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Volume 25, issue 4, 1991

Dudley Dillard pp. v-v Downloads
The Editors
Instrumental Valuation Indicators for Natural Resources and Ecosystems pp. 917-935 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
The Meaning of Anthropology for Economic Science: A Case for Intellectual Reciprocity pp. 937-949 Downloads
David Hamilton
Saving, Profits, and Speculation in Capitalist Economies pp. 951-975 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
Capital Goods Production and Technological Learning: The Case of Mexico pp. 977-991 Downloads
Dilmus D. James
Of Economic Paradigms, Puzzles, Problems, and Policies; Or, Is the Economy too Important to Be Entrusted to the Economists? pp. 993-1004 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
The Institutional Conditions for Technological Change: Fiber to the Home pp. 1005-1015 Downloads
Robert Loube
Public Assistance and Antipoverty Programs or Why Haven’t Means-Tested Programs Been More Successful at Reducing Poverty? pp. 1017-1027 Downloads
Emily M. Northrop
Valuation as Discourse and Process: or, How We Got out of a Methodological Quagmire on our Way to Purposeful Institutional Analysis pp. 1029-1048 Downloads
William Waller and Linda R. Robertson
Another Look at the Problem of Rent Seeking pp. 1049-1065 Downloads
Steven Medema
Humane Drain: Environmental, Institutional-Systems Impact on Formation and Use of the Human Resource pp. 1067-1087 Downloads
Warren S. Gramm
An Institutionalist Look at Postmodernism pp. 1089-1104 Downloads
Doug Brown
A Productive Systems Analysis of the 1983 Phelps Dodge Strike pp. 1105-1125 Downloads
Ruth A. Bandzak
Reasonable Value versus Instrumental Value: A Reply to Klein and Atkinson and Reed pp. 1127-1133 Downloads
Yngve Ramstad
Klein: Reply to Ramstad pp. 1133-1136 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Rejoinder pp. 1136-1140 Downloads
Glen Atkinson and Mike Reed
“A Relativist Is an Agnostic Who Can’t Understand Continuity:” A Comment on Neale pp. 1141-1147 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Response to Baldwin Ranson pp. 1147-1149 Downloads
Walter C. Neale
Ramsey Pricing without Cross-Subsidization: A Note on Michael Sheehan’s “Why Ramsey Pricing Is Wrong” pp. 1149-1151 Downloads
Klaus Becker
Ramsey Pricing Without Cross-Subsidization? A Response to Professor Becker pp. 1152-1155 Downloads
Michael F. Sheehan
J. Fagg Foster on the Equational Theory of Justice pp. 1155-1160 Downloads
The Editors
Who Saves? The Rich, the Penniless, and Everyone Else pp. 1160-1166 Downloads
Walter C. Neale
Passive Tax Expenditure Estimates: A Communication pp. 1167-1168 Downloads
William Hildred
Changing Economic Order pp. 1169-1176 Downloads
John Groenewegen, Wicher Schreuders and Cees Van Paridon
The Theory of Economic Breakdown pp. 1177-1179 Downloads
Jan Kregel
The Social and Economic Consequences of Deregulation: The Transportation Industry in Transition pp. 1180-1181 Downloads
John C. Spychalski
The Political Economy of Unemployment: Active Labor Market Policy in West Germany and the United States pp. 1181-1184 Downloads
Joseph Harris
Gunnar Myrdal and America’s Conscience: Social Engineering and Racial Liberalism, 1938-1987 pp. 1184-1186 Downloads
Ann Mari May
Technical Change and Economic Theory pp. 1187-1188 Downloads
Thomas R. Degregori
The Return of Scarcity pp. 1188-1191 Downloads
Daniel A. Underwood
After the Rights Revolution: Reconceiving the Regulatory State pp. 1191-1195 Downloads
Nicholas Mercuro
The Road to a Free Economy: Shifting from a Socialist System, the Example of Hungary pp. 1195-1198 Downloads
Walter C. Neale
The Market and Beyond: Cooperation and Competition ln Information Technology in the Japanese System pp. 1199-1202 Downloads
Robin Mansell
Beyond Reaganomics: A Further Inquiry into the Poverty of Economics pp. 1202-1204 Downloads
David D. Arsen
The Economic Limits to Modern Politics pp. 1204-1208 Downloads
Paul N. Goldstene
Index pp. 1209-1215 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 25, issue 3, 1991

Institutionalist Labor Market Theory and the Veblenian Dichotomy pp. 625-648 Downloads
Daniel E. Gimble
Critique of Contingent Valuation and Travel Cost Methods for Valuing Natural Resources and Ecosystems pp. 649-687 Downloads
W. David Eberle and F. Gregory Hayden
Thorstein Veblen Meets Eduard Bernstein: Toward an Institutionalist Theory of Mobilization Politics pp. 689-708 Downloads
Doug Brown
The Methodology of Institutionalism Revisited pp. 709-737 Downloads
Jon Wisman and Joseph Rozansky
Stabilizing the Unstable Economy: More on the Minsky-Simons Connection pp. 739-763 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
The Dichotomized State pp. 765-780 Downloads
James Ronald Stanfield
Antidemocratic Elements of the Reagan Revolution pp. 781-797 Downloads
William M. Hildred
The American Association for Labor Legislation: An Episode in Institutionalist Policy Analysis pp. 799-828 Downloads
John Dennis Chasse
Beyond the Great Divide: A Feminist-Institutionalist Response to Heath pp. 829-838 Downloads
Ann L. Jennings
Economism and Women’s Economic Progress: Jennings’s Polemic pp. 838-842 Downloads
Julia A. Heath
Warren Samuels: The Absolute Relativist pp. 842-846 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Veblen and Self-Referentiability: Reply to Baldwin Ranson pp. 847-850 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Professor Lerner on John R. Hodges pp. 850-861 Downloads
James I. Sturgeon and Hartwell W. Byrd
More Heat than Light: Economics as Social Physics: Physics as Nature’s Economics pp. 863-866 Downloads
William Waller
Critique of Economic Reason pp. 866-870 Downloads
Doug Brown
History, Policy and Economic Theory: Essays in Interaction pp. 870-874 Downloads
George Rosen
Securing the Right to Employment: Social Welfare Policy in the United States pp. 874-876 Downloads
K. J. Stirling
The Level of Riches: Technological Creativity and Economic Progress pp. 876-878 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
Unions and Communities under Siege: American Communities and the Crisis of Organized Labor pp. 878-880 Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
Fragile Coalitions: The Politics of Economic Adjustment pp. 880-883 Downloads
James L. Dietz
Political Economy in the Twentieth Century pp. 883-886 Downloads
John F. Henry
Economic Interests and Institutions pp. 886-891 Downloads
James A. Swaney
The Politics of Adjustment: Pluralism, Corporatism and Privatization pp. 891-893 Downloads
Robert A. Solo
Organization Theory: From Chester Barnard to the Present and Beyond pp. 893-896 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Market Socialism pp. 896-899 Downloads
John Groenewegen
Developing Rural India pp. 900-903 Downloads
George Rosen
The Evolution of Economic Systems: Essays in Honor of Ota Sik pp. 903-906 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Books Received pp. 907-916 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 25, issue 2, 1991

The Veblen-Commons Award pp. 299-301 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Why Be an Economist? Remarks upon Receipt of the Veblen-Commons Award pp. 303-318 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Reflections on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of AFEE: Philosophical and Methodological Issues in Institutional Economics pp. 321-346 Downloads
Paul Dale Bush
Economic Power, Financial Instability, and the Cuomo Report pp. 347-354 Downloads
James Ronald Stanfield and Ronnie Phillips
Trade, Competitiveness, and U.S. Economic Prospects: A Critique of the Cuomo Report pp. 355-363 Downloads
Brent McClintock
Crisis and Leviathan: A Critique and Reconstruction pp. 365-371 Downloads
Robert R. Keller
Class Conflict, Corporate Power, and Macroeconomic Policy: The Impact of Inflation in the Postwar Period pp. 373-381 Downloads
Ann Mari May and Randy R. Grant
The Contributions of Allan G. Gruchy to Institutional Economics pp. 383-391 Downloads
Dudley Dillard
Capitalism Without Capitalists: The Comparative Economics of Allan G. Gruchy pp. 393-400 Downloads
John Adams and Alan W. Dyer
Allan Gruchy’s Theory of Economic Planning pp. 401-408 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Some Thoughts on the Future of Economic Planning: The Gruchy/Institutionalist Contribution pp. 409-419 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
Thorstein Veblen, Werner Sombart and The Periodization of History pp. 421-429 Downloads
Colin Loader, Jeffrey Waddoups and Rick Tilman
From Desideratum to Historical Achievement: John R. Commons’s Reasonable Value and the “Negotiated Economy” of Denmark pp. 431-439 Downloads
Yngve Ramstad
John R. Commons and John Maynard Keynes: Two Philosophies of Action pp. 441-448 Downloads
John Dennis Chasse
The Case of DAT Technology: Industrial versus Pecuniary Function pp. 449-457 Downloads
Jim Horner
An Institutionalist Perspective on Declining American Productivity: The American Automobile Industry pp. 459-465 Downloads
Meb Bolin
Society, State, and Market: A Polanyian View of Current Change and Turmoil in Eastern Europe pp. 467-473 Downloads
Walter C. Neale
The Age Demanded: The Rhetoric of Karl Polanyi pp. 475-483 Downloads
Margaret Lewis
A Feminist Institutionalist Reconsideration of Karl Polanyi pp. 485-497 Downloads
William Waller and Ann Jennings
Julian Simon versus the Ehrlichs: An Institutionalist Perspective pp. 499-509 Downloads
James A. Swaney
Plant Closings: A Community’s Bill of Rights pp. 511-518 Downloads
Robert F. Schlack
Economic Evolution: Intervention Contra Pangloss pp. 519-533 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Toward a Theory of Economic Institutions: Synergy and Path Dependency pp. 535-550 Downloads
Kurt Dopfer
Ceremonialism as the Dramatization of Prosaic Technology: Who Did Invent the Coup de Poing? pp. 551-559 Downloads
David Hamilton
The Compatibility of Keynes’s Ideas with Institutionalist Philosophy pp. 561-568 Downloads
Gladys Parker Foster
Ethnocentrism in U.S./Japanese Trade Policy Negotiations pp. 569-580 Downloads
Bernadette Lanciaux
The Welfare Effects on Women of Poland’s Economic Reforms pp. 581-588 Downloads
Bozena Leven
East European Economic Reform: Are New Institutions Emerging? pp. 589-595 Downloads
Roger L. Adkins
Regulation of the Telephone Industry pp. 597-605 Downloads
David Gabel
Military Spending after the Cold War pp. 607-615 Downloads
James M. Cypher
Is Antitrust Obsolete? pp. 617-624 Downloads
Emil Friberg and Celia Thomas

Volume 25, issue 1, 1991

Letter to the Editor pp. v-v Downloads
Howard J. Sherman
Boulding’s Balloons: A Contribution to Monetary Theory pp. 01-20 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
Why Ramsey Pricing Is Wrong: The Case of Telecommunications Regulation pp. 21-32 Downloads
Michael Sheehan
The Functioning of Economic Research pp. 33-38 Downloads
Jan Tinbergen
The Complexity of Economic Phenomena: Reply to Tinbergen and Beyond pp. 39-76 Downloads
Kurt Dopier
The Strange Career of Marginal Cost Pricing pp. 77-92 Downloads
Peter S. Fisher
Institutional and Other Unconventional Theories of Saving pp. 93-113 Downloads
Francis Green
Institutions and the Economic Welfare of Black Americans in the 1980s pp. 115-135 Downloads
John T. Harvey
The Endogenous Money Supply Theory: An Institutionalist Appraisal pp. 137-151 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
The Defect in Supply-Side Interpretations of the 1960s and 1980s pp. 153-166 Downloads
Charles B. Garrison
Part-Time Work in Sweden: Trends and Equality Effects pp. 167-178 Downloads
Marianne Sundötrom
Is Institutional Economics Really’Root and Branch’ Economics? pp. 179-186 Downloads
David Hamilton
Surplus, Surplus, Who’s Got the Surplus? The Subtractivist Fallacy in Orthodox Economics pp. 187-197 Downloads
John Adams
Hobson’s “Surplus Income” and Its Distribution pp. 199-207 Downloads
Jim Rossman
Overcoming Contemporary Mythology: An Essay pp. 209-215 Downloads
Ted Brannen
Post-Keynesian Thought in Perspective: Report on the Tenth Annual Conference of the Dutch Study Circle of Post Keynesian Economics pp. 217-221 Downloads
John Groenewegen, Kees van Pardion and Wicher Schreuders
A Note on Robert Eisner’s Debt Thesis pp. 223-225 Downloads
Robert A. Solo
Reply to Robert A. Solo pp. 225-228 Downloads
Robert Eisner
A Comment on Bush, Foster, and the Environment pp. 228-235 Downloads
W. D. Williams
A Reply to Williams pp. 235-237 Downloads
Paul D. Bush
Fundamentals of the Economic Role of Government pp. 239-241 Downloads
Royall Brandis
The Essential Kaldor pp. 241-243 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
State, Market, and Social Regulation: New Perspectives on Italy pp. 243-245 Downloads
Robert Solo
Three Faces of Power pp. 245-249 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Dangerous Pursuits: Mergers & Acquisitions in the Age of Wall Street? pp. 249-253 Downloads
William F. Mueller
The Making of an Economist pp. 253-254 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Analyzing Modern Business Cycles: Essays Honoring Geoffrey H. Moore pp. 254-256 Downloads
Howard J. Sherman
Observing the Economy pp. 257-258 Downloads
George Dalton
The Odyssey of Rationality pp. 258-261 Downloads
Barbara Klose-Ullmann
Benefit-Cost Analysis. A Political Economy Approach pp. 261-263 Downloads
Peter Söderbaum
Social Economics: Retrospect and Prospect pp. 263-265 Downloads
Charles G. Leathers
Age, Class, Politics, and the Welfare State pp. 265-267 Downloads
Harold Wolozin
Macroeconomic Problems and Policies of Income Distribution pp. 268-271 Downloads
Steven Pressman
The Trouble with Money: A Prescription for America’s Financial Fever pp. 271-275 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
The State and the Labor Market pp. 275-276 Downloads
Markley Roberts
Making America’s Budget Policy: from the 1980S to the 1990s pp. 276-279 Downloads
William Hildred
A Theory of Property pp. 279-280 Downloads
R. Larry Reynolds
Lessons from the Great Depression pp. 281-283 Downloads
Robert E. Lucore
Contracting for Property Rights pp. 283-285 Downloads
Marie Leigh Livingston
Books Received pp. 287-298 Downloads
The Editors
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