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Volume 24, issue 4, 1990

New Light on John Dewey, Clarence Ayres, and the Development of Evolutionary Economics pp. 963-979 Downloads
Rick Tilman
“New Thinking” in the Soviet Economy: Lessons for Western Political Economists pp. 981-994 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
The Causes or Black Poverty: Evidence and Interpretation pp. 995-1016 Downloads
Steven Shulman
The Rhetoric of Inquiry or the Sophistry of the Status QUO? Exploring the Common Ground between Critical Rhetoric and Institutional Economics pp. 1017-1026 Downloads
David Sebberson
Why Johnny (Ph.D., Economics) Can’t Read: A Rhetorical Analysis of Thorstein Veblen and a Response to Donald McCloskey’s pp. 1027-1044 Downloads
William Waller and Linda R. Robertson
Retirement as an Institution pp. 1045-1057 Downloads
Harold Wolozin
The Evolution of Water Institutions in Florida: A Neoinstitutionalist Perspective pp. 1059-1077 Downloads
Gary D. Lynne and Jeffrey Burkhardt
Client Consumption Patterns Within An Income-Based Energy Assistance Program pp. 1079-1093 Downloads
Roger D. Colton
Institutional Adjustment, Instrumental Efficiency, and Reasonable Value pp. 1095-1107 Downloads
Glen Atkinson and Mike Reed
Instrumental Value an Eternal Verity? A Reply to Wendell Gordon pp. 1120-1122 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Culture Versus Social Value? A Response to Anne Mayhew pp. 1122-1133 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Economic Reforms in Socialist Economics: A Comment on Petr pp. 1133-1137 Downloads
W. Robert Brazelton
Keynesianism, Monetarism, and the Crisis of the State: A Review Article pp. 1139-1146 Downloads
James Ronald Stanfield
Corporate Hegemony pp. 1147-1155 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing and Paul N. Goldstene
Financial Dynamics and Business Cycles: New Perspectives pp. 1157-1163 Downloads
Basil Moore
The Spread of Economic Ideas pp. 1163-1166 Downloads
Marjorie S. Turner
The World Economy in the 20th Century pp. 1166-1168 Downloads
Robert Wuliger
New Directions in Soviet Social Thought pp. 1168-1172 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Philosophy of Social Science pp. 1172-1175 Downloads
Raphael Sassower
Can Americans Afford to Grow Old?: Paying for Social Security pp. 1175-1179 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
L’Austerite: Theorie Et Politiques pp. 1179-1181 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson and Gladys Parker Foster
The Great Challenge. The Myth of Laissez-Faire in the Early Republic pp. 1181-1186 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
The Origins of the Keynesian Revolution: The Development of Keynes’ Theory of Employment and Output pp. 1186-1189 Downloads
Dudley Dillard
Thorstein Veblen a Karol Marks. Proba Analizy Porownawczej Teorii Rozwoju Spoleczno-Gospodarczego (Thorstein Veblen and Karl Marx. A Comparative Analysis of the Theories of Socio-economic Development) pp. 1190-1193 Downloads
Roman Frackowski
Restructuring the French Economy: Government and the Rise of Market Competition Since World War II pp. 1193-1196 Downloads
John Groenewegen
Guide to Economic Indicators pp. 1196-1197 Downloads
William S. Brown
Kaldor’s Political Economy pp. 1198-1199 Downloads
Charles M. A. Clark
Index pp. 1201-1241 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 24, issue 3, 1990

Allan G. Gruchy, 1906–1990: A Scholar’s Life pp. 663-672 Downloads
Dudley Dillard
and Gardiner Means’s Critique of Neoclassical Economics pp. 673-693 Downloads
Frederic Lee
The Self-Referentiability of Thorstein Veblen’s Theory of the Preconceptions of Economic Science pp. 695-718 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Economic Efficiency, the Economics Discipline, and the “Affected-With-A-Public-Interest” Concept pp. 719-732 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
Galbraith on Ideas and Events pp. 733-760 Downloads
D. A. Reisman
Keynes on the Stages of Development of the Capitalist Economy: The Institutional Foundation of Keynes’s Methodology pp. 761-780 Downloads
James R. Crotty
The Political Economy of Nuclear Power (1945–1990): The Rise and Fall of an Official Technology pp. 781-811 Downloads
Steve Cohn
A Review of Contemporary U.S. Foreign Aid Policies pp. 813-824 Downloads
Robert L. Curry
Adam Smith and Society as an Evolutionary Process pp. 825-844 Downloads
Charles M. A. Clark
Institutional Economics and Social Choice Economics: Commonalities and Conflicts pp. 845-859 Downloads
John Adams
The Rhetoric of Economics Texts pp. 861-878 Downloads
David George
The Role of Tool’s Social Value Principle pp. 879-886 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
The Cambridge Keynesians and the “Bastard Keynesians”: A Comment on Economists and Their Understanding of the Inflationary Aspects of Keynesian Policy pp. 886-890 Downloads
Marjorie S. Turner
Waller on Radical Institutionalism: A Comment pp. 890-896 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
Avoiding the Cartesian Vice in Radical Institutionalism: A Reply to Mayhew pp. 897-901 Downloads
William Waller
Three Worlds of Labor Economics pp. 903-906 Downloads
Douglas Kruse
The Politics of Progress. The Origins and Development of the Commercial Republic, 1600–1835 pp. 906-908 Downloads
Mike Reed
Joan Robinson and the Americans pp. 908-912 Downloads
Hans E. Jensen
The Waste of Nations pp. 912-913 Downloads
Howard J. Sherman
Workforce Policies for the 1990s: A New Labor Market Agenda pp. 913-917 Downloads
Irwin L. Herrnstadt
Accumulation & Power: An Economic History of the United States pp. 917-920 Downloads
Robert R. Keller
The Bittersweet Century: Speculations on Modern Science and Modern Democracy pp. 920-922 Downloads
Rick Tilman
Institutional Economics pp. 923-929 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Dilemmas of Development pp. 929-933 Downloads
James M. Cypher
Sweden: Social Democracy in Practice pp. 933-935 Downloads
Andrew Larkin
The Trade Threat and U. S. Trade Policy pp. 935-938 Downloads
John Adams
New Technologies and Development: Experiences in “Technology Blending” pp. 938-939 Downloads
Chris DeBresson
Money, Interest and Capital pp. 939-942 Downloads
Philip Arestis
Remaking the Economic Institutions of Socialism: China and Eastern Europe pp. 942-947 Downloads
Robert F. Schlack
The Underground Economies: Tax Evasion and Information Distortion pp. 948-950 Downloads
Mike Reed
Books Received pp. 951-962 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 24, issue 2, 1990

Allan G. Gruchy 1907–1990 pp. v-v Downloads
The Editors
Introduction of Award Recipient: Walter C. Neale pp. 325-331 Downloads
John Adams
Absolute Cultural Relativism: Firm Foundation For Valuing And Policy pp. 333-344 Downloads
Walter C. Neale
The Triadic Economy pp. 346-354 Downloads
John R. Munkirs
Economics and the Determinate World View pp. 355-359 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
Three Different Approaches to Institutional Economics: An Evaluation pp. 361-369 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
A Type-Of-Product System Of National Accounts pp. 371-379 Downloads
Milton D. Lower
Institutionalism as a School—A Reconsideration pp. 381-388 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
The Sherman Act As Protective Reaction pp. 389-396 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
As Much Technological As Pecuniary: Turn-Of-The-Century Combinations In Three Major Industries pp. 397-404 Downloads
Janet T. Knoedler
Are There Institutionalist Signposts in the Economics of Alfred Marshall? pp. 405-413 Downloads
Hans E. Jensen
Keynes and Kalecki on Saving and Profit: Some Implications pp. 415-422 Downloads
Parker Gladys Foster
The New Institutionalism: New But Not Institutionalist pp. 423-431 Downloads
William Dugger
An Institutional Analysis of the Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments pp. 433-441 Downloads
Bernadette Lanciaux
The Evolution of Money, Financial Institutions, and Monetary Economics pp. 443-450 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Common Property, Reciprocity, and Community pp. 451-462 Downloads
James A. Swaney
Rural Community Values In Groundwater Marketing pp. 463-472 Downloads
Arthur H. Chan
Airspace Regulation: Redefining the Public Domain pp. 473-480 Downloads
Glen Atkinson
Neoclassical and Institutional Approaches to Environmental Economics pp. 481-492 Downloads
Peter Söderbaum
The “Megacorp”: Eichner’s Contribution to the Theory of the Firm pp. 493-500 Downloads
Nina Shapiro
The Policy Implications of A.S. Eichner’s Macrodynamic Model pp. 501-512 Downloads
Philip Arestis
Cycle and Trend in the Dynamics of Advanced Market Economies pp. 513-521 Downloads
Johan Deprez and William S. Milberg
The Integration of Micro and Macroeconomics through Macrodynamic Megacorps: Eichner and the “Post-Keynesians” pp. 523-534 Downloads
Jan Kregel
Some Reflections on Social Value Theory and Regulation pp. 535-544 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Electric Supply Industry Regulation—Leadership or Retreat? pp. 545-553 Downloads
David W. Penn
Ethics, Economics, and Agricultural Policy: Considerations for the 1990 Farm Bill pp. 555-563 Downloads
Andrew Larkin
Agricultural Policy and Environmental Goals: Conflict or Compatibility? pp. 565-573 Downloads
Sandra S. Batie
Wetlands Provisions in the 1985 and 1990 Farm Bills pp. 575-587 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
The Linked Oligopoly Concept: Recent Evidence from Banking pp. 589-595 Downloads
John E. Martinez
Centralized Private Sector Planning and the allocation of Automobile Credit pp. 597-604 Downloads
Christopher Brown and John Viar
The Challenge of Comparable Worth: An Institutionalist View pp. 605-612 Downloads
Janice Peterson
On the Possibility of a Feminist Economics: The Convergence of Institutional and Feminist Methodology pp. 613-622 Downloads
William Waller and Ann Jennings
Constructions of Social Hierarchy: The Family, Gender, and Power pp. 623-631 Downloads
Ann Jennings and William Waller
Mature Women and the Rewards of Domestic Ideology pp. 633-643 Downloads
Paulette I. Olson
Public/Private Partnerships As Implementing Strategy: The Job Training Partnership Act pp. 645-651 Downloads
Dan Nuckols
Economic Power, Military Power, and National Security pp. 653-661 Downloads
Lloyd J. Dumas

Volume 24, issue 1, 1990

Economic Reforms in Socialist Economies: An Evolutionary Perspective pp. 1-15 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Urban Economies and Economic Heterodoxy pp. 17-47 Downloads
Robert F. Schlack
Welfare Reform in the Reagan Years: An Institutionalist’s Perspective pp. 49-56 Downloads
David Hamilton
Institutional Dynamics, Deterministic Chaos, and Self-Organizing Systems pp. 57-102 Downloads
Michael J. Radzicki
Non-Employed Women, Marriage and the Sisyphus Syndrome pp. 103-114 Downloads
Julia A. Heath
Financial System Restructuring: Lessons from Veblen, Keynes, and Kalecki pp. 115-131 Downloads
Catherine L. Lawson and Larry L. Lawson
The Wealth Tax: A Policy Proposal pp. 133-144 Downloads
William M. Dugger
The Feminization of Poverty: The Demographic Factor And The Composition of Economic Growth pp. 145-160 Downloads
Emily M. Northrop
The Persistence of Occupational Segregation: A Critique of Its Theoretical Underpinnings pp. 161-171 Downloads
Paulette Olson
Vertical Integration and Regulation in the Electric Utility Industry pp. 173-187 Downloads
Joseph P. Fuhr
Analysis of Federal Farm Policy Using The Social Fabric Matrix pp. 189-224 Downloads
Barbara A. Meister
Impact of the 1986 Federal Tax Reform on the Passive Tax Expenditures of States pp. 225-238 Downloads
William M. Hildred and James V. Pinto
On Public and Private Control in a “Reasonable Society” pp. 239-248 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
Writings That Clarify Theoretical Disputes Over Karl Polanyi’s Work pp. 249-261 Downloads
George Dalton
A Rejoinder to Liebhafsky pp. 261-262 Downloads
Lamar B. Jones
Darwinism and Institutional Economics: Recent Criticism of Veblen and Ayres pp. 263-267 Downloads
Rick Tilman
A Rejoinder to Tilman pp. 268-269 Downloads
Lamar B. Jones
Economics as a Social Science: An Evolutionary Approach pp. 271-278 Downloads
Glen Atkinson and Edythe S. Miller
Radical Institutionalism: Contemporary Voices pp. 279-281 Downloads
Robert T. Averitt
Crisis and Compensation. Public Policy and Political Stability in Japan, 1949–1986 pp. 281-286 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
A Voice of Reform: Essays by Tat’iana I. Zaslavskaia pp. 286-289 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
J.M. Keynes in Retrospect: The Legacy of the Keynesian Revolution pp. 289-291 Downloads
W. Robert Brazelton
Race, Class, and Conservatism pp. 292-295 Downloads
Doug Brown
Beyond Free Markets: The Revival of Activist Economics pp. 295-298 Downloads
William M. Dugger
The Moral Dimension: Toward a New Economics pp. 299-303 Downloads
Jon Wisman
The Consequences of Economic Rhetoric pp. 303-306 Downloads
Richard G. Fritz
Keynesian Economics: The Permanent Revolution pp. 306-309 Downloads
William S. Brown
Methodology and Economics: A Critical Introduction pp. 309-310 Downloads
Ken Dennis
The Realities of Nuclear Power: International Economic and Regulatory Experience pp. 310-313 Downloads
Steve Cohn
Programmed Capitalism, a Computer-Mediated Society pp. 313-315 Downloads
David A. Martin
Books Received pp. 317-323 Downloads
The Editors
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