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Volume 83, issue 6, 1993

The Meaning of "Internal Balance." pp. 3-9
James Meade
1933 and 1977--Some Expansion Policy Problems in Cases of Unbalanced Domestic and International Economic Relations pp. 10-17 Downloads
Bertil Ohlin

Volume 83, issue 5, 1993

Art as an Investment: The Market for Modern Prints pp. 1075-89 Downloads
James Pesando
The Relative Pricing of High-Yield Debt: The Case of RJR Nabisco Holdings Capital Corporation pp. 1090-1111 Downloads
Robert M Dammon, Kenneth B Dunn and Chester S Spatt
Rational Asset-Price Movements without News pp. 1112-30 Downloads
David Romer
Capital Structure as a Bargaining Tool: The Role of Leverage in Contract Renegotiation pp. 1131-41 Downloads
Enrico Perotti and Kathryn E Spier
Efficiency and the Role of Default When Security Markets Are Incomplete pp. 1142-64 Downloads
William Zame
Reputation and Discretion in Financial Contracting pp. 1165-83 Downloads
Arnoud Boot, Stuart I Greenbaum and Anjan Thakor
Factor Shares and Savings in Endogenous Growth pp. 1184-98 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
Large-Scale Privatization in Transition Economies pp. 1199-1210 Downloads
Raul Laban and Holger C Wolf
Leapfrogging in International Competition: A Theory of Cycles in National Technological Leadership pp. 1211-19 Downloads
Elise Brezis, Paul Krugman and Daniel Tsiddon
Will Affirmative-Action Policies Eliminate Negative Stereotypes? pp. 1220-40 Downloads
Stephen Coate and Glenn Loury
Fairness, Markets, and Ability to Pay: Evidence from Compensation Executives pp. 1241-59 Downloads
David Levine
A General Experiment on Bargaining in Demand Games with Outside Options pp. 1260-80 Downloads
Lawrence Kahn and J Keith Munighan
Incorporating Fairness into Game Theory and Economics pp. 1281-1302 Downloads
Matthew Rabin
Forward Induction in the Battle-of-the-Sexes Games pp. 1303-16 Downloads
Russell Cooper, Douglas V. DeJong, Robert Forsythe and Thomas Ross
An Experimental Test of the Public-Goods Crowding-Out Hypothesis pp. 1317-27 Downloads
James Andreoni
The Deadweight Loss of Christmas pp. 1328-36 Downloads
Joel Waldfogel
Stock Prices and Wall Street Weather pp. 1337-45 Downloads
Saunders, Edward M,
Stock Returns and Inflation: A Long-Horizon Perspective pp. 1346-55 Downloads
Jacob Boudoukh and Matthew Richardson
Does Foreign-Exchange Intervention Matter? The Portfolio Effect pp. 1356-69 Downloads
Kathryn Dominguez and Jeffrey Frankel
Accounting for Taste: Art and the Financial Markets over Three Centuries pp. 1370-76 Downloads
William Goetzmann
Does the Basketball Market Believe in the Hot Hand? Comment pp. 1377-86 Downloads
William O Brown and Raymond Sauer
The Dynamic Effects of Aggregate Demand and Supply Disturbances: Comment pp. 1387-93 Downloads
Edward N Gamber and Fred Joutz

Volume 83, issue 4, 1993

Earnings Losses of Displaced Workers pp. 685-709 Downloads
Louis S Jacobson, Robert LaLonde and Daniel Sullivan
Changes in Economic Instability in 19th-Century America pp. 710-31 Downloads
John James
The Development of Nominal Wage Rigidity in the Late 19th Century pp. 732-56 Downloads
Christopher Hanes
A Theory of "Yes Men." pp. 757-70 Downloads
Canice Prendergast
Promotion, Turnover, and Preemptive Wage Offers pp. 771-91 Downloads
Dan Bernhardt and David Scoones
The Economics of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations pp. 792-810 Downloads
Timothy Besley, Stephen Coate and Glenn Loury
Investments, Holdup, and the Form of Market Contracts pp. 811-37 Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod and James Malcomson
Auctions versus Posted-Price Selling pp. 838-51 Downloads
Ruqu Wang
Paternalism in Agricultural Labor Contracts in the U.S. South: Implications for the Growth of the Welfare State pp. 852-76 Downloads
Lee Alston and Joseph P Ferrie
Jeux Sans Frontieres: Tax Competition and Tax Coordination When Countries Differ in Size pp. 877-92 Downloads
Ravi Kanbur and Michael Keen
Working in the Market, Working at Home, and the Acquisition of Skills: A General-Equilibrium Approach pp. 893-907 Downloads
José-Víctor Ríos-Rull
Transitional Dynamics and Economic Growth in the Neoclassical Model pp. 908-31 Downloads
Robert King and Sergio Rebelo
Nominal-Contracting Theories of Unemployment: Evidence from Panel Data pp. 932-52 Downloads
Michael Keane
Government Revenue from Financial Repression pp. 953-63 Downloads
Alberto Giovannini and Martha de Melo
Review of NSF Economics Proposals: Gender and Institutional Patterns pp. 964-70 Downloads
Ivy E Broder
Welfare and Child Health: The Link between AFDC Participation and Birth Weight pp. 971-85 Downloads
Janet Currie and Nancy Cole
Immigrant Selectivity and Wages: The Evidence for Women pp. 986-93 Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark
Uncertain Altruism and Investment in Children pp. 994-1002 Downloads
Subir Chakrabarti, William Lord and Peter Rangazas
Time Paths of Land Reform: A Theoretical Model of Reform Dynamics pp. 1003-10 Downloads
Andrew W Horowitz
Bounding the Welfare Effects of Third-Degree Price Discrimination pp. 1011-21 Downloads
David Malueg
Diminished Expectations of Nuclear War and Increased Personal Savings: Evidence from Individual Survey Data pp. 1022-33 Downloads
Bruce Russett and Joel Slemrod
Income, Wealth, and Household Demand for Deposits pp. 1034-44 Downloads
William A Bomberger

Volume 83, issue 3, 1993

Fiscal Policy in General Equilibrium pp. 315-34 Downloads
Marianne Baxter and Robert King
International Business Cycles pp. 335-59 Downloads
Shaghil Ahmed, Barry W. Ickes, Ping Wang and Byung Sam Yoo
The Aggregate Implications of Machine Replacement: Theory and Evidence pp. 360-82 Downloads
Russell Cooper and John Haltiwanger
Production and Inventory Control at the General Motors Corporation during the 1920's and 1930's pp. 383-401
Anil Kashyap and David Wilcox
Long-Run Neutrality and Superneutrality in an ARIMA Framework pp. 402-15 Downloads
Mark Fisher and John Seater
Explaining Saving-Investment Correlations pp. 416-36 Downloads
Marianne Baxter and Mario Crucini
Low Investment and Large LDC Debt in the 1980's pp. 437-49 Downloads
Daniel Cohen
Is There a Peso Problem? Evidence from the Dollar/Pound Exchange Rate, 1976-1987 pp. 450-72
Graciela Kaminsky
International Comparisons of Price-to-Market Behavior pp. 473-86 Downloads
Michael M Knetter
Intertemporal Asset Pricing without Consumption Data pp. 487-512 Downloads
John Campbell
Stock Options and the Strategic Use of Managerial Incentives pp. 513-24 Downloads
David Reitman
Contract Enforceability and Economic Institutions in Early Trade: the Maghribi Traders' Coalition pp. 525-48 Downloads
Avner Greif
Mergers and Market Power: Evidence from the Airline Industry pp. 549-69 Downloads
E Han Kim and Vijay Singal
What Do We Learn About Consumer Demand Patterns from Micro Data? pp. 570-97 Downloads
Richard Blundell, Panos Pashardes and Guglielmo Weber
The Benefit of Crises for Economic Reforms pp. 598-607 Downloads
Allan Drazen and Vittorio Grilli
Have Commercial Banks Ignored History? pp. 608-20 Downloads
Sule Ozler
Tolerance of Arrearages: How IMF Loan Policy Can Effect Debt Reduction pp. 621-33 Downloads
Robin Wells
The Peculiar Scale Economies of Lotto pp. 634-43 Downloads
Philip J Cook and Charles Clotfelter
The Dynamic Effects of Aggregate Demand and Supply Disturbances: Comment pp. 644-52 Downloads
Marco Lippi and Lucrezia Reichlin
The Dynamic Effects of Aggregate Demand and Supply Disturbances: Reply pp. 653-58 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Danny Quah
Fiscal Policy and Aggregate Demand: Comment pp. 659-66 Downloads
Fred C Graham
Fiscal Policy and Aggregate Demand: Reply pp. 667-69 Downloads
David Aschauer
Politics and the Choice of Durability: Comment pp. 670-73 Downloads
Hans Gersbach
Politics and the Choice of Durability: Reply pp. 674-75 Downloads
Amihai Glazer

Volume 83, issue 2, 1993

The Search for Relevance in Economics pp. 1-16
Arnold Harberger
Why the Principles Course Needs Comparative Macro and Micro pp. 17-22 Downloads
Robert Gordon
What Do Undergrads Need to Know about Trade? pp. 23-26 Downloads
Paul Krugman
International Perspectives in Undergraduate Education pp. 27-33
Joseph Stiglitz
Professional Etiquette for the Mature Economist pp. 34-38 Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
Reflections on the Hiring of Faculty pp. 39-43 Downloads
Daniel Orr
The Economics of Professional Etiquette: Discussion pp. 44
Edward Lazear
Female Workers as a Buffer in the Japanese Economy pp. 45-51 Downloads
Susan Houseman and Katharine Abraham
Gender Differences in Academic Career Paths of Economists pp. 52-56 Downloads
Shulamit Kahn
Probabilities of Job Choice and Employer Selection and Male-Female Occupational Differences pp. 57-61 Downloads
Nabanita Datta Gupta
The Law, Its Interpretation, Levels of Enforcement Activity, and Effect on Employer Behavior pp. 62-66 Downloads
Thomas G Abram
Analyzing Employment Discrimination: From the Seminar Room to the Courtroom pp. 67-72 Downloads
Mark Killingsworth
Problems in Assessing Employment Discrimination pp. 73-78 Downloads
Robert S Follett, Michael P Ward and Finis Welch
Affirmative Action and the Racial Wage Gap pp. 79-84 Downloads
James Smith
Trends in Relative Black-White Earnings Revisited pp. 85-91 Downloads
David Card and Alan Krueger
Antidiscrimination Enforcement and the Problem of Patronization pp. 92-98 Downloads
Stephen Coate and Glenn Loury
Affirmative Action in Higher Education pp. 99-103
Linda Loury and David Garman
Inequality and Relative Wages pp. 104-09 Downloads
Kevin Murphy and Finis Welch
What Have We Learned from Empirical Studies of Unemployment and Turnover? pp. 110-15 Downloads
Robert Topel
What Has Been Learned about Labor Supply in the Past Twenty Years? pp. 116-21 Downloads
James Heckman
Occupational Change and the Demand for Skill, 1940-1990 pp. 122-36 Downloads
Kevin Murphy and Finis Welch
International Competition and Real Wages pp. 127-30 Downloads
George Johnson and Frank Stafford
The Contribution of Employment and Hours Changes to Family Income Inequality pp. 131-35 Downloads
Gary Burtless
Changes in Inequality of Family Income in Seven Industrialized Countries pp. 136-42 Downloads
Peter Gottschalk
Altruism as a Problem Involving Group versus Individual Selection in Economics and Biology pp. 143-48 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
How Altruism Can Prevail in an Evolutionary Environment pp. 149-55 Downloads
Ted Bergstrom and Oded Stark
Altruism and Economics pp. 156-61 Downloads
Herbert Simon
The Current State of the Law and Economics of Predatory Pricing pp. 162-67 Downloads
Alvin K Klevorick
Exclusionary Vertical Restraints Law: Has Economics Mattered? pp. 168-72 Downloads
Steven C Salop
Horizontal Mergers: Law, Policy, and Economics pp. 173-77 Downloads
George A Hay and Gregory Werden
The Effects of the Breakup of AT&T on Telephone Penetration in the United States pp. 178-84 Downloads
Jerry Hausman, Timothy Tardiff and Alexander Belinfante
Postdivestiture Long-Distance Competition in the United States pp. 185-90 Downloads
William Taylor and Lester D Taylor
Effects of the Change from Rate-of-Return to Price-Cap Regulation pp. 191-98 Downloads
Ronald R Braeutigam and John C Panzar
The Effects of Lower Reserve Requirements on Money Market Volatility pp. 199-205 Downloads
Allan Brunner and Cara S Lown
Self-Interested Bank Regulation pp. 206-12 Downloads
Arnoud Boot and Anjan Thakor
Segment Shifts and Capacity Utilization in the U.S. Automobile Industry pp. 213-18 Downloads
Timothy Bresnahan and Valerie Ramey
Productivity, Market Power, and Capacity Utilization When Spot Markets Are Complete pp. 219-23 Downloads
Benjamin Eden and Zvi Griliches
Shift Work and the Business Cycle pp. 224-28 Downloads
Joram Mayshar and Gary Solon
Cyclical Productivity and the Workweek of Capital pp. 229-33 Downloads
Matthew Shapiro
Optimal Selling Strategies for Oil and Gas Leases with an Informed Buyer pp. 234-39
Kenneth Hendricks, Robert Porter and Guofo Tan
Applications and Limitations of Some Recent Advances in Empirical Industrial Organization: Price Indexes and the Analysis of Environmental Change pp. 241-46
Ariel Pakes, Steven Berry and James Levinsohn
Some Applications and Limitations of Recent Advances in Empirical Industrial Organization: Merger Analysis pp. 247-52 Downloads
Steven Berry and Ariel Pakes
An Event-Study Approach to Measuring Innovative Output: The Case of Biotechnology pp. 253-58 Downloads
David Austin
The Stock Market's Valuation of R&D Investment during the 1980's pp. 259-64 Downloads
Bronwyn Hall
The Impact on Intangible Capital on Tobin's q in the Semiconductor Industry pp. 265-69 Downloads
Pamela Megna and Mark Klock
Consumption and the Recession of 1990-1991 pp. 270-74 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
Macro Theory and the Recession of 1990-1991 pp. 275-79 Downloads
Robert Hall
Did Technology Shocks Cause the 1990-1991 Recession? pp. 280-86 Downloads
Gary Hansen and Edward Prescott
Testing Macroeconomic Models pp. 287-93 Downloads
Ray Fair
Macroeconometrics in a Global Economy pp. 294-99 Downloads
John Helliwell
The Use of the New Macroeconometrics for Policy Formulation pp. 300-305 Downloads
John Taylor
Climate Change and Agriculture: The Role of International Trade pp. 306-12 Downloads
John Reilly and Neil Hohmann
Optimal Greenhouse-Gas Reductions and Tax Policy in the "Dice" Model pp. 313-17 Downloads
William Nordhaus
Model Comparisons of the Costs of Reducing CO2 Emissions pp. 318-23 Downloads
Gaskins, Darius W, and John P Weyant
Technological Progress and the Decline of European Mortality pp. 324-30 Downloads
Joel Mokyr
The Changing View of the Standard-of-Living Question in the United States pp. 331-36 Downloads
Clayne L Pope
Mortality Decline in the Low-Income World: Causes and Consequences pp. 337-42 Downloads
T. Schultz
Secrets of Success: A Handful of Heroes pp. 343-50 Downloads
Arnold Harberger
Virtuous and Vicious Circles in Economic Development pp. 351-55 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
The Positive Economics of Policy Reform pp. 356-61 Downloads
Dani Rodrik
The Narrow and Broad Arguments for Free Trade pp. 362-66 Downloads
Paul Krugman
The Optimality of Free Trade: Science or Religion? pp. 367-71 Downloads
Rachel McCulloch
Making the Practical Case for Freer Trade pp. 372-76 Downloads
Michael Mussa
Fighting Poverty pp. 377-82 Downloads
Lyn Squire
The Structural-Adjustment Debate pp. 383-89
Lawrence Summers and Lant Pritchett
Socialist Economy Reform: Lessons of the First Three Years pp. 390-95 Downloads
Stanley Fischer
Modeling Technology Adoption in Developing Countries pp. 396-402 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Anne Case
Labor Markets and Institutions in Economic Development pp. 403-08 Downloads
Richard Freeman
Why Is Rent-Seeking So Costly to Growth? pp. 409-14 Downloads
Kevin Murphy, Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny
On the Empirical Aspects of Economic Growth Theory pp. 415-20 Downloads
Yair Mundlak
Explaining Economic Growth pp. 421-25 Downloads
Maurice Scott
What We Have Learned about Policy and Growth from Cross-Country Regressions? pp. 426-30 Downloads
Ross Levine and Sara J Zervos
Technological Differences as a pp. 431-35 Downloads
David Dollar
Factor-Supply Differences as a pp. 436-39 Downloads
Edward Leamer
Internal Returns to Scale as a pp. 440-44 Downloads
James Tybout
Product Differentiation as a pp. 445-49 Downloads
David Hummels and James Levinsohn
Equilibrium R&D and the Patent-R&D Ratio: U.S. Evidence pp. 450-57
Samuel Kortum
Science, R&D, and Invention Potential Recharge: U.S. Evidence pp. 458-62 Downloads
James Adams
Patents, R&D, and Invention Potential: International Evidence pp. 463-68 Downloads
Robert E Evenson

Volume 83, issue 1, 1993

Today's Task for Economists pp. 1-10
William Vickrey
Trigger Points and Budget Cuts: Explaining the Effects of Fiscal Austerity pp. 11-26 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Allan Drazen
Economic Policy, Economic Performance, and Elections pp. 27-42
Joseph Harrington
The Macroeconomics of Dr. Strangelove pp. 43-62 Downloads
A Andrew John, Rowena Pecchenino and Stacey Schreft
A Search-Theoretic Approach to Monetary Economics pp. 63-77 Downloads
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki and Randall Wright
Monetary Policy and Credit Conditions: Evidence from the Composition of External Finance pp. 78-98 Downloads
Anil Kashyap, Jeremy Stein and David Wilcox
Strategic Discipline in Monetary Policy with Private Information: Optimal Targeting Horizons pp. 99-117
Michelle Garfinkel and Seonghwan Oh
Why Capital Hires Labor: A Bargaining Perspective pp. 118-34 Downloads
Gregory Dow
Advance-Purchase Discounts and Monopoly Allocation of Capacity pp. 135-46 Downloads
Ian L Gale and Thomas Holmes
Auctions with Endogenous Valuations: The Persistence of Monopoly Revisited pp. 147-60 Downloads
Kala Krishna
A Structural Model of Peak-Period Congestion: A Traffic Bottleneck with Elastic Demand pp. 161-79 Downloads
Richard Arnott, André de Palma and Charles Lindsey
Entry, Dumping, and Shakeout pp. 180-202 Downloads
Richard Clarida
Union Organizing Activity, Firm Growth, and the Business Cycle pp. 203-20 Downloads
Stephen Bronars and Donald R Deere
Seniority and Monopsony in the Academic Labor Market pp. 221-33 Downloads
Michael Ransom
The Decline in Black Teenage Labor-Force Participation in the South, 1900-1970: The Role of Schooling pp. 234-47
Robert Margo and T Aldrich Finegan
Causes of Intercity Variation in Homelessness pp. 248-55 Downloads
Marjorie Honig and Randall Filer
Cyclical Consumption Patterns and Rational Addiction pp. 256-63 Downloads
Engelbert Dockner and Gustav Feichtinger
The Uncertain Unit Root in Real GNP pp. 264-72 Downloads
Glenn Rudebusch
A Note on Competitive Investment under Uncertainty pp. 273-77 Downloads
Robert Pindyck
Bargaining versus Price Competition in Markets with Quality Uncertainty pp. 278-88 Downloads
Helmut Bester
Rigging the Lobbying Process: An Application of the All-Pay Auction pp. 289-94 Downloads
Michael Baye, Dan Kovenock and Casper de Vries
Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity: Comment pp. 295-301 Downloads
Xiaokai Yang and Ben Heijdra
Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity: Reply pp. 302-04 Downloads
Avinash Dixit and Joseph Stiglitz
Should Governments Learn to Live with Inflation? Comment pp. 305-11 Downloads
Jonas Agell and Bengt-Christer Ysander
Should Governments Learn to Live with Inflation? Reply pp. 312-13 Downloads
Stanley Fischer and Lawrence Summers
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