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Volume 289, issue 1, 2018

Knowledge Creation Across Worldviews: How Metaphors Impact and Orient Group Creativity pp. 58-79 Downloads
Claudio Biscaro and Anna Comacchio

Volume 32, issue 1, 2021

Extemporaneous Coordination in Specialist Teams: The Familiarity Complementarity pp. 1-17 Downloads
Kenny Ching, Enrico Forti and Evan Rawley
Make Way for the Algorithms: Symbolic Actions and Change in a Regime of Knowing pp. 18-41 Downloads
Stella Pachidi, Hans Berends, Samer Faraj and Marleen Huysman
Making Space for Emotions: Empathy, Contagion, and Legitimacy’s Double-Edged Sword pp. 42-63 Downloads
Andreea Gorbatai, Cyrus Dioun and Kisha Lashley
Between Home and Work: Commuting as an Opportunity for Role Transitions pp. 64-85 Downloads
Jon M. Jachimowicz, Julia Lee Cunningham, Bradley R. Staats, Francesca Gino and Jochen I. Menges
Evaluating Board Candidates: A Threat-Contingency Model of Shareholder Dissent Against Female Director Candidates pp. 86-110 Downloads
Arjun Mitra, Corinne Post and Steve Sauerwald
Why Do High-Status People Have Larger Social Networks? Belief in Status-Quality Coupling as a Driver of Network-Broadening Behavior and Social Network Size pp. 111-132 Downloads
Jiyin Cao and Edward Bishop Smith
The New Food Truck in Town: Geographic Communities and Authenticity-Based Entrepreneurship pp. 133-155 Downloads
Todd Schifeling and Daphne Demetry
Theorizing Actor Interactions Shaping Innovation in Digital Infrastructures: The Case of Residential Internet Development in Belarus pp. 156-180 Downloads
Aljona Zorina and William H. Dutton
Moving Violations: Pairing an Illegitimate Learning Hierarchy with Trainee Status Mobility for Acquiring New Skills When Traditional Expertise Erodes pp. 181-209 Downloads
Katherine C. Kellogg, Jenna E. Myers, Lindsay Gainer and Sara J. Singer
Learning from Technologically Successful Peers: The Convergence of Asian Laggards to the Technology Frontier pp. 210-232 Downloads
Yuzhe Miao, Robert M. Salomon and Jaeyong Song
Webs of Influence: Secondary Stakeholder Actions and Cross-National Corporate Social Performance pp. 233-255 Downloads
Kate Odziemkowska and Witold Henisz

Volume 31, issue 6, 2020

Dancing with Giants: How Small Women- and Minority-Owned Firms Use Soft Power to Manage Asymmetric Relationships with Larger Partners pp. 1313-1335 Downloads
Kisha Lashley and Timothy G. Pollock
The Paradox of Resource Provision in Entrepreneurial Teams: Between Self-Interest and the Collective Enterprise pp. 1336-1358 Downloads
Tiantian Yang, Jiayi Bao and Howard Aldrich
Cultural Entrepreneurship in Corporate Governance Practice Diffusion: Framing of “Independent Directors” by U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies pp. 1359-1384 Downloads
Sun Hyun Park and Yanlong Zhang
Meso-Foundations of Interorganizational Relationships: How Team Power Structures Shape Partner Novelty pp. 1385-1407 Downloads
Trevor Young-Hyman and Adam Kleinbaum
Compassion in the Clink: When and How Human Services Workers Overcome Barriers to Care pp. 1408-1431 Downloads
Katherine A. DeCelles and Michel Anteby
Entering a Golden Age of Sustained Superiority: Entrepreneurial Creation or Discovery? pp. 1432-1451 Downloads
Andrew D. Henderson and Melissa E. Graebner
Unpacking the Managerial Blues: How Expectations Formed in the Past Carry into New Jobs pp. 1452-1474 Downloads
Nishani Bourmault and Michel Anteby
Strength from Within: Internal Mobility and the Retention of High Performers pp. 1475-1496 Downloads
Alan Benson and Ben A. Rissing
Too Much Trust in Group Decisions: Uncovering Hidden Profiles by Groups and Markets pp. 1497-1514 Downloads
Boris Maciejovsky and David V. Budescu
Creating Mutual Gains to Leverage a Racially Diverse Workforce: The Effects of Firm-Level Racial Diversity on Financial and Workforce Outcomes Under the Use of Broad-Based Stock Options pp. 1515-1537 Downloads
Joo Hun Han, DuckJung Shin, William G. Castellano,, Alison M. Konrad, Douglas L. Kruse and Joseph R. Blasi
Big Fish, Big Pond? The Joint Effect of Formal and Informal Core/Periphery Positions on the Generation of Incremental Innovations pp. 1538-1559 Downloads
Massimo Maoret, Marco Tortoriello and Daniela Iubatti
Early-Stage Venture Incubation and Mentoring Promote Learning, Scaling, and Profitability Among Disadvantaged Entrepreneurs pp. 1560-1578 Downloads
Valentina A. Assenova
Imprinting Beyond the Founding Phase: How Sedimented Imprints Develop over Time pp. 1579-1600 Downloads
Lien De Cuyper, Bart Clarysse and Nelson Phillips
Personnel Mobility and Organizational Performance: The Effects of Specialist vs. Generalist Experience and Organizational Work Structure pp. 1601-1620 Downloads
Erin Fahrenkopf, Jerry Guo and Linda Argote

Volume 31, issue 4, 2020

Immigrants and Foreign Firm Performance pp. 797-820 Downloads
Exequiel Hernandez and Elena Kulchina
Hyperopic Search: Organizations Learning About Managers Learning About Strategies pp. 821-838 Downloads
Scott C. Ganz
How Can Pluralistic Organizations Proceed with Strategic Change? A Processual Account of Rhetorical Contestation, Convergence, and Partial Agreement in a Nordic City Organization pp. 839-864 Downloads
Virpi Sorsa and Eero Vaara
Using Verbal Irony to Move on with Controversial Issues pp. 865-886 Downloads
Winston Kwon, Ian Clarke, Eero Vaara, Rowan Mackay and Ruth Wodak
Financial Incentives and Professionals’ Work Tasks: The Moderating Effects of Jurisdictional Dominance and Prominence pp. 887-908 Downloads
Jillian Chown
The Production of Merit: How Managers Understand and Apply Merit in the Workplace pp. 909-935 Downloads
Emilio J. Castilla and Aruna Ranganathan
Effects of an Advancing Tenure on CEO Cognitive Complexity pp. 936-959 Downloads
Lorenz Graf-Vlachy, Jonathan Bundy and Donald C. Hambrick
Community-Based Resource Mobilization: How Entrepreneurs Acquire Resources from Distributed Non-Professionals via Crowdfunding pp. 960-989 Downloads
Alex Murray, Suresh Kotha and Greg Fisher
Oppositional Logics and the Antecedents of Hybridization: A Country-Level Study of the Diffusion of Islamic Banking Windows, 1975–2017 pp. 990-1011 Downloads
Christophe Boone and Serden Özcan
Competition, Technology Licensing-in, and Innovation pp. 1012-1036 Downloads
Solon Moreira, Thomas Maximilian Klueter and Stefano Tasselli
After the Storm Has Passed: Translating Crisis Experience into Useful Knowledge pp. 1037-1051 Downloads
Gwendolyn K. Lee, Joseph Lampel and Zur Shapira

Volume 31, issue 3, 2020

Exploring Uncharted Territory: Knowledge Search Processes in the Origination of Outlier Innovation pp. 535-557 Downloads
Madeline K. Kneeland, Melissa A. Schilling and Barak S. Aharonson
A Double-Edged Sword: Diversity Within Religion and Market Emergence pp. 558-575 Downloads
Shipeng Yan
Does Social Similarity Pay Off? Homophily and Venture Capitalists’ Deal Valuation, Downside Risk Protection, and Financial Returns in India pp. 576-603 Downloads
Kim Claes and Balagopal Vissa
Stay True to Your Roots? Category Distance, Hierarchy, and the Performance of New Entrants in the Music Industry pp. 604-627 Downloads
Peter Younkin and Keyvan Kashkooli
Relational Contracts and Managerial Delegation: Evidence from Foreign Entrepreneurs in Russia pp. 628-648 Downloads
Elena Kulchina and Joanne Oxley
Institutional Logics and Technology Development: Evidence from the Wind and Solar Energy Industries pp. 649-670 Downloads
Suzanne G. Tilleman, Michael V. Russo and Andrew Nelson
Shaping the Future: Strategy Making as Artificial Evolution pp. 671-697 Downloads
Shubha Patvardhan and J. Ramachandran
Interfirm Ties Between Ventures and Limited Partners of Venture Capital Funds: Performance Effects in Financial Markets pp. 698-719 Downloads
Umit Ozmel, Deniz Yavuz, Tim Trombley and Ranjay Gulati
Board Predictive Accuracy in Executive Selection Decisions: How Do Initial Board Perceptions of CEO Quality Correspond with Subsequent CEO Career Performance? pp. 720-741 Downloads
Timothy J. Quigley, Adam J. Wowak and Craig Crossland
You’ve Got a Friend: Examining Board Interlock Formation After Financial Restatements pp. 742-769 Downloads
Michael C. Withers, Michael D. Howard and Laszlo Tihanyi
The Influence of Multinational Corporations on International Alliance Formation Behavior of Colocated Start-Ups pp. 770-795 Downloads
Barak S. Aharonson, Suleika Bort and Michael Woywode

Volume 31, issue 2, 2020

Experience, Consumers, and Fit: Disentangling Performance Implications of Preentry Technological and Market Experience in 2G Mobile Telephony pp. 245-265 Downloads
J. P. Eggers, Michal Grajek and Tobias Kretschmer
Focus in Searching Core–Periphery Structures pp. 266-286 Downloads
Dirk Martignoni, Thomas Keil and Markus Lang
Robust Systems of Cooperation in the Presence of Rankings: How Displaying Prosocial Contributions Can Offset the Disruptive Effects of Performance Rankings pp. 287-307 Downloads
Cassandra R. Chambers and Wayne E. Baker
The Impact of Overconfidence and Ambiguity Attitude on Market Entry pp. 308-329 Downloads
Cédric Gutierrez, Thomas Astebro and Tomasz Obloj
Automation, Research Technology, and Researchers’ Trajectories: Evidence from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering pp. 330-354 Downloads
Jeffrey L. Furman and Florenta Teodoridis
Adaptation of New Organizations to Legitimacy Shocks: Postbellum Firearms Firms in the U.S. South, 1866–1914 pp. 355-377 Downloads
Chirag Kasbekar
Do Accelerators Work? If So, How? pp. 378-414 Downloads
Benjamin L. Hallen, Susan L. Cohen and Christopher B. Bingham
From Logic Acceptance to Logic Rejection: The Process of Destabilization in Hybrid Organizations pp. 415-438 Downloads
Giulia Cappellaro, Paul Tracey and Royston Greenwood
An Institutional Approach to Gender Diversity and Firm Performance pp. 439-457 Downloads
Letian Zhang
Initial and Longer-Term Change in Unit-Level Turnover Following Leader Succession: Contingent Effects of Outgoing and Incoming Leader Characteristics pp. 458-476 Downloads
Huisi (Jessica) Li, John P. Hausknecht and Lisa Dragoni
Reconciling the Firm Size and Innovation Puzzle pp. 477-488 Downloads
Anne Marie Knott and Carl Vieregger
Previous and Prospective Career Mobility, Client Capture, and Compromised Professional Judgment: The Withholding of Known Relevant Prior Art by Patent Lawyers on Behalf of Their Clients pp. 489-507 Downloads
Mukund Chari, H. Kevin Steensma and Charles Connaughton
Organizational Powers: Contested Innovation and Loss of Professional Jurisdiction in the Case of Retail Medicine pp. 508-534 Downloads
Roman V. Galperin

Volume 31, issue 1, 2020

Getting to Know You: Motivating Cross-Understanding for Improved Team and Individual Performance pp. 103–118 Downloads
Niranjan S. Janardhanan, Kyle Lewis, Rhonda K. Reger and Cynthia K. Stevens
Balancing Professional Prototypes Increases the Valuation of Women in Male-Dominated Professions pp. 119–140 Downloads
Felix Danbold and Corinne Bendersky
On the Emergence of Collective Psychological Ownership in New Creative Teams pp. 141–164 Downloads
Steven M. Gray, Andrew P. Knight and Markus Baer
Managing Autonomy in Industrial Research and Development: A Project-Level Investigation pp. 165–181 Downloads
Alfonso Gambardella, Pooyan Khashabi and Claudio Panico
Practice Implementation Within a Multidivisional Firm: The Role of Institutional Pressures and Value Consistency pp. 182–199 Downloads
Anne Jacqueminet
Committed Diversification: Why Authenticity Insulates Against Penalties for Diversification pp. 1–22 Downloads
Oliver Hahl and Jaekyung Ha
Putting Identification in Motion: A Dynamic View of Organizational Identification pp. 200–222 Downloads
Jeffrey S. Bednar, Benjamin M. Galvin, Blake E. Ashforth and Ella Hafermalz
Relational Misperceptions in the Workplace: New Frontiers and Challenges pp. 223–242 Downloads
Kris Byron and Blaine Landis
The Construction of Authenticity in the Creative Process: Lessons from Choreographers of Contemporary Dance pp. 23–46 Downloads
Tamar Sagiv, Tal Simons and Israel Drori
Why Do Firms Suffer Differently from Input Stigmatization? The Costs of Removing Stigmatized Inputs pp. 47–66 Downloads
Luis Diestre and Juan Santalo
Can Busy Organizations Learn to Get Better? Distinguishing Between the Competing Effects of Constrained Capacity on the Organizational Learning Process pp. 67–84 Downloads
Vinit M. Desai
Hold Your Horses: Temporal Multiplexity and Conflict Moderation in the Palio di Siena (1743–2010) pp. 85–102 Downloads
Elisa Operti, Shemuel Y. Lampronti and Stoyan V. Sgourev
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