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Strategic Innovative Marketing and Tourism

Edited by Androniki Kavoura (), Efstathios Kefallonitis () and Apostolos Giovanis ()

in Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics from Springer

Date: 2019
ISBN: 978-3-030-12453-3
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Chapters in this book:

A Network Analysis of Museums on Instagram
Vasiliki Vrana, Dimitrios Kydros, Evangelos Kehris, Anastasios-Ioannis Theocharidis and George Karavasilis
Towards a Hybrid Minimax Recommender for Free-Roaming Museum Visits
George Pavlidis
Developing a Multi-channel Customer Relationship Management Strategy for Hotel Operation
Soteris Kefalas
The Importance Attached to Culinary Blogs in the Promotion of Food Products with Health and Nutrition Claims: A Perspective of Polish Processors and Distributors
Paweł Bryła
Quality Service in the Hospitality Industry: Achieving Effective Service Processes and Designs
Soteris Kefalas
Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Industry Competency Model: Human Resource Management Implications
Barry A. Friedman
Temporary Museum Exhibitions as Tools for Cultural Innovation
Kali Tzortzi and Katerina Koukouvaou
The Relationship Between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Luxurious Hotels So to Produce Error-Free Service
Konstantinos Varsanis, Dimitrios Belias, Nikolaos Kakkos, Michalis Chondrogiannis, Ioannis Rossidis and Chris Mantas
The Use of Customer Relations Management’s Digital Technologies from Greek Hotels
Ioannis Rossidis, Dimitrios Belias, Stefanos Papailias, Dimitrios Tsiotas, Spyridon Niavis and Labros Vasiliadis
The Sharing Economy and How It Affects the Conditions of Consumption and Competition in the Tourism Industry: The Case of Airbnb in Greece
Konstantinos Varsanis, Dimitrios Belias, Stefanos Papailias, Michalis Chondrogiannis, Ioannis Rossidis, Christos Mantas and Athanasios Koustelios
Tourism and Destination Branding: The Case of Greek Islands
Ioannis Rossidis, Dimitrios Belias, Konstantinos Varsanis, Stefanos Papailias, Dimitrios Tsiotas, Labros Vasiliadis and Labros Sdrolias
Greek Culinary Tourism Is Lost in Translation
Stella Markantonatou and George Pavlidis
The Crucial Role of the Museums in Allying Alternative Forms of Diplomacy
Kyriaki Oudatzi
Digital Inbound Marketing: Particularities of Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer Strategies
M. Chouaib Dakouan and M. Redouane Benabdelouahed
Open-Access Resource for the Management and Promotion of Greek Museums with Folk Exhibits
Anna Vacalopoulou, Stella Markantonatou, Katerina Toraki and Panagiotis Minos
Small Scale Event Product Analysis Based on Conjoint Analysis Results: The Case of Yedi Kule Conquest Monuments Run
Sofia Gkarane and Chris A. Vassiliadis
Art or Society with “Emotions”: Manifestations of Emotions from Ancient Greece to Today
Alexandra Vezyrogianni and Efharis Mascha
Analysis of the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Learning Organization in Health Care Services
Aspasia Goula, Dionisia Katelouzou, George Pierrakos, Dimitra Latsou, Sofia Dimakou, Aggeliki Stamouli and Chrysostomos Natsis
Ways to Find Employment and Preferences in Relation to a New Job for University Graduates of the Pilsen Region in the Czech Republic
Lenka Ližbetinová and Dagmar Weberová
Entrepreneurial Intention Determinants Among Female Students. The Influence of Role Models, Parents’ Occupation and Perceived Behavioral Control on Forming the Desire to Become a Business Owner
Alexandros Sahinidis, Dimitrios Stavroulakis, Evangelia Kossieri and Sotiris Varelas
Satisfaction of Internal Customers in a Public University Hospital
Aspasia Goula, Theodoros Markou, George Pierrakos, Dimitra Latsou, Sofia Dimakou, Aggeliki Stamouli and Chrysostomos Natsis
Facebook Content Strategies: A Case Study of a Subsidiary Company in Greece
Amalia Triantafillidou, Prodromos Yannas and Georgios Lappas
Examining Gaps in Business and Logistics Skills and Their Performance Implications in the Agrifood Supply Chain in Greece
Panagiotis Trivellas, Panagiotis Reklitis, Catherine Marinagi and Giannis T. Tsoulfas
Understanding Aviation Consumers’ Experience at the Time of Their Journeys: The Use of the Denied Boarding Regulations (DBRs) at Chios Airport
Maria Salamoura and Viktoria Voxaki
ICT-Based Participatory Approaches for the Exploitation and Re-use of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Nikos Grammalidis and Ioannis Poulios
Business Students in Mexico Developing Work Skills with Work Integrated Learning
Elsa Patricia Orozco Quijano, Suniti Bandaranaike, Ma. del Sol Orozco Aguirre and Rana Haq
Investigating the Adoption of Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies at Institutional Cultural Festivals in Greece. The Case Study of Aeschylia in Elefsina
Lamprini Trivella
Using the Theory of Planned Behavior and the Big Five Personality Trait Model in Predicting Entrepreneurial Intention: A Comparison Study of the Two Models
Alexandros G. Sahinidis, Dimitris Stavroulakis, Evangelia Kossieri and Labros Sdrolias
Consumers’ Attitudes Towards Advertisement in YouTube
Ioannis I. Antoniadis, Vaggelis S. Saprikis and Eirini Ε. Karteraki
An Innovative Platform for Creating Audience-Specific Gamified Cultural Tourism Guides Where Art, Tradition and Culture, Technology and Business Converge
Konstantinos I. Kotsopoulos, Pelagia Chourdaki, Rallis Antoniadis, Dimitrios Tsolis and George Pavlidis
The Historic and Monumental Enhancement as a Tool for the Sustainable Development of Cultural Assets of Greece
Evangelos Papoulias and Theoklis-Petros Zounis
Internet Services and Social Networks in the Greek Academia
Dionysios Fragkopoulos
The Effect of Asymmetrical Image Projections on Online Destination Branding
Flávio Tiago, Teresa Borges-Tiago, Sotirios Varelas and Androniki Kavoura
Aegina’s Pistachio as a Cultural Resource for the Development and Promotion of the Island
Konstantina Chatzina
The Cultural, Nutritional and the Socio-Economic Value of Greek Messinian Olive Oil
Eugenia Bitsani, Sofia Agriopoulou and Christina Athanasopoulou
Enhancing Practice in Continuity with Innovative Thinking: The Primary Task of Higher Education
Marcela Göttlichová
Engaging New Museum Audience Through Art Workshops: The Case of “Adult Art” at Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
Christina Mavini
The Role of Social Relations in Fostering Entrepreneurship and Creative Use of SME Resources
Natalya Totskaya
Traditional and Modern Forms of Synergies Between Cultural and Tourism Sectors: Challenges and Opportunities for Greek Folk Festivities Promoting Traditional Products
Olga Tsakirides
Health Management Issues from Related Quality of Life Between Greek and Refugees Postpartum Women in Greece
George Pierrakos, Dimitra Latsou, Eleni Kouklaki, Aspasia Goula, John Pateras, Chisostomos Natsis and Sotiris Soulis
ICT in the Promotion of Arts and Cultural Heritage Education in Museums
Stella Sylaiou and Georgios Papaioannou
The Role of Destination Brand Image and Revisit Intention on Tourist Spending
Jashim Khan, Vivi Maltezou and Chang He
Creativity and Sustainable Development: A Proposal to Transform a Small Greek Island into a Creative Town
Kiriaki Alyfanti and Despina Sdrali
Understanding the Challenges of the Healthcare System in Promoting Best Use of Digital Marketing Tools for a Purposeful Living
Ana María Gómez-Olmedo and Maria Tsirintani
Combining Traditional and Digital Tools in Developing an International Guerilla Marketing Strategy: The Case of a SME Greek Company
Sofia Gkarane, Lenoudias Efstratios-Marinos, Chris A. Vassiliadis and Yannis Vassiliadis
The End of Marketing as You Know It. Or Not!
Dorin C. Coita, Adela L. Popa, Teodora M. Tarcza, Naiana N. Ţarcă, Dinu V. Sasu and Remus Roşca
Categorization of Ambient Media Based on Identification of Common Signs of Selected Installations
Tomáš Šula
The Dynamic Synergy in Communication and Tourism Development Is Calling the City of Katerini, Greece
Erasmia Patsiou
Collaborative Problem Solving as a Critical Transversal Skill for the Transition from the School Environment to the Workplace
Panagiota Argyri
Seeking for a Better Fitting: Understanding the Tour Operators for Cruises on Sao Miguel Island
Sandra Dias Faria, Ruben Andrade and João Couto
Impact of the Economic Crisis on Health Indicators in Greece and the Need for Primary Health Care Services
George Pierrakos, Dimitra Latsou and Aspasia Goula
Voters’ Behavior: What Drives Political Consumption in Cyprus? An Analysis of the Behavior of Young Voters
Harry Ph. Sophocleous and Andreas Masouras
An Examination of Consumers’ Attitudes Towards Genetically Modified-Food: The Greek Case
Lambros Tsourgiannis, Theodoros Markopoulos and Vasilis Zoumpoulidis
App Store Optimization Factors for Effective Mobile App Ranking
Makrina Karagkiozidou, Christos Ziakis, Maro Vlachopoulou and Theodosios Kyrkoudis
Websites and Facebook Profile Communication of Dentists in Oradea, Romania
Felicia Constantin and Androniki Kavoura
Institutional and Organizational Efforts to Establish Primary Health Care in Greece
Charalampos Platis and Nikoletta Kyritsi
Actors in a Museum: Towards an Innovative Theatre Stage
Stratis Panourios
Online Imagined Communities in the Airline Industry
Efstathios Kefallonitis and Androniki Kavoura
Advances and Distinctions in the Use of Biometric Methods Versus Traditional Methods for Studying the Customer Experience
David McLain and Efstathios Kefallonitis
The Effect of Airport Branding to Air Traffic and Passenger Movement: An Overview
Efstathios Kefallonitis and Konstantinos Kalligiannis
Do Social Media Affect Museums’ Brand Equity? An Exploratory Qualitative Study
Zoe-Charis Belenioti, George Tsourvakas and Chris A. Vassiliadis
The Sociological Approach to Tourism in the Period of Economic Crisis
Labros Sdrolias, Dimitrios Tsiotas, Olga Kalantzi, Nikolaos Kakkos, Vasileios D. Spanos and Stefanos Koffas
Exploring the Factors Affecting Consumer Acceptance of Proximity M-Payment Services
Apostolos Giovanis, Androniki Kavoura, Ioannis Rizomyliotis, Sotiris Varelas and Aspasia Vlachvei
OneAppy: An Interactive Platform Providing Novel Marketing Channels and Promoting Product and Services to the Tourism Industry
Ioannis Paliokas, Stella Sylaiou, Nikolaos Katertsidis, Odysseas Tsakai, Alexandros Tzallas, Nikolaos Giannakeas, Markos Tsipouras, Konstantinos Votis and Vaggelis Nomikos
European Works Councils in the Hotel Industry
Stephen J. Havlovic
Investigating the Social Media Potential to Attract Customers in the Banking Services Industry Using Fuzzy Delphi and Analytic Hierarchy Process
Eleni-Maria Mousouraki, Dimitrios Kardaras, George Stalidis, Stavroula Barbounaki and Eleutherios Papathanasiou
Greek Consumers’ Awareness and Perceptions for Green Hotels and Green Furniture
Ioannis Papadopoulos, Marios Trigkas, Aikaterini Papadopoulou, Argiro Mallisiova and Fotini Mpakogiorgou
Exploring the Power of Certification Systems in the Development of Hiking Tourism in Greece: The Case of Menalon Trail from the Demand-Side
Alexios-Patapios Kontis and Georgia Dimopoulou
Tourism, Design and Disability?
Maria Poli
Projected Destination Images Versus Visitor-Generated Visual Content in Brasov, Transylvania
Florin Nechita, Robert Demeter, Victor-Alexandru Briciu, Sotiris Varelas and Androniki Kavoura
The Dawn of GDPR: Implications for the Digital Business Landscape
Charalampos Tziogas and Naoum Tsolakis
Strategic Synergies and Co-marketing: A Case Study of the Airline Sector
Sotiris Varelas, Androniki Kavoura, Apostolos Giovanis, Teresa Borges-Tiago and Flávio Tiago
Cyprus’s Wine Market: Influencing Factors of Consumer Behaviour as Part of Destination Marketing
Andreas Masouras, Ioannis Komodromos and Christos Papademetriou
The Evolution of Demographic Changes in Greek Society and Proposed Administrative Management Model
George Pierrakos, Evangelia Maritsa, Charalampos Platis, Dimitra Latsou and Sotiris Soulis
Reasons for Using Daily Deal Sites
Aikaterini Stavrianea, Evangelia-Zoi Bara and Spyridon Mamalis
Does Sharing Economy Shape Consumers’ Attitudes?
Merve Yanar Gürce
Spatial Planning Principles as an Active Agent: Making Greece a Global Market for Sensitized Tourism
Chara Agaliotou, Loukia Martha and Maria Vrasida
Understanding Consumers’ Attitudes and Behavioural Intentions Towards Corporate Social Responsibility in the Airline Industry: The Role of Perceived Value and Expectations
Kleopatra Konstantoulaki, Ahmet Yigitbas, Apostolos Giovanis and Ioannis Rizomyliotis
Effects of the Blockchain Technology on Human Resources and Marketing: An Exploratory Study
Dorin C. Coita, Maria Madela Abrudan and Mirabela Constanta Matei
Indian Cultural Institutions on Instagram
Vasiliki Vrana, Faizan Khan, George Karavasilis, Evangelos Kehris and Dimitrios Kydros
Island Tourism: Keep It Smart and Sustainable—An Exploratory Approach
Sónia Avelar
Senior Tourism in Europe: When There Are “No Boundaries”
Sónia Avelar, Flávio Tiago and Teresa Borges-Tiago
Follow the Trail of Culture Through Time: The Use of Archeological Sites as Performance Space
Katerina Nikolopoulou and Stratis Panourios
Tourism as a Process of Promoting and Developing Traditional Settlements
Dionysia Fragkou and Dimitris Marnellos
Brand as a Strategic Asset for Cultural Organisations: A Proposal for the Forthcoming Cultural Institution of Pafos
Harry Ph. Sophocleous, Andreas Masouras and Christos Papademetriou
The Concept of Analysis and Reconstruction of the Work Time System in a Tourism Enterprise
Leszek Koziol and Janusz Zabek
A Proposed Online Platform for Ranking Place Brands Identity Characteristics of Official Tourism Websites
Victor-Alexandru Briciu, Robert Demeter, Florin Nechita, Androniki Kavoura and Arabela Briciu
Cyber Security: From Regulations and Policies to Practice
Leandros Maglaras, Mohamed Amine Ferrag, Abdelouahid Derhab, Mithun Mukherjee and Helge Janicke
The Migrant Every Country Wants to Have: Motion, Emotion, Imagination at the Joe Petrosino Museum in Padula, Italy
Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt and Aldo Russo
The Dynamics of Small and Peripheral Airports in Tourism and Regional Development: The Case of Greece
Dimitrios Tsiotas, Spyros Niavis and Serafeim Polyzos
Cultural Tourism, Destination Branding and Spatial Experience Design: Contemporary Hospitality Design in Cyprus
Anna Efstathiou and Eleonore Zippelius
Innovative Mobile Tourism Services: The Case of ‘Greek at the Hotel’
Ioanna Antoniou-Kritikou, Constandina Economou, Christina Flouda and Panagiotis Karioris
Modeling the International Tourism Demand as a Complex Network: The Case of the Global Inbound Tourism Market
Dimitrios Tsiotas, Spyros Niavis, Dimitrios Belias and Labros Sdrolias
Netourwork Framework: A New Era in Strategic Innovative Networking System for Tourism Enterprises
Sotiris Varelas
Social Media Celebrities and Para-social Relationships: The Chinese Context
Meng Tao, Hamza Kaka Abdul Wahab and Jashim Khan
Environment and Tourism: An Interactive and Creative Relation—The Cases of Vorres Museum and a Cultural Network of Cities
Elina Riga and Eleftheria Sklavounou
Trust and Role in the Sharing Economy
Tao Meng, Chang He and Jashim Khan
Online Personal Selling, Need for Touch and e-Loyalty
Jashim Khan, Zuo Na and Meng Tao
The Passage from the Materialistic Approach to the Integrated One in Cultural Heritage and Cultural Policies: Challenges and Perspectives
Evangelos Papoulias and Efharis Mascha
Carrying Capacity Assessment for Tourism Development: A Strategic Approach
Sotrios Varelas and Dimitrios Belias
YouTube Videos: A Destination Marketing Outlook
Flávio Tiago, Filipa Moreira and Teresa Borges-Tiago
Strategic Innovations in Tourism Enterprises Through Blockchain Technology
Sotirios Varelas, Panagiotis Georgitseas, Florin Nechita and Alexandros Sahinidis
Understanding Tourist Diaspora: An Interdisciplinary Mixed Mode Design Documenting Greek Tourist Diaspora
Despina A. Karayanni, Siva Ram Vemuri and Vasilis Ieronymakis
Adventure Tourism-Examining Cases of How It Can Contribute on Rural Development in Greece
Dimitrios Belias
Responsibilities and Ethics of the Greek Businesses on Tourism Industry: An Explanatory Quantitative Research
Despina A. Karayanni and Efthimios Dragotis
Culinary Innovation: The Path to Michelin Stars
Magda Peistikou and Natasha Iliopoulou
Hotel Revenue Management Techniques and Successful Applications in the Greek Resort Hotels Sector
Maria Douvrou
To Be or Not to Be? Which Is the Case with Robots in the Hotel Industry?
Dimitrios Belias and Sotiris Varelas
Exploratory Study: How Social Networks Effect the Purchasing Intentions of Moroccan Consumers?
M. Chouaib Dakouan and M. Redouane Benabdelouahed
Spatial Design as a Significant Marketing Tool: A Semiological Analysis of the Rejuvenating Process of a Hospitality Environment Case Study
Anna Efstathiou, Olga Efstathiou and Lina Psychopoulou
The Environmental Aspects of Packaging: Implications for Marketing Strategies
Anastasios E. Politis, Christos Sarigiannidis and Vasilis Voutsinas
Come for Broadway, Stay for Bypass: Who Is New York’s Medical Tourist?
Michele Thornton
Innovation in Graphic: Print Communication and Its Contribution to Marketing Strategies
Anastasios E. Politis
Supporting Cultural Heritage Preservation Through Game-Based Crowdsourcing
Lazaros Toumanidis, Enkeleda Bocaj, Panagiotis Kasnesis and Charalampos Z. Patrikakis
Is Social Media Paying Its Money?
Theodoros Oikonomidis and Konstantinos Fouskas
Consumers Against Luxury Brands: Towards a Research Agenda
Antigone G. Kyrousi and Prokopis K. Theodoridis
Entrepreneurs: Why They Are Essential to Industry Success, Global Trends and Opportunities and How to Recruit Top Talent
Lisa A. Tamilia
Hotel Satisfaction from Generation Y
Irene (Eirini) Kamenidou, Spyridon Mamalis, Evangelia-Zoi Bara and Stavros Pavlidis
Blockchain and Its Role in the Internet of Things
Mohamed Amine Ferrag, Leandros Maglaras and Helge Janicke
Local Tradition Meets Gastronomy: The Example of Mount Athos Area Kouzina
Magda Peistikou and Natasha Iliopoulou
Comparison of Labor Productivity in Tourism and the Economy, Analysis of Selected Countries
Wojciech Koziol and Anna Mikos
A Classification Model for Serious Games Used in Museums, Galleries and Other Cultural Sites
Ioannis Paliokas and Stella Sylaiou
Augmented Reality: The Proposed Moderating Role of Hedonic and Utilitarian Motivations on the Intention to Visit a Destination
Nergis Aziz and Barry A. Friedman
Crisis Management Within the Hotel Industry: The Case of Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Popular Greek Tourism Destinations
Foteini Giannopoulou
A Literature Review of Smartphone Geolocation Technologies
Theodoros Oikonomidis and Konstantinos Fouskas
Entrepreneur Without Intention with Websites as a Communication Tool: Current Trends in Romania
Felicia Constantin and Androniki Kavoura
Digital Self in the Making: An Exploratory Study About Luxury Consumers on Social Media
Eirini Koronaki and Athina Y. Zotou
Concept Hotels: Offering Unique Experiences to Travelers and Increased Profitability to Businesses
Maria Douvrou
Sustainable Development of Skills for the Tourism Sector and Its Financial Impact
Sofia Asonitou and Chara Kottara
Participatory Design for Culture Change: The Case of the National Library of Greece Rebranding Process
Stephania Xydia
Resilient Tourism in a Resilient Cultural Heritage Site
Vanni Resta and Fabio Perossini
Cultural Innovation Management: Pilot-Research in Production Units, Greece, 2017–2018
Olga Tsakirides
Developing the Museum-Monumental Experience from Linear to Interactive Using Chatbots
Lazaros Toumanidis, Petros Karapetros, Christos Giannousis, Dimitrios G. Kogias, Michalis Feidakis and Charalampos Z. Patrikakis
E-Procurement in Public Hospitals in Greece
Charalampos Platis, Ioannis Karafyllis and Georgia Kaoura
Castel Lagopesole: From an Empty Shell to a Lucrative Venture. Digital Heritage and Community Empowerment
Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt and Aldo Russo
Lector in Fabula: Reinventing Digital Publishing to Attract the Youth and Strengthen Cultural Capital in Sites Museums and Collections
Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt and Aldo Russo
Location-Aware Technologies: How They Affect Customer Experience
Olga Pachni-Tsitiridou and Konstantinos Fouskas
Tourism Marketing Through Internet and Social Media, the Contribution of Smartphones and Virtual Reality
Anastasia Kastanidou
Museums Brand Equity and Social Media: Looking into Current Research Insights and Future Research Propositions
Zoe-Charis Belenioti, George Tsourvakas and Chris A. Vassiliadis
Consumer Segmentation Matrix and Variables for the Explanation of Binary Purchasing Criteria: Prices vs. Product Differentiation
Jose Vargas-Hernandez, Elsa Patricia Orozco Quijano, Cesar Francisco Cárdenas-Dávila and Julio Cesar Ceniceros-Angulo
An Exploration of Employability Competences of Greek Accountants: The Employers’ Opinion
Sofia Asonitou
Entrepreneurship Education Impact on Entrepreneurial Intention Among Tourism Students: A Longitudinal Study
Alexandros G. Sahinidis, George Polychronopoulos and Dimitrios Kallivokas
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impact on Digital Marketing Research
Dimitris C. Gkikas and Prokopis K. Theodoridis
United States Small Employers: A New Marketing Channel for Medical Tourism?
Michele Thornton
Country-of-Origin Preferences and Networks in Medical Tourism: Beyond the Reach of Providers?
Klaus Schmerler
Flowering Local Community Participation: Culture and Nature as Cradles of Sustainable Development Via “KOINONO Tinos Art Gathering”
Christos Artemis and Olga Tsakirides
Online Presence of Tour Companies in the Azores
Sandra Faria, Nuno Pereira, Maria Tiago, Flávio Tiago and João Couto
Fighting Recession with Art: Innovative Suggestions from Pioneers in Opera—The Case of “The Medium Project”
Raia Tsakiridis, Andreas Tselikas and Olga Tsakirides
Tourism Marketing Channels in Digital Evolution Era: Online Travel Agencies in Greek Tourism Industry
Alexios-Patapios Kontis, Sofoklis Skoultsos and Dimitris Papayiannis
The Wine Lab: Generating Innovation Between Practice and Research—Exploring the Views from Wine Makers and Policy Makers
Spyridon Mamalis, Irene Kamenidou, Alessio Cavicchi and Gigliola Paviotti
How Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing
Prokopis K. Theodoridis and Dimitris C. Gkikas

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