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Volume 79, issue 6, 1989

The Pretence of Knowledge pp. 3-7 Downloads
Friedrich von Hayek
The Equality Issue in World Development pp. 8-17 Downloads
Gunnar Myrdal
Mathematics in Economics: Achievements, Difficulties, Perspectives pp. 18-22 Downloads
Leonid Kantorovich

Volume 79, issue 5, 1989

Real Effects of Academic Research pp. 957-70 Downloads
Adam Jaffe
Why Do Wages Increase with Tenure? On-the-Job Training and Life-Cycle Wage Growth Observed within Firms pp. 971-91 Downloads
James N Brown
How to Carve a Medical Degree: Human Capital Assets in Divorce Settlements pp. 992-1009 Downloads
Severin Borenstein and Paul N Cournat
OECD Comparative Economic Growth 1950-85: Catch-Up and Convergence pp. 1010-30 Downloads
Steve Dowrick and Duc-Tho Nguyen
The Dynastic Cycle and the Stationary State pp. 1031-44 Downloads
Dan Usher
The Effects of Capital Income Taxation on International Competitiveness and Trade Flows pp. 1045-64 Downloads
Lans Bovenberg
Import Competition and the Stock Market Return to Capital pp. 1065-87 Downloads
Gene Grossman and James Levinsohn
Consumption and Capital Market Imperfections: An International Comparison pp. 1088-1105 Downloads
Tullio Jappelli and Marco Pagano
Monetary Policy in the United States under Flexible Exchange Rates pp. 1106-16 Downloads
David Papell
On the Relation between Reschedulings and Bank Value pp. 1117-31 Downloads
Sule Ozler
Why Don't the Prices of Stocks and Bonds Move Together? pp. 1132-45 Downloads
Robert Barsky
A Traditional Interpretation of Macroeconomic Fluctuations pp. 1146-64 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
Desirability of Compatibility in the Absence of Network Externalities pp. 1165-81 Downloads
Nicholas Economides
Social Security as Trade among Living Generations pp. 1182-95 Downloads
Ingemar Hansson and Charles Stuart
On the Optimal Tax Base for Commodity Taxation pp. 1196-1206 Downloads
John Wilson
Politics and the Choice of Durability pp. 1207-13 Downloads
Amihai Glazer
Cheap Talk with Two Audiences pp. 1214-23 Downloads
Joseph Farrell and Robert Gibbons
The Compliance Cost of Itemizing Deductions: Evidence from Individual Tax Returns pp. 1224-32 Downloads
Mark Pitt and Joel Slemrod
The Net Benefits of Incentive-Based Regulation: A Case Study of Environmental Standard Setting pp. 1233-42 Downloads
Wallace Oates, Paul R Portney and Albert McGartland
The S-Shaped Value Function as a Constrained Optimum pp. 1243-48 Downloads
Daniel Friedman
Bidding for Firms pp. 1249-56 Downloads
Dan Black and William Hoyt
Does the Basketball Market Believe in the 'Hot Hand'? pp. 1257-61 Downloads
Colin F Camerer
Simon Kuznets' "Sectoral Shares in Labor Force": A Different Explanation of His ( I + S)/ A Ratio pp. 1262-76 Downloads
Gunther Schmitt
The Endowment Effect and Evidence of Nonreversible Indifference Curves pp. 1277-84 Downloads
Jack Knetsch
Diamonds Are a Government's Best Friend: Burden-Free Taxes on Goods Valued for Their Values: Comments pp. 1285-88 Downloads
Richard Dusansky
Diamonds Are a Government's Best Friend: Burden-Free Taxes on Goods Valued for Their Values: Reply pp. 1289-90 Downloads
Yew-Kwang Ng
Voluntary Donations and Public Expenditures in a Federalist System: Comment and Extension pp. 1291-96 Downloads
Robert McClelland
On the Organization of Rural Markets and the Process of Economic Development: Comment pp. 1297-98 Downloads
Ngo Long
On the Organization of Rural Markets and the Process of Economic Development: Reply pp. 1299
Allan Drazen and Zvi Eckstein
The Theory of International Economic Sanctions--A Public Choice Approach: Comment pp. 1300-1303 Downloads
Michael P Leidy
The Theory of International Economic Sanctions--A Public Choice Approach: Reply pp. 1304-06 Downloads
William Kaempfer and Anton Lowenberg
Erratum [In Quest of the Slutsky Diamond] pp. 1307
Olivier de La Grandville

Volume 79, issue 4, 1989

Changing Beliefs and Systematic Rational Forecast Errors with Evidence from Foreign Exchange pp. 621-36 Downloads
Karen K Lewis
Exchange Rate Pass-Through When Market Share Matters pp. 637-54 Downloads
Kenneth Froot and Paul Klemperer
The Dynamic Effects of Aggregate Demand and Supply Disturbances pp. 655-73 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Danny Quah
Labor Demand and the Structure of Adjustment Costs pp. 674-89 Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
Entry, Exit, and Diffusion with Learning by Doing pp. 690-99 Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic and Saul Lach
Oligopolistic Pricing with Sequential Consumer Search pp. 700-712 Downloads
Dale Stahl
A Political Theory of Government Debt and Deficits in a Neo-Ricardian Framework pp. 713-32 Downloads
Alex Cukierman and Allan Meltzer
The Inflation Tax in a Real Business Cycle Model pp. 733-48 Downloads
Thomas Cooley and Gary Hansen
Theory and Misbehavior of First-Price Auctions pp. 749-62 Downloads
Glenn Harrison
Strategic Voting in Agenda-Controlled Committee Experiments pp. 763-73 Downloads
Catherine Eckel and Charles Holt
The Effect of Wage Bargains on the Stock Market Value of the Firm pp. 774-800 Downloads
John Abowd
Strikes, Wages, and Private Information pp. 801-15 Downloads
Sheena McConnell
A Longitudinal Analysis of Strike Activity in U.S. Manufacturing: 1957-1984 pp. 816-26 Downloads
Susan Vroman
Cyclical Fluctuations in Strike Durations pp. 827-41 Downloads
Alan Harrison and Mark Stewart
Alternative Mechanisms for Corporate Control pp. 842-52 Downloads
Randall Morck, Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny
Some Empirical Evidence on the Production Level and Production Cost Smoothing Models of Inventory Investment pp. 853-64 Downloads
Martin Eichenbaum
How Well Do Economists Forecast Stock Market Prices? A Study of the Livingston Surveys pp. 865-71 Downloads
Yoon Dokko and Robert H Edelstein
Supernovas in Monetary Theory: Does the Ultimate Sunspot Rule Out Money? pp. 872-81 Downloads
Jon Faust
Will the Real Elasticity of Substitution Please Stand Up? (A Comparison of the Allen/Uzawa and Morishima Elasticities) pp. 882-88 Downloads
Charles Blackorby and R Robert Russell
Increasing Returns and Animal Spirits pp. 889-94 Downloads
Philippe Weil
The Demand for Money and Goods in the Theory of Consumer Choice with Money pp. 895-901 Downloads
Richard Dusansky
Just-Cause Employment Policies When Unemployment Is a Worker Discipline Device pp. 902-05 Downloads
David Levine
Licensing and Nontransferable Rents: Comment pp. 906-09 Downloads
Firouz Gahvari
Licensing and Nontransferable Rents: Reply pp. 910-12 Downloads
Lott, John R,
Speeding, Coordination, and the 55-MPH Limit: Comment pp. 913-15 Downloads
David T Levy and Peter Asch
Speeding, Coordination, and the 55-MPH Limit: Comment pp. 916-21 Downloads
Richard Fowles and Peter Loeb
Speeding, Coordination, and the 55-MPH Limit: Comment pp. 922-25 Downloads
Donald Snyder
Speeding, Coordination, and the 55-MPH Limit: Reply pp. 926-31 Downloads
Charles Lave
Statutes versus Enforcement: The Case of the Optimal Speed Limit pp. 932-36 Downloads
Philip Graves, Dwight R Lee and Robert L Sexton

Volume 79, issue 3, 1989

The Effect of the 1933 Securities Act on Investor Information and the Performance of New Issues pp. 295-318
Carol J Simon
The Sensitivity of Tests of the Intertemporal Allocation of Consumption to Near-Rational Alternatives pp. 319-37 Downloads
John Cochrane
Inventories as Factors of Production and Economic Fluctuations pp. 338-54 Downloads
Valerie Ramey
An Experimental Study of Sequential Bargaining pp. 355-84 Downloads
Jack Ochs and Alvin Roth
The Electronic Mail Game: Strategic Behavior under "Almost Common Knowledge." pp. 385-91 Downloads
Ariel Rubinstein
Three Variants on the Allais Example pp. 392-407 Downloads
John Conlisk
Preference Reversals without the Independence Axiom pp. 408-26 Downloads
James Cox and Seth Epstein
Measuring the Efficiency Cost of Taxing Risky Capital Income pp. 427-39 Downloads
Roger Gordon and John Wilson
The Simple Analytics of Debt-Equity Swaps pp. 440-51 Downloads
Elhanan Helpman
Dependents and the Demand for Life Insurance pp. 452-67 Downloads
Frank Lewis
In Quest of the Slutsky Diamond pp. 468-81 Downloads
Olivier de La Grandville
The Health and Earnings of Rejected Disability Insurance Applicants pp. 482-503 Downloads
John Bound
Economic and Mechanical Models of Intergenerational Transmission pp. 504-13 Downloads
Arthur Goldberger
On the Economics of the Family: Reply to a Skeptic pp. 514-18 Downloads
Gary Becker
Some Empirical Aspects of Entrepreneurship pp. 519-35 Downloads
David Evans and Linda S Leighton
Returns to Seniority after Permanent Job Loss pp. 536-43 Downloads
Lori Gladstein Kletzer
Too Many Proposals Pass the Benefit Cost Test pp. 544-51 Downloads
John Hoehn and Alan Randall
Trade Negotiations and World Welfare pp. 552-59 Downloads
Carsten Kowalczyk
Is There a Leviathan in Your Neighborhood? pp. 560-67 Downloads
Jeffrey Zax
Is Leviathan a Mythical Beast? pp. 568-77 Downloads
Kevin F Forbes and Ernest M Zampelli
Searching for Leviathan: Reply pp. 578-83 Downloads
Wallace Oates
The Dynamics of Population Growth, Differential Fertility, and Inequality: Comment pp. 584-87 Downloads
Erik Dietzenbacher
If Homo Economicus Could Choose His Own Utility Function, Would He Want One with a Conscience?: Comment pp. 588-93 Downloads
Joseph Harrington
If Homo Economicus Could Choose His Own Utility Function, Would He Want One with a Conscience? Reply pp. 594-96 Downloads
Robert Frank
Two-Moment Decision Models and Expected Utility Maximization: Comment pp. 597-600 Downloads
Haim Levy
Two-Moment Decision Models and Expected Utility Maximization: Comment pp. 601-02 Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
Two-Moment Decision Models and Expected Utility Maximization: Reply pp. 603
Jack Meyer
Price Leadership and Welfare Losses in U.S. Manufacturing: Comment pp. 604-09 Downloads
Johan Willner
Price Leadership and Welfare Losses in U.S. Manufacturing: Reply pp. 610-13 Downloads
Micha Gisser

Volume 79, issue 2, 1989

Politics and the Professors Revisited pp. 1-15
Henry Aaron
Economic Reform in the USSR, Eastern Europe, and China: The Politics of Economics pp. 16-20 Downloads
Ed A Hewett
Reforms in China: Implications for U.S. Policy pp. 21-25 Downloads
Robert F Dernberger
Reforms in the USSR: Implications for U.S. Policy pp. 26-30 Downloads
Franklyn D Holzman
The J-Curve, the Fire Sale, and the Hard Landing pp. 31-35 Downloads
Paul Krugman
The Case against Trying to Stabilize the Dollar pp. 36-40 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
The Case for Roughly Stabilizing the Real Value of the Dollar pp. 41-45 Downloads
John Williamson
Expenditures, Efficiency, and Equity in Education: The Federal Government's Role pp. 46-51 Downloads
Eric Hanushek
Economics of Investment in Educationally Disadvantaged Students pp. 52-56 Downloads
Henry Levin
Role of Parental Income in Educational Attainment pp. 57-61 Downloads
Paul Taubman
Employment Opportunities of Young Men and Family Formation pp. 62-66 Downloads
Robert Lerman
Economic Transformation, Family Structure, and Poverty Rates of Black Children in Metropolitan Areas pp. 67-70 Downloads
Cynthia Rexroat
The Labor Supply and School Attendance of Black Women in Extended and Nonextended Households pp. 71-74 Downloads
David Macpherson and James B Stewart
Having Opinions--One of the Elements of Well-Being? pp. 75-79 Downloads
Albert Hirschman
Frames of Reference and the Quality of Life pp. 80-85 Downloads
Robert Frank
Altruism and the Quality of Life pp. 86-90 Downloads
Oded Stark
Fiscal Policy and the Dynamic Inconsistency of Social Security Forecasts pp. 91-96 Downloads
Henry Aaron and Gary Burtless
Social Security and Personal Saving: An Analysis of Expectations pp. 97-102 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Lawrence Levin
Is It Worth Eliminating the Retirement Test? pp. 103-07 Downloads
Marjorie Honig and Cordelia Reimers
Tax Policy for the 1990s: Personal Saving, Business Investment, and Corporate Debt pp. 108-12 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
The Continuing Search for a Popular Tax pp. 113-17 Downloads
Alice M Rivlin
Protection: Is There a Better Way? pp. 118-22 Downloads
Robert Lawrence
Macroeconomic Influences on Trade Policy pp. 123-27 Downloads
William Cline
U.S. Trade Policy: Recent Changes and Future U.S. Interests pp. 128-33 Downloads
Robert Baldwin
Reputation and Time Consistency pp. 134-39 Downloads
Nancy Stokey
The Economics of Accounting Information Systems pp. 140-45 Downloads
J S Jordan
The FSLIC Crisis and the Southwest Plan pp. 146-50 Downloads
Paul M Horvitz
The Lender of Last Resort in the Wake of the Crash pp. 151-55 Downloads
Gillian Garcia
Expanded Powers after the Crash(es) pp. 156-60 Downloads
Herbert Baer
The Future of Public Sector Unions: Stagnation or Growth? pp. 161-65 Downloads
Linda N Edwards
Trends in Worker Demand for Union Representation pp. 166-71 Downloads
Henry S Farber
The Ability of Unions to Adapt to Innovative Workplace Arrangements pp. 172-76 Downloads
Adrienne E Eaton and Paula B Voos
Some Simple Economics of Mandated Benefits pp. 177-83 Downloads
Lawrence Summers
On the Contribution of Economics to the Evaluation and Formation of Social Insurance Policy pp. 184-90 Downloads
Laurence Kotlikoff
Economists' View of the Welfare System pp. 191-96 Downloads
Edward Gramlich
Markets, Market Failures, and Development pp. 197-203 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
Financial Factors in Economic Development pp. 204-09 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch and Alejandro Reynoso
Unemployment, Inflation, and Wages in the American Depression: Are There Lessons for Europe? pp. 210-14 Downloads
Ben Bernanke and Martin Parkinson
The Thatcher Miracle? pp. 215-19 Downloads
Richard Layard and Stephen Nickell
Hysteresis in History: Was There Ever a Phillips Curve? pp. 220-25 Downloads
Robert Gordon
An Econometric Model of the Role of Gender in Economic Education pp. 226-30 Downloads
Julia A Heath
The Effect of State Mandates on Student Performance pp. 231-35 Downloads
Sherrie L W Rhine
The Principles Courses Revisited pp. 236-41 Downloads
Michael Watts and Gerald J Lynch
Will There Be Enough Teachers? pp. 242-46 Downloads
Richard Murnane and Randall J Olsen
College Quality and Future Earnings: Where Should You Send Your Child to College? pp. 247-52 Downloads
James, Estelle, et al
Recent Trends in U.S. Higher Education Costs and Prices: The Role of Government Funding pp. 253-57 Downloads
Michael S McPherson, Morton Owen Schapiro and Gordon Winston
Reducing International Imbalances: Evidence from Multicountry Models pp. 258-63 Downloads
John Helliwell
Evaluating Blueprints for the Conduct of International Macro Policy pp. 264-69 Downloads
David Currie and Simon Wren-Lewis
The Simple Macroeconomics of North-South Interaction pp. 270-76 Downloads
Thomas Moutos and David Vines
The General Equilibrium Effects of Inflation on Housing Consumption and Investment pp. 277-82 Downloads
James Berkovec and Don Fullerton
Trade Liberalization in Developing Countries: Do Imperfect Competition and Scale Economies Matter? pp. 283-87 Downloads
Shantayanan Devarajan and Dani Rodrik
The Economic Impact of the European Community pp. 288-94 Downloads
Glenn Harrison, Thomas Rutherford and Ian Wooton
The Role of Part-Time Work in Women's Labor Market Choices over Time pp. 295-99
Rebecca Blank
Female Mobility and the Returns to Seniority: Should EEO Policy Be Concerned with Promotion? pp. 300-304 Downloads
Shulamit Kahn and Harriet Griesinger
Effects of Comparable Worth Policy: Evidence from Washington State pp. 305-09 Downloads
June O'Neill, Michael Brien and James Cunningham
How the Rich Have Fared, 1973-87 pp. 310-14 Downloads
Sheldon Danziger, Peter Gottschalk and Eugene Smolensky
Deficit Reduction and Income Redistribution pp. 315-19 Downloads
Edward Gramlich, Richard Kasten and Frank Sammartino
Inequality among Children and Elderly in Ten Modern Nations: The United States in an International Context pp. 320-24 Downloads
John Coder, Lee Rainwater and Timothy M Smeeding
Lifetime Incidence and the Distributional Burden of Excise Taxes pp. 325-30 Downloads
James Poterba
Taxation and Uncertainty pp. 331-36 Downloads
David S Bizer and Kenneth Judd
Economists in Health Care: Saviors, or Elephants in a Porcelain Shop? pp. 337-42 Downloads
Uwe E Reinhardt
Health and Long-term Care for the Aged pp. 343-48 Downloads
Dorothy P Rice
National Health Insurance: A Proposal pp. 349-52 Downloads
Karen Davis
Multiplicity of Equilibria and Fluctuations in Dynamic Imperfectly Competitive Economies pp. 353-57 Downloads
Satyajit Chatterjee and Russell Cooper
Labor Contracts in a Model of Imperfect Competition pp. 358-63 Downloads
Varadarajan Chari, Larry Jones and Rodolfo Manuelli
Toward a Theory of Rigidities pp. 364-69 Downloads
Bruce Greenwald and Joseph Stiglitz
Macroeconomic Policy and Insider Power pp. 370-76 Downloads
Assar Lindbeck and Dennis Snower
A Microeconomic Approach to Macroeconomic Policy pp. 377-81 Downloads
Mancur Olson
Should Governments Learn to Live with Inflation? pp. 382-87 Downloads
Stanley Fischer and Lawrence Summers

Volume 79, issue 1, 1989

Divergences of Measurement and Theory and Some Implications for Economic Policy pp. 1-13
Robert Eisner
Agency Costs, Net Worth, and Business Fluctuations pp. 14-31 Downloads
Ben Bernanke and Mark Gertler
Cheap Talk and the Fed: A Theory of Imprecise Policy Announcements pp. 32-42 Downloads
Jeremy Stein
Sovereign Debt: Is to Forgive to Forget? pp. 43-50 Downloads
Jeremy Bulow and Kenneth Rogoff
Optimal Contracts with Lock-In pp. 51-68 Downloads
Joseph Farrell and Carl Shapiro
Inflexible Rules in Incentive Problems pp. 69-84 Downloads
Tracy Lewis and David Sappington
Trade in Producer Services and in Other Specialized Intermediate Inputs pp. 85-95 Downloads
James Markusen
Quality Distortion by a Discriminating Monopolist pp. 96-105 Downloads
Padmanabhan Srinagesh and Ralph Bradburd
Gradual Reforms of Capital Income Taxation pp. 106-24 Downloads
Peter Howitt and Hans-Werner Sinn
The Efficiency of the Market for Single-Family Homes pp. 125-37 Downloads
Karl Case and Robert Shiller
Determining the Impact of Federal Antidiscrimination Policy on the Economic Status of Blacks: A Study of South Carolina pp. 138-77 Downloads
James Heckman and Brook S Payner
Is the Test Score Decline Responsible for the Productivity Growth Decline? pp. 178-97 Downloads
John Hillman Bishop
Price Discrimination by U.S. and German Exporters pp. 198-210 Downloads
Michael M Knetter
The Behavior of U.S. Tariff Rates pp. 211-18 Downloads
Grant W Gardner and Kent P Kimbrough
Self-interest, Agency Theory, and Political Voting Behavior: The Ratification of the United States Constitution pp. 219-34 Downloads
Robert A McGuire and Robert L Ohsfeldt
Taxing to Control Social Costs: The Case of Alcohol pp. 235-43 Downloads
Thomas F Pogue and Larry G Sgontz
The Effects of Third-Degree Price Discrimination in Oligopoly pp. 244-50 Downloads
Thomas Holmes
Technological Stagnation, Tenurial Laws, and Adverse Selection pp. 251-55 Downloads
Kaushik Basu
On the Measurement and Trend of Inequality: A Reconsideration pp. 256-64 Downloads
John P Formby, Terry G Seaks and W. James Smith
On the Measurement and Trend of Inequality: Reply pp. 265-66 Downloads
Morton Paglin
Government Size and Economic Growth: A New Framework and Some Evidence from Cross-Section and Time-Series Data: Comment pp. 267-71 Downloads
Jack L Carr
Government Size and Economic Growth: A New Framework and Some Evidence from Cross-Section and Time-Series Data: Comment pp. 272-80 Downloads
V V Bhanoji Rao
Government Size and Economic Growth: A New Framework and Some Evidence from Cross-Section and Time-Series Data: Reply pp. 281-84 Downloads
Rati Ram
Measures of Risk Aversion and Comparative Statics of Industry Equilibrium: Correction pp. 285-86 Downloads
Yasunori Ishii
Accounting Rates of Return: Comment pp. 287-89 Downloads
Willem Buijink and Marc Jegers
Accounting Rates of Return: Reply pp. 290-93 Downloads
Gerald L Salamon
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