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Volume 17, issue 4, 1983

Erratum pp. ix-ix Downloads
The Editors
The Neglected Institutionalism of Wesley Clair Mitchell: The Theoretical Basis for Business Cycle Indicators pp. 867-899 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
The Unrecognized Revolution in the Theory of Capital Formation pp. 901-913 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
Property Rights and Human Rights: Efficiency and Democracy as Criteria for Regulatory Reform pp. 915-930 Downloads
Stephen E. Barton
Centralized Private Sector Planning: An Institutionalist’s Perspective on the Contemporary U.S. Economy pp. 931-967 Downloads
John R. Munkirs
Political and Policy Implications of Centralized Private Sector Planning pp. 969-984 Downloads
John Munkirs and Michael Ayers
Micro Macro Literature and the Implications of Centralized Private Sector Planning pp. 985-1009 Downloads
James I. Sturgeon
Using Labor Market Information to Evaluate Industrial Performance pp. 1011-1034 Downloads
John W. Ballantine
Nonparticipation in Welfare Programs by Eligible Households: The Case of the Food Stamp Program pp. 1035-1056 Downloads
Richard D. Coe
Political Economy: Public Choice or Collective Action? pp. 1057-1065 Downloads
Glen W. Atkinson
Policy Choices and Economies of Scale pp. 1067-1074 Downloads
R. Larry Reynolds
Some Methodological and Political Issues Surrounding Productivity pp. 1075-1086 Downloads
William M. Hildred
Keynesian and Institutional Economics: Compatibility and Complementarity? pp. 1087-1095 Downloads
Robert R. Keller
Economic Paradigms: A Missing Dimension pp. 1097-1111 Downloads
L. E. Johnson
Creative vs. Mechanical Evolutionism: A Commentary on Petr pp. 1113-1117 Downloads
Lux Kenneth and Lutz Mark A.
Rejoinder to Lux and Lutz pp. 1118-1120 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Rejoinder to S. C. Stamos’s “Critique of ‘Technology, Institutions, and Public Policy in the Age of Energy Substitution’” pp. 1120-1125 Downloads
James H. Street
Duesenberry and Veblen: The Demonstration Effect Revisited pp. 1125-1129 Downloads
Ken McCormick
Modern Empiricism and Quantum Leap Theorizing in Economics: A Comment pp. 1129-1138 Downloads
Philip P. Crossland and Ivan Weinel
Practice, Logic, and Problem Solving: A Reply to Crossland and Weinel pp. 1138-1142 Downloads
James A. Swaney and Premus Robert
Of Men and Institutions in Mexico pp. 1142-1143 Downloads
J. W. Barchfield
Appropriate or Underdeveloped Technology? pp. 1145-1147 Downloads
Thomas R. DeGregori
Minds, Markets, and Money pp. 1147-1152 Downloads
Paul Stuart Estenson
Production, Purpose and Structure: Towards A Socialist Theory of Production pp. 1152-1155 Downloads
William M. Dugger
The Political Economy of Socialism: A Marxist Social Theory pp. 1155-1157 Downloads
Howard J. Sherman
The Judeo-Christian Vision and the Modern Corporation pp. 1157-1160 Downloads
Lewis E. Hill
Theories of Development pp. 1160-1162 Downloads
James Dietz
Economics of Shortage pp. 1162-1166 Downloads
John B. Hall
Who Gets What from Government pp. 1166-1168 Downloads
William Waller
Liberalism and the Limits of Justice: Utilitarianism and Beyond pp. 1168-1170 Downloads
Royall Brandis
The Control of Resources pp. 1170-1172 Downloads
Andrew Larkin
Evolutionary Economics pp. 1172-1174 Downloads
Burl W. Haar
The Ultimate Resource pp. 1175-1177 Downloads
Meb Bolin
The Grants Economy and Collective Consumption pp. 1177-1179 Downloads
Warren S. Gramm
Workplace Democracy and Social Change pp. 1179-1183 Downloads
Douglas Kruse
Alimentary Policy Conference in Mexico pp. 1185-1187 Downloads
J. W. Barchfield and H. J. L. Romero
Volume XVII–1983 pp. 1189-1194 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 17, issue 3, 1983

Errata pp. vii-vii Downloads
The Editors
Reports of International Correspondents pp. ix-ix Downloads
Wolfgang Blaas and John Groenewegen
The Affluent Society after Twenty-five Years pp. 589-607 Downloads
J. R. Stanfield
Non-Immigrant Labor Policy in the United States pp. 609-630 Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
Planning for Institutional Change in a Complex Environment: An Approach and an Application pp. 631-665 Downloads
Steven R. Hickerson
Externalities, Property Rights, and Power pp. 667-680 Downloads
Andrew K. Dragun
The 1964 Tax Cut: Supply-Side Economics or Demand Stimulus? pp. 681-696 Downloads
Charles B. Garrison
Randomly Specified Macroeconomic Models: Some Implications for Model Selection pp. 697-720 Downloads
James T. Peach and James L. Webb
J. R. Commons’s Institutional Economics pp. 721-744 Downloads
Malcolm Rutherford
A Critique of James and Street’s “Technology, Institutions, and Public Policy in the Age of Energy Substitution: The Case of Latin America” pp. 745-750 Downloads
Stephen C. Stamos
Ayres’s Instrumentalism: A Reply to Weinel pp. 750-753 Downloads
Malcolm Rutherford
Clarence Ayres’s Instrumental Value Theory: A Rejoinder to Rutherford pp. 753-755 Downloads
Ivan Weinel
An Evolutionary Theory of Economics Change: A Review Article pp. 757-768 Downloads
Philip Mirowski
Labor-Managed and Participatory Firms: A Review Article pp. 769-789 Downloads
Daniel R. Fusfeld
Conspicuous Consumption: A Study of Exceptional Consumer Behavior pp. 791-799 Downloads
David Hamilton and Rick Tilman
Jobs for Disadvantaged Workers: The Economics of Employment Subsidies pp. 801-803 Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
Unemployment and Technical Innovation; A Study of Long Waves and Economic Development pp. 803-808 Downloads
Philip A. Klein
Macro-Economics in Question: The Keynesian-Monetarist Orthodoxies and the Kaleckian Alternative pp. 808-813 Downloads
Richard X. Chase
Forms of Explanation; Rethinking the Questions in Social Theory pp. 813-817 Downloads
James Webb
Economics and Policymaking: The Tragic Illusion pp. 817-819 Downloads
Baldwin Ranson
National Industrial Strategies and the World Economy; Industrial Policies in the European Community pp. 819-823 Downloads
Solomon Barkin
The Endless Day: The Political Economy of Women and Work pp. 823-826 Downloads
Daphne Greenwood
A Theory of Inequality and Taxation pp. 826-830 Downloads
Cedric Pugh
Reconstructing Public Philosophy pp. 830-832 Downloads
Rick Tilman
Law and Economics: An Institutional Perspective pp. 832-835 Downloads
William A. Lovett
Environment and Trade: The Relationship of International Trade and Environmental Policy pp. 835-837 Downloads
Peter Soderbaum
Energy, Economics, and the Environment pp. 837-839 Downloads
Andrew Larkin
The Wasting of the British Economy pp. 839-843 Downloads
Michael Perelman
Modelo Economico Chileno: Trayectoria De Una Critica pp. 843-846 Downloads
James H. Street
First Things First: Meeting Basic Human Needs in Developing Countries pp. 846-849 Downloads
Curry Robert L.
Prohibitive Policy: Implementing the Federal Endangered Species Act pp. 849-850 Downloads
R. Larry Reynolds
The Politics and Philosophy of Economics pp. 850-853 Downloads
J. J. Klant
Marx: Economist, Philosopher, Jew pp. 853-855 Downloads
Peter M. Lichtenstein
Books Received pp. 857-866 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 17, issue 2, 1983

The Veblen-Commons Award pp. 283-286 Downloads
David B. Hamilton and Allan G. Gruchy
Remarks upon Receipt of the Veblen-Commons Award pp. 287-293 Downloads
The Editors
The Reality of Power and the Poverty of Economic Doctrine pp. 294-313 Downloads
James H. Street
General Adjustment Theory and Institutional Adjustment Processes pp. 315-324 Downloads
Roger M. Troub
Integration of Social Indicators into Holistic Geobased Models pp. 325-334 Downloads
F. Gregory Hayden
Equational Justice and Social Value pp. 335-344 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
The Independent, Simultaneous Development of Instrumental Thought in Various Disciplines pp. 345-352 Downloads
Meb Bolin
Ideology and the Great Depression: Monetary History Rewritten pp. 353-360 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
The Evolution and Devolution of Bank Regulation in the United States pp. 361-367 Downloads
Robert Craig West
Can the Good Performance of the 1960s Be Repeated in the 1980s? pp. 369-378 Downloads
Harold G. Vatter and John F. Walker
Cyclical Behavior of Government Fiscal Policy pp. 379-388 Downloads
Howard J. Sherman
Technical Progress and Its Fruits: The Idea of Development in the Works of Raul Prebisch pp. 389-396 Downloads
Adolfo Gurrieri
Progress and Insecurity, Class and Conflict in Rural India pp. 397-404 Downloads
Walter C. Neale and Rex M. Edwards
Economic Policy and Institutional Change in Socialist Cuba pp. 405-413 Downloads
Sergio Roca
Lessons for Development from the Japanese Experience pp. 415-422 Downloads
Asim Şen
Natural Gas Pricing: Market Outcome or Industrial Policy? pp. 423-432 Downloads
Ann K. Lower
Progress, Inconsistencies, and Neglect in the Social Control of Railway Freight Transport pp. 433-442 Downloads
John C. Spychalski
Institutional Objectives, Structural Barriers, and Deregulation in the Electric Utility Industry pp. 443-452 Downloads
Rodney Stevenson
Airline Deregulation: Grand Design or Gross Debacle? pp. 453-462 Downloads
William N. Leonard
Reagan’s Economic Policies: An Institutionalist Assessment pp. 463-474 Downloads
P. A. Klein
Creationism versus Evolutionism in Economics: Societal Consequences of Economic Doctrine pp. 475-483 Downloads
Jerry L. Petr
Financial Subinfeudation and the Penchant for Real Investment pp. 485-494 Downloads
John Adams
Contributions of the Galbraith “Technostructure” to the Growing Crisis of the U.S. Economy pp. 495-502 Downloads
Robert J. Alexander
Comments on the Institutionalist View of Reaganomics pp. 503-506 Downloads
Ray Marshall
Why Economics Is Not Yet a Science pp. 507-520 Downloads
Alfred S. Eichner
Technology, Institutions, and Public Policy in the Age of Energy Substitution: The Case of Latin America pp. 521-528 Downloads
Dilmus D. James and James H. Street
The Spread of an Institutional Innovation: The Multidivisional Corporation in the U.K pp. 529-538 Downloads
R. S. Thompson
Comments on R. S. Thompson’s “The Spread of an Institutional Innovation” pp. 539-542 Downloads
Milton D. Lower
Economic Consequences of Military Spending pp. 543-553 Downloads
Faye Duchin
Resource Diversion and the Failure of Conventional Macrotheory pp. 555-564 Downloads
Lloyd J. Dumas
The Arms Race and the Decline of U.S. Technology pp. 565-574 Downloads
John E. Ullmann
Military Expenditures and Industrialization in Africa pp. 575-587 Downloads
Oumar Nabe

Volume 17, issue 1, 1983

Reports of International Correspondents pp. vii-viii Downloads
John W. Barchfield
Welfare Maxima in Economics pp. 1-16 Downloads
Wendell Gordon
Institutional Reform and Manpower Development in Mexico pp. 17-33 Downloads
James H. Street
An Exploration of the Structural Characteristics of a Veblen-Ayres-Foster Defined Institutional Domain pp. 35-66 Downloads
Paul D. Bush
J. M. Keynes as a Marshallian pp. 67-94 Downloads
Hans E. Jensen
The Transaction Cost Analysis of Oliver E. Williamson: A New Synthesis? pp. 95-114 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Social Value Theory, Corporate Power, and Political Elites: Appraisals of Lindblom’s pp. 115-131 Downloads
Rick Tilman
The Role of the Public Sector in Local Development Finance: Evaluating Alternative Institutional Arrangements pp. 133-153 Downloads
Peter S. Fisher
Social Value Theory of Marxists: An Instrumental Review and Critique pp. 155-173 Downloads
Marc R. Tool
The Alleged Vietnam War Origins of the Current Inflation: A Comment pp. 175-186 Downloads
Charles B. Garrison and Anne Mayhew
Demonstrating the Undemonstrable: A Reply to Garrison and Mayhew pp. 186-196 Downloads
John F. Walker and Harold G. Vatter
The Importance of Relative Prices in Analyzing Veblen Effects pp. 197-206 Downloads
Ronnie Phillips and Daniel Slottje
Ezra Mishan on Economic Evaluation: A Comment pp. 206-213 Downloads
Peter Söderbaum
Segmented Work and Divided Workers: A Review Article pp. 215-224 Downloads
Marvin E. Rozen
Our Overloaded Economy pp. 225-235 Downloads
W. Robert Brazelton, Hyman Minsky and Paul D. Bush
Inflation and Politics: Fiscal, Monetary, and Wage-Price Discipline pp. 237-243 Downloads
Richard X. Chase and Wolfgang R. Blaas
The New Inflation: The Collapse of Free Markets pp. 245-249 Downloads
Wallace C. Peterson
Patterns of Technological Innovation pp. 249-250 Downloads
Thomas R. De Gregori
Attacking Regulatory Problems: An Agenda for Research in the 1980s pp. 250-254 Downloads
Harry M. Trebing
Value Judgment and Income Distribution pp. 254-256 Downloads
Rick Tilman
Shifting Involvements: Private Interest and Public Action pp. 256-259 Downloads
Steven R. Hickerson
Konzepte Einer Humanen Wirtschaftslehre: Beitraege Zur Institutionellen Oekonomie Und Zur Integration Der Sozialwissenschaften (Concepts of A Humane Economics: Contributions to Institutional Economics and the Integration of the Social Sciences) pp. 259-262 Downloads
Uwe J. Woltemade
Controlling Hospital Costs: The Role of Government Regulation pp. 262-265 Downloads
Paul L. Grimaldi
The Irrelevance of Conventional Economics pp. 265-268 Downloads
Allan G. Gruchy
Professional Power and Social Welfare pp. 268-270 Downloads
Warren Samuels
Books Received pp. 271-281 Downloads
The Editors
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