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2016 - 2023

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Volume 34, issue 6, 2023

Climate Policy in Russia: Science, Technology, Economy pp. 725-727 Downloads
M. G. Reshetnikov
Development of a System for Monitoring and Forecasting Emissions of Climatically Active Substances in the Interests of Modernization and Development of the Russian Economy pp. 728-737 Downloads
A. A. Shirov
Global Climate Change and the Oceans pp. 738-745 Downloads
S. K. Gulev
Possibilities for Improving the System of Calculated Monitoring of Anthropogenic Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and Black Carbon on the Territory of the Russian Federation pp. 746-757 Downloads
A. A. Romanovskaya, V. A. Ginzburg and A. A. Gladilshchikova
Target Scenario of Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions Socio-Economic Development of Russia for the Period until 2060 pp. 758-768 Downloads
A. A. Shirov and A. Yu. Kolpakov
Approaches to the Forecast Formation of the Development of the Russian Energy Sector as a Component Part of Scenarios for Decarbonization of the Country’s Economy pp. 769-777 Downloads
S. P. Filippov, F. V. Veselov, A. V. Keiko and A. A. Khorshev
Study of Directions and Associated Costs in Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Electric Power Industry until 2050, Taking Into Account Intersectoral Factors pp. 778-785 Downloads
F. V. Veselov, A. A. Khorshev, I. V. Erokhina and R. O. Alikin
The Concept of Regional Differentiation of the Processes of Decarbonization of the Russian Economy pp. 786-793 Downloads
V. M. Gilmundinov, Yu. V. Pankova and T. O. Tagaeva
Cost-Effectiveness Assessment for the Roads Upgrading to Adapt to Climate Change and Reduce the Risk of Traffic Accidents in Russia pp. 794-804 Downloads
B. N. Porfiriev, N. D. Skubachevskaya and S. R. Milyakin
Adaptation of Russian Agriculture to Climate Change: Policy Objectives and Main Problems pp. 805-819 Downloads
D. A. Polzikov
Prospects for the Implementation of the World Energy Transition Scenarios pp. 820-829 Downloads
A. Yu. Kolpakov, Yu. V. Zinchenko and A. A. Galinger
Crisis in the EU Gas Market: Genesis, Dynamics and Prospects pp. 830-841 Downloads
S. V. Zhukov and I. A. Kopytin
Potential for the Implementation of the Policy of Developing Import Substitution in Industry within the Budget Constraints 2023–2025 pp. 842-851 Downloads
I. E. Frolov, V. N. Borisov and N. A. Ganichev
Concept of Global Value Chains in Quantitative Measurements of Russian Foreign Economic Relations pp. 852-860 Downloads
A. R. Sayapova and R. E. Rakoch
Choosing a Goal and Benchmarks in an Industry Forecast on the Example of Metallurgy pp. 861-870 Downloads
I. A. Budanov
Adaptation of the Spatial Structure of the Russian Economy to External Shocks pp. 871-879 Downloads
N. N. Mikheeva
Problems and Prospects of Development of the Resort City of Sochi under Modern Conditions pp. 880-889 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin, E. K. Vorobey, V. V. Semikashev, K. V. Yankov and G. D. Bryukhanova

Volume 34, issue 5, 2023

Development of a Methodology for Analyzing the Effectiveness of Venture Capital Investment Based on Option and Fuzzy-Sets Approaches pp. 565-572 Downloads
A. O. Baranov, E. I. Muzyko and V. N. Pavlov
Oil Exporting Countries: Analysis of Economic Growth Opportunities Through Export Diversification in a Low-Carbon World pp. 573-582 Downloads
S. V. Zhukov, I. A. Kopytin, A. O. Maslennikov and M. V. Sinitsyn
On the Issue of Effectiveness of Application of Certain Tax Incentives by Russian Enterprises pp. 583-591 Downloads
E. V. Ordynskaya and M. V. Cherkovets
Transport in Russia: Nine Years of Economic Sanctions pp. 592-600 Downloads
Yu. A. Shcherbanin
Efficiency of Investment Projects of Oil and Gas Companies in the Context of Decarbonization pp. 601-608 Downloads
N. I. Plyaskina
InterFuel Competition as a Factor in the Evolution of Natural Gas Pricing in Europe pp. 609-617 Downloads
S. L. Komlev and D. A. Chapaikin
Long-Term Trends in Real Consumption of Copper in the United States pp. 618-626 Downloads
A. A. Emel’yanov, N. R. Kelchevskaya, K. A. Popova and I. S. Pelymskaya
Impact of Subsidizing Air Routes in Russia on Passenger Traffic Dynamics pp. 627-639 Downloads
P. A. Lavrinenko and A. N. Bereznyatskiy
Analysis of Competition and Domination in the Market of Biologically Active Supplements in Russia pp. 640-650 Downloads
N. I. Markov
Scenario Forecasts of Expected Damage from Permafrost Degradation: Regional and Industry Issues pp. 651-659 Downloads
B. N. Porfiriev and D. O. Eliseev
Assessment of the Budgetary Security of the Arctic Regions in Order to Equalize Incomes and Improve the Welfare of the Population pp. 660-668 Downloads
R. R. Nogovitsyn, T. S. Sofronova and E. V. Potravnaya
Classification Signs for Typifying Economic Activity in a Region on the Example of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation pp. 669-683 Downloads
V. N. Myakshin, V. N. Petrov and T. N. Pesyakova
Interregional Labor Migration in Russia: Modeling and Assessing the Consequences pp. 684-695 Downloads
E. A. Edinak and D. M. Ksenofontov
New Information in Financial Disclosures Related to Sustainable Development in the Concept of ESG (Version IFRS) pp. 696-703 Downloads
M. P. Afanasiev and N. N. Shash
The Struggle for Technological Sovereignty: China’s Experience and Lessons for Russia pp. 704-712 Downloads
V. A. Yasinskii and M. Yu. Kozhevnikov
Modeling the Environmental Macrostructural and Social Impacts of Reducing Energy Subsidies (by the Example of Uzbekistan) pp. 713-723 Downloads
S. V. Chepel

Volume 34, issue 4, 2023

Overcoming the Challenges of Global Transformation: STP, Knowledge, Noonomics pp. 435-438 Downloads
S. D. Bodrunov
Energy Transition in the United States, Europe and China: Latest Trends pp. 439-449 Downloads
S. V. Zhukov and O. B. Reznikova
Outward and Inward Foreign Direct Investments: History of Major Russian Losses Since the Beginning of the 20th Century pp. 450-455 Downloads
A. V. Kuznetsov
“Structural Transformation” of the Russian Economy and Economic Policy pp. 456-463 Downloads
O. V. Buklemishev
Technological Modernization as a Basis for the Anti-Sanctions Policy pp. 464-472 Downloads
E. B. Lenchuk
Problems of Transition to Innovative-Continuous Development of the Russian Economy in Conditions of Forced Import Substitution pp. 473-483 Downloads
I. E. Frolov, V. N. Borisov and N. A. Ganichev
Spatial Development of Russia under the Conditions of External and Internal Challenges pp. 484-491 Downloads
V. M. Gilmundinov and Yu. V. Pankova
Rating of Scientific and Technological Development in Regions: Approaches, Results, and Challenges pp. 492-499 Downloads
O. V. Kuznetsova
On Assessment Indicators for Russia’s Demographic Security pp. 500-506 Downloads
V. V. Eremin, S. A. Pobyvaev and S. N. Sil’vestrov
Compensation and the Quality of the Labor Force in Russia pp. 507-515 Downloads
E. S. Uzyakova
Opportunities for Raising Incomes of Low-Income Groups in Russia Using Tax Regulations pp. 516-526 Downloads
E. V. Ordynskaya and M. V. Cherkovets
Modernization of the Macroregional Economy Using Project Management (the Case of the North Caucasian Federal District) pp. 527-535 Downloads
G. Kh. Batov, N. N. Volodina and V. V. Sutyagin
Climate Risks of Social Development of the Yamal‑Nenets Autonomous District pp. 536-542 Downloads
B. A. Revich and T. L. Kharkova
Experimental Estimation of the Matrix of Import Capital Cost Coefficients in the Dynamic Leontief Model for the Belarusian Economy in 2016–2020 pp. 543-553 Downloads
V. A. Parkhimenko
Unevenness in the Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Depth of the Economic Decline in Different Countries and the Factors that Caused It pp. 554-564 Downloads
G. A. Petrosyan, I. B. Petrosyan and E. G. Petrosyan

Volume 34, issue 3, 2023

The Science of Foresight: How to Succeed in Strategic Forecasting and Planning pp. 285-296 Downloads
A. A. Dynkin and V. D. Milovidov
Global Challenges for the Strategic Planning System in Russia pp. 297-307 Downloads
A. A. Blokhin and D. B. Kuvalin
The Macroeconomic Impact of the New Geopolitical Deal on the French Economy pp. 308-319 Downloads
Jacques Sapir
Import Substitution and Capacity Reserves pp. 320-328 Downloads
B. L. Lavrovskii
Assessment of the State of Economic Security of Regional Integration Associations on the Example of the Eurasian Economic Union pp. 329-334 Downloads
A. Yu. Pak and I. V. Andronova
Materials and Energy Intensity of the Global Carbon Neutrality pp. 335-341 Downloads
M. N. Uzyakov, A. Yu. Kolpakov, B. N. Porfiriev, A. A. Galinger and A. A. Yantovskii
Problems and Opportunities for the Development of Organic Agriculture in Siberia pp. 342-352 Downloads
D. A. Polzikov, N. D. Skubachevskaya and V. V. Aleshchenko
Impact of Electric Vehicle Development on Energy Consumption: Risks and Opportunities for the Russian Economy pp. 353-362 Downloads
J.-K. Rostovski
Development of the Novosibirsk Transport System until 2045: Analysis and Scenario Forecast pp. 363-371 Downloads
S. R. Milyakin and N. D. Skubachevskaya
Structural Transformation of the Russian Foreign Exchange Market: Dedollarization, Decentralization, Delocalization pp. 372-380 Downloads
V. Yu. Mishina and L. I. Khomyakova
Factors of the Dividend Policy Pursued by Russian Companies pp. 381-388 Downloads
S. I. Dolgikh and B. S. Potanin
Science as an Object of Management and as a Development Factor pp. 389-398 Downloads
A. G. Fonotov
Transformation and Preserving the Development Potential of the Russian Economy pp. 399-405 Downloads
N. I. Komkov
Motives and Incentives for Creative Labor Activity of the Population pp. 406-418 Downloads
K. A. Ustinova and S. V. Terebova
Russian Enterprises at the End of 2022: Countering Sanctions, Relations with Banks and Reaction to the Climate Agenda pp. 419-432 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin, Yu. V. Zinchenko, P. A. Lavrinenko and Sh. Sh. Ibragimov
Erratum to: Informal Employment and Its Impact on Population’s Income and Labor Productivity pp. 433-433 Downloads
E. S. Uzyakova

Volume 34, issue 2, 2023

Development of the Russian Economy in the Medium Term: Risks and Opportunities pp. 159-166 Downloads
A. A. Shirov
Strategy of Economic Development up to 2035: Overcoming Long-Term Stagnation pp. 167-175 Downloads
M. S. Gusev
An Integrated Approach to the Economic Assessment of the Permafrost Degradation Effects on Resilience of the Fixed Assets in the Russian Arctic pp. 176-184 Downloads
B. N. Porfiriev and D. O. Eliseev
State of Labor Markets in the Asian Part of the Russian Arctic after 2013 pp. 185-193 Downloads
I. N. Dolgova, A. G. Korovkin and A. L. Sinitsa
Integrated Urban Development and Regional Economies pp. 194-206 Downloads
S. G. Sternik
Healthcare in Russia: Macroeconomic Parameters and Structural Issues pp. 207-220 Downloads
A. N. Klepach and R. F. Luk’yanenko
On the Economic Efficiency of Nuclear Power Digitization under the Conditions of Global Energy Transition pp. 221-230 Downloads
V. V. Kharitonov and D. Yu. Semenova
A Study of the Development of Innovative Activities in Oil and Gas Regions Using a Cross-Methodological Approach pp. 231-242 Downloads
M. E. Lebedeva
Assessment of Long-Term Prospects for Demand in the Plastics Market in the Face of Industry Transformation pp. 243-253 Downloads
N. O. Kapustin and D. A. Grushevenko
Motorization: History, Factors and Patterns pp. 254-262 Downloads
S. R. Milyakin
Planning for Adaptation to Climate Change: World Experience and Opportunities for Sustainable Social and Economic Development in Russia pp. 263-273 Downloads
B. N. Porfiriev, N. E. Terent’ev and Yu. V. Zinchenko
Comparison of the Efficiency of Pure and of Hybrid Inflation Targeting from the Point of View of Inflation Control pp. 274-283 Downloads
I. D. Medvedev

Volume 34, issue 1, 2023

Russian Science and Technology: Rise or Progressive Lag (Part II) pp. 1-8 Downloads
A. N. Klepach, L. B. Vodovatov and E. A. Dmitrieva
Dedollarization as a Direction of Russia’s Financial Policy in Current Conditions pp. 9-18 Downloads
Xu Wenhong
Program-Targeted Resource Mobilization pp. 19-24 Downloads
V. N. Lazhentsev
Innovative-Resource Directions of Industrial Development: The Example of the South of the Tyumen Oblast pp. 25-32 Downloads
Valeriy Kryukov and A. N. Tokarev
The Dynamics of the Modernization Development of Russian Regions: Scientific and Technological Imbalances Against the Background of General Progress pp. 33-41 Downloads
A. A. Shabunova, S. V. Terebova and G. V. Leonidova
Spatial Differentiation of Socio-Economic Development of the St. Petersburg Agglomeration pp. 42-50 Downloads
D. I. Olifir
The Contribution of Large, Medium and Small Companies to Industry Dynamics pp. 51-58 Downloads
A. A. Blokhin, M. V. Golovan’ and R. V. Gridin
The Impact of Public Administration on the Efficiency of Russian Firms pp. 59-67 Downloads
S. I. Dolgikh and B. S. Potanin
Development of Subsidized Prosthodontic Care: Socio-Economic Problems and Opportunities pp. 68-76 Downloads
B. N. Porfiriev, A. A. Shirov, O. O. Yanushevich, D. I. Grachev, D. A. Polzikov, I. V. Zolotnitskii and S. D. Arutyunov
Macroeconomic Assessment of the State of Labor Markets in the European Part of the Russian Arctic After 2013 pp. 77-85 Downloads
I. N. Dolgova, A. G. Korovkin and A. L. Sinitsa
Forecast of Staffing Needs for the Artificial Intelligence Sector in Russia pp. 86-95 Downloads
A. O. Aver’yanov, I. S. Stepus’ and V. A. Gurtov
Analysis of Russia’s Energy Sector Dependence on Imported Equipment on the Basis of Public Data pp. 96-104 Downloads
A. Yu. Kolpakov and V. V. Saenko
Energy Consumption in Russia: Current State and Forecast pp. 105-114 Downloads
O. V. Mazurova and E. V. Gal’perova
Substantiation of Parameters of Environmental Security and Sustainability of the Development of the Metallurgical Industry pp. 115-123 Downloads
V. G. Kogdenko and N. A. Kazakova
Assessment of the Effects of High-Speed Rail Development: Global Experience and Russia’s Outlook pp. 124-131 Downloads
Yu. Yu. Ponomarev and D. M. Radchenko
Assessment and Forecast of Domestic Tourism Consumption in Russia pp. 132-141 Downloads
E. G. Leonidova and M. A. Sidorov
Analysis of the Effects Produced by Trade Liberalization in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the EAEU pp. 142-149 Downloads
A. A. Zinchenko and S. A. Radionov
History and Paradoxes of the Chinese Car Market: Eastern Strategies and the Asian Regulator pp. 150-158 Downloads
A.V. Govorova
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