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2016 - 2022

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Volume 33, issue 6, 2022

Is Economic Planning Our Future? pp. 583-597 Downloads
Jacques Sapir
Centralization of Government Control as a Basis for the Transition to the Mobilization Model of the Russian Economy pp. 598-604 Downloads
A. Kh. Tsakaev
Methodological Issues and Quantitative Results of Estimating the Retrospective Dynamics of Production Capacities in Relationship with the Dynamics of Fixed Assets pp. 605-617 Downloads
N. V. Suvorov, S. I. Maksimtsova, E. E. Balashova, E. A. Rutkovskaya, S. V. Treshchina and Yu. V. Beletsky
Dualism of Methodologies in Macroeconomic Statistics and Analysis pp. 618-630 Downloads
A. V. Gotovsky
Russian Science and Technology: Rise or Progressive Lag (Part I) pp. 631-644 Downloads
A. N. Klepach, L. B. Vodovatov and E. A. Dmitrieva
Rethinking Russian Digital Economy Development Under Sunctions pp. 645-655 Downloads
N. A. Ganichev and O. B. Koshovets
Scientific, Technological and Innovation Cooperation Between China and Russia in the New Era: Reshaping the Model and Choosing an Approach from the Perspective of Chinese Experts pp. 656-662 Downloads
Gao Jixiang and Jiang Jing
Assessment and Forecasting of Additional Costs of Oil-Production Companies to Reduce Risks from Permafrost Degradation pp. 663-670 Downloads
B. N. Porfiriev, D. O. Eliseev, A. Yu. Kolpakov and D. A. Streletsky
Risks of Climate Change to Health and Adaptation of the Population: A Review of World Experience and Lessons for Russia pp. 671-679 Downloads
Yu. V. Zinchenko and N. E. Terent’ev
Imperatives of Adaptation to Climate Changes in the Development of Agricultural Policy in Russia pp. 680-686 Downloads
D. A. Polzikov
Analysis of the Multiplier Effects Produced by Investment in a Dynamic Input–Output Model pp. 687-696 Downloads
A. O. Baranov and A. V. Goreev
Russian Enterprises in the Spring of 2022: Adapting to the New Wave of Sanctions and Views on the ESG Agenda pp. 697-706 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin, Yu. V. Zinchenko, P. A. Lavrinenko and Sh. Sh. Ibragimov
ESG Transformation in the Corporate Sector: Systematizing the Global Approach pp. 707-715 Downloads
M. P. Afanas’ev and N. N. Shash
Informal Employment and Its Impact on Population’s Income and Labor Productivity pp. 716-722 Downloads
E. S. Uzyakova
Modeling the Dynamics of Retail Lending in Russia: a Relationship with the Dynamics of Household Savings, Incomes, and Expenses pp. 723-735 Downloads
V. A. Pankova

Volume 33, issue 5, 2022

The Two Main Macroeconomic Theories of Keynes and Friedman and Their Use in the Economic Policy of the World’s Major Countries and Russia pp. 471-479 Downloads
A. G. Aganbegyan
Academic Science in Discussions on Key Issues of Economic Development in Modern Russia pp. 480-487 Downloads
Alexandr Nekipelov
The Space and Economy of Siberia: From Studying the Features of Development to Designing Directions for the Growth of Social Value pp. 488-494 Downloads
V. A. Kryukov and V. E. Seliverstov
Macrostructural Analysis and Forecasting in Modern Conditions of Economic Development pp. 495-505 Downloads
A. A. Shirov
Trends in Economic Science: Discussions of the Paths of Russian Modernization in the 19th–20th Centuries pp. 506-512 Downloads
Vladimir Mau
Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences: Its Leadership Mission in Fundamental Economic Science pp. 513-518 Downloads
M. Yu. Golovnin
Economics of Quality: The Most Important Direction in the Development of Economic Science pp. 519-528 Downloads
V. V. Okrepilov
Institutional Aspects of the Evolution of Scientific Schools pp. 529-534 Downloads
A. A. Auzan and Alexander Kurdin
On the Place, Role and Significance of the Fundamentals of Economic Theory in Modern Russia pp. 535-538 Downloads
V. A. Tsvetkov
Consumer Limitations on the Digitalization of the Insurance Market and Ways to Overcome Them pp. 539-546 Downloads
D. V. Bryzgalov and A. A. Tsyganov
The Quality of Growth and Digitalization in the Eurasian Integration Countries: An Econometric Analysis pp. 547-554 Downloads
B. D. Khusainov, A. A. Shirov and N. A. Baizakov
Directions of the Energy Transition in the Policy of Global Oil and Gas Companies pp. 555-560 Downloads
E. A. Telegina and D. A. Chapaikin
Forecast of the Long-Term Trajectory of the Potential GDP of Kazakhstan in the Context of the Global Energy Transition pp. 561-570 Downloads
S. N. Alpysbaeva, Sh. Zh. Shuneev, A. A. Bakdolotov, K. S. Beisengazin, E. I. Tautenov and N. N. Zhanakova
Investment, Technological, and Social Aspects in Modeling the Transition to Low-Carbon Development: The Case of Uzbekistan pp. 571-581 Downloads
S. V. Chepel’

Volume 33, issue 4, 2022

Prospects for Russia Under the Digital Domination of China and the United States pp. 359-366 Downloads
Victor Dementiev
Assessing the Performance of Fixed Assets in the Russian Economy pp. 367-376 Downloads
N. V. Suvorov, E. A. Rutkovskaya, E. E. Balashova, S. I. Maksimtsova, S. V. Treschina and Yu.V. Beletskii
Oil Tax Maneuver: Analysis of the Consequences and Forecast of the Impact on the Development of a Company pp. 377-384 Downloads
N. I. Plyaskina
Decarbonization vs. Adaptation of the Economy to Climate Change within the Sustainable Development Strategy pp. 385-391 Downloads
B. N. Porfiriev
Russia’s Long-Term Macroeconomic Losses and Benefits from the Low-Carbon Development of the World and Domestic Energy Industry pp. 392-401 Downloads
V. A. Malakhov and K. V. Nesytykh
The Forest Industry of the Regions of Siberia and the Far East: Prospects for the Development of the Forest-Climate Sector pp. 402-408 Downloads
A. I. Pyzhev
Population Dynamics in Russia in the Context of Global Trends pp. 409-421 Downloads
E. M. Shcherbakova
Forecast of Population Size and Demographic Burden in Russia up to 2100 pp. 422-431 Downloads
V. V. Yumaguzin and M. V. Vinnik
Loss of Human Capital Caused by Emigration pp. 432-439 Downloads
Iu. M. Slepenkova
Forecast and Concept for the Transition to Distributed Generation in Russia pp. 440-446 Downloads
F. L. Byk, P. V. Ilyushin and L. S. Myshkina
Economic Valuation of Recovery and Increased Efficiency in Agricultural Land Use pp. 447-454 Downloads
A. S. Strokov, V. S. Krasilnikova and O. V. Cherkasova
Regional Government Expenditure Efficiency Evaluation for Housing and Utilities in Russia pp. 455-463 Downloads
Ilya Sokolov and I. N. Filippova
Formation of the Subject of Study of Economic Problems of the North of Russia (to the 300th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences) pp. 464-470 Downloads
V. N. Lazhentsev

Volume 33, issue 3, 2022

Strategic Planning and Systemic Optimization of the National Economy pp. 243-248 Downloads
G. B. Kleiner, M. A. Rybachuk and V. A. Karpinskaya
Questions of Assessing the Level of State Support to Industry and Its Impact on Economic Indicators of Development in Regional Integration Associations pp. 249-256 Downloads
N. G. Kushnarev, N. N. Rogozhnik, L. V. Tsybulnik, I. V. Shamatrin and A. Yu. Pak
Knowledge Generation in Raw Material Industries pp. 257-266 Downloads
Valeriy Kryukov, D. V. Milyaev, D. I. Dushenin, A. D. Savel’eva and M. Yu. Skuzovatov
Features of the Medium Term Outlook for the Production of Structural Materials in Russia pp. 267-273 Downloads
I. A. Budanov
Development of the Electric Vehicles Market in Russia as a Necessary Condition for Benefiting from the Global Trend towards Transport Electrification pp. 274-281 Downloads
V. V. Semikashev, A. Yu. Kolpakov, A. A. Yakovlev and J.-K. Rostovski
Long-term Forecast of Agricultural Development in Russia Based on an Economic and Mathematical Model pp. 282-292 Downloads
I. G. Ushachev, M. V. Kharina and V. S. Chekalin
“New” Regional Proportions: Results of Calculating Gross Regional Product pp. 293-300 Downloads
N. N. Mikheeva
The System of Short-Term Regional Economic Monitoring in Moscow pp. 301-310 Downloads
A. A. Shirov, V. V. Potapenko, K. M. Nikitin and Yu. Yu. Chaplina
Methods for Measuring the Intellectual Capital of the Region: Approaches and Assessments pp. 311-316 Downloads
V. N. Ovchinnikov and Ya. Ostoi
Russian Enterprises at the End of 2021: Covering the Consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Activities for the Greening of Production pp. 317-327 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin, Yu. V. Zinchenko and P. A. Lavrinenko
Inequality of Opportunity: Unobserved Factors in Empirical Research pp. 328-335 Downloads
Z. F. Ibragimova and M. V. Frants
Normalized Prices as a Forecasting Tool pp. 336-343 Downloads
V. V. Kossov
Forecasting Interest Rates and Maturity Indicators in the Russian Banking System pp. 344-352 Downloads
N. P. Pil’nik and Stanislav Radionov
Increasing the VAT Rate in Russia from the Position of the Laffer Curve pp. 353-358 Downloads
A. M. Kalinin

Volume 33, issue 2, 2022

On the Relationship of Economic Dynamics and Accumulation Rate: International Experience pp. 127-134 Downloads
B. L. Lavrovskii and A. V. Chuvaev
Intercountry Input–Output Table of the Eurasian Economic Union as a Component of the Tools for Analysis and Forecasting of Its Economy pp. 135-148 Downloads
L. A. Strizhkova, G. R. Islamova and S. I. Kashirskaya
Ethnic Diversity in Russian Regions and Economic Growth: Theoretical Model and Its Approbation on Panel Data pp. 149-156 Downloads
N. I. Suslov, E. N. Isupova and A. I. Ivanova
Assessment of Human Capital from the Perspective of Investment Costs pp. 157-162 Downloads
T. A. Teterinets
The Donbass Economy: State, Development Trends, and Forecasts pp. 163-168 Downloads
A. V. Polovyan, R. N. Lepa and S. N. Grinevskaya
Development of the Capital Cities of Russian Regions and Their Impact on Regional Economies pp. 169-175 Downloads
Pavel Druzhinin
Problems of Application of the Substitution Coefficient as a Criterion of Efficiency of the Pension System of Russia pp. 176-184 Downloads
A. K. Solov’ev
Assessment of the State of Competition in the Wholesale Electricity Market pp. 185-191 Downloads
I. A. Dolmatov and S. V. Sasim
Alternative Boiler House: a New Investment Tool for the Development of District Heating in Russia pp. 192-202 Downloads
V. V. Semikashev and A. S. Terent’eva
The Import Substitution Trap in the Realities of the Automotive Industry pp. 203-210 Downloads
V. R. Partsvaniya
Effects of Export Control Policy on Food Security: The Case of the Grain Market in Russia pp. 211-217 Downloads
B. A. Kheifets and V. Yu. Chernova
Forecasting Export-Oriented Markets of Agri-Food Products pp. 218-225 Downloads
K. G. Borodin
Study of Theoretical and Methodological Features of Macroeconomic Assessment of the Consequences of Technological Changes and Their Effectiveness pp. 226-235 Downloads
B. D. Matrizaev
On the Program of Integrated Use of Primary Natural Resources pp. 236-241 Downloads
E. S. Dashut

Volume 33, issue 1, 2022

Endogenization of Household Consumption in the Expanded Input–Output Model pp. 1-10 Downloads
E. A. Edinak, A. R. Sayapova and A. A. Shirov
Regulation of Interregional Value Chains: Problems of Analysis and Modeling pp. 11-21 Downloads
E. V. Lukin
The Other Arctic: Experience in System Diagnostics pp. 22-28 Downloads
V. N. Leksin and B. N. Porfiriev
Modern Development Problems of Russian Healthcare: Part 2 pp. 29-35 Downloads
V. N. Ivanov and A. V. Suvorov
Rating of the Russian Regions by the Effectiveness of Social Support pp. 36-44 Downloads
Yelena Andreeva, Dmitry Bychkov and O. A. Feoktistova
Medium-Term Forecast of Government Spending on the Unemployment Social Protection System in Russia in the Conditions of Economic Recession pp. 45-54 Downloads
M. E. Baskakova, V. N. Baskakov and E. A. Yanenko
Female Labor Migration to Russia: Number, Donor Countries, Niches in the Labor Market pp. 55-65 Downloads
Yu. F. Florinskaya
Analysis of the Present State and Prospects of Gasification in Russia for the Period up to 2030 pp. 66-73 Downloads
V. V. Semikashev and M. S. Gaivoronskaya
Integrated Approach to Large-Scale Project Management at Sakhalin Energy pp. 74-83 Downloads
R. Yu. Dashkov and N. I. Komkov
Ways of Revival of Rural Territories of Russia pp. 84-90 Downloads
V. V. Rau, L. V. Skul’skaya and T. K. Shirokova
Features of the Development of Ferrous Metallurgy in Russia and the World in 2000–2019 pp. 91-99 Downloads
M. A. Pechenskaya-Polishchuk and M. K. Malyshev
Structural Changes in the Russian Banking System: Directions and Evaluation pp. 100-106 Downloads
L. V. Krylova, S. V. Krylov, A. F. Mudretsov and A. A. Prudnikova
Assessing the Impact of Global Hydrocarbon Prices on the Russian Economy Based on the DSGE Model with Capital-Owning Firms pp. 107-117 Downloads
V. I. Baluta, D. N. Shul’ts and P. A. Lavrinenko
Double Circulation: A Growth Model for the Chinese Economy in the Next Fifteen Years pp. 118-125 Downloads
V. A. Yasinskii and M. Yu. Kozhevnikov
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