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Volume 63, issue 5, 1973

Frank Knight as Teacher pp. 787-810 Downloads
Don Patinkin
Labor Hoarding in Durable Goods Industries pp. 811-24 Downloads
C Scott Clark
Problems of Economic Policy from the Viewpoint of Optimal Control pp. 825-37 Downloads
Gregory Chow
The Interaction Between Federal Credit Programs and the Impact on the Allocation of Credit pp. 838-52 Downloads
Rudolph G Penner and William L Silber
On Monopoly Welfare Losses pp. 853-70 Downloads
Abram Bergson
Devaluation, Money, and Nontraded Goods pp. 871-80 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
The Effect of the EEC and EFTA on European Trade: A Temporal Cross-Section Analysis pp. 881-92 Downloads
Norman D Aitken
Black-White Differences in Returns to Schooling pp. 893-907 Downloads
Finis Welch
The Friedman-Meiselman CMC Paper: New Evidence on an Old Controversy pp. 908-17 Downloads
William Poole and Elinda B F Kornblith
On Revaluations versus Devaluations pp. 918-28 Downloads
Edward S Howle
Human Capital: The Choice Between Investment and Income pp. 929-44 Downloads
William J Haley
Inherent Advantage, Costs, and Resource Allocation in the Transportation Industry pp. 945-56 Downloads
Rosalind S Seneca
Optimal Restrictions on Foreign Trade and Investment: Note pp. 957-59 Downloads
Raveendra N Batra
Residential Choice and Air Pollution: A General Equilibrium Model pp. 960-67 Downloads
Eugene P Seskin
Expectations and the Labor Supply pp. 968-74 Downloads
Charles L Hedrick
Classical Production Functions, Technical Optimality, and Scale Adjustments of the Firms pp. 975-82 Downloads
Dale Truett and Blaine Roberts
Peasants, Procreation, and Pensions: Note pp. 983-85 Downloads
Clive Southey
Stochastic Dominance, Efficiency Criteria, and Efficient Portfolios: The Multi-Period Case pp. 986-94 Downloads
Haim Levy
Spot Speculation, Forward Speculation, and Arbitrage: Comment pp. 995-98 Downloads
Houston Stokes
Spot Speculation, Forward Speculation, and Arbitrage: A Clarification and Reply pp. 999-1002 Downloads
S C Tsiang
Pitfalls in Financial Model Building: Comment pp. 1003-04 Downloads
Kevin Clinton
Pitfalls in Financial Model Building: Reply and Some Further Extensions pp. 1005-08 Downloads
Mark L Ladenson
The Industrial Composition of U.S. Export and Subsidiary Sales to the Canadian Market: Note pp. 1009-12 Downloads
H G Baumann
Lifetime Portfolio Selection in Continuous Time for a Multiplicative Class of Utility Functions pp. 1013-16 Downloads
Gordon Pye
Social Return to Public Information Services: Statistical Reporting of U.S. Farm Commodities: Comment pp. 1017-19 Downloads
Lawrence N Smith and Bruce A Scherr
Social Return to Public Information Services: Statistical Reporting of U.S. Farm Commodities: Reply pp. 1020-21 Downloads
Yujiro Hayami and Willis Peterson
On Ignorance and Equal Distribution pp. 1022-24 Downloads
Amartya Sen
Specification Error in Macro-Econometric Models: The Influence of Policy Goals pp. 1025-30 Downloads
James Crotty
Import Controls on Foreign Oil: Comment pp. 1031-34 Downloads
Ryan C Amacher, Robert Tollison and Thomas D Willett
Import Controls on Foreign Oil: Reply pp. 1035-36 Downloads
George A Hay
In Search of the "Wheel of Wealth": On the Origins of Frank Knight's Circular-Flow Diagram pp. 1037-46 Downloads
Don Patinkin

Volume 63, issue 4, 1973

The 1973 Report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: The Economic Role of Women pp. 509-14 Downloads
Barbara R Bergmann and Irma Adelman
The 1973 Report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: A Review pp. 515-26
Carl Christ
The 1973 Report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: Whistling in the Dark pp. 527-34 Downloads
David I Meiselman
The 1973 Report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: A Critique pp. 535-45 Downloads
Michael Parkin
On the Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policy: A Taxonomic Discussion pp. 546-71 Downloads
Bent Hansen
A Model of the Trade and Government Sectors in Colonial Economies pp. 572-87 Downloads
Thomas Birnberg and Stephen A Resnick
Heavy and Light Industry in Economic Development pp. 588-96 Downloads
Morris Teubal
The Informational Efficiency of Monetary Exchange pp. 597-610 Downloads
Joseph Ostroy
Externalities, Liability, Separability, and Resource Allocation pp. 611-20 Downloads
James R Marchand and Keith P Russell
Assets, Subsistence, and The Supply Curve of Labor pp. 621-33 Downloads
Yoram Barzel and Richard J McDonald
The Intrafamily Allocation of Time: The Value of the Housewives' Time pp. 634-51 Downloads
Reuben Gronau
Transactions Costs, the Wage Rate, and the Demand for Money pp. 652-65 Downloads
Dean S Dutton and William P Gramm
Limit Pricing, Potential Entry, and Barriers to Entry pp. 666-74 Downloads
David P Baron
Wage Determination, Inflation, and the Industrial Structure pp. 675-92 Downloads
Stephen Ross and Michael L Wachter
Male-Female Pay Differentials in Professional Employment pp. 693-705 Downloads
Burton G Malkiel and Judith A Malkiel
Nontraded Goods, Factor Market Distortions, and the Gains from Trade pp. 706-13 Downloads
Raveendra N Batra
Optimal Effective Protection in General Equilibrium pp. 714-16 Downloads
Francois Casas
Industrial Prices, as Administered by Dr. Means pp. 717-21 Downloads
George Stigler and James K Kindahl
Environmental Externalities and the Arrow-Lind Public Investment Theorem pp. 722-25 Downloads
Anthony C Fisher
A Note on Proportionally Distributed Quotas pp. 726-32 Downloads
Rachel McCulloch and Harry G Johnson
Effective Protection and Decreasing Returns to Scale pp. 733-37 Downloads
Eitan Berglas and Assaf Razin
External Diseconomies in Competitive Supply: Comment pp. 738-40 Downloads
George A Hay and John J McGowan
External Diseconomies in Competitive Supply: Comment pp. 741-42 Downloads
Alan Nichols
External Diseconomies in Competitive Supply: Comment pp. 743-44 Downloads
A Ross Shepherd
External Diseconomies in Competitive Supply: Reply pp. 745-48 Downloads
Charles J Goetz and James Buchanan
Bond Price Volatility and Term to Maturity: A Generalized Respecification pp. 749-53 Downloads
Michael H Hopewell and George G Kaufman
The End of the North-South Wage Differential: Comment pp. 754-56 Downloads
Mark L Ladenson
The End of the North-South Wage Differential: Reply pp. 757-62 Downloads
Philip Coelho and Moheb A Ghali
Estimation of Structure-Profit Relationships: Comment pp. 763-67 Downloads
John M Vernon and Marjorie B McElroy
Estimation of Structure-Profit Relationships: Reply pp. 768-69 Downloads
Blake Imel and Peter Helmberger
Relative Shares and Elasticities Simplified: Comment pp. 770-71 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
Relative Shares and Elasticities Simplified: Reply pp. 772
Ryuzo Sato and Tetsunori Koizumi

Volume 63, issue 3, 1973

Modern Economic Growth: Findings and Reflections pp. 247-58 Downloads
Simon Kuznets
The Economics of the Network-Affiliate Relationship in the Television Broadcasting Industry pp. 259-68 Downloads
Stanley Besen and Ronald Soligo
On the Theory of Optimal Investment, Dividends, and Growth in the Firm pp. 269-79 Downloads
Clement G Krouse
Private Demands for Public Goods pp. 280-96
Ted Bergstrom and Robert P Goodman
Intermediate Products and the Pure Theory of International Trade: A Neo-Heckscher-Ohlin Framework pp. 297-311 Downloads
Raveendra N Batra and Francois Casas
The "F-Twist" and the Methodology of Paul Samuelson pp. 312-25 Downloads
Stanley Wong
Some International Evidence on Output-Inflation Tradeoffs pp. 326-34
Robert Lucas
A Note on the Concept and Measure of Consumer's Surplus pp. 335-44
Michael E Burns
Monetary and Fiscal Policy in a Two-Sector Aggregative Model pp. 345-65 Downloads
Dale Henderson and Thomas Sargent
The Demand for State and Local Government Employees pp. 366-79
Ronald Ehrenberg
Qtrly Models of Wage Determination Some New Efficient Estimates pp. 380-89 Downloads
J C R Rowley and D A Wilton
Quit Rates Over Time: A Search and Information Approach pp. 390-401 Downloads
Donald Parsons
Employment Impacts of Textile Imports and Investment: A Vintage-Capital Model pp. 402-16
Peter Isard
A Generalization of the Pure Theory of Public Goods pp. 417-32 Downloads
Bryan Ellickson
The Supply of Rental Housing: Comment pp. 433-36 Downloads
Ronald Grieson
The Supply of Rental Housing: Reply pp. 437-38 Downloads
Frank de Leeuw and Nkanta F Ekanem
Property Crime and Economic Behavior: Some Empirical Results pp. 439-46 Downloads
David Sjoquist
A Skeptical Note on "The Optimality" of Wage Subsidy Programs pp. 447-53 Downloads
Irwin Garfinkel
Optimal Mechanisms for Income Transfer: Note pp. 454-57 Downloads
Robert E Schlenker
On Terms of Foreign Borrowing pp. 458-61 Downloads
Pranab Bardhan
Recent Exercises in Growth Accounting: New Understanding or Dead End? pp. 462-68 Downloads
Richard Nelson
Faculty Salaries, Promotion, and Productivity at a Large University pp. 469-77 Downloads
David A Katz
Making Inferences from Controlled Income Maintenance Experiments pp. 478-83 Downloads
Charles E Metcalf
The Production Function and the Theory of Distributive Shares pp. 484-89
Ryuzo Sato and Tetsunori Koizumi
The Neoclassical Theory of Technical Progress: Note pp. 490-93 Downloads
J Bohman and M K Bohman
International Trade and the Forward Exchange Market pp. 494-503 Downloads
Wilfred Ethier

Volume 63, issue 2, 1973

The Design of Mechanisms for Resource Allocation pp. 1-30
Leonid Hurwicz
Where Are We in the Theory of Information? pp. 31-39 Downloads
Jack Hirshleifer
Searching for the Lowest Price pp. 40-49 Downloads
L G Telser
Economics of Information: Discussion pp. 50-51
Phillip Nelson
International Transactions and Regionalism: Distinguishing "Insiders" from "Outsiders." pp. 52-60 Downloads
Wolf, Charles, and David Weinschrott
Congestion and the Optimum City Size pp. 61-66 Downloads
Eytan Sheshinski
Spatial Economics: Discussion pp. 67-70 Downloads
Jerome Rothenberg
A Preliminary Survey of Economic Analyses of Fertility pp. 71-78 Downloads
T. Schultz
Population Growth, Resource Availability and Environmental Quality pp. 79-87 Downloads
Joseph L Fisher and Ronald G Ridker
Economics of Population: Discussion pp. 88-89 Downloads
D. Johnson
Behavior of the Firm Under Regulatory Constraint: A Reassessment pp. 90-97 Downloads
Leland L Johnson
Entry as a Substitute for Regulation pp. 98-105 Downloads
William G Shepherd
Today's Apocalypses and Yesterday's pp. 106-10 Downloads
Scott Gordon
Innovative Responses to Materials Shortages pp. 111-18 Downloads
Nathan Rosenberg
Increasing Scarcity: The Case of Energy Resources pp. 119-25 Downloads
Paul G Bradley
Natural Resources as a Constraint on Economic Growth: Discussion pp. 126-28 Downloads
Chandler Morse
Stochastic Returns and the Theory of the Firm pp. 129-33 Downloads
Aaron J Douglas
The Economic Theory of Agency: The Principal's Problem pp. 134-39 Downloads
Stephen Ross
Portfolio Choice, the Horizon Problem and the Investment Opportunity Set pp. 140-44 Downloads
James L Bicksler, Amir Barnea and Jair Babad
Types of Radicalism in American Economics pp. 145-51 Downloads
Daniel R Fusfeld
Cyclical Accumulation: A Marxian Model of Development pp. 152-59 Downloads
Edward J Nell
General Economic Conditions and National Elections pp. 160-67 Downloads
George Stigler
The Practice of Political Economy pp. 168-71 Downloads
Paul W McCracken
General Economic Conditions and National Elections: Comment pp. 172-77 Downloads
Arthur M Okun
Micropolitics and Macroeconomics: Discussion pp. 178-80 Downloads
William H Riker
Micropolitics and Macroeconomics: Discussion pp. 179-80
Thomas R Ireland
The International Monetary System pp. 181-88 Downloads
Kahn, Richard F [Lord]
Convertibility and Consolidation: A Survey of Options for Reform pp. 189-98 Downloads
Peter Kenen
Domestic Economic Policy and Convertibility pp. 199-205 Downloads
Paul W McCracken
Dollars as Reserve Assets: What Next? pp. 206-11 Downloads
John Helliwell
The Costs and Benefits of the Dollar as a Reserve Currency: Discussion pp. 212-14 Downloads
H Robert Heller
Chinese and Other Asian Economies: A Quantitative Evaluation pp. 215-23 Downloads
Ta-Chung Liu and Kung-Chia Yeh
Plans and Their Implementation in the People's Republic of China pp. 224-31
Dwight H Perkins
The Chinese Economy at the Present Juncture: Discussion pp. 233-34
Richard S Eckaus
The Chinese Economy at the Present Juncture: Discussion pp. 234-35 Downloads
Thomas Rawski
Application of Microeconomic Models to Regional Environmental Quality Management pp. 236-43 Downloads
Clifford S Russell
A Forecasting Model Applied to Pollution Control Costs pp. 244-52 Downloads
Michael K Evans
Economics of Pollution: Discussion pp. 253-56 Downloads
Robert Dorfman
The Problem of Heroin Addiction and Radical Political Economy pp. 257-62 Downloads
Raul A Fernandez
Legal Strategies for Dealing with Heroin Addiction pp. 263-69 Downloads
Christopher Clague
Policies to Achieve Discrimination on the Effective Price of Heroin pp. 270-77 Downloads
Mark H Moore
Economics of Heroin: Discussion pp. 278-79 Downloads
James A Seagraves
Decline of Labor Market Discrimination and Economic Analysis pp. 280-86
Richard Freeman
Approaches to the Economics of Discrimination pp. 287-95 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
A Theory of Labor Market Discrimination with Interdependent Utilities pp. 296-302 Downloads
Marcus Alexis
An Agenda for Improving the Teaching of Economics pp. 303-08 Downloads
G L Bach
Financial Rewards to Research and Teaching: A Case Study of Academic Economists pp. 309-15 Downloads
John Siegfried and Kenneth J White
Markets and Hierarchies: Some Elementary Considerations pp. 316-25 Downloads
Oliver Williamson
Legal Constraints and the Choice of Organizational Form pp. 326-34
Donald L Martin
Research on the Transmission of Material Wealth pp. 335-45
John A Brittain
Understanding Unequal Economic Opportunity pp. 346-56 Downloads
Samuel Bowles
Intergenerational Determinants of Individual Incomes: Discussion pp. 357-58 Downloads
Arleen Leibowitz
A Theory of Labor Market Segmentation pp. 359-65 Downloads
Michael Reich, David M Gordon and Richard C Edwards
Labor Market Segmentation: Positive Feedback and Divergent Development pp. 366-76
Thomas Vietorisz and Bennett Harrison
Fragments of a "Sociological" Theory of Wages pp. 377-84 Downloads
Michael J Piore
A Comparison of Eleven Econometric Models of the United States pp. 385-93 Downloads
Gary Fromm and Lawrence Klein
A Comparison of Econometric Macro Models in Three Countries pp. 394-401 Downloads
Hiroki Tsurumi
Forecasting and Simulation Analysis of the World Economy pp. 402-09
C Moriguchi
Econometric Models: Discussion pp. 410-11 Downloads
Ronald Bodkin
Price Competitiveness in Export Trade Among Industrial Countries pp. 412-18 Downloads
Helen B Junz and Rudolf R Rhomberg
Exchange Control, Liberalization, and Economic Development pp. 419-27 Downloads
Jagdish N Bhagwati and Anne O Krueger
Reinterpreting Economic Growth: Parables and Realities pp. 428-39 Downloads
Moses Abramovitz and Paul David
Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Economic Capabilities pp. 440-49 Downloads
Richard Nelson and Sidney Winter
Modeling Economic Development and General Equilibrium Histories pp. 450-58 Downloads
Allen C Kelley and Jeffrey Williamson
Foreign Assistance and Development Performance, 1960-1970 pp. 459-68 Downloads
Hollis B Chenery and Nicholas G Carter

Volume 63, issue 1, 1973

Power and the Useful Economist pp. 1-11
John Kenneth Galbraith
Short-Run Dynamics in Models of Money and Growth pp. 12-23 Downloads
Douglas Purvis
An Analysis of Cooperation and Learning in a Duopoly Context pp. 24-37 Downloads
Richard M Cyert and Morris H DeGroot
Alternative Programs for Income Redistribution: The NIT and the NWT pp. 38-49 Downloads
Edgar Browning
Simulation of the Impact of Social and Economic Institutions on the Size Distribution of Income and Wealth pp. 50-72
Frederic L Pryor
The Production Lag pp. 73-86 Downloads
John A Carlson
The Not-For-Profit Hospital as a Physicians' Cooperative pp. 87-99 Downloads
Mark V Pauly and Michael Redisch
Capital, Distribution, and the Aggregate Production Function pp. 100-13 Downloads
Donald J Harris
The U.S. Phillips Curve and International Unemployment Rate Differentials pp. 114-31 Downloads
Robert J Flanagan
Required Disclosure and the Stock Market: An Evaluation of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 pp. 132-55 Downloads
George J Benston
Optimal Open Market Strategy: The Use of Information Variables pp. 156-72 Downloads
John H Kareken, Thomas Muench and Neil Wallace
A Dynamic Theory of Comparative Advantage pp. 173-84 Downloads
Roger Klein
A True Price Index When the Consumer Saves pp. 185-94 Downloads
Malcolm Galatin
Theories of Corporate Investment Behavior Revisited pp. 195-207 Downloads
J W Elliott
Unemployment and Consumption: Note pp. 208-13 Downloads
Michael Grossman
A Test for Relative Economic Efficiency: Some Further Results pp. 214-23 Downloads
Pan A Yotopoulos and Lawrence J Lau
Welfare-Maximizing Price and Output with Stochastic Demand: Comment pp. 224-29
Michael L Visscher
Welfare-Maximizing Price and Output with Stochastic Demand: Reply pp. 230-31 Downloads
Brown, Gardner, and M Bruce Johnson
Dependency Rates and Savings Rates: Further Comment pp. 232-33
Arthur Goldberger
Dependency Rates and Savings Rates: Reply pp. 234
Nathaniel H Leff
Behavior of the Firm Under Regulatory Constraint: Clarifications pp. 235-37 Downloads
El-Hodiri, Mohamed and Akira Takayama
Behavior of the Firm Under Regulatory Constraint: Reply pp. 238
Israel Pressman and Arthur Carol
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