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Volume 34, issue 4, 2000

Institutions and Culture: Neo-Weberian Economic Anthropology pp. 771-788 Downloads
Michael S. Billig
The Political Economy of Social Security Reform Proposals pp. 789-809 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Can a Rising Tide Raise All Boats? Evidence from the Clinton-Era Expansion pp. 811-845 Downloads
L. Randall Wray and Marc-André Pigeon
Work Time Regimes in Europe: Can Flexibility and Gender Equity Coexist? pp. 847-871 Downloads
Deborah M. Figart and Ellen Mutari
Competing Perspectives on the Liberalization of China’s Foreign Trade and Investment Regime pp. 873-889 Downloads
Peter M. Lichtenstein
Descendance and Social Genealogies: Toward an Evolutionary Conception of Economic History pp. 891-908 Downloads
Silke R. Stahl-Rolf
Corporate Power and the Evolution of Consumer Credit pp. 909-932 Downloads
John Watkins
Ocean Container Shipping: Impacts of a Technological Improvement pp. 933-948 Downloads
Wayne K. Talley
Conflict and Conversion: Henry S. Dennison and the Shaping of J.K. Galbraith’s Economic Thought pp. 949-967 Downloads
Kyle Bruce
A Note on Money and the Circuit Approach pp. 969-973 Downloads
Steven Pressman
The Creation and Circulation of Endogenous Money: A Reply to Pressman pp. 973-979 Downloads
Louis-Philippe Rochon
Thorstein Veblen: Theorist of the Leisure Class pp. 981-983 Downloads
David Hamilton
Jacques Loeb: His Science and Social Activism and Their Philosophical Foundations pp. 984-986 Downloads
Warren Samuels
A Not-So-Dismal Science: A Broader View of Economies and Societies pp. 986-988 Downloads
William M. Dugger
The Economics and Management of Intellectual Property: Towards Intellectual Capitalism pp. 988-990 Downloads
Robert T. Averitt
Post Keynesian Price Theory pp. 990-992 Downloads
Nina Shapiro
True Security: Rethinking American Social Insurance pp. 992-995 Downloads
Deborah M. Figart
A Theory of Employment Systems: Micro-Foundations of Societal Diversity pp. 995-997 Downloads
Suzanne J. Konzelmann
The Great Disruption: Human Nature and the Reconstitution of Social Order pp. 997-1003 Downloads
Geoffrey E. Schneider, Winston H. Griffith and Janet T. Knoedler
What do Economists Know?: New Economics of Knowledge pp. 1003-1006 Downloads
Falguni A. Sheth
In Memory pp. 1007-1007 Downloads
Harold Goodhue Vatter
Volume XXXIV – 2000 pp. 1009-1014 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 34, issue 3, 2000

Do Consumers in Developing Countries Gain or Lose from Globalization? pp. 537-551 Downloads
Jeffrey James
The Social Significance of Consumption: James Duesenberry’s Contribution to Consumer Theory pp. 553-572 Downloads
Roger Mason
Economic Power and the Firm in New Institutional Economics: Two Conflicting Problems pp. 573-601 Downloads
Giulio Palermo
Do Taxes and Bonds Finance Government Spending? pp. 603-620 Downloads
Stephanie Bell
The Menace of Competition and Gambling Deregulation pp. 621-634 Downloads
Glen Atkinson, Mark Nichols and Ted Oleson
The Rise and Fall of Investment Companies in Slovakia pp. 635-654 Downloads
Eric R. Hake
Game, Set, and Match for Mr. Ricardo? The Surprising Comeback of Protectionism in the Era of Globalizing Free Trade pp. 655-677 Downloads
Robert Went
Reassessing the Labor Supply Curve pp. 679-692 Downloads
Robert Prasch
National Inequality and the Catch-Up Period: Some “Growth Alone” Scenarios pp. 693-705 Downloads
Michael Haynes and Rumy Husan
Schumpeter’s Entrepreneurs and Commons’s Sovereign Authority pp. 707-721 Downloads
Bruce McFarling
The Effects of the Minimum Wage: A Business Response pp. 723-730 Downloads
Oren M. Levin-Waldman
Garnett and Cullenberg on Postmodernism, Value, and Overdetermination pp. 731-734 Downloads
William S. Brown
Editor’s Notes pp. 735-738 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
Understanding Modern Money: The Key to Full Employment and Price Stability pp. 739-746 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Evolution and Economics: On Evolutionary Economics and the Evolution of Economics pp. 746-748 Downloads
Malcolm Rutherford
Kapitalizm: Russia’s Struggle to Free Its Economy pp. 748-751 Downloads
Carol Clark
Institutional Economics: Social Order and Public Policy pp. 751-755 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
State-Making and Labor Movements: France and the United States, 1876-1914 pp. 755-757 Downloads
Dell Champlin
The Bank Merger Wave: The Economic Causes and Social Consequences of Financial Consolidation pp. 758-761 Downloads
Reynold F. Nesiba
The Economics of Income Distribution: Heterodox Approaches pp. 762-764 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Economics and Utopia: Why the Learning Economy Is not the End of History pp. 764-767 Downloads
John F. Henry
Books Received pp. 769-770 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 34, issue 2, 2000

Comments on the Award Recipient: Daniel R. Fusfeld pp. 255-256 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
A Manifesto for Institutional Economics: Remarks upon Receiving the Veblen-Commons Award pp. 257-266 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
Digital Technology and Institutional Change from the Gilded Age to Modern Times: The Impact of the Telegraph and the Internet pp. 267-289 Downloads
Ronnie Phillips
Institutionalism Between the Wars pp. 291-303 Downloads
Malcolm Rutherford
Institutional Economics after One Century pp. 305-315 Downloads
Warren Samuels
What Is the Essence of Institutional Economics? pp. 317-329 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Comments on Papers Presented at the “Institutional Economics at the Millennium: Its Past and Future” Session, January 2000 pp. 331-333 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
Discussant Remarks pp. 335-339 Downloads
Yngve Ramstad
An Ethnographer’s Credo: Methodological Reflections Following an Anthropological Journey among the Econ pp. 341-356 Downloads
Yuval Yonay
Financial Aspects of the Social Security “Problem” pp. 357-364 Downloads
Stephanie Bell and L. Randall Wray
The State as Financial Intermediary pp. 365-368 Downloads
Perry Mehrling
Political Confidence and Monetary Stability in the Age of Globalization pp. 369-375 Downloads
David A. Zalewski
Identifying Risks, Preventing Crisis: Lessons from the Asian Crisis pp. 377-383 Downloads
Ilene Grabel
Asia’s Financial Crisis, Speculative Bubbles, and Under-Consumption Theory pp. 385-392 Downloads
Jonathan E. Leightner
Underdevelopment in Jamaica: An Institutionalist Perspective pp. 393-401 Downloads
Dawn R. Elliott and John T. Harvey
Inequality in Income Distributions: Does Culture Matter? An Analysis of Western Native American Tribes pp. 403-412 Downloads
David W. Mushinski and Kathleen Pickering
The Development of the Manufacturing Sector in South Africa pp. 413-424 Downloads
Geoffrey E. Schneider
Interpreting the Consequences of Midwestern Agricultural Industrialization pp. 425-434 Downloads
Martin Bruce King
Business Companies, Institutional Change, and Ecological Sustainability pp. 435-443 Downloads
Peter Söderbaum
National Statistics—Portrait of the Value Floor pp. 445-452 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Ethical Limitations of Social Cost Pricing: An Application to Power Generation Externalities pp. 453-462 Downloads
Patrik Söderholm and Thomas Sundqvist
Devolved Politics in a Globalizing Economy: The Economic Significance of the Scottish Parliament pp. 463-470 Downloads
Michael Keaney and Alan Hutton
European Integration and Changing Corporate Governance Structures: The Case of France pp. 471-479 Downloads
John Groenewegen
NAFTA and Economic Activity along the U.S.-Mexico Border pp. 481-489 Downloads
James T. Peach and Richard V. Adkisson
Vickrey, Eisner, the Budget, and the Goal of Chock-Full Employment pp. 491-497 Downloads
Robert Dimand and Robert H. Koehn
Access, Choices, and Household Income: A Comparison of Health Insurance Coverage for Standard and Nonstandard Workers pp. 499-508 Downloads
Carolyn B. Rodriguez and Barbara A. Wiens-Tuers
What Is Wrong with Education Vouchers? pp. 509-515 Downloads
Robert Prasch and Falguni A. Sheth
Welfare Reform and Inequality: The TANF and UI Programs pp. 517-526 Downloads
Janice Peterson
The Living Wage Movement: Building a Political Link from Market Wages to Social Institutions pp. 527-535 Downloads
David H. Ciscel

Volume 34, issue 1, 2000

Equal Pay for Equal Work: The Role of Job Evaluation in an Evolving Social Norm pp. 1-19 Downloads
Deborah M. Figart
Job Restructuring as a Determinant of Wage Inequality and Working-Poor Households pp. 21-42 Downloads
Charles Craypo and David Cormier
Performance against Dialogue, or Answering and Really Answering: A Participant Observer’s Reflections on the McCloskey Conversation pp. 43-59 Downloads
Uskali Mäki
The Uncertain Foundations of Transaction Costs Economics pp. 61-87 Downloads
Gary Slater and David A. Spencer
Karl Polanyi’s Forms of Integration as Ways of Mapping pp. 89-104 Downloads
William C. Schaniel and Walter C. Neale
Household Consumption on the Internet: Income, Time, and Institutional Contradictions pp. 105-116 Downloads
Edward Comor
The Radical Political Economics of Douglas F. Dowd pp. 117-142 Downloads
Michael Keaney
Scapegoating Poor Women: An Analysis of Welfare Reform pp. 143-157 Downloads
Nancy E. Rose
Asset Choice, Liquidity Preference, and Rationality under Uncertainty pp. 159-176 Downloads
David Dequech
Thomas DeGregori’s “Back to the Future”: A Comment pp. 177-182 Downloads
John Watkins
Back to the Basics? Answers in Search of Questions pp. 183-193 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
A Shameless Lothario: Thorstein Veblen as Sexual Predator and Sexual Liberator pp. 194-199 Downloads
Tony Maynard
Is Goldilocks Doomed? pp. 201-206 Downloads
Wynne Godley and L. Randall Wray
Market Failure in the New Economy pp. 219-227 Downloads
William S. Brown
Except-Africa: Remaking Development, Rethinking Power pp. 229-232 Downloads
Geoffrey E. Schneider
The Lexus and the Olive Tree pp. 232-234 Downloads
Emily Northrop
The Process of Economic Development pp. 235-238 Downloads
J. Dennis Chasse and Baban Hasnat
History of Environmental Economic Thought pp. 238-240 Downloads
Gerald F. Vaughn
Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy pp. 241-244 Downloads
David A. Zalewski
Critical Realism in Economics: Development and Debate pp. 245-247 Downloads
John F. Henry
Global Transformations pp. 247-249 Downloads
Cecilia Ann Winters
Books Received pp. 251-254 Downloads
The Editors
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