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Volume 1, issue 25, 2023

New Approaches to Financial and Bankruptcy Risk pp. 8-13 Downloads
Bogdan Popa and Jenica Popescu
An Overview of Economic Growth in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 14-23 Downloads
Gabriela Badareu, Roxana Bä‚dãžrcea and Alia DUȚĂ
Fintech Trends and Banking Digitalisation. Insights from a Bibliometric Analysis pp. 24-36 Downloads
Claudia GHERÈšESCU and Alina Georgiana Manta
Assessing the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Financial Performance. The Healthcare Industry pp. 37-45 Downloads
Loredana-Georgia IVAN (NIÈšU)
EU Funds Sustainable Economic Development - A Bibliometric Analysis pp. 47-56 Downloads
Andra Gabriela Dicä‚
Implementation of National, Regional and Local Development Strategies by Accessing Structural and Complementary Funds in the Period 2023-2027s pp. 57-70 Downloads
Cătălin Lä‚pä‚dat
Sustainability of Public Finances in Times of Crisis pp. 81-90 Downloads
Constanța Adriana Gorie and Bogdan Laurențiu Nicola
A Bibliometric Analysis of Environmental Financing pp. 91-105 Downloads
Alexandru Baciu

Volume 1, issue 24, 2022

Presentation of Interdisciplinary Study Volume Competitiveness of Oltenia - Past, Present and Perspectives pp. 7-15 Downloads
Constantin Fota
A Bibliometric Analysis of the Relationship between Accounting, Taxation and Audit pp. 16-32 Downloads
Ramona-Ionela Haraguè˜, Raluca Oana Ivan, Ioana - Bianca PÄ‚TRÃŽNJAN (cã‚mpean) and Attila Szora Tamaè˜
Systems of Regional Development Financing: From Classic Mechanisms to Modern Resource Mobilization Channels pp. 33-39 Downloads
Marin OPRIȚESCU and Alia Gabriela DUȚĂ
Behavioral Significance in the Credit Decision Making ProcessAbstract: Behavioral finance research is an attempt to close the gaps in traditional theory, to maximize the expected usefulness of rational investors in effective markets by trying to justify human behavior. A fundamental assumption in behavioral finances is that both the information structure and the characteristics of market participants systemically influence individual investment decisions as much as market results. The investor, as a human being, processes information using shortcuts and emotional filters. This process influences those who make financial decisions in such a way that they act apparently irrationally and choose decisions below the optimal threshold, in violation of effective traditional financial assumptions. The impact of this decision below the optimal threshold has ramifications for capital market efficiency, personal wealth and corporate performance. Behavioral finance focuses on how investors interpret and use information so that they make investment decisions based on real information pp. 40-49 Downloads
Roxana Elena Cristea and Petre Brezeanu
Financial and Bankruptcy Risk of Economic Entities. Analysis Models pp. 50-61 Downloads
Bogdan Popa, Jenica Popescu and Corina Florentina SCARLAT (mihai)
FHow Important Is the Relationship between Financial Development and Economic Growth? Bibliometric Analysis pp. 62-71 Downloads
Gabriela Badareu, Roxana Bä‚dãžrcea, Alina Georgiana Manta and Nicoleta Doran
Bitcoin: Medium of Exchange or Speculative Asset? pp. 72-82 Downloads
Ioana Raluca Diaconu
The Impact of Determinant Factors on Production Cost Variation – An Empirical Study pp. 83-90 Downloads
Attila Szora Tamaè˜, Alexandra Delia Bugnariu, Dan Ioan Topor and Dan Mihai Mureè˜an
Measuring the Risk of Bankruptcy in the Romanian Economy. Developments and Perspectives pp. 91-104 Downloads
Bogdan Popa
Internal Control - Theoretical and Organizational Perspectives in Business Group pp. 114-122 Downloads
Attila Szora Tamaè˜, Alexandra Delia Bugnariu2, Alin Irimia and Ion Cozma
Digitization of Banking Services Before and After the Pandemic pp. 163-173 Downloads
Ioana-Cristina Popa and Gheorghe Luca

Volume 1, issue 23, 2021

Study "Emerging Technologies in Oltenia - Present and Perspectives": Review pp. 7-9 Downloads
Constantin Fota
From Conventional Currency to Cryptocurrency pp. 10-12 Downloads
Vasile Cocriè˜
Industry 4.0 in the South-West Oltenia Region: The Challenges of Emerging Technologies pp. 13-24 Downloads
The Impact of Reforms on Commonwealth of Independent States’ Banking Profitability pp. 25-36 Downloads
Bogdan Cä‚praru, Iulian Ihnatov and Ovidiu Stoica
The impact of corruption and poverty on VAT Gap in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 37-45 Downloads
Ionela Butu and Petre Brezeanu
Fair Accounting “The Primordial Saving Lever†on the Dynamic Front of Tax Evasion pp. 46-56 Downloads
Ramona-Ionela Haraguè˜ and Attila Szora Tamaè˜
Policies to attract European funds: New Challenges pp. 57-70 Downloads
Dumitru Beldiman and Alia Gabriela DUȚĂ
Agent Troubleshooting Mechanisms: At the Confluence of Law and Economics pp. 71-81 Downloads
Alia Gabriela DUȚĂ and Victor DUȚĂ
Romania’s Journey of Integration into the European Monetary Union: a Quantitative Analysis pp. 82-94 Downloads
Tatiana PÄ‚UN (zamfiroiu) and Corina Scarlat
On Taxation of the Digital Economy. Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going? pp. 95-108 Downloads
Alin Irimia, Attila Tamas-Szora and Iulian Dobra
The Flat Taxation and Economic Development. A Panel Data Analysis of EU Countries pp. 109-124 Downloads
Andrei IonuÈ› Husman and Petre Brezeanu
Was the Foreign Exchange Market Affected by the Pandemic Crisis? pp. 125-135 Downloads
Cristina Balint and Claudiu Bordea
Theoretical Considerations on the Fiscal Space pp. 136-141 Downloads
Adriana Elena Porumboiu and Petre Brezeanu
What Does Economic Substance Mean from an Economic Point of View? pp. 142-150 Downloads
Mihai Dan Mureè˜an and Attila Szora Tamaè˜
Quantitative Measurement of Financial Development in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 151-162 Downloads
Gabriela Badareu
National Rural Development Program - source of funding for priority objectives for rural economy development pp. 163-172 Downloads
Cătălin Lä‚pä‚dat
Is there any effect of economic growth and human development on fiscal policy implementation?Abstract: The paper's scope is to study the effect of socio-economic structures on fiscal policy implementation in the 28 European Union Member States between 2007 and 2017. Fiscal policy was defined by considering Government Revenue (GREV) and Government Expenditure (GEXP) as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product collected from the Eurostat database and referred to the general government. To determine the socio-economic structures, human development and economic growth were chosen. The following instruments were applied to describe these two indicators: Human Development Index (HDI) to describe human development and were collected from the United Nations Development Programme, and the Gross Domestic Product growth rate (GDPgr) collected from the World Bank to explain economic growth. The methodology applied to test the stationarity of the data is the Unit Root Test and the Ordinary Least Squares method to reflect the impact of economic growth and human development on fiscal policy. The results reveal that human development and economic growth play an essential role in implementing fiscal policy pp. 173-180 Downloads
Alina Ioana Calinovici

Volume 1, issue 22, 2020

The Impact of Blue Economy and Economic Growth on Climate Changes in Baltic Countries pp. 7-20 Downloads
Marin OPRIÈšESCU, Roxana Maria Bä‚dãžrcea, Nicoleta Mihaela Florea, Alina Georgiana Manta, Silvia Puiu and Dalian Marius Doran
Possibilities to Quantify the Impact of Accessing Structural Funds and Cohesion Using Econometric Models pp. 21-33 Downloads
Dumitru Beldiman and Alia Gabriela DUȚĂ
Comparative Analysis of Some Member States of the European Union in Central and Eastern Europe Regarding the Evolution of the Fiscal Pressure on Taxes pp. 34-43 Downloads
Raluca Andreea GHEÈšU and Petre Brezeanu
Transfer Prices. National and European Perspectives pp. 44-50 Downloads
Iosif-Simion Mihon, Attila Tamaè˜, Monica Ioana Toader and Alin Irimia
The Lawsuits Romania Loses at European Court of Human Rights - Judicial Vulnerability, Fiscal Consequences pp. 51-57 Downloads
Adriana Elena Porumboiu and Petre Brezeanu
Increasing Possibilities of Voluntary Tax Compliance Degree pp. 58-63 Downloads
Valeriu Brabete and Ioana Brabete
Econometric Models for Quantifying the Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on the Configuration of Banking Assets and Liabilities pp. 64-80 Downloads
Eleodor-Alin Mihai and Corina-Florentina SCARLAT (mihai)
The Monetary Policy Promoted by Romania’s Central Bank: Where To? pp. 81-89 Downloads
Tatiana (PÄ‚UN) Zamfiroiu1
Fighting VAT Fraud through Administrative Tools in the European Union pp. 90-101 Downloads
Ionela Butu and Petre Brezeanu

Volume 1, issue 21, 2019

How Standard VAT is Influencing Economic Growth? An Analysis at European Union Level pp. 7-12 Downloads
Cristina Vlad and Petre Brezeanu
Impact Assessment of Allocated European Funds on Economic Growth in Romania pp. 13-26 Downloads
Dumitru Beldiman and Tatiana PÄ‚UN Zamfiroiu
The Insurance Market in the Context of the Globalization of the Economy pp. 27-35 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Ștefania-Sonia Zamfir
Common Agricultural Policy and Agriculture Financing in Romania pp. 36-45 Downloads
Attila TAMAÅž Szora, Daniel Petru Vã‚rteiu and Alina Nicoleta
The public debt stock is an indicator of high interest at the macroeconomic level and regulated within the European Union by the Maastricht Treaty, which provides a level of public debt of at most 60% of GDP. Romania, as a member state of the EU, must fit this percentage. This article analyzes the evolution of public debt in our country in terms of dynamics and structure for the period 2000-2018. The evolution of governmental and local public debt, as well as the service of governmental public debt and the differences between the public debt determined according to the EU methodology and the one determined according to the national methodology is highlighted. Finally, we will draw some conclusions regarding the evolution of the public debt and its sustainability pp. 46-53 Downloads
Dalian Marius Doran, Roxana Maria Bä‚dãžrcea, Alina Georgiana Manta and Nicoleta Mihaela Florea
Theoretical Considerations on VAT Structure Rates in the European Union pp. 54-62 Downloads
Ionela Butu, Petre Brezeanu, Adriana Porumboiu and RalucaAndreea GHEÈšU
Financial Management of the Romanian Preuniversitary Education Institutions pp. 63-78 Downloads
Irina Maria Alexandru and Gheorghe Matei
Banking Relationship and Credit Risk: Another Type of Approach pp. 79-106 Downloads
Alia Gabriela Duta and Victor Mihăiță Duta
A Literature Review on Fiscal Risks pp. 107-111 Downloads
Adriana Elena Porumboiu and Petre Brezeanu
The Impact of Institutional Investors on Economic Growth of European Countries pp. 112-119 Downloads
Mihaela Brodocianu
Use of the Common and Consolidated Corporate Tax Base at European Union Level. Implications for Romania pp. 120-126 Downloads
Anca Buziernescu and Radu Buziernescu
Financial Investment Optimisation pp. 127-134 Downloads
Octavian Mihai Perpelea and Tatiana PÄ‚UN Zamfiroiu
Some Considerations Regarding the Influence of Tax Evasion on Fiscality pp. 135-143 Downloads
Attila TAMAÅž Szora, Mihai-Dan Mureè˜an and Alina-Nicoleta Solovä‚stru
Significant Socio-Economic Developments in the Context of Completing the Implementation of SOPHRD 2007-2013 pp. 144-150 Downloads
Stelian Seliè˜teanu, Anca Alina Buziernescu and Dalian Marius Doran

Volume 1, issue 20, 2018

A Multivariate Analysis of Determinants of Banking Profitability in Romania pp. 7-18 Downloads
Alina Manta, Roxana Badircea and Ramona Pirvu
Importance of Internal Audit Missions for Private Companies in Fraud Prevention and Detection pp. 19-33 Downloads
Attila Tamas, Daniela Petrascu and Monica Ioana Toader
Financial Management of Public Institutions pp. 34-44 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Irina Maria Alexandru
Tax Harmonization in Fiscal Competitiveness Context pp. 45-52 Downloads
Cristina Vlad, Birol Ibadula and Petre Brezeanu
Challenges of ROBOR growth pp. 53-61 Downloads
Jenica Popescu and Bogdan Popa
Measuring European Financial Integration. Indicators and Perspectives pp. 62-73 Downloads
Otilia-Roxana Oprea and Ovidiu Stoica
The Conventional Past, Behavioral Present, and Algorithmic Future of Risk and Finance pp. 74-84 Downloads
Philip Z. Maymin
Governance and Moral Risk: New Approaches pp. 85-96 Downloads
OAlia Gabriela Duta and Victor Mihăiță Duta
Sector Analysis - Maintenance and Repair of Motor Vehicles and Retail Trade of Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories pp. 97-107 Downloads
Rodica BACIU (boanta)
Comparative Analysis of the Evolution of Public Debt in the European Union pp. 108-113 Downloads
Dalian Marius Doran and Victor Nicoleta Mihaela Florea
Banking and European Funds: Funding Mechanisms Accessible to the Romanian Industry? pp. 114-126 Downloads
Dumitru Beldiman
Methodology of Bank Relationship Research and Banking Risks. First Part pp. 127-130 Downloads
Sebastian Alia Gabriela Duta
The „Carousel†Tax Fraud pp. 131-137 Downloads
Sebastian George Perpelea and Mihai Octavian Perpelea
The Implication of the Public Budget in Financing the Regional Development pp. 138-148 Downloads
Dumitru Beldiman and Jenica Popescu
The Consequences of Tax Evasion: New Approaches pp. 149-155 Downloads
Mihai Octavian Perpelea and Sebastian George Perpelea
Central Bank’s Role in Ensuring Financial Stability and An Efficient Pass-Through of Monetary Policy Measures pp. 156-167 Downloads
Gabriela Latea
Personal Income Tax in Romania: Where to? pp. 168-174 Downloads
Anca Buziernescu
Analysis of the Influence of the Annualized Rate of Rentability on the Unit Value of the Net Assets of the Private Administered Pension Fund NN pp. 175-188 Downloads
Constantin Durac

Volume 1, issue 19, 2017

Romania’s regional development strategy between 2014-2020 pp. 7-18 Downloads
Marin OPRIÈšESCU and Dumitru Beldiman
Methods of Quantifying the Impact of Structural Funds Absorption on Regional Development pp. 19-27 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Elena Mădălina OPRIȚESCU
The modalities and conditions for the financing of transnational research from the U.E. funds in the programming horizon 2014-2020 pp. 27-40 Downloads
Attila Tamas-Szora
Return on securities of the listed banks, using BET and BET-C indices of the Bucharest Stock Exchange pp. 41-52 Downloads
Victoria Firescu, Jenica Popescu and Bogdan Popa
Transfer prices – a debate amongst multinational companies and tax authorities pp. 71-77 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Andreea - Lavinia CAZACU (neamå¢u)
Qualitative Methods of Research on Banking Risks pp. 78-87 Downloads
Alia DUȚĂ and Victor Mihăiță DUȚĂ
Romania on the threshold of EU accession, from the perspective of a decade of Europeanism pp. 88-96 Downloads
Octavian Mihai Perpelea and Dumitru Beldiman
Quantitative Methods of Research on Banking Risks pp. 105-113 Downloads
Alia DUȚĂ and Victor Mihăiță DUȚĂ
VAT in what direction? New approaches concerning the VAT pp. 114-121 Downloads
Anca Buziernescu, Alin Stelian Seliè˜teanu and Radu Buziernescu
Quantification model of the consequences of monetary policy shocks pp. 122-128 Downloads
Sebastian Coralia Emilia Popa
Econometric Assessment of the Degree of Economic Convergence between Member States of the European Union pp. 136-144 Downloads
Elena Mădălina Opritì¦escu
Fiscal Post-Crisis Evolutions in the EU pp. 145-152 Downloads
Liliana Anamaria Draì†ghici and Roxana Baì†diì‚rcea
Information Asymmetry and Credit Risk pp. 153-157 Downloads
Lorena Tupangiu

Volume 1, issue 18, 2016

Banking Audit - Towards a Higher Degree of Harmonization pp. 7-20 Downloads
Adela Socol
Europe after BREXIT: Shades and Penumbra pp. 21-23 Downloads
Marin Opritescu and Mircea Perpelea
The Z-Score Model for Predicting Periods of Financial Instability. Z-Score Estimation for the Banks Listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange pp. 24-35 Downloads
Irina – Raluca Badea and Gheorghe Matei
A Comparative Analysis of Bank Performance in Romania in the Period before the Global Financial Crisis and Post-Crisis pp. 36-44 Downloads
Jenica Popescu, Nela Loredana Mei?a and Bogdan Popa
The Analysis of the Real Convergence of the Countries from Central and Eastern Europe pp. 45-50 Downloads
Roxana Badircea, Alina Manta and Alia Duta
Views on the Credibility of the Nonfinancial Information – New approaches pp. 51-63 Downloads
Attila Tamas-Szora
Elaboration of Public Budget – A Participatory Approach pp. 64-74 Downloads
Narcis Mitu
Procedural Issues regarding the Audit of the Management and Control of EU Funds, in Terms of Specific Key Requirements of the New Funding Period 2014-2020 pp. 75-81 Downloads
Stelian Selisteanu, Radu Buziernescu and Catalin Mihai Cherciu
Banking Risk Management: An Increasingly Complex Process pp. 82-93 Downloads
Victor Mihaita Duta
Study on the Stock Market Evolution of Companies Listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange pp. 94-102 Downloads
Iulia-Oana Stefan
Multiple Linear Regression Equation for Economic Dimension of Standard of Living pp. 103-108 Downloads
Nicoleta Mihaela Florea, Georgeta-Madalina Meghisan-Toma and Cristina Nistor
Tax Evasion in Romania: New Approaches pp. 109-117 Downloads
Sebastian George Perpelea and Dumitru Beldiman
Social Assistance Expenditure Efficiency in Romania pp. 118-125 Downloads
Nicolae Tudose
Banking governance: New Approaches pp. 126-131 Downloads
Victor Mihaita Duta
Management of Risks to Financial Stability from the Perspective of a Central Bank pp. 132-140 Downloads
Gabriela Latea
European Funds: The Involvement of Banks, Where To? pp. 141-149 Downloads
Dumitru Beldiman and Sebastian George Perpelea
The Fiscal Policy in the EU States from Central and Eastern Europe pp. 150-158 Downloads
Liliana Anamaria Draghici

Volume 1, issue 17, 2015

Shades and Penumbra of Globalization pp. 9-19 Downloads
Mircea Perpelea, Marin Opritescu and Sebastian Perpelea
Prudential Indicators of Romanian Commercial Banks pp. 20-24 Downloads
Alexandru Negrea and Alexandra Danila
Social Assistance Models in the European Union pp. 25-37 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Nicolae Tudose
Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility in Foreign Bank Branches from Romania: An Empirical Analysis of Public Disclosure of Financial Statements and Banking Audit Reports pp. 38-44 Downloads
Attila Tamas-Szora and Adela Socol
Study on the Credit Risk in Societies with Agricultural Profile pp. 45-57 Downloads
Jenica Popescu and Nela Loredana Meita
Empirical Study on the Relationship between Efficiency, Capital and Risk into the Banking System of Romania pp. 58-67 Downloads
Alina Manta and Roxana Badîrcea
Mathematical and Economic Modeling of the Results of Correlation Between Indicators of Profitability and Asset Management pp. 68-73 Downloads
Silviu Cârstina and Marian Siminica
Approaching Performance Audit in Public Institutions pp. 74-79 Downloads
Nicoleta Mihaela Florea, Stelian Selisteanu and Radu Buziernescu
Forms of Manifestation regarding Tax Evasion: New Approaches pp. 80-86 Downloads
Alia Gabriela Duta
Comparative Study of the Analytical Methods of the Reliability of Economic Operator used by the Main Commercial Banks pp. 87-96 Downloads
Claudia Mititelu, Andrei-Nicolae Mititelu and Constantin Durac
Tendencies in the Financial Implementation of Structural and Cohesion Funds in the EU pp. 97-102 Downloads
Popescu Anca Simina and Nicoleta Mihaela Florea
The Greek Crisis and the Generalization of Euro in European Union pp. 103-112 Downloads
Octavian Perpelea and Tatiana Paun
Algorithmic Trading at Bucharest Stock Exchange pp. 113-121 Downloads
Adrian Victor Sandita
The Diversity of Financial Instruments Traded on the Stock Exchange pp. 122-132 Downloads
Iulia-Oana Belcic-Stefan
Econometric Models for the Analysis of Tax Revenues pp. 133-141 Downloads
Oana-Valentina Cercelaru
The Financial Performance of the Companies Approached from the Perspective of Commercial Banks pp. 142-150 Downloads
Mirela SICHIGEA (ganea)
Controversies regarding evolution of Tax Systems pp. 151-157 Downloads
Alia Gabriela Duta
Monetary Policy under the Border between Price Stability and Financial Stability pp. 158-166 Downloads
Irina-Raluca Badea
Romania`s Eurozone Entry and the Fulfillment of the Institutional Criterion pp. 167-175 Downloads
Andreea Maria Ciobanu
Coordinates of the Absorption Capacity of Structural and Cohesion Funds at EU Level pp. 176-185 Downloads
Anca Simina Popescu and Inocentiu Alexandru Florea
Controversies over the Value Creation Process at the Level of Enterprises pp. 186-194 Downloads
Adrian-Florin Budica-Iacob and Bogdan-Andrei Budica
Design and Implementation of a Management Control System pp. 195-200 Downloads
Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru

Volume 1, issue 16, 2014

Whither the Euro: Challenges of the Crisis pp. 9-15 Downloads
Marin Opritescu, Mircea Perpelea and Octavian Perpelea
The Eastern Partnership pp. 16-35 Downloads
Tadeusz Kolodziej
Financial Decentralization Reflected in the Revenues and Expenses of Local Budgets in Romania pp. 36-45 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Olivia Manole
Firm Financial Policy pp. 46-49 Downloads
Alexandru Negrea and Alexandra Ionescu
Globalization: New Approaches pp. 50-59 Downloads
Mircea Perpelea, Alia Duta and Sebastian Perpelea
The Impact of Creative Accounting of Frozen Assets on the Company Performance pp. 60-69 Downloads
Victoria Firescu and Jenica Popescu
The effect of financing hospital health care providers through updated Diagnosis Related Groups. Case studies: the municipal hospitals in Romania pp. 70-81 Downloads
Emil Olteanu, Attila Tamas and Iulian Dobra
Treasury Operations Mechanism in Romania pp. 82-89 Downloads
Laurentiu Andrei and Petre Brezeanu
Risk Factors in Euro Adoption by Romania pp. 90-102 Downloads
Roxana Maria Badîrcea and Alina Georgiana Manta
Public Expenditure Evolution in EU4 Countries pp. 103-113 Downloads
Daniela-Georgeta Beju and Maria Ciupac-Ulici
Corporate Governance in the Central and Eastern Europe Countries - Features and Developments pp. 114-118 Downloads
Laura Vasilescu
VAT Cashing System: between Myth and Reality pp. 119-123 Downloads
Roxana Ispas, Lavinia Maria Netoiu and Nela Loredana Meita
The Evaluation of the Equilibrum Exchange Rate based on the Purchase Power, for Romania’s Case pp. 124-130 Downloads
Lucian Claudiu Anghel, Florina Pînzaru and Laurentiu-Mihai Treapat
Comparative Study on the Banking Performances at BCR ERSTE BANK, BRD – GSG and Raiffeisen Bank pp. 131-140 Downloads
Claudia Mititelu and Mihaita Duta
The absorption of european funds for environmental protection during the period 2007-2013 pp. 141-150 Downloads
Anca Simina Popescu and Alina Georgiana Holt
On Financial Performance and Capital Structure of Romanian Companies pp. 151-157 Downloads
Viorela Ligia Vaidean
The Evolution of Social Protection Expediture in The European Union pp. 158-163 Downloads
Nicolae Tudose
Structural Modifications Of The Employment In Romania pp. 164-176 Downloads
Cristian Radu Cojocaru and Cristina Borovina
Does Emigration Affects Wages? A Case Study on Romania pp. 177-181 Downloads
Costin-Alexandru Ciupureanu
The Dominant Power Abuse and State Aid in European Union pp. 182-189 Downloads
Cosmin Floreanu
European Funds – Instrument for Economic Stability/Growth pp. 190-197 Downloads
Anca Simina Popescu
Evolution of tax revenue in Romania pp. 198-204 Downloads
Nicoleta Mihaela Florea, Marcel Dracea and Radu Buziernescu
The evolution of public expenditure in Romania during the global economic crisis pp. 205-212 Downloads
Inocentiu Alexandru Florea

Volume 1, issue 15, 2013

Professor Constantin Ionete: “A Titan of Economic Sciences” pp. 9-11 Downloads
Dumitru Constantinescu and Marin Opritescu
Romanian SMEs Financing Options: An Empirical Analysis pp. 12-21 Downloads
Ioan E. Nistor and Daniela-Rodica Popescu
Current Imbalances and Main Adjustment Mechanisms in the European Monetary Union pp. 22-30 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Luiza Apostol
Practices of Dividend Policies Adopted by Energy and Utilities Companies Listed on the BSE pp. 31-39 Downloads
Dorel Berceanu and Nicolae Sichigea
The Integration in the Economic and Monetary Union: when? pp. 40-47 Downloads
Marin Opritescu, Ramona Andreea Teica and Alia Gabriela Duta
Testing the Granger Causality between the Dynamics of the Romanian Mutual Fund Market and the Economy pp. 48-59 Downloads
Ioan Alin Nistor, Maria Ciupac-Ulici and Ioana Pop-Radu
Harmonization of VAT in the European Union. Achievements and Perspectives pp. 60-65 Downloads
Marcel Dracea, Radu Buziernescu and Nicoleta Mihaela Florea
Priorities in Investment Decisions for Rural Development in Romania pp. 66-71 Downloads
Ana Popa and Laura Vasilescu
Considerations about Methods of Rescue for Financial Institutions: the Case of Cyprus pp. 72-78 Downloads
Jenica Popescu and Victoria Firescu
Financing with Receivables: Factoring, Securitization and Collateral pp. 79-86 Downloads
Ioana Benea and Florin Duma
Is Romania Integrating in a Monetary Heaven? pp. 87-95 Downloads
Mircea Perpelea, Alia Gabriela Duta and Sebastian Perpelea
Case – study Concerning the Effects of the Macroeconomic Variables on the Loan Portfolios Quality of the Romanian Banking Sector Using the VAR Model and Least Squares Method pp. 96-103 Downloads
Alina Georgiana Manta and Roxana Maria Badîrcea
The Impact of Remittances on the International Migration and Economic Development pp. 104-110 Downloads
Ramona Pîrvu and Gheorghe Axinte
Impact of Financial Crisis on Lending in Romania. Analysis for the Period 2007-2012 pp. 111-117 Downloads
Lavinia Maria Netoiu, Titu Netoiu and Nela Loredana Meita
Automatic Fiscal Stabilizers pp. 118-122 Downloads
Narcis Mitu
Atypical Fiscal States: Fiscal Inactivity State and the Fiscal Body Ex-Officio Cancellation of the Registration Code for VAT Purposes pp. 123-129 Downloads
Raducu Emil Buziernescu, Stelian Selisteanu and Nicoleta Mihaela Florea
The Evolution of the Non-performing Loans within the Romanian Banking System pp. 130-136 Downloads
Lavinia Maria Netoiu, Titu Netoiu and Nela Loredana Meita
Is the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union an Optimum Currency Area? pp. 137-150 Downloads
Mircea Perpelea, Victor Duta and Octavian Perpelea
Testing the Efficient Markets Hypothesis on the Romanian Capital Market pp. 151-158 Downloads
Drags Mînjina and Petre Brezeanu
Global Quality Management in Adjusting Prices pp. 159-174 Downloads
Bunta Levente Zoltán
Structure and Evolution of EU Budget Revenue pp. 175-180 Downloads
Nicoleta Mihaela Florea, Mirela Ganea and Stelian Selisteanu
Financial Synergy in Mergers and Acquisitions in Saudi Arabia pp. 181-192 Downloads
Basmah Al Qudaiby and Muhammad Rahatullah Khan
Unwinding RON carry-trade or RON speculative attack? pp. 193-205 Downloads
Silviu Eduard Dinca
Initial Public Offering – Finance Source of Stock Exchanges pp. 206-213 Downloads
Sorin Claudiu Radu

Volume 1, issue 14, 2012

Usefulness of cash-flow statements for Romanian small and medium enterprises pp. 7-19 Downloads
Horia Cristea, Nicoleta Farcane and Andra Pop
Risk management for impairment of tangible economic entity pp. 20-26 Downloads
Lucian Buse, Mirela Ganea and Silviu-Valentin Cârstina
Financial contagion on the Romanian stock market pp. 27-36 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Eva Dezsi
Monetary policy where to? pp. 37-44 Downloads
Marin Opritescu, Ramona Andreea Teica and Mihaita Duta
Stock markets liberalization affects volatility? pp. 45-51 Downloads
Ioan Alin Nistor, Maria Ciupac-Ulici and Mircea-Cristian Gherman
The economic effects of investment financing decision pp. 52-62 Downloads
Nicolae Sichigea, Dorel Berceanu, Dan Florentin Sichigea and Adrian Budica
Sources of funding for the public market in Romania pp. 63-68 Downloads
Gheorghe Pîrvu and Stefan Marcel Sima
The analysis of the penetration degree and density of private health insurance in Romania pp. 69-73 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Bianca Mihart
Considerations concerning the influence of foreign trade activities on getting financial and accounting information pp. 74-78 Downloads
Magdalena Mihai, Cristian Dragan, Valeriu Brabete and Adriana Iota
Investment decisions in Romania between free enterprise and planning pp. 79-84 Downloads
Ana Popa and Laura Vasilescu
Evaluating the liquidity determinats in the central and eastern European banking system pp. 85-90 Downloads
Ioan Trenca, Nicolae Petria, Simona Mutu and Emilia Corovei
Seed capital – limits and opportunities for financing the start-ups pp. 91-94 Downloads
Laura Vasilescu and Ana Popa
Financial stability - major objective of the central banks pp. 95-98 Downloads
Jenica Popescu and Mircea Ciolpan
Tax legal relationship pp. 99-103 Downloads
Narcis Mitu and Alia Gabriela Duta
Empirical study regarding the relation between the Romanian banking system and economic growth pp. 104-113 Downloads
Alina Georgiana Manta and Roxana Maria Badîrcea
Do structural break tests identify capital increase? pp. 114-120 Downloads
Maria Ciupac-Ulici
Identifying arbitrage opportunities on SIBEX market pp. 121-130 Downloads
Maria-Miruna Pochea and Angela-Maria Filip
Recent trends in foreign direct investments in Romania pp. 131-142 Downloads
Bianca Maria LUDOSEAN (stoiciu)
Convergence versus divergence in the regional development process pp. 143-150 Downloads
Madalina Opritescu
Differentiated taxation - a requirement of fiscal equity pp. 151-156 Downloads
Ionut-Catalin Croitoru and Coralia Emilia Popa
The management of interest rate in the context of the monetary policy promoted by the National Bank of Romania pp. 157-163 Downloads
Coralia Popa and Ruxandra Busneag

Volume 1, issue 13, 2011

The Eurozone where to? pp. 9-15 Downloads
Marin Opritescu, Mircea Perpelea and Mihaita Duta
Global Tendencies in Investment Funds Market Development pp. 16-21 Downloads
Ioan E. Nistor and Ioana Pop-Radu
The fiscal regime of the non-residents in the community legislation. The problems of the fiscal convention of the O.C.D.E. Model regarding the taxes on income and capital pp. 22-26 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Dacian Sorin Dudas
The Place of Indirect Taxes in the Tax System Architecture of the European Union Countries pp. 27-31 Downloads
Marcel Dracea and Nicoleta Dracea
Advantages and Limitations of VAR Models Used in Managing Market Risk in Banks pp. 32-43 Downloads
Ioan Trenca, Simona Mutu and Eva Dezsi
The Analysis of Capital Structure in Large Romanian Companies in Terms of Maturity of Resources pp. 44-50 Downloads
Dorel Berceanu, Nicolae Sichigea and Oana Duta
Audit of the Consolidated Financial Statements – Intricate Aspects Based on Romanian Regulatory Statements pp. 51-59 Downloads
Attila Tamas and Adela Socol
Economic Value Added: Pros and Cons pp. 60-65 Downloads
Laura Vasilescu and Ana Popa
Reasons for Tax Harmonization in the EU pp. 66-75 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Daniela Pirvu
About "Sovereign" Loans and Why it Must Become "Ordinary" pp. 76-81 Downloads
Jenica Popescu
Green Taxation in the European Union pp. 82-88 Downloads
Narcis Mitu, Marcel Dracea and Nicoleta Dracea
An Empirical Model for Assesing Risk and Performance in the Romanian Banking System pp. 89-95 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Simona Mutu
Budget Debt Collection in the Euro-Regional Context pp. 96-101 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Gheorghe Mocan
Practical and Theoretical Aspects on Transfer Pricing pp. 102-106 Downloads
Radu Buziernescu and Mihail Antonescu
The Analysis of the Financing Method for Hospital Services providers. The Situation Of Municipal Hospitals in Romania pp. 107-124 Downloads
Iulian Dobra
The Impact of Capital Account Liberalization on Romanian Financial Account pp. 125-132 Downloads
Ioan Alin Nistor, Maria Ciupac-Ulici and Anca Nan
Possible Methods and Models to Evaluate Absorption and Impact at the Level of the National Strategic Reference Framework pp. 133-137 Downloads
Oana Gherghinescu
Factors Generating Tax Evasion in Romania pp. 138-145 Downloads
Alia Gabriela Duta, Iudit Fodor and Octavian Perpelea
Trends in the Evolution of the Credit Risk Indicators at BRD-Groupe Société Générale pp. 146-153 Downloads
Alina Georgiana Manta
Financial Liberalization and Stock Market Efficiency pp. 154-160 Downloads
Maria Ciupac-Ulici and Ioan Alin Nistor
Measures Promoted in Romania Against Tax Evasion in the Context of Economic and Financial Crisis pp. 161-167 Downloads
Iudit Fodor and Sebastian – Florin Miclea
Financial Performance Indicators – Instruments in Lending Decision Making pp. 168-174 Downloads
Dan Florentin Sichigea, Mirela Ganea and Lorena Tupangiu
Central Bank Transparency – Implications and Importance pp. 175-180 Downloads
Florin Dumiter
Fiscal Policy Impact on Inflation Volatility in Romania in The Economic Crisis Context pp. 181-187 Downloads
Eugenia Mara and Eva Dezsi
The Early Exercise Premium for American Options. Empirical Study on Sibex Market pp. 188-197 Downloads
Maria-Miruna Pochea and Angela-Maria Filip
Regulation of Romania’s Labor Market between Flexibility and Security – Present Trends pp. 198-203 Downloads
Costin Daniel Avram
The Strategy of Direct Inflation Targeting: Between Theory and Practice pp. 204-210 Downloads
Ramona-Andreea Teica
Study Regarding the Efficiency Measure of Construction Firms from Western Europe pp. 211-217 Downloads
Bianca Mogoseanu
The Financial Crisis and the Crisis Within European Health Insurance Systems pp. 218-224 Downloads
Bianca Mihart
Landmarks of Contemporary Fiscal Policy in The European Union pp. 225-231 Downloads
Ionut - Catalin Croitoru
Considerations on the Reform of Pension Systems in Romania and Hungary pp. 232-236 Downloads
Daniel Nicolae Militaru

Volume 1, issue 12, 2010

December 2010, a new beginning for the national economy pp. 9-11 Downloads
Constantin Ionete
European monetary integration: between hope and fulfillment pp. 12-20 Downloads
Marin Opritescu and Alina Manta
The impact of Lehman Brothers on Romanian banks listed on BVB pp. 21-28 Downloads
Ioan Nistor and Maria Ciupac-Ulici
Causes and effects of the international double taxation. Solutions of the conventions, model for avoiding the international double taxation pp. 29-35 Downloads
Marius Herbei, Sorin Dudas and Aura Costea
Financial balance - basic tool in approaching financial diagnosis for firm valuation pp. 36-43 Downloads
Dorel Berceanu, Nicolae Sichigea and Marcel Dracea
The integration of capital markets: correlation analysis pp. 44-53 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Eva Dezsi
Smes’ financing – effects of the small business act in Europe pp. 54-58 Downloads
Ana Popa and Laura GIURCA Vasilescu
The impact of corporate income taxation on the location of FDI in the European Union pp. 59-67 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Daniela Pirvu
Exchange rate and foreign exchange market during the pre-accession of Romania to the European Monetary Union pp. 68-75 Downloads
Jenica Popescu and Dan Sichigea
The lending activity and economic growth in Romania in the global crisis context pp. 76-82 Downloads
Cristi Spulbar and Mihai Nitoi
The limitations of the engagements to perform agreed-upon procedures regarding financial information according to ISRS 4400 pp. 83-93 Downloads
Attila Tamas
Considerations on the macroeconomic impact of structural funds absorption. The Herom model pp. 94-97 Downloads
Anca Bandoi and Oana Gherghinescu
Some aspects concerning business ethics in Romania pp. 98-107 Downloads
Narcis Mitu and Roxana Nanu
Economic growth and macroeconomic variables influences in Romania pp. 108-122 Downloads
Dracea Raluca and Mirela Cristea
Practical issues in relation to the tax base of VAT pp. 123-126 Downloads
Radu Buziernescu and Mihail Antonescu
Sustainability planning policy collecting the revenues of the tax administration pp. 127-136 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Gheorghe Mocan
Options evaluation - Black-Scholes model vs. binomial options pricing model pp. 137-146 Downloads
Ioan Trenca, Maria Miruna Pochea and Angela Maria Filip
Econometric model for analysing the structural funds absorption at regional level – the Regional Operational Programme pp. 147-158 Downloads
Oana Gherghinescu and Paul Rinderu
Speculation from morality to profitability pp. 159-162 Downloads
Mircea Ciolpan and Mihaita Victor Duta
Dimensioning techniques of the transnational companies cost of capital. The financing decision of the transnational company pp. 163-168 Downloads
Dan Bogoi, Sebastian Ene and Danut Chilarez
The recovery of the value added tax paid in another country by taxable persons pp. 169-173 Downloads
Mihail Antonescu and Radu Buziernescu
Discounting, time and value. Variability or preference pp. 174-177 Downloads
Ioan Alin Nistor
The private health insurance market in Romania – past, present and future pp. 184-188 Downloads
Ioan Alin Nistor and Viorela Ligia Vaidean
The correlation between the macroeconomic variables and the Bucharest stock exchange share prices pp. 189-195 Downloads
Cristina CURUTIU Balint
The beginnings of the concept of corporate social responsibility and Andrew Carnegie’s writings pp. 196-199 Downloads
Radu Lolescu
Co-payment mechanisms within various social health insurance systems pp. 200-206 Downloads
Bianca Mihart

Volume 1, issue 11, 2010

Global financial crisis and integration into world economy pp. 9-13 Downloads
Constantin Ionete
Quantifying the effects of the macroeconomic variables on the loan portofolio quality for the Romanian banking system using the VAR model pp. 14-20 Downloads
Marin Opritescu, Alina Manta and Mircea Perpelea
The perspective of spatio-temporal variability of Romanian economy in European space pp. 21-25 Downloads
Ioan Talpos, Oana Ramona Lobont and Nicoleta Moldovan
Banking crisis. Case of U.S. banks versus UK banks pp. 26-34 Downloads
Ioan Nistor and Maria Ciupac-Ulici
The state and the tax evasion pp. 35-47 Downloads
Horia Cristea, Cristina Nicolescu and Claudiu Botoc
Crisis management fiscal policy action of member states pp. 48-52 Downloads
Marcel Dracea, Narcis Mitu and Nicoleta Dracea
Trends and expectations regarding lending activity pp. 53-59 Downloads
Dorina Poanta and Vera Morariu
Banking’s implications on Romanian’s business environment in context of global financial crisis pp. 60-67 Downloads
Nicolae Sichigea and Marcel Dracea
New approach of measurement methods and forms of tax policy effects in Romania pp. 68-72 Downloads
Marilen Pirtea, Oana Ramona Lobont and Ana Cristina Nicolescu
European Central Bank – independence, transparency and accountability pp. 73-78 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Florin Dumiter
Modeling risk using elements of game theory and fractals pp. 79-83 Downloads
Constantin Tulai and Ioana Florina Popovici
Considerations regarding credit portfolio risk management of the banking institution pp. 84-90 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Mihail-Dragos Bolocan
Funding schools based on state education standards cost per student pp. 91-95 Downloads
Marta Christina Suciu, Elena Glodeanu and Cristinel Glodeanu
Financial stability or economic stability? pp. 96-100 Downloads
Ana Popa and Laura Giurca Vasilescu
Principles and rules for defining of common consolidated tax base in the European Union pp. 101-107 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Daniela Pirvu
Applicability of the EWMA model to estimate the volatility of Istanbul stock exchange bonds and bills market pp. 108-121 Downloads
Riza Asikoglu and Canturk Kayahan
Economic theory and current global financial crisis pp. 122-127 Downloads
Jenica Popescu and Dorina Poanta
The analysis of the monetary policy dynamics in Romania using a Structural Vector Autoregressive model pp. 128-140 Downloads
Cristi Spulbar, Mihai Nitoi and Lavinia Netoiu
Considerations regarding the influence of the base leading rate over actualization rate of investment projects financed by EU funds pp. 141-154 Downloads
Attila Tamas and Iulian Dobra
The market value added and the return on invested capital for industrial Romanian firms pp. 155-161 Downloads
Dorel Berceanu, Marian Siminica and Daniel Circiumaru
The global financial crisis and its implications on the convergence of Romania with the economic and monetary union pp. 162-168 Downloads
Veronel Avram and Marioara Avram
The particularities of the analysis of cost – profit in the railway system in Romania pp. 169-176 Downloads
Tudor Ciurezu and Anduena Firtat
Euro-dollar ratio of forces in the current stage of economic-financial crisis pp. 177-183 Downloads
Roxana Nanu, Gheorghe Pirvu and Ramona Gruescu
Does credit market accelerate economic growth in Romania? Statistical approaches pp. 184-190 Downloads
Mirela Cristea and Dracea Raluca
News on VAT regime applicable to intra-community services pp. 191-195 Downloads
Radu Buziernescu
The emerging role of expectations in conducting and coordonating monetary policy pp. 196-203 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Florin Dumiter
Business environment and national tax pp. 204-207 Downloads
Narcis Mitu and Ionut Eugen Dracea
Using stress testing methodology in evaluating banking institution’s exposure to risk pp. 208-217 Downloads
Ioan Trenca, Simona Mutu and Maria-Miruna Pochea
Means to combat tax evasion in the European Union pp. 218-221 Downloads
Alia Gabriela Duta
A review of early warning system models pp. 222-228 Downloads
Cristian Stanciu
Households lending crisis for the most important countries of Central and Eastern Europe pp. 229-235 Downloads
Octavia-Maria Gibescu
Specificities of using the cost-benefit analysis for public projects financed by the structural funds pp. 236-242 Downloads
Oana Gherghinescu and Anca Bandoi
Empirical study on the risk – performance correlations at BRD – Groupe Société Générale pp. 243-249 Downloads
Alina Georgiana Manta
The adjustment of banking systems to the demands of contemporary economies pp. 250-253 Downloads
Rodica Viorica Coana and Iudit Fodor
Developments of credit default swap contracts under the influence of global crisis pp. 254-259 Downloads
Mircea Ciolpan
The euro-leu argument in the population’s preferences for savings placement pp. 260-264 Downloads
Dan Florentin Sichigea and Lorena Tupangiu
Tax evasion – a more and more controversial concept pp. 265-269 Downloads
Iudit Fodor and Rodica Viorica Coana
Banking supervising in Romania – attribute of the National Bank of Romania pp. 270-276 Downloads
Claudia Mititelu and Stefan Mititelu
The capitalization of banks during crisis pp. 283-288 Downloads
Mihaela Radu and Paula Geza
The social responsibility and the deontology of the banking profession under the conditions of the global financial crisis pp. 289-296 Downloads
Costin Daniel Avram
The impact of the corporate social responsibility concept of the Romanian banking system pp. 297-300 Downloads
Radu Lolescu
New options of financing the health insurance system in Romania pp. 301-307 Downloads
Bianca Mihart
Coordination of fiscal policies at European level pp. 308-315 Downloads
Ionut Catalin Croitoru

Volume 1, issue 10, 2009

The global financial crisis goes down pp. 9-13 Downloads
Constantin Ionete
Prudential politics promoted by NBR where to? pp. 14-21 Downloads
Marin Opritescu and Alina Manta
Impact of financial crisis over the evolution of banks from the capital market pp. 22-31 Downloads
Ioan Nistor and Maria Ciupac-Ulici
The British public atitude survey regarding inflation and interest rates pp. 32-39 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Florin Dumiter
The improvement of the financial structure in the domain of administrating the railway infrastructure pp. 40-47 Downloads
Nicolae Sichigea and Anduena Firtat
Interest rate risk management - calculating Value at Risk using EWMA and GARCH models pp. 48-56 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Simona Mutu
Trends and prospects for tax evasion pp. 57-64 Downloads
Marcel Dracea and Iudit Fodor
The real estate investments and the financial crisis in Romania pp. 65-70 Downloads
Ana Popa and Laura Giurca Vasilescu
The future and perspectives of financing the healthcare system pp. 71-77 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Bianca Mihart
The commpliance of price stability, financial stability and financial efficiency pp. 78-85 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Florin Dumiter
Weaknesses in the regulatory policy of financial derivatives instruments and their impact on international financial crisis pp. 86-91 Downloads
Jenica Popescu and Dorina Poanta
Capital budgeting pp. 101-107 Downloads
Dorel Berceanu and Costel Ionascu
The audit risk associated to the depreciation adjustments of the tangible assets during the financial instability period pp. 108-119 Downloads
Adela Socol and Attila Tamas
Efficiency and limits of monetary policy in the financial instability. Romania's case pp. 120-126 Downloads
Anca Bandoi and Ion Tomita
Microrofinance – a possible anticrisis measure? pp. 127-131 Downloads
Laura Giurca Vasilescu
Considerations regarding the quality of taxable person in respect of VAT for natural persons pp. 132-135 Downloads
Radu Buziernescu
The consolidation of own funds of credit institutions in the current stage of economic-financial crisis pp. 136-143 Downloads
Roxana Nanu, Gheorghe Pirvu and Ramona Gruescu
Changes in Japanese corporate governance pp. 144-149 Downloads
Ioan Alin Nistor
Is there any correlation between the economic growth and budget expenditure allocated to education? Case study Romania pp. 150-155 Downloads
Dracea Raluca and Mirela Cristea
Technology transfer – financing opportunities and limits in European Union pp. 156-160 Downloads
Laura Giurca Vasilescu, Maria Buse and Nicoleta Dracea
Inflation targeting in the context of the current financial crisis pp. 161-167 Downloads
Daniela Gerogeta Beju and Angela Maria Filip
Tax federalization – an important step in the process of decentralization pp. 168-172 Downloads
Narcis Mitu and Nicoleta Dracea
Combating tax evasion: between goals and achievements pp. 173-177 Downloads
Alia Gabriela Duta
About the US trade deficit and the US “easy money” policy pp. 178-183 Downloads
Sabin Rizescu, Cristian Stanciu and Cristi Spulbar
Application of the funding GAP method in the process of financing regional development in Romania pp. 184-189 Downloads
Oana Gherghinescu
New financial derivatives on Romanian market - contracts for difference pp. 190-195 Downloads
Mircea Ciolpan
The macroeconomic impact evaluation of the cohesion structural funds pp. 196-200 Downloads
Elena Glodeanu and Cristinel Glodeanu

Volume 1, issue 9, 2009

The global financial crisis follows its way pp. 9-16 Downloads
Constantin Ionete
Basel II versus the global financial crisis pp. 17-26 Downloads
Marin Opritescu and Alina Manta
The financial information's vulnerability pp. 32-36 Downloads
Horia Cristea
The internal issues management of banking profitability on centers of liability pp. 37-44 Downloads
Ioan Nistor and Grigore Lupulescu
Using credit scoring method for probability of non-financial companies default estimation at industry level pp. 45-58 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Annamária Dézsi-Benyovszki
Social protection in the European Union. Empirical study pp. 59-65 Downloads
Marcel Dracea and Gheorghe Matei
The analysis of cost-profit-volume in making a decision about the volume of activity of a company pp. 66-69 Downloads
Nicolae Sichigea and Tudor Ciurezu
The Collateral Central Bank Management Project (CCBM2) - a single plaform for Eurosystem in managing collateral for domestic and cross-border operations pp. 70-75 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Florin Dumiter
The analysis of localized competition among organizations and a research in banking sector pp. 81-90 Downloads
Asli Ekmekci, Murat Kasimoglu and Mirela Cristea
The main theories of the dividend decision pp. 91-96 Downloads
Dorel Berceanu and Marian Siminica
The importance of monitoring the operational risk at the level of banking companies pp. 97-109 Downloads
Adela Socol and Attila Szora
The public debt of Romania considering the integration in the European Union pp. 110-115 Downloads
Marcel Dracea, Cristian Tomescu and Cornelia TOMESCU Dumitrescu
Some considerations of the main determining variables in the models used to estimate inflation pp. 116-121 Downloads
Anca Bandoi and Ion Tomita
Financial instability threatens the investments for environmental protection in Romania pp. 122-126 Downloads
Ana Popa and Laura Giurca Vasilescu
Aspects concerning corporate taxation in the European Union pp. 127-133 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Daniela Pirvu
Characteristics that form customer value in banks: a research on ATMs pp. 134-139 Downloads
Nilsun Sariyer
The banking marketing in sustainability conditions pp. 140-144 Downloads
Jenica Popescu and Dorina Poanta
Mezzanine finance and corporate bonds pp. 145-150 Downloads
Libena Tetrevova
Operational risk in banking - card fraud pp. 151-159 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Daniela Bojan
The global financial crisis and its implications on the Romanian banking systems pp. 160-167 Downloads
Ioan Nistor, Maria Ciupac-Ulici and Mirela-Oana Pintea
The monetary policy of the Eurosystem pp. 168-173 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Florin Dumiter
Strengthening Romanian banks' role in the European funds absorption pp. 174-178 Downloads
Cristi Spulbar, Dorel Berceanu and Oana Gherghinescu
Fiscal settlements regargind taxing the incomes of non-resident individuals and legal persons in Romania pp. 179-184 Downloads
Radu Buziernescu and Mihail Antonescu
Considerations regarding the fair evaluation of real estate securities by the banks pp. 185-188 Downloads
Dan Bogoi, Gheorghe Birau and Mircea Perpelea
The evaluation of the internal audit risk regarding public procurements pp. 189-196 Downloads
Iulian Dobra
The entropy theory implications in behavioural finance pp. 197-201 Downloads
Aurora Murgea
Empirical analysis of the correlation between fiscality rate-GDP-tax incomes. Romania's case pp. 202-211 Downloads
Dracea Raluca, Mirela Cristea and Ionut Tomescu
Problems of access to structural funds by the private sector pp. 212-219 Downloads
Roxana Nanu and Ramona Gruescu
Brief foray into taxation ethics pp. 220-222 Downloads
Narcis Mitu
Analysis of structural and cohesion funds absorption in Romania pp. 223-230 Downloads
Oana Gherghinescu, Paul Rinderu and Cristi Spulbar
Electronic ways for the submission of fiscal declarations pp. 231-235 Downloads
Mihail Antonescu and Radu Buziernescu
Rethinking of organizational context paradoxes according to Power School pp. 236-247 Downloads
Refika BAKOGLU Deliorman and Mukaddes Bahar
The harmonization of advance tax rulings systems in European Union member states - Why? pp. 248-250 Downloads
Alia Duta
Some remarks of the recent "quantitative easing" action take by FED pp. 251-254 Downloads
Sabin Rizescu, Cristian Stanciu, Dracea Raluca and Cristi Spulbar
Correlations between risk management indicators and performance levels on the example of S.C. Bancpost S.A pp. 255-260 Downloads
Alina Manta and Dan Florentin Sichigea
Dynamics of budgetary revenue in the conditions of Romanian integration in the European Union - a consequently of the tax and harmonization policy pp. 261-266 Downloads
Madalin Cinca
Optimal financial structure, bankruptcy risk and the right to a new beginning pp. 267-272 Downloads
Cornelia Nitu
Manifestations of world economic crisis in Romania - cause and effect pp. 273-276 Downloads
Elena Glodeanu and Cristinel Glodeanu
The management of liquidity risk pp. 277-285 Downloads
Claudia Mititelu and Stefan Mititelu
The technical and financial decline of the railway infrastructure in Romania pp. 286-292 Downloads
Anduena Firtat and Catalin Adam
The global derivatives trend in 2008 pp. 293-298 Downloads
Mircea Ciolpan and Catalin Adam
Tax burden - the tax evasion generator pp. 299-304 Downloads
Iudit Fodor
Taxation and fiscal pressure pp. 305-313 Downloads
Nicoleta Mihaela Dracea

Volume 1, issue 8, 2008

Modern challenges of the monetary policy pp. 9-12 Downloads
Constantin Ionete
New approaches in the analysis of banking performances pp. 13-19 Downloads
Marin Opritescu and Alina Manta
The budget of the European Union - present and future pp. 20-24 Downloads
Dumitru Todoroi and Elena Glodeanu
Current trends in the evolution of bank costs within the framework of the Romanian banking system pp. 25-29 Downloads
Robert Despatie, Rodica Coana and Iudit Fodor
Marketing of the banking services in Romania - an analysis regarding the evolution of the influence factors pp. 30-36 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Cristina Curutiu
Determination of the internal cession price in the commercial banks through mathematical methods - A case study pp. 37-42 Downloads
Ioan Nistor, Grigore Lupulescu and Ion Dubreu
Interdependencies between Romanian fiscal policies and inflationary tensions in the current Europe pp. 43-50 Downloads
Marcel Dracea and Madalin Cinca
The investment - strategic decision for entreprise pp. 51-56 Downloads
Nicolae Sichigea and Anduena Firtat
The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) - the pan - European market for the European integration pp. 57-62 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Florin Dumiter
Environmental sustainability between investments needs and financing possibilities in Romania pp. 63-68 Downloads
Sandor Simon, Ana Popa and Laura Giurca Vasilescu
Target2-securities - a central settlement hub for the euro pp. 69-76 Downloads
Marius Herbei and Florin Dumiter
Descentralization in education - premise of the Romanian education efficiency pp. 77-82 Downloads
Dumitru Todoroi and Cristinel Glodeanu
Financial stability - coordinate of contemporary monetary policy pp. 83-88 Downloads
Anca Bandoi and Ion Tomita
Financial structure of the firm pp. 89-92 Downloads
Dorel Berceanu and Cristi Spulbar
Risk insolvability management through optimizing insurance portfolio - mathematical calculations pp. 93-98 Downloads
Mirela Cristea, Dracea Raluca and Murat Kasimoglu
Disputes about the tax harmonization and the tax competition in the European Union pp. 99-106 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Daniela Pirvu
Harmonizing directions in the field of direct taxation pp. 107-110 Downloads
Aleksandar Bjelic, Narcis Mitu and Cristian Stanciu
Romanian economy evolution's risks in conditions of U.S. housing and real estate market crisis pp. 111-116 Downloads
Jenica Popescu, Sabin Rizescu and Alia Duta
Stock Markets and their informational inefficiencies - the BSE case pp. 117-125 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Adrian Zoicas-Ienciu
Financial globalization - from challenge to crisis pp. 126-131 Downloads
Cristi Spulbar, Dorel Berceanu and Tatiana Spulbar
Can oil reach $200 a barrel? pp. 132-137 Downloads
David Bonner
Financial control - part of management and financial administration pp. 138-141 Downloads
Gabriel Popeanga
Central bank independence, inflation and economic performance pp. 142-149 Downloads
Daniela Georgeta Beju
Considerations regarding the tax regime of the sponsorship and patronage operations pp. 150-155 Downloads
Radu Buziernescu and Roxana Nanu
Competitiveness of the European Union under the structural funds framework and the Lisbon Agenda pp. 156-161 Downloads
Oana Gherghinescu, André Kolodziejak and Gheorghe Gherghinescu
The justifying documents - the accounting registration base of the works and services executed by third parties pp. 162-165 Downloads
Marin Ciumag and Anca Ciumag
Restructuring of the Romanian Railways. The impact on the financial structure pp. 166-174 Downloads
Anduena Firtat

Volume 1, issue 7, 2008

The beginnings and dissemination of the crisis of mortgage credits in the USA. Risks in the evolution of Romanian economy pp. 9-20 Downloads
Constantin Ionete
Banking credit market in Romania: Basel II impact pp. 21-30 Downloads
Marin Opritescu and Alina Iacobescu
Financial information transparency and publicity pp. 31-34 Downloads
Horia Cristea
Banking scientific research in Romania - between necessity and reality pp. 35-39 Downloads
Ioan Nistor and Grigore Lupulescu
The European investment fund and the evidence of the undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) marker pp. 40-44 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Cristina Curutiu
Considerations of pensions reform pp. 45-51 Downloads
Gheorghe Matei and Marcel Dracea
Scenarios of grounding the financial structure of the enterprise pp. 52-59 Downloads
Nicolae Sichigea and Dan Florentin Sichigea
Considerations on potential determinants of structural and cohesion funds absorption pp. 60-66 Downloads
Oana Gherghinescu, André Kolodziejak and Gheorghe Gherghinescu
The bonds financing - an financing option for the firm pp. 67-73 Downloads
Dorel Berceanu and Ion Tomita
International investments prospects for the period 2007-2009. Possible effects on the Romanian economy pp. 74-80 Downloads
Ana Popa and Laura Giurca Vasilescu
Points of view regarding the effects of the domination of foreign currency in the Romanian Banking System pp. 81-83 Downloads
Dan Sergiu Bogoi and Gheorghe Birau
Reliability margin-sine-die condition for the performance of insurance companies pp. 84-88 Downloads
Florin Ion Coana, Rodica Viorica Coana and Iudit Fodor
The taxing of the result, between the conformity and convergence of the accountancy pp. 89-95 Downloads
Danut Chilarez and Mircea Perpelea
The impact of banks' financial statements publication on their market capitalization (The B.S.E. Case) pp. 96-104 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Adrian Zoicas-Ienciu
Banking products and services according to clients' requests pp. 105-110 Downloads
Jenica Popescu and Sabin Rizescu
Considerations regarding the role and the importance of the financial stability in the context of th european banking integration pp. 111-117 Downloads
Cristi Spulbar
Credit risk, a macroeconomic model application for Romania pp. 118-126 Downloads
Ioan Trenca and Annamária Dézsi-Benyovszki
Are able fiscal advantages to promote the interest for insurance? - The situation of Romania versus the international one pp. 127-132 Downloads
Mirela Cristea, Dracea Raluca and Anca Bandoi
Tax competition and brain drain in the European Union members pp. 133-138 Downloads
Raluca Dracea and Cristian Stanciu
The choice of exchange regimes by transition countries pp. 139-145 Downloads
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Nonverbal language - the weapon of the insurance agent pp. 146-153 Downloads
Narcis Mitu
Creating the fiscal administration more efficient by improving the informatic system pp. 154-158 Downloads
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Receipts and expenditures budget of the insurance company - basis instrument in achieving financial balance pp. 159-163 Downloads
Florin Ion Coana, Rodica Viorica Coana and Iudit Fodor
Banking products and services market: the globalization challenges pp. 164-171 Downloads
Claudia Mititelu and Stefan Mititelu
The strategic adaptation of the railway transporting enterprises pp. 172-179 Downloads
Anduena Firtat and Mircea Ciolpan
Influence of adjacent insured risks upon the management of insurance companies pp. 180-188 Downloads
Rodica Viorica Coana, Florin Ion Coana and Iudit Fodor
Carusel fraud - method for tax dodging in the area of the VAT on intra-community level pp. 189-194 Downloads
Madalin Cinca
Globalization and european integration exigencies - new challenges for Romanian banks pp. 195-202 Downloads
Claudia Mititelu and Stefan Mititelu
Correlation between the use of derivatives products and the implementation of the monetary policy pp. 203-210 Downloads
Mircea Ciolpan and Anduena Firtat
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