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Volume 47, issue 2, 2018

A theory of grand innovation prizes pp. 343-362 Downloads
Alberto Galasso, Matthew Mitchell and Gabor Virag
Individual and organizational inhibitors to the development of entrepreneurial competencies in universities pp. 363-378 Downloads
Ali Aslan Gümüsay and Thomas Marc Bohné
Concentration on the few: mechanisms behind a falling share of innovative firms in Germany pp. 379-389 Downloads
Christian Rammer and Torben Schubert
Welfare improvement windows for innovation policy pp. 390-398 Downloads
Benjamin D. Leibowicz
Innovation and government intervention: A comparison of Singapore and Hong Kong pp. 399-412 Downloads
Jue Wang
Disentangling the antecedents of ambidexterity: Exploration and exploitation pp. 413-427 Downloads
Oksana Koryak, Andy Lockett, James Hayton, Nicos Nicolaou and Kevin Mole
R&D, foreign ownership, and corporate groups: Evidence from Japanese firms pp. 428-439 Downloads
Hyeog Ug Kwon and Jungsoo Park
Innovation: The interplay between demand-side shock and supply-side environment pp. 440-461 Downloads
Ivalina Kalcheva, Ping McLemore and Shagun Pant
Structure reconsidered: Towards new foundations of explanatory transitions theory pp. 462-473 Downloads
Oscar Svensson and Alexandra Nikoleris
Host country R&D determinants of MNE entry strategy: A study of ownership in the automobile industry pp. 474-486 Downloads
Christopher Williams and Alina Vrabie
First adoption of consumer innovations: Exploring market failure and alleviating factors pp. 487-497 Downloads
Jeroen P.J. de Jong, Nils Lennart Gillert and Ruth M. Stock
Customer participation and new product performance: Towards the understanding of the mechanisms and key contingencies pp. 498-510 Downloads
Todd Morgan, Michael Obal and Sergey Anokhin
A tie is a tie? Gender and network positioning in life science inventor collaboration pp. 511-526 Downloads
Kjersten Bunker Whittington
Ownership concentration and innovativeness of corporate ventures pp. 527-541 Downloads
Katrin Hussinger, Johannes M.H. Dick and Dirk Czarnitzki

Volume 47, issue 1, 2018

The role of collaborative networks in supporting the innovation performances of lagging-behind European regions pp. 1-13 Downloads
Ivan De Noni, Luigi Orsi and Fiorenza Belussi
The new production of legitimacy: STI policy discourses beyond the contract metaphor pp. 14-22 Downloads
Tim Flink and David Kaldewey
Framing inclusive innovation within the discourse of development: Insights from case studies in India pp. 23-34 Downloads
Mario Pansera and Richard Owen
Gaining insight into interdisciplinary research and education programmes: A framework for evaluation pp. 35-48 Downloads
Gemma Carr, Daniel P. Loucks and Günter Blöschl
Skills or networks? Success and fundraising determinants in a low performing venture capital market pp. 49-60 Downloads
Miona Milosevic
Collingridge and the dilemma of control: Towards responsible and accountable innovation pp. 61-69 Downloads
Audley Genus and Andy Stirling
Innovation intermediaries and collaboration: Knowledge–based practices and internal value creation pp. 70-87 Downloads
Muthu De Silva, Jeremy Howells and Martin Meyer
Factors influencing research collaborations in Kenyan universities pp. 88-97 Downloads
Petronilla Muriithi, David Horner, Lyn Pemberton and Hesborn Wao
Do university mergers create academic synergy? Evidence from China and the Nordic Countries pp. 98-107 Downloads
Qiaochu Liu, Donald Patton and Martin Kenney
The distinct signaling effects of R&D subsidy and non-R&D subsidy on IPO performance of IT entrepreneurial firms in China pp. 108-120 Downloads
Jin Chen, Cheng Suang Heng, Bernard C.Y. Tan and Zhijie Lin
Innovation in UK higher education: A panel data analysis of undergraduate degree programmes pp. 121-138 Downloads
Nola Hewitt-Dundas and Stephen Roper
New firm formation and regional knowledge production modes: Italian evidence pp. 139-157 Downloads
Alessandra Colombelli and Francesco Quatraro
The role of knowledge base homogeneity in learning from strategic alliances pp. 158-168 Downloads
Annapoornima M. Subramanian, Wang Bo and Chai Kah-Hin
Serendipity: Towards a taxonomy and a theory pp. 169-179 Downloads
Ohid Yaqub
Initial public offering and financing of biotechnology start-ups: Evidence from Japan pp. 180-193 Downloads
Yuji Honjo and Sadao Nagaoka
Organizational and human resource management and innovation: Which management practices are linked to product and/or process innovation? pp. 194-208 Downloads
Shoko Haneda and Keiko Ito
Unintended consequences on gender diversity of high-tech growth and labor market polarization pp. 209-217 Downloads
Elsie L. Echeverri-Carroll, Michael D. Oden, David V. Gibson and Evan A. Johnston
The “human side” of open innovation: The role of employee diversity in firm-level openness pp. 218-231 Downloads
Marcel Bogers, Nicolai J. Foss and Jacob Lyngsie
Outward FDI, location choices and innovation performance of emerging market enterprises pp. 232-240 Downloads
Panagiotis Piperopoulos, Jie Wu and Chengqi Wang
Uncovering the link between governance as an innovation process and socio-economic regime transition in cities pp. 241-251 Downloads
Geoff Simmons, Jorge Esteban Diez Giraldo, Yann Truong and Mark Palmer
Inventing by combining pre-existing technologies: Patent evidence on learning and fishing out pp. 252-265 Downloads
Matthew S. Clancy
From invisibility to impact: Recognising the scientific and societal relevance of interdisciplinary sustainability research pp. 266-276 Downloads
Henrike Rau, Gary Goggins and Frances Fahy
Policies to promote user innovation: Makerspaces and clinician innovation in Swedish hospitals pp. 277-288 Downloads
Peter O. Svensson and Rasmus Koss Hartmann
Understanding productivity dynamics: A task taxonomy approach pp. 289-304 Downloads
Tiago Fonseca, Francisco Lima and Sonia C. Pereira
Internet use and well-being: A survey and a theoretical framework pp. 308-325 Downloads
Fulvio Castellacci and Vegard Tveito
Architectural innovation and the emergence of a dominant design: The effects of strategic sourcing on performance pp. 326-341 Downloads
Woo-Yong Park, Young K. Ro and Namwoon Kim

Volume 46, issue 10, 2017

Journal rankings in management and business studies: What rules do we play by? pp. 1707-1722 Downloads
Rick Vogel, Fabian Hattke and Jessica Petersen
Crowdfunding and regional entrepreneurial investment: an application of the CrowdBerkeley database pp. 1723-1737 Downloads
Sandy Yu, Scott Johnson, Chiayu Lai, Antonio Cricelli and Lee Fleming
Ideas production and international knowledge spillovers: Digging deeper into emerging countries pp. 1738-1754 Downloads
Kul B. Luintel and Mosahid Khan
Public service innovation and multiple institutional logics: The case of hybrid social enterprise providers of health and wellbeing pp. 1755-1768 Downloads
Ian Vickers, Fergus Lyon, Leandro Sepulveda and Caitlin McMullin
Exploring preferences for impact versus publications among UK business and management academics pp. 1769-1782 Downloads
Ammon Salter, Rossella Salandra and James Walker
NK model as a representation of innovative search pp. 1783-1800 Downloads
Martin Ganco
Horizon problem and firm innovation: The influence of CEO career horizon, exploitation and exploration on breakthrough innovations pp. 1801-1809 Downloads
Sam Yul Cho and Sang Kyun Kim
Too much or too little of R&D offshoring: The impact of captive offshoring and contract offshoring on innovation performance pp. 1810-1823 Downloads
Philip J. Steinberg, Vivien Procher and Diemo Urbig
Too hot to reject: The effect of weather variations on the patent examination process at the United States Patent and Trademark Office pp. 1824-1835 Downloads
Balázs Kovács
Balancing exploration and exploitation in inventions: Quality of inventions and team composition pp. 1836-1850 Downloads
Pengfei Wang, Vareska Van De Vrande and Justin J.P. Jansen
Assessing the policy mix of public support to business R&D pp. 1851-1862 Downloads
Michel Dumont
Impact of research collaboration cosmopolitanism on job satisfaction pp. 1863-1872 Downloads
Jiwon Jung, Barry Bozeman and Monica Gaughan
The cost-quantity relations and the diverse patterns of “learning by doing”: Evidence from India pp. 1873-1886 Downloads
Giovanni Dosi, Marco Grazzi and Nanditha Mathew

Volume 46, issue 9, 2017

The effect of institutional ownership on firm innovation: Evidence from Chinese listed firms pp. 1533-1551 Downloads
Zhao Rong, Xiaokai Wu and Philipp Boeing
The career effects of scandal: Evidence from scientific retractions pp. 1552-1569 Downloads
Pierre Azoulay, Alessandro Bonatti and Joshua L. Krieger
The persistency and volatility of the firm R&D investment: Revisited from the perspective of technological capability pp. 1570-1579 Downloads
Taewon Kang, Chulwoo Baek and Jeong-Dong Lee
From science to technology: The value of knowledge from different energy research institutions pp. 1580-1594 Downloads
David Popp
An evaluation and explanation of (in)efficiency in higher education institutions in Europe and the U.S. with the application of two-stage semi-parametric DEA pp. 1595-1605 Downloads
Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz
From the crowd to the market: The role of reward-based crowdfunding performance in attracting professional investors pp. 1606-1628 Downloads
Paolo Roma, Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli and Giovanni Perrone
Standard vs. partnership-embedded licensing: Attention and the relationship between licensing and product innovations pp. 1629-1643 Downloads
Thomas Klueter, L. Felipe Monteiro and Denise R. Dunlap
Global markets for technology: Evidence from patent transactions pp. 1644-1654 Downloads
Antonio De Marco, Giuseppe Scellato, Elisa Ughetto and Federico Caviggioli
International knowledge flows and the administrative barriers to mobility pp. 1655-1665 Downloads
Sultan Orazbayev
Why researchers publish in non-mainstream journals: Training, knowledge bridging, and gap filling pp. 1666-1680 Downloads
Diego Chavarro, Puay Tang and Ismael Ràfols
Conditions for innovation in public sector organizations pp. 1681-1691 Downloads
Mehmet Akif Demircioglu and David B. Audretsch
Institutionalization of international university research ventures pp. 1692-1705 Downloads
Jan Youtie, Yin Li, Juan Rogers and Philip Shapira

Volume 46, issue 8, 2017

Exploring scientific productivity and transfer activities: Evidence from Argentinean ICT research groups pp. 1361-1369 Downloads
Florencia Barletta, Gabriel Yoguel, Mariano Pereira and Sergio Rodríguez
Multi-mode standardisation: A critical review and a research agenda pp. 1370-1386 Downloads
Paul Moritz Wiegmann, Henk J. de Vries and Knut Blind
Socio-economic impacts and public value of government-funded research: Lessons from four US National Science Foundation initiatives pp. 1387-1398 Downloads
Barry Bozeman and Jan Youtie
The rise of project network organizations: Building core teams and flexible partner pools for interorganizational projects pp. 1399-1415 Downloads
Stephan Manning
Bias against novelty in science: A cautionary tale for users of bibliometric indicators pp. 1416-1436 Downloads
Jian Wang, Reinhilde Veugelers and Paula Stephan
What drives innovation? Evidence from economic history pp. 1437-1453 Downloads
Josef Taalbi
Show me the Money: Federal R&D Support for Academic Chemistry, 1990–2009 pp. 1454-1464 Downloads
Joshua Rosenbloom and Donna K. Ginther
Repairing the R&D market failure: Public R&D subsidy and the composition of private R&D pp. 1465-1478 Downloads
Joonhwan Choi and Jaegul Lee
“To Own, or not to Own?” A multilevel analysis of intellectual property right policies' on academic entrepreneurship pp. 1479-1489 Downloads
Norrin Halilem, Nabil Amara, Julia Olmos-Peñuela and Muhammad Mohiuddin
Location choices of graduate entrepreneurs pp. 1490-1504 Downloads
Johan P. Larsson, Karl Wennberg, Johan Wiklund and Mike Wright
Innovation, quality management and learning: Short-term and longer-term effects pp. 1505-1518 Downloads
Jane Bourke and Stephen Roper
Technology, employment and skills: A look into job duration pp. 1519-1530 Downloads
Hugo Castro Silva and Francisco Lima

Volume 46, issue 7, 2017

Geographical patterns in US inventive activity 1977–1998: The “regional inversion” was underestimated pp. 1187-1197 Downloads
Carolina Castaldi and Bart Los
Subsidies or loans? Evaluating the impact of R&D support programmes pp. 1198-1214 Downloads
Elena Huergo and Lourdes Moreno
When risks cannot be seen: Regulating uncertainty in emerging technologies pp. 1215-1233 Downloads
Jaime Bonnín Roca, Parth Vaishnav, M.Granger Morgan, Joana Mendonça and Erica Fuchs
Standards as a driving force that influences emerging technological trajectories in the converging world of the Internet and things: An investigation of the M2M/IoT patent network pp. 1234-1254 Downloads
Dong-hyu Kim, Heejin Lee and Jooyoung Kwak
Dynamic impact of uncertainty on R&D cooperation formation and research performance: Evidence from the bio-pharmaceutical industry pp. 1255-1271 Downloads
Tannista Banerjee and Ralph Siebert
Does democracy cause innovation? An empirical test of the popper hypothesis pp. 1272-1283 Downloads
Yanyan Gao, Leizhen Zang, Antoine Roth and Puqu Wang
Global Innovation Systems—A conceptual framework for innovation dynamics in transnational contexts pp. 1284-1298 Downloads
Christian Binz and Bernhard Truffer
Do emerging countries prefer local knowledge or distant knowledge? Spillover effect of university collaborations on local firms pp. 1299-1311 Downloads
Shumin Qiu, Xielin Liu and Taishan Gao
Determinants of young firms’ innovative performance: Empirical evidence from Europe pp. 1312-1326 Downloads
Aimilia Protogerou, Yannis Caloghirou and Nicholas S. Vonortas
DUI mode learning and barriers to innovation—A case from Germany pp. 1327-1339 Downloads
Jörg Thomä
A multi-sector growth model with technology diffusion and networks pp. 1340-1359 Downloads
Manuela Magalhães and Óscar Afonso

Volume 46, issue 6, 2017

Interdisciplinary and collaborative work: Framing promotion and tenure practices and policies pp. 1055-1061 Downloads
Julie Thompson Klein and Holly J. Falk-Krzesinski
But what will it cost me? How do private costs of participation affect open source software projects? pp. 1062-1070 Downloads
Mazhar Islam, Jacob Miller and Haemin Dennis Park
Incumbents’ diversification and cross-sectorial energy industry dynamics pp. 1071-1086 Downloads
Markus Steen and Tyson Weaver
Towards evidence-based management of external resources: Developing design propositions and future research avenues through research synthesis pp. 1087-1105 Downloads
Kari Tanskanen, Tuomas Ahola, Anna Aminoff, Johanna Bragge, Riikka Kaipia and Katri Kauppi
Does innovation policy attract international competition? Evidence from energy storage pp. 1106-1117 Downloads
Kira R. Fabrizio, Sharon Poczter and Bennet A. Zelner
Direct and cross scheme effects in a research and development pp. 1118-1132 Downloads
Hanna Hottenrott, Cindy Lopes-Bento and Reinhilde Veugelers
Commercialization Strategy and IPO Underpricing pp. 1133-1141 Downloads
Serena Morricone, Federico Munari, Raffaele Oriani and Gaetan de Rassenfosse
Firm performance and state innovation funding: Evidence from China’s innofund program pp. 1142-1161 Downloads
Yanbo Wang, Jizhen Li and Jeffrey L. Furman
The role of relative performance in inter-firm mobility of inventors pp. 1162-1174 Downloads
Francesco Di Lorenzo and Paul Almeida
Cities, immigrant diversity, and complex problem solving pp. 1175-1185 Downloads
Abigail Cooke and Thomas Kemeny

Volume 46, issue 5, 2017

University research and knowledge transfer: A dynamic view of ambidexterity in british universities pp. 881-897 Downloads
Abhijit Sengupta and Amit S. Ray
Rethinking the effect of risk aversion on the benefits of service innovations in public administration agencies pp. 900-910 Downloads
Torugsa, Nuttaneeya (Ann) and Anthony Arundel
Gender effects in research evaluation pp. 911-924 Downloads
Tullio Jappelli, Carmela Anna Nappi and Roberto Torrini
Drivers of knowledge accumulation in electronic waste management: An analysis of publication data pp. 925-938 Downloads
Grazia Cecere and Arianna Martinelli
Does environmental regulation indirectly induce upstream innovation? New evidence from India pp. 939-955 Downloads
Pavel Chakraborty and Chirantan Chatterjee
Climbing the ladder of technological development pp. 956-969 Downloads
Sergio Petralia, Pierre-Alexandre Balland and Andrea Morrison
Manipulation of explicit reputation in innovation and knowledge exchange communities: The example of referencing in science pp. 970-983 Downloads
Michael A. Zaggl
The long-term effect of digital innovation on bank performance: An empirical study of SWIFT adoption in financial services pp. 984-1004 Downloads
Susan V. Scott, John van Reenen and Markos Zachariadis
Examination workloads, grant decision bias and examination quality of patent office pp. 1005-1019 Downloads
Yee Kyoung Kim and Jun Byoung Oh
Inside the virtuous circle between productivity, profitability, investment and corporate growth: An anatomy of Chinese industrialization pp. 1020-1038 Downloads
Xiaodan Yu, Giovanni Dosi, Marco Grazzi and Jiasu Lei
Making a marriage of materials: The role of gatekeepers and shepherds in the absorption of external knowledge and innovation performance pp. 1039-1054 Downloads
Anne L.J. Ter Wal, Paola Criscuolo and Ammon Salter

Volume 46, issue 4, 2017

The sectoral configuration of technological innovation systems: Patterns of knowledge development and diffusion in the lithium-ion battery technology in Japan pp. 709-723 Downloads
Annegret Stephan, Tobias S. Schmidt, Catharina R. Bening and Volker H. Hoffmann
Entrepreneurial orientation (EO): Measurement and policy implications of entrepreneurship at the macroeconomic level pp. 724-739 Downloads
Thanti Mthanti and Kalu Ojah
Determinants of PhD holders’ use of social networking sites: An analysis based on LinkedIn pp. 740-750 Downloads
Stefano H. Baruffaldi, Giorgio Di Maio and Paolo Landoni
Public subsidies, TFP and efficiency: A tale of complex relationships pp. 751-767 Downloads
Cristina Bernini, Augusto Cerqua and Guido Pellegrini
The firm’s knowledge network and the transfer of advice among corporate inventors—A multilevel network study pp. 768-783 Downloads
Julia Brennecke and Olaf Rank
Toward a better understanding of crowdfunding, openness and the consequences for innovation pp. 784-798 Downloads
Michael A. Stanko and David H. Henard
Characterizing the policy mix and its impact on eco-innovation: A patent analysis of energy-efficient technologies pp. 799-819 Downloads
Valeria Costantini, Francesco Crespi and Alessandro Palma
Contracting over the disclosure of scientific knowledge: Intellectual property and academic publication pp. 820-835 Downloads
Joshua Gans, Fiona E. Murray and Scott Stern
Firm growth, R&D expenditures and exports: An empirical analysis of italian SMEs pp. 836-852 Downloads
Marco Di Cintio, Sucharita Ghosh and Emanuele Grassi
How stars matter: Recruiting and peer effects in evolutionary biology pp. 853-867 Downloads
Ajay Agrawal, John McHale and Alexander Oettl
Work organization and mental health problems in PhD students pp. 868-879 Downloads
Katia Levecque, Frederik Anseel, Alain De Beuckelaer, Johan Van der Heyden and Lydia Gisle

Volume 46, issue 3, 2017

Blade Runner economics: Will innovation lead the economic recovery? pp. 535-543 Downloads
Daniele Archibugi
Is there a technological fix for the current global stagnation? pp. 544-549 Downloads
Bengt-Åke Lundvall
Science fiction and innovation: A response pp. 550-553 Downloads
W. Edward Steinmueller
The social imagination needed for an innovation-led recovery pp. 554-556 Downloads
Daniele Archibugi
How complex international partnerships shape domestic research clusters: Difference-in-difference network formation and research re-orientation in the MIT Portugal Program pp. 557-572 Downloads
Mackenzie D. Hird and Sebastian M. Pfotenhauer
The mobility of elite life scientists: Professional and personal determinants pp. 573-590 Downloads
Pierre Azoulay, Ina Ganguli and Joshua Graff Zivin
The impact of health research on length of stay in Spanish public hospitals pp. 591-604 Downloads
Antonio García-Romero, Alvaro Escribano and Josep A. Tribó
An examination of product innovation in low- and medium-technology industries: Cases from the UK packaged food sector pp. 605-623 Downloads
Paul Trott and Chris Simms
Creating change through pilot and demonstration projects: Towards a valuation policy approach pp. 624-635 Downloads
Ariane Huguenin and Hugues Jeannerat
Social influence in career choice: Evidence from a randomized field experiment on entrepreneurial mentorship pp. 636-650 Downloads
Charles Eesley and Yanbo Wang
Which industries are served by online marketplaces for technology? pp. 651-666 Downloads
Gary Dushnitsky and Thomas Klueter
Disentangling patterns of economic, technological and innovative specialization of Western economies: An assessment of the Varieties-of-Capitalism theory on comparative institutional advantages pp. 667-677 Downloads
Toon Meelen, Andrea M. Herrmann and Jan Faber
Exploring transdisciplinary integration within a large research program: Empirical lessons from four thematic synthesis processes pp. 678-692 Downloads
Sabine Hoffmann, Christian Pohl and Janet G. Hering
Secondary pharmaceutical patenting: A global perspective pp. 693-707 Downloads
Bhaven N. Sampat and Kenneth C. Shadlen

Volume 46, issue 2, 2017

Catch-up cycles and changes in industrial leadership:Windows of opportunity and responses of firms and countries in the evolution of sectoral systems pp. 338-351 Downloads
Keun Lee and Franco Malerba
Successive changes in leadership in the worldwide mobile phone industry: The role of windows of opportunity and firms’ competitive action pp. 352-364 Downloads
Claudio Giachetti and Gianluca Marchi
Rise of latecomers and catch-up cycles in the world steel industry pp. 365-375 Downloads
Keun Lee and Jee-hoon Ki
Innovation and recurring shifts in industrial leadership: Three phases of change and persistence in the camera industry pp. 376-387 Downloads
Hyo Kang and Jaeyong Song
Preconditions, windows of opportunity and innovation strategies: Successive leadership changes in the regional jet industry pp. 388-403 Downloads
Daniel Vertesy
Dynamic catch-up strategy, capability expansion and changing windows of opportunity in the memory industry pp. 404-416 Downloads
Jang-Sup Shin
Gradual catch up and enduring leadership in the global wine industry pp. 417-430 Downloads
Andrea Morrison and Roberta Rabellotti
A history-friendly model of the successive changes in industrial leadership and the catch-up by latecomers pp. 431-446 Downloads
Fabio Landini, Keun Lee and Franco Malerba
What promotes R&D? Comparative evidence from around the world pp. 447-462 Downloads
James R. Brown, Gustav Martinsson and Bruce Petersen
Dynamic interactions between university-industry knowledge transfer channels: A case study of the most highly cited academic patent pp. 463-474 Downloads
Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, David Barberá-Tomás, Mónica Edwards-Schachter and Elena M. Tur
Testing regimes in clinical trials: Evidence from four polio vaccine trajectories pp. 475-484 Downloads
Ohid Yaqub
The effects of licensing-in on innovative performance in different technological regimes pp. 485-496 Downloads
Jong-Seon Lee, Ji-Hoon Park and Zong-Tae Bae
The importance of pro-social behaviour for the breadth and depth of knowledge transfer activities: An analysis of Italian academic scientists pp. 497-509 Downloads
Roberto Iorio, Sandrine Labory and Francesco Rentocchini
No money, no honey? Financial versus knowledge and demand constraints on innovation pp. 510-521 Downloads
Gabriele Pellegrino and Maria Savona
Is there a first mover advantage in science? Pioneering behavior and scientific production in nanotechnology pp. 522-533 Downloads
Mareva Sabatier and Barthélemy Chollet

Volume 46, issue 1, 2017

Wages in high-tech start-ups – Do academic spin-offs pay a wage premium? pp. 1-18 Downloads
Matthias Dorner, Helmut Fryges and Kathrin Schopen
Research performance and teaching quality in the Spanish higher education system: Evidence from a medium-sized university pp. 19-29 Downloads
Joaquín Artés, Francisco Pedraja-Chaparro and Mª del Mar Salinas-JiméneZ
The EU 2020 innovation indicator: A step forward in measuring innovation outputs and outcomes? pp. 30-42 Downloads
Jürgen Janger, Torben Schubert, Petra Andries, Christian Rammer and Machteld Hoskens
Firms’ knowledge search and local knowledge externalities in innovation performance pp. 43-56 Downloads
Stephen Roper, James H. Love and Karen Bonner
Sectors and the additionality effects of R&D tax credits: A cross-country microeconometric analysis pp. 57-72 Downloads
Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Fulvio Castellacci, Roberto Fontana, Franco Malerba and Andrea Vezzulli
The dynamics of cluster entrepreneurship: Knowledge legacy from parents or agglomeration effects? The case of the Castellon ceramic tile district pp. 73-92 Downloads
Jose-Luis Hervas-Oliver, María Lleo and Roberto Cervello
Aligning and Reconciling: Building project capabilities for digital delivery pp. 93-107 Downloads
Sunila Lobo and Jennifer Whyte
Credibility and use of scientific and technical information in policy making: An analysis of the information bases of the National Research Council’s committee reports pp. 108-120 Downloads
Jan Youtie, Barry Bozeman, Sahra Jabbehdari and Andrew Kao
The power of individual-level drivers of inventive performance pp. 121-137 Downloads
Thomas Zwick, Katharina Frosch, Karin Hoisl and Dietmar Harhoff
Does foreign direct investment improve the productivity of domestic firms? Technology spillovers, industry linkages, and firm capabilities pp. 138-159 Downloads
Feng Helen Liang
Captured by technology? How material agency sustains interaction between regulators and industry actors pp. 160-170 Downloads
John Finch, Susi Geiger and Emma Reid
Making norms to tackle global challenges: The role of Intergovernmental Organisations pp. 171-181 Downloads
Adriana Nilsson
Contract enforcement and R&D investment pp. 182-195 Downloads
Michael Seitz and Martin Watzinger
Beyond local search: Bridging platforms and inter-sectoral technological integration pp. 196-206 Downloads
Carlo Corradini and Lisa De Propris
Opening the black box of impact – Ideal-type impact pathways in a public agricultural research organization pp. 207-218 Downloads
M. Matt, A. Gaunand, P-B. Joly and L. Colinet
Does government support for private innovation matter? Firm-level evidence from two catching-up countries pp. 219-237 Downloads
Krzysztof Szczygielski, Wojciech Grabowski, Mehmet Pamukçu and Vedat Tandoğan
Comparing internal and external lead users as sources of innovation pp. 238-248 Downloads
Tim G. Schweisfurth
The impact of standards and regulation on innovation in uncertain markets pp. 249-264 Downloads
Knut Blind, Sören S. Petersen and Cesare Riillo
Determinants of citation impact: A comparative analysis of the Global South versus the Global North pp. 265-279 Downloads
Hugo Confraria, Manuel Godinho and Lili Wang
Institutions, resources and innovation in East Africa: A firm level approach pp. 280-291 Downloads
Laura Barasa, Joris Knoben, Patrick Vermeulen, Peter Kimuyu and Bethuel Kinyanjui
Unions, collective relations laws and R&D investment in emerging and developing countries pp. 292-304 Downloads
Benjamin Balsmeier
Social networks, technology ties, and gatekeeper functionality: Implications for the performance management of R&D projects pp. 305-315 Downloads
Chia-Liang Hung
The long-run growth effects of R&D policy pp. 316-326 Downloads
Antonio Minniti and Francesco Venturini
Distribution sensitive innovation policies: Conceptualization and empirical examples pp. 327-336 Downloads
Amos Zehavi and Dan Breznitz
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