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Studies on Russian Economic Development

2016 - 2020

Current editor(s): Viktor V. Ivanter, Dmitrii B. Kuvalin and Galina A. Yaremenko

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Volume 31, issue 6, 2020

The Economic Crisis in Russia: Reasons and Ways Out pp. 590-594 Downloads
Yu. V. Yaremenko
On Forecasting the Russian Economy pp. 595-598 Downloads
V. V. Ivanter
Post-Pandemic Recovery: The Russian Economy and the Transition to Sustainable Social and Economic Development pp. 599-605 Downloads
A. G. Aganbegyan, A. N. Klepach, B. N. Porfiryev, M. N. Uzyakov and A. A. Shirov
Are We on the Verge of a Major Transformation of the Global Economy? pp. 606-620 Downloads
Jacques Sapir
Strategic Planning in Public Administration: Experience, Opportunities and Prospects pp. 621-628 Downloads
E. B. Lenchuk, F. G. Voitolovskii and D. B. Kuvalin
Russian Petrochemical Industry in Space and Time pp. 629-635 Downloads
Valeriy Kryukov and V. V. Shmat
Design of Methods for Long-Term Forecasting of Development Trends in the Russian Economy (Methodology and Model Toolkit) pp. 636-646 Downloads
N. V. Suvorov, S. V. Treshchina and Yu. V. Beletskii
Monetary Constraints on Economic Growth in Russia pp. 647-654 Downloads
O. Dzh. Govtvan’
Estimating Total Labor Input for Supporting Informed Economic Policy Decisions pp. 655-662 Downloads
E. A. Edinak
Management of the Development of Metallurgy and the Global Metal Market pp. 663-673 Downloads
I. A. Budanov
Long-Term Development of Russian Shipbuilding in View of Defense Sector Diversification Processes: Model and Forecast pp. 674-681 Downloads
A. A. Tresoruk and I. E. Frolov
The Impact of Activities of Industrial Corporations on the Dynamics of the Transition of Russia’s Economy to Sustainable Development pp. 682-690 Downloads
Yu. V. Zinchenko
Energy Efficiency: Its Role in Inhibiting Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Defining Factors pp. 691-699 Downloads
A. Yu. Kolpakov
Scenarios of the EAEU Agricultural Market Development in the Long Term pp. 700-716 Downloads
M. Yu. Ksenofontov, D. A. Polzikov and A. V. Urus

Volume 31, issue 5, 2020

Domestic Investment Equipment in the World Market: Dynamics and Structural Changes pp. 463-470 Downloads
V. N. Borisov, O. V. Pochukaeva and K. G. Pochukaev
On Urgent Socioeconomic Measures During The Corona Crisis pp. 471-474 Downloads
V. K. Fal’tsman
On the Need to Achieve a Compromise between Economic Policy Goals in the Light of Overcoming Stagnation in Russia pp. 475-484 Downloads
A. O. Baranov
On Increasing the Market Value of Fixed Capital in Russia pp. 485-494 Downloads
A. V. Alekseev
Siberian Development Vector: Based on Cooperation and Interaction pp. 495-504 Downloads
Valeriy Kryukov, B. L. Lavrovskii, Viacheslav Seliverstov, V. I. Suslov and N. I. Suslov
Interindustry Competition in Russia’s Economy pp. 505-513 Downloads
V. M. Gil’mundinov
On Scenarios of Development of the Arctic Economy and Navigation pp. 514-521 Downloads
Yu. V. Pankova and O. V. Tarasova
How Are Inflation Expectations of Enterprises Formed: Survey Results pp. 522-532 Downloads
N. A. Karlova, Elena Puzanova, I. V. Bogacheva and A. G. Morozov
The Impact of Price Dynamics in Russia on Monetary Policy and Economic Development pp. 533-540 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin, A. K. Moiseev and A. A. Shirov
How to Ensure Growth in the Output of the Manufacturing Industry pp. 541-548 Downloads
A. K. Kornev and S. I. Maksimtsova
Assessment of the Economic Impacts of Reducing Transportation Costs Based on DSGE Modeling pp. 549-558 Downloads
D. N. Shul’ts and P. A. Lavrinenko
Food Security: New Approaches to Content Analysis and Evaluation pp. 559-564 Downloads
R. R. Gumerov
Effectiveness of Financial Support to Agriculture: General Assessment and Inter-Budget Effect pp. 565-572 Downloads
A. M. Kalinin and V. A. Samokhvalov
Methodological Aspects of Developing a Collective Food Security Concept in the EEU pp. 573-580 Downloads
M. Yu. Ksenofontov and D. A. Polzikov
Trends in the Development of Needs in the Regional Labor Market Using the Labor Potential of People of Preretirement Age in the Yaroslavl Region pp. 581-587 Downloads
I. V. Popova, A. A. Vlasova, G. L. Shamatonova, Yu. N. Zarubina, E. A. Serova, A. V. Kosheleva, E. V. Dvornikova, I. S. Kuvshinova and T. G. Zelenova

Volume 31, issue 4, 2020

Social Policy Directions Ensuring Revival of Economic Growth in Russia pp. 357-365 Downloads
A. V. Suvorov, O. N. Boldov, V. N. Ivanov, G. M. Sukhorukova and A. I. Budanova
Social Reserves of Commodity Consumption pp. 366-375 Downloads
I. M. Aizinova
Effect of Innovative and Technological Activity of Organizations on the Volume of Production of Innovative Goods and the Growth of Labor Productivity pp. 376-384 Downloads
N. I. Komkov and G. K. Kulakin
Prediction of Operational and Innovation Processes in a Large Industrial Corporation pp. 385-395 Downloads
S. I. Mezhov and I. S. Mezhov
Prediction of Socioeconomic Risks in the Cryolithic Zone of the Russian Arctic in the Context of Upcoming Climate Changes pp. 396-403 Downloads
S. V. Badina
Directions of the Balanced Socioeconomic Development of the Arctic Zone of Russia (with the Example of Yakutia) pp. 404-410 Downloads
V. I. Denisov, V. N. Chernogradskii, I. M. Potravny and P. Yu. Ivanova
The Impact of Pension Reform on the Forecasted Employed Population in the Regions of the Arctic and the Far East pp. 411-420 Downloads
V. A. Gurtov and E. A. Pitukhin
Migration in Russia and Regional Socioeconomic Development: Cross-Impact Analysis pp. 421-429 Downloads
M. A. Kartseva, N. V. Mkrtchyan and Yu. F. Florinskaya
Main Directions of Perspective Social and Economic Development of the Mari El pp. 430-436 Downloads
V. V. Chernykh
State and Use of Land Resources in Russia: Trends of the Current Decade pp. 437-443 Downloads
S. A. Lipski
Prospects of the Agroecological Development of the Volgograd Trans-Volga Region pp. 444-448 Downloads
N. A. Tkachenko and A. S. Rulev
Offshore Investment in the Russian Economy pp. 449-456 Downloads
I. P. Gurova
Indicators of the Social Dimension of Demographic Development (on the Example of the Republic of Mari El) pp. 457-462 Downloads
L. M. Nizova and E. A. Andreeva

Volume 31, issue 3, 2020

The Main Directions of Socio-Economic Development of Russia in 2020–2024 and for the Period up to 2035 pp. 245-253 Downloads
B. N. Porfiryev, A. A. Shirov, M. N. Uzyakov, M. S. Gusev and I. N. Shokin
The Influence of the Spread of Automatic Control and Sharing Technologies on Motorization Processes: Concept, Calculation Scheme, Forecast pp. 254-263 Downloads
M. Yu. Ksenofontov and S. R. Milyakin
Relationship of Property Structure and Performance of High-Tech Technology Companies pp. 264-270 Downloads
A. I. Rybalka
Technology Industry 4.0: Problems of Labor, Employment and Unemployment pp. 271-276 Downloads
N. V. Gaponenko and J. C. Glenn
The North and the Integration of Socio-Economic Spaces: an Example in the Russian Northwest pp. 277-283 Downloads
V. N. Lazhentsev
Management of the Innovation Stage of the Production Cycle in Electronics pp. 284-293 Downloads
A. D. Bobryshev, T. Kh. Usmanova and M. V. Chekadanova
Russian Transportation: Six Years of Economic Sanctions pp. 294-303 Downloads
Yu. A. Shcherbanin
On the Issue of the Impact of Climate Change on the Development of Russian Agriculture in the Long Term pp. 304-311 Downloads
M. Yu. Ksenofontov and D. A. Polzikov
Precarious Employment Is a Global Problem of Modernity: How Can Its Scale Be Reduced in Russia? pp. 312-317 Downloads
V. N. Bobkov, E. V. Odintsova and V. V. Kovalenko
Application of the Economic Complexity Index in Macro-Financial Models pp. 318-326 Downloads
A. K. Moiseev and P. A. Bondarenko
Russian Investments in European Countries: Current State and Future Prospects pp. 327-334 Downloads
M. P. Afanas’ev and N. N. Shash
Russian Enterprises at the End of 2019: Operating in Conditions of Economic Stagnation and Attitudes towards Corporate Social Responsibility pp. 335-346 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin, Yu. V. Zinchenko and P. A. Lavrinenko
Three Global Challenges for the Long-Term Growth of Developing Countries pp. 347-352 Downloads
V. K. Fal’tsman
The EU and India: Opportunities For Implementing a Strategic Economic Partnership pp. 353-356 Downloads
O. Yu. Lorents

Volume 31, issue 2, 2020

Basic Principles of Economic Sovereignty and the Question of the Forms of Its Exercise pp. 129-135 Downloads
Jacques Sapir
Features of Economic Development and the Role of the State in Modern Russia pp. 136-144 Downloads
V. A. Volkonskii
Metrics of Structural Changes and the Necessity of Considering Interindustry Relationships pp. 145-152 Downloads
R. M. Uzyakov
Assessment of Interregional Economic Interactions Using Statistics of Freight Railway Transportation pp. 153-161 Downloads
A. A. Shirov
Forecasting Accelerated Renovation of Fixed Capital Assets in Russia Using a Dynamic Input-Output Model pp. 162-170 Downloads
A. O. Baranov and M. I. Kvaktun
A Model of Potential GDP and Output Gap for the Russian Economy pp. 171-180 Downloads
E. A. Orlova, D. R. Belousov and D. I. Galimov
Priorities of Economic Development of the Northwest Regions in the Сontext of Spatial Development of Russia pp. 181-187 Downloads
V. V. Okrepilov, S. V. Kuznetsov and S. S. Lachininskii
Novosibirsk Oblast: Untapped Potential of Attracting Foreign Direct Investment pp. 188-193 Downloads
A.V. Kuznetsov, S. N. Chirikhin and I. O. Maksimov
Indicators of Employment, Income Level and Dynamics of Population in Krasnodar Krai, Stavropol Krai and the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic pp. 194-201 Downloads
A. V. Suvorov and V. N. Ivanov
Growth Rates of Companies and Filling of a Market Niche pp. 202-211 Downloads
Yu. A. Polunin and Andrei Yudanov
State and Perspectives of Development of Domestic Industrial Companies pp. 212-222 Downloads
N. I. Komkov, A. A. Lazarev, V. S. Romantsov and V. V. Sutyagin
Contemporary Approaches to Estimating the Efficiency of Transport Projects pp. 223-228 Downloads
V. N. Filina
On Limits of the Influence of the Bank of Russia Key Rate on Indicators of the Russian Banking System pp. 229-237 Downloads
N. P. Pilnik, I. G. Pospelov and Stanislav Radionov
Population Health Risks in the Chemical Pollution Hotspots of the Arctic Macroregion pp. 238-244 Downloads
B. A. Revich

Volume 31, issue 1, 2020

Problems of Economic Measurements and Possibilities of Structural Analysis pp. 1-2 Downloads
M. N. Uzyakov
Statistics for the Benefit of Economics and Society pp. 3-6 Downloads
A. A. Shirov
Statistics of Industrial Production in Russia: Some Observations of Attentive Users pp. 7-16 Downloads
V. A. Sal’nikov and D. I. Galimov
Improvement of Statistics on the Reproduction of Human Capital pp. 17-23 Downloads
A. O. Baranov, Iu. M. Slepenkova and T. O. Tagaeva
Possible Alternatives to the Gross Regional Product Indicator pp. 24-30 Downloads
N. N. Mikheeva
Regional Input–Output Tables pp. 31-35 Downloads
A. R. Sayapova
Approbation of the Methodology for Estimating Municipal Gross Value Added pp. 36-43 Downloads
M. E. Dmitriev, P. A. Chistyakov and A. A. Romashina
On Overcoming Russia’s Challenges pp. 44-51 Downloads
V. K. Fal’tsman
Technological Progress Opportunities in the Energy Sector of Russia pp. 52-63 Downloads
A. A. Makarov
Midterm Development Conditions for the Electric Power Industry of Russia under Hard Price Constraints pp. 64-70 Downloads
F. V. Veselov and A. I. Solyanik
Renewable Energy: Prospects for Energy Development Correction in Russia pp. 71-78 Downloads
S. A. Nekrasov and I. D. Grachev
Manufacturing Industries in the Siberian Macroregion under Current Challenges pp. 79-84 Downloads
A. V. Sokolov and V. A. Bazhanov
Perspectives for Development of Russian and Global Potato Markets pp. 85-89 Downloads
V. V. Tul’cheev, S. V. Zhevora, M. Yu. Borisov and N. N. Gordienko
Improving the Efficiency of Production and Consumption Waste Management pp. 90-91 Downloads
B. N. Porfiriev
Analysis and Forecasting of Waste Management Processes in Russia pp. 92-98 Downloads
V. M. Gil’mundinov, T. O. Tagaeva and A. I. Boksler
Analyzing and Forecasting Trends and Composition of Waste in the Context of National Economic Development pp. 99-107 Downloads
E. S. Uzyakova, O. S. Ostakh and S. V. Ostakh
Social Welfare and Eco-economic Dynamics: An Analytical Model pp. 108-112 Downloads
E. A. Tret’yakova and D. V. Shimanovskii
Transformational Change in the Economy of Kazakhstan pp. 113-119 Downloads
G. M. Aubakirova
Transition to the Progressive Scale of Individual Income Tax in Kazakhstan: Opportunities and Limitations pp. 120-127 Downloads
S. N. Alpysbaeva, G. V. Stroeva, Sh. Zh. Shuneev and A. A. Bakdolotov
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