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Volume 29, issue 4, 1995

John R. Commons’s Puzzling Inconsequentiality as an Economic Theorist pp. 991-1012 Downloads
Yngve Ramstad
Veblenian Institutionalism: The Changing Concepts of Inquiry pp. 1013-1027 Downloads
William M. Dugger
The Economic Roots of Environmental Decline: Property Rights or Path Dependence? pp. 1029-1043 Downloads
Eban Goodstein
Aggressive Greenhouse Gas Policies: How They Could Spur Economic Growth pp. 1045-1062 Downloads
Mark R. Greer
The Restructuring of the Hospital Services Industry pp. 1063-1081 Downloads
Jack Reardon and Laurie Reardon
An Instrumentalist Critique of “Cost-Utility Analysis” pp. 1083-1096 Downloads
William Hildred and Fred Beauvais
Institutional Bias, Risk, and Workers’ Risk Aversion pp. 1097-1118 Downloads
Chris Doucouliagos
The Culture-of-Poverty Thesis and African Americans: The Work of Gunnar Myrdal and Other Institutionalists pp. 1119-1132 Downloads
Robert Cherry
Pigou’s Influence on Clark: Work and Welfare pp. 1133-1145 Downloads
Donald Stabile
Markets and Power pp. 1147-1170 Downloads
Eric Schutz
Economic Growth versus Economic Development: Toward a Conceptual Clarification pp. 1171-1188 Downloads
Richard Brinkman
Ayres on Institutions–A Reconsideration pp. 1189-1196 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Comment on T. Larson and P. Ong, “Imbalance in Part-Time Employment” pp. 1197-1201 Downloads
Lonnie Golden
A Critique of the Contingent Labor Thesis: A Reply to “Comment on T. Larson and P. Ong, Imbalance in Part-Time Employment” pp. 1201-1211 Downloads
Tom Larson and Paul M. Ong
The Unfashionable Elegance of Tsuru’s Unorthodox Economics: An Essay on Institutional Economics Revisited and Japan’s Capitalism pp. 1213-1230 Downloads
K. (Vela) Velupillai
Views on Economic Order and Evolution pp. 1231-1240 Downloads
Glen Atkinson
Editor’s Notes pp. 1241-1241 Downloads
The Editors
The United Nations at the Crossroads of Reform pp. 1243-1246 Downloads
Anthony E. Scaperlanda
Evolutionary Concepts in Contemporary Economics pp. 1247-1249 Downloads
William Waller
Activist Unionism, the Institutional Economics of Solomon Barkin pp. 1249-1250 Downloads
Roger Bowlby
International Organization and Industrial Change pp. 1250-1252 Downloads
Ken Dennis
Rethinking the Development Experience: Essays Provoked by the Work of Albert O. Hirschman: Development Projects Observed pp. 1253-1256 Downloads
George Rosen
The Role of Economic Theory pp. 1257-1258 Downloads
Randall Bartlett
Strong Managers, Weak Owners: The Political Roots of American Corporate Finance pp. 1258-1260 Downloads
Eric Hake
The Uma-Economy: Indigenous Economics and Development Work in La Wonda, Sumba (Eastern-Indonesia) pp. 1260-1262 Downloads
John Lodewijks
Development from Within: Towards a Neostructuralist Approach for Latin America pp. 1263-1264 Downloads
Dilmus D. James
Index Volume XXIX – 1995 pp. 1265-1271 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 29, issue 3, 1995

The Criticism of Modern Civilization pp. 663-666 Downloads
Wesley C. Mitchell and Malcolm Rutherford
“The Criticism of Modern Civilization” Introduction to the Program of the Kosmos Club for 1909-10 pp. 666-682 Downloads
Wesley C. Mitchell
Post-Lange Market Socialism: An Evaluation of Profit-Oriented Proposals pp. 683-717 Downloads
James A. Yunker
Uncertainty, Competition, and Speculative Finance in the Eighties pp. 719-746 Downloads
Don Goldstein
Sir Robert Giffen and the Great Potato Famine: A Discussion of the Role of a Legend in Neoclassical Economics pp. 747-759 Downloads
Terrence McDonough and Joseph Eisenhauer
Naturalism in Economics pp. 761-780 Downloads
William Jackson
Marx, Dewey, and the Instrumentalist Approach to Political Econony pp. 781-805 Downloads
Steve Shuklian
Toward a “General Theory” of Market Exchange pp. 807-828 Downloads
Robert E. Prasek
Understanding Job Quality in an Era of Structural Change: What Can Economics Learn from Industrial Relations? pp. 829-841 Downloads
Dell Champlin
Comparison of the Corporate Decision Networks of Nebraska and the United States pp. 843-869 Downloads
Kurt Stephenson and F. Gregory Hayden
Interpersonal Effects on Consumer Demand in Economic Theory and Marketing Thought, 1890-1950 pp. 871-881 Downloads
Roger Mason
Gradualism in China’s Economic Reform and the Role for a Strong Central State pp. 883-895 Downloads
Leong H. Liew
The NAIRU Delusion pp. 897-909 Downloads
George P. Brockway
A Restoration of Significance pp. 910-915 Downloads
Jonathan Larson
Reflections on the Intellectual Context and Significance of Thorstein Veblen pp. 915-922 Downloads
Warren Samuels
A Comment on High Social Expenditures in Hungary pp. 923-927 Downloads
Ildikó Ékes
Inside an Emerging Financial Market: System Design and Regulation for a Roller-Coaster pp. 929-938 Downloads
Andrew J. Cornford
Editor’s Notes pp. 939-939 Downloads
The Editors
Evolutionary and Neo-Schumpeterian Approaches to Economics pp. 941-944 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Institutions in Economics pp. 944-949 Downloads
Janet T. Knoedler
Post Keynesian Macroeconomic Theory; A Foundation for Successful Economic Policies for the Twenty-First Century pp. 949-954 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
Economic Thought and Discourse in the Twentieth Century pp. 954-955 Downloads
A. W. Coats
Forecasting Financial and Economic Cycles pp. 956-957 Downloads
Howard J. Sherman
Beyond Dissent. Essays in Institutional Economics pp. 957-960 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
The Economic Status of Women under Capitalism pp. 960-962 Downloads
Sherryl Davis Kasper
The Pathology of the U.S. Economy: The Costs of a Low Wage System pp. 963-965 Downloads
Brent McClintock
Frame Reflection: Toward the Resolution of Intractable Policy Controversies pp. 965-968 Downloads
Peter B. Meyer
The Greening of Agricultural Policy in Industrial Societies: Swedish Reforms in Comparative Perspective pp. 968-970 Downloads
Andrew Larkin
Imperfect Alternatives: Choosing Institutions in Law, Economics, and Public Policy pp. 971-973 Downloads
Allan Schmid
The Art of Monetary Policy pp. 973-975 Downloads
C. Louise Nelson
Projecting Capitalism: A History of the Internationalization of the Construction Industry pp. 976-978 Downloads
W. Paul Strassmann
Non-Natural Social Science: Reflecting on the Enterprise of More Heat than Light pp. 978-982 Downloads
Brian Eggleston
Books Received pp. 983-989 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 29, issue 2, 1995

Introduction of Award Recipient: Warren Samuels pp. 339-341 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
The Making of a Relativist and Social Constructivist pp. 343-358 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Instrumentalist Policymaking: Policy Criteria in a Transactional Context pp. 360-384 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
Transaction Cost Theories of Business Enterprise from Williamson and Veblen: Convergence, Divergence, and Some Evidence pp. 385-395 Downloads
Janet T. Knoedler
Institutional Economics and Neoclassicism in the Early Twentieth Century: The Role of Physics pp. 397-406 Downloads
William T. Ganley
Culture: Core Concept Reaffirmed pp. 407-418 Downloads
Ann Jennings and William Waller
International Trade and Child Labor pp. 419-426 Downloads
Baban Hasnat
Reassessing Comparative Advantage: The Impact of Capital Flows on the Argument for Laissez-Faire pp. 427-433 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Technology and the Terms of Trade: Considering Expectational, Structural, and Institutional Factors pp. 435-442 Downloads
Johan Deprez
The Old and the New Institutionalism: Can Bridges Be Built? pp. 443-451 Downloads
Malcolm Rutherford
Douglass C. North’s New Institutionalism pp. 453-458 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Institutions and the Significance of Relative Prices pp. 459-466 Downloads
J. R. Stanfield
On Integrating New and Old Institutionalism: Douglass North Building Bridges pp. 467-475 Downloads
John Groenewegen, Frans Kerstholt and Ad Nagelkerke
The Impact of Financial Flows on U.S. Investment, 1948-1992: An Empirical Model of Institutional Investment Theory pp. 477-491 Downloads
David Carrier and Lawrence Marsh
The International Monetary System and Exchange Rate Determination: 1945 to the Present pp. 493-502 Downloads
John T. Harvey
Instruments and Institutions of Industrial Policy at the Regional Level in Germany: The Example of Industrial Defense Conversion pp. 503-516 Downloads
Wolfram Elsner
Raising Environmental Consciousness versus Creating Economic Incentives as Alternative Policies for Environmental Protection pp. 517-524 Downloads
George D. Santopietro
Nonprofit Organizations and the Institutionalist Approach pp. 525-533 Downloads
J. Dennis Chasse
The Globalization of Telecommunications: A Study in the Struggle to Control Markets and Technology pp. 535-544 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing and Maurice Estabrooks
Regulation of On-site Medical Waste Incinerators in the United States and the United Kingdom: Is the Public Interest Being Served? pp. 545-554 Downloads
Leslie D. Manns
Breaking Down the Walls, Opening up the Field: Situating the Economics Classroom in the Site of Social Action pp. 555-565 Downloads
Margaret Lewis
For Whom? Institutional Economics and Distributional Issues in the Economics Classroom pp. 567-574 Downloads
Janice Peterson
Varieties of Capitalism from the Perspectives of Veblen and Marx pp. 575-584 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
The Origins of Capitalist Markets: Transition in Poland with Comparisons to East Asian Capitalism pp. 585-590 Downloads
Phillip E. Giffin and Lucien Ellington
The Onset and Persistence of Secular Stagnation in the U.S. Economy: 1910-1990 pp. 591-600 Downloads
Harold G. Vatter, John F. Walker and Gar Alperovitz
A New Year’s Keynesian Wish: Advice to Clinton in the Mtermath of November 1994 pp. 601-608 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
Bargaining Models, Feminism, and Institutionalism pp. 609-618 Downloads
Janet A. Seiz
Female-Headed Families on AFDC: Who Leaves Welfare Quickly and Who Doesn’t pp. 619-628 Downloads
Carol Dawn Petersen
Child Care Choice in a Lexicographic Framework pp. 629-637 Downloads
Ellen S. Sloss
Health Reform and the Legal-Economic Nexus pp. 639-649 Downloads
Mitchell Langbert and Frederick Murphy
Evolutionary Economics in Russia: Report on a Conference pp. 651-661 Downloads
Warren Samuels

Volume 29, issue 1, 1995

A Realist Perspective on Contemporary “Economic Theory” pp. 1-32 Downloads
Tony Lawson
Innovating-By-Doing: Skill Innovation as a Source of Technological Advance pp. 33-46 Downloads
Eric A. Nilsson
Urban Labor Markets and Young Black Men: A Literature Review pp. 47-65 Downloads
Curtis Skinner
Institutional Changes in Hospital Nursing pp. 67-82 Downloads
Lisi Krall and Mark J. Prus
Longer Waves in Financial Relations: Financial Factors in the More Severe Depressions II pp. 83-96 Downloads
Hyman Minsky
The Limits of Neoliberalism: Toward a Reformulation of Development Theory pp. 97-119 Downloads
Ziya Önis
C. A. Wiley and the Integrated Economy pp. 121-136 Downloads
Gerald Vaughn
The Association for Evolutionary Economics and the Union for Radical Political Economics: General Issues of Continuity and Integration pp. 137-159 Downloads
Phillip Anthony O’Hara
The Independence of Central Banks: A Nonconventional Perspective pp. 161-174 Downloads
Philip Arestis and Keith Bain
The Economist as Mythmaker–Stigler’s Kinky Transformation pp. 175-209 Downloads
Craig Freedman
The Hidden Barriers of Occupational Segregation pp. 211-222 Downloads
Mark Haggerty and Colleen Johnson
Private Investment and Democracy in the Developing World pp. 223-243 Downloads
Manuel Pastor and Jae Ho Sung
A Handbook of Economic Neologisms pp. 245-253 Downloads
Stelios P. Kafandaris
Technological Paradigms and Strategic Groups: Putting Competition into the Definitions pp. 254-258 Downloads
Nachoem M. Wijnberg
The Exogeneity of Short-Term Interest Rates: A Reply to Wray pp. 258-266 Downloads
Basil Moore
“Alternative Approaches to Money and Interest Rates”: A Comment pp. 266-273 Downloads
Jane Knodell
Keynesian Monetary Theory: Liquidity Preference or Black Box Horizontalism? pp. 273-282 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
A Comment on Process Time and Coordination pp. 283-285 Downloads
Bruce R. McFarling
Reply to Bruce R. McFarling pp. 286-290 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
Editor’s Notes pp. 291-292 Downloads
The Editors
Economic Theory and Natural Philosophy: The Search for the Natural Laws of the Economy pp. 293-296 Downloads
Brian Eggleston
Economics Without Time: A Science Blind to the Forces of Historical Change pp. 296-300 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Learning and Technological Change pp. 300-303 Downloads
Janet T. Knoedler
History and Historians of Political Economy pp. 303-305 Downloads
Sherryl Davis Kasper
U.S. Capitalist Development Since 1776: of, by, and for Which People pp. 306-307 Downloads
C. S. Poirot
Inside the Volcano: The History and Political Economy of Central America pp. 308-310 Downloads
Jon Jonakin
The New American Workplace: Transforming Work Systems in the United States pp. 310-313 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Sustainable Development for a Democratic South Africa pp. 313-315 Downloads
Daniel Bromley
Arguing for Basic Income: Ethical Foundations for a Radical Reform pp. 316-318 Downloads
Doug Brown
Dynamics of the Firm pp. 318-320 Downloads
Robert T. Averitt
Silent Depression pp. 320-322 Downloads
Jan Kregel
New Perspectives in Monetary Macroeconomics: Explorations in the Tradition of Hyman P. Minsky pp. 323-326 Downloads
Philip Arestis
The Elgar Companion to Radical Political Economy pp. 326-328 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Books Received pp. 329-337 Downloads
The Editors
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