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Volume 66, issue 5, 1976

Demand Fluctuations, Capacity Utilization, and Costs pp. 731-42 Downloads
Eytan Sheshinski and Jacques Dreze
Capitalization of Intrajurisdictional Differences in Local Tax Prices pp. 743-53 Downloads
Bruce W Hamilton
Unemployment Insurance, Duration of Unemployment, and Subsequent Wage Gain pp. 754-66 Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg and Ronald Oaxaca
Rational Response to Shocks in a Dynamic Model of Capital Asset Pricing pp. 767-79 Downloads
Stanley Black
New Measures of Fiscal and Monetary Policy, 1958-73 pp. 780-96 Downloads
Alan Blinder and Stephen M Goldfeld
The Rybczynski, Stolper-Samuelson, and Factor-Price Equalization Theorems under Price Uncertainty pp. 797-808 Downloads
Wolfgang Mayer
Inflation, Income Taxes, and the Rate of Interest: A Theoretical Analysis pp. 809-20 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
A Markovian Model of Labor Market Decisions by Workers pp. 821-34 Downloads
Richard S Toikka
Cartel Problems pp. 835-44 Downloads
Dale K Osborne
An Intercountry Translog Model of Energy Substitution Responses pp. 845-57 Downloads
James M Griffin and Paul R Gregory
The Determinants of Earnings: Genetics, Family, and Other Environments; A Study of White Male Twins pp. 858-70 Downloads
Paul Taubman
The Disequilibrium Model in a Controlled Economy: An Empirical Test of the Barro-Grossman Model pp. 871-79 Downloads
David H Howard
Moral Hazard pp. 880-90 Downloads
John M Marshall
Two-Sector Models in the Theory of Capital and Growth pp. 891-903 Downloads
Harvey N Gram
The Erroneous Approximation of Expected Utility by Means of a Taylor's Series Expansion: Analytic and Computational Results pp. 904-10 Downloads
Otto Loistl
A Theory and Test of Credit Rationing: Comment pp. 911-17 Downloads
Corry F Azzi and James Cox
A Theory and Test of Credit Rationing: Reply pp. 918-20 Downloads
Dwight M Jaffee and Franco Modigliani
Nonconvexity of Indifference Surfaces in the Case of Labor Market Discrimination: Note pp. 921-24 Downloads
Brian Chiplin
Gains from Trade under Uncertainty: Comment pp. 925-27 Downloads
Richard Hartman
Gains from Trade under Uncertainty: Reply pp. 928
Raveendra N Batra and W R Russell
Labor Supply under Uncertainty: Note pp. 929-30 Downloads
David Sjoquist
On Progressive Income Taxation pp. 931-35 Downloads
Efraim Sadka
Dominance, Recontracting, and the Reserve Clause: Major League Baseball pp. 936-43 Downloads
Hunt, Joseph W, and Kenneth Lewis
Excess Burden: The Corner Case in General Equilibrium pp. 944-46 Downloads
J Gregory Ballentine and McLure, Charles E,
Abatement, Avoidance, and Nonconvexity pp. 947-52 Downloads
Robert E Kohn and Donald C Aucamp
Competitive Interest Payments on Bank Deposits and the Long-Run Demand for Money: Comment pp. 953-54 Downloads
Karen Johnson
Competitive Interest Payments on Bank Deposits and the Long-Run Demand for Money: Comment pp. 955-57 Downloads
Kanta Marwah
Competitive Interest Payments on Bank Deposits and the Long-Run Demand for Money: Reply pp. 958-60 Downloads
Benjamin Klein
The Interaction between Local Government and Urban Residential Location: Comment pp. 961-67 Downloads
Elhanan Helpman, David Pines and Eli Borukhov
The Interaction between Local Government and Urban Residential Location: Reply and Further Analysis pp. 968-75 Downloads
Richard E Schuler
Polluters' Profits and Political Response: Direct Control versus Taxes: Comment pp. 976-78 Downloads
Philip Coelho
Polluters' Profits and Political Response: Direct Control versus Taxes: Comment pp. 979-80 Downloads
Robert S Main and Charles W Baird
Polluters' Profits and Political Response: Direct Control versus Taxes: Comment pp. 981-82 Downloads
Gary Yohe
Polluters' Profits and Political Response: Direct Control versus Taxes: Reply pp. 983-84 Downloads
James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock

Volume 66, issue 4, 1976

The Inflationary Mechanism in the U.K. Economy pp. 467-84 Downloads
R J Ball and T Burns
Inflation in Britain: A Monetarist Perspective pp. 485-500
David Laidler
Can a Rise in Import Prices Be Inflationary and Deflationary? Economists and U.K. Inflation, 1973-74 pp. 501-19 Downloads
Marcus Miller
The British Inflation: Indigenous or Imported? pp. 520-31 Downloads
John Williamson and Geoffrey E Wood
The Welfare Costs of Nonoptimum Pricing and Investment Policies for Freeway Transportation pp. 532-47 Downloads
Marvin Kraus, Herbert Mohring and Thomas P Pinfold
Age, Experience, and Wage Growth pp. 548-58 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Bond Share Yield Spreads under Uncertain Inflation pp. 559-65 Downloads
Myron J Gordon and Paul J Halpern
The Two-Sector Open Economy and the Real Exchange Rate pp. 566-77 Downloads
Michael Bruno
A Bargaining Theoretic Approach to Cropsharing Contracts pp. 578-88 Downloads
Clive Bell and Pinhas Zusman
Consumer's Surplus without Apology pp. 589-97 Downloads
Robert D Willig
Trade and Domestic Effects of the Offshore Assembly Provision in the U.S. Tariff pp. 598-611 Downloads
Joseph Finger
Urban Renewal Policy and Economic Efficiency pp. 612-28 Downloads
Lawrence D Schall
Regional and Distributional Effects of a Negative Income Tax pp. 629-41 Downloads
Fredrick Golladay and Robert Haveman
Illiquidity, Consumer Durable Expenditure, and Monetary Policy pp. 642-54 Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
Monopoly and the Rate of Extraction of Exhaustible Resources pp. 655-61 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
Specification Error in Macro-Econometric Models: The Influence of Policy Goals-Comment pp. 662-64 Downloads
Stephen M Goldfeld
Specification Error in Macro-Econometric Models: The Influence of Policy Goals-Reply pp. 665-67 Downloads
James Crotty
Commodity Trade and Factor Mobility: Comment pp. 668
Terutomo Ozawa
Commodity Trade and Factor Mobility: Reply pp. 669-70 Downloads
Melvyn B Krauss
Can Trade Widen the Difference between Factor Rewards? Another Look at the More-Goods-Than-Factors Case pp. 671-74 Downloads
Douglas B Stewart
Factor Demand with Output Price Uncertainty pp. 675-81 Downloads
Richard Hartman
On the Design of Managerial Incentive Structures in a Decentralized Planning Environment pp. 682-87 Downloads
John P Bonin
The Dynamics of Inflation in Latin America: Comment pp. 688-91 Downloads
Roger Betancourt
The Dynamics of Inflation in Latin America: Comment pp. 692-94 Downloads
Edmund J Sheehey
The Dynamics of Inflation in Latin America: Reply pp. 695-98 Downloads
Robert C Vogel
The Relationship between Relative Prices and the General Price Level pp. 699-708 Downloads
Vining, Daniel R, and Thomas C Elwertowski
On the Shape of the Trade Indifference Curve: Rejoinder to Batra pp. 709
Murray Kemp and Edward Tower
The Terms of Trade and the Balance of Payments in the Short Run pp. 710-16 Downloads
Carlos Rodríguez
The Distribution of State Incomes: Differential Growth of Sectoral Employment pp. 717-22 Downloads
Donald Mitchell Smith and E James Jennings
Multiperiod Consumption-Investment Decisions: A Correction pp. 723-24 Downloads
Eugene Fama

Volume 66, issue 3, 1976

Flexible Exchange Rates, Forward Markets, and the Level of Trade pp. 253-66 Downloads
David P Baron
Related Market Conditions and Interindustrial Mergers pp. 267-77
M L Greenhut and Hiroshi Ohta
The Effect of Rate of Return Regulation Is Highly Sensitive to the Nature of the Uncertainty pp. 278-89 Downloads
Yoram C Peles and Jerome Stein
The Benefits and Costs of Rate of Return Regulation pp. 290-97 Downloads
Jeffrey Callen, G Frank Mathewson and Herbert Mohring
The Economics of Multiple Job Holding pp. 298-308 Downloads
Robert Shishko and Bernard Rostker
Interdependent Preferences pp. 309-20
Robert Pollak
Years and Intensity of Schooling Investment pp. 321-34 Downloads
Arleen S Leibowitz
International Trade, Factor Market Distortions, and the Optimal Dynamic Subsidy pp. 335-46 Downloads
Harvey Lapan
Population Density, Agricultural Technique, and Land Utilization in a Village Economy pp. 347-58 Downloads
J Dirck Stryker
Income Transfers as a Public Good: An Application to AFDC pp. 359-71 Downloads
Larry L Orr
The Production Function and Technical Change in Postwar Soviet Industry: A Reexamination pp. 372-81 Downloads
Padma Desai
Public Safety pp. 382-87 Downloads
Serge-Christophe Kolm
A State-Preference Approach to the Precautionary Demand for Money pp. 388-94 Downloads
Maureen Cropper
Inflationary Expectations and Momentary Equilibrium pp. 395-400 Downloads
Lewis Johnson
The Borrower-Lender Relationship, Competitive Equilibrium, and the Theory of Hedonic Prices pp. 401-05 Downloads
Ernst Baltensperger
The Borrower-Lender Relationship pp. 406-07 Downloads
Vernon Smith
Labor Supply and the Payroll Tax pp. 408-09 Downloads
C Duncan MacRae and Elizabeth MacRae
On the Regulated Price-Setting Monopoly Firm with a Random Demand Curve pp. 410-16 Downloads
Stylianos Perrakis
Money, Income, and Causality: The U.K. Experience pp. 417-23 Downloads
David Williams, C A E Goodhart and D H Gowland
The Neoclassical Production Function: Comment pp. 424-27 Downloads
Pierangelo Garegnani
The Neoclassical Production Function: Comment pp. 428-33 Downloads
Kazuo Sato
The Neoclassical Production Function: Reply pp. 434-36 Downloads
Lowell Gallaway and Vishwa Shukla
A Note on the U Hypothesis Relating Income Inequality and Economic Development pp. 437-40 Downloads
Sherman Robinson
Intermediate Products and the Theory of International Trade: A Generalization of the Pure Intermediate Good Case pp. 441-47
James Riedel
Elasticity, Absorption, Keynesian Multiplier, Keynesian Policy, and Monetary Approaches to Devaluation Theory: A Simple Geometric Exposition pp. 448-52
Harry G Johnson

Volume 66, issue 2, 1976

Stabilization Policy in Open Economies with Endogenous Politicians pp. 1-19
Assar Lindbeck
Marx and the Falling Rate of Profit pp. 20-26 Downloads
Jens Christiansen
Stagnation, Instability and International Competition pp. 27-33 Downloads
Raford Boddy and James Crotty
International Crisis and Politicization of Economic Activity pp. 34-39 Downloads
Daniel Luria and Arthur MacEwan
Lessons for the Present from the Great Depression pp. 40-45 Downloads
Peter Temin
The Demand for Money from the Great Depression to the Present pp. 46-51 Downloads
Arthur E Gandolfi and James Lothian
War-Related Debts and the Great Depression pp. 52-58 Downloads
Heywood W Fleisig
Inflation Theory and Policy pp. 59-64 Downloads
William Nordhaus
Some Problems in Wage Stabilization pp. 65-71 Downloads
Michael L Wachter
Inflationary Tales Told by Static Models: The Case of Price Setters pp. 72-76 Downloads
George Akerlof
Social Security and Saving: The Extended Life Cycle Theory pp. 77-86
Martin Feldstein
Intergenerational Transfers and Life Cycle Consumption pp. 87-93 Downloads
Alan Blinder
The Optimal Taxation of Commodities and Income pp. 94-101
David Bradford and Harvey Rosen
On Some Recent Econometric Research in Public Finance pp. 102-09 Downloads
Michael J Boskin
Institutional Constraints and Local Community Formation pp. 110-15 Downloads
Richard Wagner
On the Theory of Clubs pp. 116-21 Downloads
Eitan Berglas
Toward an Adequate Long-Run Model of Income Distribution and Economic Development pp. 122-27 Downloads
Sherman Robinson
Income Distribution and Development: Some Stylized Facts pp. 128-35 Downloads
Montek Ahluwalia
Uneven Development and Dependent Market Economies pp. 136-41 Downloads
Michael Best
Trade and Employment Effects in the United States of Multilateral Tariff Reductions pp. 142-48 Downloads
Robert Baldwin
American Multinationals and the U.S. Economy pp. 149-54 Downloads
Thomas Horst
Increasing International Economic Interdependence: The Implications for Research pp. 155-61 Downloads
C. Fred Bergsten and William Cline
International Interdependence: Implications for Policy: Discussion pp. 162
Harry G Johnson
The Empirical Evidence on the Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates pp. 163-70 Downloads
Stephen P Magee
The Less Developed Countries and the International Monetary Mechanism pp. 171-76 Downloads
John A Holsen and Jean L Waelbroeck
How to Fill an Empty Shell pp. 177-83 Downloads
Jurg Niehans
The International Monetary Mechanism: Recent Problems and Evidence: Discussion pp. 184-85
Hossein Askari
Government Intermediation in the Indexed Bonds Market pp. 186-92
David Levhari and Nissan Liviatan
Inflation and the Income Tax pp. 193-99 Downloads
Henry Aaron
Indexing and the Capital Markets pp. 200-204 Downloads
William Poole
The Economic Status of Women in the United States pp. 205-12 Downloads
Mary Dublin Keyserling
The Economic Position of Women in the United Kingdom pp. 213-21
Nancy Seear
Three Years of Self-Paced Teaching in Introductory Economics at Harvard pp. 222-28 Downloads
Elisabeth K Allison
The Teacher Training Program for New Ph.D.s pp. 229-33 Downloads
Darrell R Lewis and William Becker
On Teaching Teachers to Teach pp. 234-36 Downloads
Stephen H Long
One Participant's View of the Teacher Training Program pp. 237-39 Downloads
Richard B Hansen
Information and Monopolistic Competition pp. 240-45 Downloads
Steven Salop
Information and Competitive Price Systems pp. 246-53
Sanford Grossman and Joseph Stiglitz
Information, Screening and Human Capital pp. 254-60 Downloads
John Riley
Price Signaling in Experimental Oligopoly pp. 261-66 Downloads
Austin C Hoggatt, James Friedman and Shlomo Gill
An Experimental Market for Public Goods: The PBS Station Program Cooperative pp. 267-73
John A Ferejohn and Roger Noll
Experimental Economics: Induced Value Theory pp. 274-79 Downloads
Vernon Smith
Regular Differentiable Economies pp. 280-87 Downloads
Gerard Debreu
Dynamics in General Equilibrium Theory pp. 288-94 Downloads
Stephen Smale
Labor Force Participation and Earnings in a Demographic Model of the Labor Market pp. 295-301 Downloads
Richard S Toikka and Charles C Holt
On the Stability of the Racial Unemployment Differential pp. 302-08 Downloads
Robert J Flanagan
Occupational Mobility and the Distribution of Occupational Success among Young Men pp. 309-15
Robert Hall and Richard A Kasten
The Entrepreneurship Decision and Black Economic Development pp. 316-19 Downloads
William Bradford and Osborne, Alfred E,
Influences on Investment by Blacks in Higher Education pp. 320-23 Downloads
Walter W McMahon
Some Alternatives for Reducing the Black-White Unemployment Rate Differential pp. 324-27 Downloads
Karl D Gregory
Capital Problems in Minority Business Development: A Critical Analysis pp. 328-31 Downloads
Kenneth E Knight and Terry Dorsey
Portfolio Choice and the Demand for Forward Exchange pp. 332-39 Downloads
Michael Adler and Bernard Dumas
Control Methods for Macroeconomic Policy Analysis pp. 340-45 Downloads
Gregory Chow
Some Stabilization Problems of 1971-75, with an Application of Optimal Control Algorithms pp. 346-48 Downloads
Albert Ando and Carl Palash
On the Use of Feedback Control in the Design of Aggregate Monetary Policy pp. 349-55 Downloads
J H Kalchbrenner and Peter Tinsley
Application of Optimal Control to Problems of Economic Stabilization: Discussion pp. 356-59 Downloads
Henry C Wallich
Application of Optimal Control to Problems of Economic Stabilization: Discussion pp. 359-60 Downloads
Gary Fromm
Individual Mobility and Union Voice in the Labor Market pp. 361-68 Downloads
Richard Freeman
The Economics of Internal Organization: Exit and Voice in Relation to Markets and Hierarchies pp. 369-77 Downloads
Oliver Williamson
Consolidation or Diversity: Choices in the Structure of Urban Governance pp. 378-85 Downloads
Dennis R Young
Political Economy: Some Uses of the Exit-Voice Approach: Discussion pp. 386-89 Downloads
Albert Hirschman
Political Economy: Some Uses of the Exit-Voice Approach: Discussion pp. 389-91
Richard Nelson
A Survey of Advertising and Market Structure pp. 392-97 Downloads
Gerard R Butters
Interbrand Choice, Media Mix and Market Performance pp. 398-406 Downloads
Michael E Porter
Product Differentiation and Welfare pp. 407-14 Downloads
A. Spence
The New York City Fiscal Crisis: What Happened and What Is to Be Done? pp. 415-29 Downloads
Edward Gramlich
The Effects of Family Background on Earnings pp. 430-35 Downloads
Mary Corcoran, Christopher Jencks and Michael Olneck
Intergenerational Transmission of Income and Wealth pp. 436-40 Downloads
Jere Behrman and Paul Taubman
Incentive for Innovation as the Basis for Effluent Charge Strategy pp. 441-47
Lloyd Orr
Federal Environmental Policy and R&D on Water Pollution Abatement pp. 448-53
Brumm, Harold J, and Daniel T Dick
The Anatomy of Nonmarket Failure: An Examination of Environmental Policies pp. 454-58 Downloads
Ron D White
Exchange Versus Grant Transactions in Environmental Models: Discussion pp. 459-61 Downloads
Janos Horvath

Volume 66, issue 1, 1976

Rigor and Relevance in a Changing Institutional Setting pp. 1-14
Robert Aaron Gordon
Uncertainty, Permanent Demand, and Investment Behavior pp. 15-27 Downloads
Eleanor M Birch and Calvin D Siebert
Rational Expectations in a Disequilibrium Model of the Term Structure pp. 28-44 Downloads
Michael E Echols and Jan Walter Elliott
The Value of Human Life in the Demand for Safety pp. 45-55 Downloads
Bryan C Conley
The Demand for High-Powered Money pp. 56-68 Downloads
James Lothian
Benefit Shares and Majority Voting pp. 69-76 Downloads
Arthur T Denzau and Robert J Mackay
The Non-Uniqueness of Equilibrium in the Loschian Location Model pp. 71-93
B. Eaton and Richard Lipsey
Input Choices and Uncertain Demand pp. 94-103
Duncan M Holthausen
The Long-Run Analysis of the Labor-Managed Firm: An Alternative Interpretation pp. 104-23 Downloads
Eirik G Furubotn
Inflationary Expectations: Their Formation and Interest Rate Effects pp. 124-31 Downloads
Kajal Lahiri
A Model of the Supply of Bilateral Foreign Aid pp. 132-42 Downloads
Leonard Dudley and Claude Montmarquette
Harberger's Welfare Indicator and Revealed Preference Theory pp. 143-52 Downloads
Walter Diewert
The Determinants of Investment in Petroleum Reserves and Their Implications for Public Policy pp. 153-67 Downloads
James Cox and Arthur W Wright
Do Income Taxes Reduce the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy? pp. 168-73 Downloads
Stanley Black and Rudolph C Blitz
Separability and Vanishing Externalities pp. 174-77 Downloads
W David Montgomery
Estimated Parameters as Dependent Variables pp. 178-83 Downloads
Gary Saxonhouse
The Foundations of Money Illusion in a Neoclassical Micro-Monetary Model: Comment pp. 184-85
Robert W Clower and John Riley
The Foundations of Money Illusion in a Neoclassical Micro-Monetary Model: Comment pp. 186-91
C Robert Wichers
The Foundations of Money Illusion in a Neoclassical Micro-Monetary Model: Reply pp. 192-95 Downloads
Richard Dusansky and Peter J Kalman
Faculty Salaries: Is There Discrimination by Sex, Race, and Discipline? Additional Evidence pp. 196-98 Downloads
Emily P Hoffman
Default Risk, Homemade Leverage, and the Modigliani-Miller Theorem: Note pp. 199-203 Downloads
Kare P Hagen
Default Risk and the Modigliani-Miller Theorem: A Synthesis pp. 204-12 Downloads
David P Baron
The Xistence of X-Efficiency pp. 213-16
George Stigler
A Note on Quantitative Restrictions and Capital Mobility pp. 217-20 Downloads
Rodney Falvey
Black-White Differences in Returns to Schooling: Some New Evidence pp. 221-23 Downloads
Charles Link, Edward C Ratledge and Kenneth Lewis
The Effect of Compensated Price Changes on Expenditures pp. 224-27 Downloads
C Robert Wichers
Liability Rules and Income Distribution in Product Liability pp. 228-34 Downloads
Koichi Hamada
The Social Cost of Input Distortions: A Comment and a Generalization pp. 235-38 Downloads
James Anderson
Another Look at the Social Valuation of Input Price Changes pp. 239-43 Downloads
Richard Schmalensee
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