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4798: Labour Supply and Commuting Downloads
Eva Gutiérrez-i-Puigarnau and Jos van Ommeren
4797: Social Mobility: Is There an Advantage in Being English in Scotland? Downloads
Maarten van Ham, Allan M. Findlay, David Manley and Peteke Feijten
4796: The Effect of Education on Smoking Behavior: New Evidence from Smoking Durations of a Sample of Twins Downloads
Pierre Koning, Dinand Webbink and Nicholas G. Martin
4795: Bonus Payments and Reference Point Violations Downloads
Axel Ockenfels, Dirk Sliwka and Peter Werner
4794: Estimation of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects on Hazard Rates Downloads
Simen Gaure, Knut Røed, Gerard van den Berg and Tao Zhang
4793: Strategic Behavior across Gender: A Comparison of Female and Male Expert Chess Players Downloads
Christer Gerdes and Patrik Gränsmark
4792: The Design of Unemployment Transfers: Evidence from a Dynamic Structural Life-Cycle Model Downloads
Peter Haan and Victoria Prowse
4791: Increasing Income Inequality: Productivity, Bargaining and Skill-Upgrading Downloads
Anders Frederiksen and Odile Poulsen
4790: Start-Up Subsidies for the Unemployed: Long-Term Evidence and Effect Heterogeneity Downloads
Marco Caliendo and Steffen Künn
4789: Non-Response Biases in Surveys of School Children: The Case of the English PISA Samples Downloads
John Micklewright, Sylke Schnepf and Chris Skinner
4788: Does Immigration Induce 'Native Flight' from Public Schools? Evidence from a Large Scale Voucher Program Downloads
Christer Gerdes
4787: Revisiting the Income-Health Nexus: The Importance of Choosing the "Right" Indicator Downloads
Nicolas Ziebarth and Joachim Frick
4786: Financial Constraints and Innovation: Why Poor Countries Don't Catch Up Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Monika Schnitzer
4785: Trends in Economic Research: An International Perspective Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso, Paulo Guimaraes and Klaus Zimmermann
4784: Technical Change and Total Factor Productivity Growth: The Case of Chinese Provinces Downloads
Almas Heshmati and Subal Kumbhakar
4783: Gender Wage Gap: A Semi-Parametric Approach with Sample Selection Correction Downloads
Matteo Picchio and Chiara Mussida
4782: Reciprocity and Incentive Pay in the Workplace Downloads
Robert Dur, Arjan Non and Hein Roelfsema
4781: Alternative Basic Income Mechanisms: An Evaluation Exercise with a Microeconometric Model Downloads
Ugo Colombino, Marilena Locatelli, Edlira Narazani and Cathal O'Donoghue
4780: The Role of Early-Life Conditions in the Cognitive Decline due to Adverse Events Later in Life Downloads
Gerard van den Berg, Dorly J. H. Deeg, Maarten Lindeboom and France Portrait
4779: Learning from Latin America's Experience: Europe's Failure in the "Lisbon Process" Downloads
Arno Tausch and Almas Heshmati
4778: What's the Difference?! Gender, Personality, and the Propensity to Start a Business Downloads
Marina Furdas and Karsten Kohn
4777: Job Competition and the Wage Curve Downloads
Simonetta Longhi
4776: Wage Work for Women: The Menstrual Cycle and the Power of Water Downloads
Yasheng Maimaiti and William Siebert
4775: No Country for Fat Men? Obesity, Earnings, Skills, and Health among 450,000 Swedish Men Downloads
Petter Lundborg, Paul Nystedt and Dan-Olof Rooth
4774: Handedness, Health and Cognitive Development: Evidence from Children in the NLSY Downloads
David Johnston, Michael E. R. Nicholls, Manisha Shah and Michael Shields
4773: Optimal Use of Labor Market Policies: The Role of Job Search Assistance Downloads
Conny Wunsch
4772: Public Support for Innovation, Intangible Investment and Productivity Growth in the UK Market Sector Downloads
Jonathan Haskel and Gavin Wallis
4771: Do Women Manage Smaller Funds? Downloads
Olaf Hübler and Lukas Menkhoff
4770: Does Size Matter? The Impact of Changes in Household Structure on Income Distribution in Germany Downloads
Andreas Peichl, Nico Pestel and Hilmar Schneider
4769: Robust Inequality Comparisons Downloads
Rolf Aaberge and Magne Mogstad
4768: The Effect of Children on Specialization and Coordination of Partners' Activities Downloads
Anh Le and Paul Miller
4767: The Political Economy of Intergenerational Income Mobility Downloads
Andrea Ichino, Loukas Karabarbounis and Enrico Moretti
4766: Managerial Talent, Motivation, and Self-Selection into Public Management Downloads
Josse Delfgaauw and Robert Dur
4765: Age, Wage and Productivity Downloads
Jan van Ours and Lenny Stoeldraijer
4764: Accounting for China's Growth Downloads
Loren Brandt and Xiaodong Zhu
4763: The Impact of 9/11 and the London Bombings on the Employment and Earnings of U.K. Muslims Downloads
Faisal Rabby and William M. Rodgers
4762: Does Conflict Disrupt Growth? Evidence of the Relationship between Political Instability and National Economic Performance Downloads
Solomon Polachek and Daria Sevastianova
4761: The ART of Life: IVF or Child Adoption? Downloads
Gulcin Gumus and Jungmin Lee
4760: Slip Sliding Away: Further Union Decline in Germany and Britain Downloads
John Addison, Alex Bryson, Paulino Teixeira and André Pahnke
4759: The Analytical Returns to Measuring a Detailed Household Roster Downloads
Richard Akresh and Eric Edmonds
4758: Mortgage Finance in Central and Eastern Europe: Opportunity or Burden? Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Katie Kibuuka and Erwin R. Tiongson
4757: Measuring What Employers Really Do about Entry Wages over the Business Cycle Downloads
Pedro Martins, Gary Solon and Jonathan Thomas
4756: Stability of Time Preferences Downloads
Stephan Meier and Charles Sprenger
4755: Are Happiness and Productivity Lower among University Students with Newly-Divorced Parents? An Experimental Approach Downloads
Eugenio Proto, Daniel Sgroi and Andrew Oswald
4754: Longer-Term Impacts of Mentoring, Educational Services, and Incentives to Learn: Evidence from a Randomized Trial Downloads
Núria Rodriguez-Planas
4753: Returns to Education and Macroeconomic Shocks: Evidence from Argentina Downloads
Florencia Lopez Boo
4752: Earnings Determination and Taxes: Evidence from a Cohort Based Payroll Tax Reform in Greece Downloads
Emmanuel Saez, Manos Matsaganis and Panos Tsakloglou
4751: Determinants of Lifetime Unemployment: A Micro Data Analysis with Censored Quantile Regressions Downloads
Achim Schmillen and Joachim Möller
4750: Locus of Control and Job Search Strategies Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Deborah Cobb-Clark and Arne Uhlendorff
4749: Rates of Return to University Education: The Regression Discontinuity Design Downloads
Elliott Fan, Xin Meng, Zhichao Wei and Guochang Zhao
4748: Minimum Wages and Employment: Reconsidering the Use of a Time-Series Approach as an Evaluation Tool Downloads
Wang-Sheng Lee and Sandy Suardi
4747: Family Values and the Regulation of Labor Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc and Paola Giuliano
4746: Intrinsic Motivations and the Non-Profit Health Sector: Evidence from Ethiopia Downloads
Danila Serra, Pieter Serneels and Abigail Barr
4745: Which Immigrants Are Most Innovative and Entrepreneurial? Distinctions by Entry Visa Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
4744: The Effect of Enclave Residence on the Labour Force Activities of Immigrants in Canada Downloads
Jiong Tu
4743: Dialects, Cultural Identity, and Economic Exchange Downloads
Oliver Falck, Stephan Heblich, Alfred Lameli and Jens Suedekum
4742: Ethnic Concentration and Language Fluency of Immigrants in Germany Downloads
Alexander Danzer and Firat Yaman
4741: Ethnic Discrimination in Germany's Labour Market: A Field Experiment Downloads
Leo Kaas and Christian Manger
4740: Policies to Promote Growth and Economic Efficiency in Mexico Downloads
Francisco Javier Arias-Vazquez, Oliver Azuara, Pedro Bernal, James Heckman and Cajeme Villarreal
4739: Demographics, Fiscal Health, and School Quality: Shedding Light on School Closure Decisions Downloads
Sherrilyn Billger
4738: Modeling College Major Choices Using Elicited Measures of Expectations and Counterfactuals Downloads
Peter Arcidiacono, V. Joseph Hotz and Songman Kang
4737: Immigration Policies and the Ecuadorian Exodus Downloads
Simone Bertoli, Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga and Francesc Ortega
4736: Returning to the Question of a Wage Premium for Returning Migrants Downloads
Alan Barrett and Jean Goggin
4735: The Working Hours of Immigrants in Germany: Temporary versus Permanent Downloads
Martin Kahanec and Michael Shields
4734: An Inquiry into the Theory, Causes and Consequences of Monitoring Indicators of Health and Safety at Work Downloads
Konstantinos Pouliakas and Ioannis Theodossiou
4733: Do Labor Statistics Depend on How and to Whom the Questions Are Asked? Results from a Survey Experiment in Tanzania Downloads
Elena Bardasi, Kathleen Beegle, Andrew Dillon and Pieter Serneels
4732: Strategic Sophistication of Individuals and Teams in Experimental Normal-Form Games Downloads
Matthias Sutter, Simon Czermak and Francesco Feri
4731: The Impact of Training on Productivity and Wages: Firm Level Evidence Downloads
Jozef Konings and Stijn Vanormelingen
4730: Winning Big but Feeling No Better? The Effect of Lottery Prizes on Physical and Mental Health Downloads
Bénédicte Apouey and Andrew Clark
4729: Greasing the Wheels of International Commerce: How Services Facilitate Firms' International Sourcing Downloads
Peter Debaere, Holger Görg and Horst Raff
4728: The Job Creation Effect of R&D Expenditures Downloads
Francesco Bogliacino and Marco Vivarelli
4727: Well-being Inequality and Reference Groups: An Agenda for New Research Downloads
Bernard van Praag
4726: Retirement Responses to a Generous Pension Reform: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Eastern Europe Downloads
Alexander Danzer
4725: Econometric Methods for Causal Evaluation of Education Policies and Practices: A Non-Technical Guide Downloads
Martin Schlotter, Guido Schwerdt and Ludger Woessmann
4724: Disposable Workforce in Italy Downloads
Bruno Contini and Elisa Grand
4723: Do Peers Affect Student Achievement? Evidence from Canada Using Group Size Variation Downloads
Vincent Boucher, Yann Bramoullé, Habiba Djebbari and Bernard Fortin
4722: Wage Inequality, Linkages and FDI Downloads
Nigel Driffield, Sourafel Girma, Michael Henry and Karl Taylor
4721: Changes in Job Stability: Evidence from Lifetime Job Histories Downloads
Miikka Rokkanen and Roope Uusitalo
4720: Retire Later or Work Harder? Downloads
David Bell and Robert Hart
4719: Valuing School Quality via a School Choice Reform Downloads
Stephen Machin and Kjell G Salvanes
4718: Youth Employment in Europe: Institutions and Social Capital Explain Better than Mainstream Economics Downloads
Bruno Contini
4717: Mental Health and Working Conditions in European Countries Downloads
Elena Cottini and Claudio Lucifora
4716: Transferability of Human Capital and Immigrant Assimilation: An Analysis for Germany Downloads
Leilanie Basilio and Thomas Bauer
4715: Divorced Fathers' Proximity and Children's Long Run Outcomes: Evidence from Norwegian Registry Data Downloads
Ariel Kalil, Magne Mogstad, Mari Rege and Mark Votruba
4714: Measuring Long-Term Inequality of Opportunity Downloads
Rolf Aaberge, Magne Mogstad and Vito Peragine
4713: Pay Enough, Don't Pay Too Much or Don't Pay at All? The Impact of Bonus Intensity on Job Satisfaction Downloads
Konstantinos Pouliakas
4712: Modelling Heterogeneity and Dynamics in the Volatility of Individual Wages Downloads
Laura Hospido
4711: Is Informality Bad? Evidence from Brazil, Mexico and South Africa Downloads
Olivier Bargain and Prudence Kwenda
4710: Screening, Competition, and Job Design: Economic Origins of Good Jobs Downloads
Björn Bartling, Ernst Fehr and Klaus Schmidt
4709: Beliefs and Actions in the Trust Game: Creating Instrumental Variables to Estimate the Causal Effect Downloads
Miguel A. Costa-Gomes, Steffen Huck and Georg Weizsäcker
4708: From Shame to Game in One Hundred Years: An Economic Model of the Rise in Premarital Sex and its De-Stigmatization Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Jeremy Greenwood and Nezih Guner
4707: Profit Sharing, Wage Formation and Flexible Outsourcing under Labor Market Imperfection Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Jan König
4706: The Political Resource Curse Downloads
Fernanda Brollo, Tommaso Nannicini, Roberto Perotti and Guido Tabellini
4705: Youth Unemployment: Déjà Vu? Downloads
David Bell and David Blanchflower
4704: Why Do BLS Hours Series Tell Different Stories About Trends in Hours Worked? Downloads
Harley Frazis and Jay Stewart
4703: Inequality Aversion and Risk Attitudes Downloads
Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell and Xavi Ramos
4702: Estimating the Technology of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skill Formation Downloads
Flavio Cunha, James Heckman and Susanne Schennach
4701: Family Job Search, Wage Bargaining, and Optimal Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Susanne Ek and Bertil Holmlund
4700: Treatment Evaluation in the Case of Interactions within Markets Downloads
Marc Ferracci, Gregory Jolivet and Gerard van den Berg
4699: On the Measurement of Long-Term Income Inequality and Income Mobility Downloads
Rolf Aaberge and Magne Mogstad
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