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Volume 88, issue 5, 1998

The Value of Weather Information Services for Nineteenth-Century Great Lakes Shipping pp. 1059-76 Downloads
Erik D Craft
The Rise and Fall of Bank Control in the United States: 1890-1939 pp. 1077-93 Downloads
Miguel Cantillo Simon
Winners and Losers in Russia's Economic Transition pp. 1094-1116 Downloads
Elizabeth Brainerd
Unemployment and the Social Safety Net during Transitions to a Market Economy: Evidence from the Czech and Slovak Republics pp. 1117-42 Downloads
John Ham, Jan Svejnar and Katherine Terrell
Federalism and the Soft Budget Constraint pp. 1143-62 Downloads
Yingyi Qian and Gérard Roland
Interest-Group Competition and the Organization of Congress: Theory and Evidence from Financial Services' Political Action Committees pp. 1163-87 Downloads
Randall S Kroszner and Thomas Stratmann
Toward an Economic Theory of Leadership: Leading by Example pp. 1188-1206 Downloads
Benjamin Hermalin
Ambiguity Aversion and Incompleteness of Contractual Form pp. 1207-31 Downloads
Sujoy Mukerji
Anticompetitive Vertical Integration by a Dominant Firm pp. 1232-48 Downloads
Michael Riordan
Patent Litigation as an Information-Transmission Mechanism pp. 1249-63 Downloads
Jay Choi
The Home Market, Trade, and Industrial Structure pp. 1264-76 Downloads
Donald Davis
Industrial Development and the Convergence Question pp. 1277-89 Downloads
Marvin Goodfriend and John McDermott
Endogenous Growth without Scale Effects pp. 1290-1310 Downloads
Paul Segerstrom
The Matching Market Institution: A Laboratory Investigation pp. 1311-22 Downloads
Changhua Sun Rich and Daniel Friedman
Experimental Evidence on the Evolution of Meaning of Messages in Sender-Receiver Games pp. 1323-40 Downloads
Blume, Andreas, et al
Why Referees Are Not Paid (Enough) pp. 1341-49 Downloads
Maxim Engers and Joshua Gans
The Deadweight Loss of Christmas: Comment pp. 1350-55 Downloads
John List and Jason Shogren
The Deadweight Loss of Christmas: Reply pp. 1356-57 Downloads
Sara J Solnick and David Hemenway
The Deadweight Loss of Christmas: Reply pp. 1358-59 Downloads
Joel Waldfogel

Volume 88, issue 4, 1998

The Market for Sulfur Dioxide Emissions pp. 669-85 Downloads
Paul Joskow, Richard Schmalensee and Elizabeth M Bailey
Valuing the Impact of Large-Scale Ecological Change in a Market: The Effect of Climate Change on U.S. Timber pp. 686-710 Downloads
Brent Sohngen and Robert Mendelsohn
Layoffs, Top Executive Pay, and Firm Performance pp. 711-23 Downloads
Kevin Hallock
Multidimensional Uncertainty and Herd Behavior in Financial Markets pp. 724-48 Downloads
Christopher Avery and Peter Zemsky
The Effect of Tax-Favored Retirement Accounts on Capital Accumulation pp. 749-68 Downloads
Ayse Imrohoroglu, Selahattin Imrohoroglu and Douglas H Joines
Is There a Retirement-Savings Puzzle? pp. 769-88 Downloads
James Banks, Richard Blundell and Sarah Tanner
Education-Finance Reform and the Distribution of Education Resources pp. 789-812 Downloads
Sheila E Murray, William Evans and Robert M Schwab
Public Education and Income Distribution: A Dynamic Quantitative Evaluation of Education-Finance Reform pp. 813-33 Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Richard Rogerson
Games with Procedurally Rational Players pp. 834-47 Downloads
Martin Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein
Predicting How People Play Games: Reinforcement Learning in Experimental Games with Unique, Mixed Strategy Equilibria pp. 848-81 Downloads
Ido Erev and Alvin Roth
Noncooperative Bargaining, Hostages, and Optimal Asset Ownership pp. 882-901 Downloads
Y. Chiu
Incomplete Contracts and Strategic Ambiguity pp. 902-32 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Michael Whinston
Monty Hall's Three Doors: Construction and Deconstruction of a Choice Anomaly pp. 933-46 Downloads
Daniel Friedman
Iterated Dominance and Iterated Best Response in Experimental "p-Beauty Contests." pp. 947-69 Downloads
Teck Ho, Colin Camerer and Keith Weigelt
Do the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Poorer? Experimental Tests of a Model of Power pp. 970-83 Downloads
Yvonne Durham, Jack Hirshleifer and Vernon Smith
Gains from Trade and Strategic Interaction: Equilibrium Acid Rain Abatement in the Eastern United States and Canada pp. 984-1001 Downloads
Linda Bui
Voting for Protection: Does Direct Foreign Investment Influence Legislator Behavior? pp. 1002-14 Downloads
Bruce Blonigen and David Figlio
Change in U.S. Tariffs: The Role of Import Prices and Commercial Policies pp. 1015-26 Downloads
Douglas Irwin
Ex Post Liability for Harm vs. Ex Ante Safety Regulation: Substitutes or Complements? Comment pp. 1027
Christian Ewerhart and Patrick Schmitz

Volume 88, issue 3, 1998

Applications of Option-Pricing Theory: Twenty-Five Years Later pp. 323-49 Downloads
Robert Merton
Derivatives in a Dynamic Environment pp. 350-70 Downloads
Myron Scholes
Unraveling in Matching Markets pp. 371-87 Downloads
Hao Li and Sherwin Rosen
Motivation and Markets pp. 388-411 Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod and James Malcomson
The Economics of Child Labor pp. 412-27
Kaushik Basu and Van Pham
A Theory of Holdouts in Wage Bargaining pp. 428-49
Wulong Gu and Peter Kuhn
Children and Their Parents' Labor Supply: Evidence from Exogenous Variation in Family Size pp. 450-77 Downloads
Joshua Angrist and William Evans
Does European Unemployment Prop Up American Wages? National Labor Markets and Global Trade pp. 478-94 Downloads
Donald Davis
Growth Cycles pp. 495-515 Downloads
George Evans, Seppo Honkapohja and Paul Romer
Financial Intermediation and Regime Switching in Business Cycles pp. 516-36 Downloads
Costas Azariadis and Bruce Smith
Stock Markets, Banks, and Economic Growth pp. 537-58 Downloads
Ross Levine and Sara Zervos
Financial Dependence and Growth pp. 559-86 Downloads
Raghuram Rajan and Luigi Zingales
Unique Equilibrium in a Model of Self-Fulfilling Currency Attacks pp. 587-97 Downloads
Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin
Compensating Differentials for Gender-Specific Job Injury Risks pp. 598-627 Downloads
Joni Hersch
Divorce-Law Changes, Household Bargaining, and Married Women's Labor Supply pp. 628-42 Downloads
Jeffrey S Gray
Caps on Political Lobbying pp. 643-51 Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che and Ian L Gale
Is There a Free-Rider Problem in Lobbying? Endogenous Tariffs, Trigger Strategies, and the Number of Firms pp. 652-60 Downloads
Paul Pecorino

Volume 88, issue 2, 1998

Turnpikes pp. 1-14
Lionel McKenzie
Common Agency Contracting and the Emergence of "Open Science" Institutions pp. 15-21 Downloads
Paul David
Revolution from Above: The Role of the State in Creating the German Research System, 1810-1910 pp. 22-27 Downloads
Timothy Lenoir
Academic Science and Technology in the Service of Industry: MIT Creates a "Permeable" Engineering School pp. 28-33 Downloads
Chrisotphe Lecuyer
Federal Government Initiatives and the Foundations of the Information Technology Revolution: Lessons from History pp. 34-39 Downloads
Marjory S Blumenthal
Micro Rules and Macro Outcomes: The Impact of Micro Structure on the Efficiency of Security Exchanges, London, New York, and Paris, 1800-1914 pp. 40-45 Downloads
Lance Davis and Larry Neal
The Peace Dividend in Historical Perspective pp. 46-50 Downloads
Hugh Rockoff
Wages and Labor Markets before the Civil War pp. 51-56 Downloads
Robert Margo
Representative Firm Analysis and the Character of Competition: Glimpses from the Great Depression pp. 57-61 Downloads
Daniel M G Raff
Survival and Size Mobility among the World's Largest 100 Industrial Corporations, 1912-1995 pp. 62-65 Downloads
Leslie Hannah
Partnerships, Corporations, and the Theory of the Firm pp. 66-71 Downloads
Naomi R Lamoreaux
The New Institutional Economics pp. 72-74 Downloads
Ronald Coase
The Institutions of Governance pp. 75-79 Downloads
Oliver Williamson
Historical and Comparative Institutional Analysis pp. 80-84 Downloads
Avner Greif
Norms and Networks in Economic and Organizational Performance pp. 85-89 Downloads
Victor Nee
Technological Change in Heart-Disease Treatment: Does High Tech Mean Low Value? pp. 90-96 Downloads
Mark McClellan and Haruko Noguchi
The Value of Health: 1970-1990 pp. 97-100 Downloads
David Cutler and Elizabeth Richardson
Economic Effects of Reducing Disability pp. 101-05 Downloads
Kenneth G Manton, Eric Stallard and Larry Corder
Measuring Prices and Quantities of Treatment for Depression pp. 106-11 Downloads
Richard G Frank, Susan H Busch and Ernst R Berndt
Public Funds, Private Funds, and Medical Innovation: How Managed Care Affects Public Funds for Clinical Research pp. 112-16 Downloads
Judith Hellerstein
The Demand for Medical Care: What People Pay Does Matter pp. 117-21 Downloads
Matthew J Eichner
Adverse Selection and Adverse Retention pp. 122-26 Downloads
Daniel Altman, David Cutler and Richard Zeckhauser
Payment Heterogeneity, Physician Practice, and Access to Care pp. 127-31 Downloads
Sherry Glied
What Has Increased Medical-Care Spending Bought? pp. 132-36 Downloads
David Cutler, Mark McClellan and Joseph Newhouse
Social Security: Privatization and Progressivity pp. 137-41 Downloads
Laurence Kotlikoff, Kent Smetters and Jan Walliser
Perspectives on the Social Security Crisis and Proposed Solutions pp. 142-50 Downloads
Kevin Murphy and Finis Welch
Social Security and the Real Economy: An Inquiry into Some Neglected Issues pp. 151-57 Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich and Jian-Guo Zhong
Social Security and Retirement: An International Comparison pp. 158-63 Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and David Wise
Social Security and Labor-Force Participation in the Netherlands pp. 164-67 Downloads
Arie Kapteyn and Klaas de Vos
Pensions and Labor-Market Participation in the United Kingdom pp. 168-72 Downloads
Richard Blundell and Paul Johnson
Social Security and Declining Labor-Force Participation in Germany pp. 173-78 Downloads
Borsch-Supan, Axel and Reinhold Schnabel
401(k) Plans and Future Patterns of Retirement Saving pp. 179-84 Downloads
James Poterba, Steven Venti and David Wise
The Cause of Wealth Dispersion at Retirement: Choice or Chance? pp. 185-91 Downloads
Steven Venti and David Wise
Socioeconomic Status and Health pp. 192-96 Downloads
James Smith
Extending the Consumption-Tax Treatment of Personal Retirement Saving pp. 197-201 Downloads
John B Shoven and David Wise
Married Women's Retirement Expectations: Do Pensions and Social Security Matter? pp. 202-06 Downloads
Marjorie Honig
Gender Differences in the Allocation of Assets in Retirement Savings Plans pp. 207-11 Downloads
Annika E Sunden and Brian J Surette
How Are Participanats Investing Their Accounts in Participant-Directed Individual Account Pension Plans? pp. 212-16 Downloads
Leslie Papke
Aging in the Early 20th Century pp. 217-21 Downloads
Clayne L Pope and Larry T Wimmer
The Rise of the Welfare State and Labor-Force Participation of Older Males: Evidence from the Pre-Social Security Era pp. 222-26 Downloads
Chulhee Lee
Secular Trends in the Determinants of Disability Benefits pp. 227-31 Downloads
Sven E Wilson and Louis L Nguyen
The Evolution of Retirement: Summary of a Research Project pp. 232-36 Downloads
Dora Costa
Uncertain Demographic Futures and Social Security Finances pp. 237-41 Downloads
Ronald Lee and Shripad Tuljapurkar
Demographic Analysis of Aging and Longevity pp. 242-47 Downloads
James W Vaupel
Aging and Inequality in Income and Health pp. 248-53 Downloads
Angus Deaton and Christina Paxson
Generations and the Distribution of Economic Well-Being: A Cross-National View pp. 254-58 Downloads
Timothy M Smeeding and Dennis Sullivan
Relative Cohort Size and Inequality in the United States pp. 259-64 Downloads
Diane Macunovich
Intergenerational Transmission of Health pp. 265-70 Downloads
Dennis Ahlburg
Transfers, Empathy Formation, and Reverse Transfers pp. 271-76 Downloads
Oded Stark and Ita Falk
The Prestige Motive for Making Charitable Transfers pp. 277-82 Downloads
William Harbaugh
Tax Policy and Gifts pp. 283-88 Downloads
Louis Kaplow
Taxes, Uncertainty, and Human Capital pp. 289-92 Downloads
Kenneth Judd
Tax Policy and Human-Capital Formation pp. 293-97 Downloads
James Heckman, Lance Lochner and Christopher Taber
Does Government R&D Policy Mainly Benefit Scientists and Engineers? pp. 298-302 Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
The Origins of State-Level Differences in the Public Provision of Higher Education: 1890-1940 pp. 303-08 Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz
How Much Does School Spending Depend on Family Income? The Historical Origins of the Current School Finance Dilemma pp. 309-14 Downloads
Caroline Hoxby
Demographic Change, Intergenerational Linkages, and Public Education pp. 315-20 Downloads
James Poterba
When We Work pp. 321-25 Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
Assortative Mating by Schooling and the Work Behavior of Wives and Husbands pp. 326-29 Downloads
John Pencavel
The Unequal Work Day: A Long-Term View pp. 330-34 Downloads
Dora Costa
Absolute versus Relative Poverty pp. 335-41 Downloads
James Foster
Self-Reliance as a Poverty Criterion: Trends in Earnings-Capacity Poverty, 1975-1992 pp. 342-47 Downloads
Robert Haveman and Andrew Bershadker
Alternative Historical Trends in Poverty pp. 348-51 Downloads
David M Betson and Jennifer L Warlick
Poverty-Measurement Research Using the Consumer Expenditure Survey and the Survey of Income and Program Participation pp. 352-56 Downloads
Short, Kathleen, et al
Race and Class in Postindustrial Employment pp. 357-62 Downloads
Gerald D Jaynes
Quit Behavior as a Measure of Worker Opportunity: Black Workers in the Interwar Industrial North pp. 363-67 Downloads
Warren Whatley and Stan Sedo
Assessing 50 Years of African-American Economic Status, 1940-1990 pp. 368-75 Downloads
Marcus Alexis
Imagined Risks and Cost-Benefit Analysis pp. 376-80 Downloads
Robert Pollak
General-Equilibrium Treatment Effects: A Study of Tuition Policy pp. 381-86 Downloads
James Heckman, Lance Lochner and Christopher Taber
Regulatory Discretion and the Unofficial Economy pp. 387-92 Downloads
Simon Johnson, Daniel Kaufmann and Zoido-Lobaton, Pablo
Changing Incentives of the Chinese Bureaucracy pp. 393-97 Downloads
David D Li
Private Enforcement of Public Laws: A Theory of Legal Reform pp. 398-403 Downloads
Jonathan R Hay and Andrei Shleifer
The 1940 System: Japan under the Wartime Economy pp. 404-16 Downloads
Yukio Noguchi
The Incentive Structure of a "Managed Market Economy": Can It Survive the Millennium? pp. 417-21 Downloads
Koichi Hamada
Competition, Policy Burdens, and State-Owned Enterprise Reform pp. 422-27 Downloads
Justin Lin, Fang Cai and Zhou Li
China's State Enterprises: Public Goods, Externalities, and Coase pp. 428-32
Gary Jefferson
Village Leaders and Land-Rights Formation in China pp. 433-38 Downloads
Scott Rozelle and Guo Li
The Double Drain with a Cross-Border Twist: More on the Relationship between Banking and Currency Crises pp. 439-43 Downloads
Victoria Miller
Financial Crises in Asia and Latin America: Then and Now pp. 444-48 Downloads
Graciela Kaminsky and Carmen Reinhart
On the Importance of the Precautionary Saving Motive pp. 449-53 Downloads
Annamaria Lusardi
Risk, Entrepreneurship, and Human-Capital Accumulation pp. 454-57 Downloads
Murat Iyigun and Ann Owen
Who Owns Guns? Criminals, Victims, and the Culture of Violence pp. 458-62 Downloads
Edward Glaeser and Spencer Glendon
Guns, Violence, and the Efficiency of Illegal Markets pp. 463-67 Downloads
John Donohue and Steven Levitt
Lives Saved or Lives Lost? The Effects of Concealed-Handgun Laws on Crime pp. 468-74 Downloads
Hashem Dezhbakhsh and Paul Rubin
Criminal Deterrence, Geographic Spillovers, and the Right to Carry Concealed Handguns pp. 475-79 Downloads
Stephen Bronars and Lott, John R,
Engaging Students in Quantitative Analysis with Short Case Examples from the Academic and Popular Press pp. 480-86 Downloads
William Becker
Teaching Undergraduate Econometrics: A Suggestion for Fundamental Change pp. 487-91 Downloads
Peter Kennedy

Volume 88, issue 1, 1998

A Vision of the Growth Process pp. 1-32
Arnold Harberger
Competition between Private and Public Schools, Vouchers, and Peer-Group Effects pp. 33-62 Downloads
Dennis Epple and Richard Romano
The Social Selection of Flexible and Rigid Agents pp. 63-82 Downloads
Joseph Harrington
Optimal Income Taxation: An Example with a U-Shaped Pattern of Optimal Marginal Tax Rates pp. 83-95 Downloads
Peter Diamond
Endogenously Chosen Boards of Directors and Their Monitoring of the CEO pp. 96-118 Downloads
Benjamin Hermalin and Michael Weisbach
The Simple Economics of Easter Island: A Ricardo-Malthus Model of Renewable Resource Use pp. 119-38 Downloads
James Brander and M. Scott Taylor
Sources of Inefficiency in a Representative Democracy: A Dynamic Analysis pp. 139-56 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Stephen Coate
Altruists, Egoists, and Hooligans in a Local Interaction Model pp. 157-79 Downloads
Ilan Eshel, Larry Samuelson and Avner Shaked
When Does It Take a Nixon to Go to China? pp. 180-97 Downloads
Alex Cukierman and Mariano Tommasi
What Price Coordination? The Efficiency-Enhancing Effect of Auctioning the Right to Play pp. 198-225 Downloads
Vincent Crawford and Bruno Broseta
The International Ramifications of Tax Reforms: Supply-Side Economics in a Global Economy pp. 226-45 Downloads
Enrique Mendoza and Linda Tesar
Currencies and the Allocation of Risk: The Welfare Effects of a Monetary Union pp. 246-59 Downloads
Pablo Neumeyer
The Ultimate Externality pp. 260-65 Downloads
Jon D Harford
The Impact of Educational Standards on the Level and Distribution of Earnings pp. 266-75 Downloads
Julian R Betts
Competition over More Than One Prize pp. 276-89 Downloads
Derek J Clark and Christian Riis
Intellectual Human Capital and the Birth of U.S. Biotechnology Enterprises pp. 290-306 Downloads
Lynne Zucker, Michael Darby and Marilynn B Brewer
Sunk Costs and Firm Value Variability: Theory and Evidence pp. 307-13 Downloads
Val Lambson and Farrell E Jensen
Measuring Consumer Surplus with Unknown Hicksian Demands pp. 314-22 Downloads
Ian Irvine and William Sims
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