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Volume 80, issue 5, 1990

Market Liquidity, Hedging, and Crashes pp. 999-1021 Downloads
Gerard Gennotte and Hayne Leland
Insider Trading in a Rational Expectations Economy pp. 1022-41 Downloads
Lawrence M Ausubel
Optimal Bypass and Cream Skimming pp. 1042-61 Downloads
Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole
Durable-Good Monopoly and Best-Price Provisions pp. 1062-76 Downloads
David A Butz
A Schumpeterian Model of the Product Life Cycle pp. 1077-91 Downloads
Paul Segerstrom, T C A Anant and Elias Dinopoulos
Competition by Choice: The Effect of Consumer Search on Firm Location Decisions pp. 1092-1104 Downloads
Marc Dudey
To Innovate or Not to Innovate: Incentives and Innovation in Hierarchies pp. 1105-24 Downloads
James Dearden, Barry W Ickes and Larry Samuelson
Intergenerational Income-Group Mobility and Differential Fertility pp. 1125-38 Downloads
C Y Cyrus Chu and Hui-Wen Koo
Productivity, Health, and Inequality in the Intrahousehold Distribution of Food in Low-Income Countries pp. 1139-56 Downloads
Mark Pitt, Mark Rosenzweig and Md Nazmul Hassan
A Social Exchange Approach to Voluntary Cooperation pp. 1157-67 Downloads
Heinz Hollander
The Economic Effects of Production Taxes in a Stochastic Growth Model pp. 1168-82 Downloads
Michael Dotsey
Deposit Insurance, Risk, and Market Power in Banking pp. 1183-1200 Downloads
Michael C Keeley
Overdrafts and the Demand for Money pp. 1201-16 Downloads
Avner Bar-ilan
Tax Smoothing with Financial Instruments pp. 1217-30 Downloads
Henning Bohn
Beneficial Concentration pp. 1231-37 Downloads
Andrew Daughety
Horizontal Mergers: The 50-Percent Benchmark pp. 1238-45 Downloads
Dan Levin
Input Market Price Discrimination and the Choice of Technology pp. 1246-53 Downloads
Patrick DeGraba
Direction of Price Changes in Third-Degree Price Discrimination pp. 1254-58 Downloads
Babu Nahata, Krzysztof Ostaszewski and P K Sahoo
Third-Degree Price Discrimination and Output: Generalizing a Welfare Result pp. 1259-62 Downloads
Marius Schwartz
The Measurement of International Trade Related to Multinational Companies pp. 1263-70 Downloads
F Steb Hipple
The Indirect and Direct Substition Effects pp. 1271-75 Downloads
Masao Ogaki
Auction Institutional Design: Theory and Behavior of Simultaneous Multiple-Unit Generalizations of the Dutch and English Auctions pp. 1276-83 Downloads
Kevin McCabe, Stephen Rassenti and Vernon Smith
Lifetime Earnings and the Vietnam Era Draft Lottery: Evidence from Social Security Administrative Records: Errata pp. 1284-86 Downloads
Joshua Angrist
On the Optimal Tax Base for Commodity Taxation: Errata pp. 1287
John Wilson
The Future of the Income Tax: Erratum pp. 1288
Joseph A Pechman

Volume 80, issue 4, 1990

The Origins of American Industrial Success, 1879-1940 pp. 651-68 Downloads
Gavin Wright
Unexpected Inflation, Real Wages, and Employment Determination in Union Contracts pp. 669-88 Downloads
David Card
Long Swings in the Dollar: Are They in the Data and Do Markets Know It? pp. 689-713 Downloads
Charles Engel and James Hamilton
Testing the Rationality of Price Forecasts: New Evidence from Panel Data pp. 714-35 Downloads
Michael Keane and David E Runkle
Margin Requirements, Volatility, and the Transitory Components of Stock Prices pp. 736-62 Downloads
Gikas Hardouvelis
Business Cycle Models with Endogenous Technology pp. 763-78 Downloads
George W Stadler
A Theory of Managed Trade pp. 779-95 Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert Staiger
Comparative Advantage and Long-run Growth pp. 796-815 Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
The Fundamental Determinants of the Terms of Trade Reconsidered: Long-run and Long-period Equilibrium pp. 816-27 Downloads
William Darity
The Case of the Vanishing Revenues: Auction Quotas with Monopoly pp. 828-36 Downloads
Kala Krishna
Tying, Foreclosure, and Exclusion pp. 837-59 Downloads
Michael Whinston
The Economics of Product Patents pp. 860-69 Downloads
Michael Waterson
Are Treble Damages Neutral? Sequential Equilibrium and Private Antitrust Enforcement pp. 870-87 Downloads
David Besanko and Daniel Spulber
Ex Post Liability for Harm vs. Ex Ante Safety Regulation: Substitutes or Complements? pp. 888-901 Downloads
Charles Kolstad, Thomas S Ulen and Gary V Johnson
The Subsidence of Preference Reversals in Simplified and Marketlike Experimental Settings: A Note pp. 902-11 Downloads
Yun-Peng Chu and Ruey-Ling Chu
Tests of "Fanning Out" of Indifference Curves: Results from Animal and Human Experiments pp. 912-21 Downloads
John Kagel, Don N MacDonald and Raymond Battalio
Preference Reversal and Nonexpected Utility Behavior pp. 923-30
Zvi Safra, Uzi Segal and Avia Spivak
Economic and Political Foundations of Tax Structure: Comment pp. 931-34 Downloads
Herbert J Kiesling
Technological Stagnation, Tenurial Laws, and Adverse Selection: Comment pp. 935-40 Downloads
Nadeem Naqvi
Quality Distortion by a Discriminating Monopolist: Comment pp. 941-45 Downloads
Shabtai Donnenfeld and Lawrence White
Comparative Productivity: Comment pp. 946-54 Downloads
Steven Rosefielde
On the Basing-Point System: Comment pp. 957-62 Downloads
David D Haddock
Comparative Productivity: Reply pp. 959-60
Abram Bergson
On the Basing-Point System: Reply pp. 963-67 Downloads
Bruce Benson, Melvin L Greenhut and George Norman
The Adjustment of Expectations to a Change in Regime: Comment pp. 968-76 Downloads
Raymond P H Fishe and Mark Wohar
The Adjustment of Expectations to a Change in Regime: Reply pp. 977-79 Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw, Jeffrey Miron and David Weil

Volume 80, issue 3, 1990

Lifetime Earnings and the Vietnam Era Draft Lottery: Evidence from Social Security Administrative Records pp. 313-36
Joshua Angrist
Unintended Impacts of Public Investments on Private Decisions: The Depletion of Forested Wetlands pp. 337-52
Robert Stavins and Adam Jaffe
Utility Functions That Depend on Health Status: Estimates and Economic Implications pp. 353-74 Downloads
W Viscusi and William Evans
Comparing Information in Forecasts from Econometric Models pp. 375-89 Downloads
Ray Fair and Robert Shiller
Money, Output, and the Nominal National Debt pp. 390-97 Downloads
Bruce Champ and Scott Freeman
Mean Reversion in Equilibrium Asset Prices pp. 398-418 Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti, Pok-sang Lam and Nelson Mark
Is the European Community an Optimal Currency Area? Optimal Taxation versus the Cost of Multiple Currencies pp. 419-33 Downloads
Matthew Canzoneri and Carol Rogers
Foreign Exchange Rate Expectations: Micro Survey Data pp. 434-49 Downloads
Takatoshi Ito
A Non-parametric Analysis of Productivity: The Case of U.S. and Japanese Manufacturing pp. 450-64 Downloads
Jean-Paul Chavas and Thomas L Cox
Herd Behavior and Investment pp. 465-79
David Scharfstein and Jeremy Stein
Perfect Equilibria in a Trade Liberalization Game pp. 480-92 Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
Differential Payments within a Bidder Coalition and the Shapley Value pp. 493-510 Downloads
Daniel A Graham, Robert C Marshall and Jean-Francois Richard
The Economics of Modern Manufacturing: Technology, Strategy, and Organization pp. 511-28 Downloads
Paul Milgrom and John Roberts
Malthusian Selection of Preferences pp. 529-44 Downloads
Ingemar Hansson and Charles Stuart
Fertility and the Personal Exemption: Implicit Pronatalist Policy in the United States pp. 545-56 Downloads
Leslie A Whittington, James Alm and Elizabeth Peters
The Relationship between the Marginal Cost of Public Funds and Marginal Excess Burden pp. 557-66 Downloads
Robert Triest
Effects of Spatial Price Discrimination on Output, Welfare, and Location pp. 567-75 Downloads
Hong Hwang and Chao-cheng Mai
On the Equilibrium Yen-Dollar Rate pp. 576-83 Downloads
Hiroshi Yoshikawa
On the Basing-Point System pp. 584-88 Downloads
Bruce Benson, Melvin L Greenhut and George Norman
Government Debt, Government Spending, and Private Sector Behavior Revisited: Comment pp. 589-99 Downloads
Martin Feldstein and Douglas Elmendorf
Government Debt, Government Spending, and Private Sector Behavior: A Further Comment pp. 600-603 Downloads
Franco Modigliani and Arlie G Sterling
Government Debt, Government Spending, and Private Sector Behavior: Reply and Update pp. 604-17 Downloads
Roger Kormendi and Philip Meguire
Tobin's q and the Structure-Performance Relationship: Comment pp. 618-23 Downloads
Jerry L Stevens
Cooperation, Harassment, and Involuntary Unemployment: Comment pp. 624-30 Downloads
Ernst Fehr
Cooperation, Harassment, and Involuntary Unemployment: Reply pp. 631-36 Downloads
Assar Lindbeck and Dennis Snower
Internal Migration and Urban Employment: Comment pp. 637
Alan Day Haight
Cooperative and Noncooperative R&D in Duopoly with Spillovers: Comment pp. 638-40 Downloads
Irene Henriques
Cooperative and Noncooperative R&D in Duopoly with Spillovers: Erratum pp. 641-42 Downloads
Claude d'Aspremont and Alexis Jacquemin

Volume 80, issue 2, 1990

Why Are We So Rich and They So Poor? pp. 1-13
David S Landes
Research on High School Economic Education pp. 14-22 Downloads
William Becker, William Greene and Sherwin Rosen
Firm Organization and the Economic Approach to Personnel Management pp. 23-27 Downloads
Debra J Aron
Who Bosses Whom? The Intensity of Supervision and the Discipline of Labor pp. 28-32 Downloads
David M Gordon
Sticky Stories: Economic Explanations of Employment and Wage Rigidity pp. 33-37 Downloads
Sanford M Jacoby and Daniel J B Mitchell
Asset Prices under Habit Formation and Catching Up with the Joneses pp. 38-42 Downloads
Andrew Abel
Measuring the Persistence of Expected Returns pp. 43-47 Downloads
John Campbell
Evaluating Empirical Tests of Asset Pricing Models: Alternative Interpretations pp. 48-51 Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti and Nelson Mark
Do Security Analysts Overreact? pp. 52-57 Downloads
Werner F M De Bondt and Richard Thaler
Market Volatility and Investor Behavior pp. 58-62 Downloads
Robert Shiller
Speculative Dynamics and the Role of Feedback Traders pp. 63-68 Downloads
David Cutler, James Poterba and Lawrence Summers
Budgetary Pressures in the EEC: A Fiscal Federalism Perspective pp. 69-74
David Wildasin
U.S. Federal Budget Deficits and Gramm-Rudman-Hollings pp. 75-80 Downloads
Edward Gramlich
Public Debts and Fiscal Politics: How to Decide? pp. 81-85 Downloads
Robert P Inman
Trade, Innovation, and Growth pp. 86-91 Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
Why Doesn't Capital Flow from Rich to Poor Countries? pp. 92-96 Downloads
Robert Lucas
Are Nonconvexities Important for Understanding Growth? pp. 97-103 Downloads
Paul Romer
Lessons from Korean Economic Growth pp. 104-07 Downloads
Susan M Collins
Asian Trade and Growth Lessons pp. 108-12 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
External Sector in Development: China and India, 1950-89 pp. 113-17 Downloads
T. Srinivasan
Development Lessons from Asia: The Role of Government in South Korea and Taiwan pp. 118-21 Downloads
Yung Chul Park
The Effects of Malpractice Litigation on Physicians' Fees and Incomes pp. 122-27 Downloads
Patricia Danzon, Mark V Pauly and Raynard S Kington
Experience Rating: Does It Make Sense for Medical Malpractice Insurance pp. 128-33 Downloads
Frank Sloan
International Transmission and Real Business Cycle Models pp. 134-38 Downloads
Alan Stockman
Bargaining and International Policy Cooperation pp. 139-42 Downloads
Kenneth Rogoff
The New Classical Macroeconomics and Stabilization Policy pp. 143-47
Rüdiger Dornbusch
Equilibrium Short Horizons of Investors and Firms pp. 148-53 Downloads
Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny
The Efficiency of Equity in Organizational Decision Processes pp. 154-59 Downloads
Paul Milgrom and John Roberts
Asymmetric Information and the New Theory of the Firm: Financial Constraints and Risk Behavior pp. 160-65 Downloads
Bruce C Greenwald and Joseph Stiglitz
Inflation and the Real Growth of State and Local Government Expenditures pp. 166-70 Downloads
Roy Bahl and Jorge Martinez-Vazquez
State Assistance to Local Governments: Changes during the 1980s pp. 171-75 Downloads
Helen Ladd
Commercial Land Use Regulation and Local Government Finance pp. 176-80 Downloads
Eric Hanushek and John Quigley
Chartists, Fundamentalists, and Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market pp. 181-85 Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel and Kenneth Froot
Volatility in the Foreign Exchange and Stock Markets: Is It Excessive? pp. 186-91 Downloads
Robert Hodrick
Nonlinear, Nonparametric, Nonessential Exchange Rate Estimation pp. 192-96 Downloads
Richard Meese and Andrew Rose
Interactions between Agricultural and Environmental Policies: A Conceptual Framework pp. 197-202 Downloads
Richard Just and John Antle
Coordinating Agricultural and Environmental Policies: Opportunities and Tradeoffs pp. 203-07 Downloads
S R Johnson, Robert Wolcott and Satheesh Aradhyula
Limitations in Evaluating Environmental and Agricultural Policy Coordination Benefits pp. 208-12 Downloads
James Hrubovcak, Michael LeBlanc and John Miranowski
Explicit Communication and Bargaining Outcomes pp. 213-19 Downloads
Vincent Crawford
Bad and Good News about the Sealed-Bid Mechanism: Some Experimental Results pp. 220-26 Downloads
Andrew Schotter
The Transition from Bargaining to a Competitive Market pp. 227-31 Downloads
Steven R Williams
A Common Destiny: How Does It Compare to the Classic Studies of Black Life in America? pp. 232-36 Downloads
Thomas D Boston
Reviving the Federal Statistical System: A View from Industry pp. 233-36
Rosanne Cole
Reviving the Federal Statistical System: International Aspects pp. 237-40 Downloads
Robert Lipsey
Blacks, Hispanics, and White Ethnic Groups: Are Blacks Uniquely Disadvantaged? pp. 237-41 Downloads
Reynolds Farley
The Central Role of the South in Accounting for the Economic Progress of Black Americans pp. 242-46 Downloads
James Heckman
Racial Inequality in the Managerial Age: An Alternative Vision to the NRC Report pp. 247-51 Downloads
William Darity
Are Risk-Benefit Tradeoffs Possible in Siting Hazardous Facilities? pp. 252-56 Downloads
Howard Kunreuther and Douglas Easterling
Sources of Inconsistency in Societal Responses to Health Risks pp. 257-61 Downloads
W Viscusi
Fixed Preferences and Changing Tastes pp. 262-67 Downloads
Edi Karni and David Schmeidler
Information as an Economic Commodity pp. 268-73 Downloads
Beth Allen
Evolution and Cooperation in Noisy Repeated Games pp. 274-79 Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and Eric Maskin
The Economic Implications of an Incomplete Asset Market pp. 280-83 Downloads
H M Polemarchakis
Child Care and Women's Return to Work after Childbirth pp. 284-88 Downloads
Jacob Alex Klerman and Arleen Leibowitz
Intercohort Differences in Women's Labor Market Transitions pp. 289-92 Downloads
M Anne Hill
Gender Differences in Wages and Job Turnover among Continuously Employed Workers pp. 293-97 Downloads
Audrey Light and Manuelita Ureta
Earnings Inequality and Job Turnover pp. 298-302
Jonathan Leonard and Louis Jacobson
The Impact of Schooling and Industrial Restructuring on Recent Trends in Wage Inequality in the United States pp. 303-07 Downloads
Barry Bluestone
Schooling, Work Experience, and Wage Trends pp. 309-12 Downloads
Marvin H Kosters
Varieties of Selection Bias pp. 313-18
James Heckman
Nonparametric Bounds on Treatment Effects pp. 319-23 Downloads
Charles Manski
Semiparametric Estimation of Selection Models: Some Empirical Results pp. 324-28 Downloads
Whitney Newey, James L Powell and James Walker
Reviving the Federal Statistical System: The View from Academia pp. 329-32 Downloads
Jeffrey Miron and Christina Romer
Reviving the Federal Statistical System: A View from Within pp. 341-44 Downloads
Jack E Triplett
The Development of Industrial Research in U.S. Manufacturing pp. 345-49 Downloads
David C Mowery
Punctuated Equilibria and Technological Progress pp. 350-54 Downloads
Joel Mokyr
The Dynamo and the Computer: An Historical Perspective on the Modern Productivity Paradox pp. 355-61 Downloads
Paul David
Effects of Family and Community Background on Economic Status pp. 362-66 Downloads
Corcoran, Mary, et al
AFDC Participation across Generations pp. 367-71 Downloads
Peter Gottschalk
Welfare and Work in Chicago's Inner City pp. 372-76 Downloads
Marta Tienda
International Differences in Saving pp. 377-81 Downloads
Barry Bosworth
Public Debt as Private Liquidity pp. 382-88 Downloads
Michael Woodford
The Dynamics of Airline Pricing and Competition pp. 389-93 Downloads
Steven A Morrison and Clifford Winston
Airport Presence as Product Differentiation pp. 394-99 Downloads
Steven Berry
Airline Mergers, Airport Dominance, and Market Power pp. 400-404 Downloads
Severin Borenstein
Can Strategic Bargaining Models Explain Collective Bargaining Data? pp. 405-09 Downloads
John Kennan and Robert Wilson
Strikes and Bargaining: A Survey of the Recent Empirical Literature pp. 410-15 Downloads
David Card
Negotiator Behavior and the Occurence of Disputes pp. 416-20 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Janet Currie
The Introduction of New Products pp. 421-26 Downloads
Debra J Aron and Edward Lazear
Pricing Behavior and Vertical Contracts in Retail Markets pp. 427-31 Downloads
Andrea Shepard
Money-Back Warranties vs. Replacement Warranties: A Simple Comparison pp. 432-36 Downloads
Duncan P Mann and Jennifer P Wissink
Educating and Training New Economics Ph.D.s: How Good a Job Are We Doing? pp. 437-44 Downloads
W Lee Hansen

Volume 80, issue 1, 1990

The Future of the Income Tax pp. 1-20
Joseph A Pechman
Equilibrium Political Budget Cycles pp. 21-36 Downloads
Kenneth Rogoff
Voting on the Budget Deficit pp. 37-49 Downloads
Guido Tabellini and Alberto Alesina
Arming as a Strategic Investment in a Cooperative Equilibrium pp. 50-68 Downloads
Michelle Garfinkel
Stackelberg and Marshall pp. 69-82
Arthur Robson
Quality vs. Quantity in Military Procurement pp. 83-92 Downloads
William P Rogerson
A Theory of Predation Based on Agency Problems in Financial Contracting pp. 93-106 Downloads
Patrick Bolton and David Scharfstein
Horizontal Mergers: An Equilibrium Analysis pp. 107-26 Downloads
Joseph Farrell and Carl Shapiro
Equilibrium Vertical Foreclosure pp. 127-42 Downloads
Janusz A Ordover, Garth Saloner and Steven C Salop
Disadvantageous Oil Tariffs and Dynamic Consistency pp. 143-56
Eric Maskin and David M Newbery
On the Treatment of Anticipated Shocks in Models of Optimal Control with Rational Expectations: An Economic Interpretation pp. 157-69 Downloads
Leonardo Auernheimer and Gabriel A Lozada
Inventories and the Propagation of Sectoral Shocks pp. 170-90 Downloads
Russell Cooper and John Haltiwanger
Did the Federal Trade Commission's Advertising Substantiation Program Promote More Credible Advertising? pp. 191-203 Downloads
Raymond Sauer and Keith B Leffler
The Causes of Preference Reversal pp. 204-17 Downloads
Amos Tversky, Paul Slovic and Daniel Kahneman
Selection Criteria in Coordination Games: Some Experimental Results pp. 218-33 Downloads
Cooper, Russell, et al
Tacit Coordination Games, Strategic Uncertainty, and Coordination Failure pp. 234-48 Downloads
John van Huyck, Raymond Battalio and Richard Beil
Collusion through Insurance: Sharing the Cost of Oil Spill Cleanups pp. 249-52 Downloads
Eddie Dekel and Suzanne Scotchmer
Progressive Taxation and Equal Sacrifice pp. 253-66 Downloads
H. Young
Job Accessibility and Racial Differences in Youth Employment Rates pp. 267-76 Downloads
Keith Ihlanfeldt and David Sjoquist
Sex Discrimination in Labor Markets: The Role of Statistical Evidence: Comment pp. 277-86 Downloads
Debra A Barbezat and James Hughes
Sex Discrimination in Labor Markets: The Role of Statistical Evidence: Comment pp. 287-89 Downloads
William Even
Sex Discrimination in Labor Markets: The Role of Statistical Evidence: Reply pp. 290-97 Downloads
Peter Kuhn
Self-Selection and the Earnings of Immigrants: Comment pp. 298-304
Guillermina Jasso and Mark Rosenzweig
Self-Selection and the Earnings of Immigrants: Reply pp. 305-08 Downloads
George Borjas
The Effects of Fiscal Policies When Incomes Are Uncertain: A Contradiction to Ricardian Equivalence: Comment pp. 309-12 Downloads
William A Bomberger
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