-Elabdin
The Struggle for Australian Industrial Relations pp. 851-854 Downloads
Suzanne Jahn Konzelmann
Accounting for Tastes pp. 854-859 Downloads
Wilfred Dolfsma
Unlevel Playing Fields: Understanding Wage Inequality and Discrimination pp. 859-863 Downloads
Jennifer Long
The State of Americans pp. 863-865 Downloads
Janice Peterson
Communication by Design: The Politics of Information and Communication Technologies pp. 865-867 Downloads
Robert E. Babe
Institutions for Environmental AID: Pitfalls and Promise pp. 867-870 Downloads
Jouni Paavola
Getting Down to Earth: Practical Applications of Ecological Economics pp. 870-872 Downloads
Patrick Dolenc Dalendina
Post Keynesian Economics: Debt, Distribution and the Macro Economy pp. 872-875 Downloads
David Dequech
Books Received pp. 877-880 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 31, issue 2, 1997

The Veblen-Commons Award pp. 307-309 Downloads
Seymour Melman and Jerry L. Petr
From Private to State Capitalism: How the Permanent War Economy Transformed the Institutions of American Capitalism pp. 311-332 Downloads
Seymour Melman
Institutions of Capitalisms: American, European, and Japanese Systems Compared pp. 333-348 Downloads
John Groenewegen
The Interaction of Market Failure and Structural Adjustment in Producer Credit and Land Markets: The Case of Nicaragua pp. 349-358 Downloads
Jon Jonakin
The Grameen Bank as Progressive Institutional Adjustment pp. 359-366 Downloads
Alexandra Bernasek and James Ronald Stanfield
The Organizational Contexts of Decisions to Invest in Environmentally Risky Urban Properties pp. 367-374 Downloads
Kristen R. Yount
The Transaction in a Many Language Hypothesis pp. 375-384 Downloads
J. Dennis Chasse
Capital and Labor in the Emerging Global Economy pp. 385-391 Downloads
Glen Atkinson
Brownlining Banks: The Bank Merger Movement and Urban Redevelopment pp. 393-400 Downloads
Peter B. Meyer and Christopher W. Reaves
Institutional Arrangements and Firm Behavior: The Case of Common Forests in Sweden pp. 401-408 Downloads
Jerry Blomberg and Mats Nilsson
Institutional Processes from John R. Commons to Michael Walzer: An Image of the Market as a Sphere of Human Interaction pp. 409-415 Downloads
Daniel Rush Finn
The Rhetoricality of Economic Theory: Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Thorstein Veblen pp. 417-424 Downloads
Margaret Lewis and David Sebberson
“Ending Welfare as We Know It”: The Symbolic Importance of Welfare Policy in America pp. 425-432 Downloads
Janice Peterson
Class Conflict, American Style: Distract and Conquer pp. 433-444 Downloads
Frederick R. Strobel and Wallace C. Peterson
The Long Stagnation and the Class Struggle pp. 445-452 Downloads
John Bellamy Foster
Measuring Corporate Power: Assessing the Options pp. 453-460 Downloads
Randy R. Grant
Technology and Industrial Development in Japan: An Evolutionary Perspective pp. 461-472 Downloads
Hiroyuki Odagiri
Postimperialism and the Promotion of a Japanese Model of Economic Development pp. 473-478 Downloads
Bernadette Lanciaux
The School and Original Institutionalist Economics pp. 481-490 Downloads
James Ronald Stanfield and Michael Carroll
A Tribute to Hyman P. Minsky pp. 491-492 Downloads
Dimitri Papadimitriou and L. Randall Wray
The Institutional Prerequisites for Successful Capitalism pp. 493-500 Downloads
Dimitri Papadimitriou and L. Randall Wray
Deciphering Minsky’s Wall Street Paradigm pp. 501-508 Downloads
Gary Dymski
Rethinking Bank Examinations: A Minsky Approach pp. 509-516 Downloads
Ronnie Phillips
Money-Manager Capitalism and the End of Shared Prosperity pp. 517-525 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
At the Root of the Financial Instability Hypothesis: “Induced Investment and Business Cycles” pp. 527-534 Downloads
Domenico Delli Gatti and Mauro Gallegati
Some Reflections on Financial Fragility in Banking and Finance pp. 535-542 Downloads
Victoria Chick
Margins of Safety and Weight of the Argument in Generating Financial Fragility pp. 543-548 Downloads
Jan Kregel
The International Implications of the United States Telecommunications Act pp. 549-556 Downloads
Edward A. Comor
Market Power, Innovation, and Efficiency in Telecommunications: Schumpeter Reconsidered pp. 557-565 Downloads
Johannes M. Bauer
Enabling Myths and Mexico’s Economic Crises (1976-1996) pp. 567-574 Downloads
James T. Peach and Richard V. Adkisson
Culture, Natural Law, and the Restoration of Community pp. 575-584 Downloads
Dell Champlin
Blind Drift and the Rightist State pp. 585-594 Downloads
Mayo C. Toruflo
Downsizing Government: Size and Institutionalist Principles pp. 595-604 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Political and Economic Analysis of Low-Level Radioactive Waste pp. 605-614 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden and Steven R. Bolduc
Expectations and Rational Expectations in the Foreign Exchange Market pp. 615-622 Downloads
John T. Harvey and Stephen F. Quinn
Game Theory Models with Instrumentally Irrational Players: A Case Study of Civil War and Sectarian Cleansing pp. 623-632 Downloads
Mark Tomass
Thorstein Veblen and Henry George on War, Conflict, and the Military: An Institutionalist Connection pp. 633-640 Downloads
Jim Horner and John Martinez
Global Taxation: A Search for Generalizable Precedents pp. 641-648 Downloads
Myron J. Frankman
Editor’s Notes pp. 649-649 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 31, issue 1, 1997

A Strategic Deconstruction of John R. Commons’s Regulatory Discourse pp. 1-28 Downloads
Mark A. Covaleski, Mark W. Dirsmith and Sajay Samuel
Padded Prowess: A Veblenian Interpretation of the Long Hours of Salaried Workers pp. 29-38 Downloads
Alan Day Haight
The Role of Opportunism in Transaction Cost Economics pp. 39-58 Downloads
Maria Moschandreas
Resource-Advantage Theory: An Evolutionary Theory of Competitive Firm Behavior? pp. 59-78 Downloads
Shelby D. Hunt
Economic Transition at the Edge of Order and Chaos: China’s Dualist and Leading Sectoral Approach pp. 79-102 Downloads
Dengjian Jin and Kingsley E. Haynes
A New Measure of Macroeconomic Performance and Institutional Change: The Index of Community, Warranted Knowledge, and Participation pp. 103-128 Downloads
Phillip Anthony O’Hara
A Comparative Analysis of Cases of Conflictual Labor Relations in the Corn Processing, Steel, Paper, and Coal Industries pp. 129-144 Downloads
Adrienne M. Birecree and Suzanne Konzelmann
The Capital Theory Approach to Sustainability: A Critical Appraisal pp. 145-174 Downloads
David Stern
Financial Instability Reconsidered: Orthodox Theories versus Historical Facts pp. 175-196 Downloads
Brenda Spotton Visano
Toward a Demand-Side Cure for Cost Disease in the Performing Arts pp. 197-208 Downloads
Arthur C. Brooks
The Modern Free Banking School: A Review pp. 209-222 Downloads
Shirley J. Gedeon
From “Mom and Pop” to Wal-Mart: The Impact of the Consumer Goods Pricing Act of 1975 on the Retail Sector in the United States pp. 223-232 Downloads
David W. Boyd
The Return to Barbarism pp. 233-244 Downloads
Clifford S. Poirot
A Note on the Intellectual Connection between Albert Einstein and Thorstein Veblen pp. 245-251 Downloads
William T. Ganley
On the New Institutionalist Story about the Former Socialist Economies pp. 251-254 Downloads
Peter Z. Grossman
Teleology, Time’s Arrow, and New Institutionalist Economics: A Response to Peter Z. Grossman pp. 255-260 Downloads
Peter M. Lichtenstein
A Note on “In Defense of the Minimum Wage” pp. 261-263 Downloads
Charles C. Fischer
Reflections on the Minimum Wage pp. 263-265 Downloads
William Van Lear
The Minimum Wage Revisited pp. 265-267 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Editor’s Notes pp. 269-269 Downloads
The Editors
Planning as Persuasive Storytelling: The Rhetorical Construction of Chicago’s Electric Future pp. 271-273 Downloads
Glen Atkinson
Communication and the Transformation of Economics: Essays in Information, Public Policy, and Political Economy pp. 274-276 Downloads
Ken Dennis
Facing the Technological Challenge pp. 276-278 Downloads
Norman Clark
Work and Welfare: The Social Cost of Labor in the History of Economic Thought pp. 279-281 Downloads
Dell Champlin
International Tourism pp. 281-284 Downloads
L. Alex Tooman
Silent Revolution: The Rise of Market Economics in Latin America pp. 284-286 Downloads
Ilene Grabel
America Unequal pp. 287-289 Downloads
Charles M. A. Clark
Post Keynesian Economics: An Annotated Bibliography pp. 289-292 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
Economic Analysis of Institutions and Systems pp. 292-294 Downloads
James Ronald Stanfield
Technology and Industrial Progress: The Foundations of Economic Progress pp. 294-295 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
Books Received pp. 297-305 Downloads
The Editors
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