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Volume 52, issue 4, 2018

Market Deficiencies: From Veblen to Akerlof and Shiller pp. 891-903 Downloads
Malcolm Rutherford
Applying the Concept of Mainstream Economics outside the United States: General Remarks and the Case of Brazil as an Example of the Institutionalization of Pluralism pp. 904-924 Downloads
David Dequech
Inequality and the Rate of Return on Capital: An Institutional Approach to “The Piketty Problem” pp. 925-946 Downloads
Luke A Petach
Interpreting Contemporary Latin America through the Hypotheses of Institutional Political Economy pp. 947-986 Downloads
James M. Cypher
Monetary Policy as Compensatory Power? An Institutionalist Approach to the Eurozone Crisis pp. 987-1009 Downloads
Javier Arribas and Luis Cardenas
Understanding Agro-Holdings in Russia: A Commonsian Analysis pp. 1010-1035 Downloads
Pascal Grouiez
Charles Sanders Peirce and the Social Ontology of the Firm: A Semiotic Perspective on Human Agency pp. 1036-1055 Downloads
Luís Otávio Bau Macedo
Financialization in the European Periphery and the Sovereign Debt Crisis: The Portuguese Case pp. 1056-1083 Downloads
Ricardo Barradas, Sérgio Lagoa, Emanuel Leão and Ricardo Paes Mamede
The Going Enterprise Paradox: Stability and Instability Under Money Manager Capitalism pp. 1084-1108 Downloads
Erik Dean
From Custom to Law, An Economic Rationale behind the Black Lettering pp. 1109-1124 Downloads
Guido Rossi and Salvatore Spagano
Economics between Insulation and Social-Scienciation: Observations by a Sociology of Economics pp. 1125-1142 Downloads
Dieter Bögenhold
Varieties of Capitalism and Sustainable Development: Institutional Complementarity Dynamics or Radical Change in the Hierarchy of Institutions? pp. 1143-1158 Downloads
Eric Magnin
Index Volume LII—2018 pp. 1159-1164 Downloads
The Editors
Acknowledgements pp. 1165-1165 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 52, issue 3, 2018

The Circular Economy and Institutional Economics: Compatibility and Complementarity pp. 605-614 Downloads
Katherine A. Whalen and Charles J. Whalen
Bolivia’s Institutional Transformation: Contact Zones, Social Movements, and the Emergence of an Ethnic Class Consciousness pp. 615-636 Downloads
Natalia Bracarense and Karol Gil-Vasquez
Veblen’s Imperial Germany and the Industrialization of Latin America pp. 637-652 Downloads
Jairo Parada
From the Nation-State to a World Society: An Institutional Reading of Globalization pp. 653-675 Downloads
Alessandro Morselli
The Emergence of “Modern” Ownership Rights Rather than Property Rights pp. 676-693 Downloads
Hajime Sato
Rethinking Land Reform in East Asia: Egalitarian or Inegalitarian? pp. 694-716 Downloads
Qunyi Liu
The Nature of Financial Innovation: A Post-Schumpeterian Analysis pp. 717-748 Downloads
Cinla Akdere and Pelin Benli
An American-Style Transfer Union in Europe, A First Glance at How Much It Might Cost pp. 749-769 Downloads
Casimir Dadak and Roman Matkovskyy
Education and the Public Goods Type of Social Capital: Are the Well Educated Free Riding in the Provision of Public Goods? pp. 770-794 Downloads
Ryo Takashima
Cornelius Castoriadis on the Scope and Content of Neoclassical and Marxian Economics pp. 795-815 Downloads
Angelos Vouldis
The Power of Scientometrics and the Development of Economics pp. 816-834 Downloads
Matthias Aistleitner, Jakob Kapeller and Stefan Steinerberger
Consumer Boycotts: Does Trust in Law-Making and Law-Enforcing Institutions Matter? pp. 835-859 Downloads
Maïva Ropaul
Reasserting Institutionalist Insights on the Good Society: 30 Years After Petr’s Call for a Mixed Economy pp. 860-868 Downloads
Barbara E. Hopkins
Labor-Leisure Choice and Relative Income Concerns in the Shadow of the Housing Market pp. 869-890 Downloads
Dimitry Rtischev

Volume 52, issue 2, 2018

The Veblen-Commons Award: The 2018 Veblen-Commons Award Recipient: James Peach pp. 291-292 Downloads
Richard V. Adkisson
Habits of Thought and the Process of Economic Development: Remarks on Receiving the Veblen-Commons Award pp. 293-305 Downloads
James Peach
The Post-Apartheid Development Debacle in South Africa: How Mainstream Economics and the Vested Interests Preserved Apartheid Economic Structures pp. 306-322 Downloads
Geoffrey E. Schneider
The 2018 Clarence Ayres Scholar An Institutional Riposte to the “After the Washington Consensus” pp. 323-335 Downloads
John Marangos
Military Planning in a Context of Complex Systems and Climate Change pp. 349-357 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
Global Production Networks and the Private Organization of World Trade pp. 358-367 Downloads
Ann E. Davis
Social Entrepreneurship in China: Driving Institutional Change pp. 368-377 Downloads
Tonia Warnecke
Institutional Change and the Evolution of the World Leisure Industries pp. 378-386 Downloads
Ricardo C.S. Siu
High-Frequency Trading, Liquidity Withdrawal, and the Breakdown of Conventions in Foreign Exchange Markets pp. 387-395 Downloads
Alexis Stenfors and Susai Masayuki
John R. Commons’s Criticism of Classical Economics pp. 396-404 Downloads
Uni Hiroyuki
Rethinking John R. Commons’s Theory of Collective Action: The Viewpoint of Regulation and Convention pp. 405-412 Downloads
Takayuki Nakahara
How Necessary Are Unions? Insights from John R. Commons pp. 413-421 Downloads
J. Dennis Chasse
Rethinking Money as an Institution of Capitalism and the Theory of Monetary Circulation: What Can Modern Heterodox Economists/Institutionalists Learn from Karl Polanyi? pp. 422-429 Downloads
Seccareccia Mario and Correa Eugenia
The Institutionalist Theory of Capital in the Modern Business Enterprise: Appropriation and Financialization pp. 430-437 Downloads
Avraham I. Barane and Eric R. Hake
The Policy Ramifications of Capital as Ideas pp. 438-444 Downloads
Eric Scorsone, Mary Schulz and David Schweikhardt
Is China Living a Minsky Moment? Between the “Lender of Last Resort” and the Chinese Shadow Financial System pp. 445-454 Downloads
Alicia Girón
Three Decades After James Street’s “The Institutionalist Theory of Economic Development”: What Does Institutional Approach to Economic Development Mean Today? pp. 455-463 Downloads
Ivan Gambus and Felipe Almeida
Development Processes Seen Through Non-Marginalist Lenses with Considerations of Complementarities pp. 464-472 Downloads
P. Sai-wing Ho
Institutional Quality and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Can Management Effort and Bribes Compensate for Low-Quality Institutions? pp. 473-482 Downloads
Gori Olusina Daniel, Kun Fu and Wilfred Dolfsma
Uncertainty, Control, and Karl Polanyi’s Protective Response pp. 483-489 Downloads
David A. Zalewski
A Systemic Debt Payoff Policy pp. 490-497 Downloads
Timothy Wunder
Income Polarization of the U.S. Working Class: An Institutionalist View pp. 498-508 Downloads
Kosta Josifidis and Novica Supic
The “Forgotten Lands”: An Institutional Analysis of Post-Soviet Transitions pp. 509-516 Downloads
Liudmila Malyshava
An Unfortunate Alignment of Heterodoxy, Nationalism, and Authoritarianism in Putin’s Russia pp. 517-526 Downloads
Anna Klimina
The Death and Revival of Usury in China: An Institutional Analysis pp. 527-533 Downloads
Hao Cheng
The Stories That Economists Tell: Mainstream, Hyman Minsky, and Institutional Views of Consumer Behavior pp. 534-540 Downloads
John Watkins
Collective Action and the Institutionalist Approach to Financial Regulation pp. 541-549 Downloads
Faruk Ülgen
The Legal-Economic Nexus from the Perspective of New Institutional Economists and Original Institutional Economists pp. 550-558 Downloads
Antoon Spithoven
To Trust or to Control: Informal Value Transfer Systems and Computational Analysis in Institutional Economics pp. 559-569 Downloads
Claudius Gräbner, Wolfram Elsner and Alexander Lascaux
The Rate of Change in Evolutionary Systems and Evolutionary Economic Modeling pp. 570-579 Downloads
Torsten Heinrich
Big Data: An Institutional Perspective on Opportunities and Challenges pp. 580-588 Downloads
Baban Hasnat
Are We Forgetting Something? Remarks on the Connections Between Douglass North’s Contributions and Original Institutional Economics pp. 589-599 Downloads
Manuel Ramon Souza Luz and Ramon Fernandez
Esteban Pérez Caldentey and Matías Vernengo: Why Latin American Nations Fail: Development Strategies in the Twenty-First Century pp. 600-603 Downloads
Rubén Berríos

Volume 52, issue 1, 2018

Britain’s Industrial Evolution: The Structuring Role of Economic Theory pp. 1-30 Downloads
Sue Konzelmann, Marc Fovargue-Davies and Frank Wilkinson
When Galbraith Frightened Conservatives: Power in Economics, Economists’ Power, and Scientificity pp. 31-56 Downloads
Alexandre Chirat
Religion and Economic Development in History: Institutions and the Role of Religious Networks pp. 57-79 Downloads
Mehmet Karacuka
Promotion and Coevolutionary Dynamics in Contemporary Capitalism pp. 80-102 Downloads
Isabel Almudi and Francisco Fatas-Villafranca
Institutionalism and Fiscal Policy at Midcentury pp. 103-116 Downloads
Marianne Johnson
Institutional Economics as Theory of Policy Change: Impact of Past Policy Failures on Present Policy pp. 117-135 Downloads
Koji Noda
The Confidence Paradox: Can Confidence Account for Business Cycles? pp. 136-156 Downloads
Michael Lainé
Destructive Entrepreneurship: The Cost of the Mafia for the Legal Economy pp. 157-172 Downloads
Clotilde Champeyrache
Cultural Corridors: An Analysis of Persistence in Impacts on Local Development — A Neo-Weberian Perspective on South-East Europe pp. 173-204 Downloads
Annie Tubadji and Peter Nijkamp
The Role of Foreign Capital in the Banking Sector of Korea and Its Implications for Developing Countries pp. 205-226 Downloads
Na Kyung Kim and Jai S. Mah
The Great Escape: The Multinational Trade Deficit in Historical Perspective pp. 227-245 Downloads
Craig Medlen
Access to Preferential Loans for Poverty Reduction and Rural Development: Evidence from Vietnam pp. 246-269 Downloads
Lan Thanh Nguyen, Anh Pham Hoai Nguyen, Steven van Passel, Hossein Azadi and Philippe Lebailly
Richard P.F. Holt: The Selected Letters of John Kenneth Galbraith pp. 270-272 Downloads
Alexandre Chirat
Hiroyuki Uni: Contemporary Meanings of John R. Commons’s Institutional Economics: An Analysis Using a Newly Discovered Manuscript pp. 273-276 Downloads
Antoon Spithoven
Kenneth I. Wolpin: The Limits of Inference Without Theory pp. 277-280 Downloads
Chee Kian Leong
John Dennis Chasse: A Worker’s Economist: John R. Commons and His Legacy from Progressivism to the War on Poverty pp. 281-284 Downloads
Glen Atkinson
Atul K. Shah and Aidan Rankin: Jainism and Ethical Finance: A Timeless Business Model pp. 285-287 Downloads
Daniel T. Ostas
Arjun Appadurai: Banking on Words: The Failure of Language in the Age of Derivative Finance pp. 288-290 Downloads
Mariam Majd
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