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Volume 85, issue 5, 1995

The Case of the Missing Trade and Other Mysteries pp. 1029-46 Downloads
Daniel Trefler
Tying Trade Flows: A Theory of Countertrade with Evidence pp. 1047-64 Downloads
Dalia Marin and Monika Schnitzer
The Economic Returns to Schooling in the West Bank and Gaza Strip pp. 1065-87 Downloads
Joshua Angrist
Momentum Investment Strategies, Portfolio Performance, and Herding: A Study of Mutual Fund Behavior pp. 1088-1105 Downloads
Mark Grinblatt, Sheridan Titman and Russ Wermers
Corporate-Debt Overhang and Macroeconomic Expectations pp. 1106-17 Downloads
Owen Lamont
Consumption over the Life Cycle and over the Business Cycle pp. 1118-37 Downloads
Orazio Attanasio and Martin Browning
Cross-Country Evidence on the Link between Volatility and Growth pp. 1138-51 Downloads
Garey Ramey and Valerie Ramey
On Fully Revealing Prices When Markets Are Incomplete pp. 1152-59 Downloads
Vicente Madrigal and Stephen D Smith
When Are Agents Negligible? pp. 1160-70 Downloads
David Levine and Wolfgang Pesendorfer
How Liable Should a Lender Be? The Case of Judgment-Proof Firms and Environmental Risk pp. 1171-86 Downloads
Rohan Pitchford
Product Safety: Liability, R&D, and Signaling pp. 1187-1206 Downloads
Andrew Daughety and Jennifer Reinganum
The Design of Reform Packages under Uncertainty pp. 1207-23 Downloads
Mathias Dewatripont and Gérard Roland
On the Optimal Structure of Local Governments pp. 1224-40 Downloads
Oded Hochman, David Pines and Jacques Thisse
Rationalizing Child-Support Decisions pp. 1241-62 Downloads
Daniela Del Boca and Christopher Flinn
Apparent Wage Discrimination When Wages Are Determined by Nondiscriminatory Contracts pp. 1263-77 Downloads
Carol Rapaport
Estimates of the Economic Return to Schooling for the United Kingdom pp. 1278-86 Downloads
Colm Harmon and Ian Walker
Risk and Saving in Northern Nigeria pp. 1287-1300 Downloads
Christopher Udry
Discouraging Rivals: Managerial Rent-Seeking and Economic Inefficiencies pp. 1301-12 Downloads
Aaron Edlin and Joseph Stiglitz
Unraveling in Guessing Games: An Experimental Study pp. 1313-26 Downloads
Rosemarie Nagel
Consumer Behavior and the Stickiness of Credit-Card Interest Rates pp. 1327-36 Downloads
Paul S Calem and Loretta Mester
Biased Judgments of Fairness in Bargaining pp. 1337-43 Downloads
Babcock, Linda, et al
Striking for a Bargain between Two Completely Informed Agents: Comment pp. 1344-47 Downloads
Wilko Bolt
Government Debt, Government Spending, and Private-Sector Behavior: Comment pp. 1348-56 Downloads
Fred C Graham
Government Debt, Government Spending, and Private-Sector Behavior: Reply pp. 1357-61 Downloads
Roger Kormendi and Philip Meguire

Volume 85, issue 4, 1995

The Politics of Free-Trade Agreements pp. 667-90 Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
Occasional Interventions to Target Rates pp. 691-715 Downloads
Karen K Lewis
Trade and Transboundary Pollution pp. 716-37 Downloads
Brian Copeland and M. Scott Taylor
Transition Problems in Economic Reform: Agriculture in the North American Free Trade Agreement pp. 738-54 Downloads
Santiago Levy and Sweder van Wijnbergen
Closing the Technology Gap under Protection pp. 755-70 Downloads
Kaz Miyagiwa and Yuka Ohno
Design Innovation and Fashion Cycles pp. 771-92 Downloads
Wolfgang Pesendorfer
Dalton-Improving Indirect Tax Reform pp. 793-807 Downloads
Joram Mayshar and Shlomo Yitzhaki
Appropriation and Efficiency: A Revision of the First Theorem of Welfare Economics pp. 808-27 Downloads
Louis Makowski and Joseph Ostroy
War Politics: An Economic, Rational-Voter Framework pp. 828-46 Downloads
Gregory Hess and Athanasios Orphanides
Credible Privatization pp. 847-59 Downloads
Enrico Perotti
Voting over Economic Plans pp. 860-71 Downloads
Richard Boylan and Richard D McKelvey
Digging for Golden Carrots: An Analysis of Research Tournaments pp. 872-90 Downloads
Curtis Taylor
Cooperation in Public-Goods Experiments: Kindness or Confusion? pp. 891-904 Downloads
James Andreoni
An Experimental Investigation of the Seller Incentives in the EPA's Emission Trading Auction pp. 905-22 Downloads
Timothy Cason
Evaluating Program Evaluations: New Evidence on Commonly Used Nonexperimental Methods pp. 923-37 Downloads
Daniel Friedlander and Philip Robins
Health-Insurance Availability and the Retirement Decision pp. 938-48 Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and Brigitte Madrian
A Note on the Hayek Hypothesis and the Favorite-Longshot Bias in Parimutuel Betting pp. 949-55 Downloads
William Hurley and Lawrence McDonough
Endogenous Tariff Formation under Representative Democracy: A Probabilistic Voting Model pp. 956-63 Downloads
C C Yang
Income Uncertainty and Ricardian Equivalence pp. 964-67 Downloads
Michel Strawczynski
Bureaucracy, Infrastructure, and Economic Growth: Evidence from U.S. Cities during the Progressive Era pp. 968-79 Downloads
James Rauch
Making Inequality Comparisons When Lorenz Curves Intersect pp. 980-86 Downloads
James Davies and Michael Hoy
The Economics of Modern Manufacturing: Comment pp. 987-90 Downloads
P Timothy Bushnell and Allen D Shepard
The Economics of Modern Manufacturing: Comment pp. 991-96 Downloads
Donald M Topkis
The Economics of Modern Manufacturing: Reply pp. 997-99 Downloads
Paul Milgrom and John Roberts

Volume 85, issue 3, 1995

Games with Incomplete Information pp. 291-303
John Harsanyi
Race and Gender Discrimination in Bargaining for a New Car pp. 304-21 Downloads
Ian Ayres and Peter Siegelman
Workers' Compensation and Injury Duration: Evidence from a Natural Experiment pp. 322-40 Downloads
Bruce Meyer, W Viscusi and David L Durbin
Does Head Start Make a Difference? pp. 341-64 Downloads
Janet Currie and Duncan Thomas
Ethnicity, Neighborhoods, and Human-Capital Externalities pp. 365-90 Downloads
George Borjas
The Productivity Effects of Employee Stock-Ownership Plans and Bonuses: Evidence from Japanese Panel Data pp. 391-414 Downloads
Derek Jones and Takao Kato
Capital Structure and Product-Market Competition: Empirical Evidence from the Supermarket Industry pp. 415-35 Downloads
Judith Chevalier
The Effect of Private Antitrust Litigation on the Stock-Market Valuation of the Firm pp. 436-61 Downloads
John M Bizjak and Jeffrey Coles
An Experimental Investigation of the Patterns of International Trade pp. 462-91 Downloads
Charles Noussair, Charles Plott and Raymond Riezman
Output Dynamics in Real-Business-Cycle Models pp. 492-511 Downloads
Timothy Cogley and James Nason
Intermediate Goods and Business Cycles: Implications for Productivity and Welfare pp. 512-31 Downloads
Susanto Basu
A Tax-Based Test of the Dividend Signaling Hypothesis pp. 532-51 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Adam Wantz
College Scholarship Rules and Private Saving pp. 552-66 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Debt and Seniority: An Analysis of the Role of Hard Claims in Constraining Management pp. 567-85 Downloads
Oliver Hart and John Moore
What Do Twins Studies Reveal about the Economic Returns to Education? A Comparison of Australian and U.S. Findings pp. 586-99 Downloads
Paul Miller, Charles Mulvey and Nick Martin
Labor-Market Returns to Two- and Four-Year College pp. 600-614 Downloads
Thomas J Kane and Cecilia Elena Rouse
National Borders Matter: Canada-U.S. Regional Trade Patterns pp. 615-23 Downloads
John McCallum
Slicing the Federal Government Net Spending Pie: Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why pp. 624-29 Downloads
Atlas, Cary M, et al
The Black Hole of Graft: The Predatory State and the Informal Economy pp. 630-46 Downloads
Douglas Marcouiller and Leslie Young
Oligopoly and Financial Structure: Comment pp. 647-53 Downloads
Dean M Showalter
Seniority and Monopsony in the Academic Labor Market: Comment pp. 654-57 Downloads
Kevin Hallock

Volume 85, issue 2, 1995

Economics in Action: Ideas, Institutions, Policies pp. 1-8
George P Shultz
Hazardous Welfare-State Dynamics pp. 9-15 Downloads
Assar Lindbeck
The Large Welfare State as a System pp. 16-21 Downloads
Richard Freeman
The Devolution of the Nordic and Teutonic Economies pp. 22-27 Downloads
Olson, Mancur,
The Economics of Health and Health Care: What Have We Learned? What Have I Learned? pp. 28-31 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
The Cost and Financing of Health Care pp. 32-37 Downloads
David Cutler
Uncertainty, Health-Care Technologies, and Health-Care Choices pp. 38-44 Downloads
Mark McClellan
Public Policies and Private Anti-health Behavior pp. 45-49 Downloads
Frank Chaloupka
Carcinogen Regulation: Risk Characteristics and the Synthetic Risk Bias pp. 50-54 Downloads
W Viscusi
Wages, Workers' Compensation Benefits, and Drug Use: Indirect Evidence of the Effect of Drugs on Workplace Accidents pp. 55-60 Downloads
Robert Kaestner and Michael Grossman
Risks to Selves, Risks to Others pp. 61-66 Downloads
Christopher Avery, S Jody Heymann and Richard Zeckhauser
Safety at What Price? pp. 67-71 Downloads
Walter Oi
Rationalizing Observed Health and Safety Legislation: A Pascalian Approach pp. 72-76 Downloads
Earl A Thompson
The Cost of Medical Progress pp. 77-80 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
The Effectiveness of Seat-Belt Legislation in Reducing Injury Rates in Texas pp. 81-84 Downloads
Peter Loeb
The State Antismoking Campaign and the Industry Response: The Effects of Advertising on Cigarette Consumption in California pp. 85-90 Downloads
Teh-Wei Hu, Hai-Yen Sung and Theodore E Keeler
Information and Advertising: The Case of Fat Consumption in the United States pp. 91-95 Downloads
Pauline M Ippolito and Alan Mathios
Regulating Information about Aspirin and the Prevention of Heart Attack pp. 96-99 Downloads
Alison Keith
Information, Marketing, and Pricing in the U.S. Antiulcer Drug Market pp. 100-105 Downloads
Berndt, Ernst R, et al
Physician Payments and Infant Mortality: Evidence from Medicaid Fee Policy pp. 106-11 Downloads
Janet Currie, Jonathan Gruber and Michael Fischer
Significance of Underclass Residence on the Stage of Breast or Cervical Cancer Diagnosis pp. 112-16 Downloads
Janis Barry Figueroa and Nancy Breen
The Time and Monetary Costs of Outpatient Care for Children pp. 117-21 Downloads
Jessica Primoff Vistnes and Vivian Hamilton
Estimating the Moral-Hazard Effect of Supplemental Medical Insurance in the Demand for Prescription Drugs by the Elderly pp. 122-26 Downloads
Coulson, N Edward, et al
An Assessment of Health-Care Expenditures within and across Racial and Ethnic Groups pp. 127-31 Downloads
Edith Rasell and Jared Bernstein
Prenatal Care Demand and Birthweight Production of Black Mothers pp. 132-37 Downloads
Geoffrey L Warner
What Cost Savings Could Be Realized by Shifting Patterns of Use from Hospital Emergency Rooms to Primary Care Sites? pp. 138-42 Downloads
White-Means, Shelley I and Michael C Thornton
Occupational Mobility and Post-1964 Earnings Gains by Black Women pp. 143-47 Downloads
Augustin Fosu
Nutrition and Health Investment pp. 148-52 Downloads
Andrew Foster
Why Are There Returns to Schooling? pp. 153-58 Downloads
Mark Rosenzweig
Explaining Household Vulnerability to Idiosyncratic Income Shocks pp. 159-64 Downloads
Anjini Kochar
Tax Projections and the Budget: Lessons from the 1980's pp. 165-69 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Behavioral Responses to Tax Rates: Evidence from the Tax Reform Act of 1986 pp. 170-74 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Income Creation or Income Shifting? Behavioral Responses to the Tax Reform Act of 1986 pp. 175-80 Downloads
Joel Slemrod
Conversation, Information, and Herd Behavior pp. 181-85 Downloads
Robert Shiller
Talk Is Cheap pp. 186-90
Joseph Farrell
One Quarter of GDP Is Persuasion pp. 191-95 Downloads
Deirdre McCloskey and Arjo Klamer
Independent Central Banks: Low Inflation at No Cost? pp. 196-200 Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Roberta Gatti
Central-Bank Independence Revisited pp. 201-06
Stanley Fischer
Two Fallacies Concerning Central-Bank Independence pp. 207-11 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
Structural Unemployment: Spain versus Portugal pp. 212-18 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Juan F Jimeno
Labor-Market Adjustments and the Persistence of Unemployment pp. 219-25
Bruce C Greenwald and Joseph Stiglitz
The Structuralist Theory of Employment pp. 226-31 Downloads
Edmund Phelps
Employment and the 1990-1991 Minimum-Wage Hike pp. 232-37 Downloads
Donald Deere, Kevin Murphy and Finis Welch
Time-Series Minimum-Wage Studies: A Meta-analysis pp. 238-43 Downloads
David Card and Alan Krueger
Minimum-Wage Effects on School and Work Transitions of Teenagers pp. 244-49 Downloads
David Neumark and William Wascher
A Depressed Labor Market as Explained by Participants pp. 250-54 Downloads
Truman F Bewley
Internal Labor Markets: Too Many Theories, Too Few Facts pp. 255-59 Downloads
George Baker and Bengt Holmstrom
A Jobs-Based Analysis of Labor Markets pp. 260-65
Edward Lazear
Family, Work, and Welfare History: Work and Welfare Outcomes pp. 266-70 Downloads
Julia Lane and David Stevens
The Effectiveness of Child-Care Subsidies in Encouraging the Welfare-to-Work Transition of Low-Income Single Mothers pp. 271-75 Downloads
Jean Kimmel
The Probability of Receiving Benefits at Different Hours of Work pp. 276-80 Downloads
Susan Averett and Julie Hotchkiss
Buyers and Sellers: Should I Stay or Should I Go? pp. 281-86 Downloads
Burdett, Kenneth, et al
Valuation Equilibria with Transactions Costs pp. 287-90 Downloads
Satyajit Chatterjee and P. Dean Corbae
R&D in a Model of Search and Growth pp. 291-95
Derek Laing, Theodore Palivos and Ping Wang
Economic Integration and the Location of Firms pp. 296-300 Downloads
Anthony Venables
Uninsurable Shocks and International Income Convergence pp. 301-06 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
Economic Integration: Conflict versus Cohesion pp. 307-11 Downloads
Susan M Collins
Resisting Migration: Wage Rigidity and Income Distribution pp. 312-16 Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
Is There a Good Case for a New Bretton Woods International Monetary System? pp. 317-22 Downloads
Michael Bordo
The GATT in Historical Perspective pp. 323-28 Downloads
Douglas Irwin
The World Bank in Historical Perspective pp. 329-34 Downloads
Michael Gavin and Dani Rodrik
Does Who Teaches Principles of Economics Matter? pp. 335-38 Downloads
David Laband and Michael J Piette
Reallocating Content Coverage in Principles of Microeconomics to Increase Student Learning pp. 339-42 Downloads
Phillip Saunders and John R Powers
The Effects of Attendance on Student Learning in Principles of Economics pp. 343-46 Downloads
Garey Durden and Larry Ellis
Does Pedagogy Vary with Class Size in Introductory Economics? pp. 347-51 Downloads
John Siegfried and Peter Kennedy
Macroeconomics and Discrimination in Teaching pp. 352-56 Downloads
Elias H Tuma
The Study of Economics: A Feminist Critique pp. 357-61 Downloads
Marianne A Ferber
Attracting "Otherwise Bright Students" to Economics 101 pp. 362-66 Downloads
Robin L Bartlett
Using Alternative Paradigms to Teach about Race and Gender: A Critical Thinking Approach to Introductory Economics pp. 367-71 Downloads
Susan Feiner and Bruce Roberts
Michigan's Recent School Finance Reforms: A Preliminary Report pp. 372-77 Downloads
Paul Courant, Edward Gramlich and Susanna Loeb
How to Have a Fiscal Crisis: Lessons from Philadelphia pp. 378-83 Downloads
Robert P Inman
The Effect of Property-Tax Limits on Wages and Employment in the Local Public Sector pp. 384-89 Downloads
James Poterba and Kim Rueben
Liquidity Constraints and the Cyclical Behavior of Markups pp. 390-96 Downloads
Judith Chevalier and David Scharfstein
Bankruptcy and Pricing Behavior in U.S. Airline Markets pp. 397-402 Downloads
Severin Borenstein and Nancy Rose
Capital Structure and Product-Market Rivalry: How Do We Reconcile Theory and Evidence? pp. 403-08 Downloads
Dan Kovenock and Gordon Phillips
Quality-Adjusted Cost Functions for Child-Care Centers pp. 409-13 Downloads
Naci Mocan
The Dynamics of Domestic Violence pp. 414-18 Downloads
Helen Tauchen and Ann Dryden Witte
Economic Effects of Quality Regulations in the Day-Care Industry pp. 419-24 Downloads
Tasneem Chipty
Do Job Rights Govern Employment Patterns in Transition Economies? pp. 425-31 Downloads
Susan Linz
Incomplete Contracts and the Governance of Complex Contractual Relationships pp. 432-36 Downloads
Al-Najjar, Nabil I
On Strategic Commitment: Contracting versus Investment pp. 437-41 Downloads
Tai-Yeong Chung
Collusive Auditors pp. 442-46 Downloads
Fahad Khalil and Jacques Lawarree
Risk Preferences and the Economics of Contracts pp. 447-51 Downloads
Douglas Allen and Dean Lueck

Volume 85, issue 1, 1995

Rationality and Social Choice pp. 1-24
Amartya Sen
Incumbent Behavior: Vote-Seeking, Tax-Setting, and Yardstick Competition pp. 25-45 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Anne Case
Altruism, the Samaritan's Dilemma, and Government Transfer Policy pp. 46-57 Downloads
Stephen Coate
On the Evolution of Altruistic Ethical Rules for Siblings pp. 58-81 Downloads
Ted Bergstrom
Cartel Quotas under Majority Rule pp. 82-102 Downloads
Jonathan Cave and Stephen Salant
Capital Mobility in Neoclassical Models of Growth pp. 103-15 Downloads
Robert Barro, N. Gregory Mankiw and Xavier Sala-i-Martin
Early Development pp. 116-33 Downloads
Marvin Goodfriend and John McDermott
The Transition from Barter to Fiat Money pp. 134-49 Downloads
Joseph Ritter
Optimal Contracts for Central Bankers pp. 150-67 Downloads
Carl Walsh
Tastes and Technology in a Two-Country Model of the Business Cycle: Explaining International Comovements pp. 168-85 Downloads
Alan Stockman and Linda Tesar
Union Contracts and the Life-Cycle/Permanent-Income Hypothesis pp. 186-200
John Shea
Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Evidence on Long-Horizon Predictability pp. 201-18
Nelson Mark
Monetary Policy Trade-offs and the Correlation between Nominal Interest Rates and Real Output pp. 219-39
Jeffrey Fuhrer and George R Moore
A Natural Experiment in "Jeopardy!" pp. 240-53 Downloads
Andrew Metrick
Probabilistic Voting, Campaign Contributions, and Efficiency pp. 254-59 Downloads
Derek Clark and Jonathan Thomas
Homegrown Values and Hypothetical Surveys: Is the Dichotomous Choice Approach Incentive-Compatible? pp. 260-66
Ronald G Cummings, Glenn Harrison and Elisabet Rutstrom
Privatization and Employment: A Study of the Jute Industry in Bangladesh pp. 267-73 Downloads
V Bhaskar and Mushtaq Khan
Consumer Response to the Timing of Income: Evidence from a Change in Tax Withholding pp. 274-83 Downloads
Matthew Shapiro and Joel Slemrod
Testing the Rationality of Price Forecasts: Comment pp. 284-89 Downloads
Carl Bonham and Richard Cohen
Testing the Rationality of Price Forecasts: Reply pp. 290
Michael Keane and David E Runkle
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