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Volume 37, issue 12, 1991

FW/SM: A Prototype Structured Modeling Environment pp. 1513-1538 Downloads
Arthur M. Geoffrion
Multiple Market Entry, Cost Signalling and Entry Deterrence pp. 1539-1555 Downloads
Kannan Srinivasan
Ordering and Production Decisions with Supply Quality and Demand Uncertainty pp. 1556-1574 Downloads
Y. Bassok and R. Akella
Shared Preferences and State-Dependent Utilities pp. 1575-1589 Downloads
Mark J. Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld and Joseph B. Kadane
Scheduling of Project Networks by Job Assignment pp. 1590-1602 Downloads
Andreas Drexl
Comparison of Weighting Judgments in Multiattribute Utility Measurement pp. 1603-1619 Downloads
Katrin Borcherding, Thomas Eppel and Detlof von Winterfeldt
Resource-Use Efficiency in Public Schools: A Study of Connecticut Data pp. 1620-1628 Downloads
Subhash Ray
The Minimum Common-Cycle Algorithm for Cyclic Scheduling of Two Material Handling Hoists with Time Window Constraints pp. 1629-1639 Downloads
Lei Lei and Tzyh-Jong Wang
Multinomial Approximating Models for Options with k State Variables pp. 1640-1652 Downloads
Bardia Kamrad and Peter Ritchken
About Authors pp. 1653-1654 Downloads

Volume 37, issue 11, 1991

Interactive Process Quality Improvement pp. 1365-1376 Downloads
Richard L. Marcellus and Maqbool Dada
Integrating Distribution Strategy and Tactics: A Model and an Application pp. 1377-1389 Downloads
V. Kasturi Rangan and Ramchandran Jaikumar
Informational Dynamics of Censored Observations pp. 1390-1404 Downloads
David J. Braden and Marshall Freimer
Business Risk and Return: A Test of Simultaneous Relationships pp. 1405-1423 Downloads
Benjamin M. Oviatt and Alan D. Bauerschmidt
Strong Consistency and Other Properties of the Spectral Variance Estimator pp. 1424-1440 Downloads
Halim Damerdji
Sufficient Working Subsets for the Tour Scheduling Problem pp. 1441-1451 Downloads
Fred F. Easton and Donald F. Rossin
Competitive Strategies for Two Firms with Asymmetric Production Cost Structures pp. 1452-1473 Downloads
Jehoshua Eliashberg and Richard Steinberg
Uncertain Search: A Model of Search Among Technologies of Uncertain Values pp. 1474-1490 Downloads
Steven A. Lippman and Kevin F. McCardle
On Optimization of the Process of Data Improvement pp. 1491-1495 Downloads
V. Belenky and A. Belostotsky
Comments on "One-Warehouse Multiple Retailer Systems with Vehicle Routing Costs" pp. 1496-1497 Downloads
Randolph W. Hall
Rejoinder to "Comments on One-Warehouse Multiple Retailer Systems with Vehicle Routing Costs" pp. 1497-1499 Downloads
S. Anily and A. Federgruen
Illusive Effects on the Diffusion of an Innovation: A Comment pp. 1500-1502 Downloads
E. Burton Swanson, Mary K. Fuller, Sarma Nidumolu, Neil Ramiller and Sidne G. Ward
The Effects of Information Sources and Communication Channels on the Diffusion of an Innovation pp. 1503-1506 Downloads
Sree Nilakanta and Richard W. Scamell
About Authors pp. 1509-1511 Downloads

Volume 37, issue 10, 1991

Introduction to the Focussed Issue on Group Decision and Negotiation pp. 1219-1220 Downloads
Kalyan Chatterjee, Gregory Kersten and Melvin F. Shakun
Dynamic Bargaining with Transaction Costs pp. 1221-1233 Downloads
Peter Cramton
Final-Offer Arbitration Under Incomplete Information pp. 1234-1247 Downloads
William F. Samuelson
Problem Restructuring in Negotiation pp. 1248-1268 Downloads
Katia P. Sycara
Restructurable Representations of Negotiation pp. 1269-1290 Downloads
Gregory E. Kersten, Wojtek Michalowski, Stan Szpakowicz and Zbig Koperczak
Airline Buyout: Evolutionary Systems Design and Problem Restructuring in Group Decision and Negotiation pp. 1291-1303 Downloads
Melvin F. Shakun
The Judgment Policies of Negotiators and the Structure of Negotiation Problems pp. 1304-1324 Downloads
Jeryl L. Mumpower
Information Technology for Negotiating Groups: Generating Options for Mutual Gain pp. 1325-1346 Downloads
J. F. Nunamaker, Jr., Alan R. Dennis, Joseph S. Valacich and Douglas R. Vogel
Computer Support of Groups: Theory-Based Models for GDSS Research pp. 1347-1362 Downloads
V. Srinivasan Rao and Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa
About Authors pp. 1363-1364 Downloads

Volume 37, issue 9, 1991

Simulating Health Expenditures Under Alternative Insurance Plans pp. 1067-1090 Downloads
Joan L. Buchanan, Emmett B. Keeler, John E. Rolph and Martin R. Holmer
Complementary Resources and Cooperative Research: A Model of Research Joint Ventures Among Competitors pp. 1091-1106 Downloads
Deepak K. Sinha and Michael A. Cusumano
The Effects of Organizational Context on Quality Management: An Empirical Investigation pp. 1107-1124 Downloads
P. George Benson, Jayant V. Saraph and Roger G. Schroeder
Designing Telecommunications Networks for the Reseller Market pp. 1125-1146 Downloads
Jonathan F. Bard and Wassim A. Bejjani
Soviet Multi-Objective Mathematical Programming Methods: An Overview pp. 1147-1165 Downloads
Elliot R. Lieberman
On Manufacturing/Marketing Incentives pp. 1166-1181 Downloads
Evan L. Porteus and Seungjin Whang
Bootstrapped Insights into Empirical Applications of Stochastic Dominance pp. 1182-1194 Downloads
Ray D. Nelson and Rulon D. Pope
Note---An Improved Discrete Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Allocating Resources Among Interdependent Projects pp. 1195-1200 Downloads
Robert L. Carraway and Robert L. Schmidt
Note: An Improvement to the Dynamic Cycle Lengths Heuristic for Scheduling the Multi-Item, Single-Machine pp. 1201-1205 Downloads
Robert C. Leachman, Zhong K. Xiong, André Gascon and Kwangtae Park
Paradox or At Least Variance Found: A Comment on "Mean-Variance Approaches to Risk-Return Relationships in Strategy: Paradox Lost" pp. 1206-1210 Downloads
Philip Bromiley
Reply to Bromiley's Comment and Further Results: Paradox Lost Becomes Dilemma Found pp. 1210-1215 Downloads
Timothy W. Ruefli

Volume 37, issue 8, 1991

A Simple Forward Algorithm to Solve General Dynamic Lot Sizing Models with n Periods in 0(n log n) or 0(n) Time pp. 909-925 Downloads
Awi Federgruen and Michal Tzur
Conflict Management in a Computer-Supported Meeting Environment pp. 926-953 Downloads
Marshall Scott Poole, Michael Holmes and Gerardine Desanctis
Sources of Superior Performance: Market Share Versus Industry Effects in the U.S. Brewing Industry pp. 954-959 Downloads
Cynthia A. Montgomery and Birger Wernerfelt
Locating Tax Facilities: A Graphics-Based Microcomputer Optimization Model pp. 960-979 Downloads
Paul D. Domich, Karla L. Hoffman, Richard H. F. Jackson and Marjorie A. McClain
Sensitivity Analysis for Mean-Variance Portfolio Problems pp. 980-989 Downloads
Michael J. Best and Robert R. Grauer
Parkinson's Law and Its Implications for Project Management pp. 990-1001 Downloads
Genaro J. Gutierrez and Panagiotis Kouvelis
The Impact of Processing Time Knowledge on Dynamic Job-Shop Scheduling pp. 1002-1014 Downloads
Lawrence M. Wein and Jihong Ou
An Analytic Congestion Model for Closed Production Systems with IFR Processing Times pp. 1015-1029 Downloads
Mark L. Spearman
Models of Tradeoffs in a Hierarchical Structure of Objectives pp. 1030-1042 Downloads
Charles M. Harvey
Simultaneous Determination of Lot Sizes and Routing Mix in Job Shops pp. 1043-1057 Downloads
Joel M. Calabrese and Warren H. Hausman
Note---Optimal Inspection Policy in Sequential Screening pp. 1058-1061 Downloads
June S. Park, Michael H. Peters and Kwei Tang
The Queue Inference Engine: Addendum pp. 1062-1062 Downloads
Richard C. Larson
About Authors pp. 1063-1065 Downloads

Volume 37, issue 7, 1991

Dispersive Equity and Social Risk pp. 751-769 Downloads
Peter C. Fishburn and Rakesh K. Sarin
Decision Making Over Time and Under Uncertainty: A Common Approach pp. 770-786 Downloads
Drazen Prelec and George Loewenstein
Robust Capacity Planning Under Uncertainty pp. 787-800 Downloads
Dimitris Paraskevopoulos, Elias Karakitsos and Berc Rustem
Some Extensions of the Discrete Lotsizing and Scheduling Problem pp. 801-812 Downloads
Marc Salomon, Leo G. Kroon, Roelof Kuik and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
Random Review Production/Inventory Systems with Compound Poisson Demands and Arbitrary Processing Times pp. 813-833 Downloads
Mandyam M. Srinivasan and Hyo-Seong Lee
Due-Date Setting and Priority Sequencing in a Multiclass M/G/1 Queue pp. 834-850 Downloads
Lawrence M. Wein
Optimal Update Policies for Distributed Materialized Views pp. 851-870 Downloads
Arie Segev and Weiping Fang
A Methodology for Collective Evaluation and Selection of Industrial R&D Projects pp. 871-885 Downloads
Muhittin Oral, Ossama Kettani and Pascal Lang
Nonparametric Estimation of the Cumulative Intensity Function for a Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process pp. 886-900 Downloads
Lawrence M. Leemis
Note---Sequencing JIT Mixed-Model Assembly Lines pp. 901-904 Downloads
Robert R. Inman and Robert L. Bulfin
About Authors pp. 905-907 Downloads

Volume 37, issue 6, 1991

Measuring the Long-Term Effects of Public Policy: The Case of Narcotics Use and Property Crime pp. 627-644 Downloads
Keiko Powers, Dominique M. Hanssens, Yih-Ing Hser and M. Douglas Anglin
The Efficiency of One Long Run Versus Independent Replications in Steady-State Simulation pp. 645-666 Downloads
Ward Whitt
Nondeterministic Polling Systems pp. 667-681 Downloads
Mandyam M. Srinivasan
Strategic Interpolative Design of Dynamic Manufacturing Systems Layouts pp. 682-694 Downloads
Benoit Montreuil and Uday Venkatadri
Algorithms for the Multi-Resource Generalized Assignment Problem pp. 695-713 Downloads
Bezalel Gavish and Hasan Pirkul
An Extensible Visual Environment for Construction and Analysis of Hierarchically-Structured Models of Resource Contention Systems pp. 714-732 Downloads
Kurtiss J. Gordon, Robert F. Gordon, James F. Kurose and Edward A. MacNair
Strict vs. Weak Ordinal Relations for Multipliers in Data Envelopment Analysis pp. 733-738 Downloads
Agha Iqbal Ali, Wade D. Cook and Lawrence Seiford
Note---Extensions of Palm's Theorem: A Review pp. 739-744 Downloads
Manuel J. Carrillo
Note---The Mean-Coefficient-of-Variation Rule: The Lognormal Case pp. 745-747 Downloads
Haim Levy
About Authors pp. 748-750 Downloads

Volume 37, issue 5, 1991

Interaction of Judgemental and Statistical Forecasting Methods: Issues & Analysis pp. 501-518 Downloads
Derek Bunn and George Wright
Mean-Absolute Deviation Portfolio Optimization Model and Its Applications to Tokyo Stock Market pp. 519-531 Downloads
Hiroshi Konno and Hiroaki Yamazaki
Accounting Implications of Corporate Diversification pp. 532-545 Downloads
Raphael Amit, Joshua Livnat and Paul Zarowin
Optimal Linear Opinion Pools pp. 546-558 Downloads
Morris H. DeGroot and Julia Mortera
Deriving and Analysing Optimal Strategies in Bayesian Models of Games pp. 559-571 Downloads
S. C. Young and J. Q. Smith
Sequencing to Minimize Work Overload in Assembly Lines with Product Options pp. 572-586 Downloads
Candace Arai Yano and Ram Rachamadugu
A Crane Scheduling Problem in a Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Environment pp. 587-606 Downloads
Hirofumi Matsuo, Jen S. Shang and Robert S. Sullivan
Information and Profitability Estimates: Modelling the Firm's Decision to Adopt a New Technology pp. 607-623 Downloads
Terence A. Oliva

Volume 37, issue 4, 1991

Resource Allocation Models with Risk Aversion and Probabilistic Dependence: Offshore Oil and Gas Bidding pp. 377-395 Downloads
Donald L. Keefer
SSB and Weighted Linear Utility As Expected Utility with Suspicion pp. 396-408 Downloads
Robert Bordley and Gordon B. Hazen
Cyclical Schedules for Capacitated Lot Sizing with Dynamic Demands pp. 409-427 Downloads
Gerard M. Campbell and Vincent A. Mabert
Sole Versus Dual Sourcing in Stochastic Lead-Time (s, Q) Inventory Models pp. 428-443 Downloads
Ranga V. Ramasesh, Keith Ord, Jack C. Hayya and Andrew Pan
Variance Effects in Cyclic Production Systems pp. 444-453 Downloads
Debashish Sarkar and Willard I. Zangwill
Optimizing Processing Rates for Flexible Manufacturing Systems pp. 454-466 Downloads
Paul J. Schweitzer and Abraham Seidmann
Modelling Effectiveness-Equity Trade-Offs in Public Service Delivery Systems pp. 467-482 Downloads
Marvin B. Mandell
The Transaction Costs Theory of Joint Ventures: An Empirical Study of Japanese Subsidiaries in the United States pp. 483-497 Downloads
Jean-Francois Hennart
About Authors pp. 498-499 Downloads

Volume 37, issue 3, 1991

Storing Crossmatched Blood: A Perishable Inventory Model with Prior Allocation pp. 251-266 Downloads
Raj Jagannathan and Tarun Sen
Behind the Learning Curve: A Sketch of the Learning Process pp. 267-281 Downloads
Paul S. Adler and Kim B. Clark
Approximations for Networks of Queues with Overtime pp. 282-300 Downloads
Gabriel R. Bitran and Devanath Tirupati
On the Independence of Irrelevant Assets: McEntire's Conjecture pp. 301-306 Downloads
Raj Deb, Josef Hadar and Tae Kun Seo
The Pointwise Stationary Approximation for Mt/Mt/s Queues Is Asymptotically Correct As the Rates Increase pp. 307-314 Downloads
Ward Whitt
Theoretical Foundation for a Learning Rate Budget pp. 315-330 Downloads
Paul B. Kantor and Willard I. Zangwill
A Balance Model for Evaluating Firms for Acquisition pp. 331-349 Downloads
Vithala R. Rao, Vijay Mahajan and Nikhil P. Varaiya
The Allocation of Consumer Incentives to Meet Simultaneous Sales Quotas: An Application to U.S. Army Recruiting pp. 350-367 Downloads
C. Lovell and Richard C. Morey
The Impact of Special Requirements on the Estimation of Electrical Demand pp. 368-373 Downloads
Krishnamurty Muralidhar and Marietta J. Tretter
About Authors pp. 374-376 Downloads

Volume 37, issue 2, 1991

Software Piracy: An Analysis of Protection Strategies pp. 125-139 Downloads
Kathleen Reavis Conner and Richard P. Rumelt
Optimal Sequencing and Resource Allocation in Research and Development Projects pp. 140-156 Downloads
Daniel Granot and Dror Zuckerman
Advertising Cost Interactions and the Optimality of Pulsing pp. 157-169 Downloads
Minhi Hahn and Jin-Sok Hyun
New Organizational Forms for Enhancing Innovation: The Case of Internal Corporate Joint Ventures pp. 170-184 Downloads
Edward J. Zajac, Brian R. Golden and Stephen M. Shortell
Modeling a Multiprocessor System with Preemptive Priorities pp. 185-197 Downloads
Edward P. C. Kao and Kumar S. Narayanan
Arc Reduction and Path Preference in Stochastic Acyclic Networks pp. 198-215 Downloads
Jonathan F. Bard and James E. Bennett
An Information Processing Model of a Police Organization pp. 216-232 Downloads
B. W. Simms and E. R. Petersen
The Maximal Covering Location Problem with Capacities on Total Workload pp. 233-248 Downloads
Hasan Pirkul and David A. Schilling
About Authors pp. 249-250 Downloads

Volume 37, issue 1, 1991

A Model to Evaluate Variables Impacting the Productivity of Software Maintenance Projects pp. 1-18 Downloads
Rajiv D. Banker, Srikant M. Datar and Chris F. Kemerer
Joint Ventures and the Option to Expand and Acquire pp. 19-33 Downloads
Bruce Kogut
Stale in the Saddle: CEO Tenure and the Match Between Organization and Environment pp. 34-52 Downloads
Danny Miller
Solving Multi-Item Lot-Sizing Problems Using Strong Cutting Planes pp. 53-67 Downloads
Yves Pochet and Laurence A. Wolsey
Evaluation of One-for-One Replenishment Policies for Multiechelon Inventory Systems pp. 68-83 Downloads
Antony Svoronos and Paul Zipkin
The Pointwise Stationary Approximation for Queues with Nonstationary Arrivals pp. 84-97 Downloads
Linda Green and Peter Kolesar
Constructing School Timetables Using Simulated Annealing: Sequential and Parallel Algorithms pp. 98-113 Downloads
D. Abramson
Note---Gains from International Dual Listing pp. 114-120 Downloads
Joseph Yagil and Zivan Forshner
A Note on "Level Schedules for Mixed-Model Assembly Lines in Just-in-Time Production Systems" pp. 121-122 Downloads
Wieslaw Kubiak and Suresh Sethi
About Authors pp. 123-124 Downloads
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