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Volume 87, issue 6, 1997

An Outline of My Main Contributions to Economic Science pp. 3-12 Downloads
Maurice Allais
Econometrics and the Welfare State pp. 13-15 Downloads
Trygve Haavelmo
The Accounts of Society pp. 17-29 Downloads
Richard Stone

Volume 87, issue 5, 1997

Exchange Economies and Loss Exposure: Experiments Exploring Prospect Theory and Competitive Equilibria in Market Environments pp. 801-28 Downloads
Mikhail Myagkov and Charles Plott
Anomalous Behavior in Public Goods Experiments: How Much and Why? pp. 829-46 Downloads
Thomas Palfrey and Jeffrey E Prisbrey
Information Cascades in the Laboratory pp. 847-62 Downloads
Lisa Anderson and Charles Holt
Contagion and Bank Failures during the Great Depression: The June 1932 Chicago Banking Panic pp. 863-83 Downloads
Charles Calomiris and Joseph R Mason
Interactions between the Seasonal and Business Cycles in Production and Inventories pp. 884-92 Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti, Anil Kashyap and David Wilcox
Agency Costs, Net Worth, and Business Fluctuations: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis pp. 893-910 Downloads
Charles Carlstrom and Timothy Fuerst
Credibility of Optimal Monetary Delegation pp. 911-20 Downloads
Henrik Jensen
The Welfare State and Competitiveness pp. 921-39 Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Roberto Perotti
A Coalition-Formation Approach to Equilibrium Federations and Trading Blocs pp. 940-56 Downloads
John Burbidge, James A. DePater, Gordon M. Meyers and Abhijit Sengupta
The Economics of Split-Ticket Voting in Representative Democracies pp. 957-76 Downloads
Varadarajan Chari, Larry Jones and Ramon Marimon
Political Institutions and Sorting in a Tiebout Model pp. 977-92 Downloads
Ken Kollman, John H Miller and Scott E Page
Evidence of Nominal Wage Stickiness from Microdata pp. 993-1008 Downloads
Shulamit Kahn
Intergenerational Income Mobility in Sweden Compared to the United States pp. 1009-18 Downloads
Anders Bjorklund and Markus Jantti
Is Inequality Harmful for Growth? Comment pp. 1019-32 Downloads
Mark Partridge
Productivity Growth, Technical Progress, and Efficiency Change in Industrialized Countries: Comment pp. 1033-39 Downloads
Subhash Ray and Evangelia Desli
Productivity Growth, Technical Progress, and Efficiency Change in Industrialized Countries: Reply pp. 1040-43 Downloads
Rolf Fare, Shawna Grosskopf and Mary Norris

Volume 87, issue 4, 1997

Technology, Factor Supplies, and International Specialization: Estimating the Neoclassical Model pp. 475-94 Downloads
James Harrigan
The International Transmission of Financial Shocks: The Case of Japan pp. 495-505 Downloads
Joe Peek and Eric Rosengren
A Political-Economic Analysis of Free-Trade Agreements pp. 506-19 Downloads
Philip Levy
An Empirical Assessment of the Proximity-Concentration Trade-off between Multinational Sales and Trade pp. 520-44 Downloads
S Lael Brainard
The Decision to Export in Colombia: An Empirical Model of Entry with Sunk Costs pp. 545-64 Downloads
Mark Roberts and James Tybout
Privatization in Eastern Germany: Management Selection and Economic Transition pp. 565-97 Downloads
Isaac Dyck
Competition or Compensation: Supplier Incentives under the American and Japanese Subcontracting Systems pp. 598-618 Downloads
Curtis Taylor and Steven N Wiggins
Demand Uncertainty and Price Maintenance: Markdowns as Destructive Competition pp. 619-41 Downloads
Raymond Deneckere, Howard P Marvel and James Peck
Public Policy towards R&D in Oligopolistic Industries pp. 642-62 Downloads
Dermot Leahy and J. Peter Neary
Secret Reserve Prices in a Bidding Model with a Resale Option pp. 663-84 Downloads
Ignatius Horstmann and Chantale LaCasse
Optimal Health Insurance and Provider Payment pp. 685-704 Downloads
Ching-to Ma and Thomas G McGuire
The Role of the Family in Immigrants' Labor-Market Activity: An Evaluation of Alternative Explanations pp. 705-27 Downloads
Michael Baker and Dwayne Benjamin
Transaction Costs and Price Volatility: Evidence from Commission Deregulation pp. 728-37 Downloads
Charles M Jones and Paul J Seguin
Risk Aversion and Stock Price Sensitivity to Dividends pp. 738-45 Downloads
May Hagiwara and Miguel A Herce
The Cost of Price Incentives: An Empirical Analysis of Motivation Crowding-Out pp. 746-55 Downloads
Bruno Frey and Oberholzer-Gee, Felix
Long-Run Neutrality and Superneutrality in an ARIMA Framework: Comment pp. 756-59 Downloads
Alfred Haug and Robert Lucas
Generics and New Goods in Pharmaceutical Price Indexes: Comment pp. 760-67 Downloads
Robert Feenstra
Generics and New Goods in Pharmaceutical Price Indexes: Reply pp. 768 Downloads
Zvi Griliches and Iain Cockburn

Volume 87, issue 3, 1997

Equity and Time to Sale in the Real Estate Market pp. 255-69 Downloads
David Genesove and Christopher Mayer
Using Electoral Cycles in Police Hiring to Estimate the Effect of Police on Crime pp. 270-90 Downloads
Steven Levitt
The Effects of Human Resource Management Practices on Productivity: A Study of Steel Finishing Lines pp. 291-313 Downloads
Casey Ichniowski, Kathryn Shaw and Giovanna Prennushi
Productivity under Group Incentives: An Experimental Study pp. 314-41 Downloads
Haig R Nalbantian and Andrew Schotter
Long-Run Implications of Investment-Specific Technological Change pp. 342-62 Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood, Zvi Hercowitz and Per Krusell
Technological Progress, Mobility, and Economic Growth pp. 363-82 Downloads
Oded Galor and Daniel Tsiddon
On the Speed of Convergence in Endogenous Growth Models pp. 383-99 Downloads
Salvador Ortigueira and Manuel Santos
Size, Sunk Costs, and Judge Bowker's Objection to Free Trade pp. 400-420 Downloads
John McLaren
Using International and Japanese Regional Data to Determine When the Factor Abundance Theory of Trade Works pp. 421-46 Downloads
Donald Davis, David Weinstein, Scott Bradford and Kazushige Shimpo
Firm-Specific Assets and the Link between Exchange Rates and Foreign Direct Investment pp. 447-65 Downloads
Bruce Blonigen

Volume 87, issue 2, 1997

Agriculture and the Wealth of Nations pp. 1-12 Downloads
D. Johnson
The IMF and Russia pp. 13-16 Downloads
Yegor Gaidar
Argentina's Convertibility Plan and the IMF pp. 17-22 Downloads
Domingo F Cavallo and Joaquin A Cottani
Applied Economics in Action: IMF Programs pp. 23-27 Downloads
Stanley Fischer
IMF Surveillance pp. 28-31 Downloads
Michael Mussa
Asset Inequality Matters: An Assessment of the World Bank's Approach to Poverty Reduction pp. 32-37 Downloads
Nancy Birdsall and Juan Luis Londono
Project Analysis and the World Bank pp. 38-42 Downloads
Glenn Jenkins
Trade Liberalization Reforms and the World Bank pp. 43-48 Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
What Do Economists Know That Policymakers Need To? pp. 49-53 Downloads
James W Fox
The Evolution of Economic Policymaking in Africa pp. 54-57 Downloads
Jerome M Wolgin
Speed of Policy Reform and Outcomes pp. 58-62 Downloads
Samuel L Skogstad and Stephen S Everhart
Project Evaluation Training and Public Investment in Chile pp. 63-67 Downloads
Ernesto R Fontaine
Highway Franchising: Pitfalls and Opportunities pp. 68-72 Downloads
Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer and Alexander Galetovic
Trade Reform and Uniform Import Tariffs: The Chilean Experience pp. 73-77 Downloads
Vittorio Corbo
The CPI Commission: Findings and Recommendations pp. 78-83 Downloads
Boskin, Michael J, et al
Quality Change and New Products pp. 84-88 Downloads
Robert Gordon and Zvi Griliches
Implications of Overstating Inflation for Indexing Government Programs and Understanding Economic Progress pp. 89-93 Downloads
Michael J Boskin and Dale W Jorgenson
The Council of Economic Advisers: From Stabilization to Resource Allocation pp. 99-102 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Presidents and Economists: The Council of Economic Advisers pp. 103-06 Downloads
Roger B Porter
It Ain't the Things You Don't Know That Hurt You, It's the Things You Know That Ain't So pp. 107-08 Downloads
Robert Solow
Looking out for the National Interest: The Principles of the Council of Economic Advisers pp. 109-13 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
Consumption Taxes and Saving: The Role of Uncertainty in Tax Reform pp. 114-19 Downloads
Eric M Engen and William Gale
Neglected Effects on the Uses Side: Even a Uniform Tax Would Change Relative Goods Prices pp. 120-25 Downloads
Don Fullerton and Diane Lim Rogers
The Long-Run Dynamics of Fundamental Tax Reform pp. 126-32 Downloads
Dale W Jorgenson and Peter Wilcoxen
Developing Policy Analysis of Fundamental Tax Reform pp. 133-37 Downloads
Peter M Taylor
How Different Are Income and Consumption Taxes? pp. 138-42 Downloads
Robert Hubbard
The Future of Fundamental Tax Reform pp. 143-46 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Potential Disruption from the Move to a Consumption Tax pp. 147-50 Downloads
Robert Hall
Deconstructing the Income Tax pp. 151-55 Downloads
Joel Slemrod
Reconsidering the Fiscal Role of Government pp. 156-59 Downloads
Richard A Musgrave
Choice, Exchange, and Public Finance pp. 160-63 Downloads
Richard Wagner
Reconsidering the Fiscal Role of Government: The International Perspective pp. 164-68 Downloads
Vito Tanzi and Ludger Schuknecht
Reconciling Normative and Positive Theories of Government pp. 169-72 Downloads
Joseph Cordes
Levels of Economic Activity across Countries pp. 173-77 Downloads
Robert Hall and Charles Jones
I Just Ran Two Million Regressions pp. 178-83 Downloads
Xavier Sala-i-Martin
Fundamental pp. 184-88 Downloads
Jeffrey D Sachs and Andrew Warner
Credible Economic Liberalizations and Overborrowing pp. 189-93 Downloads
Ronald McKinnon and Huw Pill
Per Capita Income Convergence and the Role of International Trade pp. 194-99 Downloads
Matthew J Slaughter
International Labor Flows and National Wages pp. 200-204 Downloads
Stanley L Engerman and Ronald W Jones
Trade Policy, Growth, and Income Distribution pp. 205-10 Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
Preferences, Domains, and Sustainability pp. 211-13 Downloads
Peter Kenen
Currency Areas, Common Currencies, and EMU pp. 214-16 Downloads
Robert Mundell
Political and Institutional Commitment to a Common Currency pp. 217-20 Downloads
Michael Mussa
Fiscal Aspects of Monetary Integration pp. 221-23 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
The Common Unresolved Problem with the EMS and EMU pp. 224-26 Downloads
Dominick Salvatore
EMU as a Device for Collective Fiscal Retrenchment pp. 227-29 Downloads
Ronald McKinnon
Is There a Core of Usable Macroeconomics We Should All Believe In? pp. 230-32 Downloads
Robert Solow
A Core of Practical Macroeconomics pp. 233-35 Downloads
John Taylor
Some Thoughts on Practical Stabilization Policy pp. 236-39 Downloads
Martin Eichenbaum
Is There a Core of Practical Macroeconomics That We Should All Believe? pp. 240-43 Downloads
Alan Blinder
Is There a Core of Usable Macroeconomics? pp. 244-46 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
National Voluntary Content Standards for Pre-College Economics Education pp. 247-53 Downloads
John Siegfried and Bonnie T Meszaros
An Appraisal of Economics Content in the History, Social Studies, Civics, and Geography National Standards pp. 254-59 Downloads
Stephen Buckles and Michael Watts
The Effect of National Standards and Curriculum-Based Exams on Achievement pp. 260-64 Downloads
John H Bishop
Valuing Alternative-Fuel Vehicles in Southern California pp. 265-71 Downloads
Camilla Kazimi
Federal Housing Assistance, Residential Relocation, and Educational Opportunities: Evidence from Baltimore pp. 272-77 Downloads
Helen Ladd and Jens Ludwig
A Vector-Autoregression Analysis of State-Government Expenditure pp. 278-82 Downloads
Therese A McCarty and Stephen J Schmidt
The Rise and Downward Trend of the Natural Rate pp. 283-89 Downloads
Edmund Phelps and Gylfi Zoega
The Rise and Persistence of Rigidities pp. 290-94 Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
Unemployment and Nonemployment pp. 295-300 Downloads
Kevin Murphy and Robert Topel
Racial and Ethnic Inequality in the United States: A Secular Perspective pp. 301-05 Downloads
William Darity, Jason Dietrich and David K Guilkey
The Racial Unemployment Gap in Long-Run Perspective pp. 306-10 Downloads
Robert Fairlie and William A Sundstrom
Occupational Gains of Black Women since the 1964 Civil Rights Act: Long-Term or Episodic? pp. 311-14 Downloads
Augustin Fosu
Recent Perspectives on African-Americans in Post-Industrial Labor Markets pp. 315-20 Downloads
James B Stewart
Challenges of China's Economic System for Economic Theory pp. 321-27 Downloads
Gregory Chow
Income, Growth, and Economic Freedom pp. 328-32 Downloads
Stephen Easton and Michael A Walker
Trust in Large Organizations pp. 333-38 Downloads
La Porta, Rafael, et al
The Reform of the Welfare State and Public Opinion pp. 339-43 Downloads
János Kornai
Russian Dilemmas pp. 344-48 Downloads
Axel Leijonhufvud and Christof Ruhl
Policy Performance and Output Growth in the Transition Economies pp. 349-53 Downloads
Marcelo Selowsky and Ricardo Martin
The Invisible Hand and the Grabbing Hand pp. 354-58 Downloads
Timothy Frye and Andrei Shleifer
Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Incentives pp. 359-64 Downloads
David Kreps
Social Norms and the Law: An Economic Approach pp. 365-69 Downloads
Richard A Posner
Incentives and Social Norms in Household Behavior pp. 370-77 Downloads
Assar Lindbeck
Power of Incentives in Private versus Public Organizations pp. 378-82 Downloads
Avinash Dixit
Measuring Government Performance: Lessons from a Federal Job-Training Program pp. 383-88 Downloads
Pascal Courty and Gerald Marschke
Assessing the Performance of Performance Standards in Public Bureaucracies pp. 389-95 Downloads
James Heckman, Carolyn Heinrich and Jeffrey Smith
Exploring the "Present through the Past": Career and Family across the Last Century pp. 396-99 Downloads
Claudia Goldin
Cliometrics after Forty Years pp. 400-403 Downloads
Avner Greif
The Value of Quantitative Evidence on the Effect of the Past on the Present pp. 404-08 Downloads
James Heckman
Notes on Cliometrics' Fortieth pp. 409-11 Downloads
John R Meyer
Cliometrics--Forty Years Later pp. 412-14 Downloads
Douglass North
Vertical Integration as a Self-Enforcing Contractual Arrangement pp. 415-20 Downloads
Benjamin Klein and Kevin Murphy
Deregulation, the Evolution of Corporate Governance Structure, and Survival pp. 421-25 Downloads
Stacey R Kole and Kenneth Lehn
The Firm in Economic Theory: A Quiet Revolution pp. 426-29 Downloads
Harold Demsetz
Irving Fisher (1867-1947) in Retrospect: Fisher's Introductory Text pp. 430-32 Downloads
James Tobin
One Little Piece of Irving Fisher pp. 433-35 Downloads
Robert Solow
Irving Fisher's Self-Stabilizing Money pp. 436-38 Downloads
Robert Hall
Irving Fisher: Modern Behavioral Economist pp. 439-41 Downloads
Richard Thaler
Irving Fisher and Modern Macroeconomics pp. 442-44 Downloads
Robert Dimand
Irving Fisher (1867-1947) in Retrospect pp. 445-47 Downloads
William Barber
The Effect of Insurance Coverage on Breast Cancer Patients' Treatment and Hospital Choices pp. 448-53 Downloads
Jean M Mitchell and Jack Hadley
Women and Substance Use: Are Women Less Susceptible to Addiction? pp. 454-59 Downloads
Rosalie Liccardo Pacula
The Allocation of Resources in Intergenerational Households: Adult Children and Their Elderly Parents pp. 460-64 Downloads
Liliana E Pezzin and Barbara Schone

Volume 87, issue 1, 1997

Trade Policy and Economic Development: How We Learn pp. 1-22 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
The Macroeconomic Effects of War Finance in the United States: World War II and the Korean War pp. 23-40 Downloads
Lee Ohanian
True Measures of GDP and Convergence pp. 41-64 Downloads
Steve Dowrick and John Quiggin
Replicating Ricardian Equivalence Tests with Simulated Series pp. 65-79 Downloads
Emanuela Cardia
Measuring the Liquidity Effect pp. 80-97 Downloads
James Hamilton
Optimal Inflation Targets, "Conservative" Central Banks, and Linear Inflation Contracts pp. 98-114 Downloads
Lars Svensson
Aggregate Employment Dynamics: Building from Microeconomic Evidence pp. 115-37 Downloads
Ricardo Caballero, Eduardo Engel and John Haltiwanger
Capital-Account Liberalization as a Signal pp. 138-54 Downloads
Leonardo Bartolini and Allan Drazen
Excess Volatility and Closed-End Funds pp. 155-69 Downloads
Jeffrey Pontiff
The International Diversification Puzzle Is Worse Than You Think pp. 170-80 Downloads
Marianne Baxter and Urban Jermann
An Asset Allocation Puzzle pp. 181-91 Downloads
Niko Canner, N. Gregory Mankiw and David Weil
The Consumption Smoothing Benefits of Unemployment Insurance pp. 192-205 Downloads
Jonathan Gruber
Welfare-Improving Health Expenditure Subsidies pp. 206-21 Downloads
William Jack and Louise Sheiner
Disease Eradication: Private versus Public Vaccination pp. 222-30 Downloads
Pierre Geoffard and Tomas Philipson
A Solution to the Problem of Externalities When Agents Are Well-Informed: Comment pp. 231-35 Downloads
Steffen Ziss
Resolving Differences in Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept: Comment pp. 236-40 Downloads
Gwendolyn C Morrison
Resolving Differences in Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept: Reply pp. 241-44 Downloads
Jason Shogren and Dermot Hayes
Environmental Levies and Distortionary Taxes: Comment pp. 245-51 Downloads
Don Fullerton
Environmental Levies and Distortionary Taxation: Reply pp. 252-53 Downloads
Lans Bovenberg and Ruud de Mooij
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