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Volume 76, issue 5, 1986

Measuring Racial Discrimination with Fair Housing Audits: Caught in the Act pp. 881-93 Downloads
John Yinger
The Winner's Curse and Public Information in Common Value Auctions pp. 894-920 Downloads
John Kagel and Dan Levin
The Logic of Vertical Restraints pp. 921-39 Downloads
Patrick Rey and Jean Tirole
Installed Base and Compatibility: Innovation, Product Preannouncements, and Predation pp. 940-55 Downloads
Joseph Farrell and Garth Saloner
Oligopoly and Financial Structure: The Limited Liability Effect pp. 956-70 Downloads
James Brander and Tracy R. Lewis
Horizontal vs. Vertical Information Structure of the Firm pp. 971-83 Downloads
Masahiko Aoki
Technological Opportunity and Spillovers of R&D: Evidence from Firms' Patents, Profits, and Market Value pp. 984-1001 Downloads
Adam Jaffe
Explaining the Volume of Trade: An Eclectic Approach pp. 1002-11 Downloads
James Markusen
Nominal Contracts in a Bimetallic Standard pp. 1012-30 Downloads
Peter Garber
Is Increased Price Flexibility Stabilizing? pp. 1031-44 Downloads
James Bradford De Long and Lawrence Summers
Efficient Contracts with Costly Adjustment: Short-run Employment Determination for Airline Mechanics pp. 1045-71 Downloads
David Card
Productivity Growth, Convergence, and Welfare: What the Long-run Data Show pp. 1072-85 Downloads
William Baumol
Taxation of Investment and Savings in a World Economy pp. 1086-1102 Downloads
Roger Gordon
The Dynamics of Population Growth, Differential Fertility, and Inequality pp. 1103-16 Downloads
David Lam
Estimates of the Direct Effects of Comparable Worth Policy pp. 1117-25 Downloads
George Johnson and Gary Solon
The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. Capital Outflows pp. 1126-30 Downloads
Roy J Ruffin and Farhad Rassekh
The Nonequivalence of Tariffs and Import Quotas pp. 1131-34 Downloads
James Melvin
The Welfare Economics of Price Supports in U.S. Agriculture pp. 1135-41 Downloads
Erik Lichtenberg and David Zilberman
The Persistence of Volatility and Stock Market Fluctuations pp. 1142-51 Downloads
James Poterba and Lawrence Summers
The Cyclical Flexibility of Wages pp. 1152-53 Downloads
Charles L Schultze
A New View of the Federal Debt and Budget Deficits: Comment pp. 1154-55 Downloads
Ross D Milbourne and Daniel Richards
A New View of the Federal Debt and Budget Deficits: Reply pp. 1156-57 Downloads
Robert Eisner and Paul Pieper
Government Debt, Government Spending, and Private Sector Behavior: Comment pp. 1158-67 Downloads
James Barth, George Iden and Frank Russek
Government Debt, Government Spending and Private Sector Behavior: Comment pp. 1168-79 Downloads
Franco Modigliani and Arlie Sterling
Government Debt, Government Spending, and Private Sector Behavior: Reply pp. 1180-87 Downloads
Roger Kormendi and Philip Meguire
The Economics of Price Scissors: Comment pp. 1188-91 Downloads
Ake Blomqvist
The Economics of Price Scissors: Comment pp. 1192-94 Downloads
Michael Carter
The Economics of Price Scissors: Reply pp. 1195-99 Downloads
Raaj Sah and Joseph Stiglitz
The Production Process in a Competitive Economy: Comment pp. 1200-1202 Downloads
Eskander Alvi
The Production Process in a Competitive Economy: Reply pp. 1203-04 Downloads
Samuel Bowles
Tobin's q and the Structure-Performance Relationship: Comment pp. 1205-10 Downloads
William G Shepherd
Tobin's q and the Structure-Performance Relationship: Reply pp. 1211-13 Downloads
Michael Smirlock, Thomas Gilligan and William Marshall
Pechman's Tax Incidence Study: A Note on the Data pp. 1214-18 Downloads
Edgar Browning
Pechman's Tax Incidence Study: A Response pp. 1219-20 Downloads
Joseph A Pechman
Race and Human Capital: Comment pp. 1221-24 Downloads
Robert Margo
Race and Human Capital: Reply pp. 1225-29 Downloads
James Smith

Volume 76, issue 4, 1986

Replication in Empirical Economics: The Journal of Money, Credit and Banking Project pp. 587-603 Downloads
William G Dewald, Jerry Thursby and Richard Anderson
Evaluating the Econometric Evaluations of Training Programs with Experimental Data pp. 604-20 Downloads
Robert LaLonde
A Test for Speculative Bubbles in the Sterling-Dollar Exchange Rate: 1981-84 pp. 621-36 Downloads
George Evans
The Rigidity of Prices pp. 637-58 Downloads
Dennis Carlton
A Tax-Based Test for Nominal Rigidities pp. 659-75 Downloads
James Poterba, Julio Rotemberg and Lawrence Summers
Ricardian Consumers with Keynesian Propensities pp. 676-91 Downloads
Robert Barsky, N. Gregory Mankiw and Stephen Zeldes
In Defense of Base Drift pp. 692-700 Downloads
Carl Walsh
Prizes and Incentives in Elimination Tournaments pp. 701-15 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
The Architecture of Economic Systems: Hierarchies and Polyarchies pp. 716-27 Downloads
Raaj Sah and Joseph Stiglitz
Fairness as a Constraint on Profit Seeking: Entitlements in the Market pp. 728-41 Downloads
Daniel Kahneman, Jack Knetsch and Richard Thaler
Measuring the Spillovers from Technical Advance: Mainframe Computers inFinancial Services pp. 742-55 Downloads
Timothy Bresnahan
Price Leadership and Welfare Losses in U.S. Manufacturing pp. 756-67 Downloads
Micha Gisser
Child Support, Welfare Dependency, and Poverty pp. 768-88 Downloads
Philip Robins
On the Voluntary and Involuntary Provision of Public Goods pp. 789-93 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim
Educational Achievement in Segregated School Systems: The Effects of "Separate-but-Equal." pp. 794-801 Downloads
Robert Margo
Is Price Flexibility Destabilizing? pp. 802-07 Downloads
Robert Driskill and Steven Sheffrin
On the Limitations of Government Borrowing: A Framework for EmpiricalTesting pp. 808-19 Downloads
James Hamilton and Marjorie A Flavin
Tax Holidays as Signals pp. 820-26 Downloads
Eric Bond and Larry Samuelson
On the Profitability of Interruptible Supply pp. 827-32 Downloads
Glenn Loury and Tracy Lewis
Final Voting in Legislatures pp. 833-41 Downloads
W. Crain, Donald R Leavens and Robert Tollison
Product Line Rivalry: Note pp. 842-44 Downloads
Birger Wernerfelt
An Unpublished Letter from Malthus to Jane Marcet, January 22, 1833 pp. 845-47 Downloads
Bette A Polkinghorn
Competitive Payments Systems: Comment pp. 848-49 Downloads
Robert L Greenfield and Leland B Yeager
Competitive Payments Systems: Reply pp. 850-53 Downloads
Lawrence White
The Evans and Heckman Subadditivity Test: Comment pp. 854-55 Downloads
Toshiyuki Sueyoshi and Peter C Anselmo
A Test for Subadditivity of the Cost Function with an Application to the Bell System: Erratum pp. 856-58 Downloads
David Evans and James Heckman
New Estimates of the Value of Federal Mineral Rights and Land: Erratum pp. 859
Boskin, Michael J, et al

Volume 76, issue 3, 1986

Life Cycle, Individual Thrift, and the Wealth of Nations pp. 297-313 Downloads
Franco Modigliani
Is the Stabilization of the Postwar Economy a Figment of the Data? pp. 314-34 Downloads
Christina Romer
The Distributional Welfare Effects of Rising Prices in the United States: The 1970's Experience pp. 335-49 Downloads
Thomas M Stoker
Terminating Hyperinflation in the Dismembered Habsburg Monarchy pp. 350-64 Downloads
Elmus R Wicker
Unemployment Insurance and Labor Contracts under Asymmetric Information: Theory and Facts pp. 365-77 Downloads
Andrew Oswald
The Design of Procurement Contracts pp. 378-89
Rafael Rob
A Supergame-Theoretic Model of Price Wars during Booms pp. 390-407 Downloads
Julio Rotemberg and Garth Saloner
An Analysis of the Selection of Arbitrators pp. 408-22 Downloads
David Bloom and Christopher L Cavanagh
An Investigation into the Determinants of U.S. Strike Activity pp. 423-36
Joseph Tracy
Marriage and Divorce: Informational Constraints and Private Contracting pp. 437-54
Elizabeth Peters
Labor Supply and Marital Separation pp. 455-69 Downloads
William Johnson and Jonathan Skinner
Evaluating the Effects of Optimally Distributed Public Programs: ChildHealth and Family Planning Interventions pp. 470-82 Downloads
Mark Rosenzweig and Kenneth I Wolpin
Dividend Variability and Variance Bounds Tests for the Rationality ofStock Market Prices pp. 483-98 Downloads
Terry A Marsh and Robert Merton
The Marsh-Merton Model of Managers' Smoothing of Dividends pp. 499-503 Downloads
Robert Shiller
What Will Take the Con Out of Econometrics? A Reply Identification andEstimation of Money Demand pp. 504-07 Downloads
Thomas Cooley and Stephen LeRoy
Preference Reversals and the Independence Axiom pp. 508-15 Downloads
Charles Holt
Shifting Comparative Advantage and Senescent Industry Collapse pp. 516-23 Downloads
James Cassing and Arye Hillman
Measures of Risk Aversion and Comparative Statics of Industry Equilibrium pp. 524-29 Downloads
Elie Appelbaum and Eliakim Katz
Organizational Structure and Productivity pp. 530-38 Downloads
Ronald Wintrobe and Albert Breton
Robert Giffen and the Irish Potato: Note pp. 539-42 Downloads
Ulrich Kohli
Marx and Malthusianism: Comment pp. 543-47 Downloads
Miguel Ramirez
Marx and Malthusianism: Reply pp. 548-50 Downloads
Samuel Hollander
Labor Supply and Tax Rates: Comment pp. 551-56 Downloads
David M Betson and David Greenberg
Labor Supply and Tax Rates: Reply pp. 557-58 Downloads
James Gwartney and Richard L Stroup
The Disinterest in Deregulation: Comment pp. 559-63 Downloads
Martin Cherkes, Joseph Friedman and Avia Spivak
The Disinterest in Deregulation: Reply pp. 564-65 Downloads
Robert McCormick, William Shughart and Robert Tollison
Internal Migration and Urban Employment: Comment pp. 566-69 Downloads
Michael P Todaro
Internal Migration and Urban Employment: Reply pp. 570-72 Downloads
William E Cole and Richard D Sanders

Volume 76, issue 2, 1986

The Washington Economics Industry pp. 1-9
Herbert Stein
Unnatural Value: Or Art Investment as Floating Crap Game pp. 10-14 Downloads
William Baumol
Dance in New York: Market and Subsidy Changes pp. 15-19 Downloads
Dick Netzer
The Lively Arts as Substitutes for the Lively Arts pp. 20-25 Downloads
James H Gapinski
Supply Side Economics: Old Truths and New Claims pp. 26-30 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Economic Surprises and Messages of the 1980's pp. 31-36 Downloads
Lawrence Chimerine and Richard M Young
Supply-Side Modeling from Bits and Pieces pp. 37-42 Downloads
George von Furstenberg and R Jeffrey Green
Sex Segregation within Occupations pp. 43-47
William T Bielby and James N Baron
Internal Labor Markets and Noncompeting Groups pp. 48-52 Downloads
Peter Doeringer
Work Power and Earnings of Women and Men pp. 53-56 Downloads
Marianne A Ferber, Carole A Green and Joe L Spaeth
Party Strategies, World Demand, and Unemployment: The Political Economy of Economic Activity in Western Industrial Nations pp. 57-61 Downloads
James E Alt
What Can Economics Learn from Political Science, and Vice Versa? pp. 62-65 Downloads
K Alec Chrystal and David Peel
Political Parties and Macroeconomic Policies and Outcomes in the United States pp. 66-70 Downloads
Douglas Hibbs
Party Differences in Macroeconomic Policies and Outcomes pp. 71-74 Downloads
Henry Chappell and William R Keech
Policy Responses to Exogenous Shocks in Developing Countries pp. 75-78 Downloads
Bela Balassa
Monetary Policy Responses to Exogenous Shocks pp. 79-83 Downloads
Maxwell J Fry and David M Lilien
Developing Country Exchange Rate Policy Responses to Exogenous Shocks pp. 84-87 Downloads
Mohsin Khan
Fiscal Policy Responses to Exogenous Shocks in Developing Countries pp. 88-91 Downloads
Vito Tanzi
The Effect of the Union Wage Differential on Management Opposition and Union Organizing Success pp. 92-96 Downloads
Richard Freeman
Union-Nonunion Earnings Differentials and the Decline of Private-Sector Unionism pp. 97-102 Downloads
Richard Edwards and Paul Swaim
Rising Union Premiums and the Declining Boundaries among Noncompeting Groups pp. 103-08 Downloads
Peter Linneman and Michael L Wachter
Competition and Cooperation in the Market for Exclusionary Rights pp. 109-13 Downloads
Thomas G Krattenmaker and Steven C Salop
Transforming Merger Policy: The Pound of New Perspectives pp. 114-19 Downloads
Oliver Williamson
Toward a More General Theory of Governmental Structure pp. 120-25 Downloads
Mancur Olson
The Interaction of State and Federal Tax Systems: The Impact of State and Local Tax Deductibility pp. 126-31 Downloads
Daniel Feenberg and Harvey Rosen
Budget Reform and the Theory of Fiscal Federalism pp. 132-37 Downloads
John Quigley and Daniel L Rubinfeld
The Marketplace of Economic Ideas pp. 138-40 Downloads
Albert Rees
Communicating Economic Ideas and Controversies pp. 141-44
Leonard Silk
Increasing the Public's Understanding of Economics: What Can We Expect from the Schools? pp. 145-48 Downloads
Michael A MacDowell
What Knowledge Is Most Worth Knowing-For Economics Majors? pp. 149-52 Downloads
W Lee Hansen
Public Policy and Productivity in the Trucking Industry: Some Evidence on the Effects of Highway Investments, Deregulation, and the 55 MPH Speed Limit pp. 153-58 Downloads
Theodore E Keeler
Urban Road Reinvestment: The Effects of External Aid pp. 159-64 Downloads
George E Peterson
Efficient Pricing and Investment Solutions to Highway Infrastructure Needs pp. 165-69 Downloads
Kenneth Small and Clifford Winston
Soviet Growth Slowdown: Duality, Maturity, and Innovation pp. 170-74 Downloads
Stanislaw Gomulka
Soviet Growth Retardation pp. 175-80 Downloads
Padma Desai
Soviet Growth Slowdown: Econometric vs. Direct Evidence pp. 181-85 Downloads
Vladimir Kontorovich
Institutions Supporting Technical Advance in Industry pp. 186-89 Downloads
Richard Nelson
The R&D Tax Credit and Other Technology Policy Issues pp. 190-94 Downloads
Edwin Mansfield
Longer Patents for Lower Imitation Barriers: The 1984 Drug Act pp. 195-98 Downloads
Henry Grabowski and John Vernon
A New Look at the Patent System pp. 199-202 Downloads
Richard C Levin
The Monetary-Fiscal Policy Mix: Implications for the Short Run pp. 203-08 Downloads
Andrew F Brimmer and Allen Sinai
The Monetary-Fiscal Mix and Long-run Growth in an Open Economy pp. 209-12 Downloads
Frederick C Ribe and William J Beeman
The Monetary-Fiscal Mix: Long-run Implications pp. 213-18 Downloads
James Tobin
Work Incentives in the AFDC System: An Analysis of the 1981 Reforms pp. 219-23 Downloads
Robert Moffitt
Initial Findings from the Demonstration of State Work-Welfare Initiatives pp. 224-29 Downloads
Friedlander, Daniel, et al
An Evaluation of the Effect of Cashing Out Food Stamps on Food Expenditures pp. 230-34 Downloads
Thomas Fraker, Barbara Devaney and Edward Cavin
Wage Setting, Unemployment, and Insider-Outsider Relations pp. 235-39
Assar Lindbeck and Dennis Snower
Union Wage Rigidity: The Default Settings of Labor Law pp. 240-44 Downloads
Michael L Wachter
Shifting Wage Norms and Their Implications pp. 245-48 Downloads
George Perry
Union vs. Nonunion Wage Norm Shifts pp. 249-52 Downloads
Daniel J B Mitchell
Illegal Aliens: A Preliminary Report on an Employee-Employer Survey pp. 253-57 Downloads
Barry Chiswick
Illegal Immigration pp. 258-62 Downloads
Wilfred Ethier
Can Border Industries Be a Substitute for Immigration? pp. 263-68 Downloads
Francisco Rivera-Batiz
Government R&D Programs for Commercializing Space pp. 269-73 Downloads
Linda R Cohen and Roger Noll
Incentive Compatible Space Station Pricing pp. 274-79 Downloads
John Ledyard
Out of Space? Regulation and Technical Change in Communications Satellites pp. 280-84
Molly Macauley
Property Rights, Protest, and the Siting of Hazardous Waste Facilities pp. 285-90 Downloads
Robert Cameron Mitchell and Richard Carson
Asymmetries in the Valuation of Risk and the Siting of Hazardous Waste Disposal Facilities pp. 291-94
V. Smith and William H Desvousges
A Sealed-Bid Auction Mechanism for Siting Noxious Facilities pp. 295-99 Downloads
Howard Kunreuther and Paul R Kleindorfer
The Regional Transformation of the American Economy pp. 300-303 Downloads
Benjamin Chinitz
A Multiregional Model Forecast for the United States through 1995 pp. 304-07 Downloads
Benjamin H Stevens and George I Treyz
Analysis and Policy Implications of Regional Decline pp. 308-12 Downloads
Charles L Leven
Corporate Control, Insider Trading, and Rates of Return pp. 313-16 Downloads
Harold Demsetz
Mergers, Buyouts and Fakeouts pp. 317-22 Downloads
Mark Hirschey
Agency Costs of Free Cash Flow, Corporate Finance, and Takeovers pp. 323-29 Downloads
Michael Jensen
The International Transmission and Effects of Fiscal Policies pp. 330-35 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel and Assaf Razin
The Uneasy Case for Greater Exchange Rate Coordination pp. 336-41 Downloads
Jeffrey Sachs
U.S. Budget Deficits and the European Economies: Resolving the Political Economy Puzzle pp. 342-46 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
The Black Underclass Concept: Self-Help vs. Government Intervention pp. 347-50 Downloads
Emmett D Carson
Transfer Payments, Sample Selection, and Male Black-White Earnings Differences pp. 351-54 Downloads
Wayne Vroman
Federal Courts and the Enforcement of Title VII pp. 355-58 Downloads
Culp, Jerome McCristal,
What Was Affirmative Action? pp. 359-63 Downloads
Jonathan Leonard
Implementing Comparable Worth: A Survey of Recent Job Evaluation Studies pp. 364-67 Downloads
Elaine Sorensen
Sex Differences in Urban Commuting Patterns pp. 368-72 Downloads
Michelle J White
Employment and Wage Effects of Involuntary Job Separation: Male-Female Differences pp. 373-77 Downloads
Nan L Maxwell and Ronald J D'Amico
Generational Differences in Female Occupational Attainment-Have the 1970's Changed Women's Opportunities? pp. 378-81
Nadja Zalokar
The Existence of Equilibrium with Price-Setting Firms pp. 382-86 Downloads
Eric Maskin
Price-Setting Firms and the Oligopolistic Foundations of Perfect Competition pp. 387-92 Downloads
Beth Allen and Martin Hellwig
Vertical Product Differentiation: Some Basic Themes pp. 393-98 Downloads
John Sutton
Work for Welfare: How Much Good Will It Do? pp. 399-404 Downloads
Frank Levy and Richard C Michel
Do Rising Tides Lift All Boats? The Impact of Secular and Cyclical Changes on Poverty pp. 405-10 Downloads
Sheldon Danziger and Peter Gottschalk
An Economic Accountant's Audit pp. 411-17 Downloads
George Jaszi

Volume 76, issue 1, 1986

International Public Good without International Government pp. 1-13
Charles P Kindleberger
Retail Pricing and Clearance Sales pp. 14-32 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Informational Implications of Interest Rate Rules pp. 33-42 Downloads
Michael Dotsey and Robert King
An Operational Measure of Liquidity pp. 43-55
Steven A Lippman and John J McCall
Illegal Immigration: The Host-Country Problem pp. 56-71 Downloads
Wilfred Ethier
Rational and Self-fulfilling Balance-of-Payments Crises pp. 72-81 Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
Employment, Hours, and Earnings in the Depression: An Analysis of EightManufacturing Industries pp. 82-109 Downloads
Ben Bernanke
Tests of the Rational Expectations Hypothesis pp. 110-24 Downloads
Michael Lovell
Financial Panics, the Seasonality of the Nominal Interest Rate, and theFounding of the Fed pp. 125-40 Downloads
Jeffrey Miron
Productivity, R&D, and the Basic Research at the Firm Level in the 1970's pp. 141-54
Zvi Griliches
Golden Parachutes, Shark Repellents, and Hostile Tender Offers pp. 155-67 Downloads
Charles R Knoeber
Inventories and Interest Rates: A Critique of the Buffer Stock Model pp. 168-76 Downloads
David Bivin
Technological Innovations, Capital Mobility, and the Product Cycle inNorth-South Trade pp. 177-90 Downloads
David Dollar
Government Size and Economic Growth: A New Framework and Some Evidencefrom Cross-Section and Time-Series Data pp. 191-203 Downloads
Rati Ram
A Macroeconomic Model with Auction Markets and Nominal Contracts pp. 204-11 Downloads
Richard Cantor
Predictable Behavior in Financial Markets: Some Evidence in Support ofHeiner's Hypothesis pp. 212-20 Downloads
Fred R Kaen and Robert Rosenman
The Choice among Medical Insurance Plans pp. 221-27 Downloads
Yael Benjamini and Yoav Benjamini
Is Statistical Discrimination Efficient? pp. 228-34 Downloads
Stewart Schwab
Wage Indexation and the Effect of Inflation Uncertainty on Employment:An Empirical Analysis pp. 235-43
A Steven Holland
Accounting Rates of Return: Note On the Misuse of Accounting Rates ofReturn to Infer Monopoly Profits pp. 244-46 Downloads
Robert N Anthony
The Inverted Fisher Hypothesis: Additional Evidence Fisher's Paradoxand the Theory of Interest pp. 247-49 Downloads
Martin Gallagher
Rationing by Waiting Lists: An Implication pp. 250-56 Downloads
John G Cullis and Philip R Jones
Implicit Contracts in the Absence of Enforcement: Note pp. 257-58 Downloads
Steven E Plaut
Efficient Contracts in Credit Markets Subject to Interest Rate Risk: AnApplication of Raviv's Insurance Model pp. 259-63 Downloads
Lanny Arvan and Jan Brueckner
Faculty Ratings of Major Economics Departments by Citations: An Extension pp. 264-67 Downloads
Dudley W Blair, Rex L Cottle and Myles S Wallace
Structural/Frictional vs. Deficient Demand Unemployment: Comment pp. 268-72 Downloads
Arthur R Schwartz, Malcolm Cohen and Donald R Grimes
Structural/Frictional vs. Deficient Demand Unemployment: Reply pp. 273-76 Downloads
Katharine Abraham
Labor Supply and Tax Rates: Comment pp. 277-79 Downloads
Cecil Bohanon and T Norman Van Cott
Labor Supply and Tax Rates: Comment pp. 280-83
Firouz Gahvari
Labor Supply and Tax Rates: Reply pp. 284-85 Downloads
James Gwartney and Richard L Stroup
Social Security and Household Savings: Comment pp. 286-88 Downloads
George Briden and John Zedella
Social Security and Household Saving: Reply pp. 289-90 Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Matti Viren
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