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Volume 13, issue 4, 1979

The Method Is the Ideology: From a Newtonian to a Heisenbergian Paradigm in Economics pp. 869-884 Downloads
Walter A. Weisskopf
Phenomena and Epiphenomena in Economics pp. 885-898 Downloads
J. Ron Stanfield
Methodological Differences between Institutional and Neoclassical Economics pp. 899-909 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Explanation and Value in Economics pp. 911-932 Downloads
Timothy Brennan
Methodological Controversy in Labor Economics pp. 933-955 Downloads
Stephen Woodbury
Knowledge and the Role of Institutions in Economic Theory pp. 957-972 Downloads
Lawrence Boland
Empirical Verification and Theory Selection: The Keynesian-Monetarist Debate pp. 973-982 Downloads
Charles K. Wilber
Theory Choice in Economics: Philosophy and Practice pp. 983-1006 Downloads
Vincent J. Tarascio and Bruce Caldwell
The Role of Nonattenuated Rights in Positive Economics: A Critical Appraisal pp. 1007-1018 Downloads
Nicholas Mercuro and Timothy Ryan
Roy Weintraub’s: The State of High Theory, A Review Article pp. 1019-1028 Downloads
Warren Samuels
The Methodological Basis of Institutional Economics: Comment pp. 1029-1033 Downloads
Eugene Rotwein
The Methodological Basis of Institutional Economics: A Reply pp. 1033-1037 Downloads
Charles K. Wilber and Robert S. Harrison
Volume XIII – 1979 pp. 1039-1044 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 13, issue 3, 1979

Erratum pp. vi-vi Downloads
The Editors
Rexford Guy Tugwell pp. vii-vii Downloads
The Editors
The Limits to Growth: Is Ayres’s Position Unwarranted? pp. 655-667 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Chamberlin’s Monopolistic Competition: Neoclassical or Institutional? pp. 669-686 Downloads
R. D. Peterson
The Theory of “Dual” or Segmented Labor Markets pp. 687-706 Downloads
Bennett Harrison and Andrew Sum
Realitic and Analytic Syntheses of Macro- and Microeconomics pp. 707-732 Downloads
David Colander and Kenneth J. Koford
The Dilemmas of Technology: A Review Article pp. 733-742 Downloads
Robert A. Solo
Property, Power, and Public Choice: An Inquiry into Law and Economics pp. 743-749 Downloads
Marc R. Tool and André Brun
A Note on Collective Action, Marxism, and the Prisoner’s Dilemma pp. 751-761 Downloads
Matthew Edel
A Comment on Collective Action, Marxism, and the Prisoner’s Dilemma pp. 761-762 Downloads
Douglas E. Booth
Mass Action Is Not Individually Rational: Reply pp. 763-767 Downloads
John Roemer
A Comment on Roger Troub and Kenneth Boulding pp. 768-769 Downloads
S. A. Russell
Evolutionary Visions, Frameworks, and Analyses: In Reply to S. A. Russell pp. 770-771 Downloads
Roger M. Troub
A Note on Laurence Seidman’s Article pp. 772-776 Downloads
Marjorie S. Turner
Reply to Professor Turner on TIP pp. 776-779 Downloads
Laurence S. Seidman
The Origins of the Economy: A Comparative Study of Distribution in Primitive and Peasant Economies; Property, Power, and Public Choice: An Inquiry into Law and Economics pp. 781-785 Downloads
Kenneth E. Boulding
Economic Institutions Compared pp. 786-789 Downloads
A. Allan Schmid
The Evolution of Economic Ideas pp. 790-792 Downloads
Dana N. Stevens
Beyond Boom and Crash pp. 792-796 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Modern Capitalism: Its Growth and Transformation; The Political Economy of Inflation pp. 796-799 Downloads
Sidney Weintraub
Adaptive Economic Models pp. 799-802 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
The Twisted Dream: Capitalist Development in the United States Since 1776 pp. 802-806 Downloads
Barbara S. Page
Political Control of the Economy pp. 806-808 Downloads
David H. Vrooman
The Capitalist State and the Politics of Class pp. 808-811 Downloads
Howard Sherman
Pressure Groups and Politics in Antebellum Tariffs pp. 811-814 Downloads
A. Allan Schmid
The North Will Rise Again: Pensions, Politics and Power in the 1980’s pp. 814-816 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Corporate and Governmental Deviance; Ethics, Free Enterprise, and Public Policy pp. 816-819 Downloads
Lee E. Preston
The Work Ethic in Industrial America, 1850–1920 pp. 819-820 Downloads
Karl De Schweinitz
Industry and Labour: Class Struggle at Work and Monopoly Capitalism; Social Standing in America: New Dimensions of Class; Class Structure and Social Mobility in Poland pp. 821-827 Downloads
James Dietz
Creating Jobs: Public Employment Programs and Wage Subsidies pp. 828-830 Downloads
Melville Ulmer
Working Women: A Study of Women in Paid Jobs pp. 830-833 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
Social Economics pp. 833-834 Downloads
Rick Tilman
Tragic Choices pp. 834-837 Downloads
Victor P. Goldberg
Injustice: The Social Bases of Obedience and Revolt pp. 837-841 Downloads
Karl De Schweinitz
The Federal Budget and Social Reconstruction pp. 841-844 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Politics and the Professors: The Great Society in Perspective pp. 844-846 Downloads
J. Ron Stanfield
Health and the War on Poverty: A Ten Year Appraisal pp. 846-849 Downloads
Paul L. Grimaldi
Image and Reality in Economic Development pp. 849-851 Downloads
Elizabeth M. Strassmann
Alternatives to Growth: I pp. 851-853 Downloads
J. Ron Stanfield
Progress Without Poverty: Socially Responsible Economic Growth pp. 853-856 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
Resources, Environment, and Economics. Applications of the Materials/Energy Balance Principle pp. 856-859 Downloads
Thomas C. Edens
Books Received pp. 861-867 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 13, issue 2, 1979

Corwin D. Edwards pp. iv-iv Downloads
The Editors
The Veblen-Commons Award pp. 279-284 Downloads
Corwin D. Edwards and Robert E. Smith
The Multimarket Enterprise and Economic Power pp. 285-301 Downloads
Corwin D. Edwards
Our Changing Order pp. 303-316 Downloads
David Dale Martin
Methods in Economic Science pp. 317-328 Downloads
Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen
Large Changes: Pitfalls in Econometric Practice pp. 329-345 Downloads
Lawrence Davidson
Adam Smith: What Kind of Institutionalist Was He? pp. 347-368 Downloads
Irvin Sobel
The Reform Method of John R. Commons pp. 369-381 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Comments pp. 383-385 Downloads
Lewis E. Hill
Comments pp. 387-390 Downloads
Camilo Dagum
Stalking the Invisible Investor pp. 391-405 Downloads
Vic Reinemer
The Significance of Bank Control over Large Corporations pp. 407-426 Downloads
David M. Kotz
A Problem of Imagination: National Policy toward Multibank Integration pp. 427-455 Downloads
William A. Lovett
Comments pp. 457-460 Downloads
A. C. Hoffman
Comments pp. 461-464 Downloads
William N. Leonard
Comments pp. 465-469 Downloads
Philip H. Burch
Social Network Analysis: Suggested Applications to Economic Control pp. 471-487 Downloads
Oscar B. Martinson and Gerald R. Campbell
Private Property: With or Without Power pp. 489-503 Downloads
Kenneth Nowotny
Comments pp. 505-506 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Comments pp. 507-508 Downloads
Richard T. Taliaferro
Comments pp. 509-512 Downloads
R. D. Peterson
The Transnational Challenge to the Corporate State pp. 513-542 Downloads
James M. Cypher
Six Misconceptions of Procompetition Policy pp. 543-555 Downloads
Frank Kottke
Limiting Corporate Power pp. 557-571 Downloads
Samuel M. Loescher
Comments pp. 573-578 Downloads
Robert Warren Stevens
Comments pp. 579-582 Downloads
Irvin M. Grossack
Contracts between a Firm and Its Constituents during Bankruptcy Crises pp. 583-604 Downloads
Philip Bradford Nelson
The Market as a Commons: An Unconventional View of Property Rights pp. 605-627 Downloads
Thomas M. Carroll, David H. Ciscil and Roger K. Chisholm
A Theory for the Administered Price Phenomenon pp. 629-645 Downloads
Robert E. Smith
Comments pp. 647-649 Downloads
Charles Craypo
Comments pp. 651-654 Downloads
John Richard Felton

Volume 13, issue 1, 1979

Erratum pp. vi-vi Downloads
The Editors
Old and New Fashions in Employment and Inflation Theory pp. 1-18 Downloads
Melville J. Ulmer
Toward a Humanist Reconstruction of Economic Science pp. 19-48 Downloads
Jon Wisman
On the Explanation of Rules Using Rational Choice Models pp. 49-72 Downloads
Alexander Field
The Microeconomic Efficiency Argument for Socialism Revisited pp. 73-112 Downloads
James A. Yunker
The Importance of Thorstein Veblen for Contemporary Marxism pp. 113-140 Downloads
E. K. Hunt
Joseph Alois Schurnpeter pp. 141-157 Downloads
Herbert Kisch
Richard Jones and Baconian Historicism at Cambridge pp. 159-173 Downloads
Salim Rashid
“Technology vis-a-vis Institutions”: A Marxist Commentary pp. 175-191 Downloads
Howard J. Sherman
The Transformation of American Law, 1780–1860 pp. 193-205 Downloads
Howard Sherman, H. H. Liebhafsky and Victor P. Goldberg
Politics and Markets: The World’s Political Economic Systems pp. 207-217 Downloads
Robert Solo, Daniel R. Fusfeld and James Buchanan
The Bard of Savagery: Thorstein Veblen and Modern Social Theory pp. 219-224 Downloads
William M. Dugger and Rick Tilman
A Nightmare in Introductory Economics pp. 225-228 Downloads
S.Todd Lowry
Social Economics: Concepts and Perspectives pp. 229-231 Downloads
William R. Waters
On Economic Knowledge pp. 232-235 Downloads
Thomas K. Standish
Economic Cycles: An Analysis of Underlying Causes pp. 235-237 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
The Economic Growth Debate: An Assessment pp. 238-241 Downloads
R. D. Peterson
The Process of Economic Planning pp. 241-242 Downloads
Thomas R. De Gregori
Welfare State and Welfare Society pp. 243-245 Downloads
Ronald C. Faas
Public Expenditures, Taxes, and the Distribution of Income; The United States, 1950, 1961, 1970 pp. 246-247 Downloads
Ronald C. Fisher
Management Characteristics and Labour Conflict, a Study of Managerial Organization, Attitudes and Industrial Relations pp. 248-249 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Red Tape: Its Origins, Uses and Abuses pp. 250-253 Downloads
Philip Wandschneider
The Yankee and Cowboy War: Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate and Beyond pp. 253-256 Downloads
Warren Samuels
One Kind of Freedom: The Economic Consequences of Emancipation pp. 256-258 Downloads
Howard Sherman
Inheritance and the Inequality of Wealth pp. 258-261 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
The World Economy: History and Prospect pp. 261-265 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
Management Planning and Control in Inflation pp. 265-268 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Commodity Conflict: The Political Economy of International Commodity Negotiations pp. 268-271 Downloads
Lawrence H. Officer
Book Received pp. 273-278 Downloads
The Editors
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