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Volume 81, issue 5, 1991

The Effects of Double-Blind versus Single-Blind Reviewing: Experimental Evidence from The American Economic Review pp. 1041-67 Downloads
Rebecca Blank
Bargaining and Market Behavior in Jerusalem, Ljubljana, Pittsburgh, and Tokyo: An Experimental Study pp. 1068-95 Downloads
Alvin Roth, Vesna Prasnikar, Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara and Shmuel Zamir
A Comparative Model of Bargaining: Theory and Evidence pp. 1096-136 Downloads
Gary Bolton
Naked Exclusion pp. 1137-45 Downloads
Eric Rasmusen, John Ramseyer and Wiley, John S,
Resistance to Reform: Status Quo Bias in the Presence of Individual-Specific Uncertainty pp. 1146-55 Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Dani Rodrik
Optimal Export Policy for a New-Product Monopoly pp. 1156-69 Downloads
Kyle Bagwell
Why Are Stabilizations Delayed? pp. 1170-88 Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Allan Drazen
Intrinsic Bubbles: The Case of Stock Prices pp. 1189-214 Downloads
Kenneth Froot and Maurice Obstfeld
Output Growth, the Real Wage, and Employment Fluctuations pp. 1215-37 Downloads
Zvi Hercowitz and Michael Sampson
Budget Constraints and Time-Series Evidence on Consumption pp. 1238-53 Downloads
Jordi Gali
The Phillips Curve, the Persistence of Inflation, and the Lucas Critique: Evidence from Exchange-Rate Regimes pp. 1254-75 Downloads
George Alogoskoufis and Ronald Smith
Effects of the Changing U.S. Age Distribution on Macroeconomic Equations pp. 1276-94 Downloads
Ray Fair and Kathryn Dominguez
Explaining Service-Price Differences in International Comparisons pp. 1295-309 Downloads
Rodney Falvey and Norman Gemmell
Wage Indexation and Discretionary Monetary Policy pp. 1310-19 Downloads
Laurence Ball and Stephen Cecchetti
Oligopoly and Discriminatory Government Procurement Policy pp. 1320-28 Downloads
Kaz Miyagiwa
On Measuring the Marginal Cost of Funds Analytically pp. 1329-35 Downloads
Joram Mayshar
New Evidence on Fiscal Illusion: The 1986 Tax "Windfalls." pp. 1336-44 Downloads
Louise Marshall
Transfers in Kind: Why They Can Be Efficient and Nonpaternalistic pp. 1345-51 Downloads
Neil Bruce and Michael Waldman
Testing the Matching Hypothesis: The Case of Major-League Baseball pp. 1352-60 Downloads
Kenneth S Chapman and Southwick, Lawrence,
Price Controls and Rent Dissipation with Endogenous Transaction Costs pp. 1361-73 Downloads
Robert Deacon and Jon Sonstelie
Multimarket Amenity Compensation and the Behavior of the Elderly pp. 1374-81 Downloads
Philip Graves and Donald Waldman
Migration, Regional Equilibrium, and the Estimation of Compensating Differentials pp. 1382-90 Downloads
Greenwood, Michael J, et al
Group Composition, Collective Consumption, and Collaborative Production pp. 1391-407 Downloads
Martin McGuire
Social Networks and Labor-Market Outcomes: Toward an Economic Analysis pp. 1407-18
James D Montgomery
The Health and Earnings of Rejected Disability Insurance Applicants: Comment pp. 1419-26 Downloads
Donald Parsons
The Health and Earnings of Rejected Disability Insurance Applicants: Reply pp. 1427-34 Downloads
John Bound
Expectations, Taxes, and Interest: Comment pp. 1435-36 Downloads
Miles Livingston
Expectations, Taxes, and Interest: Reply pp. 1437-38 Downloads
Robert Ayanian
Dynamic Strategic Monetary Policies and Coordination in Interdependent Economies: Comment pp. 1439-42 Downloads
Alain de Crombrugghe, Nouriel Roubini and Jeffrey D Sachs
Dynamic Strategic Monetary Policies and Coordination in Interdependent Economies: Reply pp. 1443-45 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
Too Many Proposals Pass the Benefit-Cost Test: Comment pp. 1446-49 Downloads
John Quiggin
Too Many Proposals Pass the Benefit-Cost Test: Reply pp. 1450-52 Downloads
John Hoehn and Alan Randall
Raising Rivals' Costs: Erratum pp. 1453
Haizhou Huang

Volume 81, issue 4, 1991

Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector: The Effect of Legal Structure on Dispute Costs and Wages pp. 693-718 Downloads
Janet Currie and Sheena McConnell
The Effects of Overtime Pay Regulation on Worker Compensation pp. 719-40 Downloads
Stephen Trejo
The Role of World War II in the Rise of Women's Employment pp. 741-56 Downloads
Claudia Goldin
Income Redistribution in a Common Labor Market pp. 757-74 Downloads
David Wildasin
Reconciling the Pattern of Trade with the Pattern of Migration pp. 775-96 Downloads
James Rauch
Real Business Cycles in a Small Open Economy pp. 797-818 Downloads
Enrique Mendoza
Stochastic Trends and Economic Fluctuations pp. 819-40 Downloads
Robert King, Charles Plosser, James Stock and Mark Watson
Is the Price Level Tied to the M2 Monetary Aggregate in the Long Run? pp. 841-58 Downloads
Jeffrey J Hallman, Richard D Porter and David H Small
Earnings Uncertainty and Aggregate Wealth Accumulation pp. 859-71 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero
A Theory of Channel Price Promotions pp. 872-86 Downloads
Eitan Gerstner and James D Hess
Technological Change and the Boundaries of the Firm pp. 887-900 Downloads
Tracy Lewis and David Sappington
The Geometry of Supply, Demand, and Competitive Market Structure with Economies of Scope pp. 901-11 Downloads
B. Eaton and S Q Lemche
A General Equilibrium Model of Insurrections pp. 912-21 Downloads
Herschel Grossman
Pitfalls in Testing for Explosive Bubbles in Asset Prices pp. 922-30 Downloads
George Evans
Wage Growth and the Inflation Process: An Empirical Note pp. 931-37 Downloads
Yash P Mehra
The Rigidity of Prices: Evidence from the Banking Industry pp. 938-45 Downloads
Timothy Hannan and Allen Berger
Credit Rationing and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism pp. 946-51 Downloads
John McCallum
A Test of Tariff Endogeneity in the United States pp. 952-60 Downloads
Alok Bohara and William Kaempfer
Experimental Confirmation of the Existence of a Giffen Good pp. 961-70 Downloads
Raymond Battalio, John Kagel and Carl A Kogut
Does the Random-Lottery Incentive System Elicit True Preferences? An Experimental Investigation pp. 971-78 Downloads
Chris Starmer and Robert Sugden
Public Provision of Private Goods and the Redistribution of Income pp. 979-84 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Stephen Coate
Income, Consumption, and Wage Taxation in a Life-Cycle Model: Separating Efficiency from Redistribution pp. 985-95 Downloads
Jane Gravelle
Does Poor Supervisability Undermine Teamwork? Evidence from an Unexpected pp. 996-1001 Downloads
Louis Putterman
Horizontal Mergers: Comment pp. 1002-06 Downloads
Gregory Werden
Horizontal Mergers: Reply pp. 1007-11 Downloads
Joseph Farrell and Carl Shapiro
Input Measurement and Productivity Growth in Japanese and U.S. Manufacturing: Comment pp. 1012-14 Downloads
Ky-Hyang Yuhn
How to Carve a Medical Degree: Comment pp. 1015-16 Downloads
William Holahan and Richard Perlman

Volume 81, issue 3, 1991

Popular Attitudes toward Free Markets: The Soviet Union and the United States Compared pp. 385-400
Robert Shiller, Maxim Boycko and Vladimir Korobov
Price Distortion and Shortage Deformation, or What Happened to the Soap? pp. 401-14
Martin Weitzman
A Natural Experiment in the Organization of Entry-Level Labor Markets: Regional Markets for New Physicians and Surgeons in the United Kingdom pp. 415-40 Downloads
Alvin Roth
Sorority Rush as a Two-Sided Matching Mechanism pp. 441-64 Downloads
Susan Mongell and Alvin Roth
Model Uncertainty, Learning, and the Gains from Coordination pp. 465-79 Downloads
Atish Ghosh and Paul Masson
Welfare Dominance: An Application to Commodity Taxation pp. 480-96 Downloads
Shlomo Yitzhaki and Joel Slemrod
The Role of Demandable Debt in Structuring Optimal Banking Arrangements pp. 497-513 Downloads
Charles Calomiris and Charles Kahn
A Model of Homogeneous Input Demand under Price Uncertainty pp. 514-38 Downloads
Frank A Wolak and Charles Kolstad
Sticky Prices as Coordination Failure pp. 539-52 Downloads
Laurence Ball and David Romer
When Excessive Consumption Is Rational pp. 553-64 Downloads
Richard Romano
Capital Formation and Productivity Convergence over the Long Term pp. 565-79 Downloads
Edward Wolff
Economic Forecast Evaluation: Profits versus the Conventional Error Measures pp. 580-90 Downloads
Gordon Leitch and J Ernest Tanner
The Stock Market Premium, Production, and Relative Risk Aversion pp. 591-99 Downloads
Simon Benninga and Aris Protopapadakis
The Temporal Stability of Dividends and Stock Prices: Evidence from the Likelihood Function pp. 600-617 Downloads
David DeJong and Charles Whiteman
A Note on Optimal Fines When Wealth Varies among Individuals pp. 618-21 Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
Standards versus Standards: The Effects of Different Pollution Restrictions pp. 622-34 Downloads
Gloria E Helfand
Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept: How Much Can They Differ? pp. 635-47 Downloads
Michael Hanemann
Strategic Buyers and the Social Cost of Monopoly pp. 648-57 Downloads
Tore Ellingsen
Increasing the Profits of a Subset of Firms in Oligopoly Models with Strategic Substitutes pp. 658-65 Downloads
Gérard Gaudet and Stephen Salant
Pricing Schemes and Cournotian Equilibria pp. 666-73 Downloads
Claude d'Aspremont, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira and Louis-André Gérard-Varet
Redistribution and Capital Formation pp. 675-82
Peter Rangazas
The Welfare Economics of Price Supports in U.S. Agriculture: Comment pp. 683-84 Downloads
Geoff W Edwards and David Vanzetti

Volume 81, issue 2, 1991

Procrastination and Obedience pp. 1-19
George Akerlof
The Economics Major: Can and Should We Do Better Than a B Minus? pp. 20-25 Downloads
Siegfried, John J, et al
An Agenda for Research on Economic Education in Colleges and Universities pp. 26-31 Downloads
Becker, William, et al
The Third Edition of the Test of Understanding in College Economics pp. 32-37 Downloads
Phillip Saunders
Providing Earth Observation Data from Space: Economics and Institutions pp. 38-41 Downloads
Molly Macauley and Michael Toman
Trading Orbit Spectrum Assignments in the Space Satellite Industry pp. 42-45 Downloads
Harvey J Levin
Torts and Orbits: The Allocation of the Costs of Accidents Involving Spacecraft pp. 46-49 Downloads
Ann M Butler and Neil A Doherty
The National Aerospace Plane: An American Technological Long Shot, Japanese Style pp. 50-53
Linda R Cohen, Susan A Edelman and Roger Noll
Regulation and the Law of Torts pp. 54-58 Downloads
Rose-Ackerman, Susan
The Safety and Innovation Effects of U.S. Liability Law: The Evidence pp. 59-64 Downloads
Robert Litan
Mispriced Equity: Regulated Rates for Auto Insurance in Massachusetts pp. 65-69 Downloads
Blackmon, B Glenn, and Richard Zeckhauser
Multiple Equilibria and Persistence in Aggregate Fluctuations pp. 70-74 Downloads
Steven Durlauf
Identifying the Hand of the Past: Distinguishing State Dependence from Heterogeneity pp. 75-79 Downloads
James Heckman
History and Industry Location: The Case of the Manufacturing Belt pp. 80-83 Downloads
Paul Krugman
Complementarities, Momentum, and the Evolution of Modern Manufacturing pp. 84-88 Downloads
Paul Milgrom, Yingyi Qian and John Roberts
Why Are Prices Sticky? Preliminary Results from an Interview Study pp. 89-96 Downloads
Alan Blinder
Projecting Faculty Retirement: Factors Influencing Individual Decisions pp. 101-05 Downloads
G Gregory Lozier and Michael J Dooris
Ending Mandatory Retirement in the Arts and Sciences pp. 106-10 Downloads
Sharon P Smith
The Effects of Pensions and Retirement Policies on Retirement in Higher Education pp. 111-15 Downloads
Alan Gustman and Thomas L Steinmeier
Conflict and Attitudes toward Risk pp. 116-20 Downloads
Stergios Skaperdas
The East European Revolution of 1989: Is It Surprising That We Were Surprised? pp. 121-25 Downloads
Timur Kuran
Nations and States: Mergers and Acquisitions; Dissolutions and Divorce pp. 126-29 Downloads
Donald Wittman
The Technology of Conflict as an Economic Activity pp. 130-34 Downloads
Jack Hirshleifer
International Trade in Carbon Emission Rights: A Decomposition Procedure pp. 135-39 Downloads
Alan Manne and Richard G Richels
Towards a Comprehensive Approach to Global Climate Change Mitigation pp. 140-45 Downloads
Richard Morgenstern
A Sketch of the Economics of the Greenhouse Effect pp. 146-50 Downloads
William Nordhaus
The Role of Off-the-Job vs. On-the-Job Training for the Mobility of Women Workers pp. 151-56 Downloads
Lisa Lynch
The Impact of Nonmarket Work on Market Wages pp. 157-60 Downloads
Joni Hersch
Gender Differences in Labor Market Effects of Alcoholism pp. 161-65 Downloads
John Mullahy and Jody L Sindelar
Europe Post-1992: Internal and External Liberalization pp. 166-70 Downloads
Alexis Jacquemin and Andre Sapir
The Challenges of German Unification for EC Policymaking and Performance pp. 171-75 Downloads
Robert Owen
Integration of Eastern Europe into the World Trading System pp. 176-80 Downloads
Helen B Junz
Industry Restructuring in East-Central Europe: The Challenge and the Role for Foreign Investment pp. 181-84 Downloads
Catherine Mann
Czechoslovakia: Recent Economic Developments and Prospects pp. 185-90 Downloads
Karel Dyba and Jan Svejnar
Economic Development in Yugoslavia in 1990 and Prospects for the Future pp. 191-95
Janez Prasnikar and Zivko Pregl
The Economic Integration of Post-Wall Germany pp. 196-201 Downloads
Irwin Collier and Horst Siebert
Chinese Enterprise Behavior under the Reforms pp. 202-06 Downloads
Roger Gordon and Wei Li
Why Has Economic Reform Led to Inflation? pp. 207-11 Downloads
Barry Naughton
Economic Reform of the Distribution Sector in China pp. 212-17 Downloads
Richard H Holton and Terry Sicular
Shareholder Heterogeneity: Evidence and Implications pp. 218-21 Downloads
Laurie Simon Bagwell
Investor Diversification and International Equity Markets pp. 222-26 Downloads
Kenneth French and James Poterba
Window Dressing by Pension Fund Managers pp. 227-31 Downloads
Lakonishok, Josef, et al
The Rationality Struggle: Illustrations from Financial Markets pp. 232-36 Downloads
Jayendu Patel, Richard Zeckhauser and Darryll Hendricks
Rational Addiction and the Effect of Price on Consumption pp. 237-41 Downloads
Gary Becker, Michael Grossman and Kevin Murphy
Alcohol Consumption during Prohibition pp. 242-47 Downloads
Jeffrey Miron and Jeffrey Zwiebel
Who Uses Illegal Drugs? pp. 248-51 Downloads
Robin Sickles and Paul Taubman
R&D Competition for Product Innovation: An Endless Race pp. 252-56 Downloads
Reiko Aoki
Choosing R&D Projects: An Informational Approach pp. 257-61 Downloads
Beth Allen
The Determinants of Investment in New Technology pp. 262-65 Downloads
Sarah J Lane
Diversification by Regulated Monopolies and Incentives for Cost-Reducing R&D pp. 266-70 Downloads
Karen Palmer
Diffusion of Development: Post-World War II Convergence among Advanced Industrial Nations pp. 271-75 Downloads
Richard Nelson
Diffusion of Development: The Soviet Union pp. 276-81 Downloads
Marshall I Goldman
Diffusion of Development: The Late-Industrializing Model and Greater East Asia pp. 282-86 Downloads
Alice H Amsden
Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Market: 1940-80 pp. 287-91 Downloads
George Borjas
Immigration and Wages: Evidence from the 1980's pp. 292-96 Downloads
Kristin Butcher and David Card
Immigrants in the American Labor Market: Quality, Assimilation, and Distributional Effects pp. 297-302
Robert LaLonde and Robert Topel
W. E. B. Du Bois and the Historical School of Economics pp. 303-06 Downloads
Thomas D Boston
Missed Opportunity: Sandie Tanner Mossell Alexander and the Economics Profession pp. 307-10 Downloads
Julianne Malveaux
The Rice and Fall of Negro Economics: The Economic Thought of George Edmund Haynes pp. 311-14 Downloads
James B Stewart
Celestial Mechanics and the Location Theory of William H. Dean, Jr., 1930-52 pp. 315-17 Downloads
Julian Ellison
Institutional Legacies and the Economic, Social, and Political Environment for Transition in Hungary and Poland pp. 318-22 Downloads
Keith Crane
Transformation Programs: Content and Sequencing pp. 323-28 Downloads
Farid Dhanji
Foreign Economic Liberalization in Hungary and Poland pp. 329-33 Downloads
Paul Marer
Derivation of "Rational" Economic Behavior from Hyperbolic Discount Curves pp. 334-40 Downloads
George Ainslie
Economic Analysis and the Psychology of Utility: Applications to Compensation Policy pp. 341-46 Downloads
Daniel Kahneman and Richard Thaler
Negative Time Preference pp. 347-52
George Lowenstein and Drazen Prelec
Designing Economic Agents that Act Like Human Agents: A Behavioral Approach to Bounded Rationality pp. 353-59 Downloads
W Brian Arthur
Experiments on Stable Suboptimality in Individual Behavior pp. 360-64 Downloads
R J Herrnstein
Artificial Adaptive Agents in Economic Theory pp. 365-71 Downloads
John H Holland and John H Miller

Volume 81, issue 1, 1991

The Mathematization of Economic Theory pp. 1-7
Gerard Debreu
An Econometric Analysis of U.K. Money Demand in 'Monetary Trends in the United States and the United Kingdom' by Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz pp. 8-38 Downloads
David Hendry and Neil Ericsson
Alternative Approaches to Analyzing Economic Data pp. 39-49 Downloads
Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz
The Failure of Competition in the Credit Card Market pp. 50-81
Lawrence M Ausubel
Externalities and Growth Accounting pp. 82-113 Downloads
Jess Benhabib and Boyan Jovanovic
Research Productivity over the Life Cycle: Evidence for Academic Scientists pp. 114-32 Downloads
Sharon Levin and Paula Stephan
Economic Effects of Federal Credit Programs pp. 133-52 Downloads
William Gale
Optimal Public Good Provision with Limited Lump-Sum Taxation pp. 153-66 Downloads
John Wilson
Retrospective Capital Gains Taxation pp. 167-78 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Moral Hazard and Nonmarket Institutions: Dysfunctional Crowding Out or Peer Monitoring? pp. 179-90 Downloads
Richard Arnott and Joseph Stiglitz
A Theory of Inefficient Intrafirm Transactions pp. 191-209
Julio Rotemberg
Advertising in Competitive Markets pp. 210-23 Downloads
Mark Stegeman
High and Declining Prices Signal Product Quality pp. 224-39 Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Michael Riordan
Striking for a Bargain between Two Completely Informed Agents pp. 240-52 Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Jacob Glazer
An Experimental Analysis of Strikes in Bargaining Games with One-Sided Private Information pp. 253-78 Downloads
Robert Forsythe, John Kennan and Barry Sopher
On the Sign of the Investment-Uncertainty Relationship pp. 279-88 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero
Savings and Wealth in Models with Altruistic Bequests pp. 289-96 Downloads
William Lord and Peter Rangazas
A New Estimate of the Welfare Loss of Excess Health Insurance pp. 297-301
Roger Feldman and Bryan Dowd
Reconciling Recent Estimates of the Marginal Welfare Cost of Taxation pp. 302-08 Downloads
Don Fullerton
Does Student Aid Affect College Enrollment? New Evidence on a Persistent Controversy pp. 309-18 Downloads
Michael S McPherson and Morton Owen Schapiro
Are Workers Permanently Scarred by Job Displacements? pp. 319-24 Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
Structural Determinants of Real Exchange Rates and National Price Levels: Some Empirical Evidence pp. 325-34 Downloads
Jeffrey Bergstrand
The Winner's Curse: Experiments with Buyers and with Sellers pp. 335-46 Downloads
Barry Lind and Charles Plott
The Winner's Curse and Public Information in Common Value Auctions: Comment pp. 347-61
Robert G Hansen and Lott, John R,
The Winner's Curse and Public Information in Common Value Auctions: Reply pp. 362-69 Downloads
John Kagel and Dan Levin
Some Evidence on the Winner's Curse: Comment pp. 370-75 Downloads
Dan Levin and James Smith
Ski-Lift Pricing with Applications to Labor and Other Markets: Comment pp. 376-77 Downloads
Tyler Cowen and Amihai Glazer
Ski-Lift Pricing, with Applications to Labor and Other Markets: Reply pp. 378-80
Robert Barro and Paul Romer
A Model of Housing Tenure Choice: Comment pp. 381-83 Downloads
Yuming Fu
Erratum [Cooperation, Harassment, and Involuntary Unemployment] pp. 384
Ernst Fehr
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