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Volume 30, issue 4, 1996

Development, Gender, and the Environment: Theoretical or Contextual Link? Toward an Institutional Analysis of Gender pp. 929-947 Downloads
Eiman Zein-Elabdin
Decision Tools for Public Policy: Can We Do Without Economics? pp. 949-966 Downloads
Norman Clark
Holism and Collectivism in the Work of J. R. Commons pp. 967-984 Downloads
Clive Lawson
Taylorism, John R. Commons, and the Hoxie Report pp. 985-1016 Downloads
Chris Nyland
Modeling Institutional Change: Some Critical Thoughts pp. 1017-1029 Downloads
John Edgren
Capabilities, Routines, and East European Economic Reform: Hungary and Poland before and after the 1989 Revolutions pp. 1031-1056 Downloads
Wim Swaan and Maria Lissowska
Macroeconomic Policy in a Transitional Environment: Romania, 1989-1994 pp. 1057-1075 Downloads
Clifford Poirot
Polarities between Naturalism and Non-Naturalism in Contemporary Economics: An Overview pp. 1077-1104 Downloads
Clive Beed and Cara Beed
The Origins of the a Priori Method in Classical Political Economy: A Reinterpretation pp. 1105-1125 Downloads
Robert Prasch
A Rhetorical Conception of Practical Rationality pp. 1127-1142 Downloads
Kevin Quinn
The Déjà vu of EMU: Considerations for Europe from Nineteenth Century America pp. 1143-1161 Downloads
Jerome W. Sheridan
Some Responses to Jennings and Waller pp. 1163-1168 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Cultural Emergence Reaffirmed: A Rejoinder to Hodgson pp. 1168-1176 Downloads
Ann Jennings and William Waller
Extending William M. Dugger’s Changing Concepts of Inquiry: Ayers Brinser on the Continuation of Progress pp. 1176-1178 Downloads
Gerald F. Vaughn
Economists, Parsifal, and the Search for the Holy Grail pp. 1179-1184 Downloads
Cyril Morong
Education and Attainment of Members of the Council of Economic Advisers, 1946-91 pp. 1184-1191 Downloads
Richard V. Adkisson and Albert A. Blum
Ownership and Control: Rethinking Corporate Governance for the Twenty-First Century; Managers VS. Owners: The Struggle for Corporate Control in American Democracy pp. 1193-1195 Downloads
Frederic Lee
Poverty and Power: The Role of Institutions and the Market in Development pp. 1195-1197 Downloads
Alexandra Bernasek
Innovation, Economics and Evolution: Theoretical Perspectives on Changing Technology in Economic Systems pp. 1198-1199 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Latin America’s Economic Development: Confronting Crisis pp. 1200-1202 Downloads
Janet M. Tanski
The Coming of Keynesianism to America: Conversations with the Founders of Keynesian Economics pp. 1202-1206 Downloads
Paul Davidson
The Political Economy of Full Employment: Conservatism, Corporatism and Institutional Change pp. 1207-1209 Downloads
Johan Deprez
The Sociology of Money: Economics, Reason and Contemporary Society pp. 1209-1212 Downloads
George D. Choksy
The Mechanisms of Governance pp. 1212-1216 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Power Theory of Economics pp. 1216-1219 Downloads
Eric Schutz
The End of Work: The Decline of the Global Labor Force and the Dawn of the Post-Market Era pp. 1219-1221 Downloads
Emily Northrop
Protecting Women: Labor Legislation in Europe, The United States, and Australia, 1880-1920 pp. 1221-1223 Downloads
Janice Peterson
Reinventing Marxism pp. 1223-1224 Downloads
Paul Diesing
Volume XXX – 1996 pp. 1225-1231 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 30, issue 3, 1996

The Social Gospel, Ely, and Commons’s Initial Stage of Thought pp. 641-665 Downloads
R. A. Gonce
The Influence of Thorstein Veblen on the Economics of Harold Innis pp. 667-683 Downloads
Fletcher Baragar
Theories of Consumption and Waste: Institutional Foreshadowings in Classic Writings pp. 685-699 Downloads
Donald Stabile
Institutional Inquiry: The Search for Similarities and Differences pp. 701-718 Downloads
Glen W. Atkinson and Ted Oleson
Economic Regulation and New Technology in the Telecommunications Industry pp. 719-735 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
The Introduction of Automatic Switching into the Bell System: Market versus Institutional Influences pp. 737-753 Downloads
Joan Nix and David Gabel
The Nearly Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Health Care pp. 755-775 Downloads
William Hildred and Larry Watkins
Bargaining over New Technology: Possible Effects of Removing Legal Constraints pp. 777-795 Downloads
Bart D. Finzel and Steven E. Abraham
Cooperative Corporate-Level Strategies and Divergent Labor Relations Outcomes: An Institutional Analysis pp. 797-827 Downloads
Suzanne Konzelmann Smith
Federal Reserve Policy during the Great Depression: The Impact of Interwar Attitudes Regarding Consumption and Consumer Credit pp. 829-842 Downloads
Paul J. Kubik
The Changing Face of Swedish Corporatism: The Disintegration of Consensus pp. 843-858 Downloads
Mike Marshall
The Presence of Hospital Systems in Rural Areas pp. 859-876 Downloads
Jack Reardon
Economics and Sociology: A Review Essay pp. 877-884 Downloads
Steven Pressman and Verónica Montecinos
Editor’s Notes pp. 885-885 Downloads
The Editors
Social Limits to Economic Theory pp. 887-889 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Coordination and Information: Historical Perspectives on the Organization of Enterprise pp. 889-892 Downloads
Janet T. Knoedler
Marxism, China and Development: Reflections on Theory and Reality pp. 893-895 Downloads
George Rosen
The Literate Economist: A Brief History of Economics pp. 895-897 Downloads
Michael C. Carroll
Unemployment, Imperfect Competition and Macroeconomics pp. 897-899 Downloads
Mark Greer
Out of the Margin: Feminist Perspective on Economics pp. 900-902 Downloads
Barbara Libby
The Fiscal Crisis of the States: Lessons for the Future; Property Taxes and Tax Revolts: The Legacy of Proposition 13 pp. 902-905 Downloads
Charles G. Leathers
The State, Technology and Industrialization in Africa pp. 905-906 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
Agricultural Instability in China, 1931-1991: Weather, Technology, and Institutions pp. 906-907 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
Democracy, Dialogue, and Environmental Disputes: The Contested Languages of Social Regulation pp. 907-909 Downloads
Martin King
Capitalism, Socialism, and Post Keynesianism; Selected Essays of G. C. Harcourt pp. 909-911 Downloads
Paul Davidson
From Political Economy to Anthropology: Situating Economic Life in Past Societies pp. 911-913 Downloads
James Ronald Stanfield
The Political Economy of Diversity: Evolutionary Perspectives on Economic Order and Disorder pp. 913-916 Downloads
John Adams
John Bates Clark: The Making of a Neoclassical Economist pp. 917-919 Downloads
Donald Stabile
Artful Practices: The Political Economy of Everyday Life pp. 919-922 Downloads
Michael S. Billig
Books Received pp. 923-928 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 30, issue 2, 1996

Introduction of Award Recipient: Hyman P. Minsky pp. 353-355 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Uncertainty and the Institutional Structure of Capitalist Economies pp. 357-368 Downloads
Hyman Minsky
Immigration Policy and the U.S. Economy: An Institutional Perspective pp. 370-389 Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
In Defense of the Minimum Wage pp. 391-397 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Basic Income, Inequality, and Unemployment: Rethinking the Linkage between Work and Welfare pp. 399-406 Downloads
Charles M. A. Clark and Catherine Kavanagh
Transactions, Circuits, and Identity: Proposing a Conceptual Network pp. 407-412 Downloads
Fábio Sá Earp
Is a Transaction a Transaction? pp. 413-425 Downloads
Yngve Ramstad
Sovereignty in Transaction Cost Economics: John R. Commons and Oliver E. Williamson pp. 427-432 Downloads
William M. Dugger
New Institutionalism, Old Institutionalism, and Distribution Theory pp. 433-442 Downloads
David Colander
Stock Markets, Rentier Interest, and the Current Mexican Crisis pp. 443-449 Downloads
Ilene Grabel
Mexico: Financial Fragility or Structural Crisis? pp. 451-461 Downloads
James M. Cypher
Comparative Risk Analysis: Limitations and Opportunities pp. 463-473 Downloads
James A. Swaney
The Influence of Economic Thought on the Political Economy of Modern Japan pp. 475-482 Downloads
Bernadette Lanciaux
The New Economic Nationalism and the “Japanese Disease”: The Conundrum of Managed Economic Growth pp. 483-491 Downloads
Terutomo Ozawa
Some Recent Innovations in International Finance: Different Faces of Risk Management and Control pp. 493-508 Downloads
Andrew Cornford
Long-Term Exchange Rate Movements: The Role of the Fundamentals in Neoclassical Models of Exchange Rates pp. 509-516 Downloads
John T. Harvey
Regulation and Differences in Financial Institutions pp. 517-523 Downloads
Victoria Chick and Sheila Dow
The Social Construction of the Distribution of Income and Health pp. 525-532 Downloads
Mark Haggerty and Colleen Johnson
Central Bank Austerity Policy, Zero-Inflation Targets, and Productivity Growth in Canada pp. 533-544 Downloads
Mario Seccareccia and Marc Lavoie
Flying Swine: Appropriate Targets and Goals of Monetary Policy pp. 545-552 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
A Brief History of Work pp. 553-559 Downloads
John Dupré
Achieving Coordination in Public Utility Industries: A Critique of Troublesome Options pp. 561-570 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
Coase, Costs, and Coordination pp. 571-578 Downloads
Steven Medema
Coordination of Distribution in a Monetary Theory of Production pp. 579-590 Downloads
Janet Knoedler
Learning and Routines in High-Tech SMEs: Analyzing Rich Case Study Material pp. 591-597 Downloads
Neil Costello
Diversifying the Alaskan Economy: Political, Social, and Economic Constraints pp. 599-608 Downloads
William S. Brown and Clive S. Thomas
Urban Sprawl as a Path Dependent Process pp. 609-615 Downloads
Glen Atkinson and Ted Oleson
Economies in Transition: Hypotheses Toward a Reasonable Economics pp. 617-627 Downloads
Robert F. Schlack
An Assessment of the Transition to a Market Economy in the Baltic Republics pp. 629-638 Downloads
Jack Reardon
Editor’s Notes pp. 639-640 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 30, issue 1, 1996

The New Alchemy: Veblen’s Theory of Crisis and the 1974 British Property and Secondary Banking Crisis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Peter Scott
International Financial Instability and the Financial Derivatives Market pp. 13-33 Downloads
Brent McClintock
A Generational Dialogue pp. 35-49 Downloads
David Collard
Racial Discrimination in Residential Lending Markets: Why Empirical Researchers Always See It and Economic Theorists Never Do pp. 51-77 Downloads
Reynold F. Nesiba
The Road Not Taken: Alternative Strategies for Black Economic Development in the United States pp. 79-95 Downloads
Sigmund C. Shipp
Cumulative Causation and Industrial Evolution: Kaldor’s Four Stages of Industrialization as an Evolutionary Model pp. 97-119 Downloads
George Argyrous
Entrepreneurial Strategies in Southern Europe: Rural Workers in the Garment Industry of Greece pp. 121-142 Downloads
Colin Simmons and Christos Kalantaridis
The Household as a Focus for Research pp. 143-159 Downloads
Jane Wheelock and Elizabeth Oughton
Gender Differences in the Russian Labor Market pp. 161-185 Downloads
Susan Linz
The Importance and Implications of Women’s Participation in the 1989-90 Pittston Coal Strike pp. 187-210 Downloads
Adrienne M. Birecree
Limits to Market Empowerment for Housing in Developing Countries: The Case of Land pp. 211-222 Downloads
W. Paul Strassmann
Citizen Murdoch–A Case Study in the Paradox of Economic Efficiency pp. 223-242 Downloads
Craig Freedman
A New-Institutionalist Story about the Transformation of Former Socialist Economies: A Recounting and an Assessment pp. 243-265 Downloads
Peter M. Lichtenstein
Concepts of Value, Efficiency, and Democracy in Institutional Economics pp. 267-277 Downloads
Philip A. Klein and Edythe S. Miller
A Note on “The Myth of Institutionalist Method” pp. 279-282 Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
Reply to Whalen pp. 282-283 Downloads
Hans Lind
Bad Losers: An Investigation of the Morality of the Limited Liability of Shareholders in a Joint Stock Company pp. 283-289 Downloads
Sven-Olof Collin
Skidelsky’s Keynes pp. 291-301 Downloads
Richard X. Chase
The State of Working America 1994–95 pp. 303-304 Downloads
Janice Peterson
Jobs for all: A Plan for the Revitalization of America; Work for all or Mass Unemployment? pp. 305-307 Downloads
Paulette Olson
Women in the Age of Economic Transformation: Gender Impact of Reforms in Post-Socialist and Developing Countries pp. 308-310 Downloads
Eiman Zein-Elabdin
Economics, Power and Culture, Essays in the Development of Radical Institutionalism pp. 310-312 Downloads
Edythe S. Miller
The Un and the Bretton Woods Institutions: New Challenges for the Twenty-First Century pp. 312-314 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
The New Telecommunications: A Political Economy of Network Evolution; The Global Political Economy of Communication pp. 314-319 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
Pricing, Valuation and Systems: Essays in Neoinstitutional Economics pp. 319-321 Downloads
William Waller
On Economic Institutions: Theory and Applications pp. 322-324 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Transaction Cost Economics and: Towards a New Economics of the Firm pp. 324-327 Downloads
Janet T. Knoedler
The Rise of the Japanese Corporate System pp. 327-330 Downloads
Bernadette Lanciaux
Selling Free Enterprise: The Business Assault on Labor and Liberalism, 1945-60 pp. 330-332 Downloads
Douglas Kinnear
The Market Meets Its Match: Restructuring the Economies of Eastern Europe pp. 332-335 Downloads
Mark Tomass
Implementing a Human Development Strategy pp. 336-338 Downloads
Richard Brinkman
Opening up Hungary to the World Market pp. 338-340 Downloads
Christopher J. Niggle
Community and The Economy: The Theory of Public Cooperation pp. 341-342 Downloads
Mark Klinedinst
Theories of Technical Change and Investment: Riches and Rationality pp. 343-344 Downloads
Paul Beije
Globalization and Interdependence in the International Political Economy pp. 345-346 Downloads
Roger Adkins
Books Received pp. 347-352 Downloads
The Editors
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