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Volume 23, issue 4, 1989

‘Reaganomics’ and Supply-Side Economics: A British View pp. 965-975 Downloads
M.G. Marshall and Philip Arestis
A Keynesian Presentation of the Relations among Government Deficits, Investment, Saving, and Growth pp. 977-1002 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
The Intellectual Antecedents of Thorstein Veblen: A Reappraisal pp. 1003-1026 Downloads
Stephen Edgell and Rick Tilman
Public Pension Power for Socioeconomic Investments pp. 1027-1045 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
The Impossibility of Fiscal Policy pp. 1047-1058 Downloads
William Waller
The French Communication Industry Defined and Analyzed through the Social Fabric Matrix, the Filiere Approach, and Network Analysis pp. 1059-1074 Downloads
John Groeneweyen and Paul R. Beije
The Greenhouse Effect and Energy Poliey in the United States pp. 1075-1084 Downloads
Kenneth Nowotny
The Basic Needs Strategy, the Congressional Mandate, and U.S. Foreign Aid Policy pp. 1085-1096 Downloads
Robert L. Curry
Thorstein Veblen as the First Professor of Marketing Science pp. 1097-1103 Downloads
David Hamilton
The Policy Relevance of Process Descriptions of Technical Innovation pp. 1105-1122 Downloads
Clive Vaughan Jones
Jevon’s Economic Theory in Relation to Social Change and Public Policy pp. 1123-1147 Downloads
Rhead S. Bowman
The Popperian Legacy in Economics: A Review Article pp. 1149-1158 Downloads
Richard X. Chase
Institutionalist Methodology and Hermeneutics: A Comment on Mirowski pp. 1159-1172 Downloads
Paul D. Bush
The Restructuring of the U.S. Health Care System: Comment on Reynolds’s “Medical Care and Institutional Change” pp. 1172-1179 Downloads
Robert Chemomas
Reply to Chernomas pp. 1179-1180 Downloads
Larry Reynolds
Horizontalists and Verticalists: The Macroeconomics of Credit Money pp. 1181-1190 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle and L. Randall Wray
Towards a Radical Democracy pp. 1191-1208 Downloads
William M. Dugger and Walter C. Neale
Market Power and The Economy pp. 1191-1215 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Democracy and Economic Planning, the Political Economy of a Self-Governing Society pp. 1215-1218 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
Falling from Grace: The Experience of Downward Mobility in the American Middle Class pp. 1219-1221 Downloads
Carolyn Shaw Bell
African Capitalism: The Struggle for Ascendency: Inequality in Africa: Political Elites, Proletariat, Peasants and the Poor pp. 1221-1223 Downloads
Robert L. Curry
Economics for a Civilized Society pp. 1224-1227 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
Women’s Quest for Economic Equality pp. 1227-1228 Downloads
Daphne T. Greenwood
Tracking America’s Economy pp. 1229-1230 Downloads
James K. Galbraith
Post-Keynesian Monetary Economics: New Approaches to Financial Modelling pp. 1230-1233 Downloads
Gladys Parker Foster
American Living Standards: Threats and Challenges pp. 1233-1236 Downloads
Roger L. Adkins
The Great U-Turn: Corporate Restructuring and the Polarizing of America pp. 1236-1239 Downloads
Burl Haar
Passion Within Reason: The Strategic Role of Emotions pp. 1239-1242 Downloads
William Waller
Dynamics of a Dual World Economy: The Third World, the NIEs and the Fourth World pp. 1243-1250 Downloads
John Groenewegen, Kees Van Paridon and Wicher Schreuders
Index pp. 1251-1257 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 23, issue 3, 1989

Erratum pp. xii-xii Downloads
The Editors
Efficiency and Social Policy in Telecommunication: Lessons from the U.S. Experience pp. 657-688 Downloads
William H. Melody
History of Thought as Ceremonial Genealogy: The Neglected Influence of Herbert Spencer on Thorstein Veblen pp. 689-716 Downloads
Ellis Eff
Veblenian and Neo-Marxian Perspectives on the Cultural Crisis of Late Capitalism pp. 717-734 Downloads
James Ronald Stanfield
Institutional Change and Economic Efficiency pp. 735-759 Downloads
Daniel Bromley
“Reasonable Value” versus “Instrumental Value:” Competing Paradigms in Institutional Economics pp. 761-777 Downloads
Yngve Ramstad
Financial Innovation and Financial Fragility pp. 779-793 Downloads
Michael Carter
The Scientific Foundations of Technological Progress pp. 795-808 Downloads
Ivan Weinel and Philip D. Crossland
Monetary Policy and Changes in Income Distribution pp. 809-822 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Compensating Wages for Job-Related Death: The Opposing Arguments pp. 823-842 Downloads
J. Paul Leigh
National Income and Economic Growth: The Conceptual Side of Defensive Expenditures pp. 843-856 Downloads
Christian Leipert
Institutionalism in the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics pp. 857-863 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
Is There a “Texas School” of Economics? pp. 863-872 Downloads
Ronnie Phillips
Criticism of Institutionalism, Methodology, and Value Theory: A Comment on Langlois pp. 873-879 Downloads
William Waller
The Institutionalist Perspective on Recent Theories of Direct Foreign Investment: A Comment on McClintock pp. 879-885 Downloads
Peter J. Buckley
Direct Foreign Investment: A Reply pp. 885-889 Downloads
Brent McClintock
The Minsky-Simons- Connection: Comment pp. 889-891 Downloads
Ronnie Phillips
The Minsky-Simons- Connection: Reply pp. 891-895 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Linkages: A Personal Computer-Based Implementation of John Munkirs’s Tableau pp. 895-896 Downloads
W.D. Williams and James I. Sturgeon
Behind the Veil of Economics: Essays in Worldly Philosophy pp. 897-900 Downloads
L.E. Johnson
Essays in Social Value Theory: A Neoinstitutional-1st Contribution; Behind the Veil of Economics: Essays in the Worldly Philosophy pp. 900-906 Downloads
David Hamilton
Monitoring Growth Cycles in Market-Oriented Countries. Developing and Using International Economic Indicators pp. 906-911 Downloads
Andrew Cornford
Barriers to European Growth. A Transatlantic View pp. 912-916 Downloads
Wolfram Elsner
Development and Planning pp. 916-918 Downloads
William Waller
The New Unionism: Employee Involvement in the Changing Corporation pp. 918-923 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
International Comparisons of the Distribution of Household Wealth pp. 923-926 Downloads
James L. Dietz
Democratic Theory and Technological Society pp. 926-930 Downloads
Douglas M. Brown
Economies Et Sociétés—La Monnaie, Les Rentiers Et La Crise pp. 930-933 Downloads
Jean-Guy Loranger
Europe and the Rise of Capitalism pp. 933-936 Downloads
Y.S. Brenner
Rethinking Democracy: Freedom and Social Cooperation in Politics, Economy, and Society pp. 936-939 Downloads
Marvin E. Kanne
The General Theory and After: Essays in Post Keynesianism pp. 939-942 Downloads
Paul Davidson
Business and Politics: A Study of Collective Action pp. 942-945 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Keynes’s Vision: A New Political Economy pp. 946-949 Downloads
Robert Chernomas
Beyond Welfare: New Approaches to the Problem of Poverty in America pp. 950-952 Downloads
Roger L. Adkins
Economic History of Puerto Rico pp. 952-953 Downloads
John H. Mudie
Books Received pp. 955-964 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 23, issue 2, 1989

Introduction of Award Recipient: Marc R. Tool pp. 323-326 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
An Institutionalist Legacy pp. 327-336 Downloads
Marc Tool and Philip A. Klein
Economics for What? Economic Folklore and Social Realities pp. 338-356 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
Toward a Revision of the Economic Theory of Individual Behavior pp. 357-366 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
Rereading pp. 367-377 Downloads
Robert Heilbroner
Market Power: The Missing Element in Keynesian Economics pp. 379-391 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
Restoring Purposeful Government: The Galbraithian Contribution pp. 393-411 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
A Look Back: Affirmation and Error pp. 413-416 Downloads
John Kenneth Galbraith
Discourse and the Institutional Approach to Law and Economics: Factors That Separate the Institutional Approach to Law and Economics from Alternative Approaches pp. 417-425 Downloads
Steven Medema
Some Fundamentals of the Economic Role of Government pp. 427-433 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Economics for the Birds pp. 435-442 Downloads
Jerry L. Ingles
John R. Commons’s A Re-Examination pp. 443-454 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
The Concept of “Progressive” Institutional Change and Its Implications for Economic Policy Formation pp. 455-464 Downloads
Paul D. Bush
Cultural Determinism or Emergent Evolution: An Analysis of the Controversy between Clarence Ayres and David Miller pp. 465-471 Downloads
Lewis E. Hill
Market Reforms and Market Failures: Karl Polanyi and the Paradox of Convergence pp. 473-481 Downloads
Marguerite Mendell
Economic Rhetoric and Industrial Decline pp. 483-491 Downloads
Richard McIntyre
The Evolving Health Care System: Economic Integration through Reciprocity pp. 493-502 Downloads
Michael B. Vaughan, Wade L. Thomas and Frank W. Musgrave
Making Semiotic Sense of Money as a Medium of Exchange pp. 503-510 Downloads
Alan W. Dyer
An Evolutionary-Institutional Approach to the Study of Comparative Economies pp. 511-517 Downloads
James Angresano
Structuralism, Dependency and Institutionalism: An Exploration of Common Ground and Disparities pp. 519-533 Downloads
Osvaldo Sunkel
On Staying for the Canoe Building, Or Why Ideology Is Not Enough pp. 535-543 Downloads
David Hamilton
Institutionalism Confronts the 1990s pp. 545-553 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Polanyi’s Double Movement and Veblen on the Army of the Commonweal pp. 555-562 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
Some Avoided Topics in Economics pp. 563-568 Downloads
Seymour Melman
Our Obsolete Technology Mentality pp. 569-578 Downloads
James A. Swaney
The Role of Technology: An Institutionalist Debate pp. 579-586 Downloads
Jim Horner
Estimation, Verification, and Prognostication: For What? pp. 587-595 Downloads
Daniel A. Underwood
Equilibrium for What?: Reflections on Social Order in Economics pp. 597-606 Downloads
Charles M. A. Clark
Instituted Process and Enabling Myth: The Two Faces of the Market pp. 607-615 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Economic Power: A Micro-Macro Nexus pp. 617-623 Downloads
John R. Munkirs
The Return of the Electric Utility Holding Company and the Future of the Electric Supply Industry pp. 625-632 Downloads
Robert Loube
Institutionalism for What: To Understand Inevitable Progress or for Policy Relevance? pp. 633-645 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
Economic Knowledge, Evolutionary Epistemology, and Human Interests pp. 647-656 Downloads
Jon Wisman

Volume 23, issue 1, 1989

In Memoriam: James H. Street, 1915–1988 pp. 1-6 Downloads
Dilmus D. James
The Social Cost Concepts of K. William Kapp and Karl Polanyi pp. 7-33 Downloads
James A. Swaney and Martin A. Evers
The Applicability of Law and Economics to Policymaking in the Third World pp. 35-78 Downloads
Neva Seidman Makgetla and Robert B. Seidman
Transboundary Environmental Degradation: Market Failure, Power, and Instrumental Justice pp. 79-91 Downloads
M. L. Livingston
Estimates of Passive Tax Expenditures, 1984 pp. 93-106 Downloads
William M. Hildred and James V. Pinto
The Promotional-Financial Dynamic of Merger Movements: A Historical Perspective pp. 107-133 Downloads
Richard B. Du Boff and Edward S. Herman
The Political Economy of Tax-Based Incomes Policy: Wealth Effects of Post Keynesian TIP pp. 135-146 Downloads
J. Davidson Alexander
The Restructuring of the Oil Industry pp. 147-154 Downloads
William Van Lear
Economic Change in the People’s Republic of China: An Institutionalist Approach pp. 155-188 Downloads
Robert F. Schlack
Adam Smith’s Model of the Origins and Emergence of Institutions: The Modern Findings of the Classical Approach pp. 189-213 Downloads
Wolfram Elsner
The Delivery of Medical Care and Institutional Change pp. 215-229 Downloads
R. Larry Reynolds
Comment on Peterson’s “The Feminization of Poverty” pp. 231-238 Downloads
Steven Pressman
The Feminization of Poverty—A Reply to Pressman pp. 238-245 Downloads
Janice Peterson
A Note on Niggle and Justice pp. 245-247 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
The Correct Conception of Capital: A Reply to Baldwin Ranson pp. 247-249 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
A Reply to Ranson pp. 249-250 Downloads
S. Craig Justice
Economics and Institutions pp. 251-260 Downloads
Anne Mayhew and John Groenewegen
The Political Economy of International Debt pp. 261-264 Downloads
John Adams
Income Distribution and the Macro Economy pp. 264-266 Downloads
Nick Adnett
Latin America’s Economic Development: Institutionalist and Structuralist Perspectives pp. 266-269 Downloads
James Peach
The Foundations of Keynesian Analysis pp. 269-272 Downloads
Gladys Parker Foster
Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country pp. 272-275 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Friends in High Places, the Bechtel Story: The Most Secret Corporation and How It Engineered the World pp. 275-279 Downloads
W. Paul Strassmann
Stalemate: Political Economic Origins of Supply-Side Policy pp. 279-280 Downloads
Robert T. Averitt
Public Policy Toward Corporations pp. 281-285 Downloads
Rodney Stevenson
The Macrodynamics of Advanced Market Economies pp. 285-289 Downloads
Philip Arestis
Technology and Global Industry: Companies and Nations in the World Economy pp. 289-291 Downloads
Dilmus D. James
U.S. National Economic Policy, 1917–1985 pp. 292-294 Downloads
Robert R. Keller
Ecological Economics: Energy, Environment and Society pp. 295-297 Downloads
M. L. Livingston
Inside the Firm: the Inefficiencies of Hierarchy pp. 297-300 Downloads
Elias Khalil
Humanistic Economics: The New Challenge pp. 300-303 Downloads
Lewis E. Hill
Galbraith, Harrington, Heilbroner: Economics and Dissent in an Age of Optimism pp. 303-306 Downloads
Rick Tilman
Hidden Aspects of Women’s Work pp. 307-310 Downloads
Janice Peterson
Books Received pp. 311-322 Downloads
The Editors
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