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Volume 16, issue 4, 1982

Errata pp. viii-viii Downloads
The Editors
Preference and Value Formation: A Convergence of Enlightened Orthodox and Institutional Analysis? pp. 941-954 Downloads
Robert R. Keller, John R. McKean and Rodney D. Peterson
Institutional Analysis of Stagflation pp. 955-975 Downloads
Wolfgang Blaas
Worker Discontent, Wages, and Stagflation pp. 977-984 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
The Transfer of Control in Large Corporations: 1905-1919 pp. 985-1003 Downloads
David Bunting and Mark S. Mizruchi
Economic Evolution and Economic Policy: Is Reaganomics a Sustainable Force? pp. 1005-1012 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Organizing Policy Research through the Social Fabric Matrix: A Boolean Digraph Approach pp. 1013-1026 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
An Apple II Computer Program for the Social Fabric Matrix and Boolean Digraphs pp. 1027-1037 Downloads
Merrill E. Warkentin and Paul W. Menter
Economic Theory and the Problem of Translation pp. 1039-1062 Downloads
Ken Dennis
Competition and Segmentation in Internal Labor Markets pp. 1063-1077 Downloads
Michael J. Carter
Social Value Theory of Marxists: An Instrumentalist Review and Critique pp. 1079-1107 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
The Methodological and the Ethical Context of Positive Economics: Comment on McKenzie pp. 1109-1116 Downloads
William G. Guthrie
Comment on Rutherford: An Alternative Interpretation of the Instrumental Theory of Value pp. 1116-1120 Downloads
Ivan Weinel
A Poor Harvest: A Clash of Policies and Interests in the Grain Trade pp. 1121-1124 Downloads
Arthur L. Domike
Commodity Prices and the New Inflation pp. 1125-1126 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Multinationals beyond the Market pp. 1127-1130 Downloads
James M. Cypher
Toward a New U.S. Industrial Policy? pp. 1130-1132 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Environmental Regulation and the U.S. Economy pp. 1132-1134 Downloads
Douglas F. Greer
Energy, Economics, and the Environment: Conflicting Views of an Essential Interrelationship pp. 1134-1136 Downloads
Thomas R. De Gregori
Transportation Planning: Vision and Practice pp. 1136-1139 Downloads
Laurence T. Phillips
Social Experimentation and Public Policy pp. 1139-1141 Downloads
Glen W. Atkinson
Advances in Economic Psychology (Third European Colloquium on Economics and Psychology, 1978) pp. 1142-1146 Downloads
Mark A. Lutz and Kenneth Lux
Cultural Economics pp. 1146-1149 Downloads
David Hamilton
Mondragon: An Economic Analysis pp. 1149-1152 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Tawney, Galbraith, and Adam Smith: State and Welfare pp. 1152-1154 Downloads
Karl De Schweinitz
Keynes’s Impact on Monetary Economics pp. 1155-1157 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Women in the Workplace pp. 1157-1159 Downloads
Marjorie S. Turner
Volume XVI – 1982 pp. 1161-1166 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 16, issue 3, 1982

From the New Editor pp. ix-x Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Social Fabric Matrix: From Perspective to Analytical Tool pp. 637-662 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
The Emptiness of Peasant “Rationality”: “Demirationality” as an Alternative pp. 663-672 Downloads
John Adams
Institutionalism, Structuralism, and Dependency in Latin America pp. 673-689 Downloads
James H. Street and Dilmus D. James
Economic Theory and the Problem of Translation pp. 691-712 Downloads
Ken Dennis
Modern Empiricism and Quantum Leap Theorizing in Economics pp. 713-730 Downloads
James A. Swaney and Robert Premus
Job Quality, Labor Market Disequilibrium, and Some Macroeconomic Implications pp. 731-755 Downloads
Marvin E. Rozen
The Evolution of the Veblenian Dichotomy: Veblen, Hamilton, Ayres, and Foster pp. 757-771 Downloads
William Waller
Supply-Side Economic Policies during the Coolidge-Mellon Era pp. 773-790 Downloads
Robert R. Keller
An Institutionalist Critique of President Reagan’s Economic Program pp. 791-814 Downloads
William M. Dugger
What’s Wrong with the Laffer Curve? pp. 815-828 Downloads
Philip Mirowski
R. H. Tawney as Economist pp. 829-853 Downloads
David A. Martin
Invention and Instrumentalism: The Difference between Tool Use and Tool Combinations pp. 855-859 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
Thurow’s Economic Games pp. 859-863 Downloads
Rupert Buchanan
Response to Buchanan pp. 863-864 Downloads
Lester Thurow
Worker Motivation and X-Efficiency Theory: A Comment pp. 864-869 Downloads
Roger S. Frantz
Worker Motivation and X-Efficiency Theory: Reply pp. 869-872 Downloads
John Tomer
Worker Motivation and X-Efficiency Theory: A Comment pp. 872-873 Downloads
Harvey Leibenstein
Cherry on the Natural Rate: Comment pp. 874-875 Downloads
William S. Brown
What to Do about Urban Poverty: The Black Ghetto Case pp. 877-887 Downloads
Frank G. Davis
The Strategy of Social Regulation pp. 889-891 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
Alternative Approaches to Economic Planning pp. 892-894 Downloads
Robert Delorme
Making America Work: Productivity and Responsibility pp. 894-897 Downloads
Solomon Barkin
The End of Economic Growth? Growth and Decline in the UK Since 1945 pp. 897-900 Downloads
Brian Snowdon
Energy Policy in Perspective pp. 900-902 Downloads
Nancy Wentzler
Prophets of Prosperity: America’s First Political Economists pp. 902-905 Downloads
Michael Perelman
The Transition to Egalitarian Development: Economic Policies for Structural Change in the Third World pp. 905-907 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Development Perspectives pp. 907-909 Downloads
John Adams
Multinational Corporations in the Political Economy of Kenya pp. 910-912 Downloads
Robert L. Curry
The Methodology of Economics; Or How Economists Explain pp. 912-916 Downloads
James Webb
New Directions in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations pp. 916-919 Downloads
Lafayette G. Harter
Studies in Public Regulation pp. 919-921 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
Books Received pp. 923-940 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 16, issue 2, 1982

Corrigendum pp. vi-vi Downloads
The Editors
The Veblen-Commons Awards pp. 343-345 Downloads
John S. Gambs and Allan G. Gruchy
Reflections on Institutional Thought pp. 347-349 Downloads
John S. Gambs
The Veblen-Commons Awards pp. 351-352 Downloads
J. Fagg Foster and Marc R. Tool
Hope for the Discipline pp. 353-353 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Language and Economics pp. 354-369 Downloads
Walter C. Neale
Planning in Contemporary Institutional Thought pp. 371-380 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
A General Theory of Planning: The Evolution of Planning and the Planning of Evolution pp. 381-390 Downloads
Roger M. Troub
Positional Analysis and Public Decision Making pp. 391-400 Downloads
Peter Söderbaum
Project Evaluation in a Futures Real Time System pp. 401-411 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
The Economics of Love; or an Attempt at Gandhian Economics pp. 413-433 Downloads
Romesh Diwan
Gandhian Economics: A Schumpeterian Perspective pp. 435-438 Downloads
George Rosen
Gandhian Economics from the Perspective of John R. Commons pp. 439-440 Downloads
Don Kanel
An Ayresian View of Gandhian Economics pp. 441-444 Downloads
William M. Dugger
The Wahi Wanyaturu and the Market pp. 445-452 Downloads
William C. Schaniel
Saudia Arabia’s Islamic Growth Model pp. 453-459 Downloads
Robert E. Looney
Economics as a Cultural System pp. 461-469 Downloads
Raymond Benton
Learning from Primitive Economies pp. 471-479 Downloads
J. R. Stanfield
The Relationship between Anthropology and Economics pp. 481-484 Downloads
John H. Dowling
Anthropology and Institutional Economics pp. 485-487 Downloads
Sidney M. Greenfield
Economic Development in Border Areas: The Case of New Mexico and Chihuahua pp. 489-496 Downloads
James Peach and Kenneth Nowotny
Puerto Rico in the 1970s and 1980s: Crisis of the Development Model pp. 497-506 Downloads
James Dietz
Economic Integration in the Caribbean Community: A Problem of Institutional Adjustment pp. 507-513 Downloads
Glen W. Atkinson
Upgrading in Squatter Settlements: Test of a Marxist Hypothesis pp. 515-523 Downloads
W. Paul Strassmann
Milton Friedman and Thatcher’s Monetarist Experience pp. 525-533 Downloads
William Frazer
R. H. Tawney as Political Economist pp. 535-543 Downloads
David A. Martin
British Influence on Argentine Growth: The Dependency Controversy pp. 545-553 Downloads
James H. Street
A Reconsideration of the Protectionism Debate: Keynes and Import Controls pp. 555-561 Downloads
John A. Willoughby
Institutionalism and Econometrics: Toward a Meaningful Synthesis pp. 563-568 Downloads
M. Ray Perryman
Institutionalism and Dependency pp. 569-575 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Rewriting the Principles of Economics pp. 577-585 Downloads
Dudley Dillard
Institutional Aspects of Industrial Policy pp. 587-596 Downloads
G. J. Wijers
The Princess and the Pea; or, the Alleged Vietnam War Origins of the Current Inflation pp. 597-608 Downloads
John F. Walker and Harold G. Vatter
Inflation and Politics: Problems in Halting Inflation pp. 609-619 Downloads
William A. Lovett
The New American Economic Revolution: Down Capital and Growth, up Technology and Institutions pp. 621-628 Downloads
John Adams
The Reindustrialization of America pp. 629-636 Downloads
Milton D. Lower

Volume 16, issue 1, 1982

Thorstein Veblen and His Socialist Contemporaries: A Critical Comparison pp. 1-28 Downloads
Donald R. Stabile
The New Controversy about the Rationale of Economic Evaluation pp. 29-47 Downloads
E. J. Mishan
Income Distribution and the Business Cycle: Three Conflicting Hypotheses pp. 49-73 Downloads
Robin Hahnel and Howard J. Sherman
The Alleged Value Neutrality of Economics: An Alternative View pp. 75-106 Downloads
Larry Dwyer
Hobsbawm and pp. 107-130 Downloads
Herbert Kisch and John P. Henderson
Early Contributions to Law and Economics: Adolph Wagner’s pp. 131-147 Downloads
Michael Hutter
Carl Menger and: Some Thoughts on Austrian Theory and Methodology pp. 149-160 Downloads
Max Alter
Time and Concept Formation in Economics: A Suggested Approach pp. 161-180 Downloads
Warren L. Young
Barter pp. 181-190 Downloads
George Dalton
Legal Counsel, Power, and Institutional Hegemony pp. 191-210 Downloads
Steven R. Hickerson
The Cooperative Model versus Cooperative Organization pp. 211-220 Downloads
David E. Sisk
Why Economists Disagree: The Philosophy of Irreconcilability pp. 221-236 Downloads
Leslie Duhs
The Atrophy of Net Investment and Some Consequences for the U.S. Mixed Economy pp. 237-253 Downloads
Harold G. Vatter
Human Capital and Institutional Theories of the Labor Market: Rivals or Complements? pp. 255-272 Downloads
Irvin Sobel
Bohm-Bawerk’s Theory of Interest: The Depoliticization of Political Economy? pp. 273-280 Downloads
Mark Kruger
Symbolic Barriers to Full Employment: The Role of Public Debt pp. 281-294 Downloads
A. Allan Schmid
Social Overconcentration, Structural Remedies, and Minority Business pp. 295-299 Downloads
Richard F. America
What of the Friedmans’ ? pp. 301-307 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Chicago School Individualism versus Sexual Reproduction: A Critique of Becker and Tomes pp. 307-312 Downloads
Herman E. Daly
Editor’s Report pp. 313-318 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Economic Thought and Social Change pp. 319-324 Downloads
Y. S. Brenner
Entropy pp. 324-327 Downloads
Tom Cate
The Advanced Capitalist System: A Revisionist View pp. 327-331 Downloads
James L. Dietz
The Methodology of Economics pp. 331-333 Downloads
Lewis E. Hill
The Economic Theory of Social Institutions pp. 333-335 Downloads
David Colander
Dialogue for a New Order pp. 335-337 Downloads
Victor D. Lippit
The Cruel Dilemmas of Development: Twentieth-Century Brazil pp. 337-339 Downloads
George F. Rohrlich
Resource Economics: An Economic Approach to Natural Resources and Environmental Policy pp. 339-341 Downloads
Lawrence W. Libby
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