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Volume 32, issue 4, 1998

Men of Steel Meet the Market: Interpreting Firm Behavior in Russia’s Metallurgy Industry pp. 925-963 Downloads
L. Clark Carol and Lisa A. Baglione
Economics and Institutions: The Socioeconomic Approach of K. William Kapp pp. 965-984 Downloads
Regine Heidenreich
The Second Stage of Bioethics and InstitutionaUst Economics pp. 985-998 Downloads
Catherine L. Lawson
Transaction Costs and the Historical Evolution of the Capitalist Firm pp. 999-1017 Downloads
C. N. Pitelis
Commons and Keynes: Their Assault on Laissez Faire pp. 1019-1030 Downloads
Glen Atkinson and Theodore Oleson
Economic Theories about the Benefits and Costs of Patents pp. 1031-1052 Downloads
Roberto Mazzoleni and Richard Nelson
A Potential for Understanding and the Interference of Power: Discourse as an Economic Mechanism of Coordination pp. 1053-1078 Downloads
Stefan Resting
Poverty, Single-Parent Households, and Youth At-Risk Behavior: An Empirical Study pp. 1079-1105 Downloads
Dalton Garis
Deconstruction and Reasonable Value pp. 1107-1126 Downloads
The Editors
A Note on Deconstruction pp. 1127-1129 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Flying High on Deconstruction and Reasonable Value pp. 1130-1134 Downloads
Sajay Samuel, Mark A. Covaleski and Mark W. Dirsmith
Institutionalist Approaches to Full-Employment Policies pp. 1135-1139 Downloads
Mathew Forstater
The Poor and Transportation: A Comment on Marlene Kim’s “The Working Poor: Lousy Jobs or Lousy Workers?” pp. 1140-1142 Downloads
Thomas Lambert
Non-Redistributing Prices and Exclusion in the Evolution of the Internet pp. 1142-1149 Downloads
Mikel Gómez Uranga
A Note on Economic Growth in Eastern Europe pp. 1150-1152 Downloads
Austin Murphy
Back to the Future? A Review Article pp. 1153-1161 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
Lse on Equality: a Centenary Anthology pp. 1165-1170 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Creating Modern Capitalism: How Entrepreneurs, Companies, and Countries Triumphed in Three Industrial Revolutions pp. 1170-1174 Downloads
Janet Knoedler
Regionalization and Labour Market Interdependence in East and Southeast Asia pp. 1174-1177 Downloads
Suzanne J. Konzelmann
Work and Pay in the United States and Japan pp. 1177-1180 Downloads
David M. Potter
Shopfloor Matters: Labor-Management Relations in Twentieth-Century American Manufacturing pp. 1180-1183 Downloads
Paulette Olson
Does Financial Deregulation Work? a Critique of Free Market Approaches (New Directions in Modem Economics Series) pp. 1183-1186 Downloads
Ronnie Phillips
Improving the Global Economy: Keynesianism and the Growth in Output and Employment pp. 1187-1189 Downloads
Thomas A. Swanke
Economic Justice: The Market Socialist Vision pp. 1189-1193 Downloads
Doug Brown
Households, Work, and Economic Change: A Comparative Institutional Perspective pp. 1193-1200 Downloads
Ulla Grapard
Modern Manors: Welfare Capitalism Since the New Deal pp. 1200-1203 Downloads
Dell Champlin
The Life and Times of Soviet Socialism pp. 1203-1206 Downloads
John E. Peters
Europe’s Economic Dilemma pp. 1206-1208 Downloads
Gladys Parker Foster
: Volume XXXII – 1998 pp. 1209-1215 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 32, issue 3, 1998

Are African-Americans Losing Their Footholds in Better Jobs? pp. 641-668 Downloads
Mary C. King
Strategic Bankruptcy and Private Pension Default pp. 669-687 Downloads
Douglas V. Orr
Veblen’s Assault on Time pp. 689-707 Downloads
Clare Virginia Eby
Caroline Foley and the Theory of Intersubjective Demand pp. 709-731 Downloads
Edward Fullbrook
What Veblen Owed to Peirce—The Social Theory of Logic pp. 733-757 Downloads
Robert Griffin
Ending Corporate Welfare as We Know It: An Institutional Analysis of the Dual Structure of Welfare pp. 759-771 Downloads
Paulette Olson and Dell Champlin
Exploring the Politics of the Minimum Wage pp. 773-802 Downloads
Oren M. Levin-Waldman
Rise of the Institutional Equity Funds: Implications for Managerialism pp. 803-821 Downloads
Christopher Brown
Comment on “Postmodernism and Institutionalism” pp. 823-832 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Is Postmodern Institutionalism the Wave of the Future? A Reply to Hoksbergen pp. 833-843 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Postmodernism and Institutionalism: A Reply to Klein and Samuels pp. 844-848 Downloads
Roland Hoksbergen
Technological Progressivism: Guilty as Charged pp. 848-856 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
Institutionalism without Institutions: Rejoinder to DeGregori pp. 856-861 Downloads
William M. Dugger and Howard J. Sherman
The Economy as a Process of Valuation pp. 865-868 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Worlds of Production: The Action Frameworks of the Economy pp. 869-872 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Keynes and the Quest for a Moral Science: A Study of Economics and Alchemy pp. 872-875 Downloads
Richard X. Chase
Gender and Political Economy: Incorporating Diversity into Theory and Policy pp. 875-878 Downloads
Paulette Olson
The Economics of Environmental Degradation: Tragedy for the Commons pp. 878-880 Downloads
George D. Santopietro
The Tobin Tax: Coping with Financial Volatility pp. 881-884 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Evolutionary Economics and Path Dependence pp. 885-887 Downloads
Glen Atkinson
African American and Post-Industrial Labor Markets; Black Unemployment: Part of Unskilled Unemployment pp. 887-891 Downloads
Robert Cherry
The Double Games of Participation: Pay, Performance and Culture pp. 891-894 Downloads
Suzanne J. Konzeumann
Telecom Reform: Principles, Policies and Regulatory Practices pp. 894-896 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
The Judas Economy: The Triumph of Capital and the Betrayal of Work; One World, Ready or not: The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism; When Corporations Rule the World pp. 896-901 Downloads
Emily Northrop
Insurance Redlining: Disinvestment, Reinvestment, and the Evolving Role of Financial Institutions pp. 901-904 Downloads
Reynold F. Nesiba
Spoiled: The Dangerous Truth about a Food Chain Gone Haywire pp. 905-908 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
Contesting the Market: Pay Equity and the Politics of Economic Restructuring pp. 908-911 Downloads
Jennifer Long
Race, Markets, and Social Outcomes pp. 912-915 Downloads
Colleen F. Johnson
Great Experiments in American Economic Policy: From Kennedy to Reagan pp. 915-917 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Books Received pp. 919-924 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 32, issue 2, 1998

Introduction of Award Recipient: Lewis E. Hill pp. 275-277 Downloads
Roger M. Troub
The Institutional Economics of Poverty: An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of Poverty pp. 279-285 Downloads
Lewis E. Hill
Against Inequality pp. 286-303 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Static and Dynamic Comparative Advantage: A Multi-Period Analysis with Declining Terms of Trade pp. 305-314 Downloads
James M. Cypher and James L. Dietz
Speculation and the Dollar in the 1980s pp. 315-323 Downloads
Stephen F. Quinn and John T. Harvey
In Defense of a Tax on Foreign Exchange pp. 325-331 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Integrated International Production and Non-market Activity pp. 333-340 Downloads
Baban Hasnat
Conditionality, Restructuring, and the Reperipherization of Latin America pp. 341-350 Downloads
Richard V. Adkisson
Mexico’s Liberalization Strategy, 10 Years On: Results and Alternatives pp. 351-363 Downloads
Enrique Dussel Peters
International Conservation Assistance in an Era of Structural Changes pp. 365-373 Downloads
George D. Santopietro
Multilateral Trade Negotiations and the Changing Prospects for Third World Development: Assessing from a Southern Perspective pp. 375-383 Downloads
P. Sai-wing Ho
Rethinking American Participation in Economic Development: An Institutionalist Assessment pp. 385-393 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Interwar Japanese Economists—How Did They Pick Their Questions? pp. 395-401 Downloads
Laura E. Hein
Exporting a Japanese Model? Collusion in the Foreign Aid Program pp. 403-409 Downloads
David M. Potter
An Evolutionary Interpretation of the Japanese Depression in the 1990s pp. 411-418 Downloads
Tokutaro Shibata
The Political Economy of Liberalization and Regulation: Trade Policy for the New Era pp. 419-426 Downloads
Glen Atkinson
Current Welfare Reform: A Return to the Principles of 1834 pp. 427-432 Downloads
William S. Kern
Poverty and Charity: Early Analytical Conflicts between Institutional Economics and Neoclassicism pp. 433-440 Downloads
William T. Ganley
Adam Smith’s Higher Vision of Capitalism pp. 441-448 Downloads
James Alvey
Postmodernism, Institutionalism and Statistics: Considerations for an Institutionalist Statistical Method pp. 449-456 Downloads
Bill Luker, Bill Luker, Steven L. Cobb and Robert Brown
Public Purpose and Private Ownership: Some Implications of the “Great Capitalist Restoration” for the Politicization of Private Sector Firms in Britain pp. 457-464 Downloads
David Donald and Alan Hutton
Globalization and Democracy pp. 465-471 Downloads
Charles K. Wither
American-Style Capitalism and Income Disparity: The Challenge of Social Anarchy pp. 473-480 Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
Institutions Matter: Great (and Not so Great) Transformations and Their Macroeconomic Consequences pp. 481-487 Downloads
David A. Zalewski
The Fight to Preserve Universal Social Programs: A Canadian Perspective on the Great Capitalist Restoration pp. 489-496 Downloads
Myron J. Frankman
Whatever Happened to New Zealand? The Great Capitalist Restoration Reconsidered pp. 497-503 Downloads
Brent McClintock
Economics and the Cold War: An Inquiry into the Relationship between Ideology and Theory pp. 505-511 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
The Institutional Origins of Crises for Economy and Ecology pp. 513-522 Downloads
Daniel A. Underwood
Equality, Democracy, Institutions, and Growth pp. 523-530 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
The Ethical Rate of Unemployment: A Technical Note pp. 531-537 Downloads
James K. Galbraith
Zero Unemployment and Stable Prices pp. 539-545 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
The Buffer Stock Employment Model and the NAIRU: The Path to Full Employment pp. 547-555 Downloads
William F. Mitchell
Flexible Full Employment: Structural Implications of Discretionary Public Sector Employment pp. 557-563 Downloads
Mathew Forstater
Mafianomics: How Did Mob Entrepreneurs Infiltrate and Dominate the Russian Economy? pp. 565-574 Downloads
Mark Tomass
The Relationship of Race and Outcomes of Non-Standard Labor pp. 575-585 Downloads
Barbara A. Wiens-Tuers
Too Many Hours—Too Little Pay: The Impact of Market and Household Hours on Women’s Work Lives pp. 587-594 Downloads
Julia A. Heathy, David H. Ciscel and David C. Sharp
The Privatization of Community: Implications for Urban Policy pp. 595-603 Downloads
Dell Champlin
Violence, Organized Crime, and the Criminal Justice System in Colombia pp. 605-610 Downloads
Mauricio Rubio
Redistributing Income Upward through the Cost-Plus Reimbursement Terms of Subgovernment Contracts pp. 611-619 Downloads
F. Gregory Hoyden and Steven R. Bolduc
Public Support for Conservative Economic Policies pp. 621-629 Downloads
Eric A. Nilsson
Labor Relations in Changing Capitalist Economies: The Meaning of Gifts in Social Relations pp. 631-638 Downloads
Wilfred Dolfsma

Volume 32, issue 1, 1998

The Social Psychological Underpinnings of Commons’s Institutional Economics II: The Concordance of George Herbert Mead’s “Social Self” and John R. Commons’s “Will” pp. 1-46 Downloads
Alexa Albert and Yngve Ramstad
Heuristic Judgment Theory pp. 47-64 Downloads
John T. Harvey
The Working Poor: Lousy Jobs or Lazy Workers? pp. 65-78 Downloads
Marlene Kim
Support for Baby-Boom Retirees—Not to Worry pp. 79-86 Downloads
Harold G. Vatter and John F. Walker
Towards a Reconsideration of Social Evolution: Symbiosis and Its Implications for Economics pp. 87-106 Downloads
John Watkins
State Theory and the Dependency Principle: An Institutionalist Critique of the Business Climate Concept pp. 107-144 Downloads
Clyde W. Barrow
Financial Innovation as Facilitator of Merger Activity pp. 145-170 Downloads
Eric R. Hake
The Reform of Utility Regulation in Britain: Some Current Issues in Historical Perspective pp. 171-190 Downloads
Peter Lowe
Empirical Economics? An Econometric Dilemma with Only a Methodological Solution pp. 191-218 Downloads
T. Stanley
Minimum Wage Increases and the Business Failure Rate pp. 219-223 Downloads
Jerold Waltman, Allan McBride and Nicole Camhout
The Presence of History: A Survey of Articles on the History of Economic Thought and Methodology in the, 1969-1995 pp. 224-234 Downloads
Ellie A. Fogarty and Michele I. Naples
Everything for Sale pp. 237-241 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
Political Economy for the 21St Century pp. 241-244 Downloads
Dell Champlin
The Intellectual Legacy of Thorstein Veblen: Unresolved Issues pp. 244-247 Downloads
Malcolm Rutherford
The Institutional Economics of the International Economy pp. 247-250 Downloads
John T. Harvey
Foundations of Research in Economics: How do Economists do Economics? pp. 250-252 Downloads
Sherryl Davis Kasper
Taxing America pp. 252-255 Downloads
Charles G. Leathers
Bankers with a Mission: The Presidents of the World Bank pp. 256-257 Downloads
Richard V. Adkisson
Distributional Conflict and Inflation: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives pp. 257-261 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
The Relevance of Keynesian Economic Policies Today pp. 261-263 Downloads
Gary E. Francis
Keynes, Money and the Open Economy: Essays in Honour of Paul Davidson, Volume 1; Employment, Economic Growth and the Tyranny of the Market: Essays in Honour of Paul Davidson, Volume 2 pp. 263-265 Downloads
Marc Lavoie
Liberal Economics & Democracy. Keynes, Galbraith, Thurow, & Reich pp. 266-268 Downloads
Paul Diesing
Books Received pp. 269-274 Downloads
The Editors
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