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20210041: Leaders, Factions and Electoral Success Downloads
Benoit S Y Crutzen and Sabine Flamand
20210040: Clustering Dynamics and Persistence for Financial Multivariate Panel Data Downloads
Igor Custodio João, Andre Lucas and Julia Schaumburg
20210039: The Best at the Top? Candidate Ranking Strategies Under Closed List Proportional Representation Downloads
Benoit S Y Crutzen, Hideo Konishi and Nicolas Sahuguet
20210038: Weighted-average least squares (WALS): Confidence and prediction intervals Downloads
Giuseppe De Luca, Jan R. Magnus and Franco Peracchi
20210037: Lockdowns as options Downloads
S.J.G. van Wijnbergen
20210036: Heterogeneity in Manufacturing Growth Risk Downloads
Daan Opschoor, Dick van Dijk and Philip Hans Franses
20210035: Disparities in socio-economic status and BMI in the UK are partly due to genetic and environmental luck Downloads
Casper A.P. Burik, Hyeokmoon Kweon and Philipp D. Koellinger
20210034: Invariance of Unemployment and Vacancy Dynamics with Respect to Diminishing Returns to Labor at the Firm Level Downloads
Björn Brügemann
20210033: Reconstruction of the Spanish Money Supply, 1492-1810 Downloads
Felix Ward, Yao Chen and Nuno Palma
20210032: The Banker's Oath And Financial Advice Downloads
Utz Weitzel and Michael Kirchler
20210031: Top Down or Bottom Up? Disentangling the Channels of Attention in Risky Choice Downloads
Jan Engelmann, Alejandro Hirmas and Joël van der Weele
20210030: Macroeconomic disasters and forward-looking consumers: historical evidence and evidence from the Covid-19 pandemic Downloads
Lorenzo Pozzi and Barbara Sadaba
20210029: Pcoins for parking: a field experiment with tradable mobility permits Downloads
Devi Brands, Erik Verhoef and Jasper Knockaert
20210028: Sharing the cost of cleaning up a polluted river Downloads
Wenzhong Li, Genjiu Xu and Rene van den Brink
20210027: Sectoral slowdowns in the UK: Evidence from transmission probabilities and economic linkages Downloads
Eva Janssens and Robin Lumsdaine
20210026: Unravelling urban advantages - A meta-analysis of agglomeration economies Downloads
Stuart Donovan, Thomas de Graaff, Henri de Groot and Carl Koopmans
20210025: Optimal Taxation of Normal and Excess Returns to Risky Assets Downloads
Robin Boadway and Kevin Spiritus
20210024: Balanced Externalities and the Proportional Allocation of Nonseparable Contributions Downloads
Rene van den Brink, Youngsub Chun, Yukihiko Funaki and Zhengxing Zou
20210023: The initial deposit decision and the occurrence of bank runs Downloads
Johan de Jong
20210022: The option value of vacant land: Don't build when demand for housing is booming Downloads
Rutger-Jan Lange and Coen N. Teulings
20210021: Will urban air mobility fly? The efficiency and distributional impacts of UAM in different urban spatial structures Downloads
Anna Straubinger, Erik T. Verhoef and Henri de Groot
20210020: Time-varying state correlations in state space models and their estimation via indirect inference Downloads
Caterina Schiavoni, Siem Jan Koopman, Franz Palm, Stephan Smeekes and Jan van den Brakel
20210019: Networks, Communication and Hierarchy: Applications to Cooperative Games Downloads
Encarnacion Algaba and Rene van den Brink
20210018: Disentangling Covid-19, Economic Mobility, and Containment Policy Shocks Downloads
Annika Camehl and Malte Rieth
20210017: Bayes estimates of multimodal density features using DNA and Economic Data Downloads
Nalan Basturk, Lennart Hoogerheide and Herman K. van Dijk
20210016: A Bayesian Dynamic Compositional Model for Large Density Combinations in Finance Downloads
Roberto Casarin, Stefano Grassi, Francesco Ravazzolo and Herman K. van Dijk
20210015: Citywide parking policy and traffic: Evidence from Amsterdam Downloads
Francis Ostermeijer, Hans RA Koster, Leonardo Nunes and Jos van Ommeren
20210014: Technology vs information to promote conservation: Evidence from water audits Downloads
Erik Ansink, Carmine Ornaghi and Mirco Tonin
20210013: Eliciting time preferences when income and consumption vary: Theory, validation & application to job search Downloads
Michèle Belot, Philipp Kircher and Paul Muller
20210012: The Informational Affective Tie Mechanism: On the Role of Uncertainty, Context, and Attention in Caring Downloads
Frans van Winden
20210011: Market power in California's water market Downloads
Françeska Tomori, Erik Ansink, Harold Houba, Nick Hagerty and Charles Bos
20210010: Tail Heterogeneity for Dynamic Covariance-Matrix-Valued Random Variables: the F-Riesz Distribution Downloads
Francisco Blasques, Andre Lucas, Anne Opschoor and Luca Rossini
20210009: Bankruptcy Codes and Risk Sharing of Currency Unions Downloads
Xuan Wang
20210008: Joint Modelling and Estimation of Global and Local Cross-Sectional Dependence in Large Panels Downloads
Siem Jan Koopman, Julia Schaumburg and Quint Wiersma
20210007: Weak versus strong dominance of shrinkage estimators Downloads
Giuseppe De Luca and Jan R. Magnus
20210006: Forecasting in a changing world: from the great recession to the COVID-19 pandemic Downloads
Mariia Artemova, Francisco Blasques, Siem Jan Koopman and Zhaokun Zhang
20210005: Going Through The Roof: On Prices for Drugs Sold Through Insurance Downloads
Jurjen Kamphorst and Vladimir Karamychev
20210004: Robust Estimation of Probit Models with Endogeneity Downloads
Andrea A. Naghi, Máté Váradi and Mikhail Zhelonkin
20210003: Mental Health Effects of Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Downloads
Shuai Chen and Jan van Ours
20210002: Macroeconomic Conditions When Young Shape Job Preferences for Life Downloads
Maria Cotofan, Lea Cassar, Robert Dur and Stephan Meijer
20210001: The Value Added of Machine Learning to Causal Inference: Evidence from Revisited Studies Downloads
Anna Baiardi and Andrea A. Naghi
20200086: Welfare Measurement and Poverty Targeting Based on Participatory Wealth Rankings Downloads
Martin Wiegand
20200085: Optimal Linear Income Taxation and Education Subsidies under Skill-Biased Technical Change Downloads
Bas Jacobs and Uwe Thuemmel
20200084: Do Disability Benefits Hinder Work Resumption After Recovery? Downloads
Pierre Koning, Paul Muller and Roger Prudon
20200083: Taking Time Seriously: Implications for Optimal Climate Policy Downloads
Michael Grubb, Rutger-Jan Lange, Nicolas Cerkez, Pablo Salas, Jean-Francois Mercure and Ida Sognnaes
20200082: Dynamic complementarity in skill production: Evidence from genetic endowments and birth order Downloads
Dilnoza Muslimova, Hans van Kippersluis, Cornelius A. Rietveld, Stephanie von Hinke and S. Fleur W. Meddens
20200081: Organised Labour, Labour Market Imperfections, and Employer Wage Premia Downloads
Sabien Dobbelaere, Boris Hirsch, Steffen Mueller and Georg Neuschaeffer
20200080: Accident Externality of Driving: Evidence from the London Congestion Charge Downloads
Cheng Tang and Jos van Ommeren
20200079: Debt sustainability when r - g smaller than 0: no free lunch after all Downloads
Sweder van Wijnbergen, Stan Olijslagers and Nander de Vette
20200078: Dynamic Factor Models with Clustered Loadings: Forecasting Education Flows using Unemployment Data Downloads
Francisco Blasques, Meindert Heres Hoogerkamp, Siem Jan Koopman and Ilka van de Werve
20200077: Common International Trends in Football Stadium Attendance Downloads
Jan van Ours
20200076: Modeling extreme events: time-varying extreme tail shape Downloads
Bernd Schwaab, Xin Zhang and Andre Lucas
20200075: What a drag it is getting old? Mental health and loneliness beyond age 50 Downloads
Jan van Ours
20200074: Public Speaking Aversion Downloads
Thomas Buser and Huaiping Yuan
20200073: A New Class of Robust Observation-Driven Models Downloads
Francisco Blasques, Christian Francq and Sébastien Laurent
20200072: Morals in multi-unit markets Downloads
Andreas Ziegler, Giorgia Romagnoli and Theo Offerman
20200071: Why are open ascending auctions popular? The role of information aggregation and behavioral biases Downloads
Theo Offerman, Giorgia Romagnoli and Andreas Ziegler
20200070: Estimation of final standings in football competitions with premature ending: the case of COVID-19 Downloads
Paolo Gorgi, Siem Jan Koopman and Rutger Lit
20200069: A multinomial and rank-ordered logit model with inter- and intra-individual heteroscedasticity Downloads
Anoek Castelein, Dennis Fok and Richard Paap
20200068: Ethnic employment gaps of graduates in the Netherlands Downloads
Paul Bisschop, Bas ter Weel and Jelle Zwetsloot
20200067: A Bit of Salt a Trace of Life - Gender Norms and The Impact of a Salt Iodization Program on Human Capital Formation of School Aged Children Downloads
Zichen Deng and Maarten Lindeboom
20200066: Disentangling Retirement and Savings Responses Downloads
Maarten Lindeboom and Raymond Montizaan
20200065: Maternal Stress and Offspring Lifelong Labor Market Outcomes Downloads
Vincenzo Atella, Edoardo Di Porto, Joanna Kopinska and Maarten Lindeboom
20200064: A Macro-Financial Perspective to Analyse Maturity Mismatch and Default Downloads
Xuan Wang
20200063: The evolution of morality Downloads
Matthijs van Veelen
20200062: Homo Moralis and regular altruists – preference evolution for when they disagree Downloads
Aslihan Akdeniz, Christopher Graser and Matthijs van Veelen
20200061: Heterogeneous variable selection in nonlinear panel data models: A semiparametric Bayesian approach Downloads
Anoek Castelein, Dennis Fok and Richard Paap
20200060: Cyclicality of Add-on Pricing: Evidence from Extended Warranties Downloads
Branko Boskovic, Sacha Kapoor, Agnieszka Markiewicz and Barry Scholnick
20200059: Curbing Carbon: An Experiment on Uncertainty and Information about CO2 emissions Downloads
Davide Pace and Joël van der Weele
20200058: The Power to Protect: Household Bargaining and Female Condom Use Downloads
Rachel Cassidy, Marije Groot Bruinderink, Wendy Janssens and Karlijn Morsink
20200057: Accelerating Peak Dating in a Dynamic Factor Markov-Switching Model Downloads
Bram van Os and Dick van Dijk
20200056: Collaboration in Bipartite Networks, with an Application to Coauthorship Networks Downloads
Chih-Sheng Hsieh, Michael König, Xiaodong Liu and Christian Zimmermann
20200055: Left Behind Voters, Anti-Elitism and Popular Will Downloads
Benoit Crutzen, Dana Sisak and Otto Swank
20200054: Compromising between the proportional and equal division values: axiomatization, consistency and implementation Downloads
Zhengxing Zou, Rene van den Brink and Yukihiko Funaki
20200053: Genetic Fortune: Winning or Losing Education, Income, and Health Downloads
Hyeokmoon Kweon, Casper A.P. Burik, Richard Karlsson Linner, Ronald de Vlaming, Aysu Okbay, Daphne Martschenko, Kathryn Paige Harden, Thomas A. DiPrete and Philipp Koellinger
20200052: Bellman filtering for state-space models Downloads
Rutger-Jan Lange
20200051: Business models for interoperable mobility services Downloads
Vincent A.C. van den Berg, Henk Meurs and Erik Verhoef
20200050: Banks, Money, and the Zero Lower Bound on Deposit Rates Downloads
Michael Kumhof and Xuan Wang
20200049: Does Losing Lead to Winning? An Empirical Analysis for Four Different Sports Downloads
Bouke Klein Teeselink, Martijn J. van den Assem and Dennie van Dolder
20200048: Can competitiveness predict education and labor market outcomes? Evidence from incentivized choice and survey measures Downloads
Thomas Buser, Muriel Niederle and Hessel Oosterbeek
20200047: Consideration of others and consideration of future consequences predict cooperation in an acute Social Dilemma: An application to COVID-19 Downloads
M.A.J. van Hulsen, K.I.M. Rohde and Job van Exel
20200046: The perception of climate sensitivity: Revealing priors from posteriors Downloads
Masako Ikefuji and Jan Magnus
20200045: The Political Economy of a Diverse Monetary Union Downloads
Enrico Perotti and Oscar Soons
20200044: Support for Small Businesses amid COVID-19 Downloads
Charles Goodhart, Dimitrios Tsomocos and Xuan Wang
20200043: Equal Loss under Separatorization and Egalitarian Values Downloads
Zhengxing Zou and Rene van den Brink
20200042: On the Benefits of Being Alone: Scheduling Changes, Intensity of Competition and Dynamic Airline Pricing Downloads
Yannis Kerkemezos and Bas Karreman
20200041: Can Private Equity Funds Act as Strategic Buyers? Evidence from Buy-and-Build Strategies Downloads
Dyaran Bansraj, Han Smit and Vadym Volosovych
20200040: The short-term economic effects of COVID-19 and risk-coping strategies of low-income households in Kenya: A rapid analysis using weekly financial household data Downloads
Wendy Janssens, Menno Pradhan, Richard de Groot, Estelle Sidze, Hermann Donfouet and Amanuel Abajobir
20200039: Zero-diagonality as a linear structure Downloads
Jan Magnus and Enrique Sentana
20200038: Optimal Taxation of Capital Income with Heterogeneous Rates of Return Downloads
Aart Gerritsen, Bas Jacobs, Alexandra V. Rusu and Kevin Spiritus
20200037: Less School (Costs), More (Female) Education? Lessons from Egypt Reducing Years of Compulsory Schooling Downloads
Ahmed Elsayed and Olivier Marie
20200036: Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence and Children’s Dynamic Skill Accumulation: Evidence from a UK Longitudinal Study Downloads
Dan Anderberg and Gloria Moroni
20200035: The Jacobian of the exponential function Downloads
Jan Magnus, Henk G.J. Pijls and Enrique Sentana
20200034: The transfer system in European football: a pro-competitive no-poaching agreement? Downloads
Samuel Hoey, Thomas Peeters and Francesco Principe
20200033: Individual weighted excess and least square values Downloads
Xia Zhang, Rene van den Brink, Arantza Estevez-Fernandez and Hao Sun
20200032: If Sick-Leave becomes More Costly, Will I go back to Work? Could it be too soon? Downloads
Olivier Marie and Judit Vall Castello
20200031: Spillovers in Childbearing Decisions and Fertility Transitions: Evidence from China Downloads
Pauline Rossi and Yun Xiao
20200030: Educational Choice, Initial Wage and Wage Growth Downloads
Jacopo Mazza and Hans van Ophem
20200029: Lie detection: A strategic analysis of the Verifiability Approach Downloads
Konstantinos Ioannidis, Theo Offerman and Randolph Sloof
Sweder van Wijnbergen, Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg and Stan Olijslagers
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