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Volume 48, issue 4, 2014

John R. Commons in the Twenty-First Century: Introduction pp. 901-904 Downloads
Anne Mayhew and Gary Dymski
Payday Lending: The Case of Tennessee pp. 905-925 Downloads
Sherry Davis Kasper
Contracting the Commonwealth: John R. Commons and Neoliberal Financial Crises pp. 927-947 Downloads
Melody Chiong, Gary Dymski and Jesus Hernandez
The Backward Art of Thinking About Consumer Spending pp. 949-958 Downloads
Anne Mayhew
The Evolving Juridical Space of Harm/Value: Remedial Powers in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis pp. 959-979 Downloads
Philip Ashton
Regulatory Incoherence and Economic Potential of Freshwater Recreational Fisheries: The Trout Triangle in South Africa pp. 981-1004 Downloads
Juniours Marire, Jen D. Snowball and Gavin Fraser
Money Is Rights in Rem: A Note on the Nature of Money pp. 1005-1019 Downloads
Jongchul Kim
Son Preference in India: Implications for Gender Development pp. 1021-1037 Downloads
Aparna Mitra
Electrification, Tractorization, and Motorization: Revisiting the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act pp. 1039-1071 Downloads
Bernard C. Beaudreau
Index pp. 1071-1077 Downloads
The Editors
Ceremonial Encapsulation and the Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technology in Germany pp. 1073-1093 Downloads
Iciar Dominguez Lacasa
Has the US Lurched into a Process of Underdevelopment? Insights from Celso Furtado pp. 1095-1112 Downloads
Gregorio Vidal and Wesley Colin Marshall
Shared Economic Thought and the Neglect of Social Costs: Reflections on Why Progressive Economists Often Stick to Conventional Wisdom pp. 1113-1132 Downloads
Paolo Ramazzotti
The Development of Trade Union Theory and Mainstream Economic Methodology pp. 1133-1149 Downloads
Stavros Drakopoulos and Ioannis Katselidis
Book Reviews pp. 1151-1168 Downloads
The Editors
Ayres and Hale in Texas 1950s pp. 1169-1170 Downloads
Daniel Morgan
Acknowledgements pp. 1179-1180 Downloads
The Editors
Errata pp. 1181-1181 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 48, issue 3, 2014

On Property Theory pp. 601-624 Downloads
David Ellerman
Artificial Scarcity, Power, and the Italian Mafia pp. 625-640 Downloads
Clotilde Champeyrache
Modern Money Theory, and Interrelations Between the Treasury and Central Bank: The Case of the United States pp. 641-662 Downloads
Eric Tymoigne
Consumption as a Social Process pp. 663-678 Downloads
Zdravka Todorova
Ending the Unemployment Crisis with Guaranteed Employment and Retraining pp. 679-706 Downloads
Jon Wisman and Aaron Pacitti
Employer Moral Hazard, Wage Rigidity, and Worker Cooperatives: A Theoretical Appraisal pp. 707-726 Downloads
Cecilia Navarra and Ermanno Tortia
Institutions and Lagging Development: The Case of the Don Army Region pp. 727-742 Downloads
Alexander Maslov and Vyacheslav Volchik
Elements of Novelty, Known Mechanisms, and the Fundamental Causes of the Recent Crisis pp. 743-764 Downloads
Alberto Russo
Nineteenth-Century U.S. Black and White Working Class Physical Activity and Nutritional Trends During Economic Development pp. 765-786 Downloads
Scott Carson
Appraising the Effectiveness of the Recent Turkish Monetary Policy: A Minskian Perspective pp. 787-820 Downloads
Erkan Tokucu
Innovation in State-Owned Enterprises: Reconsidering the Conventional Wisdom pp. 821-848 Downloads
Filippo Belloc
The Changing Contours of Long-Term Unemployment: The Need for a More Radical Policy pp. 849-870 Downloads
Oren Levin-Waldman
Policy Note pp. 871-886 Downloads
Daniel Underwood, Dan Friesner and Jason Cross
Book Reviews pp. 887-898 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 48, issue 2, 2014

The 2014 Veblen-Commons Award Recipient: Samuel Bowles pp. 263-266 Downloads
Michael Reich
Niccolò Machiavelli and the Origins of Mechanism Design pp. 267-278 Downloads
Samuel Bowles
Political Economy of Systemic and Micro-Corruption Throughout the World pp. 279-308 Downloads
Phillip O'Hara
Institutions and the Importance of Social Control in a Nation's Development pp. 309-322 Downloads
Svetlana Kirdina
Institutional Changes in Financial Crises: Lessons from Latin America pp. 323-330 Downloads
Eugenia Correa
Understanding the Low Yields of the Long-Term Japanese Sovereign Debt pp. 331-340 Downloads
Tanweer Akram and Anupam Das
Conditions for a Sustainable Counter-Cyclical Fiscal Policy: The Case of Spain pp. 341-348 Downloads
Jesus Ferreiro, Carmen Gomez and Felipe Serrano
Revolutionizing the Nonprofit Sector Through Social Entrepreneurship pp. 349-358 Downloads
Michelle Stecker
Social Entrepreneurship Questioning the Status Quo: Waste as a Resource pp. 359-366 Downloads
Denise Parris and Cecilia McInnis-Bowers
Social Entrepreneurship, Microfinance, and Economic Development in Africa pp. 367-376 Downloads
Berhanu Nega and Geoffrey Schneider
The "Individualist Entrepreneur" vs. Socially Sustainable Development: Can Microfinance Build Community? pp. 377-386 Downloads
Tonia Warnecke
Work Time, Gender, and Inequality: The Conundrums of Flexibility pp. 387-394 Downloads
Janice Peterson and Barbara Wiens-Tuers
Energy Impoverishment: Addressing Capitalism's New Driver of Inequality pp. 395-404 Downloads
Lynne Chester
Access to Justice as a Form of Inequality pp. 405-412 Downloads
Anton Oleinik
Death by a Thousand Cuts: Financial Innovation and Income Inequality pp. 413-420 Downloads
William Redmond
Finding a Positive Vision for State Capitalism pp. 421-430 Downloads
Anna Klimina
Quantitative Easing as a Means of Reducing Unemployment: A New Version of Trickle-Down Economics pp. 431-440 Downloads
John Watkins
Culture and Good Governance: A Brief Empirical Exercise pp. 441-450 Downloads
Richard Adkisson and Randy McFerrin
Firm Reorganization: Social Control or Social Contract? pp. 451-460 Downloads
Hendrik Aalbers, Wilfred Dolfsma and Rowan Blinde-Leerentveld
The Mythology of Debts and Deficits pp. 461-468 Downloads
William Waller
Neoliberal Europe: Enabling Ethno-Cultural Neutrality or Fueling Neo-Nationalist Sentiment? pp. 469-476 Downloads
Quentin Duroy
Unveiling and Deconstructing the Enabling Myths of Neoliberalism Through Immanent Critique pp. 477-484 Downloads
Mary Wrenn
The Economics of Influence pp. 485-492 Downloads
David Colander
Collective Action and Economic Justice: A Structural Approach pp. 493-500 Downloads
David Zalewski
Gender Dimensions of the U.S. Consumer Borrowing Expansion pp. 501-506 Downloads
Barbara Hopkins and Zdravka Todorova
Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Asymmetric Information in the Residential Mortgage Market pp. 507-514 Downloads
Glen Atkinson, Stephen Paschall, Brian Bonnefant and Frederick Steinmann
Repurchase Agreements and the Law: How Legislative Changes Fueled the Housing Bubble pp. 515-522 Downloads
Fiona Maclachlan
The Institutions of Economics: A First Approximation pp. 523-532 Downloads
David Dequech
Restructuring Double-Entry Accounting for Climate Change Remediation by Monetary Authorities pp. 533-540 Downloads
F. Hayden
WPA for Today: Can the US Afford Economic Recovery? pp. 541-550 Downloads
Scott McConnell
Green Keynesianism and Suburban Retrofit: An Institutional Perspective pp. 551-558 Downloads
Bruce McFarling
The Rise of Money Manager Capitalism and Its Implications for Economic Theory and Policy pp. 559-566 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Banking Sector Viability and Fiscal Austerity: From Rhetoric to the Reality of Bank Behavior pp. 567-574 Downloads
Mario Seccareccia
How to Guide the Economy in a Socially Desirable Direction: Lessons from the 2007 Financial Turmoil pp. 575-584 Downloads
Faruk Ülgen
Why Culture Alone Cannot Explain Morality, and Why It Matters: A Response to Charles K. Wilber pp. 585-588 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Book Reviews pp. 589-598 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 48, issue 1, 2014

Credit Default Sharing Instead of Credit Default Swaps: Toward a More Sustainable Financial System pp. 1-18 Downloads
Nader Naifar
A Cognitive Approach to Law and Economics: Hayek's Legacy pp. 19-48 Downloads
Angela Ambrosino
Representation, Language, and Theory: Georgescu-Roegen on Methods in Economic Science pp. 49-88 Downloads
Mohammed Khan
Quantifying Culture: Problems and Promises pp. 89-108 Downloads
Richard Adkisson
Thorstein Veblen and Albert Bandura: A Modern Psychological Reading of the Conspicuous Consumer pp. 109-122 Downloads
Felipe Almeida
Innovation, Employment and Skills in Advanced and Developing Countries: A Survey of Economic Literature pp. 123-154 Downloads
Marco Vivarelli
Foreclosure Crisis and Innovative Policy Responses: A Constructive Critique pp. 155-168 Downloads
Rojhat Avsar
State Capitalism, Entrepreneurship, and Networks: China's Rise to a Superpower pp. 169-180 Downloads
Albert Schweinberger
Quality of Life in the Regional Capitals of Poland pp. 181-196 Downloads
Katarzyna Przybyła, Alina Kulczyk-Dynowska and Marian Kachniarz
Concentration of Labor Market Risks: A European Union Cross-Country Perspective pp. 197-228 Downloads
Iustina Boitan
Book Reviews pp. 241-260 Downloads
The Editors
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