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10823: The Impact of Sleep Restriction on Contributions and Punishment: First Evidence Downloads
Jeremy Clark and David Dickinson
10822: The Economic Value of Breaking Bad: Misbehavior, Schooling and the Labor Market Downloads
Nicholas W. Papageorge, Victor Ronda and Yu Zheng
10821: Unordered Monotonicity Downloads
James Heckman and Rodrigo Pinto
10820: Social Comparisons in Oligopsony Downloads
Laszlo Goerke and Michael Neugart
10819: Security, Trade, and Political Violence Downloads
Francesco Amodio, Leonardo Baccini and Michele Di Maio
10818: Roots of Autocracy Downloads
Oded Galor and Marc Klemp
10817: Active Ingredients: Exploring the Key Factors Affecting the Rising Cost of Developing New Drugs Downloads
Sarah J. Fossett and Phanindra V. Wunnava
10816: Industrial Espionage and Productivity Downloads
Albrecht Glitz and Erik Meyersson
10815: Racing against Time in Research: A Study of the 1995 U.S. Patent Law Amendment Downloads
Jinyoung Kim
10814: Father Absence and the Educational Gender Gap Downloads
Shelly Lundberg
10813: Taxing Childcare: Effects on Childcare Choices, Family Labor Supply and Children Downloads
Christina Gathmann and Björn Sass
10812: Parental Leave, (In)formal Childcare and Long-term Child Outcomes Downloads
Natalia Danzer, Martin Halla, Nicole Schneeweis and Martina Zweimüller
10811: Quantifying the Life-Cycle Benefits of a Prototypical Early Childhood Program Downloads
Jorge Luis García, James Heckman, Duncan Ermini Leaf and Maria José Prados
10810: Economic Conditions at Birth and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Adulthood: Evidence from New Cohorts Downloads
Rob Alessie, Viola Angelini, Gerard J. van den Berg, Jochen Mierau and Laura Viluma
10809: Mortality and the Business Cycle: Evidence from Individual and Aggregated Data Downloads
Gerard J. van den Berg, Ulf-G Gerdtham, Stephanie von Hinke, Maarten Lindeboom, Johannes Lissdaniels, Jan Sundquist and Kristina Sundquist
10808: Health and Health Inequality during the Great Recession: Evidence from the PSID Downloads
Chenggang Wang, Huixia Wang and Timothy Halliday
10807: War during Childhood: The Long Run Effects of Warfare on Health Downloads
Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel
10806: The Labor Market Effects of Refugee Waves: Reconciling Conflicting Results Downloads
Michael A. Clemens and Jennifer Hunt
10805: Less Welfare or Fewer Foreigners? Immigrant Inflows and Public Opinion towards Redistribution and Migration Policy Downloads
Elie Murard
10804: The Long-Awaited Rise of the Middle Class in Latin America Is Finally Happening Downloads
Maurizio Bussolo, Maryla Maliszewska and Elie Murard
10803: The Effect of Social Networks on the Economic Outcomes of a Disadvantaged Group: Evidence from Tribal Affiliations Downloads
Isabelle Sin and Steven Stillman
10802: Macroeconomic Determinants of International Migration to the UK Downloads
Giuseppe Forte and Jonathan Portes
10801: Regression Discontinuity Design with Continuous Measurement Error in the Running Variable Downloads
Laurent Davezies and Thomas Le Barbanchon
10800: Eliciting Permanent and Transitory Undeclared Work from Matched Administrative and Survey Data Downloads
Peter Elek and Köllő, János
10799: Estimating the Effects of Potential Benefit Duration without Variation in the Maximum Duration of Unemployment Benefits Downloads
Tomi Kyyrä and Hanna Pesola
10798: The Spike at Benefit Exhaustion in the Finnish Labor Market Downloads
Tomi Kyyrä, Hanna Pesola and Jouko Verho
10797: Adults Behaving Badly: The Effects of Own and Peer Parents' Incarceration on Adolescent Criminal Activities Downloads
Jason Fletcher
10796: Optimizing Criminal Behavior and the Disutility of Prison Downloads
Giovanni Mastrobuoni and David Rivers
10795: Behavioral Insights and Business Taxation: Evidence from Two Randomized Controlled Trials Downloads
Nicholas Biddle, Katja Fels and Mathias Sinning
10794: Worker Overconfidence: Field Evidence and Implications for Employee Turnover and Returns from Training Downloads
Mitchell Hoffman and Stephen Burks
10793: Safe Options Induce Gender Differences in Risk Attitudes Downloads
Paolo Crosetto and Antonio Filippin
10792: Competition and Subsequent Risk-Taking Behaviour: Heterogeneity across Gender and Outcomes Downloads
Antonio Filippin and Francesca Gioia
10791: Selection on Ability and the Early Career Growth in the Gender Wage Gap Downloads
Eduardo Fraga, Gustavo Gonzaga and Rodrigo Soares
10790: Closing or Reproducing the Gender Gap? Parental Transmission, Social Norms and Education Choice Downloads
Maria Humlum, Anne Brink Nandrup and Nina Smith
10789: The Labor Market Gender Gap in Denmark: Sorting Out the Past 30 Years Downloads
Yana Gallen, Rune V. Lesner and Rune Majlund Vejlin
10788: Women in the Workplace and Management Practices: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Takao Kato and Naomi Kodama
10787: Sir! I'd Rather Go to School, Sir! Downloads
Mahdi Majbouri
10786: How Useful Is the Concept of Skills Mismatch? Downloads
Seamus McGuinness, Konstantinos Pouliakas and Paul Redmond
10785: The Dynamics of Study-Work Choice and Its Effect on Intended and Actual University Attainment Downloads
Xiaodong Gong
10784: Nudging Study Habits: A Field Experiment on Peer Tutoring in Higher Education Downloads
Nicholas Wilson and Todd Pugatch
10783: How Do Peers Impact Learning? An Experimental Investigation of Peer-To-Peer Teaching and Ability Tracking Downloads
Erik Kimbrough, Andrew McGee and Hitoshi Shigeoka
10782: High-Impact Minimum Wages and Heterogeneous Regions Downloads
Philipp Vom Berge and Hanna Frings
10781: Spillover Effects of Institutions on Cooperative Behavior, Preferences and Beliefs Downloads
Florian Engl, Arno Riedl and Roberto A. Weber
10780: Effect of Political Decentralization and Female Leadership on Institutional Births and Child Mortality in Rural Bihar, India Downloads
Santosh Kumar and Nishith Prakash
10779: Run For Your Life? The Effect of Close Elections on the Life Expectancy of Politicians Downloads
Mark Borgschulte and Jacob Vogler
10778: Learning to Participate in Politics: Evidence from Jewish Expulsions in Nazi Germany Downloads
Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel, Dozie Okoye and Mutlu Yuksel
10777: The Hedonic Approach to Vineyard Site Selection: Adaptation to Climate Change and Grape Growing in Emerging Markets Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter
10776: Long-Run Effects of Severe Economic Recessions on Male BMI Trajectories and Health Behaviors Downloads
Olena Nizalova and Edward Norton
10775: Body-Weight and Women's Hours of Work: More Evidence That Marriage Markets Matter Downloads
Shoshana Grossbard and Sankar Mukhopadhyay
10774: Sometimes Your Best Just Ain't Good Enough: The Worldwide Evidence on Well-Being Efficiency Downloads
Milena Nikolova and Olga Popova
10773: Harsh Times: Do Stressors Lead to Labor Market Losses? Downloads
Terhi Maczulskij and Petri Böckerman
10772: The Education Motive for Migrant Remittances: Theory and Evidence from India Downloads
Matthieu Delpierre, Arnaud Dupuy, Michel Tenikue and Bertrand Verheyden
10771: U.S. Immigration Reform and the Dynamics of Mexican Migration Downloads
Khulan Altangerel and Jan C. van Ours
10770: Does Part-Time Work Help Unemployed Workers to Find Full-Time Work? Evidence from Spain Downloads
Tomi Kyyrä, Jose Arranz and Carlos Garcia-Serrano
10769: Unemployment, Marginal Attachment and Labor Force Participation in Canada and the United States Downloads
Stephen Jones and W. Craig Riddell
10768: Contingent Employment and Labour Market Pathways: Bridge or Trap? Downloads
Duncan McVicar, Mark Wooden and Yin King Fok
10767: Why So Slow? The School-to-Work Transition in Italy Downloads
Francesco Pastore
10766: The Effects of Youth Labor Market Reforms: Evidence from Italian Apprenticeships Downloads
Andrea Albanese, Lorenzo Cappellari and Marco Leonardi
10765: The 'Soda Tax' is Unlikely to Make Mexicans Lighter: New Evidence on Biases in Elasticities of Demand for Soda Downloads
Mabel Andalón and John Gibson
10764: Displacement and Debt: The Role of Debt in Returning to Work in the Period Following the Great Recession Downloads
Robert W. Bednarzik, Andreas Kern and John J. Hisnanick
10763: Changes in the German Wage Structure: Unions, Internationalization, Tasks, Firms, and Worker Characteristics Downloads
Martin Biewen and Matthias Seckler
10762: Global Earnings Inequality, 1970–2015 Downloads
Olle Hammar and Daniel Waldenström
10761: Correlations of Brothers' Earnings and Intergenerational Transmission Downloads
Paul Bingley and Lorenzo Cappellari
10760: Committee Search with Ex-ante Heterogeneous Agents: Theory and Experimental Evidence Downloads
Keigo Inukai, Keisuke Kawata and Masaru Sasaki
10759: Female Suicide and the Concept of the Midlife Crisis Downloads
Andrew Oswald and Ahmed Tohamy
10758: Gender Differences in the Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program Downloads
Jorge Luis García, James Heckman and Anna Ziff
10757: Fertility Effects of Child Benefits Downloads
Regina Riphahn and Frederik Wiynck
10756: The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms Downloads
David Autor, David Dorn, Lawrence Katz, Christina Patterson and John van Reenen
10755: Do Tournaments with Superstars Encourage or Discourage Competition? Downloads
Michael Babington, Sebastian Goerg and Carl Kitchens
10754: Disappointment Aversion and Social Comparisons in a Real-Effort Competition Downloads
Simon Gächter, Lingbo Huang and Martin Sefton
10753: Opinion Copulas, Homophily and Multimodal Marginals Downloads
Nikos Askitas
10752: Impact of Lower Rated Journals on Economists' Judgments of Publication Lists: Evidence from a Survey Experiment Downloads
Nattavudh Powdthavee, Yohanes Riyanto and Jack L. Knetsch
10751: Consumer Loan Response to Permanent Labor Income Shocks: Evidence from a Major Minimum Wage Increase Downloads
Ibrahim Ethem Guney, Yavuz Selim Hacihasanoglu and Semih Tumen
10750: The Role of Works Councils for Severance Payments Downloads
Christian Grund and Johannes Martin
10749: Wages, Innovation, and Employment in China Downloads
Belton Fleisher, William H. McGuire, Xiaojun Wang and Min Qiang (Kent) Zhao
10748: Crisis and Reorganization in Urban Dynamics: The Barcelona Case Study Downloads
Rafael de Balanzó and Núria Rodriguez-Planas
10747: The Distribution of Returns to Education for People with Disabilities Downloads
Daniel Henderson, Andrew Houtenville and Le Wang
10746: The Effects of Health Insurance Parity Laws for Substance Use Disorder Treatment on Traffic Fatalities: Evidence of Unintended Benefits Downloads
Ioana Popovici, Johanna Maclean and Michael French
10745: The Effect of Public Insurance Expansions on Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act Downloads
Johanna Maclean and Brendan Saloner
10744: Nudging Households to Take Up Health Insurance: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Burkina Faso Downloads
Fadima Bocoum, Michael Grimm, Renate Hartwig and Nathalie Zongo
10743: Foreign Peer Effects and STEM Major Choice Downloads
Massimo Anelli, Kevin Shih and Kevin Williams
10742: Evaluation of the Reggio Approach to Early Education Downloads
Pietro Biroli, Daniela Del Boca, James Heckman, Lynne Pettler Heckman, Yu Kyung Koh, Sylvi Kuperman, Sidharth Moktan, Chiara D. Pronzato and Anna Ziff
10741: Modeling Enrollment in and Completion of Vocational Education: The Role of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills by Program Type Downloads
Leslie Stratton, Nabanita Datta Gupta, David Reimer and Anders Holm
10740: Marriage and Housework Downloads
Cristina Borra, Martin Browning and Almudena Sevilla
10739: Parental Work Hours and Childhood Obesity: Evidence Using Instrumental Variables Related to Sibling School Eligibility Downloads
Charles Courtemanche, Rusty Tchernis and Xilin Zhou
10738: Hiring Discrimination: An Overview of (Almost) All Correspondence Experiments Since 2005 Downloads
Stijn Baert
10737: HRM and Small-Firm Employee Motivation: Before and after the Recession Downloads
Alex Bryson and Michael White
10736: The Sequencing of Gift Exchange: A Field Trial Downloads
Jeffrey Carpenter
10735: Healer or Gatekeeper? Physicians' Role Conflict When Symptoms Are Non-Verifiable Downloads
Benedicte Carlsen and Karine Nyborg
10734: Demographic Aging and Employment Dynamics in German Regions: Modeling Regional Heterogeneity Downloads
Thomas de Graaff, Daniel Arribas-Bel and Ceren Ozgen
10733: Does Delayed Retirement Affect Youth Employment? Evidence from Italian Local Labour Markets Downloads
Marco Bertoni and Giorgio Brunello
10732: Routine and Ageing? The Intergenerational Divide in the Deroutinisation of Jobs in Europe Downloads
Piotr Lewandowski, Roma Keister, Wojciech Hardy and Szymon Górka
10731: The Impact of Social Pensions on Intergenerational Relationships: Comparative Evidence from China Downloads
Xi Chen, Karen Eggleston and Ang Sun
10730: Under Heavy Pressure: Intense Monitoring and Accumulation of Sanctions for Young Welfare Recipients in Germany Downloads
Gerard J. van den Berg, Arne Uhlendorff and Joachim Wolff
10729: The Changing Nature of Gender Selection into Employment: Europe over the Great Recession Downloads
Juan Dolado, Cecilia Garcia-Penalosa and Linas Tarasonis
10728: Explaining Non-Employment Magnitude and Duration: The Case of Italy Downloads
Bruno Contini and Roberto Quaranta
10727: Does Reducing Unemployment Benefits During a Recession Reduce Youth Unemployment? Evidence from a 50% Cut in Unemployment Assistance Downloads
Aedín Doris, Donal O'Neill and Olive Sweetman
10726: Differences in Positions along a Hierarchy: Counterfactuals Based on an Assignment Model Downloads
Laurent Gobillon, Dominique Meurs and Sébastien Roux
10725: Supervisors and Performance Management Systems Downloads
Anders Frederiksen, Lisa B. Kahn and Fabian Lange
10724: What Drives Differences in Management? Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Erik Brynjolfsson, Lucia Foster, Ron Jarmin, Megha Patnaik, Itay Saporta-Eksten and John van Reenen
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