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14996: Getting the Measure of Inequality Downloads
Stephen Jenkins
14995: What Leads to Measurement Errors? Evidence from Reports of Program Participation in Three Surveys Downloads
Pablo Celhay, Bruce D. Meyer and Nikolas Mittag
14994: How Do Firms Adjust to Negative Labor Supply Shocks? Evidence from Migration Outflows Downloads
Emanuele Dicarlo
14993: Parental Separation and the Formation of Economic Preferences Downloads
Sarah C. Dahmann, Nathan Kettlewell and Jack Lam
14992: Hours Constraints and Wage Differentials across Firms Downloads
Claudio Labanca and Dario Pozzoli
14991: Income Contingency and the Electorate's Support for Tuition Downloads
Philipp Lergetporer and Ludger Woessmann
14990: Health and Labor Market Impacts of Twin Birth: Evidence from a Swedish IVF Policy Mandate Downloads
Sonia R. Bhalotra, Damian Clarke, Hanna Mühlrad and Mårten Palme
14989: Can Schools Change Religious Attitudes? Evidence from German State Reforms of Compulsory Religious Education Downloads
W. Benjamin Arold, Ludger Woessmann and Larissa Zierow
14988: Do Economic Changes Affect the Political Preferences of Arabs in Israel? Downloads
Sami H. Miaari, Amit Loewenthal and Wifag Adnan
14987: Self-Control and Unhealthy Body Weight: The Role of Impulsivity and Restraint Downloads
Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Sarah C. Dahmann, Daniel A. Kamhöfer and Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch
14986: Does Group-Based Incentive Pay Lead To Higher Productivity? Evidence from a Complex and Interdependent Industrial Production Process Downloads
Anders Frederiksen, Daniel Baltzer Schjødt Hansen and Colleen Flaherty Manchester
14985: Adverse Selection in the Group Life Insurance Market Downloads
Timothy F. Harris, Aaron Yelowitz, Jeffery Talbert and Alison Davis
14984: School Closures and Effective In-Person Learning during COVID-19: When, Where, and for Whom Downloads
Andre Kurmann and Etienne Lalé
14957: Do Economic Incentives Promote Physical Activity? Evidence from the London Congestion Charge Downloads
Ryota Nakamura, Andrea Albanese, Emma Coombes and Marc Suhrcke
14956: How Does the Position in Business Group Hierarchies Affect Workers' Wages? Downloads
Hartmut Egger, Elke Jahn and Stefan Kornitzky
14955: Sensitivity of Charitable Giving to Realized Income Changes: Evidence from Military Bonuses and the Combined Federal Campaign Downloads
Carl J. Wojtaszek and Michael S. Kofoed
14954: Unbundling the Relationship between Economic Shocks and Crime Downloads
Eduardo Ferraz, Rodrigo Soares and Juan Vargas
14953: Trade, Human Capital, and Income Risk Downloads
Liuchun Deng, Pravin Krishna, Mine Zeynep Senses and Jens Stegmaier
14952: Effects of Childhood Peers on Personality Skills Downloads
Shuaizhang Feng, Jun Hyung Kim and Zhe Yang
14951: Top-Income Adjustments and Official Statistics on Income Distribution: The Case of the UK Downloads
Stephen Jenkins
14950: Men Are from Mars, and Women Too: A Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Overconfidence Experiments Downloads
Oriana Bandiera, Nidhi Parekh, Barbara Petrongolo and Michelle Rao
14949: The Effect of Alimony Reform on Married Women's Labor Supply: Evidence from the American Time Use Survey Downloads
Daniel Fernández-Kranz and Jennifer Louise Roff
14948: Partisan Fertility and Presidential Elections Downloads
Gordon Dahl, Runjing Lu and William Mullins
14947: Vaccination Policy and Trust Downloads
Artyom Jelnov and Pavel Jelnov
14946: COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates and Vaccine Uptake Downloads
Alexander Karaivanov, Dongwoo Kim, Shih En Lu and Hitoshi Shigeoka
14945: Information, Intermediaries, and International Migration Downloads
Samuel Bazzi, Lisa A. Cameron, Simone Schaner and Firman Witoelar
14944: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Labor Markets in Developing Countries: A New Method with an Illustration for Lao PDR and Vietnam Downloads
Francesco Carbonero, Jeremy Davies, Ekkehard Ernst, Frank Fossen, Daniel Samaan and Alina Sorgner
14943: Minimum Wages and Insurance within the Firm Downloads
Effrosyni Adamopoulou, Francesco Manaresi, Omar Rachedi and Emircan Yurdagul
14942: Flexible Wages and the Costs of Job Displacement Downloads
Sofia Fernandes and Ilan Tojerow
14941: Too Cold to Venture There? January Temperature and Immigrant Self-Employment across the United States Downloads
Jun Yeong Lee and John Winters
14940: Transparency of the Welfare System and Labor Market Outcomes of Unemployed Workers Downloads
Sofie Cairo and Robert Mahlstedt
14939: Worker Stress and Performance Pay: German Survey Evidence Downloads
Mehrzad B. Baktash, John Heywood and Uwe Jirjahn
14938: Social Organization and the Roots of Supernatural Beliefs Downloads
Daniel Araújo, Bladimir Carrillo and Breno Sampaio
14937: Family Social Norms and Child Labor Downloads
Shirit Katav Herz and Gil Epstein
14936: Specialized Courts and the Reporting of Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Spain Downloads
Jorge Garcia-Hombrados and Marta Martínez Matute
14935: Uncovering the Roots of Obesity-Based Wage Discrimination: The Role of Job Characteristics Downloads
Juan Dolado and Airam Guerra
14934: Opening Heaven's Door: Public Opinion and Congressional Votes on the 1965 Immigration Act Downloads
Giovanni Facchini, Timothy J. Hatton and Max F. Steinhardt
14933: Crowdwork for Young People: Risks and Opportunities Downloads
Shane O'Higgins and Luis Pinedo Caro
14932: Spatial and Time Spillovers of Driving Restrictions: Causal Evidence from Lima's Pico Y Placa Policy Downloads
Edgar Salgado and Oscar Mitnik
14931: The Way People Lie in Markets: Detectable vs. Deniable Lies Downloads
Chloe Tergiman and Marie Claire Villeval
14930: Administrative Border Effects in COVID-19 Related Mortality Downloads
Paolo Berta, Massimiliano Bratti, Carlo V. Fiorio, Enrico Pisoni and Stefano Verzillo
14929: COVID-19 Government Responses to Labour Market Disruptions and Economic Impacts: The New Zealand Model Downloads
Sholeh A. Maani
14928: A Procedural Perspective on Academic Spin-off Creation: The Changing Relevance of Academic and Commercial Logics Downloads
Uwe Cantner, Philip Doerr, Maximilian Göthner, Matthias Huegel and Martin Kalthaus
14927: Did Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Reduce Employment? Evidence from Early State-Level Expirations in June 2021 Downloads
Harry J. Holzer, Glenn Hubbard and Michael Strain
14926: Did the Minimum Wage Reduce the Gender Wage Gap in Germany? Downloads
Marco Caliendo and Linda Wittbrodt
14925: Model-Based Recursive Partitioning to Estimate Unfair Health Inequalities in the United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Study Downloads
Paolo Brunori, Apostolos Davillas, Andrew M. Jones and Giovanna Scarchilli
14924: The EU Anchor Thesis: Transition from Socialism, the Institutional Vacuum and Membership in the European Union Downloads
Nauro F. Campos
14923: Visual Inference and Graphical Representation in Regression Discontinuity Designs Downloads
Christina Korting, Carl Lieberman, Jordan Matsudaira, Zhuan Pei and Yi Shen
14922: The Effect of Age Diversity in Groups on Peer Evaluations and Individual Performance Downloads
Katja Görlitz and Tim Sels
14921: Nudging Parents to Increase Preschool Attendance in Uruguay Downloads
Nicolas Ajzenman, Laura Becerra Luna, Juan Manuel Hernández-Agramonte, Florencia Lopez Boo, Alejandro Vásquez-Echeverría and Maria Mercedes Mateo-Berganza Diaz
14920: The Predictive Power of Self-Control for Life Outcomes Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark, Sarah C. Dahmann, Daniel A. Kamhöfer and Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch
14919: Willingness to Pay for Workplace Safety Downloads
Massimo Anelli and Felix Koenig
14918: Trade-Offs? The Impact of WTO Accession on Intimate Partner Violence in Cambodia Downloads
Bilge Erten and Pinar Keskin
14917: Discontinuities in the Age-Victimization Profile and the Determinants of Victimization Downloads
Anna Bindler, Randi Hjalmarsson, Nadine Ketel and Andreea Mitrut
14916: Digital Access to Healthcare Services and Healthcare Utilization: A Quasi-Experiment Downloads
Armenak Antinyan, Stefania Bellio, Marco Bertoni, Luca Corazzini and Elena Narne
14915: US Presidential Party Switches Are Mirrored in Global Maternal Mortality Downloads
Sonia Bhalotra, Damian Clarke, Hanna Mühlrad and Manuel Fernandez Sierra
14914: Trade and Inequality in Europe and the US Downloads
David Dorn and Peter Levell
14913: Effect of Health Insurance in India: A Randomized Controlled Trial Downloads
Anup Malani, Phoebe Holtzman, Kosuke Imai, Cynthia Kinnan, Morgen Miller, Shailender Swaminathan, Alessandra Voena, Bartosz Woda and Gabriella Conti
14912: Labor Market Concentration and Stayers' Wages: Evidence from France Downloads
Andrea Bassanini, Cyprien Batut and Eve Caroli
14911: Adams and Eves: The Gender Gap in Economics Majors Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi, Luca Bonacini and Marina Murat
14910: Bringing Underprivileged Middle-School Students to the Opera: Cultural Mobility or Cultural Compliance? Downloads
Philippe Coulangeon and Denis Fougere
14909: Being Your Own Boss and Bossing Others: The Moderating Effect of Managing Others on Work Meaning and Autonomy for the Self-Employed and Employees Downloads
Milena Nikolova, Boris Nikolaev and Christopher Boudreaux
14908: Reforms of an Early Retirement Pathway in Germany and Their Labor Market Effects Downloads
Regina T. Riphahn and Rebecca Schrader
14907: Do Police Make Too Many Arrests? The Effect of Enforcement Pullbacks on Crime Downloads
Sungwoo Cho, Felipe Gonçalves and Emily Weisburst
14906: The Gender Application Gap: Do Men and Women Apply for the Same Jobs? Downloads
Jonas Fluchtmann, Anita Marie Glenny, Nikolaj Harmon and Jonas Maibom
14905: "The Better You Feel, the Harder You Fall": Health Perception Biases and Mental Health among Chinese Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic Downloads
Peng Nie, Lu Wang, Davide Dragone, Haiyang Lu, Alfonso Sousa-Poza and Nicolas Ziebarth
14904: E-Learning Engagement Gap during School Closures: Differences by Academic Performance Downloads
Josep Amer-Mestre, Alaitz Ayarza-Astigarraga and Marta Lopes
14903: A Year of Pandemic: Levels, Changes and Validity of Well-Being Data from Twitter. Evidence from Ten Countries Downloads
Francesco Sarracino, Talita Greyling, Kelsey O'Connor, Chiara Peroni and Stephanié Rossouw
14902: The Fertility Effects of School Entry Decisions Downloads
Rebecca Kamb and Marcus Tamm
14901: Age Penalties and Take-up of Private Health Insurance Downloads
Nathan Kettlewell and Yuting Zhang
14900: Green Infrastructure and Air Pollution: Evidence from Highways Connecting Two Megacities in China Downloads
Bo Yu, Trang Tran and Wang-Sheng Lee
14899: Managing Dual Practice of Health Workers: Evidence from Indonesia Downloads
Paula Gonzalez, Gabriel Montes-Rojas and Sarmistha Pal
14898: Gender Norms and the Motherhood Employment Gap Downloads
Simone Moriconi and Núria Rodriguez-Planas
14897: Gender Discrimination Downloads
Kailing Shen
14896: Does Multitasking Affect Students' Academic Performance? Evidence from a Longitudinal Study Downloads
Simon Amez, Stijn Baert, Emily Heydencamp and Joey Wuyts
14895: Risk, Temptation, and Efficiency in the One-Shot Prisoner's Dilemma Downloads
Simon Gächter, Kyeongtae Lee, Martin Sefton and Till O. Weber
14894: A Golden Opportunity: The Gold Rush, Entrepreneurship and Culture Downloads
Michael Stuetzer, Abel Brodeur, Martin Obschonka, David Audretsch, Peter J. Rentfrow, Jeff Potter and Samuel D. Gosling
14893: The Effects of an Increase in the Retirement Age on Health – Evidence from Administrative Data Downloads
Mara Barschkett, Johannes Geyer, Peter Haan and Anna Hammerschmid
14892: Short-Term Impacts of Targeted Cash Grants and Business Development Services: Experimental Evidence from Entrepreneurs in Burkina Faso Downloads
Michael Grimm, Sidiki Soubeiga and Michael Weber
14891: The Cost of Health Insurance and Entry into Entrepreneurship Downloads
Frank Fossen, Mobarak Hossain, Sankar Mukhopadhyay and Peter Toth
14890: The Effects of Becoming a Physician on Prescription Drug Use and Mental Health Treatment Downloads
D. Mark Anderson, Ron Diris, Raymond Montizaan and Daniel I. Rees
14889: R&D Plans, Expectations, and Uncertainty: Evidence from the COVID-19 Shock in Italy Downloads
Emanuele Brancati
14888: A Survey of Hedge and Safe Havens Assets against G-7 Stock Markets before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic Downloads
Huseyin Ozdemir and Zeynel Abidin Ozdemir
14887: Dreaming of Leaving the Nest? Immigration Status and the Living Arrangements of DACAmented Downloads
Rania Gihleb, Osea Giuntella and Jakub Lonsky
14886: Testing for Ethnic Discrimination in Outpatient Health Care: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany Downloads
Martin Halla, Christopher Kah and Rupert Sausgruber
14885: Why Do Relatively Few Economists Work on Climate Change? A Survey Downloads
Nico Pestel and Andrew Oswald
14884: COVID-19 and the Forces behind Social Unrest Downloads
Mario Lackner, Uwe Sunde and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
14883: Fiscal Multipliers in the COVID-19 Recession Downloads
Alan Auerbach, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Peter B. McCrory and Daniel Murphy
14882: Older Immigrants' New Poverty Risk in Scandinavian Waelfare States? Downloads
Björn Anders Gustafsson, Vibeke Jakobsen, Hanna Mac Innes, Peder J. Pedersen and Torun Österberg
14881: Home Alone: Widows' Well-Being and Time Downloads
Maja Adena, Daniel S. Hamermesh, Michal Myck and Monika Oczkowska
14880: Access to Head Start and Maternal Labor Supply: Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Evidence Downloads
Jocelyn Wikle and Riley Wilson
14879: Labour-Saving Automation and Occupational Exposure: A Text-Similarity Measure Downloads
Fabio Montobbio, Jacopo Staccioli, Maria Enrica Virgillito and Marco Vivarelli
14878: Structural Change and Inequality in Africa Downloads
Hanan Morsy, Abebe Abebe and Tiguene Nabassaga
14877: Commitments and the Marital Match: The Effect of Alimony Reform on Assortative Matching Downloads
Daniel Fernández-Kranz and Jennifer Louise Roff
14876: Biased Survival Expectations and Behaviours: Does Domain Specific Information Matter? Downloads
Joan Costa-Font and Cristina Vilaplana-Prieto
14875: The Impact of a New Quality Management Practice on Firm Performance: Evidence from Pakistan Downloads
Mahvish Faran and Karl Taylor
14874: Discrimination and Daycare Choice: Evidence from a Randomized Survey Downloads
Mongoljin Batsaikhan, Mette Gørtz, John Kennes, Ran Sun Lyng, Daniel Monte and Norovsambuu Tumennasan
14873: Personnel Adjustments during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Did Co-Determination Make a Difference? Downloads
Daniel Fackler, Claus Schnabel and Jens Stegmaier
14872: Monopsony in the Labor Market: New Empirical Results and New Public Policies Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, David Card, Henry S Farber and Michael Ransom
14871: Internal versus External Rent-Seeking with In-Group Inequality and Public Good Provision Downloads
Dripto Bakshi and Indraneel Dasgupta
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