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Volume 99, issue 5, 2009

Investment in Schooling and the Marriage Market pp. 1689-1713 Downloads
Pierre Chiappori, Murat Iyigun and Yoram Weiss
Efficient Pollution Regulation: Getting the Prices Right pp. 1714-39 Downloads
Nicholas Muller and Robert Mendelsohn
Has Moral Hazard Become a More Important Factor in Managerial Compensation? pp. 1740-69 Downloads
George-Levi Gayle and Robert A. Miller
Selling to Overconfident Consumers pp. 1770-1807 Downloads
Michael Grubb
Risk Taking by Entrepreneurs pp. 1808-30 Downloads
Galina Vereshchagina and Hugo A. Hopenhayn
Adaptation and Vertical Integration in the Airline Industry pp. 1831-49 Downloads
Silke Forbes and Mara Lederman
Naked Exclusion: An Experimental Study of Contracts with Externalities pp. 1850-77 Downloads
Claudia Landeo and Kathryn E. Spier
The Relative Performance of Real Estate Marketing Platforms: MLS versus pp. 1878-98 Downloads
Igal Hendel, Aviv Nevo and François Ortalo-Magné
Innovation Diffusion in Heterogeneous Populations: Contagion, Social Influence, and Social Learning pp. 1899-1924 Downloads
H. Young
The Evolution of Time Preference with Aggregate Uncertainty pp. 1925-53 Downloads
Arthur Robson and Larry Samuelson
Strategy-Proofness versus Efficiency in Matching with Indifferences: Redesigning the NYC High School Match pp. 1954-78 Downloads
Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Parag Pathak and Alvin Roth
Performance Pay and Teachers' Effort, Productivity, and Grading Ethics pp. 1979-2011 Downloads
Victor Lavy
On the Possibility of Credit Rationing in the Stiglitz-Weiss Model pp. 2012-21 Downloads
Lutz Arnold and John Riley
Peer-Induced Fairness in Games pp. 2022-49 Downloads
Teck Ho and Xuanming Su
A Theory of Demand Shocks pp. 2050-84 Downloads
Guido Lorenzoni
Mental Accounting in Portfolio Choice: Evidence from a Flypaper Effect pp. 2085-95 Downloads
James Choi, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
Intra-industry Foreign Direct Investment pp. 2096-2119 Downloads
Laura Alfaro and Andrew Charlton
Media Markets and Localism: Does Local News en Español Boost Hispanic Voter Turnout? pp. 2120-28 Downloads
Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Joel Waldfogel
Surprised by the Parimutuel Odds? pp. 2129-34 Downloads
Marco Ottaviani and Peter Sørensen
Debt Maturity and the International Financial Architecture pp. 2135-48 Downloads
Olivier Jeanne
Departure Times in Y-Shaped Traffic Networks with Multiple Bottlenecks pp. 2149-76 Downloads
Terry E. Daniel, Eyran J. Gisches and Amnon Rapoport
Technology, International Trade, and Pollution from US Manufacturing pp. 2177-92 Downloads
Arik Levinson
Endogenous Verifiability and Relational Contracting pp. 2193-2208 Downloads
Ola Kvaløy and Trond Olsen
The Retirement Consumption Puzzle: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Approach pp. 2209-26 Downloads
Erich Battistin, Agar Brugiavini, Enrico Rettore and Guglielmo Weber
Direct Democracy and Public Employees pp. 2227-46 Downloads
John Matsusaka
Individual Behavior and Group Membership: Comment pp. 2247-57 Downloads
Matthias Sutter
A Comment on the Economics of Labor Adjustment: Mind the Gap: Evidence from a Monte Carlo Experiment pp. 2258-66 Downloads
Christian Bayer
A Comment on the Economics of Labor Adjustment: Mind the Gap: Evidence from a Monte Carlo Experiment: Reply pp. 2267-76 Downloads
Russell Cooper and Jonathan Willis
Corrigendum: Language, Meaning, and Games: A Model of Communication, Coordination, and Evolution pp. 2277-2277 Downloads
Stefano Demichelis and Jörgen Weibull

Volume 99, issue 4, 2009

Can News about the Future Drive the Business Cycle? pp. 1097-1118 Downloads
Nir Jaimovich and Sergio Rebelo
Portfolio Claustrophobia: Asset Pricing in Markets with Illiquid Assets pp. 1119-44 Downloads
Francis Longstaff
Salience and Taxation: Theory and Evidence pp. 1145-77 Downloads
Raj Chetty, W. Looney and Kory Kroft
Decentralized Organizational Learning: An Experimental Investigation pp. 1178-1205 Downloads
Andreas Blume, John Duffy and April Franco
Think Locally, Act Locally: Spillovers, Spillbacks, and Efficient Decentralized Policymaking pp. 1206-17 Downloads
Hikaru Ogawa and David Wildasin
The Origins of State Capacity: Property Rights, Taxation, and Politics pp. 1218-44 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Torsten Persson
Spousal Control and Intra-household Decision Making: An Experimental Study in the Philippines pp. 1245-77 Downloads
Nava Ashraf
Active and Passive Waste in Government Spending: Evidence from a Policy Experiment pp. 1278-1308 Downloads
Oriana Bandiera, Andrea Prat and Tommaso Valletti
One Chance in a Million: Altruism and the Bone Marrow Registry pp. 1309-34 Downloads
Ted Bergstrom, Rodney Garratt and Damien Sheehan-Connor
Institution Formation in Public Goods Games pp. 1335-55 Downloads
Michael Kosfeld, Akira Okada and Arno Riedl
Tax Changes and Asset Pricing pp. 1356-83 Downloads
Clemens Sialm
The Effects of High Stakes High School Achievement Awards: Evidence from a Randomized Trial pp. 1384-1414 Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Victor Lavy
Monetary Policy Analysis with Potentially Misspecified Models pp. 1415-50 Downloads
Marco Del Negro and Frank Schorfheide
Technological Revolutions and Stock Prices pp. 1451-83 Downloads
Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi
Hindsight, Foresight, and Insight: An Experimental Study of a Small-Market Investment Game with Common and Private Values pp. 1484-1507 Downloads
Asen Ivanov, Dan Levin and James Peck
Narrow Bracketing and Dominated Choices pp. 1508-43 Downloads
Matthew Rabin and Georg Weizsäcker
Why Do Sellers (Usually) Prefer Auctions? pp. 1544-75 Downloads
Jeremy Bulow and Paul Klemperer
Learning about the Future and Dynamic Efficiency pp. 1576-87 Downloads
Alex Gershkov and Benny Moldovanu
Bank Runs and Institutions: The Perils of Intervention pp. 1588-1607 Downloads
Huberto Ennis and Todd Keister
Expectation Damages, Divisible Contracts, and Bilateral Investment pp. 1608-18 Downloads
Susanne Ohlendorf
Field Centipedes pp. 1619-35 Downloads
Ignacio Palacios-Huerta and Oscar Volij
VAR Analysis and the Great Moderation pp. 1636-52 Downloads
Luca Benati and Paolo Surico
Art as an Investment and Conspicuous Consumption Good pp. 1653-63 Downloads
Benjamin Mandel
Offshoring and Volatility: Evidence from Mexico's Maquiladora Industry pp. 1664-71 Downloads
Paul Bergin, Robert Feenstra and Gordon Hanson
Gibrat's Law for (All) Cities: Comment pp. 1672-75 Downloads
Moshe Levy
Gibrat's Law for (All) Cities: Reply pp. 1676-83 Downloads
Jan Eeckhout

Volume 99, issue 3, 2009

The Increasing Returns Revolution in Trade and Geography pp. 561-71 Downloads
Paul Krugman
Bureaucratic Minimal Squawk Behavior: Theory and Evidence from Regulatory Agencies pp. 572-607 Downloads
Clare Leaver
Incentives and Stability in Large Two-Sided Matching Markets pp. 608-27 Downloads
Fuhito Kojima and Parag Pathak
Economic Catastrophe Bonds pp. 628-66 Downloads
Joshua D. Coval, Jakub W. Jurek and Erik Stafford
Distributional and Efficiency Impacts of Increased US Gasoline Taxes pp. 667-99 Downloads
Antonio Bento, Lawrence H. Goulder, Mark R. Jacobsen and Roger von Haefen
Should Urban Transit Subsidies Be Reduced? pp. 700-724 Downloads
Ian Parry and Kenneth Small
Trade, Tragedy, and the Commons pp. 725-49 Downloads
Brian Copeland and M. Scott Taylor
Strategic Leniency and Cartel Enforcement pp. 750-68 Downloads
Nathan H. Miller
Optimal Sticky Prices under Rational Inattention pp. 769-803 Downloads
Bartosz Maćkowiak and Mirko Wiederholt
The Young, the Old, and the Restless: Demographics and Business Cycle Volatility pp. 804-26 Downloads
Nir Jaimovich and Henry Siu
Tricks with Hicks: The EASI Demand System pp. 827-63 Downloads
Arthur Lewbel and Krishna Pendakur
Observational Learning: Evidence from a Randomized Natural Field Experiment pp. 864-82 Downloads
Hongbin Cai, Yuyu Chen and Hanming Fang
Misselling through Agents pp. 883-908 Downloads
Roman Inderst and Marco Ottaviani
Reference-Dependent Consumption Plans pp. 909-36 Downloads
Botond Koszegi and Matthew Rabin
Evolution of Time Preferences and Attitudes toward Risk pp. 937-55 Downloads
Nick Netzer
Cooperation and Competition in Intergenerational Experiments in the Field and the Laboratory pp. 956-78 Downloads
Gary Charness and Marie Claire Villeval
Cooperation among Strangers under the Shadow of the Future pp. 979-1005 Downloads
Gabriele Camera and Marco Casari
Under the Weather: Health, Schooling, and Economic Consequences of Early-Life Rainfall pp. 1006-26 Downloads
Sharon Maccini and Dean Yang
Anchoring Effects: Evidence from Art Auctions pp. 1027-39 Downloads
Alan Beggs and Kathryn Graddy
On the Welfare Cost of Inflation and the Recent Behavior of Money Demand pp. 1040-52 Downloads
Peter Ireland
Not All Oil Price Shocks Are Alike: Disentangling Demand and Supply Shocks in the Crude Oil Market pp. 1053-69 Downloads
Lutz Kilian
Exclusive Dealing and Entry, When Buyers Compete: Comment pp. 1070-81 Downloads
Julian Wright
Corrigendum: Women, Wealth, and Mobility pp. 1082-1082 Downloads
Lena Edlund and Wojciech Kopczuk

Volume 99, issue 2, 2009

Papers and Proceedings of the One Hundred Twenty-First Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association: Editors' Introduction pp. viii-viii Downloads
William Johnson and Jane E. Voros
Papers and Proceedings of the One Hundred Twenty-First Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association: Foreword pp. ix-ix Downloads
Angus Deaton
Immigration and Inequality pp. 1-21 Downloads
David Card
The Demography of Mexican Migration to the United States pp. 22-27 Downloads
Gordon Hanson and Craig McIntosh
Do Immigrants and Their Children Free Ride More Than Natives? pp. 28-34 Downloads
Una Osili and Jia Xie
The Labor Supply of Immigrants in the United States: The Role of Changing Source Country Characteristics pp. 35-40 Downloads
Mary Lopez and Fernando Lozano
Immigration and Poverty in the United States pp. 41-44 Downloads
Steven Raphael and Eugene Smolensky
This Job Is "Getting Old": Measuring Changes in Job Opportunities Using Occupational Age Structure pp. 45-51 Downloads
David Autor and David Dorn
New Evidence on the Returns to Job Skills pp. 52-57 Downloads
Katharine Abraham and James Spletzer
Job Polarization in Europe pp. 58-63 Downloads
Maarten Goos, Alan Manning and Anna Salomons
Implementation of a New Architecture for the US National Accounts pp. 64-68 Downloads
Dale W. Jorgenson and J. Landefeld
Perspectives on the New Architecture for the US National Accounts pp. 69-73 Downloads
Michael J. Boskin
Integrated GDP-Productivity Accounts pp. 74-79 Downloads
Michael J. Harper, Brent Moulton, Steven Rosenthal and David B. Wasshausen
The Integrated Financial and Real System of National Accounts for the United States: Does It Presage the Financial Crisis? pp. 80-86 Downloads
Michael Palumbo and Jonathan Parker
Expectations and Perceptions in Developing Countries: Their Measurement and Their Use pp. 87-92 Downloads
Orazio Attanasio
Egalitarianism and Competitiveness pp. 93-98 Downloads
Björn Bartling, Ernst Fehr, Michel Maréchal and Daniel Schunk
Are Two Cheap, Noisy Measures Better Than One Expensive, Accurate One? pp. 99-103 Downloads
Martin Browning and Thomas Crossley
Early Life Health and Cognitive Function in Old Age pp. 104-09 Downloads
Anne Case and Christina Paxson
Life Expectancy and Old Age Savings pp. 110-15 Downloads
Mariacristina De Nardi, Eric French and John Jones
Approaches to Estimating the Health State Dependence of the Utility Function pp. 116-21 Downloads
Amy Finkelstein, Erzo Luttmer and Matthew Notowidigdo
Why Are Recessions Good for Your Health? pp. 122-27 Downloads
Douglas Miller, Marianne Page, Ann Stevens and Mateusz Filipski
Child Benefits, Maternal Employment, and Children's Health: Evidence from Canadian Child Benefit Expansions pp. 128-32 Downloads
Kevin Milligan and Mark Stabile
Average Earnings and Long-Term Mortality: Evidence from Administrative Data pp. 133-38 Downloads
Daniel Sullivan and Till von Wachter
Time-Use Patterns and Women Entrepreneurs pp. 139-44 Downloads
Tami Gurley-Calvez, Amelia Biehl and Katherine Harper
How Do Remittances Affect Human Capital Formation of School-Age Boys and Girls? pp. 145-48 Downloads
Cynthia Bansak and Brian Chezum
The Impact of Unexpected Maternal Death on Education: First Evidence from Three National Administrative Data Links pp. 149-53 Downloads
Stacey Chen, Yen-Chien Chen and Jin-Tan Liu
Motherhood Delay and the Human Capital of the Next Generation pp. 154-58 Downloads
Amalia Miller
Strategies for Promoting Healthier Food Choices pp. 159-64 Downloads
Julie S. Downs, George Loewenstein and Jessica Wisdom
Mindless Eating and Healthy Heuristics for the Irrational pp. 165-69 Downloads
Brian Wansink, David Just and Collin R. Payne
Time Use and Food Consumption pp. 170-76 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
Fetal Exposures to Toxic Releases and Infant Health pp. 177-83 Downloads
Janet Currie and Johannes Schmieder
Winter Heating or Clean Air? Unintended Impacts of China's Huai River Policy pp. 184-90 Downloads
Douglas Almond, Yuyu Chen, Michael Greenstone and Hongbin Li
Voluntary Compliance, Pollution Levels, and Infant Mortality in Mexico pp. 191-97 Downloads
Andrew Foster, Emilio Gutierrez and Naresh Kumar
Temperature and Income: Reconciling New Cross-Sectional and Panel Estimates pp. 198-204 Downloads
Melissa Dell, Benjamin F. Jones and Benjamin Olken
Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production in Thailand pp. 205-10 Downloads
John Felkner, Kamilya Tazhibayeva and Robert Townsend
Climate Change and Birth Weight pp. 211-17 Downloads
Olivier Deschenes, Michael Greenstone and Jonathan Guryan
Economic Effects of Childhood Exposure to Tropical Disease pp. 218-23 Downloads
Hoyt Bleakley
What Matters (and What Does Not) in Households' Decision to Invest in Malaria Prevention? pp. 224-30 Downloads
Pascaline Dupas
Commitment Mechanisms and Compliance with Health-Protecting Behavior: Preliminary Evidence from Orissa, India pp. 231-35 Downloads
Alessandro Tarozzi, Aprajit Mahajan, Joanne Yoong and Brian Blackburn
Intrahousehold Allocation of Free and Purchased Mosquito Nets pp. 236-41 Downloads
Vivian Hoffmann
Urbanization, Mortality, and Fertility in Malthusian England pp. 242-47 Downloads
Gregory Clark and Neil Cummins
Malthusian Dynamism and the Rise of Europe: Make War, Not Love pp. 248-54 Downloads
Nico Voigtländer and Hans-Joachim Voth
How Relevant Is Malthus for Economic Development Today? pp. 255-60 Downloads
David Weil and Joshua Wilde
Institutions versus Policies: A Tale of Two Islands pp. 261-67 Downloads
Peter Henry and Conrad Miller
Metals or Management? Explaining Africa's Recent Economic Growth Performance pp. 268-74 Downloads
Laura N. Beny and Lisa Cook
South Africa's Post-apartheid Two-Step: Social Demands versus Macro Stability pp. 275-81 Downloads
Brahima Coulibaly and Trevon Logan
Defensive Weapons and Defensive Alliances pp. 282-86 Downloads
Sylvain Chassang and Gerard Padro i Miquel
Can Development Aid Contribute to Social Cohesion after Civil War? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Post-conflict Liberia pp. 287-91 Downloads
James Fearon, Macartan Humphreys and Jeremy M. Weinstein
Repression or Civil War? pp. 292-97 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Torsten Persson
Do Juntas Lead to Personal Rule? pp. 298-303 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Georgy Egorov and Konstantin Sonin
Consolidation of New Democracy, Mass Attitudes, and Clientelism pp. 304-09 Downloads
Adi Brender and Allan Drazen
The Real Swing Voter's Curse pp. 310-15 Downloads
James Robinson and Ragnar Torvik
Lies, Damn Lies, and Pre-election Polling pp. 316-22 Downloads
Elias Walsh, Sarah Dolfin and John DiNardo
Racial Bias in the 2008 Presidential Election pp. 323-29 Downloads
Alexandre Mas and Enrico Moretti
Bayesian Learning and the Pricing of New Information: Evidence from Prediction Markets pp. 330-36 Downloads
David S. Lee and Enrico Moretti
A Model of Discovery pp. 337-42 Downloads
Michele Boldrin and David Levine
The Empirical Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Innovation: Puzzles and Clues pp. 343-48 Downloads
Josh Lerner
Intellectual Property Rights, the Industrial Revolution, and the Beginnings of Modern Economic Growth pp. 349-55 Downloads
Joel Mokyr
Identifying Preferences under Risk from Discrete Choices pp. 356-62 Downloads
Pierre Chiappori, Amit Gandhi, Bernard Salanié and François Salanié
Risk Preferences in the PSID: Individual Imputations and Family Covariation pp. 363-68 Downloads
Miles Kimball, Claudia Sahm and Matthew Shapiro
Endogenous Effective Discounting, Credit Constraints, and Wealth Inequality pp. 369-73 Downloads
Jeremy Tobacman
Did the 2008 Tax Rebates Stimulate Spending? pp. 374-79 Downloads
Matthew Shapiro and Joel Slemrod
The Effects of Population Aging on the Relationship among Aggregate Consumption, Saving, and Income pp. 380-86 Downloads
Karen E. Dynan, Wendy Edelberg and Michael G. Palumbo
Disentangling Insurance and Information in Intertemporal Consumption Choices pp. 387-92 Downloads
Katja Kaufmann and Luigi Pistaferri
Measuring the Financial Sophistication of Households pp. 393-98 Downloads
Laurent Calvet, John Campbell and Paolo Sodini
Who Bears Aggregate Fluctuations and How? pp. 399-405 Downloads
Jonathan Parker and Annette Vissing-Jorgensen
Momentum Traders in the Housing Market: Survey Evidence and a Search Model pp. 406-11 Downloads
Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider
Payday Loans and Credit Cards: New Liquidity and Credit Scoring Puzzles? pp. 412-17 Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, Paige Marta Skiba and Jeremy Tobacman
What Do High-Interest Borrowers Do with Their Tax Rebate? pp. 418-23 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand and Adair Morse
What Do Consumers Really Pay on Their Checking and Credit Card Accounts? Explicit, Implicit, and Avoidable Costs pp. 424-29 Downloads
Victor Stango and Jonathan Zinman
Online Ad Auctions pp. 430-34 Downloads
Hal Varian
The Quest for QWERTY pp. 435-40 Downloads
Tanjim Hossain and John Morgan
Skewed Bidding in Pay-per-Action Auctions for Online Advertising pp. 441-47 Downloads
Nikhil Agarwal, Susan Athey and David Yang
Authority versus Persuasion pp. 448-53 Downloads
Eric Van den Steen
Financial Risk Management: When Does Independence Fail? pp. 454-58 Downloads
Augustin Landier, David Sraer and David Thesmar
Over My Dead Body: Bargaining and the Price of Dignity pp. 459-65 Downloads
Roland Benabou and Jean Tirole
The Aftermath of Financial Crises pp. 466-72 Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff
Expropriation Dynamics pp. 473-79 Downloads
Mark Aguiar, Manuel Amador and Gita Gopinath
Financial Instability, Reserves, and Central Bank Swap Lines in the Panic of 2008 pp. 480-86 Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld, Jay Shambaugh and Alan Taylor
The Margins of US Trade pp. 487-93 Downloads
Andrew Bernard, J. Jensen, Stephen Redding and Peter Schott
Trade Liberalization and New Imported Inputs pp. 494-500 Downloads
Pinelopi Goldberg, Amit Khandelwal, Nina Pavcnik and Petia Topalova
Plants and Imported Inputs: New Facts and an Interpretation pp. 501-07 Downloads
Maurice Kugler and Eric Verhoogen
Another Look at the Impacts of Health Reform in Massachusetts: Evidence Using New Data and a Stronger Model pp. 508-11 Downloads
Sharon K. Long, Karen Stockley and Alshadye Yemane
Disability Screening and Labor Supply: Evidence from South Africa pp. 512-16 Downloads
Sophie Mitra
A Theory of Brain Drain and Public Funding for Higher Education in the United States pp. 517-21 Downloads
Felicia Ionescu and Linnea Polgreen
Public Policy and the Dynamics of Children's Health Insurance, 1986-1999 pp. 522-26 Downloads
John Ham, Xianghong Li and Lara Shore-Sheppard
How Should Public Pension Plans Invest? pp. 527-32 Downloads
Deborah Lucas and Stephen Zeldes
Will Public Sector Retiree Health Benefit Plans Survive? Economic and Policy Implications of Unfunded Liabilities pp. 533-37 Downloads
Robert L. Clark
Discounting State and Local Pension Liabilities pp. 538-42 Downloads
Jeffrey Brown and David Wilcox
Implementing the New Fiscal Policy Activism pp. 543-49 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
The Lack of an Empirical Rationale for a Revival of Discretionary Fiscal Policy pp. 550-55 Downloads
John Taylor
Rethinking the Role of Fiscal Policy pp. 556-59 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Capital Reallocation and Growth pp. 560-66 Downloads
Janice Eberly and Neng Wang
Information, Liquidity, and the (Ongoing) Panic of 2007 pp. 567-72 Downloads
Gary Gorton
Is Monetary Policy Effective during Financial Crises? pp. 573-77 Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
A Note on Liquidity Risk Management pp. 578-83 Downloads
Markus Brunnermeier and Motohiro Yogo
Global Imbalances and Financial Fragility pp. 584-88 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Arvind Krishnamurthy
Leverage and the Central Banker's Put pp. 589-93 Downloads
Emmanuel Farhi and Jean Tirole
Market and Public Liquidity pp. 594-99 Downloads
Patrick Bolton, Tano Santos and Jose Scheinkman
Money, Liquidity, and Monetary Policy pp. 600-605 Downloads
Tobias Adrian and Hyun Song Shin
The Credit Crisis: Conjectures about Causes and Remedies pp. 606-10 Downloads
Douglas Diamond and Raghuram Rajan
The Economics Major as Part of a Liberal Education: The Teagle Report pp. 611-18 Downloads
David Colander and KimMarie McGoldrick
The Economics Major as Part of a Liberal Education: The Teagle Report: Comment pp. 618-20 Downloads
Catharine Hill
The Economics Major as Part of a Liberal Education: The Teagle Report: Comment pp. 620-21 Downloads
David Breneman
The Economics Major as Part of a Liberal Education: The Teagle Report: Comment pp. 621-23 Downloads
George Daly
Completing an Economics PhD in Five Years pp. 624-29 Downloads
Wendy A. Stock, T. Aldrich Finegan and John Siegfried
Minutes of the Annual Meeting: San Francisco, CA, January 4, 2009 pp. 631-32 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report of the Secretary for 2008 pp. 633-36 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report of the Treasurer pp. 637-40 Downloads
John Siegfried
American Economic Association Universal Academic Questionnaire Summary Statistics pp. 641-45 Downloads
Charles E. Scott and John Siegfried
List of Online Reports pp. 646-46 Downloads
Charles E. Scott and John Siegfried
Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings pp. 647-59 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report of the Editor: American Economic Review pp. 660-70 Downloads
Robert Moffitt
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Literature pp. 671-73 Downloads
Roger Gordon
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Perspectives pp. 674-75 Downloads
Andrei Shleifer
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics pp. 676-78 Downloads
Esther Duflo
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy pp. 679-80 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics pp. 681-82 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Microeconomics pp. 683-84 Downloads
Andrew Postlewaite
Report of the Director: Job Openings for Economists pp. 685-87 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report of the Committee on Economic Education pp. 688-91 Downloads
Michael Watts
Report of the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession 2008 pp. 692-99 Downloads
Barbara M. Fraumeni
Report of the Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession pp. 700-709 Downloads
Cecilia Rouse
Report of the Committee on Economic Statistics pp. 710-710 Downloads
Katharine Abraham

Volume 99, issue 1, 2009

Governance Institutions and Economic Activity pp. 5-24 Downloads
Avinash Dixit
Taxing Capital? Not a Bad Idea after All! pp. 25-48 Downloads
Juan Carlos Conesa, Sagiri Kitao and Dirk Krueger
Liquidity Constraints and Imperfect Information in Subprime Lending pp. 49-84 Downloads
William Adams, Liran Einav and Jonathan Levin
Estate Taxation, Entrepreneurship, and Wealth pp. 85-111 Downloads
Marco Cagetti and Mariacristina De Nardi
Peers at Work pp. 112-45 Downloads
Alexandre Mas and Enrico Moretti
Women, Wealth, and Mobility pp. 146-78 Downloads
Lena Edlund and Wojciech Kopczuk
Class-Size Caps, Sorting, and the Regression-Discontinuity Design pp. 179-215 Downloads
Miguel Urquiola and Eric Verhoogen
Taxes and Employment Subsidies in Optimal Redistribution Programs pp. 216-42 Downloads
Paul Beaudry, Charles Blackorby and Dezsoe Szalay
Rare Disasters, Asset Prices, and Welfare Costs pp. 243-64 Downloads
Robert Barro
Cognition and Incomplete Contracts pp. 265-94 Downloads
Jean Tirole
The Value of Groups pp. 295-323 Downloads
Shaun Hargreaves Heap and Daniel Zizzo
The War on Drugs: Methamphetamine, Public Health, and Crime pp. 324-49 Downloads
Carlos Dobkin and Nancy Nicosia
Sticky Prices and Monetary Policy: Evidence from Disaggregated US Data pp. 350-84 Downloads
Jean Boivin, Marc Giannoni and Ilian Mihov
Risk, Ambiguity, and the Rank-Dependence Axioms pp. 385-92 Downloads
Mark Machina
Insurer-Provider Networks in the Medical Care Market pp. 393-430 Downloads
Kate Ho
Group Identity and Social Preferences pp. 431-57 Downloads
Yan Chen and Sherry Li
Excise Taxes with Multiproduct Transactions pp. 458-71 Downloads
Stephen Hamilton
Diversity in the Workplace pp. 472-85 Downloads
John Morgan and Felix Vardy
Indirect Effects of an Aid Program: How Do Cash Transfers Affect Ineligibles' Consumption? pp. 486-508 Downloads
Manuela Angelucci and Giacomo De Giorgi
Political Economy at Any Speed: What Determines Traffic Citations? pp. 509-27 Downloads
Michael Makowsky and Thomas Stratmann
Democracy and Foreign Education pp. 528-43 Downloads
Antonio Spilimbergo
Doing Good or Doing Well? Image Motivation and Monetary Incentives in Behaving Prosocially pp. 544-55 Downloads
Dan Ariely, Anat Bracha and Stephan Meier
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