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Volume 19, issue 4, 1985

A Theory of Socioeconomic Change: Entropic Processes, Technology, and Evolutionary Development pp. 797-823 Downloads
Richard X. Chase
The Rationalist Conception of Action pp. 825-851 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Economics, Ecology, and Entropy pp. 853-865 Downloads
James A. Swaney
Distribution Theory: Scientific Analysis or Moral Philosophy? pp. 867-878 Downloads
Royall Brandis
The Utopian Vision of Edward Bellamy and Thorstein Veblen pp. 879-898 Downloads
Rick Tilman
Oligopolistic Cooperation: Conceptual and Empirical Evidence of Market Structure Evolution pp. 899-921 Downloads
John R. Munkirs and James I. Sturgeon
Monetarism and Beyond: The Dilemma of the Southern Cone Countries: A Review Article pp. 923-937 Downloads
James H. Street
Mini-Symposium on Property Rights pp. 939-940 Downloads
The Editors
Institutionally Determined Property Claims pp. 941-949 Downloads
R. Larry Reynolds
Property in Land as Cultural Imperialism: or, Why Ethnocentric Ideas Won’t Work in India and Africa pp. 951-958 Downloads
Walter C. Neale
Dangers in Using the Idea of Property Rights: Modern Property Rights Theory and the Neo-Classical Trap pp. 959-966 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
Marshall Revisited: A Reply pp. 967-974 Downloads
Hans E. Jensen
Comment on “The Instrumentalisms of Dewey and Friedman” pp. 974-983 Downloads
H. H. Liebhafsky and E. E. Liebhafsky
Institutional Economics, Positive Economics, Pragmatism, and Recent Philosophy of Science: Reply to Liebhafsky and Liebhafsky pp. 984-995 Downloads
James R. Wible
Revitalizing Rural Communities or Reviving Agrarian Myths? A Comment on F. Gregory Hayden’s “Geohased Agricultural Policy” pp. 995-1003 Downloads
David Vail
The Rules of the Game: The Logical Structure of Economic Theories pp. 1005-1012 Downloads
Bruce J. Caldwell and Richard X. Chase
Policy, Power, and Order: The Persistence of Economic Problems in Capitalist States pp. 1013-1015 Downloads
Rick Tilman
The Political Economy of Development in India pp. 1016-1018 Downloads
Karl De Schweinitz
The Economics of Conformism pp. 1018-1021 Downloads
Marvin E. Rozen
Employment Problems and the Urban Labor Market in Developing Nations pp. 1022-1025 Downloads
Peter F. M. Mcloughlin
Economics in Disarray pp. 1025-1028 Downloads
Philip Mirowski
Profits, Progress, and Poverty: Case Studies of International Industries in Latin America pp. 1028-1029 Downloads
William E. Cole
Rebuilding America, the Case for Economic Regulation pp. 1029-1031 Downloads
R. D. Peterson
American Economic Policy: Problems and Prospects pp. 1032-1034 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Immigration Policy and the American Labor Force pp. 1034-1037 Downloads
Yngve Ramstad
The Global Factory: Foreign Assembly in International Trade pp. 1038-1040 Downloads
James Peach
Slowdown: Global Economic Maladies pp. 1040-1045 Downloads
John B. Hall
Industrial Policies: International Restructuring and Transnationals pp. 1045-1046 Downloads
James L. Dietz
Reports of International Correspondents pp. 1047-1056 Downloads
Tetsuo Taka, John Groenewegen, Kees van Paridon and Peter Söderbaum
Volume XIX – 1985 pp. 1057-1063 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 19, issue 3, 1985

J. Fagg Foster pp. vi-vi Downloads
The Editors
The U.S. “Welfare State” and the Conservative Counterrevolution pp. 601-641 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
Marx Keynes? Marx Keynes? pp. 643-659 Downloads
Royall Brandis
Maximizing Behavior: Reconciling Neoclassical and X-Efficiency Approaches pp. 661-685 Downloads
Marvin E. Rozen
Centralization, Diversification, and Administrative Burden in U.S. Enterprises pp. 687-701 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Job Design, Control Technology, and Technical Change pp. 703-730 Downloads
Peter S. Albin
Oliver Williamson and the M-Form Firm: A Critical Review pp. 731-751 Downloads
C. W. L. Hill
Reconsidering the Context of Market Exchange: Institutional Economics in a Wisconsin Perspective pp. 753-754 Downloads
Michael Carter and Alan Paul
John R. Commons: His Relevance to Contemporary Economics pp. 755-778 Downloads
Kenneth H. Parsons
Resources and Economic Development: An Institutionalist Perspective pp. 779-796 Downloads
Daniel Bromley
A Wisconsin Institutionalist Perspective on Microeconomic Theory of Institutions: The Insufficiency of Pareto Efficiency pp. 797-813 Downloads
Michael Carter
Institutional Economics: Perspectives on Economy and Society pp. 815-828 Downloads
Don Kanel
Across the Industrial Divide: A Review Article pp. 829-836 Downloads
Robert Solo
A Comment on and Extension of Lavoie’s “The Endogenous Flow of Credit and the Post Keynesian Theory of Money” pp. 837-843 Downloads
Shirley J. Gedeon
The Post Keynesian Theory of Endogenous Money: A Reply pp. 843-848 Downloads
Marc Lavoie
C. Wright Mills: A Native Radical and His American Intellectual Roots pp. 849-860 Downloads
William M. Dugger, John E. Ellioit and Lewis E. Hill
International Trade and the Future of the West pp. 861-864 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Studies in International Labour Migration pp. 864-866 Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
Blending of New and Traditional Technologies: Case Studies pp. 866-867 Downloads
Thomas R. De Gregori
The Food Manufacturing Industries pp. 867-869 Downloads
Douglas F. Greer
No Shortcuts to Progress: African Development Management in Perspective pp. 869-871 Downloads
Robert L. Curry
Main Currents of Marxism pp. 871-874 Downloads
John E. Elliott
The Reform of Social Security pp. 874-876 Downloads
William Waller
Years of Poverty; Years of Plenty: The Changing Economic Fortunes of American Workers and Families pp. 876-880 Downloads
Solomin Barkin
Pioneers in Development pp. 880-882 Downloads
Karl de Schweinitz
Conversations with Economists: The New Classical Macroeconomics pp. 882-883 Downloads
Marjorie S. Turner
America in Decline, Volume 1 pp. 883-886 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
Free Market Conservatism: A Critique of Theory and Practice pp. 886-889 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Workers’ Self-Management in the United States pp. 889-892 Downloads
Douglas Kruse
Beyond Mechanization: Work and Technology in a Postindustrial Age pp. 892-895 Downloads
Marvin E. Rozen
Books Received pp. 897-903 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 19, issue 2, 1985

The Veblen-Commons Award pp. 301-304 Downloads
Wendell Gordon and David Hamilton
Economists Should Tell it like it is pp. 305-310 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Idealism and Realism: An Institutionalist View of Corporate Power in the Regulated Utilities pp. 311-331 Downloads
David S. Schwartz
Corporate Power and the Scope of Economic Analysis pp. 333-341 Downloads
Rodney Stevenson
The Shortcomings of Concentration Ratios in the Conglomerate Age: New Sources and Uses of Corporate Power pp. 343-353 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Profit Differences and Corporate Power: Some Empirical Surprises pp. 355-364 Downloads
John W. Ballantine, Frederick W. Cleveland and C. Timothy Koeller
Public Policy Toward Corporate Structures: Two Chicago Approaches pp. 365-373 Downloads
Juergen Backhaus
Evolutionary Aspects of Corporate Concentration and Its Implications for Economic Theory and Policy pp. 375-381 Downloads
M. Ray Perryman
Industrial Policy at the State Level in the United States pp. 383-396 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden, Douglas C. Kruse and Steve C. Williams
Development Planning and the International Debt Crisis in Latin America pp. 397-408 Downloads
James H. Street
J. M. Clark on Corporate Concentration and Control pp. 409-418 Downloads
Laurence Shute
Economic Activity and the Public Sector: Is Small Beautiful? pp. 419-428 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Corporate Concentration and the Restructuring of the American Economy pp. 429-439 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
Energy Concentration: Implications for Energy Policy and Planning pp. 441-449 Downloads
Robert Pirog and Stephen C. Stamos
Concentration and Inefficiency in the Defense Sector: Policy Options pp. 451-461 Downloads
Tom Riddell
The Impact of Diversification on Economic Regulation pp. 463-474 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
Corporate Power in an Aging Economy: Labor Force Policy pp. 475-486 Downloads
Harold Wolozin
Industrial Policy and Corporate Power pp. 487-496 Downloads
William S. Brown
Industrial Policy and Trade Unions pp. 497-505 Downloads
Walter Adams and James W. Brock
Comments on Adams and Brock Paper pp. 507-511 Downloads
Yngve Ramstad
Export-Enclave Economies, International Corporations, and Development pp. 513-522 Downloads
James L. Dietz
The Information Society: Implications for Economic Institutions and Market Theory pp. 523-539 Downloads
William H. Melody
The U.S. Banking and Corporate Structure: Some Implications for Industrial Policy pp. 541-549 Downloads
Frederick R. Strobel
Corporate Power and the Development of New Competition Policies in Canada pp. 551-558 Downloads
Roy Vogt
Institutionalism, Critical Theory, and the Administered Society pp. 559-566 Downloads
Doug Brown
An Alternative View of the Underground Economy pp. 567-573 Downloads
Mike Reed
The Optimum Utilization of Knowledge pp. 575-577 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Women and Trade Unions in Eleven Industrialized Countries pp. 577-581 Downloads
Solomon Barkin
Property Rights and Compensation: Compulsory Acquisition and Other Losses pp. 581-584 Downloads
A. Allan Schmid
Unionism, Economic Stabilization, and Incomes Policies: European Experiences pp. 585-587 Downloads
Wolfgang Blaas
Die Zwei Gesichter Der Arbeit: Ungenutzte Moglichkeiten Der Dualwirtschaft (Two Faces of Work: The Unutilized Possibilities of a Dual Economy) pp. 587-589 Downloads
Christian Leipert
After Hegemony: Cooperation and Discord in the World Political Economy pp. 589-592 Downloads
Charles Merrifeld
The Elements of Industrial Relations pp. 592-593 Downloads
Lafayette G. Harter
Interregional Migration, National Policy, and Social Justice pp. 593-595 Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
The Next American Frontier pp. 595-598 Downloads
Michael Reed

Volume 19, issue 1, 1985

Corporate Tax Incentives: The American Version of Industrial Policy pp. 1-19 Downloads
Peter S. Fisher
Reconciling Economic Theory and Economic History: The Rise of Japan pp. 21-73 Downloads
Kurt Dopfer
Linguistic Structure and Economic Method pp. 75-101 Downloads
Richard G. Fritz and Judy M. Fritz
The Regulation of Regulation pp. 103-110 Downloads
R. Larry Reynolds
Property Rights and Pigovian Taxes pp. 111-122 Downloads
A. K. Dragun
The Politics of Shutdown: Community, Property, Corporatism pp. 123-152 Downloads
R. Jeffrey Lustig
Labor Markets, Wage Policy, and Macroeconomic Equilibrium: A Review Article of Annable’s pp. 153-174 Downloads
Marvin E. Rozen
Review of Bruce Caldwell’s pp. 175-185 Downloads
Abraham Hirsch
Some Reflections on pp. 187-194 Downloads
Bruce J. Caldwell
Marshall and Keynes Revisited pp. 194-200 Downloads
Thomas D. Birch
Profits Without Production pp. 201-209 Downloads
Robert Solo and Paul Stuart Estenson
An Alternative to Economic Retrenchment pp. 211-219 Downloads
E.K. Hunt and Paul Dale Bush
The Rise and Fall of British India: Neo-Marxist Theories of Development: Heaven’s Command: An Imperial Progress; Pax Britannia: The Climax of an Empire; Farewell the Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat pp. 221-226 Downloads
John Adams
Military Expansion, Economic Decline: The Impacf of Military Spending on U.S. Economic Performance pp. 227-233 Downloads
James M. Cypher
Institutionalismus Heute: Kritische Auseinandersetzung Mit Einer Unorthodoxen Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Bewegung pp. 233-236 Downloads
Juergen Backhaus
Accumulation and Development: The Logic of Industrial Civilization pp. 237-238 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Development by People: Citizen Construction of a Just World pp. 238-240 Downloads
William E. Cole
Global Economics and Religion pp. 240-243 Downloads
Romesh Diwan
The Barbaric Counter-Revolution pp. 243-245 Downloads
John Cornwall
L’etat Et L’economie. Un Essai D’explication de L’Evolution des Depenses Publiques en France (1870-1980) pp. 246-249 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
An Inquiry into the Poverty of Economics pp. 249-252 Downloads
Steven R. Hickerson
Why Economists Disagree: The Political Economy of Economics pp. 252-255 Downloads
Leslie Duhs
Del Paro Al Ocio (From Unemployment to Leisure) pp. 255-256 Downloads
Antonio Alvarez
Macroeconomics after Keynes, A Reconsideration of pp. 256-259 Downloads
Alfred S. Eichner
The Struggle for Development. National Strategies in an International Context pp. 259-263 Downloads
Andrew Cornford
Explaining Technical Change: A Case Study in the Philosophy of Science pp. 263-265 Downloads
Avi Cohen
Public Expenditure pp. 265-267 Downloads
William Glade
Why Economics is not yet a Science pp. 267-269 Downloads
Warren Samuels
The Poverty of Affluence pp. 270-273 Downloads
Mark A. Lutz
Women’s Claims pp. 273-276 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
Beyond Positive Economics? pp. 277-278 Downloads
Ken Dennis
Economics, Armament and Development: The 1984 Conference of the Dutch Study Circle for Post Keynesian Economics pp. 279-287 Downloads
John Groenewegen and Kees van Paridon
Books Received pp. 289-299 Downloads
The Editors
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