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Volume 53, issue 4, 2019

Reviewers pp. iii-iii Downloads
The Editors
The Fundamental Character of Socioeconomic Exploitation: Human Nature, Technology, Social Institutions, and Ideology pp. 895-913 Downloads
Jon Wisman
Veblen’s System of Conspicuous Waste pp. 914-927 Downloads
John Watkins
Personal Income and Hierarchical Power pp. 928-945 Downloads
Blair Fix
The Rejection of Qualitative Research Methods in Economics pp. 946-965 Downloads
Alexander Lenger
The Holy Grail of Crypto Currencies: Ready to Replace Fiat Money? pp. 966-1000 Downloads
Richard Senner and Didier Sornette
Food Prices Policy in Israel: A Strategic Instrument pp. 1001-1016 Downloads
Janetta Azarieva and Dov Chernichovsky
Explaining the Increase in Young Adults Living with Parents pp. 1017-1028 Downloads
Vishnu Srinivas
Do Incentive Rates Provide Consumer Value? An Empirical Assessment from Ontario’s Electricity Distribution Sector pp. 1029-1047 Downloads
Russell Houldin, Richard Carlson and Petar Prazic
The Great Recession and Racial Inequality: Evidence from Measures of Economic Well-Being pp. 1048-1069 Downloads
Thomas Masterson, Ajit Zacharias, Fernando Rios-Avila and Edward N. Wolff
Chinese Shadow Banking: The Case of Trust Funds pp. 1070-1087 Downloads
Kerry Liu
Fashion’s Effect on Consumer’s Preference Formation pp. 1088-1102 Downloads
Ahmad F. Oran
Income Distribution and Redistribution pp. 1103-1125 Downloads
Ensar Yilmaz and Sinem Sefil-Tansever
Current Account Imbalances or Too Much Bank Debt as the Main Driver of Gross Capital Inflows? Spain During the Great Financial Crisis pp. 1126-1151 Downloads
Eladio Febrero, Ignacio Álvarez and Jorge Uxó
The Financial Stability Board and Switzerland’s WiR-Credit Mechanism pp. 1152-1169 Downloads
Emir Phillips and Francois Desmoulins-Lebeault
Nick Gogerty: Nature of Value: How to Invest in the Adaptive Economy pp. 1170-1173 Downloads
Alberto D. Mendoza España
Index pp. 1174-1179 Downloads
The Editors
Acknowledgements pp. 1180-1180 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 53, issue 3, 2019

The Institutionalist Theory of the Business Enterprise: Past, Present, and Future pp. 597-611 Downloads
Tae-Hee Jo
Development Without Industrialization? Household Well-Being and Premature Deindustrialization pp. 612-633 Downloads
Joshua Greenstein
Connecting Institutional Economics to Communitarian Philosophy: Beyond Market Institutions and Pecuniary Canons of Value pp. 634-646 Downloads
Denilson Beal and Marco Cavalieri
Economics and Apologetics—The Ideology/Utopia of Laissez-Faire and its Discontents pp. 647-676 Downloads
Milan Zafirovski
Institutions, Culture, and the Tropical Development Gap: The Agro-Climatic Origins of Social Norms about Thrift and Sharing pp. 677-702 Downloads
Bernard Poirine and Vincent Dropsy
Ethics and the Economy: Food for Thought from the Medieval Debate on Money pp. 703-725 Downloads
Stefano Figuera and Guido Tortorella Esposito
The Nature of Property Rights in Haiti: Mode of Land Acquisition, Gender, and Investment pp. 726-747 Downloads
Liam D. Kelly, B. Deaton and J. Atsu Amegashie
Manufacturing Pluralism in Brazilian Economics pp. 748-773 Downloads
Ramon Fernandez and Carlos Suprinyak
Are the Media Biased? Evidence from France pp. 774-798 Downloads
Michael Lainé
Ideology and the Role of Natural Resources in Bolivia pp. 799-812 Downloads
Casto Montero Kuscevic
Public Investment Boosted Private Investment in Brazil between 1982 and 2013 pp. 813-840 Downloads
Cristina Reis, Eliane Araujo and Erica Oliveira Gonzales
Financialization in the Automotive Industry: Shareholders, Managers, and Salaries pp. 841-862 Downloads
Marcelo do Carmo, Mario Sacomano Neto and Julio Cesar Donadone
Debates over Dirigisme during the 1930s: The Case of Bulgaria pp. 863-878 Downloads
Pencho Penchev
Should the Rich be Taxed More? The Fiscal Inequality Coefficient pp. 879-887 Downloads
John Hatgioannides, Marika Karanassou and Hector Sala
David Colander and Craig Freedman: Where Economics Went Wrong: Chicago’s Abandonment of Classical Liberalism pp. 888-890 Downloads
Richard V. Adkisson
Piero Ferri: Minsky’s Moment: An Insider’s View on the Economics of Hyman Minsky pp. 891-892 Downloads
Ronnie Phillips

Volume 53, issue 2, 2019

The 2019 Veblen-Commons Award Recipient: Janet Knoedler pp. 301-302 Downloads
Sherry Davis Kasper
The Culture of (Dis)Contentment pp. 303-319 Downloads
Janet T. Knoedler
Institutional Economics and Chock-Full Employment: Reclaiming the “Right to Work” as a Cornerstone of Progressive Capitalism pp. 321-340 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Institutionalized Communication in Markets and Firms pp. 341-348 Downloads
Wilfred Dolfsma
Cognition, Social Impulse, and the Principle of Adaptation: Insights into the Peirce-Veblen Connection pp. 349-354 Downloads
Manuel Ramon Souza Luz
The Rise of Populist Movements in Europe: A Response to European Ordoliberalism? pp. 355-362 Downloads
David Cayla
The Last Gasp of Neoliberalism pp. 363-369 Downloads
John Watkins and James E. Seidelman
Quantity and Quality Concerns about Technology Impacts pp. 370-377 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
The Three Faces of Labor: Sustainability and the Next Wave of Automation pp. 378-384 Downloads
Daphne T. Greenwood
Theory and Reality of Cryptocurrency Governance pp. 385-393 Downloads
Antoon Spithoven
The Uncertainty of Academic Rent and Income Inequality: The OECD Panel Evidence pp. 394-402 Downloads
Kosta Josifidis and Novica Supic
The Japanese Economy: Stagnation, Recovery, and Challenges pp. 403-410 Downloads
Tanweer Akram
The Effectiveness of Unconventional Monetary Policy in Japan pp. 411-416 Downloads
Heather Montgomery and Ulrich Volz
The Covered Interest Parity Puzzle and the Evolution of the Japan Premium pp. 417-424 Downloads
Alexis Stenfors
Consecrating Capitalism: The United States Prosperity Gospel and Neoliberalism pp. 425-432 Downloads
Mary V. Wrenn
Vision, Value, and Pluralism: A Comment on Analytical Political Economy pp. 433-439 Downloads
Susan K. Schroeder
Similarities and Dissimilarities between Original Institutional Economics and New Institutional Economics pp. 440-447 Downloads
Antoon Spithoven
Opening Up Possibilities: Limiting Particularism and Welcoming Convergence on Socially Progressive Goals pp. 448-455 Downloads
Anna Klimina
Homo Oeconomicus Returns: Neoliberalism, Socio-Political Uncertainty and Economic Policy pp. 456-462 Downloads
Paolo Ramazzotti
Financialization, Class Interests, and Karl Polanyi’s Protective Response pp. 463-470 Downloads
David A. Zalewski
Integrating Applied Field Work into the Undergraduate Economics Curriculum pp. 471-477 Downloads
Thomas Kemp
From the Age of Rentier Tranquility to the New Age of Deep Uncertainty: The Metamorphosis of Central Bank Policy in Modern Financialized Economies pp. 478-487 Downloads
Mario Seccareccia
Stabilizing Endogenous Instability: Proposals for An Institutionalist Reform of Financial Regulation pp. 488-495 Downloads
Faruk Ülgen
Financial Inclusion and Financialization: Latin American Main Trends after the Great Crisis pp. 496-501 Downloads
Eugenia Correa and Alicia Girón
The Double Movement Ten Years After the Fall of Lehman Brothers pp. 502-507 Downloads
Gregorio Vidal and Wesley C. Marshall
Original Institutional Economics and Political Anthropology: Reflections on the Nature of Coercive Power and Vested Interests in the Works of Thorstein Veblen and Pierre Clastres pp. 508-514 Downloads
Manuel Ramon Souza Luz and John Hall
Remittances and Households in the Age of Neoliberal Uncertainty pp. 515-522 Downloads
Kalpana Khanal and Zdravka Todorova
Financially Unstable Households pp. 523-531 Downloads
Robert H. Scott and Steven Pressman
The Tenuous Grasp: Possession and Loss in the Marketplace pp. 532-536 Downloads
William Redmond
Fighting Childhood Poverty: How a Universal Child Allowance Would Impact the U.S. Population pp. 537-544 Downloads
Timothy A. Wunder
Modeling System Complexity in the Context of Geopolitics Related to Climate Change pp. 545-552 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
The Place of Uncertainty in Heterodox Economics Journals: A Bibliometric Study pp. 553-562 Downloads
Felipe Almeida and Luis Gustavo de Paula
Social Constructs and their Usefulness in Original Institutionalist Research: Quality Matters pp. 563-570 Downloads
Richard V. Adkisson and Carol L. Flinchbaugh
China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Reducing or Increasing the World Uncertainties? pp. 571-578 Downloads
Ricardo C. S. Siu
State Capitalism Revisited: A Review of Emergent Forms and Developments pp. 579-586 Downloads
Wilfred Dolfsma and Anna Grosman
Financialization and Capital Accumulation pp. 587-594 Downloads
Carlos Aguiar de Medeiros and Fabian Amico

Volume 53, issue 1, 2019

Evolution of the Corporation in the United States: Stabilized Scarcity and Vested Interests pp. 1-25 Downloads
Glen Atkinson, Eric R. Hake and Stephen P. Paschall
Inequality and Crisis: Conspicuous Consumption as the Missing Link in the Portuguese Case pp. 26-38 Downloads
Cristina Matos
Do Enclaves Help or Hinder the American Dream? pp. 39-56 Downloads
Fahad Gill
Economization of Society: Functional Differentiation and Economic Stagnation pp. 57-80 Downloads
Ferdinand Wenzlaff
Technological versus Pecuniary External Economies: The Former Should Rule the Roost pp. 81-97 Downloads
Satya Padhi
Active and Passive Trading Relations pp. 98-114 Downloads
William Jackson
Time, Arbitrage, and the Law of One Price: The Case for a Paradigm Shift pp. 115-154 Downloads
Kazem Falahati
Systemic Characteristics of Financial Instability pp. 155-192 Downloads
Kazem Falahati
The Positive Externalities of Chapter 13 “Cramdowns” Could Prevent the Next Foreclosure Crisis pp. 193-210 Downloads
Emir Phillips
Misaligned Expectations and Non-Cooperative Behavior in Indian Microfinance: Evidence from a Survey pp. 211-233 Downloads
Debadutta Kumar Panda
Drastic Times Call for Drastic Measures: The ECB LTROs and Credit in The Eurozone Before and After December 2011 pp. 234-256 Downloads
Cécile Bastidon, Philippe Gilles and Marie-Sophie Gauvin
The Williamsonian Ambiguity on Authority and Power in Transaction Cost Economics pp. 257-276 Downloads
Bernard Baudry and Virgile Chassagnon
Herbert J. Davenport on Conspicuous Consumption and the Economics of Feminism pp. 277-287 Downloads
Luca Fiorito and Tiziana Foresti
Guillermo Calvo: Macroeconomics in Times of Liquidity Crisis: Searching for Economic Essentials pp. 288-290 Downloads
Emiliano Libman
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